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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 2, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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or email tm to capturing colorado at krkr dot com. dicky: fr holly, it "jim kimmel live"! tonight -- morg freeman -- om "the real o'neals", mara plimpton -- d music om chaes kley -- th cleto andhe clenes --
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for comin i like you already.. [ cheers a a a alause ] hey, he's somhing i w thking t. yoknowow in hho sotime ttunts wl vototer the wrdes kid ilass to be proming as a ke,nd thes-anananeoeoeet inn on the joke kid actuqy bececomes prom king? well, anywaydonald trump super tuday.y. [ laughter ] ates, thousands o o cnn grhics late the votave counted, and th big winners were donald trp and llarclinn. google repte sayin that t t t
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applauau ] th's n a joke. [ cheersrsnd applausus] can't. 'soi t build aall up too.he's'soing to keepephe mexican out and threst of in. th'shehelan. dohinkada anyo ericic [ lauguger trp and clininn, each won sen. rnandede won t tee stas. d d won two. his he state of texas and oklahoho. ihinknkeople in texasig bebebe votior ted cruso he'll ve to o inon.cruz skeo h hisoters last ni whililfor most people it wou hard to o verrictory speech on the night you lost eigh o of 11 states, but he made some llent points. >> this much is certai
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ofofce. [ plause ]>>immyah, , is ceceai but what ese? >> and o that day,e will have@ [ [ ughter ]% >> jimmy: so t tt's how it he's being replaced. it's'sll so interesting, the political process. weirdly he candida who garnered a lotot off thettention on super@rueay was one o's nott even running ane, new rs gerno chris christie. helew ahehe y t tlorida stand behehd dold trump supporting him.and thihi is whapeople were commenting on. wawahth. t toughou thespeech, he looks genuinely miserable. he looks l le h sawhe bottommm of aupposedlyottom pasta bowl at ovegaen he looks tughomeone just
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cancer [ cheers a a appuse e what is that whatid donald trump d d to him? he stain there like thn from ame o thnes. dr. ben n dn't win any es lt ni but don ll m. sle thrgh t whole thg.he rsed a statement today th dot see a ph ard tthe psidencnc and will skip t t debate tomrow nigit. s he at t lastone?e? if he does skip thedebete, how wille know? even though he admitted he don't have chanc t win, h snsnropp t. p isssllllicallynini pridhoughsaid h has n n c cncnc tbe- theeuyan't eigureeout hoh t notunor president. ben carsrsrson this iss something i hanoticed, hisical speaking p pe is t same pose they give to dead peon.
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as thelay them out chee and a ause ] soen carsoso i --he's g gfoot oulhe , just lee that, it'sn too ree. four, iyou co kasach anyway, after -- you ow t t asonaut, scottlly, r returne home las ght. he w ispacacac340 days.s nasa provided footage of landing. it really is amazing ththuman beings are able to do tt. >>co kellykn er h afr 340 ysn sp we'rg goi to meri tain, folol.@ we're into mak it great pagain. > and s sttellylyasecid to go ck to space. weave liftofofof@f@ [ cheers andpplaus] >> hn'n'n' home for five yearar weavave a couple of fun guests on thehehotonight. rtha plptpt who is very
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isishenomel.l. s here.e goldenenoice. 's the man who somehows ablble totoqoe e@nguins seem ti. morgrg freeman was at the oscararr on sunday andresentnd the@ award for r st picture. afterwards, at thend of the remony, w wchlosely hehe. >>s s s been a a aazg experience.. congratulate all o ourur o s. buy somirlcout cook >> there he is. givee some of those. andhe he isisike, gdbyeye i am o of here.[ laughter >> jim: he snatchehe a whole stack ofookies from c cis rock andeat it. iave to ask him about that. i know he was on "the eleric compan iididot k kw he was the cookikikikimonster too. thth a a teaeaeaea moment. this is fromm a local fox affilie inn memphi where ewer were treed to a s sto about a man was arrested as a resusu of f variety of colorful incidentsts fridayyy night, mhael bennett was found b policee l lyi near the stre. poce sayis p p weree dn
