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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 3, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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"jimmkimm live"! tonit, jasonateman --- from "how to get away with murder", aja nanai king. th win necessary censorship -- and music from ceelo green with h cleto o d e e etones. annow, i there@ iss no f further
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[ cheers a a applause ] ] >>nks for wahing. @thanks f coming. >> jimmy: we haveo mh to get totonight. we have so man impmp things toght. i'm goingo s sve all your problems tonight but rst, i have aoke frfr m moth. myothehe texd me a je this mornin donald trumpjokef..& do y wanto hear [ ause >> jim: t t correct answer is no. alalright. his ce .n came i i at 10:05:00 a.m. sedd to love dald duck. noee h heenother/naldl tt
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[ cheersnd applausus ] >> j jmy: n youeewhere i t it. tually took time ohoh got good one a t ted it. sentt toome but a funnyys my motr i i sh hasotng o mitt romney. i'll tell you that. mitt romneye this morningade a teleseddpeech in w wch he wentll infter donald trump. he calledim a phond a d. he sd h hslaying the americic public for suckers. i haven't seen mitt this fed up since tt time he dripped mannaise on new pair r chambmay dockers. he hahaha s steteinin out. i love him making t decisionon to speak out. tt, don'too this. i'm sorry, n,, but someone has to sp up and sav this nation. it's like watching your dad march out to e bck top to have talk wh the schoolyararllll no gd cldome o o o i
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>> d daldrump ahonynd aaud. hisromises are as worle as a degreemmrumpiversity. he's plalangng the m mbers of the american public for suerer he gsss a fre ride to the white house ahall w isousysy ha nald tells u tha h hs ve vy smart. i'm afrai that when it comom t t reign cy, hes verery,ery not mart.. ank you. >> j jmy: good one, mi. mitt romney i i the big g the republicans s stt tooo stopp trump, they're in a lot of troue. it's lik sending aeter maid in to break up a prisonriot. trumpp course responoed a he often ds breleasingg this video from012 when rnene was running or presisent.t. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinarbibity to understand how our economy
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i snt my life in the private ctor. not quites successful ahis guy but successfulnonetheless. so i want to say tnk you to donald trumpmpnd lforward tot seng you out on the trail. thank u, donald. >> jimmy: yah, that'sowowow -- w seeore honeseselationshi twtwn profeionalrestlers than politicians andt's important to rememberthat. whwhe donaldrump iryg hi hde to mor prididtdallate e startoff ifics out stf. leaseded his h hh re plan day at's prereyygood. u have arotein shake for brkfastnd anoer@r onenene for lunch and s ssibl din and it rks.s. nohelan c cims it willl reducuhehehe number@ ofndivivivlsls medidiid. which i'm sure itwi ififrump bes preredent it wieduceeehe numberf ates. re's trump touting his fantnttic newealth care plan
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yoyoll love trump heaeah care.@ treat youelto the very, very best life has tooffer. you caca yyhewod's greatestst heah caca inn yourr own home with mily, frfrnds,s, any me andndieve me i undetand health care. 'sfafarite food. when it comes to gat hlt re, i've justp raised th stakes. trump hh care, the world's greatest hltre.. and iiean that in eveve sense theword. and theheharp images thehe onlylyly store where you c cuy hpal care. >> jim:tms inconvenennt. [ ch and alalae ] >> jimmy: hey, you kelapo is back in pron. ckn the mexan prison from ich he caped. know el chapo, right? ns? he wan t to c co the uted stat.he's aing t t erated beuse ewaururguds w limeep. they mov h around soean'tt
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baininoutsid of s s t ndt' drgim az0 he qd ag m m h hdd d elwsurt a feel badllov.. oh t tt poorab somebody needso do something. whwh i feeeel like this ends with el chapo crashing on a futon att sean penn'shouse? speaking of boisterouss dogs, they're in thspotlight for providing us this. new edition xcellencin reporting.g. >> a cra weekend herere we got a dog, we're in frazier right w. go on.- i got a doghat' apparently taken likining t me. down boy,et o of here. itit say dog. i tell you wh, wreoingngo come b bk to you becse i ian'tt
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'll be back >> jimmy: l right. that's why they say n to fill your jact$ pkets with snausages. togh in d dro there's anotltr republican de is one hosd b b fews wchhed trumpit gynnellyceheir feud august. trump skipped the last fox debate so this was what ty lledheig retch and thk t s sss about ainn general tt it'st runrs arc r the moderararteteofne of the otr cacaes trp sre rubio was there, cruzuzas the,ha other g hn something was there a dr. ben cson was not there. benarson i givingg a speech tomorr at wch he i expected to s spend his campaign. suen means end. why they don't justt call i i end,d, i don't know.. eithererway,y, all indicatiore that ben carn i out of e raceor president. which is shame.
