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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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the wind h died down a bit today than yeerday, mike has moren the forecast we continue to follow the investigation of plane crash ar palmer lake. whate know out the passengers that were aboard. plus -- the ra for the white house mination is trickling down. donald trump iseing attacked by a member of his own rty. good afternoon and thanks for joinin. i'm jon karroll. and i'm dana clemens.
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ad-lib toss to mike e this afternoon: it will be less ndy, but it will remain dry which means fire danger will still be a concern a a southerly breezes will ill be in 5-10 mph range, with gusts of 15 mph. mtly sunny skies will give way to increased clouds throughout the day however it is expected to stay dry. temperatures will rein abo average, with highs r most getting intntthe 50s and 60s. tight: expect partly to mostly cloudy skies a latively mild overnight temperatures, with many spots staying above freezing. northwest winds will be light in the 2-7 mph nge. extendfd: highs e expected to remain in the 60s and 70s through fray. a cold fnt is expected to slide tough frida night, bringing a very slight chance for shshs mainly over and near the mountains. this weekend is lking dry and mild. a ronger storm is set to move in monday through esday, bringing a better t& chance for much needed rain/snown southern colorado! 'll keep tracking at potential closely ... so stick with your stormtracker 13 weather team! toss sanchors a grass fire i
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southern lorado. th one is buing near avondale - it's about a half hour east of pueblo. fire fighters continueo monitohot spots. a wild and windy day yesterday t blame for multiple grass fires in southern rado. nats of wind the eriff's offiaythre is nearly 70 percent coained. firefighters say a doed ofce ss the fires nearly 70 percent contained. firefiters say a downed wer line sparked the fire. we talked with the rancher who owns the land. "i'm so grateful for l of these people, the way they've comen here with the fire
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shut down." one hundred acres have burned... structures acres have burned... structes were threatened at one point, but as of no theye not affected. we'll keep updated on the status of the fire as we learn more. and a fire in la junta is contained this rning... the fire chief ss it sparked when a fire ia fire pit got out control. new information th afternn... federal investigigs say that two people a dead after that small plane crash in northern el paso county. we're still unsurehat t caused the crash. the plane went down ipalmer lake.. near the raroad tracks that run through town. a formerir force pilot who lives near the crash site says... e terrain an nds would've made idiicult to fly. ( el paso county shiff's fice irms..he wi could have played ae e e crasa. thnational trtrsportation safe board is vestigating. we're learning morebout what ppened wn the aurora theater shooter, james holmes, was beaten by a fellow inmate last october. a w article released by a-b-c news says sety gatlepe t codote niteia in can
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at holmes. the inmate also threw punches at security guards when they tried totohim. the man who beatp es be idenfieds mark daniels. since the attack, holmes has been moved to an disclosed ison. the state says the locati is being kept secret for security reasons. the park coun sheriff's ofce sits gog throug meme rectctg... aftethtata oong of deputy nate carrigan igan w killedn february 2 2 while seg g evon. ththerf's officeays at one depu sergeant has resigned... llowing a demotion earlier iseek. an undersheriffphas also been plac on administrative lee. park county sherf fred wegener says the actions were relad to how the deputies responded during the incident. the life of a sttrr ki ieis red a commity inhern colorado law enforcememt nod the lile of deputy travis russell yesterday. he died after hitting a parked s-u-v in triridad. state patrol posted ts video of the processional for puty russell from trinidado
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state patrol is investating the cause of the crash. colorado democrats anan republicans ha atat aged to pu for changing the state's system of choosing presidential candidates from a caucus to a primary election. the agreement comes after members of both parties colained about the current system housands of precinct meetings to start choong presidiztial candidat. s@ste some chao 122- thovsand denocrats ucus, breakinghe 2- thousand 8 recerd. budded s lot of peoeoe, ey're working at night or they can'make it for so reaea ye, we had a good tnout, t a loofpl ilcouldt rticat one man,ne ve u can artilate who you wod o havendt seems mu morep the air wi a caucus. onln six percent colorado's nearly 3 million registered re paiped in the caususus
