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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  March 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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vehicle rolled over. the webound platte ramp and soutound powers ramp p e both closed. we will have morenline at krdo dot com and tomorrow on good morning colorado. first tonight, a wild, windy wednesday across sthern colorado lds to a string of grass fires. the largesis stl burning tonight in pupulo county. ittarted this afteten ne the town of avondale. that's about half an hour east of pueblo. firefighte will be out there until tomorrow morning watching for hot ots. nats of wind you can hear the wind howling there. the sheriff's offi says the fire is about 65- percent contaid. firefighters say a downed por line caused the fire. we talked with the rancher who owns the land. 'm so grateful for all of these people, the way they've come in here with the fire trucks and all at good help and helped us get this thing shut down."
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hundred acs. buildings are threatened. contained tonight.. the fire sparked when a got out of control. and we have new informat about a grass fire in colorado springs. crews quicy put out the fire at started around four o'clk in the 27-hundred block of penacho cile. that's on e city's east si. ewer matt watson sent us this video wn the fire first started. tonight, firefighrs say the cause is undetermined. it under controin about 30 minutes. it burned an acre, and did damage to a shed and a fence. storracker 13 chief meterologist rachael plath told us about these windy
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story today, with gusts. the wind not until around midnight tonight. ... which ll nicer outsid i'll back up in the
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today's strong wings did more than fuel fires.. . . oswinds also toppled a tr in pueblo. it happened in the area of illinois and routte on pueblo's southside. you can see thehtree fell right acss the street. no one was hurt the steel city is losing the jobs tt define it. evraz has layed off seventy workers. the compan says low oil prices have hurt odtion... forcing th steel mafacturer to cut back. krdo newschannel 13's ily alaln is oking in the pa of the shutown. a spespepeon tellllme the seamle pipe un is going idle. itea the's a ance it could re-open. and both workers and businesses hope it does. nats- sods of the cafe in the shadows of the eel mills... nats -- sounds iide shines local favorite. 1 - 000015 we started in 1982 when the steel millstarted laying off. peopleold me the steel mills aren't going to make it. the ole town. but 34 years and i am gng sg thanks to them steel workers are the bread
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of estela's mill sto cafe. 000038ot as many a abefore, but their ki are coming now a a we appreciate that. owner r da mares doesest like hearing g of his customers s are out of a job. 1 - 00012 we hseent weave seen it all. c ctain units oso1o1o1, b bk. ose dodo, coack. but weweust ephangin t tre thbe we n. ts -- checkiki down the streetete past cottage ... luca ing thererwill b less mouths to feed at lunch. 3 000126 it's a littlecary for us, you know, this is a small family owned thihg so that means thth aren't going to get money and so not a lot of peop are goi to c ce en monene s s a spokespersonln r r raz ys the company doesn't when i will reopen this unit and when it does, homany people it will hire. 4 - 000133 there have been lot of changes over years at the mill bob miller ent years evraz. . - 0304 to really kn what's going to happen, it's kind of)a guess i suppose. in the case of thehmill, it's had up and downs but hopefully it will come back up ba inside ehcafe... res ys ness might slum ... but th'll weather it. th community is tough... just ke the steel they
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ste representative daneya esgsg, from p pblo, sayshe stands with the steelworkers and will continue to fight r bett jobs. evraz does still ememoy more than n thousa dplel here in pulo. p@ ththlhfefef a statettrooper, honored day with a prpressial. neat 10, law enforct honored ththli -of deputy travis ruell hehe dieafter hitting g g rked u-in trinidada yesterday state patrol sted this vio of the processional r deputy russell from trinidad tl eblo. ate patrol is inveigating the cause of the crash. investigators tryingo fi out what caused a smsml hlane the plane w nt downwnwnpa ththugto. muleepor thth a 2 s ster r (ailane just crashed. there i oke anan es inveveigs y there'no survivors. a former air lot who lives s arhe crash says, thterrain and