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poli alsooticed a botote of whiskey ptiallyly consed, rted ets rectctthth also fou arara pip taying next to him. nononoennett told police he s crazy things wheheetetdrunk. [ ughter ] ] >> jimmy: real? like what? i mean, said he ds crazy thgsgs let's hear sououofofofm. while we're on the subject of impropbehavior, the ny announcedyesterday, the new york polole departmene, sai they'll noonreses p pple for ding in public o uratg in public.. see, we don't nd donald trum to mak arican great again.n.n it's already hapnini on its own. i gus oaoa is toeducu@u@ nenear jailtimor low leve offenders. analso maka ridg e bway more ofn aanture. t it's crcraz youanow get drunknkee o"
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lly isis and one donald trump -- i know the's a l of f donald & trump. t t seems t t b be allhatt anybody talksboveve pce igo, at a times. last n was great nig for , for his wife malaria, for h family, f for all of thehe trps. you ow,fter ahat's happed or the past several mont, people are finally coming too terms with the facac that he's pbay goingo be eerepublican nonee. and m mbe en presint of the unitet states. whh would have bn hard to believ this time las yar. 'still hard tobebebeev tt's ue. and sosoith tha in mind,, we ok t t terty o comping -- you know, he makes l of noes w wn speakiki. he is aa v very usupualounds cout ofisis bobody we setbtheheo musi dhe result t donnalal ump-y version "hahao the chief. 7 bing,bing, bing bong bong lingng
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om, boom 7 bg, bin c cch chjng a-rrrr >> wee have t a eak. en we come baba, myy c cousin sal and h h h hner i at the customer service c cnterert co.n wel bebeight back. wuon t t town ororin the nht, at&telps keepeveryo cneed. right now at at&t,uy one get e e on our most popor smsmtptpnes. mattetehow yoyohang out,, are every minute of it. buy e get one f2ee on n st popar smaphonon.
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rns the haworkg wer of t pnu >>ijmy marplplplonnd mumuc fm crles kel is on the way.y. but first, a a those of y y who watc on a regular bas from time to time i disistch my usus sal to varus locations
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one of our favoritit spopots the custster service counter at co, where sal pvide some heheworld' b b worst cucucuerervivi you can finh anre. here now i counal a co, causing trouble eh bulk. hi, ma'am. at do you have for us? welcome to costco. , advil. okayay there we g and what was the proroblemith the? >> i just got wrongone. >> wrong wong. how longere you waiting in line? >> nototong. >> can you give m a ballpark? one to five minutes? six to seven? six to seven. >> six to sevenen tetete apd howy times do you sho at costco a month? >> four, five.@" ery wednesday. eveve wednesday? all right. and how wld y rratat yur cucuereratisision? >> very go. very good and how m my o f ? >> a ain >> nine.
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interactiowith me? >> good. >> good? also very y y .. 'll put that down for a nine. and myativens.what wou you say? oh,our tenten ah. hohoon. myphonones s nging. y, b by. what'sappeng? just giving a another one of these dumb surveys, you know. yeah, it'sothing.. what are youpto? oh, yeaea i watch that show i watch that show. . whatpiso are you on? oh, tt's the t l lng everyoyo always spsp it r yo did youogog the p pit the girl and the guy, and t the guy and the girl? that whe best. what time are yououff y? yeah, i&i& e e egegeout o& here. yeahahi'sthilling. chilling at the returnrn
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st hangigi o. >> o oy. yeah.h. leles gogoththveh. m my hehe malili, manaattan. mi moeoe atatre some o4oer achehe >> i don't know.( t ieedd to go shopping. >>he's definitely more. i have a little bitit of a headache,,ut --(( allf e stomoms, but it's gogog good. it's going good. hos thear nning? th's probay the timing bt. ahah oror a afilter. ah. you shouldavet ecked.d. >>'re not g gngngo p p all ofofhosen your -- mmm. >^ what this guy dodog? >> it's going goodod yeah, stop by.
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at te does tt art? yeah. la thohootato skin ma i'm feeling really dizzy right non. i'm wororng on this dy returng advil. only h a littltltl >> s s's h hpepe four peopop. >> i'm o o the phone, ma'am. please. >> tre's'something wrong with this man. >> what? >> can you open is i nend to >re you crazy?okokok that'st.t. all right. you want a hit? >> no. >> okay i've got to cl you back.. ththoms gting teseswe don't knowhyhy all right.t. >>ou don't know why? ht. let t finish this svey.