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donald trump from members of his own party. mitt romney launched a new attack on the frontrunr ahead of a key dete tonight. abc's megan hughes has the story. today the 2012 nominee mitt romney?maki ng his ce agnst donald trump ininalt ke city. romney: this is ananndividua who mock a disabled reporter, who attributed a port's tuestiojto her menstruacycle, who mocked a brliant rival who happened to o a madue to her pearance who bragge aboutphis s tal l l afs,nd w laces his bli speeches w w wlgararhis morning on good moing america dodoldtrump ng ononomney and thgo ishme soso ump/ millions of people are jojog party causus me ayou know whaha th repeblican establishme ntntrobably going to give it right back and give it right back to the old days of mitt romney who uldndn win. senator ted cruz saying
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we'r'rgog to beat donald trump, the field can't remain fractured." " " setor mao rubio sa he' stayayg aftetete winning only one state & out of 15. sot-ru and amas/ "i au willing to ght asa long as it take." the- field is narrowing-- dr ben carson esselly ding his campaign on dnesdada annocing there's no political path forward. he democratic sided ... hillary clinton stilcelebrating a big super a ar studded ndis last night? clion sot " thank you aldlso much" the emaiai investigatnln& continues to haunt her campaign?today, ports the clton aide who established he private server has been granted immunity by the fbi? "s' not s s inevitle today!" " g: repuicans tonight will fe off again in a critic debat donald trump will have to cont fox derator megykelly,ho 's srred withthn thpast? megan hughes, ababnews, wawaington. a flight stststt egypt is facing g popoion from the u-s-s afr being investigated for allegedly posting on his facebook page that he was willing to kill donald trump. he also says the world would thk him for it. prosecutors
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the crime, but he was arrested last mon. being held in a al orange, califoia. . an i iigraraon urt wiwi tein whether the stududt t ll be deported. the court of appeals in maryland is expected to hear oral arguments several c c of officers ged in the ath of f fddie gray attorneys are reprenting five of the e x x officers facing criminal charges in the death o ay. his neck was brbrenenenthe back of a police transport van while handcuffed...he wanot wearing seat belt. court officials will determimi ere officer william porter can teteify against his colleagues as he awaiai t tal. the texas trooper-- who arrereed sandra bland-- has been fired. trooper brian enennia arrested bland during a traffic stop last year. heccused her of failing to use her turn signal. three days late bland was found dead in her ce. no one was indicted for her deaeh h . . t a grand jury d dt believe encinia's claim that he removed bland from the car...
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conduct a safer traffic investigation. first lady michelle obama and second lady jillen cebration of men's history month. thth attended house minority leader nan pelosi'snnua receptioin wagton. mrs. obamand launched a initiativen 2011. ics to members, vetetens and eir families -- educion and emplplment portunities. "so theris so o mu p pgres to celebrate, but we also know that our women in uniform and their o million sisiers w o now ld the rank of veteran--i think that's now three million, it's really three million--still face plenty of challenges as they serve this country and then transition back to civilian life. the first lady says women many do not ideify themselves as veterans, so they miss out on the benefits that me with their service.
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got its nick- steel city rkers are getting pipi- behind the decision. at least one has applied for flights to a destination that sevel dedes. more when the reigning super turn to the .
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topping your economy tracacr... ad-l curnt ocff b board the steel city is losing the very jobs that gave it it's name. z isayg off emees. citing low gas and oil prices for t t slump oducoj. . spokokpersonon mlanan it' suamless it w l thers a chance it coul
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the's no tellinwhen or how manyhe compy would re-hire. a former steel work says it's hard tknow what will come sometimeey but maybe theh clcre ee tempory. is is a ao ndininineee inry ant gs l le . o`o`allyknowhas gsinintoahamit's'sininof a gues sue. lolol ss 't thrled d ououthe news. lail stafysit's survived up and downs the mill since opening he 1980's. the owner saysoffs&sososotothe nunu of customers edis rera. afr r nvernc susubowl w, you could be shelling out more money to see the team play next season. pricis areet to rise for the fih coeciv seonex t me, thteam will offer riable pces ke. ( thaverag ti hces wiwiwifrom 98 llars to 101 doars. in oth
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eseses s ssibrerement. poke at& forurq floriririri sty spidi'i'njnjed m- curre j souc i##alal i'eei&."manning glgl haha to ke a cisiononexextuesday byp5m. vel u-s cjal ights s s cuba..including denver. this comes&&afafprprident ob und he avel lo the islaio t0t0 mththti has plied d r r r flights tween nver andub ere could bebebedaily non- stop flight. thairlrlrlrlalso aouanan seseco ht thehe ririritionohfrontierns$- @n aircraor t fligigs. ifif wt shshshcommute to w#wk,'t move to theast coast. workers inhe new york city vevehe highest commti i e trly 34ines o way. lolo island me in second, with an avere time of 33 minutes. washington d-c was thir- at 32-point-8 mimites.
