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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, donald trump under attack.the e pupupupupuevevevunder way.y. omoey tatang a a aitita a a istering&new a a t t. >>d d ump p p p pny. rrau >> truruonig, , r ngngngng >> mitt, d y yr kns. couldldade droppo h h knees. >>nd donald trump abo to face someones. fox hos m m m kekey, after a a ry pububc feud..&.&> breaki news s ninit. g poce o oicerhargedth murr. sese ofhootinn ununmed blk n. auththitieu say heug`the suspppt was holding a weapon. w devevepments. the urge manhunt right now, after nearly a dozen men make off with a a15-style rifles. therests.s. w w tre seseseseseno
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hana24 h u uere wawainctctct new tonoght t rell yououououar rn... wait an accident? >>ndndnddd1yeararar boy, r woods watching, as that boyoyonos s e lelen n n that 11-year-omd, ririt tonit. > odvenengngng andnit's g to have you with us here on a thursday night. and tonight, amigrowin concern n thin theheepublican n establishmt, a new and scatatng ak onodonald trump. mitt romney cag hihihiphony fraud.trp oooongnback, c cng ey a chokeke a failele candidide. a remarkablehange of hea between the two n, just four yeago, thisoment here,shakinhands, donald trtrp endorsrsg g tt r rney. nighgh romomy is leadidi the chchgegegainin trump, ,byiyi trtnp p u uit to presisisi.. buas some-memes ofatat trtrtr stop trump, what abab the millions of votete w w he lined up to voteor him?
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th've had their say. abc'c'tom llamas lds us off with the extraradinary w w wf rdrdtonight, evevebe t t t big debatete rep t@igthe repupuan establishment tbybyg to publicly wre ththpapapas nomitiononrom dodoldtrumumum mitt romney, leading the charge. >> donald trump is a p pnya a a fraud. prisesesess wortess asasasp degree f fm trp universisi. 's pyihg m mrsrsf the e ameran public fosucker >> rorter:n 2012, eyeyey greaully a accepepng t2tmp endoement. >> b b b bdonald t tmp's gnificent t&teand d vivi h h h hi'm honon d d pleleed t hahaha his endorseme. repororr:r:our ars lalar,r, rorying d stroy unsasa mpmpgngngngngn >> t t tn ininvialalho mocked a disabled reporter. who attributea rerterer ququons enststal
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who laces hisublili speeee with vulgarity. naldmpmps he vlvlir n.n.n. hehe same mee 's's's c geor. . sh l lr.ths a twisteexexelel in reporteruvp tight firingngngk.k. e was s ggininini& en i i uld haveveaid, mitit drop p p-p-your kes.. ouldldavdropped d isknees. he w begegngng>> rororr: r b b bldininis agagaga ionaire,e, sayiyi t t emymymy underer prprprprprprrururuouououou ster..... >> bututou swaititwawa, , , , hehehee busisissssss suesest%t% n't he knoe'e' ing out?t? no, he isn't., he doeoe sps baruptciei h h hcrcrhed smsmsmsiss aenennd men n wowoededor tm.m. i iededed b b bess.`. hu dididt t t te it. r r/r/r/rououyearararo?
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aordrdary abilililhow understand how ournono works, 4o crcrcr j bsbfofo amererer pple.enundetstsnd how our e e e rkrko crobfofothe icananeoeoeo eptete t a aacks jusus aours b bore deba..trtrtr facingg o o o ast his ponts,s,ut a againin megyk lly of fox news. a rematch ter this moment -- >>'ve callel women you don f f figs,s,ogs, slobsnd disgtiti animals youw t ttttttt --- >plplplsie e donnell. >>t wasn't yo twitttt a a#ant - -. >> t tnknkououou >> f f fheheecord,t t t wewe beyoyo rosie oonll.. >> yesm rewa epororr:r:mp l lid after the chge, igting a aitte feud with h e fox news host. ttace t facace ghgh% tsm is livivxwxwheebe s inmich.