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did you ever - >here's something wrong with that dude. okay >> go sit dodn somewhere. > let't' go o to negate seven. howwould you r r my profsionalism? >> zero. >d. >> how's this going over here? >> this is not going. >> it's going really goodod she'seturning vodkand --- >> no, i'm not. >>nd vil. anah s s s opened -- see of these we oped,ut we can retn it, right?t? >> y%yh, we can r rurnn it. >> he jus took fouhandfuls o is and a swiggfhis vodka. >> oh,,e on. >> it looks you have all tens here. odod job. >> s s'sivinin m nines. >>ahah at wasefefe he h the ground. ay. hiss prorossioiolismsmays 10 here, oughgh uogave him a a?>> not from me, no. a one. >> don't be a a rc, ladyd don't be a narc. >> i'm not goi t deal with this man, okay? g get h away fromm.n, iyoyo d't wanto dede withe,ldou@u deae
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h, onlylyt t-mo. >> whadoou do?
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>> we don't h a >> jimmy: welclce back. frfr "the real o ols,"s you can see tuesdays on abc, martha plimpton is@ witit us. and later, h is a m mul-gmmy award winnnr witit troupady antebellum. this is his fst solom, lled hedrer,"rlrl
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green. >> jimmy: tomorrow night, jasoso batema aja naomi kg, and music from cee-lo gree anfriday, an encore rformance e ourh annualal "after the oscars" tv speciaiaia wi ben affleck, tracy morgan chririrockcknathan lane, matew brerick, henry yil jesse einberg, saronohen, aliciaikander,r*nd that no-good matt don, who was not t invived, b b did shoup urirst gue ian oscad goenenenbeinng actor, kendy centehonoe, and i feti achieve ard d nnerho tononls he rey be selecd foshririment at the smhsonian museum. his nemovie "london has ll" s ers friday, plea welcome morganeman. jim: always lovely to have you here >> thana you. nice crowd. kindnd >> yes.
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car with a chauaueu h frequently d d they mention ngiss daisy"y" >> i have t dame@river@ll theti 's only y ne ice [ [ uguger ] >>im: and u pt him h is nicic >>well, ttheirsttime, you @ know, it'sokay. >> jimmy: i have that app a navig aor p pple who don'tw where to go, and i'mne of t tse people. and yourr voice is now t t voice that guideme arorod toto. >> so i'm told. jimmy youon't usewaze? no, no, i don't drive. >> you d'tr drive? >> well,ometimes. >> jimmy: but you knowhere u're gnghen drive. io b b bow hanks toyou, d d know where i'm going.'s's'sllyyte a aseicice. itould be weird for you to b b b steng to your o o voice tellg u ere torive thouou. you shodrytsomememe. potentially it could b a - >> i r rlly don think
11:02 pm
no a big a guy in general? >> i justot a big morga eemamasteninto-er. my::: a cpine ago durinhe monologu let's s sw tt clip again. the end of the o oars. it'shrisock. >> aamazing g perien. >> jimmy: ththe's you. girl scout cooks. eating the girl scoutookies d th e eti t bldin [ laughter ] [ chrsrsnd alausu ] >> jimim:see, there y g g a round of applause f eating cookies. did y u pay for the cookie>> ver pay for wh y steal. [ lauguger >> jimmy:zouisthint of stlif y do that. how many cookiesid y e u getting? >>.. i w tin only to get one. i didn't'tanttt be greedy, but iad two, anani sn't goi do
11:03 pm
>>mymy read -- a i've not t did you at one t work the post offi jimmy: whehe? san frano. >> jimmy: that seems lik the wot placa toiver ma.. any p place is t worst placece % to d deliver il>> jimmy: were you a mail carrier? >> ias a substitute m rrier. that's theord you can be. >> jimmy: why is tworst? >> because youon't know the e roro a mail carrierak ff, he's go fo a wk or a day orr ater and y tak hisouou d y don't kw anything ababt it. a lot ofailblblb you can't fi, b you br delivhehe st ien tre w at d daring y y to do a athing. [ [ lalahter ] >> stick the mail in, and hold it. [ plause >> jmy: a substitute mail carrier. nevve rlized they had those.>> i'mot goingo get intnto
11:04 pm
beuse ias thee early '60s. jimmy: y/y should befine. don't thk you eveve did anything wrwrong. > didt rerallyly. jmy:ouknow, therice of ampsustent downro 49 too 47 c cents. do y y still mail thihis? are you a lterwrer? >> no. no, no. >> so you d not have ininrah yail pe? uh-uh. jim y dono^o out a gee mail yoursel >> i do o t. i havpeople thaork for me they doo allhatt kinin of stuff. >> jimmy: wow, that's when you know you a big shot. youon't'tave too to the mailbox. >> jimmy, i'm a momoe stst. [ cheerc andppppuse ] >> jim: the's no arguing wi that. you're working on a projectct that sounds vy interesting to me. it's for n g g g tell us a ttle bit about this. >> itts t t story - we callltt eod project.t. - 's the sry o&o god, ligion.