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totoly t tayay"thehe w wot ofd the rth a"mioss ththmountains ugthat atld ite tuulant sof th g wasas ying tsneaeaea over that lol) spsp thad have be e e proble" el paso county - shshifififoffifififificocoirms....he wi could hava ed r te in the cras the mation ansportatiti safety board i i invevestigatinin looking ahead ow. e republblan presidenenal candidates wil off i itheir fifirst debate nce per tuesday. but one of them will not be there. doctor beb sayayhehe will not atten ow , butha not officially suended d mpaign. ththe e ef looking tot/ stop dalal umumum sesen statat lastigig. ser@r@ uz i i kansas @ toninit ra voters. he says voters are lit and neededo unititararnd himimim it aows s m tototo wiwiwiate after state after r e e "pcbususth are ltiple opnents dividing the vote. he to head i bebe donald umumand i beatm
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romn says major speeee trump tomorrow morning.g. dededeatic candndndbernie s says he ninini....innn stst. t hillar commandi lead afafafsur clinton picked up nearly 500 delegates. but sanders is in michigan tonight, promising to contntue the fight. maine earlrlrl totiy,here pepelelelelele lini a a ainn thmornrng omemeim. vorsrewillllauauau nd. . . re feelinggrgrgr and if yowin in n n gld yo win in the midwest, the rocky mountains, and the sohwes we have a patto viory." thehtwtwll uare i theinext debateteunda nigh cocoradans oth sides s t t aisle are pushing totoov toward a a primary system to cose presididtial candidates. comes because of uet& vors lasas ninit tryizizizi
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colaining abouthe cousin process fofoboth parties. a t of people,e, e rking at nig o2othey can't make itjfofo me reason. yea$we hadad tururur, bubu lot eople articulate who seems ch ucus. spite chehs, 1 1- thousa mocrcrs caucused, breang the record s in 2008. the sueme court't't'aring itfifit mar abortionase intwo decacas. the e stes hehrdrdrd mentover w requirirg abortion providererhave "admitng" prilegesest ar aaa anananat clclics ve to meet standards that arehe same asugil - centers. lawmers say it's a safetet ics sasathe law is trying to puputhememut of business. polili are on the`t f r
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broke into a gun orerir h hston .. a a i iwas all caught on camera. . surveieiance video shows the robberfirs chain the door the backcof a truck. then, th uck breaks off e doors and all ten robbbbbbdf n inside. polili sayayhehe oup brbre glasascad took offith rifl. - conser onesesre a multmimiion dollarararustry.y. bubu thththsts s y y y ths mete hog back theheros on could have in evyray l le. do wschanbe13 miller looks at the pact thehgve onusin public safety... and future of drones in ous other facets of f fefe it'story youoll only y e re.e onenenre taff now, more an ever. creating opportunities for bbyi- and for busine. 1:15 i pickedp e ofhesese phanann i ones and i' been hooked ev sin. chdress justst starard hiow drfyling company... hoping to me ving f ofng droneso take overheadpiur and vivioso#2:08 i took k k plenty of ctctes w wh my airire.ith these ings c c popothem up anywhere you want, and em. . a coiil pit, nowshe i k and . 1:22 youou ha to an faa pilot to opese dres comrciall and even t ate for busiss - he toet a waiver om the f-a-a. th, wa year-l-lgl proc 9:0:0i understand thee seoft,ha t if y n on f it so high, if gabove e , i'ose my pilol linse. greg: with rising sales every year, there's no question there's'sn enthusiasm f onon. with thaenthusasm,omes a
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flight, 800 tototo drone. t t faa year alolo. . despite f-f-a ove 400 feet ples or orts. rcelel hirschchchbarere esped inryryryafafr dre came crashg d d wn jt drone brokinto rert th. including crestetebubue e e ones fm m m cording any - to nat disasters esesave beensed cacaure vide like this - a a thound-ae re in teller cocoty last colorado springs, showing the depth of the hole that onstreet still closed mths ter. 1:3 since wet r aisupport prograrara've beenlog at uav's. coloradodo admit usin drones ieiei work is apaein lieutenantbn loloren ran ne licecece licopt program titiit ended in 2010. 3:11 they'r'robvisly sireable, u can get them 5 55- thousand. eaealy dedeoyed. deoyey to to giviviolole officersrs overhead v during crime enesororor ninitrafc ..but the departnt i hetant t commit, untitith a-a completes its st o regulatiwns. and & then, thers the issue of s ste's involvememt.:32 we camamreal cse t seeing the state cie'd ne a arch wararnteriod. that bililed, bubu ththe's nothing to sayit won'tome back. likekekekekeks, 4 the department too would nene a waiv to purchase a drone. whi the popoibilities are endless - 12:1 lly ews, my cousin this i# the re. ulultely rulele w deow hig the onon c y. one ner and thusias s will tell u th les n n to bebe established quickly. one millioio were sold last ye alone.
