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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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whyis days on s c could be number. >> > uue forever young, george. >> not so much. >rere katyerry a orobnd bloomm mov@ingg ijl tether?r? after their sexy hawaiai vacation, have the new shot shotngssshots in new yok, why they could b house hting. and the hollawoodod wives plastic surgeoeo >> ititit a bad ea to operate on your ownfe i d n n ooy. at hapapd to 0s0s0s0set thdrdrccthy. et togegher ettttininkk the reyeyan -- dodo't think. and the new gho@ buste movie,ho for ot, we'r mparing it to the oiginal w,w, march 3, 2016, this "entertinment tonight."
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ggetar itheeorld i wondering ifift' time to leaf shshw. >> xieie m aliveis gong on the reord, is age taking its toll? on recoris clooney callinit qs? >> don't tthi anybody really nts to see anybody rlly age, a very ununorgiving thihi, the carais, so aginin is methi you try to do less and ss`sn screen. cloo was cdid abo agege in hollylyod andhd heesaid he will acac les andct me. haveadadad reely t sucsesss and i hav had me mott so sucful fil nd that'sart ofhe perience. >> but is it all about agi? clooney's lt films werere considerededox office disappoint tdsdsnd there's t am factor, , s.p clooneyy is specialist in inrnaonal law. >> it could perceived as a
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this wdeplatfor ihis srtrt of crazy world of entertainment. i thi th cld ha et do with it, hih wanti to prot r caree by taking a slightly loer profe position ininollywood. >> regardldls, you got to love gegege for being so opepe you're forever young, george. >> n so much, you canstay frontnt ofhehe cameraaour whole lifefe clooney's message,e,e, e ur age,ay no to plastic sururry. >> you can trytto look younunr, y y just h haveto look the ssyou can at the ageou are and not worry about t. >> geor ooney is 54 i actors years, approximately 30 0 actressyears. >> back to george, have been wittm)fromomthee giing, is is onhe set ofer as his carr skyrocket.
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i'm t cplaining, j jt my job. clooney haslready direced fou fil it's much mooun and finitely more creatatve direct. >> clooney zis great model r that transitiorom movie star to really well respeedednd successful reccor. 0s clearly on hisw. >> keep in mind thatlint eastwood also dabbled in politics.s. >> he sure did. mayor of carme he did but i that george uight haveofter goals. >> i think geoe for psident. >>meanwhe thgs s sem to be gettieally ses bbwewe katy perry d orlandooboooo th're e t just dating, they a seseparable. anan th beme a pololitical popor couple. so whetherou likerlando or
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together today hihiing u radio city m hall. katat heading ttafrr her rudlame arou 11:45 p.m.m. orlando left spate limmsinenehileleaty stayed behind takaking a a toe graphs and selfieiether ns. >> it h h ha a w wrlndw kablm. twoeeks ater, a o o man pl, d then last mthth we saw him ldldg door f a a bibibibi papay for jajas bate >wee f flowyo and tyerrnd oanananbloom,m, - howwo you togeeher? >> ty arefunun capred lst we waii, now are thinin really heat aing up? >> katy and orlandoaree looking for an apartment in new y cy.
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for the boththf t em. chrissy tiegand husbd jojo legend r r reeto the hospital dawe' told everithing isisfine.e. juuppoketototohe j j setting miami, promoting her new co cra. >>er book washe numbe one op the new yk bests seller list >>a t figurere a & name r rheir li girl thww we havav a ll a runninn listn our phones, w ange itvvery day. that's i don't have a tatt, nothing like more an 10 nute p>> abd jngend hadtoget adles approved cococoinchief. >> likeses thatne e bebet. 're considedeng t t othehe two, we' see wich we pick. >> something like appple? >i want you to think a aut ba year and a half f go, when we f fstpheard about the new female ghostbussrs.
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some people did't li i i lihe it. >> b it'sending l le crazy, they are borrowg avily from the original. av dedicad our whole li studying the paranormal. now there's sings allll oveve ththcity. >> therailer is well on its w getting o o oillion views in itss 24 h hrs, but re's how the reboot pysts respects t t t f vvie. rememberer l l scenee? >> it's ay, it seems peaeal. >> it's very hard toasasoff. sliler i back. >>protonon backs arerom the first moie too.
