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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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battle betweenthe scathingi co have said m mt dropopo your kes he would've-e- cheering trump lashes out afterfmitt romney calal the esidential peful... - ony-- a fraud and bully. details onhe battleween scatng critique. ananwe leng more about the prison awbetwee aurora movie ththter shootete jas lmes and a fellow ma.. a how it hpene expect partly to momo cloudy skies and relatively mild overerght
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good afternoonland thank you for joining us fof krdoews channel 1# at ur-. i rob mnoum. and i'm m athehe old. e winds have diededown a bit.. but we're not out of the wos yet, as far as fire dadg goes. we stiti havav drcondns and above norm temperatures. a small grass fire broke out earlr today near ptte and wooten dri. lorado springs re ghghrs qck put our the grgrs fire, it burned about a quartet acre. refighers sa ey still d't know what caused it. ananyou'u' taking a live look at t&conditions and mperature s stortracker 13's chief meorologist rachael plath is still trking the wind and dry conditions. it's going to be mild night with relalavely l lht wind d d conditns. lows will drop inin the 20s s d 3030 highs tomorrow
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early, but the breeze is expectededo pick up as s cold front arrives late in the day. i'll you how this cold front ll impact y weekend atcocong ern n ansssslt agaiaidald trtr@rp fr
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own pay. mitt r rney y taking the stage day - launching a nene attack on the ontrunner ahead of a key debate tig weave all the detas on your decision 2016. today the 2012 nominee tt mney?maki ng his cas agagnst donald trump ph salt ke city. mn: this is - an indmdidua who mocked a a bled reporter, who attributed a reporter's qutions her menstrl cycle, who mocked a brilliant val who happpped to be apwoman duto r appearance tho agd about s maril fairnd who laces hiic spes wh vulgarity. thik) morning on morn america d dona trp taki on romney
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nt. t- trump/, mimllions o peop are joining the puican pay because of me and, you kn what, the republican establishme nt probably going to give iright back and give ight to e d ys of mittomne wqo couldn't win. senatoted uz sing righnow ere e o ma candates bt trump. sot- cruz: f we're ing beat dold trp,he fid can't remain frtud." senator marco rubio sa he's sting in after winninonly onstat out of 1 sot-rubio and llam/ am willing to t as long as it takes.." the fid is narrowing-- dr ben carson sentially endingis campaign o wednesday- announcing there's no political path forward. on the democratic side ... llary y inton ill celebrating a big super a star studded fundrais last night? clinton sot " thank yoyo all so much" the email instigation ntins haunt her campaign?tod, reports the clinton aide who established her private server "she's not so inab toda" rereblananofof agagn a icic d datat ght... ll havavto cocororo foxratoto memen kelly,y,hohe's sparred thth in n n papapapapapa there's been some debate on at h hlaryry
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ininherado ucthth o o ndididesesesally splplplththdededetes s s from o o ote. caucus goers anrs an stststpoinin ctctcttutudadadadadada ninit.t.t.t.t. p p p elelt legagagaic pay overwhelmingly favored cl tuln a ndg to e'ch theh superdelegates, , thesarap eleld leader thparty fe th theshou mevvonlbhahi v#vev tt how thinin were ing in the primaries a d caucuses. ma voters were confused by the cau e moats a&d& rupulbans e rkintotoer t@ or fr aaucucu primary in 20-2020 we've learned thth a former cpinton staffer who helplp set up%her privatete email server, has ac an immunity offer from theheusti department. the offer involves ban paglno providing an
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s s w enforcement officialal ththf-b-i has s been a ainfor pagliano's oporatiofor nthsinigats sh ngrereew nt emls on momoay e ll nofocus on whwhher the e foatioo clinton's private server nstitutus a crime. we'rlearng more about what happen whene ththroro theate shoor, james holmes, was beaten by a fellow inmate last october a new article released by a-a-c news says a security gate waleft opeat ththcolorado state penitentiary i i non cici. thatldow anate to at hols. the mate al threw punches s sety guauas y d him. e ma beatatp es haenen tied a maan sincthe tack, holmes m meded to unscd prononon thththate said the locations ing pt secret for security reons.s. in tot's capitol report-- for prisoner whare locked up in pron, , may their home, but thatat doesn't mean they can use deadly foror t fend it. a bill clarifies
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called "ke my dada law, , ich lowswseadly force against threatening intruders on pral in n e ste house today. plaw w s bebe used at ast twice to exonerate colorado mates who kiedlow matetewho entereretheiei cece e bill fes one more house vo befe heg to t sena. bibio ree a sasas s peoplenvd rt miears has paedhehe ste nata juciy mmitte culaw requires d-a uto atse elony s and sdeano involvinsexucont the bi would ex th datab heheheole ecececoror ti rept fender esly in s asd mest violenas acing the eros michae mememeief coloradodo sprjs was on to vot agait thbi we're learning re about the sudden tirement of colorado springs s re chief chris s ley. mayor john suths coir, rile will get an - thouound-dollar severance package. some refifighters are surprised by riley'y'sudden retirement after
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but the mayor says, he isn't. "he made a choice to retire, and that was a choice on hi partand that's the extent of what i will say about it. suthers says he'satisfied withthilil's peormance and the partment. the cityill l conduct a tionwide sear for riley's replacemt. pueblo businessman and civic leaderer johnerna h d-ed our rtners theueblo ieftsays he di last week a a e age e& 82.2.vea sehe navy, ownean opateded susf ap nessan was a tycoununlman in the eararar 80's he pushed to brinlegalize mbling to pueblo - the steel city is losing the very jobs that vevet, it's name. evraz isaying off 70 empmpyees in pueblbl citing low gas and oil pres f t um odon. ok for e mpany sa[sseless pip wil idl therera chance icould rerepen... but there's no telling wh or how many people the company would re-hire.
