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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  March 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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irst told eel millhut down in pu last night. w tonight.. yoyoll hear frfrployoys ying to make mee natrump hahahaha basisisiy 3ly y atatcked evezernenene& per3only. thth we go... here we go$the e ururremaininin republican candidates head to head in hefiery debate. we have the highlightk. goododning and thanks for ining us for krdo newschl 13 at 10. i'm james jarman. anani'r r skd. a a ery debate in michigan tonight... republican presidential candates faced off inheir 111h dedede th one comes after 2012 reicicminene unashea a scathi ak on dononontrumkdodo newsanan13's's ananlica lombarar ive
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tonininifocused d omney'y' comments. but thenk a very different turn. e debate opened referencing g& comments mitt romney made today, attacaingh donald trump. "he was a failill candidate. he should have aten presidentnt oba very sy. he failed miserably." " e attacks werelso loud between trump and ted cruz. . d/naldrump s itten chks to lllly clinton n t once, not twice, three s 00:19--00:24 ted cruz n nds an expecicicilly rong performain order to take on trump anhe did, cr claim he is the only candidate o has a ovcord of being ableleo beat tru "nominating donald would be a disaster t pes on of the mt takeabou moments... coentso bio made about the ze of donald trps hand "he referrrr to my has, if`they'ze small, something else must be small i arantee you there'no problem. i guarantee you." weve sn#a lo of fighting in pt debates but that's not surprising cause e republicsn have put on a lot more d si there's more opportunity for fireworks arguements spun when
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tapepe interview with the n yorkimes where he trump allegege said he was flexible about his immigratn policies. think being off the recococos a very important thing, it's ry powerful and these three gentelmen have gone off the record wit reports several times rubio insisted trp releases the tape. "he has spent a care convincing americananthatat he's something at he's not. so what's next in the race"donald trump is the fro runn by far right now. ted uz at least has n a al hadnful of states. kasichnd rioio are gointo need something like a miracle." next up is the democratic debate in flint, michigan o sund. in the newsplex, angelica lombardi krdo newschannel 13. new developments tonight.. in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. tonit, t new york times i porting the f- b-i could soon question clinton. the fbi's granting immunity to the clinton aide who set up the prprate server. the clintoto campaign says their pleased the aide is coopating. bernie sanders
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andbl.. sa he will n tone down his against clinton, e calls from democrats. say what they it. i don't run campaign ads, in a camign differences with yo opponents." and yocan find all of our desion 20101 coverage on our website at carson soldier ist the heart ca. say joel market broke into homes and assaulte children and ults in the earlrlg urs bere repoing heunta pt. thanks to techno, , ,igators w lead anrenee e se in 20-14. es found market i texas and arrested him. 2 - 0046 it't' sosothing the victimimas to lili withnd the fact thatatatcan brin justice to her makes me fl a litt better about this case and hopefull there will be a resusu detectives
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unreported or unsolv case and you think linked to maet ... call investigigors at 719-520-7199. the stl mill in pueblo....s sharing his story.. after beg onof 70 people l ld off cent cuts steel company. evraeeee wawaaffefeed by and now it h h to ale back on the seamle pipe unit. kr newschanl 13's carl wininr isis livi nevraz z wi reactn.. on hok lffs ve played a r r le in pulo's steel histy. a historian says the recent lay offs are almost a r reat tory...when the steel ll s call colorara fuel and on. now, the steelworker we spoke th says s are goin to be toh without his job at the mil eddie barela junior has morereime on his hands to compmpte his union's finances. nat sound. that because he's one of 70
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re lai off at evraz. :14 sotjtjas shocked because you know we been struggling f f t t paststewths tryiyi to ruru he sass lifeilbe a alalal thout getting a paycheck at` the steel mill sot: it's stressful,ou obously gotta make ends meet fincially and everytytyt l le that. :33 3 stand up: the steel mill has had a a adory of y y y t tt go ck tthe colorado fuel d d ononononon so the seamless tube mill actually en october 95 and it was es tube mill west of e mississi steeorksksks er of f e we curator victoria miller says she cat speak for evraz, but c-f- and -i had more than 50 lay offs in its mo than n 100 year hiory. :58 sot: if they n't ha any neor a product of couruf theare not going to buy itnd then the is no needor prododt if they are not going to buy them. as for barela, he says all he do is wait for unemplme to kickn and hope ha will has his job back soon. evraz says the seamless pipe unit is idle, which ans workers could get their
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newschannel 13. winds still strong today in pueblo county. but calm engh to help crews get a baetter handle on a grassssire.e. firefigh will be back out there tomorrow mornin the huerfa river fire started yeerday near the wn of avondale, about a lf hour east of pueblo. tonight, it's abou85-pcent contained and has burned three-hundrere acres. no structurese are threatened. stormtracker 13 chief meterologist
