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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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totoight, is george clooey quitting acting? >> as you a a on screen, you can't sit in front of the mera. >> his thoughts about t e unforgiving cacara why his days on s coulbe mbered. >> you're forever young, george >> not so much. are katy pry aland bloommoving in togetr? afr thei sexy hawawaii vacaon, en st otsho n rr why they could b house hunti >>ndndhe hollywood wives plastic rgeon.
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pon your own wife? >> it did not g g smool at happened to '80s heart throb andrewccarthy. >> we j gettingogethehefor prtty pink 2, the reyu i don't think. and the n ghostusrs movie, shot for shot, we're e copari it to the original > nomarch 2, tht6 is "enteainmemet gh geor conof the biggest stars in the wors wonderg ift's timemeoeaf actitiind, say it isn't show. >> the sexie man alive going on the@ cccd, i i age taking its toll? on record, is clooy calling it qs? >> i don't t think anynyy reall was to seeenybody really age, it's a very unforgiving ttngn thera i so aging is
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cloooo was candid about age hod he wilil tts airect me. vead really t succ and i av hadadsomet successfufu fil and that's's part of the expeence. >> but is it all aboutut aging? cloey's last films were considered box officee disappoint mptds and the's the amal factorormrs. clooney is a specialist in internatial w. >> it cld be perceived as a distractn if her husband has this wi atftfm i this sort of azy worldof entertainment. i think that could have ss do with itit him wang too otect her career b b ta a slightlyly lowerofofil pititin hhollywood. > egaresou t t/4love geor b so pe >> @you'frever young,g,g, george. >> not so mu, y can'tstay in fro tamao ol
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your age,ay npstic psurgery. ou't try to ok geou jst have look the e st you can at the age you re an notorrybout it. ge clooney is54 actorsyears,approximaly 30 actress' years. >> b back to george, we h he be with him from the beginning, this ion t hi ceer skyrocketed. it's t tghesesho e ever d. i'nonocning j jus y jo. >> clolooney s alrady d dected ffr fil it'muchch mor fun and iniity y y creat didirect. =lo is a gatat mfor tioio f fviartoel resctednd ssssfuldiccor he's caronay. keinhatntnt$ ded i po e re di
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h, b i th rggh@fto. ihigee sidet. >>anwhegseembebe ngngeayri ka p lando th'rdangh insepapapale. thbecaolic werco. wth yolike orlando o or b,, lagh thhere togeteteray hitt up radio cityusicic l. atyp headg outtetete rumored flame around 1111:45 p.m. rlrldo left a separe liliousinenehile katy stayed behindpd t tng attt toe graphshsnd selfies with her fans.
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mansion f kablbloom. wowokslater, a oanplay d en las monthwe saw him hoinina door for at a birtay partyor jason temen. weweove foll@ow u and katy perry and orlando bloom, how d youthemtoge_ >hey areun. capturedast week hawaii, now e thingsreallyeat aii up?p? >> kaka a orlanan areoking for an apartment in new york ty. is not clear yet if this for the e both of them. >> chrissy tiegeg anhuhud hn lend en rorore to te hohoitalalto we'reretold verything is fine. just sppe the jet sei mii, pmoinher new coavings. er bo w number one on t t new yorkkkst seller & list. but have they figuredd a name for theiri little girl on ththway? >> we have t, a r rning st on our phones but we change it eererday.
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ttoo, nothing i like more than 10 mimites. >> and john leend had get & @ headldles approved cocoander in chief. >> he likeses thatne best. we're considering the o othe two, we'll seeee which wepick. >> somethi like apple? >i wa y you tohinkut been a year r nd a half agogowhen we first heaea aboututhe new female ghost sters >> me people went czy. some le d dngt li i like it. >> b bt' trending like crazy, they are borrowing heavily from the original. >> weave dedicated our whoho li studng the ranormal. now thth's sightinin all over e city. >he trailer is well oits w getting over a million vie in its first 24 hours, but herere howowhe reboot pays its rets to the first movie.