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employoysxto s t t mostimim gegewo it@s@shat inbuff n yo have the shshsh mm, & nunununudvdvdve. onononotkellllis i ihousn tea raonony inin@n spspspspowhexthase o ohih h missssn begigigi ter, wrere arning m m%m&&out th dden siiooooocoloraspris re ch hear at e mayor is
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look at... th a a anoon: ititill be ls windy, b b it will remain drwhich h means fire dger willll still be a conrn and southerlbrzewill ststl l n 5-5- m m nge, w whwsts 15 mph. mostly sunny skies will give way to increased clouds s sy d2y. aturesesesreininbove average, witititihihr clcldy skikk and latitilylyd d ovovovght temperatures, wiwi`i - popo s sngabababfreeeeng. . hwest winds w llbe ligig2-h h p pprang extd: remain in the 60s and cold front is expected sde t t t t fririy night, bringinina a a slnce e j shshebinly over` ananan t t momotainin this s d isisngngn' drdrdrd mi. a a stronger storm i ise to move e onon ththuguguuesday, bringing a better chance for much needed rain/snow in southern coloradad we'll ep tracking g g thth potentiallosely ....sotickckcmh your sporraraer 1 1 atheheteam! erican@histy y d d sct t lly, is homeer h h jourvtin s s s. s bebene t t t
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thqh potential closely ... so stickckith h ur stormtracker 1 1 1 ather team!h
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histy mar ananhero, scott kells back me aftft his journey in s now wewee beififdodo show how he compares to his twin...mark. kelly y rived backckn ho eaeay this morning.g. ter 3434days qn scecehe hu hischch, gigifr anderconoressma bbydgiffofds. kelly'y'mission was to test human @ endue. 's'sikikyp\@o inines taller than hisrother and has less bobo a m mcle ma fororow. :0- 09 it w s s a a^ lg ip...on us soil lllllllslss go tough a battermedical te to turminininr pdiffs between hend his brototr. for now, he tweeted his first sunset on earth and is getting hisearth legs back. p
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hoho, 's helpg with researchcjn ananr way.y and pape o o oat chchch$&$& happenright herere in cora. colo atunivivty one of ten unersieses king p p pinudy y lvlvg y y s mark. c-s- profsosusan bailey will get t four samples of hihibld. al of e researar is determinen' ings l ing proces and e effefe of r r rtioj on the dy dururg ght. :44 "thiis the firiritime we've used a twiwi brher.r.heo o twin an astronaut, and t t t t both beeng the& me type of foods going through the same type of regime t tt t t an a ly good`d`ientific babagagandndndnd c-s-alreadyd has some of the y twin blbld. the researchch sove sese how scototkelly has changegedu the flflht. busine opportunities arsoarinin.. but t one enusiasts say rcraftft have so o ch more p pential. fifi out what's hohoing them . ter, a piece of debris found d on a uth africa@m ho c,c,c t ta ssssg aiiner. he's liviv
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herere a live look at...