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rker says s s ha to know what will l me next. . 4 - 000304 times they say things are gointo close, but maybe they close temporarily. it's is aop depending on the oil industry and things l that. so to really knkn what's going to happen, it's kind of a guess i suppose.p e owner of estela's'sill op told e' d@ oue apfectstwhe yollhaves sine..becae ca serves many of ose steel rkers. with the weher warming up, a pueblo garden wants to help p with your ring needs. findndut how yogrow yououfood in a a mmunity tting. onof td's most famousog sled races has en t sh how it could use some h hp
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thih year's s iditarod dog sled race say they're sperate for a little snow. ththrace has imported more than 60-thousand gallons of snow ahead of this years race, someing that s never been done befefe in the hihiory y e e od.. e cocose has so been cut down fm 11- miles tohree miles cause of the lack of ow. about 85-
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gearing up for the ce this saturday. d no sno here todad..justdrand breezy nditions isa li lookt conditioio and temperature storm ke 13's chief meorologist rachael plath s a nice and sunny forecast r you. tonight will be e cool with lows dropping into the 20s s d 30s. totorr highs willllet i i ithe 60s and 70s. it will be quiet for most of the day, but clouds will icken up and the breeee may pick up also as a coldront slides s throh latete the e y. your ght t ll b coco with lowsopping into o e 20s anan30s. rrow highs willlleteto the s s 70s. it t lle ququt t r ststf the day,, bubuclou$u will thickekeup and the breeze m pick ualso as a cold fnt slides thugh late i the day. your colorado springs 7day forecast shows temperures warming to the 60s tomorrowow but droppi back into o e e s on saturday.y. e best chance for shers s arrives on monday. your pueblo 7day recahows a anor 0 showers on mondnd tuesday. your canon city 7day forecast shows a mix o 5 5 5ndnd 6060fothe next week. your teteer county 7day fecec shows a mix of s and 50s through the next 7 days. there is a chanor ows la
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monday andnd y.
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th the beautifufu weather weweav had lately, it's pupu rdening into ththmindndof a few in pueblo. and the miracle community garden....plans to lease o their garden e to pe in t community. intory that's pitively pueblo the garden has spotsor individuals s garden as well as spots reservededo growowoooofor e pueblolo cooperative care c cter. thgarded president says the goal is to help people grheir own food. "we think it's ally impornt right now in nhi omy and this environmentnt that we teach h people how to grow the o foododand d so i th don't he thth space we have space !vailable." e gagaen i i okg g r help from anye.even if you a e not interest in ving a plo.. u can help pull wdsds
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it's more e an search engine... og is woing g thehe fight agnsthe zika virus. it's partnership th a well-k.k orgagazatiti. sokorea may have caughgh nortrtkoa red-hahaed. the e mber of
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nation humanitarian reef agency chililen is gettinina big assist from google in the fight against th zikairus the internet archchia as nated one- llion doars to4u4ucecece google engines are alsosoorking thhe agency to maphe spreadadf the zika virus. google said mapping the outbreak is no easy becse many people doshow mptoto. itit bn linked to almlut five- thousand cases of a catastrophic birth defect in brazil. . e c-d-c has ported more than 100 cases of f e vis in-s trtrelels returng from zikakanfd
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officials in soutrea ar repog thth ththnorth rean mary fifiateaea six,hoho mi e mimies flew b bween 60 d milff e rererere t, a viviion of newew sanctis thth were placeon the h korean regime. those nctions werere designed t crcrple the ecomic factors that el north koreas nuclear program. the nonoh claims tothave succsfsfly tested a hydrogen bomb back in january and claimsmso haveaunuhed a satellitititto orbit lastonth. senator coro ganer leased a statemenafter rerts of the cket launch. s id quote-- he ftten ac's l lt t stunt is fururer evidence that t our frfrnds anan ales arorod e world must jo the united ates in ratctcti up prsure to addresrth h korea's gressisi." st month, pridenenobama a gned gardner's rth rea tis and polienebemenacac ininaw." cononto learn mo ououthat pne h palmer ke. eae teststn n n
