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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 430  ABC  March 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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fo thananyou for r ining us f f krews chcn13 at fouru o'clk.. .& heather skold ani'm rob namnou have an updateton that smartphone app at colorado springs uses to takekeour poole reportrt spme of you ararki morer ons ababt hohoit wor. rertrtfrom e pothololapap dsdst go to a separate rair list. they're added to the same reportstsrom phononlls an online. t, like the rest of the reports, those from the pothole app are priorirized, ing e worst go to the top of the lis "i c cell you at we'r er 11-hundndd pothol tha have b b completed this year, , om ople whoave been calling th in through the rious meods. i can te you that t paed more than 7hundred date." e city tcks s only tot pothole rererts, andnd doesn'separatete thth accordidi
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received. mi up at fi, we'll update you on the popoole situationcss the city limits, i i elelo co. if ya pothole that troublome. krot. find o "pothole p prol"l" button. we have other traffic c alert to tell yoyo abt. tonighghdrivers on i-25 should expect to see delays at the e single right closures will begin at 10 toninit to allow r r rk on the sohbound on- mp inteteection. closures will be lifted arou five tomorrow morning.g.g. anothespriri like anoonon r r uthehe colodo. a t breezy, a bibibild todayaynothing but sun anclear skies downtowo colorado springs. a w trs aying in thehe nd.. but nothing li yeererayay let's geyou chi meteorolololt rachaeath.. who is traing the mi ions thea. .
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mild night with rplatively light wind and dry condions. lowswill dp into the s anan30s. highs tomorrow will bvery nice with light wind early, but the pected to pick up as a cold ow you how isisisd front will pact your weather coming up laler i ithe newscast. elasastyty shiff's s@ficececehas madeden
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pascounty shshiff's office de an rest in a 20 ar-old s ql assaulcase on a chilil but inveveveat arncerned e co more vtimsmsut there. ear-ol elart s reed i xas earlier thth wk. e iff's ficeays market maye linked to o her assaults ielpaso county tween 1996 and 98. th saymarket physicalal and sexu saulted both adults and children. anyone who has been t t ctimf an unpoed or
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spec market-- are asked to c cl veststators at 7199 a lolol profit is anging the way it serves people in need. springs rescue missiohas a new way ofof feeding famimies in our community. this wee..the staff unveiled a new food pantnt. peopn need are given a rtain amount points d thth can exchange tse for the foodod ey w wt. the staff says leininthem chch the food is s er thanimpl ndout food boxes, like pipiing theiown food that' gives them more dignity, it's more of a grorory store, like e u i wod shopop people getetetd at the springs ererday. o rk countyheriff's offi employees the shootout puty and teargan february 24 whilservin
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office says that one deputy sergeant h hh resigngngn. followg a demotion earerer thisk. an undersff has also been placed on administrative leave. park county shsrf f ed gener says ththactis re relato the pupu responded d duri thehe incident. e lifef a state trper who wawall eaier this being nored by seral commmmitiein sohern lorado lala enfnrcememt honored the life of deputy travisis ssl yesterdada d dd afte hitting a a rked v in trinidad. state patrol ed this video of the processionon for deputy ruell l l trininad t pupulolo atappa is inveigiging e cae of the crh. white police offir from montgomery, alabama has now been charged with murder inin the shootiti death of an armed k man.&&the officer, 23 year-old aaron "a.c." smith, was s charthmuer in the ath of gregorgunnnn who was tallll shot, last week. liceceay the offir thout guas hoing a apon w wn gointo a figig
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totoey blasted e muas p titaltititete ercdmo "we lieve these gere brought to pnt pububc unun.. t t tkes thdecicion t tarrest thth o oerololaland not lega"sots-- butted gether--- brother@"this s ur momenenmar w!causepit d d't st happen n n .. iti& ppened to my fa?"?"?" e investigation is ststl ongoing, and once finished d d case will b bsento grard juru 0 today markrkan importt dadain histor twenty five yeyes ago, on n march third, video came^a captured an n n arrest tt shaped u-s story. we warn yo that thihinext video n be fft fo some to o tctc ge holida corded thihi scsce from his arent babaon los angeles. it shows l-p-d ficece utalal beang black man d roroey kiki. kingas reed from jail t ds later thout being aprpr, 1 -92,four whitepoce oicers recquied crimil charges in thehe
