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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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slooan i io a full-blownwnttack. >> we e ve to mama americaca whole. we havav fill . >> reporter: taking him on with a a a age of unity over divisionon >> you know w at, it woror. stead of buildinwawae're going to breakown barriers. >> repepteutlinton still fighting offernie nds, too. at raillll in maine, the senat defiant, still turur outhe crds, d turning up the heat on his s va >> we were up against a candidatsupported by the entirereolitalstablishment. some almost universally y know somne who had bee nted as the inevitle nomimie. well, gueswh? spe's t sosonetable today. andhi berninisanders remain deant, cins tea sent out a a memo from the
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doesn't just havto start winning a few states, he needs tart winnini everywh and by y larrgin. the clelton team think they might have this nomation wrpeddp in a couplpl of eks. cecelia vega, abc news, new rk. >> el chapo iss l lking for a plea deal from u.s. prosecutors. according o o of his lawyers,s, el cpo is willi to plele guilty to any charges inn exchge for short stay at a medium security u. prison. lawyers saylchapo w wts cu hararsh conditions in hisis mexican jail. he says the guards won't l h sleep. expertrt s say any talk of a deal here is very prate. t ts h. f teeeege a a of etending to be a doctor has beenrrested. malachi love has been ordered to undedeo a mental h health . the 18-year-ol was aested st mth for practicing medieine whoutut l lse aft
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8 lotofcernededed fansf the reality show"deaeaiest catch" this m mning a ad reportsts one of the show's captains have been hospipipized. sig hansen isnownoranning the helm of the northweern % ofn whilesmoking. e showlw's p pducersay he sufferedhehehe pains while at sea. thth crew insistshey hea to rt for help. he wasirlifted to hostal in anchorage and said t with family and in gd spirits. >> sportrt authority filed for bankruptcycynd aounued p pns closese sell 140 ststes. . >> i like their stf >> the retair admdmted it lt maet share tonlineetlersrs tenn mirn debt failed teep unds like golfing's declcng popularity. i didn't kw thatther. >> some historyilbe made a thepening ceremony of ts summer's'smpic mes. that's's wheneam r rugee hletes willnter he stadium snder the olympic flag and then compete in the games just like
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it's not clearhat heport the a aletes wi tak part in, atatats point, theyyre still ingg identififd. the gamemetart augustth in o. the penengon opened its own compmpitiwn f f computer hack ey havn vettete and invited totoestthe cybersecurit of somef the pentagon's public web sites. many big combnies r r simil ograms as a wayayf allowowg expertrtto findd a identify lems before malicioio hackers can exploit ththem. here's one fofoth citit clicic slickers. "u"une and worldt" is out withts annual bestlaces to li >> i love tt we sckck ouwingaudience. thank you. it rks the100argest metropolitan areasas fordability, as wewe as quality of life. comimi i i at numr e, do you recognize that city? is that tampa, fl. >> no, nver, lorado thee mileigh cy w marijuananis leg we shouou point ou
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home o othe oncos. >> numbebe two, the capital texas, sin.. fayettle, arkansas, numberr three a and whthoo, then comes rarah-durham, north carolina, cololodo springs whe m marijuana is so legal. what's wrong w wh mymyhant for arkans? >> two of t eitits on tha list haveeeegalizmarijuana. ou'r sayings the trd. we'ree sayg. high hometown off tampa is thinking ofo legizing . "us news and worldeporor is illl inpeople. c ceup, t phyl effes ofofife in bit. >> but fst erin andrew in the contues. t 's what happened outside theourtroom tt's nowoqakaking helines. >> and nxactly wtou'd want to happen waing for help,an officerlides rht an icy roaut fir lookt todaygs fofocast @map.