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ris hemswswthes an appearance.. >>t was one othee st times ever. was so, f f >> someonenenene creating a a d dice thatlies paranormal acivity. we might be the only o who can st itit. >> >> ve ard th it's great, so goo w wth that. >> iannot wit u u ul th vie. the day i was the et, indulged in m ghost busters fasy..@ anotherly ticipated@ remae,ay watat is goinin to g oo school and davidid hasselelff will appear in n e lm. made te annoument just howe rockrolls. >> are yoyou ady? >> > wasborn ady. . >> that's duae let t t world know th the ha is on..
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bocacaratn yesterday,heock was dropping some pretty big hints, could weee him in thisismovie? >> just between usecause we know theameras aren't rolling ritnow. we ways g littleerp coming. even back in janry,,david told use wod be meme. >> if d d cool, are@e you going to make aparoro oft,t, and my party really funny, of course'm going tooo d it. hopefully i willcool. >hhh shououd thehe world expect combationnf venger right? ets anchor an. >> sources tell us tha det are stillllbeing worked out. t sincemitch buch now beglayy by ve, dave wil be playin someone else. >> t rock, the zac
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ain't no bay without the hoff, bay `tch,et ready,orld. >> by the w, , at a fun set viss. > can onlygineneith the ock. er big momie to talk about. up next, wcenes from t ee nehest war > ladied genemem wcome ndartonight, isis klo kardhian getting cosmeec
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>> trow on " oror a miv it'stect. ...a tus i iisn otat a i wearmy ha? d in iay a wte? e cotionroctsyoyoight n olfa pie paper. it lg g cumeme. nstutu s e so w%wrereind ofikthe... bran of vernme... re tut of amera.a. findnd yanecom pa onstu r retuon d isveay
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lle rnow?ee bar strsandteyoeeed ad d r raduu i litght ing tars""" auall kiup ahe pdtn. >> didn' allylyget a bak there. nowhatryan jooonasaken breakashe been a nc? >>no's stl v l ddarm frly.p > dies ad geemem, welme od > ta erisy handidilive savetukukuk rynson from bad takes eh diorchair. >> ian as secretii as >> i thkere's a lttle b@b wwchs fun. happed
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>>ne of day mostmobdbd epsode 7 mts w haron fofofos st t tt. i w wealninicause he gatatthaurendhe tntwhatwere a thkinge bah, dtletmedown.> can youl aittlt about wean pect? belve therewi be some atur cling in thoss fotage, a docutary and dededeed sceneneniii this tyler wren >>well, the date is set episode 8 t hitit theaters, itis december 15, 2017. i can hear those calenrs being pulled out right now. and still aheadd toninigh
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on from tt '80 >> a rich k khoaln lovth gl om the side of t t anla mccarthy'sshocking trsfortirom this, this.s. >>th w m t wives verly hiistic surgns appearg g aew r show. and kloe kahi g gti a ttuc
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> t wh dyoururak sayou? ate ... fe scar at fakrse. they say... m a phony.9 th also say... i supportchild labor. they sayay. i give money to the gangs and inin o oanizationsbehihihe operation and whatatbout you? those fake sneakers? that fake watch? they say... i'm a phony. that fake cologne? ld conta harmful chemics. t could say... i'm g tof . d d e e unrfeimemecine you bought o oinfor yo dad? cld sayay. i'm sending my dato the er.
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and you, the phon.. isn't t t.. youogot r%al fake produs beamagee7ieal nsuences grvfvpgerealotecurself egititata uj narro ` kardash getting cosmetic weeagin b b whwhwhwhwh havehesesesesendererer things a ourfingti > dononcarerere abouou t t tat st >> > u can't jujue, i d d't'tnow whwh g g gooo t t ten yeye i i iooo ttttttalalall.l.l. >> i i'snnnjble eament for doubchin, she's all abo aositi lfestste a a a s glalalarob llowing herlead.
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on his haltt fitness journeyy i' ecststic ababt.t. iiii i i's'sjusss y y wakakak upp evererororng, i love to work out and iove to just -- that't' selfish time. kloe says versayever to plasticery, but we're he wiwi somomom ladies o say yes, plplase and rht now. >>just a little t more, and it's e to say that, cause their husbandssre the ones that are holding the scalpels. i spo to three women who are marriedo plast susueonsnd eathsurfac it'st always soprett >> i think being maied to plastic surry is every girl's's dream. >> their husbands do nos jobs and faceifts. >> i have h botox, my breasts done and my ears pind back. >> and you operate on >> hate it, but she's the bo.