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lti-i-ioll llarar dury... but enthussts sasasa ers sog lding thbaba....kbdo- - - newscsannel 1313 urururililr lookinin t t imimctt dronesesave ha onusan puic safet.. ong withth f f f dronononn otot parts of life as we... 's atory u'll oy see re. onononre nono m th e e eating pounits hobrbrsts m and for sinene. 1:15 i picked up e o t t e e e ton n i on and d ve been hoho ever s scecekris ildrdrs justted owowow one fyng mpany... hopin to makaklingoff f usisi onon to erad pictcres a a videos. 2:2:2:2:2:k plenty o opictururh my aplane. with these e in'n'nou`u`up thememp anywhehe yant,t,t, and fly em.)as a @oial lo he knono f fns d outs22 you have to ben faa piloto orate these drones commercially. d even to operatit for busine - he had get a aair omwas a d ararg g g prpress. 9i rstatatataoror senef at itot a a a. . ithth y ly fly it so hi, if g gababe e$e$ i' lose my pilil nsrere with ring s s every yearthere's no tion t t t's'sn d enth drones. but tha usasm, com a a& ererer s sety ananseseriri. 0:19 we eere on thenal ilhtht800 to 9fefefewhenenbout 200 feet below us was drone.e. faa poed 764 e ghghngs near plalas, last t yeye alone. mpmpe thatato
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les ththth forbrb flylyly above 400 feet mercial anan or aiaiaiai. maell l hirser, bare escainjury afafonon cashinm @ down jusus eseawawa a fafao r d, thf drone bre to pieces. soki rererte evevanninini them. tetettet- prohibitin froany flying over thththth opesesr cording y y deo.o.rom flying over snow - to natural disasters drones have en usese capture viveo ke this s a a a a th-an n llll cocoty last t t apri oislele n loradosp showing ththdeptpt t t t holelehahaha a a aas edonths` ter. 1:33: sininte l lt o%r aior prprram we've en lookinat uav's. lo rings police admimiusg drones in thei works pepeing. lieitenant dan lofgfgn rathth police hehecopter program until it ended in 2010. 3:11 they're obviously desirable, you can ged them for 5 15-thousasa. easily deployed. deployedtotoo give pololol office ovhead views during crimeme scenes, or to monitor traffic c flow..but e depapameme is hesitanto mmittil the leles s list of lalaons. a ththths s s issue of state'svoememt.t.t.2 cace close to sesese t ttate dee'd ne a a searcharnt p piod.d. bl f ililbu therers nonoing toay iton't cbackckck li%c%cldss, the department o would ed a ivero purchase drone.hi@t ssilies are endless - 12:12 i telllly neneews,s,y cousinins s thehe future. ultimatelyly e rurus, w w,w,w decidedidi high
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flflfln colorara spspngs, g er, krdo newschchnel 13. both drone ne and enenenens willtell u the rules need tbe established quiuy.
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both drone owners a enthiasdwiwit) thehe lene to be estaisd quicy. ththa-a a has an app for arars where dre rspace is re, you can findhat ontnour website at do.c.c p shshs us to spendidi time i studio... 0but late madonna ha beenennside a courtroom. we'll have the newest development in her high- publiciziz sty babale
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his new lflfur forids.s& yon't believe what ppened oth first holele here'se
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afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm jon karroll. d i!i! clemems. & a lololonono prit is changingwait sers op qn n ed. w at noon.n. springs rescue mission hasaa new wawawa feedfaeses our community. is..e afafunveiled a new food papary. people ineed are given a certain amou pois.and ey canexchgege for fofo ey want. the stsasa luttthemem ch thehq fofofos s tter thth simply handininout food box, like ey d d before.
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od out, versrsgivivi bag of food that' already boxexe vethem more dignity, it's morere of a grocery store, like yo and i would shop in. about 80 to 90 peleleet foodl at thehepfgs rescsc every y y. cococo rings fififighters quklklput out a asasfire ts s morning. b%bfefe about a quter acre in a d neartte anan woen. firefighers say they still don't know w what used it. bubupeople ofofn camp o t field. avd there wawa other grass fire in th area last month. here's a live lookokt... ad-l toss totoike thisisisfternoon: it will be less windy, but it will remain dry which ans s re dananr willl& still be a crnsososorly breewill still be10 m m nge,e,i4h ofof5 5 mph. mosy susuy skies wi give way to increaead clouds througugut the day. hohover it is expepeed to stay dry. temperatures will remain above average, with highs for most getting into the 50s and 60s. t tight: exexct pary t/ mostly cloudy ykiesnd relative m