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itadvanced formula relses werful dicine tt acac fast wle itsxtended releas medinststfor 12 hrs. try delelmm. > well, this is a wildide forr police ofofof inn veveon was trying to g up an icy hill whe hisuv lost traion d started sngbackwa 's nototac hcar. it's justs slidinin it went qte a waysefore falling o t roadnd turni on to its sisi. th officer was fe andhe was puldd upri and dvenn ba ko the statn. all was good itheend. we can out what's left of thth wininhield hit by a flying titi from a tractor-trailerary -lsesee. the drivufreddnl minor in. happened while fire and reue crews were handling numerous calls aboboheighh wind damage inha area. anothermotional day ofo testimy in the erin andrews
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'seveaead aewe depth to the persononony's humiliatatn. >> a new iident sho video of shot by her stalker in her hotel rmndnd p pted onlnle continto expose he ea abcvaililimim >> repororr: en andrews' legal battle for $75 million in damamas from the nashville marriott and the man who secretly rorded r gettin out of the shower r inue >> and to try totoxpin to someone that h huestions about why i t t t i why i'm inse, y i'm humiliat >> reporter:ne of the key ayerer in t case,eil pesp kin, a r rresentative ofhe r o oe nashville marriott dining with friends when a stauaant employeeweet that theroupupas l lki ae nude veo. cole branigan stinin "he saif iwas going to cost him millionshe wasoing to watch it and show evyone. then, he and hisisuests pr_reededeto discuss her body."
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"i"isked theheto stop and while e they did so it ssot a i ncerely apologogogfor my this ce could be ithe e ndndnd of t t turur b thend of the ek. eva pilgri abcbcne, nashville, tennesse b bn an emoonal week. >> itt has bn an etitial week. . comi up t t trial of the century. >> 200ears later, the o.j. simpson is recturiri t t nation's attentio
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brn simpson.tt2w2watu#4 btttatu# s4 @q_\x ttrtrtu# s4 bm@qtwtt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 tt4watat s4 entq @$4 tt4watu# s4p" gz y#y#t4watu# s4 " hnhn i-tt4wat s4 " tq #dx 4w4w #4 14ttat s4 " lzt& )yd > it was billed ashe trial thehecentury. r an agonizing 11 months, seed as i y y y rll coun' escape the o.0j.j.imon tr >> nhe new miniseries "americacrcre story"" the people vers o.j. s simpsons recauring t nati's atteion and sparking old voices.
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minisees bngin t the so-c-cled tri of the century forl millions ofiewe sce its s ememr. >> absolutely 100 n n guilty. at fx's's "americacaimim story"" t tusting back intntthe spotlight the filr faces o o the tri againstst simon for the murderson goldman and nicolerown simpson. is jenne played by selma aiai >> i can'telie she's gogone. jennenenow e matriarchf theardashian e empmpe w w one nicole'slosest fends now ekinggut abouthe aftermath of the k killings when reahed out to her. >> h%h called me aew times a u knkn, wanted alk and exexaiaiow he felt. >p reveang d dails on "ellen" dabouthe abu nicol allegedly suffered a a a thehh h of o o. >j dn't kw that there was abusent hiard a she whole thing jj le
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lunch the nex day. the day afterhe was mumuered and sd wtow #someof thingsgs that's'srobablbl what she wand reveal to me that nextday. icicro my heart bececause i always feeee horrible tha i didn't pay enoughh attention.n. >> the kardashian and simpsps families we close. seer vacatioiong togetherer young kim at t f right. jennnnateusndobert was rt of o.j.'s dream team of lawyers. >> it was very dficuecause my -hndn w onnne sid do know, i kind of o the other. thth kids wereen the middle and wasas tryin elala this t t children and the oo.j. had called a a a you know,, i lost everybody lost so much. r smith, abc nene,,ew york. one of@hose cases you're transportedack inp time. yo roesch everything about this and themotionshe cououry went ththugh. yououembe where y were wh that verdi read.
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thursd tt it was rd. some 2yes ago. gege alito. nd@smanyhmf the >>ll t. cococo upup safaf andndsound.backn the g ararab >> andtte'e'%l%lrnrnrnth inin about astrout stt kelly's s s rd breaking 340 days in c cse l her. aw. days in space.brki 340 days in space.ody's natul moisturere so ian g into th swing oft a bit quicr. and when know she's feelinglike that, itese fe le we're ... when enjoys s , wewenjoy it even more.
