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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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leaving nashvivi i ainil nevleaving nalle oh a&a youfrieieie a a friends withcountrstars - ah they'rereuyininhomes this is "nightline."" >> toninit,omen uniting inn a @ campaign in thehfighfor tion rights. m i was wise enougugh to know like i'm not ready to be mom.m. momotion pleas,ino ayhe ighestrtn the es challengeo reprtivehts two decade >>hiss what t f f pro-life movement looks like. >> tonight, we're otheront`t with iassioned supporters on both sides, try to make the ctical differencm. >l "modern fafa" star aerial wiwi grewwp iphe split. >> but that's okay >> now she open u herbbreasas reductionsurger i was in pain. i couldn't sit up strqight.
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ything but a hlywood f tale, and h hewfound confiden. >> y youe liter in eveve w. >> exa. plus, astronaut sct kelly's returnnn earth. >> i iel le i hadeen up there my whole fefe tonight, how this historic ssion in nearlyear in zo avity may havee changed him. ss is h he reallynger andnd taller but fifit, "thnightly news" five. >>nl flonas is appppved to retievetchy ean ey. si is greater one. complete allllgy relie incote..
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si is ghanges > od ening. ank u for joing us. ght,t,igigtake in the bies anas mwo ca we insid the ver human fofo on both sidid ofhe debaba. anan loook to m tci dieren iecnat could iac mlions o ve here'sbc gloririviera. >> repter: separated by just a w feet, but ty stand a world- art.da out thereme ururt, ssnsnfmednoth sides amet enring urr. while inside, the most important abortion case being consideredd in a geraon. > impro p pie fe
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ss fe.. repteuinghat cocororsial texaw what regutes abortio clinics as unconstitution isphanie toady. it's her fir time a the nation's higheststst urt. t with her, sometar pow pport. >> ieali he next generatn may have less choice than i did. >> r ror jul and leovov act enan andther woment name to the cauae, sayi that havingngn artionllowedhem to haveap, heths.s. w 21. it was after m junior year. >> repter: ts week, she opeed up ithismotion detobe. >> isobhahai s plalalalat ias
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if yoy stsrtrttddelng ayu ad ifs, you're goingto find w wan who'sernatepegnb4 efin herybodli. and dhennnne epepr:elsf restio a thepnt -- t ne 6 fo wthelebtitseeewww t l eapai. >> ink ah aw f f recca. >> rorter: encoura wen h sp@ow on h ld tmff hurting them.. thisiss not e f t campaian of its kind. adn a l itosite oror bse dn wt a >> rar, amea decided tohare her story o o onn fafaboand g g g g a aha i i i w w w w w w w w w l.l.l. plentntof people still belilieeettnn s s s s s s s d won, ans ae tt sul acmpanieieyydnesshame, or regret. buve a gart,t,t, andnd havivivin abobobobo m me m h h h h t tallyly unqualifiededway. >> rorter: shehehes s s w w
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cause one inhrhr womomomn n is c c cntnte h h an ababtion by y y ag 45,5,acacacing to o o otudydydy >> witnnnoupleef hours, erer wereeomen andut o s siaircle that wer j j sasangngng i hn artionnnn too. hinknkhe s sououou ortiti cigigis p p pmememei love r r rtehey ve t takak i rsrsallylyly l lk atatouououououou >> mararaaa p pmpmpn alssharar she haaososive experience. for me in particular, because i did have two abortio as a younggwoman, i feel that my ily too accesshat kind of medical care made it posossible for me to live outyreams and do what i rll wanted to do withy life. >> reportete among other restrictions, the tas law quires t tt abortion clinics are more like sgical centers, and thatt doctors have admdmting privileges at a hoital whi mes. >> you want to be a health car prover, then actik . that's what we're saying >> repter: critics of the l l y adherin t t t stananrds mak it impsible foror manybortioroviders to remain open.