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wave oviolt otsurginthrough soutrnrn calirnia. 20ea later, in 20-12, rodney king was found dead at his home. we he e w infnrmn on the ts authory bankruptcy we first t ld y t yesterday. e company has releas a list oores th are closing the majority of the uresesrere ta pce itexaxaand caliia, hower there arthree colorara cation denver, greenwood d village and lileto orts thority fid for chapter 11 bankruptcy citingngver billiodolls in debt, , , slslping sales. for a cocolete list of closures, ad over krdo dot c, you'u' finthe story ununr the top news section. codian tina fey iseashing her thoughtsn ( ywood. findut who
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this is the worst time for women comomy. plusus- we're finally getting a look at the neososusterswhen all least is seto h eaters. ll show you at a amorroweaeaea for yoyoto end foreca cing g
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ol wititlt droppingnte 20s an3030 tomorrow highs will get int 60s and 7070 ill be iet r most of the day, but clou wil ickek%up and e e eezezeay pickp al as a coldldntntdes ththugh ithe daday.y.ouou colorado spriris 7dfosthowsws teerates warmrmrmin the 60s tomoowowbudrop back into the 5050s on saturday.the be cnce for shower arris on monday. yoyoyo pueblo 7day
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chance for shsheron monday and tutudada your can ci 7day y fofeststhoho a x of 50s0snd 60s forlrlelnextxt week. ur tell county 7day forecas shsha mimiof 40s 50s rough thxt 7 days. theris a ance for owers la fridsunday, mondnd a a tuesday. thanks
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comedy queenen tina fey is making headlines this morng .. because her harsh words for hollywood. do newcchannel 13s dana clemens has a okt whwhfey y ys errible for womemein
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tina fey does usually sugagacoat wh she sasa. bu toda s really n hoing back how sh feels about t hollywood.d. fey on howard ern: "this is somemeeal llywood bull ." the s alum laying it all out therfor howard stern, ayayg ofthe litical an social messages that tk ovovpas of su'sscars. nat rirock: : "you'rdamn right llywood is rist" on dicaprpr: "climate change is realt' happening right now" nat joe biden: :to ny wen a a men on a off llege usesre still v)ctims of sexual usus sot fey on wardrd: "eryons tellin, wh to doans likeeople yelling atabout rape a reallys s imate . . was ke, perford an survivororor nananady gagag performance: "ll it ppto y y" sot feeeon howar stern: "thehe was a rgeoeo picture online the nday of dy gaga in t t photo booth? and the quote was s ke, 'i just lt after my rformance at t t osrs, i feik i fe like i coulstop be like, 'oh girl, haveou been hidi? cae you've been doing a terrible j j hiding. i'm ei you everywhere." nat w momoe wtf:
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women " in h@r nemovie - "whiskey t tgo xtrwt" fey pls a r-zozo reporter ttling wit sexism . a battle y says s's's still fightingn her reife. lling "town and coununy" magazinet' "terrible time" thehe dy woror fowomeme... ding: ".". theoys arstill ttininmore mofoa lot of garbage, wle t ladiesesre husing and doinamazing wowo fofiless."eporting in nlex,&dana clemekrkrkr neanl 131313 anks dana. r new moe i3 in theaters now. the new ghost busts trailer r is finallylyerer we're f)nally getting an all- female ghostbtbters and it's kind of crazy and noalalalbut t ththct is it's oututn julyly natural sod... ghostbusr th music comb pictures leasededhe trler r "ghosters re a branddnew versof the 19-84
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rismai" alumum kristin ig melissa mcrthyhynd- n-l's leslie jesananka mckinnonon an w% exh is reboot? someone has created a device that ampfies pararmal tivivi i inew yorky.y. and d e new osters might be the only ones who can stop it. apple dayay keeps the doct awa butpdoct jo joius to explain how you can eat momo frts a a veggies. plus -- tiger woods unveil his negolf cocose for kids. you have to see what ppened on th
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ththsday a thursd and th means we t a virtual poe call from very ownt. doctor joh toes. . ( 's aame