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dr. carson think should not be forgrgten and to makure tha he's remberedythehe next gegeration we broke a book to payribu to him.m. something forhekids. [ applause ] jim: it's c cled odnight ben. uld youike m to reaea this to u? i would love to. all right. here we go. we'llut it u unnn t screen. in ben carson's bedroom there is aahoho andnd r balalal and ben andnd jesus jumping overr the moon. good nightscscaple good night n,n,ooddight p ps fill wh gr.. nigigig lio goghghgh crabab gogoninitt fendd he triedto ab. goodnight gunsgoodninisled, goknig crazy [ [ ] he id. go night stars, goodight sky, evolution is a e.e.
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ma room for marco, m me room for ted. goodnigh tre a agoodnigh stumum goodght america because her ( meum [ applause ] 'll take a break. when weome bac from thehe bak tht dbest gamee show ever and this w w an unnecessary censnsship too, stick aou. we'll be rightk.
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by jcpenney. , assic case of whwhdunnit? ily,y,ay cheheridentnt elelclean andd otect his s h, soe can claiaihiinincence with convincing grin. that's it jay, theyl never know. trident. chesh yououteet hey there, can help you with a athin hey siri, what's at&t's latest offer? , i dodot think that siri n... righghnow, s stch to at&t t r an iphone and get one fr.
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bateman and ajanaomi k a si fromelo greeefes on t y.y. wee aboutt t tea agame. it's ahance fofeople walal by our sdio to win reallcash. all they need to know is who is on thecurrency. it's tim to play o o the moy. cousinal is staing byith ourirst contestantnt jimmy, h h you ing? >> doing good, how about yourself. >> jimmy: where are you from, jimmy?y? >> mimisssippi. >> jimmy: a yououn vacati? looo at tha chactereh yu.u. are you here o on vacation? >> yes.s. >> >immy: how l lg a you i wn? >> forhe weekend. i'i' actuallovinger actualrosiippi i'm here t tinin toet setup. >> jimmy you'rovin her for the weekend. ththis smsms verery skchyy alreadad >> i just movedin i'm tryingg toursue a re.
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>> jimmy: we have a who shohow ing o in thkgun behind st fyi. weweweng too start with a pennynyn pleasehowwhe penny cousi sasa don'n' s sw it to mmy,y, thhough. your j j is to t t m who i i on at pepey, okay. >> loolike abraham lincoln. >> >immy: what do you mean lks like abraham lincoln? that i correct. nore's the bigquestion. do y yant totop there and keep t penen or do you wt to keke going t y yruck - wiwi a nickekek >> let's try luckithhehe niniel. >> i jusususot t say if u get theickel wrong you don't get to keep the penny ay >> ok thad's fine. >> jmy: wowo he's going for i everybody. [ [ plause ] >> jimmy:hat'shat like. all right mmy, is o the niel? >> looks like georgewashgton. >> j jmy: why do youeeee sayg
10:51 pm
are you s sing a nickel righ >> , man. >> he'ss seeing a of ings. >immy:jimmy,y, i sorry. 's thoma jejeern. i'm s sry t t see tt happen but we do have a cononlation priziz for you. it's on the mon the hom you canehat homnd playha back in mimississipppp l right? all ririt. let's somebody elslsn ththe. hihithere.e. how are ydoing? >> good, how are yo >> j: well. whare youfrom? > houon xas. >> jim: so you're notith jimmy. >> i'mh not with jimmy. jmy:: just figureded wereduo. at do you door a living? >> i'm an architect. jimmy: ae you h on vacation? >> i am. >> jimmy:aving a good time? >> having a gre ti. jimmymy w ws the highghlight. >ot he last night andnd jusus took a tour s so i inow a litite bit aboll the areasnos geles. jimmy: i like thatat
10:52 pm
start with a tour a a e elore from ththe. dodoou knowour ests? >> yes i do. >> jimmy: very good. all it'simee to plalan the ney. thee works lili . we'l'l s srt with apenn te me whos on the penn >> ncoln.. >> jimmy: thths correct. abraham lincoln. d dyouant to keep goin and do you wt to guess who is on the nickel or do you want to ta thatenny home? >'ll guess who is on the nickel. >> jimim: h hs goingor it, everybody. i love it. have y y thoughtboutut what you mit do wit thehe money if you win?n?>> well, in lososs, not much. >> jimmy: all righ oerry is on the nickck > jefferson.. >> jimmy: that is correcec wow. >>im: all ghghgh atatmoney? what does the audiee think?