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of tas. >> millilis ofomen in texas andther states a aoss the region are at ris o losing thei conitionall right too cess safe abortioncare. >> reporter: millionsf women. theipe effect could be ge. absolutely. we have seen copycat laws i other states in the south. >> reporter: and since law was enacted, half of t closed what kinf personal stories are you hearing? >> stories about women having to travel out of state bause the waits f an appointment with an abor provider in texas have become so long. >> reporten a new documeary, "traed," doctors and nurses at whole women's heth, one of the texas abtion clinics that's chlenging, shares stories out how they h to turn away women in need. >> thehe's a two to three-week waiting list for a procedure where time is of the essence
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from a patatnt and id, what if tell you what have in my kitchen binet, and you tell me what ian do. >> reporter: but those on the other side of the issue say tt th texas law and oths like it are designed to protect women's health. anti-abortion activists also submitting briefs to the court, citing 3,000 women who they say suffered grievous psycholical injuries afterheir abortions. >> a majorit of americans, regardless of whether they say they are pro-life or pro choice onhe issue ofbortion, agree that artion should be safe for women. >> reporter:risten hawkins is presidts for student for life of ameca and has recruited thousands to the cause. >> today we have come out to show the supreme courtustices that this is a pro-life generation. my mission is t abolish abortion. and to make abortionnthiable and illegal. >>eporter: shehinks the striure regulations on
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nation a just the first step. >> we're a pro-life generati! >> reporter: w were with the young mother last year at one of the largest ever anti-abortion demonsations. this is what the pro-life movement looks le at its strongest in the united states today. we're at the march forlife. and what you seeehind me goes on for miles. >> tod i speak toou pregnant with my urth child. my first dghter. are the pro-lifgeneration! >> reporr: to some, le 16-year-old devin, she's a hero. >> is this your first march f life? why did you place your child for adoption? >> she was bor inctober of this year. i nted to have an abortion when i found out i w pregnant with m daughter. and i wasiven the options that i could do abortion and not tell anyone or iould leave home. i went to a materfrty home and
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for adoption andecau of her, i'm not ashamed i got pregnant at my age anymore. >> reporter: hawkins regularly conduc what she calls sidewalk coselling outside planned paranthood clinics with student vonteers like sam from the@ univerty of%v mexico. whenever i sidewalk cancel, it'svsuly in a back alley on top of a ladder s we can rch thewomen. >> reporter: but t t young wom on other de,, women who could be her class mates, are st as decated. many feel thathe greatt danger is to women, ford to illegal,nse alternatives if the tetes w upheld >> since these laws he taken effect, there been an ncase in attpts at self-induced tion in tes. cause they simplp can't me the tri that isow reqri in order to reach an abortion inic. >epr: but for no
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the eight remaining justices. >>boion is a hum right! ^%^r: but no matter the ruling, we' liky this scenplay out again andgain. >> pro women, pro-life! >> reporter: this battle i't ending anytime soon. for "nightline," i'mloria riviera in washingn, d.c. >.> nex --"modern family star iel wint openingngp a mut @ y she c cse havav a b bast reductioio > lalar, astronautcotl kelly retetnsnshohome. ience experiment now cring him m his own twin brother.thernoh thg asas lelf... anit needs a big lution: an antiralal sosohen f,u ts,, ll yr doct right away and up the ante aiririramamlu prescrcron tiflu i i,,an a airal tttt attatas the flu viruru !! i i sourcee
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you jojoli a mint... f fl l nutries.......w centvintnt "modern family" star ariel winter gw u in the limelight, facing harsh critism consntly. no she is speaking candidly abt her breast reduction surgery and o oning up a about what she says was a troubling childhood. >> i'm not. but that's okay i'm the smart one. >>epor w felln love wither as alex dunnphy, the brainiac middl child on "modern family." >> ha beating me in words with friend how is that possible? >> repor we watched her grow up o screen from an 11-year-old girl to an 18-year-old wom. and jt lt year,hen she was yrs old, she decided to undeo breast reduction surgery goingroro a 32f to a d. why did you decide ultimately to get breast reduction surgery? >> iadted to get areast
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beuse i was in exccating pa, and i coun't sit up straight. it w always sup uncomfortable me to sleep. it's uncomfortqtle to sit. uncomfortable towalk. i remember baking down in dresng rms becau i couldn't find a batng suit because they had no p that wod fit . just didn'teel right. and i did it for myself. was the best change i ever ma in my life. >> what's been the mos noticeable change post surge for you? >> i think maybe my mood. in genal. i think i'm justhhappier. and i just feel a lot more sere wh hzself. >> reporter: you'reiger evway. tltl >> reporter: you wor a stunning gowno theag awards,, and y notfraidd to s show r ars.s. no, iwasn't. i didn't eve note tem. i didn't'tnk toer thth.. i didn't even think twice. really astoddd m when i was getting comments fro people to say p my scars away, thehe were grgrs. andhink it's so r diculous considerini they y are a part of me. ey're not goingaw. i know so mama people that hav
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with scars. >> repter:cars aool. ve g them too. t ty are .we'v'v gtoriesesrom them@m. >> porr: although she's's's young, winter says she's already had a lifetime of challengingng experiences. youere tust into thehh limelight at a verer young agage. wewe you preredd whatame wiwi ? >> i't think a aone'e' prepared to o so you and havieveryby'yes out,t, espepeally now a a i'veee thugugugome ofl my reay --- someeally b moments in my life being i front of the spotlighgh it has b bnb pretty difft, because you hav everybody's opopions. soso ihi it was a ltle b-ginning. eporte par of at sho e expeenefd. walking down theed carpet and having every heae b b ou myvage, a aot a a a my talpt a a w wha i was really the r or anything that i want to be p out there. and i thought thatas really disappoiing. >>epr: j that e s here yo cision andhat wt into decidinghether or not to
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mean, is it crazy t you that the levelfcrcrututy girls and won face ach a a everyy,y, especially those in front o o the camera? >> i thinkt's absolutely ridiculous. reaeayototrs me.. you know, ian only do my part. repepter: she hoping her experiencecel help o ierer girls, and wishes f a d when women in hollywood are no longer scrutinized for theilooks. but dpite her@r sucucuc asss an acess, she says it's a path sh might never have chosen. >> i think that when i w w wborn, itas kd of already decided what i was eected to be.and so i was kind of pushed into e industry. th's not to say i don't love it and noty passionow i doov it.>> r h work an actrtrtr startededhen she was justeaea old. from there,he tv roles cam one after another, guest ring in "crossin jordan." >> she ss he didn't love us. >>ome on, sweetie. wake up. >> reporter: and "cririlll minds." i@want to find my mmmy. i lik living the.