11:05 pm
>> not a aall.not yoouldt that. [ laughterer but we go al over the eorldld tohe r rigious hot spots. thatis,, where we knono tha religionsot t tir beginnings, theirst, yoknow, fft religions.s. weent o egypt and to india and turkeananto- ro, l of thehe plac, and tal peoe about whatiis, what >> jimmy: do you feel l ke you arnene methin oh, yes.i learned quite l. yeah didiejentteligioio-0ll reregions, for instance, h crontty.y. l rigns h placetotoou g after yououie. someing you can do hindusus fororinstance, n reay l thaha hpy w whh thedea of
11:06 pm
thought i was like annd in itself, but it isn't. reincarnation is- i y'r' hindu,ou have to keep comingng back and trying to g it ght. d yave to keep on until ooet it righ jimmy:he you do get it right, w wre do you go youtranscend. u b bomeure energy just likik the other guy. >> jimmy: s s theoretically, everybodod left on thihi planet scscwed up?? if you're hindu. if you he a hindu liefef. >> jimmy: i the hinduav it ght. yes. >> jimmy:here did you learnrn to spea so betifufuy?is i i something thaha u wked on? or justroouramilil >on't'tven know wt you an. >> jim: we,tell iou, , loved "the electric compmpy" when i w d. anannnnhat , you easy re. d t w y ipoke was - it
11:07 pm
sounungreat.t. and isseht you ggt thatt fr -mean, the way i k, likik tha of a ow t tss whatt iotot@m my ly.y whereas i aour famamilil -- you must hava -- i don't knonono i wentto s hool t"" be -- totody how td be an acacr. ddd that schoho, los a angel college, i had a voicend diction instructo who was vy goododt h job.b. d soouad to lea topeak d sosoyour finalal@an things l that. jimmy: so ylu actuallyy lened sometetng i i coege. i learn how to drdrk beer out of a funnel. [ laughter ] >> jmy:ow o were you in
11:08 pm
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and yours? it survived.d. share ititith urself. frfrhlcrkeegg g th h h and bac,or sausage get twtwbreakfast croissts f fur bucks. > we can n so asssse all mmunication e compromised. anytytng n n n seced could be compromised, bananngould know th tol. w clde r r r ou ere, frereeat sir, is ban left-handnd? o, h hs right-nded. >> okay. llll the president d dsn't movee without drone o satlite ov his head. banning knows that. i is s left han southpaw si.
11:15 pm
>> allight. >> jmy: that is mgan freeman "london has fallen" in theaears on frfray. u play the vice pridt of the united states. i'vee bn demoted abit. jimim yeahyou've beeee demoteddrom presisint -- actually fm god to president toice presidt$ >> 7o figurere >> jimmy: things are not goioi .. i thinksill be a f thing for us t do. weweave a cameran holly[ood boblevard right nono there's alwaysseopl walkingng byby thought it would be fun if you wld nanarrate, dss you o molyly someoneasas us,, okay >> okay. >> jimmy: so let's sesewhat we have, and i'lllle quiet. ay. w wgo. >here ittwa t m an in the rere cheheered shsht,oldingis selfie stick. trying t t tethat pererct selfie. perfect selfie paul, that's wt alled him. [ lahter ]
11:16 pm
ststk. ing for that perfe selele. could thi b b the on the eid's jusus righybyboverebis w w no perfectnough f per@bfectct selfie ul. oh, did heookatamera?a? apapause ] >> goodbyeye. oh, hello, paul. there he . but lkho is. another seletickck guy. seseie stick s. that's what we call him. juststwowo own-ing pipt of themsesees@sn a [ stick. [ chrs a appppus] >> morgafreeman, everybody.. "lonn h h faln"ns friday. we'll be right back with martha
11:17 pm
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[ cheers and applause ] >im: welcback. ngp musicromhahaes lly. ouo%o%xtxtueststs a veve talaltea h%morous woman om y y knonofromomrarain pe." she returns to tv "the al o'neals" tuesday nighton abc pleaseseay hello to martha plplpton. [ [`[`rsrsrs applausep] jimmy: it's been far tooong sinc i last saw you. >> i agree, y. >> j jmy: did you see mgan freemama i did, on his wayout. >> j jmy: you speak to him? >> i did indeed. p jimmy: do y y know him?>> , i w. t i k kwwimferent sort o o of way. i mean, we all di of course.. >> jimmy:: right. >> no, i used to ride the 104 busith him wn i wt to schoololvery mornrning. >> jimmy: realal? when wasthis? >> i wouou say '48, '49.