10:53 pm
>> i'll do it. >immy: he's goi to go for it.& he's going to go f >> jijimmy, don't knono if you could tell frororo i i t tre but i'm shaking. i'm shaking rigig no >immy ian see th. kerry, whos on t dime? >> osevelt. immy: areouidding me?th's right. now yu got a dime. do youanto take thaha dime and head back home or dyou want to go -- do you want to go for the quarter? >>8i'llo for the quarter. >>imim he's goingnaor the quarter. is g f foror the arter. >> can i just say i know you made yrdecision.. i've seenoo m meople lose at this. aryousure? uave 16 cents. u could walk away aerer >> i ildo it. >>immy: he'soi too it.
10:54 pm
>> jmy: key, who iss on the quarter? >> gogo it's -- anklin. >>immy: franklin? ,nono th was t e eiestst e. ohkerry, i'm sorrrrrr but cousin sal is going to have to takak a your money back. i'i'so sorry but we do have a --- yes,e do haveonsolationon izeeor you. >> ard yo i warned yo jimmy: okay.y well,ou knowwhat, thahas all the tim we ve..'s a rhame but it getss wild. gambling i i i -- tha is ridiculous. i don'ow welt t samee emotions il watchi who wantntt tbe a a m mlionaire e.e.& wll do thth ain metime. do we e eveveveeor nessarenhie?
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ni jajanems o t s s s s and ajaa nanai king and ceelo green.we right b bk withh jason bateman. >> pors off jim kmel livee are brough to you by chevrolet. nd newoads aha classic sef who dunnit? ckily, jay chews trident to h hclean and otecechis teeth, so he n claim his innocence th a convincing grinin
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s y'r srt perso en? jimmy: night,m "how get awayith murd,"hich aired eaier nighon a, ajajomking then, his album cle -- "heararblanche," ceelo green from theamsu stage. his concnct, "ceelo greeee l le in l.a.," airmarch 11thtnn directv d u-u-rse. night he isoing a very beautiful song calleob william ne w wk on theh show we will haha naomi watts, ray rano violodavis, john gend, connie bonis fisis chlolobennett, lis.k., plus, music frliot sumner, the wild feath st.t.ucia, d the suffers. >> jimmy: and if you missed our "ve after the oscars" special only w papas of it online, we're airing iagain tomorrow night with ben affle, chs rock, , acy morganan nathan lanan matthew broderick, henry cavill, jesssseisenberg, sachbarorocohen, alicia vikander.
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ououof t sho bt screwe evererhing sth%jerwill be in n e that's trow nigh ar rererlrld meme >> our first gst has been entertaining us for more than 30 years, and frankly, he exhausted, , t he soldiers , lending his voicd talent to new dney animated film, "zootop." >> well now wai a mite polar beaear fur, r pack music, fanc cop. i know whose car ts is weave to go w wsear is it? he most f fredd c cmemess. . thth calal himim m and he does notik me. we hav too go. >his isrimescene. >s going to o be a bigr ime scune if miginds me heo we' leaaving rig now. >>aymond and is that kevin? ng me, n see. speaking offo see abo y yp
11:02 pm
hu old t tes sake. >> that'ssough jim: zoia" ope morrow. pleaseayello to jon bpbpn. [ cheersnd applause e >my: welcome. welcom very good to s you. be? i i donob't hi y y're supposed to do a belt jiy. >> jim: what d dyou mean? wh wouldt y do belt?t? i undererand that but amandad tells mee - -- >> jimmymy your wife? >> ththtt's my . m goingo dhatthe sa. that youon't'tee@d a a beltt anymor@r@r lly doess n hip you into fashnn 411. jim: it@sip a you
11:03 pm
moi tyelff gh no >> letoit.. applau ] >> theseuyssisd a heavy baseline. >immy:owou doing?>> you d't listen to what molly says >> jimmy:he dididt tell mee not to wea bebelt i would listen tohe i don't dress greaeaea outsideef thi sw i weara suitornour and i'm a a th r rt ofo the me. what about theeard? >> jimmy: she lis t beard. that's why it's still on the face. >> does jane likikehe bebed? my: : ughter, jaja. >>our mistress.p. >> jimmy fured i'd throw t tt in there so there's nococousn. iioldpot to jan t show. oureekendslone are our weekds alone.