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th t migmonon@nrnrnrn does mitt romney have any intentions of running >>eporidsosjce osepitt mneyelel m m ah rory y`ototnnngngor ent. heheadn t t rara a a hehfe thisasasas b bt chanaf t tge and ma didiercftotm make t tase e nsnsdodold @ ump.p. t t tweatatat today as eyerb adviceeoo rereican ters t t tomomom >> r rorter:hat'right.he u uing v tete t tpi o o o o caesid truru to dede trump the delegates he needs withe e minanaon origh david, that t tat ntntted tititiwhere papapaers lel themine dadad?> om lma leading off om very snowy dedeoit t& tonigh m,m, y y.. >>now,o e atic s thveveng, and a mar velopmeninvolving ary inton. fueled by her super tuesday victies,s,s,netodadae e e e justststdepartrt is giving munitytyopthe aide who set up % s. c cnt'svavqererr. she e e a ae. nit, )s thth good ws ois thisisadadewfohihihi clcltototo the inin arguivihey'vewaedt ai t teak om thththarp.
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answers totot. >> w wre hbvg chchchamazazg g g me towowlwlw >epilibib c ems totoriding higheheth everf/llowinr supepe tuesday ndsdide wi a a star-studded fund-raiser at radio city music hall. ou'rgoa hehe me rorw eportete nototususkaty $%$%$%pepey. al eohn.n. ma reporteteteututonoght domm duduinghheadnes sn the e-mai coroversy that just won't go away. "t"t w whihiton post" repopoinin i has granand imimnio fofoer cnton a ae who set t t t up h h p-m-mrverer'sowowowowowowowlwititthe ininststio and new y ykk ti@i@is" rerting the fbi couldoo questi hililry c cnton hersadadadified about e e-mas t g gfng 11-hr iobeforehe nateted&&&stigigating g g hazi.
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repeatedededhat take responsibility for my use of personal e-mail. i've said was a mistake. >> reporter: the clintonon cacaaignaythlatast developmts arereo dealalat m m m#mininn habeen operating g thhe f that she's p pasas her f faiai is s w coing, too. >> j k kl with us ve fromghan when heararmunitythe justice department, e-mails back in the helines,oes the elilton rgue thihiis actually y ngngn e>ororor wncon dr tetehat helelele tequ sees ese e st mov as p signn thatthesettingng erero concludingts stigation,n,n, investigation they are connced will show that she did nothing illeg. but david, neither the justice department nor@r the fbi would havenyny commeme at all on this today. >> a rig, jokarl liv washshshon. joha you.. and as the presidel l caididebate toninit, aheadline breaking oversess at thth h h it comes from north korea. jo-un rerereedlylylyererggguntry'suclear arsenal at
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sosoh k&keaedia citing rtrtnnnnh nororlrr@ a,inin thepepe leaeaeaearderebeb s s litary readyorororor@r@r a preempmxve sike. thih somomdaafterethe security coun unananouslproved nww sanctcons s t nonoh kob. >>ck hererererere toto t- a c ce@makahghgional lines at t h oututf f montgomeryryama- nsion buildldg after a a ung police o oicer was c crg with rder. \yold d d sed shoooong an unarmeack n walkinmeme police s sg the ce thout e man`s yingng apon. c's steve unsasas s montgomeryith the officer's %% plananion,n,n,n,n,icxixis famama n/n`eakakout. >epter: t face@of e yoyog, whihiicicofr r r reststmontgorychd % toninit ririri blaca -yfaflgrgrgrun s 23-y-yr-r-r-r-r-on smith was working third shift