11:23 pm
no when i was little, i r the bus to school. >> jimmy: dididou know him from "t"t electric ccpany"? >> i knew him a#a the easy reader.>> jimmy i wx telli him duri commercial break,o , that's when i thought iasas ststting to grow uphen i i shshted from "sesame strt"o "the electric coany." ye thaha w ailestone in our a consumption. >> >> jmy: yeahah you l ooood sa str w wh n, like, th's f f babs. you hav a very distinctive voice. have you donon voiceovererwowork? >> havi o o ocsion. i just doeshis m mraft story mode game thing. >im::he l ltle bs are crazyyor that, ri >> and for a ltle ile, wp the voice of like p food cocoany for a ttle while. immy: really? >> ye. bu thehe the market crashed. and t ty firired me bececse ty dn't want t t pay me anyme. >> jimim::ndeoeoe ta feeding their pets garbage when the markettcrashed.
11:24 pm
i h he done some books on ta. thgs like that. >> jimmy: i he neveristened to a bootape. you sulif yououe driving. it's a lot o n.n.n. jimmy: i likek tooea when i ive. but i listen to the radio when i ive. but what i w wderrbout it, andd everybodylse -- eveone other than me k k the answer tohis you do the character ices of the people? is it like a play in t t tway? ororo you just r rd ? >>ll,@ ideallll ne would try to make the sounds of the peoe that they're speakinfor. >>im: okok. i'm a -- youow, t freas ) ontiti whe wasasoioi one o o thes books onn tape, andndwas kind of a big one. d i mighthtote gone through as thohohly a i shou ve.. and i showed up to -- this is embarrassingng but i showed up t record . an wearted. dll of a sudden found out at trerereoingo be a ally, really important rsian character in it. jimmy: in book? >> yeye.
11:25 pm
[ laughter ] and i didn't -- >> jimmy::ow did t tttgo? >t w wtwell yoyo b spred wha yan if you just comm, jimm itenteay ll.. [ applausese >> jimmy: plus you ner ry have t t g any fefeback, do you? >> i wt peoeople to knoww i perfectly willing to read the bookore thoroughly fm now on. i'm a a very proional-ish acacess. >myi see.e.u tualalilad book be rdingook tsi . >> tts mhope.e that i#@hat i stre to do. >> jimmy::j think it' of ou hope,reallyl has ght. j jmy: how old werehen youu started acting? >> 8 years old. >> jimmy: did y e erave regula bs, like rewular peoplp >> ll, i mean, in a aanner of speang. not rerely. yoow, yo thrghry ellslslslslsyou knowhis as a acto there's g gngng b- you know 's feastr famine, as they say, james. >> jimmy: so i've heard.
11:26 pm
jimmy: y, yo may. >> thank. so eve nowownd then, you have to m me endsmeet. mygogoistersshese industriris, you kn, f for thse bibi crate coupanieu, right? >> jimmy: right. >> where they do these presentationwhere yououav to lili introduce some new product orwhatever. and the have actors come o and do sgs and danc@es... anan for a liltle extra dgh, sheeeid,whyyy't yourite onene o of thin? and saokgrt. wh do t ty w wt me to do? e id, they want you toritete slamamoetry about drugs. armauticals.( theirrew drugs. >>immymy pscriptptndugs? >> their@n@new prescriptioioio ugs.s. d i id, uh, slam poetry? mean, okay. m not a po. >> jimmy: right. >> i donol know --- me, i read it occaonalal. inj thehe occasionallpoemem but don't know to m ke a poem. do u? dot a lik you do, because you don't. 's very hard.