11:04 pm
ns.tttoto nreviewthat verygood. >>e never been in a 100% fi. jim: it's your first 100%. >> i'mot actuallyy in it. youuust hear me in it b i'll take thehehumbssupup >> jimmy: how old were you whenn yo staed out in televisisisi >> 10 >> jimmy: and nestst. yo look the same as before you crackedpuy. youorealal do look vy ut. >> thankyou. >> jmy: is it jus luckck >> it' a of wwk. i get lot ofhehe worordone. thth put vcro strapn he a c couple o of years ago and i cinch that up before i d dtv and ppisisn my wi.@. wha doe s t >> t hye.with skin,, er ap. anan i d d't wtooo all o thatut iiveh andf
11:05 pm
jimmy: rightn >> sometet it c be dangerors. a cou\l\l weeee agogo -- hass beenennne toet a facial, you kvow? >> jimmy: why? > exactly. she --ecause s shehe jt tnks maintetence is like you he to keep upp withit. >> jijmy: ay. >> i i consider mys agus guy. i do like a good ssagag dot get me wrong. bu the facialhe manicucucus d tttoeoe stuffff tt'ss nototme. jim thehere pedicure b the way. >> tt's it. e and a bdyangp o me and gees faciaor my rtay a f sche nd i gon the and i it. bndk and the gal sa
11:06 pm
and take your clothespnd put thi re on at m i i the back room wherehe hototub is. an iediately want qck dialaly wife asker what's on this paage. jimmy: ishis a special birthdayay >> b i go wh it and i take my clothes off andput the robob onnd go dow tthe room at e end of the hallway a there's nhi butut hot tubn there. it's'sn the borderf beverly hillll soso'm usting. st`t wh . and she'n there,e,e eh won. e tub looks like a -- looooks ke a pot y puteafood in. it'sublinnd iss hot. so sheays jinn.$& ananane's n n leleleleg.
11:07 pm
one haseen this anyg fo 15 years and i'm shy so i try to position melff ere can'tee m m once i dr the robe and i find t ttsitititi t i ioing toet rightht in e ter. it's bubbling so i canet evythiho u&uer andhe can'- she's not goingo see it. so jumn there. i le a goodayer skin gettin in there. so aeady the derma, first layerf derm is gone which is part of the treatment. so i'mfeelingainut i'm assuumngg beauty, righ so i'm i itheretet iss reay i'into shsh ss i'm goi y yn 2020in and tne we'll coueh ttthe ograso shelees i gure 20 minutes, tt's a lot. five minutut goes by,en minutes goesssby. i'muper hot. i'm tingli,sweaeangstarting to see d dferent colo.
11:08 pm
minutesoes by. she ces in and sasa, ay, next up. sorry i don't hav a paiaif spososleerss for yoi saiddd wshat for? e said now i'm going to clean you. it's10:3 o a dnday. i'm prett clean. i'm hot butu i' clean. ananshe says don't worry abo it..e hits the but top andhe bubbbbs stop, so now i'mn an rium. [ applse ] >> so nowj'h'h sweatinin de becacaefheanxiy. she aps on a couf like gloves and hs ihe liquid ap,ullsls f lege up tt the wat a starts rubbinghe legtryinggo ofoil
11:09 pm
she iakggmall t tk and ow we he to hose you off with ice water. i'm alreadyyee like a a brocco or aober o o someingan gueue you blche itit ght, with cocd water? she says stand up i have` to hos youo f. so now santso hit it with cowa everything is wrg. eoses me off. sheh aveses e says meet me dow in the maage room.. i star toowel off and i'm stararng to feelterrible. i'i' stain to reaeay ststs w and i'm feeling usus. >> for al? otallylyig ed.. b i ios d d && of te she haboed mf like clam youkn? an now g downd i knecse i ieelike i mit -- t light m might go out. and i want to get cser to the ound. i a chair in e corner. i startoihyveve there on my kne and that'she last i rememb.