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it's going to be a mild night with relati ligig wind a dry conditions. lows will drointo the 20s and 30s. ghs tomomoow will be very nice with light wind early, bhe bree is expected to pick up as a cold front arrives late in the day. i'll showou how this cold front will impact your weekend weather ming up lat in the newsst. it's not just colordo spngs... people in el paso county say they need help with potholes. four county crews started patching pothesate last week. black forest was an area of focus todada because ofts higher elevaon, it takes longer for roads to dry out after winter orms. "well, think they're horrible whenhey're not fixed. if they can ay fixed, at mait a lot easieror everybody. it seems to be remaybe more tn usual, maybe because we've d more snow. 've had snow, d
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county crews are working with limited sources. out half of thfleeof trucuc is out of service for maintenance rk after last monts s or. . you can reportany pooles in yo neighborhood by heading to krdo dot com. juststo e pothololpatrol sectio... under the top news section. loloing ahead, el paso county commissioners deared tomorrow "survivor's day." the county's "marararourth and conquer" prococmation will recognize the perserance of people in el paso o county. organizers say we arerell survivors of somemeg.... whether it's the planned parent shooting othe waldo and black forest firir. new information n tonight.. on the on attack onon roro theer shshr. a cocoectiononoffifir at a state e e onn florence accident left a door open.. leavavg g lmes exsed to her inmates. at's acacrding to records covered byby- b-c c ws.3 titis. prisis
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owow holmes' safety was i iso much jpay, nded b trerre a pron out of state. they refuse to say which prison. new w ninini a plododo riris pocece9 caught another fugitive-- the second fu ia week for the dog. police s it happenenenenthe ght-hundd block k unset road around 3:30 this afteronon that's e et of downtown. k-9 broc helped officers respond to crime oppe tip. they found trav frererick outse a hoho. he was wanted on several warrants police say frederick tried to run b broc caughthtim. frederick is in custody tonight.t. two members of t park unty sheheff's's office are didiiplined, aftfr one of their own was killedn the ne of duty. corporal nate rrigan was shot and killele while serving an eviction in bailey on february th. the iff'f' offifi says an undersheriffff was placed on n administrave leave, and a a sergeaea has resigngn. park county y sheriff f f
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incidents that ppened after thshooting. federal inveigator say it could be ananher week beforererey find the cause e the adly plane crash in palmer lake. two people ed when the plane went down and caughtir in northern el pasoounty yestday. the victimim ha n n b bn ididtified. . today mama years a passenger jet crash in defield.. kikiinin20 passengrs anan five crew members on boar on marar 3rd, 1991, united flightht85as flying f fm denvnv to colorado spspngs.. whenenen wewe down nose firs investstator found hiki winds and a defective rudderere blame. a target 13 alert tonight about a colorado springs based crematio compan the bettererer siness bureau of souther cololodo i cautioning you againsns "heritage prider l-l-c or rr legacycyuneral services." thb-b-b saysysysys the compis knn for refusisisio turn r raq til loved ones y additionon fe. the c mpmp a vil offfff i ithththrings d wod nono mmenon t s.
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for r e e commmnmwy'y'y' suort bri a papaengege nrto thehe me`of heroes new informrmioio tonight on a memeing about thsouthwhw chf railin thline would run through do to nene mexixi. commisissonersal pacend assgegegeai grp e making a push to brbr to eblololohihi s s e beinin made on that part o roroeo fifing t t trtrk would d costan 0-mill dodoars. kids a a b b horeni for their community work at the boys and girls clubs in pueblo. it's a s sry p pitivelyl pupulo. hundrere@e@e opopophowewe upupor t t annunlnl amamons s yoututdinner night at puebeb community colleoeo 55 kids receceed awards fofofoeir chararr, seseice and d leadadsdipip skills. we s ske with h brbrley tete o receiv the highest honor at t ceremony. it feels great, im ry proud oself, i i i t inlot t rk to g%to isositioi/and i'vectic loso it feelt good. along with nning tht arar t alalececvea@d&e
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c-s-u- pueblo. a staff sergeant a a hrve seseas a specl s or u u edo hear. sjcolorara ststng....nd h ststy isisososos up laterer i'll syou whwhwh cold front tomorrowowea fofoyoyoyo
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cool with lows dropping io the 20s and 30s. tomorrow highs will get into the 60and 70s. it will be quiet for st of the day, but clouds will thicken up and the breeze may pick up also as a cold front slides through late in
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coradodo springay focast sho mperur waing to the 6060tomorrrr, but drping backnto the 50s on saturday. e best chance for showers arrives on nday. your pu 7day forecast shows a chance for showers on monday and tuesesy. your canon city 7day foreca shows a mix of 50s and 60s for the next week. your teller county 7d forecast shows b mix of 40s and 50s rough e next 7 days. there is a chance f showers late friday, sunday, monday andtuesy. thanks rachael.