11:27 pm
rhymes for like --- >> no, nonoike - - >> j)jmy: celebrex or allegra or somethg? >> poetry is abobobo more than just rhyming, ja >> jmy::o t ts i i more freee form. >t's aut feelings, n. itit about trh, man.n. >> jimmy: so do you eat thehe drugs a a then w write the poems? oh,, i wi. >> jimmy: if it was really about truth, you would have don at.t >> it allylyouldldave helped me in my rearch if had.. , i not. >>immyo you remember anynyf the ems? >> oh,god. >>immy: you do rember. give us just a little bib of one. justst a little bit. applause ] immymy andjj it' notoo mumu trouble, do iinan aceent [ lauger ] >> o m u're rllputtmemen sp here. >> jimmy: , y y know, whatat are youoingo do??? i can oy say the word lenin lenirada in russssn. >> jimmy: ok. forget the russi accecnt. >> let me see. okay.
11:28 pm
and it's about a heart or a blood prprsure medicatn. >> jmy: wkay. >> and it begins t tsly. and so -- verypoetic. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yououant to come in in the e middle with feelings ando my heart is a locomotive -- oh, god. [ lauger ] jimmy it's n hot terrible s far. my heart is a locomotive. >>nd am the re.. jimim: a a a t fire eend apppp>>imim: m hrt is a lococoti,,nd i a aahe fire. >> i saiaiit. you don't haveveo repeat it.% yo made me sayt. >> jimmy: i'm trying to understand it. >> i donon understand d eithehe slamoe nobody gets sl poeoey. you'rereot supposed to understa wt they're saying. >> jimmy: howuch money did you getpaid??
11:29 pm
>> i got paid engh, yes. >> jimim: b) the wa do want to mention your show "the real nes," which is veve funun it. priered tonight on abcbbi wasn o one ofhe episodes. >> yes, yowere. >> j jmy: i didn't see you when we tapede >> i know,, nfortunately. because y/yav someeind of difficulul schedule appantly. >>my: the reviewsre coming in. people are saying i was great. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: but the show is very, verynny. thankyou.. >> jimmy: i recommend you watching it it called "the real o ols." tughts a a8: here on c. [ [ plause ] jimmy: m ma imon,, evybody.y. k yotha.
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
the jimmy kimmel concert es is ested d ssung. > "thejijiy kikiellili"" concert sies is presentedy msg. tha teen.
11:32 pm
we ran out of time f him. "nhtlineis next, but first his album is calald "the drive here with the song "lone girl" charles kelley. ahh hat't'the matter you used to beo in love now you're crying he wa't everything you dreamed of i gotta te y he rllsnve g g gengh youlolololylyirll you're t tnly girl me an'tou en y'rl on puisor
11:33 pm
anou'tu t longi oohea d youorry m ner gonna leyown wh y neemem ysnand ser llury ywheitan lrl yore tnlgi can'you heheyorerell ane put thisisd on your h d d n' lonelywobeonelgi lely rl lone gi
11:34 pm
girl ah you'r9el@qrqr % t't'st#y&& meme ananthe ouhehetbt's am just yoyo anthe soun yr hehet's rhythm elelelrl thehehey y rlrlrlfor r cacat t t t t t t when you'rererelolo puputhis recececonn yououroomomom oh and you wonobe lonely u won'l ly 7ir oh@hh ipfeel y
11:35 pm
and yououon'ben yoyoyon'nmelel [ eers and applausus] pour out your heartin three-twenty thone you didn't write for r e y y y tururititnobo's listeteng buyou a heheck c c)cg g i i ain't a singlgl it don't mn nothing but ery gi witititdrdrm wantto be yoyo frien one day you're the king anthe next you're n n it'hahahaes d whisisy shots boy
11:36 pm
by yourselff bui i n't never avinnashsh i a a't nevevev leaving nashville yong cal from old friends they sa heard your song wanna write agagn n you'rcoming up with anw ways to say no then yououe sisi nths without a hold very other day yore getting canceled nononou'u' calling upupldrien hatatajuhehe wawawa g gs e y yo tingg the next you're not handshakes and iske shots bo and throwing u u in pararng l ls
11:37 pm
leaving nashvivi i ainil nevleaving nalle oh a&a youfrieieie a a friends withcountrstars - ah they'rereuyininhomes this is "nightline."" >> toninit,omen uniting inn a @ campaign in thehfighfor tion rights. m i was wise enougugh to know like i'm not ready to be mom.m. momotion pleas,ino ayhe ighestrtn the es challengeo reprtivehts two decade >>hiss what t f f pro-life movement looks like. >> tonight, we're otheront`t with iassioned supporters on both sides, try to make the ctical differencm. >l "modern fafa" star aerial wiwi grewwp iphe split. >> but that's okay >> now she open u herbbreasas reductionsurger i was in pain. i couldn't sit up strqight.


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