11:10 pm
ve completely hyated and i'm unnscious. because the next thing i know i ke p.i'mmpittingngn thth chair much like this first i i is jt aand towel or aaceowelel that'snn my garbagag and there's's'sd watererein poured one by coffee mug from three ern e eopean women now saygods great. ks god. he's still aliviv andhere's 7 paramedics arorod me. i w w resive for sevev minutes. isshat my wife has don to me to kee the elasticit goioing iad get@t o thehe phone with cedar sinai s sing that'm fesing trtrsport. m like,ou're not taking mee ton a urney@no sunset boulevardakedn aednesday afternoooo thoing to think i'm some
11:11 pm
to get pulled on f the afternoooukn? >>:ow washefacial? i i dn't m me ito thth facial. >> jimmy you didn't get a a cialal >> but it wasaid for s so i ad to return a week ler to get the goods. jimmy you did not >> i i d. >> jim: wo at's ridilo. son beman eryb everywhe tomorr. we'll be right back. alrigh let's do th. gonds towist a a vaes to wa. mr. . ler, y yr sktltl ra that is e the z oh`hdddv d-s-s-s-sg! u haven't ard meingddly-ding yet. ream on! higher. dream on! i think a litttt hr! dremmm onnnnnnnn! dreammm onnnn!
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>> jimmy:efefe we m march ahead 's trsdadanit.t at means it's time to bleep and blulu the b b tv momom of the wkther thehey need it o not. itiz thihi weekn unnecessy nsorship. >>ollywo stsllll buzz after the academy ards andnd o the bigst stories of the night was leo'big g bleee ]. >> fighting about the size of nald trp's [ bleepep]. who wld haveieved it.
11:18 pm
>> it's a great dog [ bleep ] ] day. >> ohio for john kasich. well, marco rubio called him a [ bleep >> tly mpressed due to gravitit in spape. that cprsionss no l lger esent cain [ bep ]o expapa. i want @o undscore that e could ne a bigger [ bleep ]. >> mr. trump welcomeack too fox news susuay. >> bleep ] y'r going fit. >> thinkeoe i america arere [ bleep ].>> byhe e ef tot we are goinggg [ ble m m hundreds of [leep ]. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with a ai`ki. alli out of thsk someeoplplsleep onater.`
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theate e e urgers.......jde a a alaration of delicicus wh thdoublejackbo.o he ford a peect union between 1010 bee cheese, amouth.h he took a stand for hot and salty fries. d the freedom to chohoe from hundreds o` freretyledrinks allllor $4.99. and america ate it up. ue story. get the e w dodoleackcombo for just $4.99 'cause omarch 30th,isiseal history. >> jim: our next guest is part of the most homidal group of intntns i ithe history y higher etiti heheshow is ed"how to get away with murder it airs
11:24 pm
please say hello to o a nanai king. eers applae immyyoyo l lkk faastic. thk yo for comi. >> t t you. not too badad yoself. >> jimmy: yr show got pked up for thihi sean today. >> yes. >> jimmy: congratulations. i should say assuming you will make it to the end of this@ season ale. >> it's onl aongratulations toto thosehaha surviv jim: exactly. it's'sittete f f t t othe, isis it? yeah. >> jimmy: whe you fr? >> i'm rom walnut, cafornia. >> jimmy: where is walnut cafornia? wnuts southea los angeles. like t01pou to the 60 east. >> j:yt goes on ther >> the's walnut cekekek up north. 're wnut withoutut the creek. >> jimmy: you'll get a creek
11:25 pm
n't rry. >> oneday.>> jmy:oes walnutt has a walmart? ye myhat'ss youou need. & thaha and rgrgrg. >> jimmy: what was yourrst ti job? >> my first job -- well my first jojiout t school w wororngt sneyland. >> jim: what wasat ke >> t tt was myirst aing job beus i had t x act veryy happypy all the time. immy::zou weren't? it gets a littlerazy at disneyland. it's a little more h ha@dcore t tn people wouldldth j jmy::oseses some of the charm. littltl bit of the luster was gone. >> jimmy: wh did you do at disnsnland? >> i was an indiana joast member. >> jimmy: did you dress up? >> yeah,e h the skororts and the hats and the tie.e. >> jimmymymyhen you g gob a4a disneynd i tt one offhe
11:26 pm
wear orr don have to ar? >> well, smers in califoroja are hot so it't' not so@ funun to be atwell-dressed. >>im: you don wt to havavav th on what arere your respononlities? 8well, t the biggest ove is checking height requirements on kids cominghrough t@park that is a a big safety issue. a l l ofarentsikee t try and get their kids through the ri j nmy: d dyou e er he adts - we have aroducer re at show, his names jason. and sometimes jason s -- don't kn i&i&ie wou mak the heheht rrement on thede. if an aduidn't mak it would you just putim onn and if he ies off, what a youoingo do? here are like ten otner safetychecks. so if he ce by me i would probobla j letetim go throug
11:27 pm
yoyog man. >> jmymy bututhat probibiyyy happen, doesn't it? >> t t tt mig happppen. >> jmy: o my good, what a nightmare that woulu be. an thehe'so heitt mit, right? you caca be as t t a you wanan toet on the ride. >hat's a goodquestion. p. >>immys reay oy peoplehat gethe srt o of e stic yeahah >> j mmy::that't't't'terrible. >> i know. >> jimmy:: dididou go f fmha - jojojoight into acting? >> ient too schchool for mana manyyearar >> jimmy: yout to school? d you quit? > did stop working a neyland and quitting tt jobob stard a a lg line o oequitngyyy just not showing up anymor >>immy: so instead o telelling th i ion't want to ere anyme y y letet thehem figure it t f themselves? >> yeah.