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opop m m ,med,d,ndndale e omomomomom gama->> there wasas sght stru thnued for a a alock a aer which te,e,he & officecefid and d ot a kill t t tuspepe. >> reporter: smith's lawyer says e ting wasasustied, , becaususheayaygunn w w wtingng e o&ficecewithrt o o o pe.he thinkt t ararst i iall lititi. >> w wievep t tt t t tseha w-w-ught@t@t t p p p p p . eporor it't't't t ststnx tytyeajst t is i i considered the birthplace of the civilililhtmomomomo.- thh marcrcfromelmapmomomomoryriri'6'6'6ededight`tthrougthe nehbgu silled.d.d.t rerely@s s s ng`g`gououvasasmununununu >> r rororr: w w2wearnrntoday that g%gn'n'fa@rasneof t jtyty first black lililiffifif ther, who l l l w was hahay to o%eaw enfnfnfmfnt moveo ququkly. >> allll wananisustice >> 2:nnnnnnnnililil@lriritihehe, litelly jujuju fefefeway frfr hisom city reins divivid.d. itit a argfpfplice offiho camamitjte moy for r fifir smith to make bail. vava
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no to new developments i the urgent manhunt in a add hoton toni sevel arreses,,nd t tsp evening,hey' stillahing r-r-r-nne sususpstt dratic survevelalaeeeeideo showing at least ten t ashihi i i i ore, ealing dozenu of higigwewed ons. three susptnow urrest, bubuthere e many m and thehehequestion now? whe ararththweapons? abcgs p illinas in . houston. >> reporter: t tight, authorities in tas remain on ththhu forothe brazen thieves seen here in this dramam surveillance video, smashing into a houston gun store in less an 90 seconds. usina chain ti to a pickup - uck to yank the steel ors right oftheir hing. seven of the ten spectwho poed in and pillaged store, still on thrun ni auorities making thrests lateedsdayaying dadanhun ths edo o mememengn
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30 seconds. >> 7e've gotl people right now, pounding t t pavement, on the street, looking for those guns. >> reporter: in ju under three minutes, the thieves got away th me than 50 fiarms, includudg assault fles. >> tse guns can be usud to commmm more robberies or other sortof c cmil activity. they can be traded for drugs, for property, , r other guns they can be going to mexico. but none of it's good. >> reporr: theheeds y they wereblalto r some of the weaps stolen tuesday. t tonight, m my of those gvns, and several suspests, rere on streets. vid? phillll m%ma ininououon. thank you, phillip. now, to a winter blast moving ue east coast oveve the next 2urs. the ipper expected to impact the mmute for millns tomorrow morning. our weather team telelngsppp alerts tonight in effect fm kentky to nejersey. d to the west there, aeries s of storms with snow, heavy rain and strong winds set to hit is weekend d intoext week, we'rtracking it t l for yoyo > new developments tight, , e e stery crash at killed a billionaire cein oklahoma. the imageshis evening of the fiery wreckage now.
5:42 pm
mcclenn's suvuslsl i i hiway y pa. less t d d2424ours after he was indictct. tonit, there areew 911 calls witnesses, ane questionwas this an cident? abs clayton sandell on the case >> reporter: thiy crash, under an oklcity dedeass, tightisis ststy. >> i jhed a big g ng and nonothe's smoke coming out -- something's on fire. >> repter: in this charred suv,he body of energy tycoon brey mcclendon. >> the cab is completely crhed. >> oh, my goodss. okay. what color -- >> and there'sfire. there's fire. >>nd t tre's fir >> reporter: cops say his speeding car veered left wednesday mornintraight into this wall. t tre was plenty of opoprtunity for him orrece or get back on the roadwdw, and that didn't occucu he went t raight into e embankment. >> reporter: police don't know if the crash was an accint or intentional. but less than 24ours earlier mcmcendon was indicteded by a federal grand jury for bllegedly