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enthiast thairc has so muc popontl. learn at's hoing them downwn
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y that two say that two people are d d after q small ple crash in northern e e pasa count thnational trtrsportation safe boardrd says i icoul another ek bpforere... they find out wh caused the plane to go downn papmer lake, near the railroad trackck that run through town. a rmer air rce piloloo o ves near the ash siteayay e teteain and
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toly. paseoty sherirf's s fice confirir... e wind coulde play rolin the crh. and 25 y ago .. today unitedirlines fligig 585 crashehehn deeld.tpe flht was cong from denver t colorado springs when e plane se dived intotoark. l passenrsrsnd fivevew w membs died in the plane crash.h. the n-t-s-b blam a defective rudder for the crash.h. drones are quicklklbebeeengng a multi-million dollar industry... but enthusiasts y there'e' something holding them ba. . krdo- nechannel 1313 greg miller is lookokg at the impact that drones have had on business and public safetet.. alalalwiwi the ture of drones in other parts of life as well... it's a story you'll only see e here. drones are tatang w, m m than ever. eating opunities r bbyists - and for ss. 1:15 picked ue of these phanton iii dron and d veveeen n oked since. kris childress ju arted hiown drone fyfyng company... hopin to maka lingng
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drones ttake overhead ctures and of piures with h these things you c c pop them up commecl pilot, have to o an faa lot to operatehese onommercially. and even to operate f siness - he haha to get a wair from t f-a. that, was a year-long process. 9:07 i i understand the m me seriouseness oit, that ip's not a t t. so iey say i can only flylyt so high, if i go itit i'll lo3my pilot license. greg:ith rising sal every yearartherno questionhere's an enthiasm for drones. but th that enthusasm, comes a ncern over s sety and secururu. 0:19 yewe were on the final ig, 800 to 900 feetwh aut00 feet bel us was a dre.e. faa reporteded64 drone sightings nenrlanes, lt yearlone. mpare th to 2323in 2014. despitita rules that forbid flying e 4040feet near cmercial planes or rports. marcell
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caped inju after a a one came crashing downwn jusus in awa a a llo rapid, t dre bre into pieces. someki resorts are even banni em. cluding cresesd butttt- prohibibin dresm any flyiyi o or thth slslsl or recordinininy y video. froro flyi ovesnow - - natural sasters drones have been used d captpte video o ke thia thousand-acre fireteer county las april. or th nkhole lt suer i colorado ris,s,howing the dedeh of the holehat t rmed and has one street still closededonths lar. 13: since we lost our air support program we've be log at u's. colorado springs police admit using dronon in ththr work i appeing. eutenant dan lofgren ran the police helicopt m untitiit ended in010. 3:1:1 theye obviously rable, you can get for 5 5 1 thousand. easily deploy. deployed to to give police offifirs erhead vie dubi c c c scenes, or t monitor traffic flow... t the dedertment is sitanto cocoit, until the f-a-a mplete its list of gutis. a then, ere's the sue sta's invoement.:32 we came real closeo eing the state decide wewd nene searchararar pererd. that bill failed, but ere's nothing to sayititon comomba. like childressss the depapant o o uld ed a waiver t purcse a drone. wle the popoibilits are endless - 12:1i tell my phews, my usins, this is the
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fly. in colorara spriris, greg g miller, krkr newschannel 13 thronene possibilities are endless - 12:12 i i tell my nephews, my cousins, this is the ture. ultimamaly e rules, will decide howig the drones can y. in lora spris, greg
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nechannel l both d d owners and& enthiasts wi ll you the rules need to o established quicicy. the f-a-a haan app for r r s ere drone airspaceces striried, you can find tt onon ouwebsite at here's whas eaeaon krdo wschnel 13 atou it an update to a story we broughyou about a poole e repair app. wewel explain n the glitches thatate had you u nfused. there's a a w way the springs v& rescue mission is servrvthe e e mmmm wswswsnenono havens s sw yoyo
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