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okok. go ead. y first. >> wl, aftft 340 days in & space, astronont sco k kly is finallyyackk in th u.s. >> he rnedo housto from kazakhstst nighgh in a ecia nasa jetreeted b b colleaes and his family inuding twiv b bth mknd
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but after thererecord-setting journe the worork now j j beginning fofo t scientists studying him 's c'c' d didid ight. >>eporter: 340ayss after he slpedhe s slyon eah, scoco ly is nallll home. overnight, his soyuz csulele lashedownnnn stan, testing the earts avity wit fist mp. >>elt likike had bnp ere my wlelife. >> in an odd wayay he s. he circledhe e ethore e an 5,000 times. that's 15 years of sunrises. you cld say nowakes im 15 yearsrs older an is idencacawin brother, retirir astronaut mark key. t albt einineinould argue the's'sn paradoxininednin thugpa oket shi ule wly thannhe
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another didieren, scott isow ly tnchetallller.. his s s s likely setched in orbit. sa wilow be studyg atat compmpin thetwo.all of which mayound@ikee sighghty movie a it's tempting to tnknkf scott kelly a bit like anotherictional astront. >> i me. y_y_ blew it up! rte aeaag the super tueay resultsould have been aunthinkable, as, well, planf thth ap. >> dam y y allo hhell.l. >> reporter: in a the blk of an e,e, the unthinknkle s co t tpa. ha yermuch. ip apprereatee itit. >> rte h musus it l lk to the rocketman? david wright, abc news, new % york. andwas s excited. he sd heasn't going sr crazyup there. he wldav beeee fine stayingng a little longer. >>the way, heust spoke in hohoton saying he wish h ould
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could have been here quicker. thisorning on "wowod news " show offorce. >> overerght, norea launchch missis an ap reonseseo t tgh n nsancncons. w e inaonalmutyty isg to thisss latat threat of vicen >> tighteninggace as donond trump andillarylinton gain steam offf super tuesday. rereining cte forceto doe soul sechinin cpaigns say heyan survive but f f long? theeatt jusahead.d. newelopmemes in the hunts`for t thieves receive in arazen smash and g g opation. busting o en the door a hauling off a huge c cac of fiarms authoritiesetti the blic's help night. >> fighdin wasteteyy eatinin it.
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food f2ommeing tosse getting together withh friends andd cooking w has leleft.. so open your refrigerars a your heart on this thursday march 3 5. >> aouncer: frobcne this is isworld news nowow >> goo morning i' k kdigibs. >> i'm reeninan.n. let's gettaed this halfour with the brereing news from the korean ninsula. morning. >> the communist c cntry firing at least six shortrt rge ssilrom aowalons eaeast coast an offffiall i sout koa say those msilele fw upo 900 mileso theea of japanb >> appareny theissile wer fired ust houours after the u.n. securi uncil approved the hestns ainst nor korea in twoadeseu those new sanctions in response unch ththtaepartment s ss it' monitongngatioioio
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umpeleasi detaiai of h h heheth plaftft aunay ctctct oeresesy. tnd hil cremergededs virally uncatchable. but their r rals areotackiki down and the gop@p e estababshment sin 0lockckrump befo he cnchehehehe nonaonon it's your vovoe, yourvote. abc's s sphanie ramosas the latest on both sides.p" >> s ser tueuesd is over with h e front-runrs see thing thei leads. >> boy,,m i gladd it worked o welll y yesterdayay was one@or the historybos. reporter: hillary clintonon cqbrating her big super tuesday win with a big r r r i new york. she tk sevenf th 11 eseses rnie s sders took the other four sasa d despi the ovevall loss, hean sli win the democrcric nation. qtetell thedits a ca racoror clton. mea wre pbably goi win in a land slide. >> reporter: aer his b nighgh d dald trp promising h isishe canditeo bringng the
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>> i am aifier. once we g a os finish, i'i' goingo g after one person that hilryclininn. >>orr: trump also claiming victorieie sev super tueueay states. making it muh harder foris rils to catchup. >>ee a pickingelegeges weontie toain deses throughout the day. marco rubio winninini hik first@ a.d onsteinnesond ted cruz grarag the@ most votes in okokho, alaska and his pe - ate tetes. cruz calngn the rememning $% candidatat to ck him. so far tt d't appear to behahag. > if y y'v bee suppororng another bndidide, we wlcome you o our am. thehe one-time f fntunner . . n c cson telling orte heeo longe sees a f fwa i i@ his campai. some repeblicaca areandingng to e to try and stop trump. first in line former gopop nominee mitt t mney is set to yut a case againsthe llionaire. ndisck t u. >> thankou. > the republinanandatas will face offff ain tight in detroit.