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on final six esodessf "e.r a agihoseother neededed heart transplant. and she's been worng ever nce. >> reporter: did yououave whaha mom? >> she mostt definitety was. th is what she wanted me to dodo an she pushedd v very hd for that and kind of pututhat in the forefront of her min inste o what ianted and what. an tha w dinity hard. t i don't think that wasf onononissue. >> reporter:inter went through several yearsof legal battles with her momver a ans of emotional and phyhycaca abuse. in a statent tobc news, nter's'sother said ther r career, ariels conjuring up stories, and i deny allf ariel' accusatis. ultimately, the ass became empated fro mother. >> itn't a supporti, loving home i had a reallyoughtime. >> reporter:inter is not the only k star who emancipated
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ome alone" act macaula cuinid it after a finananal dispute andustodybatt.and then tre was actress dw barbymore,e,ho emamancipated at 14. according to ler memoirshe and her d- her mother haven't had ch contactsince. do youave a relationshihi with yoyo m at thispoint? >> we haven't spokenthree yes. it's really hardo have that of dra in your life and have annourt case and hav eryby lk a it's hd f a ase viimim but it's hder in thth pubc eyeye whenverybody has an opinion and there is no black and white of the suati. >> reporter: you refef t yourses s(s(buseicti whwh happed tou? >> ll, the thing is it's really hard to talk about. and the reason i haven't talked@ aboutp it t far is because it s really painful for me t t wa m om g g onn new outlets and g on "d pil" a a k kdf sprehis eveerhe it's really just p p pvate family business.
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ld t t t the h highddnd d something that i would have wished she would he done f me. >> reporter: andor now, she closing tha chapter and doingng nonm18-year-old thth. >> it's always b a dream of mineo go@ to coegeg >> reporter: she's alying t t t coeges witlansecome sososo jtice lawyer. >> i ie had aotot of life expece thada i thihiasas really helped m mrori i intoo the person i am toda and i t tnk it'ssomething t dt paped wanted to ben my fure. >> reporter: forghtlin i'm amy orrck l lososanangeles, californin > sdt keletnsme. uld t ansnsweto growing taller andounger be here, , , spinni e ea?
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to by fofo. >nally tonight, aronana sct k kly is backn earth, oving it mayust take a rocket scientist to'sbc d w >eportrr:r:r340 day a aer he slpepepepeurds off eaeaco@o kelly isbly, overnigit, hisoyuz cap splalaededown`n zakastan,, kelly testing t t@ath'h'h' gravy w@wist pupupu f ft like i hadee therehole if >> reporter: in an odd way, he has. in one year of zero gravity, he circled the e earth more tn 500 times. th's 15 yearsf sunrises. you uld say tha now makesim years older thann his identical twin brother, rired astronaut mark llyl
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the. einstein's twin paradox maintained that a twin hurtling throh space on rocket ship would a more slowly than the twin remaining on earth. othehefferencf,f scott is owrent thes taer,, spineikely stretched while he was in orbit.t. wili,w be stututugggggththat,t cocoinininifif of whichay sound like a fi ve,@a it't' tempt totonk olyly likee aer fictional astronaut. back hoho. blew it up! >> rterf yr ago the superrueay rests wouou been a unthink as -- well, ththplanetf the apes. >> damyou all l! >> reporter: in a ye, the blk of an eye, the unthinkable has come to pass. >> thank you ver much i appreciate it. >> reporter: how ustmust it look to the rocketman?
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in new yo >>come home,aptainkell it was fnch writer@and geed whoho said,,enen cnot scovew oceans2unlnls haha courage to lose s sht o othee shore. thank you r tching. tune in to "good morning america" tomrow moing. and as alalys, o facebookk "nighdline" pagagand cnco ighte tonit, a a ".t.t
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erandjjoe'sast mite -movovbeberehegezz prprpronon hehehehe nww heusband in@ atatililthey sto their kids? >> my daughter, melania, tells me y a a gggg ayayotot more momomooththanom. tndpepelati youould bpopoe p t ten anothdancininth t ars" ake-up.&&rsjue ann leftftft n w w wh otr,deek, is t. wait until you see the sexy etetet actor bennd jen scandal l d ." e se. > i'vegottenry fe youcan k of. >> and the love lll jessic biel dishes h rdate nigs wiwiwitinbp.>> t b b's lik a gat date. >> a the boca beach hang onnnn&n&


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