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t you are pregnant. d now, ,ewew searchch suggests that fomore a moreen, , plplning is becoming part ofofofthe picture. ere'e'new evidencecehat the perctage of womenplanningheir pregegncies is at ththghest it s been in dededes.s. a new survey by the guttcherer instutut tevealing that 45 percent t ll egies wereed in1- tha mbmbow from1 perct in008. reseseer ca this s orow - one th point toen having re contr ovhen they get pregnant. e dropn unplne pregnancs occucued gbrdlele of a woman's age, ethnicity, ligis beliefef or coco . the reseers can't say for r
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cline. but they y y spececate e at it may have t/tdo annow docts ar takekvitaminin has s ng been sociated witit ineasedehealth benenets for babies and momoer but a a new ststy pots out at en breast milk may have limationsns esescially as the fantets derf vitamin d ca berucici in n helpg the body absorb calcium, , and children with extremely low levels of vitamin d coul be a arisk of develolong rickets or a a wing of the e s. resesechers founuhthat chch who we breast-fed d up to 36 mths and did not ke lements re more likeke to develop tamin d deciency. the american acy of pediatrics commends at children takeitamininsuppleles for the fifit year of life, regardless
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wh your pareres toto you to eat your getabl apaprently -- amererans s e ststl t thahalflf of all americans dodot eat momo th one cup of fruit orne and a half cups of vegetables a day. adults should eat a cup and a haf fruit and two cups of vevetables a day. but there2are me simple waysyso get much needed fruits a a veggies into ur diet. ting more frtsndta and lower r riskskf art seasasastrok and caca t lpmamatain hehey weight- and kes yourgut inheck. boost your brkft... pup frand vegetataes in a heafthy smoothie. or aome green to your eggs -- and make
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pureeeee add themo mashed p patoes ac and cheese. pickckckew vegetable to feate each . lookyuyuy recis ononne op go o a stord ask around.
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noevy 11- year oldldan say th impmpssed reododod wiwi their w game ... nanarasounun. t taylyl ozier can. the soh tes junior golfer had t t t teeing-o honorskiki coursr in n xas, signedy wowos. and on the first shot of the rst hole, on e se firsday made hole in one.....
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tiger. the d of course goes nkers ananan crier gets a big g g g ods... whthen h h to folw the kidi tee shot t with his own .... e 11-yr old ended up beating woods by rokekeon tha hole. om topopng the p dog... collie is gaining pularity for ththwork he does at an airport! he's a 7 yr old d per-- whwh chasasasirirand plane nways at an airporinin mimian. now pipipis tetete superstar!nely four miioiqoplele video o piper who's nonobeing & called the coolesdog evererthanan to his nifty outfit. typicaspot piper decked outu earmuffs and a
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a new york policeceorse bre ose d we on a bit sight seeing tour in the big ape. popo s s "gunny" was ked by some lomd noise-- he t tn high- tailed ithroh the squarere during r hour. officers found gpy at a nearby p pking garage, wher mounted lice usually ng out during the breaks. anksor
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"hs plpling the american pububu for r ckers: h hge a ee rididto the white house d alwe get is a lousy hat.` the blican party in tmoil. now, mitt roey's trying to takakdkwn ump.. but 's already backfiring with me southern lorado voters watch oufor r that potho. tonight.. people in elelo coty say t)t need h hp too.. tpe problem' st in ty. odni and thks for joining us. i'm heather skold. and i'm james jarman. despspe mitt mney's athing speech.. e arfew signs s will stop doruru
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colorado. in an fo to get reblan "mp truroro c cle him a a aud d says t tmp is ing the e erican public for suckers. but as krdo newschannel 's eric fink shs t t attack.. may y backfired.. ericic live totoght at the el paso county repubuicanan headquarre with more. ere is a group voters inhehe-o-p and here in southern colorado who say this s sech may d up helping thehfrontrunner. donald trump is a phphy, a fud, his s promises are degreeeero trump univeristy. the mo noticele showowg ofnic yet fr establishme ntrepublicans. shonestly y donald trururu hallmama hours late...trum p ncnc back. i backed mimi romney, i backck him, he s begging, i could have said mitt drop to your knees, he was begging. mitt is a failed candidite, he failed, h h failed hriblbl stanup some fmer mney supportersn el paso countntare e sappointed with romney's speech calalng it t popontntlly damagi to


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