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be o o of the modetors. despitit her p past clashes w)wh trump, his cpapannay he is lookingorward t t icipg.g. kell doesest expect a anonoererer flare-up.p.p trump boycott fox doo ladyf the iowa caucuse a aer ininstigation into hilry clinton's usef a p pvava e-maeeee the juic depeptmenen h grted imiununy to the fmer state department s sffer whoet hehe ber accordi to e washington post thth fbi iss lolkingnt the poible mishandlin of classifiings in. probe expectetoake sal more months. prosterslahutsidede tpe supreme court as thehe justices dated mos soicant abortion case in nely5 year at i is a texas law strtrictltl regulating apporonlics. forcing provovsso have adtting pleges atrby hospitals. and making ccs meet standardsoror sururll centers.
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splili wh justicentny kennededolding t t swivote. half the states abortion clinics have closed. ananon aboutut tenold remain the l would be allowed to takekeull effect. >> a m accusus of abdtinging and killi two virginia college udents plead glty in order to escape t death pelty. jejee matthew junior agrd to a encece o o oouou consecutive fe termsmsh o chanc off role matthew murdered virginia virginia tech junior morgan harringtononn 2 29 and uv sophomore hannah graham t yearar agon hehe's alreaea serving le e r a seserate rapease. a manaunt u uererer in ssissippi for a m mder suspect who escapedail in cksburg. rael mccloud briefly took a a jail eloyee hostage ung a shanan yesteteayrng, th emoyee's clothndef e jail accusedf kidppgh g 69-yeaman. convictitn cringhe ath penalt
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picking up piecessfter several damaging tornadoes te rough. c's steve osunsamreports fromomlaba reporte thiis wt's left tonight of pe valley driri, south of b b bnghaha the view from mhe alabamskyh\h shows thros peeled o o homes d gianantrees pushed o top of thehe the rnadoeoesesirens just aer suppe ather service now says ere e two of themearing through the ate,he strongest thth ef-2, with nd speeds near 125 milean homr. t sisi says he cou hear the flying two b bfours punchc holeintois house. 1 the wind, you k k it just sounded like it w comin raight through- - raig rough the ho >> repter: it bad, the elti precincts nrby had to st t`vg. bebeallin and hihiwi ran f e drroom. >> gotn to h h i heard my roof leav >>eporter: famamiehere in n n abama sathat all this happenan insnsnt. an of thisial came from the attics of the two
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eve osunsami, besem mer, a al banl ma >there's something of a oble f f the ceremonononta of t t this year's ditatad`acacc sled dogograce. anchore anoragag this washe event last year. itit u ual winds its way t throughgh threetofity a an 11 mimi course. temperateshis w wke will be in the upperer 3s. andthe lack of snowas forced tutu'sntnto beehort bed to thr miles. th official start of the famoussled d racsnday. >>nd sakinow americanan ser lindsey vonn wot be onnt ain ts seas. heherashed saturdadada during arara inuropeutkk racac the n next day. -instead of a aess serioi_ injury, sheeayshe suffe three signicant breaks where her shin bone meets her knee joint. says instead o oisng rtrtr ge, she w wl s out the rt o othe season. >> m mt have beenn a h hard decisiono make. i'm glad she's g gng to te care o o that. >> it soupaininl. a f f fve mdthe white
1:08 am
welcom the champns o llege otball theh alamaririri tit weree ck toarararir fouh n!tional tit in sevenyear someonedynasty.y. pnt w wasasot losostttthth esidt dururggis . s isrtim haha h alabama here at t white hous soso clear i've brougug you som good luck. in ct,, you could call me o-babaa. > leehe visuaecse f ehyen' e ugh a h cd elhich iolfein ti's captaave idber 16y a helmlmlong wit a folllllenty of peopleeho know colle foookall wou s s alabama has a goo chance of ing backthe whi hse next year >> looookiki forward tothat. loveve my college football. >> who do you have going all the way hechpiip? f nexexye
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good @ho ste.>> the ohio e. >> t o o state.okt th, theys destimane men d you sayrecord? >> h quickly? >> good. >>oming g up,'m scked evywhere time. >> i know io havepos knknledgdg >> you do. absolutely. the trurmbout cookingngn the nude. >> and massive heist of a gupaught on mera. see thesethieves. theyeyere apprehended lateast night. hohothee authorities hope to prevt t gunsrom makakg it to the street >> i i one o o mos rare sights unless you'r'r fro flid allator makingitsese home inhis faga bkyard anemember toinin us o o facebookok and twter you'atg c's "wld
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