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>> it's ay, it s sms peaceful. >> it's very hard wash f. lir isba. >>pron baas a from the first movie too. adding a bonus for the ladies, chris hemsworth makes an appearance. >> it was o of th be timeses eve it was so, so fun. >> seoeo iscrcrting a device thatmplifies pararmal activity. we might be the only one whoan op it. >> i hehehe thatat 's ea
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e w w the s, i fansy. another highgh anticipated remeke, b w watch is gddoing to old s sho and davavidaasselhoff will appear in thththfilm.n. he madad t(e anncement just howhe rock rlls. >> are youready? >>i wawa born ready. >> that's due l%t t t wowod that the hawk is . shortly ter myyetisit ca ton yesterday, the rockk wawa dropping some pretty big hints, could we see h in this ie >> > be usau knohehe camerasren rolli ght no alwayayot@e suurise ming. even back in j juary,avid told us heoud be game >> if it does cool, arar y going toto mke a parody of it, and my party is rely funny, of course i'm going to do it.
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>> a combination ofaveerer rigigt? meets anch man. >> sources tell us that details e still i wked ut.. but sini mitch buch now being play bybybybyby dadae, veill bebepling someoeoeolse. >> theheoc t t z zk. >wwere born ready, there ain't no bay without hof bay watch, get ready, wld.`.` >> byhe w w, what a fun s s t visit. >can onmamama aith theroc > another bigigovie to talkaboo. ne s snefth xt " " wars." >> l@adies ntlemem welcome to >> and la@ter tot, lololo
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>v y y can'tjudge.
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tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 _\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4wu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 1414tt4watu# s4 " lzlz )yd how good isisyridley's life right ow? there she is whh barbrbr reisand and they record adieued areisand and they record adieued a duet. >> daisy is a little busy right she's filming the next "star wars" and he's acteblly hooking u up with secrets about the production. >>u didn't really get a breakak there. now thh ryan johnson has taken a bak h there been a difference onset?
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 8. > a tast teaserdaisy handing a vesaver to luke. an johns fromom breaking b b taes the director's chair. >> is ryry a secretive a i t tink there's aittle bitit ofoformation out. which is fun. >here are sries abou at happened. >> it's true. >> one off daisy'st memorable epii 7 moments wasasas harrisonon ford's last day on the set. >> it was really nice because he is great in the feaaure a he put into words s at we were all thinking.. >> come on, baish,,on't let me down. >> can you tell us a little bit
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>> i believe tere wille some bonus features. >> includin in the bonus footage, a documenry and delet scenes like this tyler wren >> well, the date set f episode 8 to hit theater it is december 5, 201017. i canear those calendars being pulled tright now. and still ahead tonigh we're looking back at a movie icon frothe '80 >> i amich kid who fal in love with airl from the wrong side of the >> angela mccarthy's shocking ansformation from this to this. then we meet the wives rly hills plastic surgeons peing in a new r sho and is kloe kardashian getting a
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that is nnt.6 cc1 t new tonight on krdo newschannel 13 at 10 o'ock. more jobs lost in southern
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we told you last night about cuts at local steel mill. only on 13 tonigh we're hearing from one of those woers who will be out of a job. plus, donald trump will be front and center at tonight's republican presidential debate. what will he
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. is oe kardashian getting coetic >> well are aginut that's why we have these wonderful things at our fingerps. >> i don't care about that stf. >> you can't judge, i don't know what i'm going to do ten years, and i hope do i all. >> it's an injectable treament for double chin, she's all about a positive listyle and he's glad her rob is following her lead.