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many spotatata ove frfrzing. northwest w)nds will bebebeht ie 2-7 7 h range.end:d:d: his s e e ctedo o& remain i i i i60s and 70s througugfrfray. a coco front is expectct to slide through friday night, bringing a veryry slight chance for ers mainly o o and near the mountains. this weekend is loong dry and . a stnger sto i iset to m me in mondada through tuesdada bringigi a better ance for much need rain/ow in sosthern colorado!o!o! we'll keep tracking th potential closely ... . stiti wityo stmtracker 13 weheteam! toss to anch it's thursday d thth means a
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district attotoey. toy police are lookg for donald wils. he's wd for faile totototoappe in court anansexual assault on a child. if you have any info, please call 4400. keep in mind thchargesese are e reli allegatititi a a defendants a2a esumed innocentnlnls and untithey are proven ilty beyond a reasononle doubub a bidi to require d-n-a lelefrom peop convicted of rtai misdsdeanors has s s ed t e senate judiciary y mmittee. rrent law requires that d-d-a be p into a state databasese in felony cases and for misdemeanors volvlvg sexual contact. the new bill
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that tatababe to help policicand prosecutors entify repept nders, especially in sex ast d domeststviolce caseses according the nver post. senano aeae ififld of do springngwas one senator to vote agagainst the ll. an a force academy cadet's reed and ngngrg onneion xualssltin)b)ber21-year-ol ja w wlts is accusud of se saulting a man near the university of colorado, last ap e viviim says it happehed when e was with a oup of cets. lice s d d-a evevence in the e case matcheswarmolts. the reason behind this week's sudden rererement of spriris fire chief chris riy,y, mains a myststy. we'f'f learned he w)]l receive an 80. thouou-dollar sevence package from e ci. thth's a"out half his salary. rileleand previous mayor eve bach agreed totthe yout w(en riley tohe job three yeafs ago. current mama john shers says rilez's ure is not a signgnf trouble e in the depament. . "i'm very convinind of it, it's a high-qualit fire department. tpe rara-and- fili, these e e veve dededated
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don've anyny unusual amamnt of issuein terms performance es in th department suthers ys he wast surprised dz leles retirement, but othe fififighrs say theyidn't expect i deputy chief ted coas will temporily replacacri while e ty coucts a nationwide archchoror new w ief. twentyive years ago day,a video ca ptur an rest that shaped u-s stor it shows-a-p-d officers beating a man named rororo kingn on marchch&& third, 19-91, georoliday george holiday recorded this scene from his apartment lcony in los ans. kingngwho wa blacacac released tww days later, without being chged. in april 19-92, ur white police offics were acauitttt of cminal charges inhe beating. that lededo violent riots ou soutrn california. almost exactly 20 years later king w fouou
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south africa's highest t urt has dismsmsed ososr ius' appeal for his rder nvtion. now, t clears the for a judgdgto ntence him for murder. piorius was convicted kiing his girlfriend,d,deva steenkamp, in 201313 he a aealed saying athep court made a mistake en it said he was ilty o murd. pislorius' hearg is schedud ne month. torious mexicacadrdr rd el chapo isi3i3 agreeing to ead long as he gets a shorter sentence in a mediumececity prpron. el chapc says that he is hg to accelerate the extradition@proceseshat t he can g out of harsh conditionsnsn xicono but u- officials sa that any talk plea deal withthl cho is prprature... the state department says that a judgege wowod havehe final sa his spnten... an prison officials woululcide ere he doeoe me. . @ elhapo i i knowfor escaping prin...