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and gas leases. >> many, many whitcollarar criminals take their life during that timperiod, because they just cannot face the music. >> reporter: before he died, mccln said, "i wl fight ovmy ioccece to ear n" he was marareditthree grown n children and part owner of the lama thuer basketball am. toniho mccndon, u y uhchs wi clndl,bcs, deer ank yo% w mov now to xas,s,nd to a flight attendantccused o of delibebetely starting fire while t passengmr plane was in the air. the fbi now saying he confessed to iing papetowels i ia restroom during anmerican airlines flight frfrallas to detroit last month he allegedly wanteto portray himself hero for putting out ththth. one was injured. the investigion contins the. > now, to one of ameri st-k soccer stsrkino headadnes@tonit. brandi chastn ncn sayinghe will donate her brain to concussion research and the
5:44 pm
remembered for that iconic age, celebting team u#a winning the world cup, unbelievably, that was 1999. abc's kayna whwhwoh on the mother and coach, and why she made this decision. >> repr: tonight, thehsosoer star known for that cecebration at t woror cup coming foarar t ththdangers s t t sport. 4747ear-old brandididistain announcinghe)w)wdonana her brain to research on cte, the degenerative brain disease linked to concussions. >> brandi is such an iconic figure for a big chunk of our country that hasn't really been focud on the conovssissue. >> reporter: as a college player, chastain did sufr fromtwconcussionsn now a mom and soccereroach she's concmcd about the dama alose headermay ve causus. s is hani no o mpto bubushe is so well a arewhat coulwaiting r. >> reporter:r:hastain teteing
5:45 pm
am i losing my memory or did i used to forget when i went into a room what i went in there for?" addidi, she hopes e research will protect youer players. e can only be diagnosed after death and has been fou in numerousnfl hall of famers and male soccer pler but so fa@ nevern a female athlete. david? >> kayna whitworth. there is sti much more this thursday. the manhunt under way at this consider armed and danrous. schools today temporily placed ockdown. families told to lock their ors. we'll late details from the scene. also, the major debate tonight, and we want you to weigh on is the popular high school teacher forced to resign. a student stealing a private photo from her phone, sharing it with other students. e school firing the teacher it. >>and later tonight, we coul't believe it. the 11ear-oler, watch th -- he is about to hit aole in one. unbelievable.
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>n=xt tight her the teher ininouououolin claiming sheheto resign o or a phoho scandal.l. a stududt legeealili a prctururomomomom teacher's unlocked phone and sharing it with other studentsthe ac[&of. anre's'sbc's line >eporr: t t,g h carona tcherti bac henenenone anything wrwr >> r rororr: a onehehehe udtolele private, , semimiudphftftrom her phphph shahang tm onociaia meme >> it keyou juju want to ststall upupnd jusayay ther repororr: l lgh annrrur i iad of pushsh student, the school l strict forced her to o o gngn know, y y y y'tnknk somebodynvading g g pry y t. >> reporter: : : :l didiri explngts d dision, saying, "this is a case where a staff memeer, propererersisi cosld hahaharevented
5:49 pm
16r-dd snoedoo thththlocked p pne on her de,,, ng p pictures of herntimatat images, even taunting her. >> the student turd arounun sa"your day of reckoning is s coming."." >>epr: s says the sexy selfies were meantntntbe a a s dadadarprise fororor husban da m m m artr'r'studenen e coming tother fense, thererg ousands signuresn anane petititi. d rcememt t lolog g whether that studene`e ananamws. e jani nzie, , ank u. when wmeack ree nehalth heaine e e ghgh aysteous bacteriaiad in t t heartrtndnd the cdc now invtigating tonigh and we'llelllbou where. > also, the escaped murder suspect on the loose the nhunt underfway y night. scscols on l ln today. and lar , the first t looko krten n ig, melissa a carthyhy these ararthehnew ghostbusters an twoluesesled tonigh eryoalpngut it t socialedia.. cial m mia tonight.t more fiber..flax seedsdsdsp gurt. get moving. keep moving.