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on his healthy fiess jrney which i'm r ecatic about. think it's jut,ouake up evermning, iloveor a lveo- tt' selfishh tim >> klklsays vevey nr to plasti rgery, we're he with some ladieswhoay yes, plelase and righthtnowow. >> just aittlbi more,nd it's e them to say tt,t$ cause their husband are the scalpels. i spoke to three women who are married to plastic surgeonsand beneath the surface, it not always etty. >> i think being married t plasticurgery is every girl's dream. >> their husbands do nose jobs and facelifts. > i have h botox, my breasts done and my ears pinned back. >> and you operate on >> i hate it, but she's the
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>> dr. jason diamond do a l of face work, buthy essica's tayini away from his scalpel. done. >> i have had a few thingsone and we undwent to experience of me being the patient, him being the physi smoothly. it's like the classic tng when people say you should not treat fami, now we understand w. it did not well. >> but for jessica and dr.avid an, 4 e's nothih like theh rks. i hve done little bit of setting natural contouring to her area. >> lebry plastic surgeonsf verly hills streaming on netflix takes uss into the or and the lavish lifestyles theheich andmos. >> then 're likeke ho pfre? >> when we see show, you$&
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>> we're going through the roughest part o our marriage thanever. we actually talalng abt divorce. >> how did you comt th other side then?0 >> we had twooop either we divorce and go ourerate ways or try to make wor a angr all @thetime and resentful s decided to spevd more time togethernd basicicly reild our marriag. >> rrage iseryrydifficul it'sshe last lesson of life. >> we talked about the havivi wowo done, but i'm sure veybody's wonde wt about the hselves, that's what i asked.d. dr. ray say has, dr.r.2 he says hes see. dr. dieamond ishe only onhe whoo saihe's surgery f i love that mo
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pretty iink juje celebrated 30thth anniversary thiseek. it ally is the movie that needed andrew mccarthy's career. n eebc drama,rew pying a ccter whohosoing to k of f ng-timim ns. >> i ve your beauful boy. i wish ok@k himaounn the throa a and watchedthelife leaveve hisbobody bit by t. sosoon't be sorryboutut wt happened to yoyo >> i'm not g t lie,t's loyal weird to see andrew play a sex offendeb whopenttennn y yrs in prisonor cimee hen'tt p iti >> i iaaon,n,n, donon't't't't n to do a researarbb
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@bututit w i iesesng playngng someoee who was a edator, you know a sexual predator, sexual predator iss torst thingou can ben our r soetety. wouud ibebe bebeerererer i i ked yo to the m?m?< >>now t ts is mor thendrere e e ow lolove, the bra ac w w demi r, and the guy who yingwd's's hehet t nin rry,c. m a achid wh falls s ve g fromthr side of the@track the poor rlrltltltl e 50-yeaeaolol got married and c toarticipapaeor hind the scenes, t thenheh family cng,ho has a ststngcast,t, playeddyyy joanan alle asas a srong ne.e. had) backin fnt o theheccamama. >>hat's your se,ryoyo has secret, and everyone has
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-thihi dhat's kikikikikif like ral lif whh doeoe he think abbtt pretty innknk >> whenen made t movie, i'm , , at's nice. and yoow,nother generation, people are now falling in love with it. i thinkt't'great. how did youu feel about a rr pretty inin me >> > at uld b areat e letet get togetetr fofopretty y pink thereunion.n. >> let's mama it kiki of like a a class s reunion.n. ian ere'soo many o oem.. >>ttt's it imsoldld >> andrere actll drected m in a commerci. the n ncece guy, so nicice.e. > inou "nt tonighbbbdaictarar made their tv debut a p
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comm?? e a awerisnenexx, at, the divorcerebaba mcentire says the vowasn't her idea. sure daughter-in-law keeey clarkson is calling her ameran idol performrmce embarrassing. >> could not hold ittogether. >> and is scott bac t tis
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exclusi photos th kloe kaashian pbably doesn't wawa to see. welcome backckto the show, tonight's "e.t"birthday, which star of the a-tea made their debut in a pringle's commercial? that was jessica behl. a week from tomorrow, i'll get to mgo to the opening night "the empe." and u cacheck outatie cuoco who's looking quite hot on the stands ontuesday, h divor from ry sweeng has changed the way she look at
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looks at love.
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readyo be in love again. i was walking home just picked us up two brbrkfast croissants for four bucks, whenthis beaattacked. with o owipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showedp and took care of the bst, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croiant. and yos? survived. share it with yourself. . eshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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previously on "grey's atomy"... . bye,e,erererererrighg, merith.whatatatwe? man: kieieryce, 15-yearaolle, new set seizures, katie bengs to the new attending now, dr. shepherd. 's a sububachnd hemohage.. she's bleeding into her brain. you earned theight to follow her case through to the finish. i will discover that i am not j%st the othth dr. shepherd. i'm the g drnrepep. m just not ready to forgive you yet. looking sharp. got a hot date? , yeah, something like that. when we're alone, she's -- she's a t,t,uh? [ both laugh ] maggierichard. pierce. [ elevator bell dings ] do you really want this? man: this is one of the siler divorces i've seen. arizona: you just signed divorce pape, and you don'want a drink? what are you -- what are y y, pregnant? i think i am. [ apollo ltd's "what are you waiting for" plays ]


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