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museum in downto lac vegas is htingng anxhibithat shows how he diit. the exhibit's centerpiece is a small-scale model o guzmam'sscscs# from a mexican federal prison last y%yr. guzmangn rkers s s an ape one- leununl, eqed with h moyc pat d tsththel cocoecteth prison cell to an abandoned building outside the prison boundaries. documentingnhis s ststy is a ao part of the dispy. can chk it oututntil july. grgfce i makiki prepepepions to hehehet least 0-thousand stranded migrants. mamamania opened its borderriefly r refugees. currnently, migran are nd i ross to macenia. yesterday huhuredsdsf f more continued to arrive at t offifial camps by e border thaha sosoulthat thousands ve seup tentstsn surrounding fields. meananile,aua's ren mimister says it is "absurd" for migrants at greece's northern bordo
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cedonia. heheays if people a a demonstratinin to be let into macedonia, "it is t t t th protection, , out thth better economic ture google hasepped in t virus. the internet sech giant has donated one- engineerare also w to map the zika virusus ppinthe tbreak is t easy because many p pple don't show syms. it's b bn nked to almost five- thousand cases of a catastrophic birth defect in brazil. tpe e d-c has reportrt more thth cases of the virus in u-s avelers returning fromomomom zikanfected d -- includingtwo in colororo. w detail this afternoon abt the deis discovovered in mombique.. that cou be linked to missssg malaysia a alis flight 370. authorities arinvestigating see if this pipie of debriri ul f fm the hththappead arago. c'izeth hur has more. these ar
12:41 pm
ures.. of thatatebri discered onon bea zambique.. thth c cld unlock the stery behind the missing malaysia airlineses flight 37070 rren chester, stralian tnsportt4 nister: "a pieie of metal has been found in theherder of a mete ng. it is ofnterest us b i c c't confirm tha's a piece plane." a a news learard.. an americanan ist, blaine e gibson made the discerover e weeken. liow t lai, laysian ni o transport: "from thehe pictureshown, is a high probability of th plane debris is from the bo triple-7." flight 3 3 vanishsh over the south china a back on rch 8,014. ter r avingn kuala a mpurur malaysia for iji.. 9 pepepe were onbnard.. in an iniew with the asasciated press.. the e pilot's sister dedended h h brother.. sakinab shah, captain n harie ahahd shah's sister: "he's r hero, contrary twhomom peopleay. it's not in n n his makeup,phe's's ry gentle and ve caringerson." vestator from mliple cotries.. are now rking together tget to theottom thisis to get some osururfor the grving filies .. with nextt tuesy rking the 2-yeae- - niveary. sist "we acct wh h happened. but twithstandndg thatd4it is, i t tnk it is
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clure. we seek andnd we cry for closusu." elabetettag: ofofcials say the debris is now on ititway to b in australiaiao be analyazed.. and we could g t interer reportrtn n e ongoing investigation next week. ehehc ws, .p he a sharp drdrsesewho always wearsrs thehproper protection! and he has a very importa joatatne michigan aport. coming up, we'llll introduce you to piper who's putting his upecial il to good use.
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the beautiful cherrylossss festival in n shington d.c. almost t ! today he nptional park service announced thth dates of peablm -- when 70 percent of somsms open. thik yeaea the festival runs from march 20th ththugh april 17th. ip commemoriaia the gift of f cherry trees from japan in 12. peakloom das varyz dely from year to year. here's a live look at... is afterno: it w wl "e less windy, butt t ll r raidrwhich h ans re dangebewillllll stl be aoncernrnnd rly ees will still ben 5-10 mph range, with gustst 15 mph. m mtly sunny skies wi give way to increased cloudsdsthroughout the day. however`it i ipected tay dry.
12:46 pm
age, with his fo most getting gnto o e 50s and 60 tonightht expect p)r)r mostly ouou skins latively mild overt temperatureswith ma spo staying above freezi. northwest wis will beight in the 2-7 mph range. extended: highshare e pected to remain in the e s and 70s ththugfriday. a ld front is expecteded to slide through friday ghringinina very slight chance fofo showers mainly over and near the mountains. thihi weend is l lking dry a d mi. a stroer storm is set to me in mony rough tuesday, ngng betr ance fororuch h neededededn/snow in southernrnolorado! we'll keep traing thatatential closely ... so stiti with your
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after several
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saldana will fifallllhown to audiences. ititill be rejejeed april 22 2 on all f fmats and d elect theaters. saldana play the e ammy- nominated singer and`d`tstsken civighgh activist w w struggled with depreson and alcocolosmsmfter ndg fame. the lm w w originally set to hit eaters i dedember it's been a year d a half since comedian r wiliiims d dd..... and 's bei honored in the ple where he grew up. the california state senane ded to remember the prolific a aor b remi a tunnel ihis s now the tunnel that connectsarin county t san n francicio will be k kwn as "robilliam tunnnn." thtwo w signs were installed tuday y..pd for throroh private dotions. big ruling in custody batttt with her ex guy ritchie ov their roo. he oered stay in londnd with hisisad hasades. madonna fighting for lov ing g to