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to the index of other news. the manht tonight for a rder suspect on the run in vicksburg, mississii. police say rafael mccloud threatened auard before stealing his uniform and then escaping jail. mcoud accused of theilling of a9-year-old woman in june. neigors told to consnser the fugitive armed and dangerous tonight. weurn to a mysterious bacteria outbreak this eveni now linkedo 18 deaths in wisconsin. the cdc reveing it is now investigating, trying to figure out how infectedatients came into contact wh the e cteria. the first cases reported in late december, soar, 44 confirmed cases in all. symptoms include fever and shortness of breath. and the big reveal today. who you gonna ca >> m mname is erin gilbert, doctor of partlelehycs. >> the "ghostbusters" trailer rele todayand, wl, the slime'back. the female crew includes kristen ig, messa mccarthy
5:54 pm
the rern of e slimer and the ghostbuster mobile, ecto-1. but it does have a newook. everybodtalking about that today. en we come back here tonight, theoment that stunned us. the 11-yr-old, the hole in one. tiger wos watching. and that 11 year is right here aftetetee break. hey! th illoyd. to prove to you th the betr choice for him is aleve. he agreed to gigi it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by suowow we'll be wh him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, was ok, but afterlunch my ke arted hurting again so... more pil. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day mir arththtis pain relief withn easy open cap. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my lolo-term controro medicine, i talked to my doctor d found a missing piece
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wrkin re.t(t(ou`ue chanann d cala ydo r f f as souo n eani our ctctt ores0 - or delworseses mp.p, gegedihrig99 you havsymptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decreaselcohol ese ehelekanguse e e ioi!en n nni o(erg g chyr most coes)deff au ipaangtdlieje i d)d itqung.d asasys doktki& cha i-ighd r you. , cold c ce. on krdo newschannel 13 at 6... police arrested a man s sexeally saulted childr and a new s#amam to s salr idtiti. how w ves are posing as peop you kn.. to stst you enty and mo. thaton 13 at 6. finally tonight he, this 11-year-d golfer, tigewoods watching, and so were we. >> please welcome to t numbebe 1 tee, f fro corpus christi, texas -- reporter: whaa welcome e r taylor crozier. 11 yearsldinvited to teeff in front o o tiger woodsutside houston. he had perfect attendance at school until today.
5:58 pm
gogo cours and just watch. >ice. get t@wnhere. >> come on, , me on. [ cheeng ] >> rorter: are you kidding me? taylorid it. a ho in one. high fives from everyo and then a hug from m gewoods. here's the momaiai because so many ones were recocoing it. >> hey, david. i was really excited once i sa the ba go in the cup. alof a sudden, i just feel my fpet just ft right offff ground a little bit. >> reporter: taylor wievev forgrg it. nor wiwi tig woods. who would go next. and just listete >> are you kidnge right no >> reporter: itooker t t shot bu was ano c who
5:59 pm
ylor putng us totom davimu arrinol .a stringxu asss onldldldanadts... d investigigor say therd be even morere victims. an e-mail om ur boss king fopersrsrs ination .. whululul yoreplym yo. ed t theaba w tax season sod evene and d anks for joinususor krdodo nenechchchl 13 6. i'm jamem%jarman. and i'm heher skol new inrmation tonit about a 20-year-old sex assault case. 48-year-old el m mket t cuseof physical and sely saululng pelen the "b" stet area in 1996. he was s%sng atatort carson at the time.e. vestigators spenyears tryingo crack k the case. but w... thanks to techlolo.... investators
6:00 pm
ja. krd nechanne's n spoke tdecte o hehu ht t isisold d .... e ins us live from ouououe e aso heriff's fice james and heather . inveigators say the arrest came together thanks to new chnology... and that could mean resolututn toore cold cases. - 00220 th injuries to e chd in this case, are something i have never seen before and i hope i never seeee` again was a sese saul haunteis ighbho tete smi the soount er . 0000 9ou wan top , d gets ustratinowing can't en it goes cold ke that su:n 1996, the waa ries of attacks ininhe b-street area. this neigorhood s e edge and depues couldn't figure t who was hind t t attacks. a


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