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tell my nephewst my coinin this thehe future. ultimatete thrulel ci h h hig
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fly. drone owne and enthusstst
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one million weweweolollast year alone i'll sw you
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graduadie l le tonit,t wiwi be tcool buteventual we' end up in the s for most. tomorrow will be warm witit50s and 60s.he best newewabout tomorrow is it won't be as wiwiy! dry conditio will rsist. you colorado springs 7day
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persist. y y y coloradodo spriris ay recaca shows temperatateses warming on fr, thenn olinon saturday. your puebday forecast sho a chance for shower monony and tuesday. your canon city ay f/fecast ows 50s an s for thnext 7 days. yoyoyo llet county 7day forecast uhows tempat falling into the 40by next week, with chanorshowon jdayay antututu thks&& rachael.
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questuon mark at's been veng over brons cotrtr what's manning's ne move? his agent gives a wiwi of insight.. upn
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re about the dpen retirementf colorado springs fire chf chris riley. mayor john suthers confirms, rile willllet an 80- ouound-dollar sevevence papaage. me refightersre susurised by ley'y'en
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only teeears on the job, , but e mayo ys, he isn "pe ma a choice to retiti, and th was a choice on n s s pa, and that'sthe exnt of i w wl sa about i4. suthers saysys he's'satisfied wiwi riley's performance and thth department. the city will couct a naonwide search f riy's replacememt. it'so sese... coradodos a grt placa#to live... bubunow... our statatis gting a natial nod. two citin r state de s s s and world report's list of the best places to live in the untry. lodo rings rankedfifth onhe& ... ich no surprp with gard of e gods and our mountains. nver rankeke t numumr one e ot to live. you' find link to the full list, by h hding to k-
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retirent watch....manning oke e a forum in jacks floridtoninit
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asked during a q and a session n n he plans to play next season nning sa "it was rdo o y, one r%ason i've enjoyed mycurrjob so much is i've been all in". mannnng's agent toto a denver radio station today at the sheriff is still mulling g er his cion w(ether to@ retire or t. h h will have to makeke decision n nt tuesy two o'clock ...if manning is o o the broncos rost a w wk om now they wiwi oweim niniteen mil dollars.he nfl network is reporting at the oncos arar in seriousnegetiations with bck osweere's s schoolou thougug that mannininmamamait loer than a a week t tmake cion..ra @itans e e port terestedn n nng and possibibib brns.. wewere the subjt of retiring, kobe bryant will retirefter the on. kobe played in his fifil game in denv tonight...aftete his 20 sexual assault casesee was bo everyte hed d e ball. although, sometimes thosos boos would be e drowned out by lakers fans in the mile high
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ggets ga kobe a mile high salute tonight.. nalasounun kobe b bant ruceivina warm welcomnight ... thnuggets win 11107.. the rockies ayed the first t ring training game todaagainst the didiondbacks.. 1. . nolan n enadadis already midideason foro..back hanr hehe thro f fm foul terrrrity love wahing him play the t corner the dbacks win 6-3.. patrk roy has s named cacain pipiard as t avs new w mber e goalon varlamov has been dememed to the numbmb two goalif...royoyays varly's demoti is indefinite...thth avhave 17 games left in the gular seseon. dohertsting rock canyon inin the 5-a sweet 16 . 1.) slow start for thspspta ... unl in bre s
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pssn ... dadada brbrhier ... tt' another 3 ... . brushihi finisisd with 15 popo ... 3.) dorty's offense ok off in the 3rd ... emmanuel burlon get uled and scor . . 4.) th ble ain omp p p ..'dwi 13 points ... doherty wins 63- 56 as they advance to the great eight to play overlanan. t's st so special, from everything that was goinon and peop ubtings - that doe't matt n n. wewe ju stuck totother as a am and aa unit andeally closos it out sosot t feels so gre for us. they left allouon the floor, i just can't be prof t oup of me anyim you can move on in this tournameme againsa great team le that you gotta be happ at the end in the hule it's w` before me and wcome er wen games like tha end close games." thankn rob.
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c.c.we'll tell you u&u&on soutrn colorado ornizations takiki time to salulu y yng champis. i'll havyo cocole foreca staing at0 a.m.
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carol took ths amazinghshot of the sana de crtotoountaiaifromomomomaur flats. it's tonigig's cacauring colorati post your pictures to our facabook and twitter r ges.
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or email tm to capturing colorado at krkr dot com. dicky: fr holly, it "jim kimmel live"! tonight -- morg freeman -- om "the real o'neals", mara plimpton -- d music om chaes kley -- th cleto andhe clenes --


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