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mbardi tphy backcos couny.... but can he ore the mirror bal
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onlyeen statatned there for a year.. but lessons already. he's leaed ththe ssonon krdo newschannel 's greg mililr r shows ususow this air force staff sergeaeq is colorado strong... nats wrestlg isn' a pasttimeor staff sergeant morris thomas.nats of him coacacng ... it was a life- vevesot: i had to rk myself f, dng e erning i had to . he identifie with theseseids hitting thehmat nats - becse wiwiwit it, he's nonosure he'd be e success he is toy. sot: it onene ofhe spos s at's all you. no one can take that away from you. before staff sergeant thomas served in the air force, he gr upprojec housing. he never evenivedin a home with his parents until he was ne. but even in his en ars, hoften got in fights in hool.. and was ev arrted. i was thankso a coh, that everything changed. sot: he came up to me d said 'hey why y n't u give it a ot'. i was out ere by mylflfeventually
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addicted to`itit's been part of my le ever since. m mtms s own training led to a bettete fofos.. . better mindset.t.ot: it's's one of thwse s srtrt thatnce it gets yo adrenalineumping, it's only urself. you haveo o rry about the things you have going . yore trning yrself, you' batin yourself. nobody ee is, nobody can t%h thatrom you. s now he's acting as that coach to others. nats standup: s sergeant tmahaha ononee sriererfor er aear,e already hastut k th, it'sut re t tn a spor t:hen go to practice wrereling, 's as s ere okg our erer singus. udts learn a t t ngheir maen i 's tou somes. sot: n becomoma ach he' beme a a ahegu to aecondad stso em cmbing saaddei d . t itssoney o of the m stf rgea morriss, do pp ro. inastle ck, gregll, kr wsanan13 the staf rg teaea n d ac at ate amshipip this yea thir thstaf rgnt's tm
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tate championship this y yr .. that's their first state mpetition since being orgazed. the broncos own von miller is s getting ready to show off his end zone dce skills on "dancing with the stars". it new tonight at 10 ..& tpe super
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upcoming season of the dance coetition... battling other celebrbries. forgrg u can tch season 22 dancing g t star rightere rd o
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wi@th t broncos four years ag the brons put a clausu in his contra t tt h- h h be - avlable for a physical on march 4th after each season.n. manning is supped to be available to take the physical tomorrds are manning wot take the ysical, he has a spking enengentn las ga..ay tutu lvin pickard the avnew mbmbn goie ki othe e papahers night.e made savesonight.. 1,. the first..atn vidu effort by gabriel laeskog ...three players around him he stillllan't b b stopped.2. matt duchche al srererea ugh alhis 27th of the season .. avs n 3-2..
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are best on the plet but tod niothschd caught up th the rld chonononcoghchoochtete..thesf ons e rnrnionachampion "teams from china,eru, ec all over the world" thehfalcon high school che te wonhe traditionana division at eri-cheer's international championship last week u could say they were "in thehe zone" go on l le pit 's the othg g i'thkiutd ft iaial my my gally ng heary n ononays ey bro korthan stdwe floda y'earn a aot in cheerleadadg bebeusthers a lot ipvolved, workg with one another, putting your best foot forobrd, beinina leader a bassssss for t high sl." thve souilt life- long fridships "we likekequeezed` each others hands, evercompetition that's what we aays do because we get so exexd." " nior
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ananbrooke rrayayave en-f's since day 1 .. "i j jt saw that she was kinda a eding a friend and`eded d ono so i went up totoerand dhat's history, we've been friends since" cheer has made their bo even ng "we've been through lot togethernd going ththugh cheer and everytytngike all the ha w wk - everything hasasade us a lot clor. i'm very gratel for hehe" he most rtant thing i learned today is that thiis much more than a cheeam, it's a fafaly... . disfunctnal family rereing from falcon high school, nick rothschi, krdo newschannel 13 orts."'sime fomnoum's nuttie .. the nuttiest is week happen during a s soccer match, when n is goalie was trying tbe too ...ahe ends allowing a goal after qn injncuououpass. that's this weekek namnoum's
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thanks rob. capturing colorado is up ne. & tomorrown c ...find out about an effort to promo wellnessmo our milita whwhe shing your iation in a hands-onay. i'llyour compmpte
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cindy took this photo of two deer locng horns. 's tonight's capturing cocorad. you can popo your pictureto our fabook
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newschannel 13. or email those ctures t capturing colorado at
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"jimmkimm live"! tonit, jasonateman --- from "how to get away with murder", aja nanai king. th win necessary censorship -- and music from ceelo green with h cleto o d e e etones. annow, i there@ iss no f further


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