12:50 pm
wednesday with her rrmer huand guy rihie over their 15 yeaolol n rocco? her lllln the custody tug of@far betweene the former eouple - a newyorkrkudge citing that its in the best intetest of the chilto rererse a prevoius order?alwing rocco to r rain in l ldon wi his father for e time being sot legal l pert - is judgeets it - rocco doesn't wanto be on the bus anymore reports saying the exes had neared a custody agement ououididof court but parently talkstalled bere the hearing - forcing the judge to tl the pares that rocco - whwhhas been living with his father in the ukince december should - "...try tollowowim to go fward in thmost normal way" sot ent pepe - rocco is ththreal winnewhile neither pare appearar i court - they lled ifr abroad - a w we able to ar from rocco's attorney how the o`gog puicustoto batttt is takingng its s ll on their teenage son saying n alalst ery nversation, he has ressed totmeow stful ," sot legal expert - music t thqun of p p had b%en h hing r t e rerern of the her son after rocco allegedlgogo of touringng withthnd ian act of
12:51 pm
expepe t material mom currently on herebehehet toto in new alald d`e nexthearing pertaining to l rocco's custody w scheduled for early june. and atatrneys say y st because rocco isisiving witi his fher now dodon' me it will stay y at way sot legal expert - here's a live
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
is u uea her thoughtstsn hollywood ..and one is safefefefrom her jokes. coming u %on krdo newschanl 1# atouou...f.v.v ouwho e is targeting d why she ys iss thworst time f r womom in comed nonomany 11- ar-os s n y they impressed tir woods with the golf game..... but tayl ozieien. ththjunini golferererrom texas got tee off at a kid's course in tesd designy woods. anon the rst shot of the fit ho on n e cos's f fst y...this happened. yes yosaw that rig....thisis kid nailed a hol in-one ohis first t of tiger! the crowd goes crazy... d more
12:55 pm
little tayr & gets a big hug from woods haha follow thatt...and tataor ends upup that hole by two ros. poce horse - went rog.... roh times uare. police say "gunny" was spooked e loud noise so he bucked e mounte officer who o s ding him -- and tproroh the square during rushshr. poce officers raced after r hihi.and found him atatatearby y parkiningara, ere mounpolice ual hang o dininthththbrks. . the e fir whwhwhs riding gpnny is italized, but he's expected to recover. one dog is gaininina lot of porityor the work he es at an aiort! meet piperer he's a 7 year old borderer collie w w chases bird and animals off the plane runway at an airport in
12:56 pm
now pir'an inet perstatata nelyour milllln n ople haha clicked on video ofiperer o's now g caelelhecoolt g ever, thano his niy outfit. u can typilly spot per deed dut gog, eauf a safees there'a re for the outfit. "he'very wel uipped. thththecs s eyes, thth're fofemost. . e eafs obviously a for soununwhen he' close aircrafts, the vest is so i c lif hihiup and d d dl sorts of cl things wit the sesen- yeye-old pup don't get an actual paychchk fofohis seices buhe is s rewarded wh plenty of trtrts re's a live look at i-25 &
12:57 pm
ad-lib tososs toike e this afternoon: ititill be lwindy, but it wiwi remain dry whihh means fire danger wiwi still be concernrnnd southerly breezes will stilbe in 5-1010ph range, with h sts of 15 mph.h.ososy sunny skies will give wato increased clouds throughout tpeay. however it is excted to stay dry.tempereruresesill remain above avage, with highs for st g gng intthe e s an6 3. t tig: expe partltototl cloudykies latily mild ovnight teteteatureseswith ny spots staying above freezing. nortrtest windwill bebeight ithe 7 mph range. extended: his are expected to rerein in the 60s s d 70s throuoh friday. a coco f fnt is expected to slide thrghriday night, bringing a very slight chance for
12:58 pm
weekend is lookini dry and mild. a stronger storm is sese to move in monony thugh tuesday, for much eded%rain/snow in hern colorado!
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
ororck >>nnouncer: wod yo believe that one restaurant is concoinfood that manever go bad? then ... >> dr. travis:p:thqh's a red flag. >> annouer: hohoyoyo fafarite gadget could the key topottinseriou medical coition. some women are getttting astic rgrgy th has nothing g on did with beauty. >i i s truly shockeke >> anununr: toda's'sne i itwo. a a rere condition lled charlie brown n facece, anand who's risk.. and des abt the emmy nning actress who's recoveveng from "a ugh sex scsce"? th'sday! >> dr. travis: hello, everne, we have a packed show today.y.y. we will start with thehtopi th we allove: food! [ audience oohs ]


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