11:28 pm
whou dd hatiiidido ttonce,actually? but t theffirst day d i i j j lefef lchnd never w ba. >> wdind h to t costumeack but i codot bngyseltoo a do that t myy father went for >immy: badad lesson that isis whwh a very b dless od ther, badad lessss. od father,adatherr r rhtht the. hshould have madee go but i woun't havegone >> jimmy: was he wng the hat? hehe it . >> i wouldaveooked good on m. jimmy: that's intetesting. what don'tee knowbobo dieylalala. they s t tre's a j th i've nevernnnn there bu theref irica elelelelel tghout t t pa so thatou canalk around what's called bge without being o o stage wherere theests of e gs are.@. >> jimmy the d want themm to s s no one wantso seeicke withh hihi head off.
11:29 pm
yod tnk aiant mou wouldld scr. >> sof and dd jimmy wreo they the's aouplfoo plesack t t2f toea yo jtt't' ikeng i theeit o a re. it's'sot glamorous or ytng buye >>immy i gotyoyo yoy'ororng fney aga noww a>> iknkn. l/ve disneyey >> jimmy i h he you don't get inroubub forthisis >> iove disisneneo mu. . . >> jmy if u try too walk how w get away with murder,she'llend huck toour house with aower drill. 's very nicico meet congratulations on the s show and alof your ccess. aja naomi kg,verybodydy 0"how t#t#et away with mder" airs thursdays at 100 pm on
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
>> jimmy: i want to thank jason bateten,&aja naomiiinin and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. s albuis cled@"heart blanche." he wiwh the song, "robiwillllms," ceeeeen. what t n gh ararar my eyey staringp at thehe sky ininisbelief i ie got a vovoe iny y advoice ininy head that'whatatt said all we really need is some comic relief of not being able
11:33 pm
oh hat's life goi to become ce we don'tt vevemore heroes we dodot know what tht text t t s going throh ish i coulsay itit a pinin way id we n't know life reminds me of robin william we' got t laugh the pa away wdon't what the next man' going throug wh i could sait in a plainer way i sd don't knono - lili rds me ofobin williams e've gototo laugh the pain awa augh t t pain away john lui knk^
11:34 pm
nd we alst to richa pryor yeah hihi don't make philip seymoururoffman often now x 's o o of the ththgs we loststsin t t fire ut i'm afrfrd ofof not being able laugh amomo ohh what's s feoing ecome once onon h he yme hees we don't ow what the n nt t n'ssgoing rough ish i could sasait in a plainer way i s sd weweon know emin m m robin williams veot to o o h the pain away we don'n'know whatathe next mas ing rough wish i could say it in a plainer w i said we don't know life reminds me
11:35 pm
we'e' too dan the pain away can you hear me? mauric canou hear me?
11:36 pm
ob can you hear me [ cheers a applause ] justra pepeday drdrk sanga t park and then later when it gets darkk
11:37 pm
just a peect day feed animals in the zoo then lat movie@ >> thiss nightle. >> tonight, a political bear knuckle brawl and nowhe go cadits i iultseaching aew low. >> look at t tse ndnds. e they small hands. amidstst t t rematchitit megy kekey. f the debate stage. >> dond trump i is a ob >irirgackgainst mitt mney. >> he would hav dropppp t t his knees. ( >> plus sportst reporrnd dancing withhe starsco-ht erin arews viral ghtmare.e. taking the stand in herer civiv suit over a secretly recorded video by a stalaer and addressinw the p pnful fse accusationshahahat was a


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