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ofacee work,ut why jessica's staying away from hisscalpel. >> yad some things done. >i have had a few thingsone and we underwent to experiencef me bein the patient, him bng the physi and i have to say it did not go smoothly. it's like the classic tng when people say you should notreat family, now we understand why. it d t ll. >> but for jessica and d david ron, there's nothing like the perks >> i haveone a little bit of setting natural coouring to her area. celebrity plastic surgeons of beverly hills seaming on netflixtakes us into the or and the lavish lifestyles the rich and famous. then you're like home free? when we e t show, you guys are going trough a rough tch?
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roughest part of our marriage than ever. we acly talking about divorce. >> how did you come out the other side then? >> we had two opt either we divorce and o our separate ways or try to make itwork. im agry all the te and resentful decided to spen msre time togeer and basically rebuild our mare. >> marriage is very difficult, t's the last lesson of life.e. >> we tald outut e ving rkdone, but im sur eerrod onder, what abou he themselves, that's what i@i asked. $p r says hes, dr. he says he has see. dr. dieamond is the onl l w
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retty in pink just celeat itit th ivevsa thisisee itit s thepp m m t t t neeeeee a a a aew m marthyy in n e abc c am andrew is ppyiyi a chararaer w os g g alkk loto lolo-t-te fa >> ve y/yr beauauy. wish i took himim a ad tpe ththoat and watchedthe life aa@ body bitit bidih otberyuthaha hapedftu. >> i'm notoi toot'ss loyal weir s andnew p ex o&@fefe who spete years ononorim he didt coit. a@ ch@hosen,n,nn d d't need a sear.$ k wxalyterror.
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w a sexprer aaa s sxu predato theorstt thiou can be in r sociy. wouldt be tter if i askk yo t the prom? w t ts is t@ e knowananhe kk w dmimoo,ndhe guy wllyyininal's he in inin sorry, ducky. >> i'm a rii kid whofalls in lolo girl fr the wrong si of t@cks, t t poor girl. >> the 50-yr- married and c to participate mee hind the enes, then the family clong, who has rong cast, plad by joan allele hasas sttng story linn hh acnnrontntf the ca.a. ha yosesesese everne s a secrere and eryone has an ag and 're trying to otect their seetsnddi
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hat does he thi a aout prtty in nk? >> whenenade the movie, i'm likethth's nic and you know, another generation, , ople are now fallililin lve t i thihi it's great. >> how didid you feel abou a remake of pretty in pin income. >> that would b be a g gat idee let's get togethefor prtty in pink 2,he reunioio >> le ke it kif ke a ass union. ieanthe's s smany off t t.. >> tt's s i'm sold. >>rew actuayirected me in a mmercial. the nist guy, so nice. innouour "eerinment tonigh thday,hic sar mama thei but a pris
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thenswer is nex at, the divorcereba mcntire says the divo wasn't heridea. sur daughter-in-law kll clarkson is calling her americ idol performan embarrassing. >> i could not hold it together. >> and is scott bac to his partyg ways, a got the exclusive photos that ke
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to s. welcome back to the show, in tonight's .t"birday, wch star of the a-tea made their debut a pringls cmercial? that was ssi behl. >> a weekfrom tomoow, i'll get to modgo to the openg nit of "theempire." >> and you can checkckut katie cuoco who's looking quite hot on the stands on tuesday,er vorce from ry sweeting has changed the way she loks at marria, butnot theay she looks at love.
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ready to be ilo again.antime in nboring mississii, an urgent manhunt is underay in vicksburg for an escaped inmate facing krpt murdercharges. instigators say rafael mccloud threened a guard with a mede knife and briefly held him hostage. ey say he took the guard's radio andar keyse abswaped clothes withim whiche wore
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>> we did recover the pants that as wearing last night, the gree guardts that heook frl pe aoandate cld hav changed his appearan. he could be much me clean shav thane was. >> and theylso warn that mccloud is armed and daerous. he was awaitg ial on charges of ring and killing a69-year-old wan ltyear. > aoman catholicisp in in centralennsylvani is promising action after scathing report about priests sexualbuse against children. thateport says two forr bishops either coveredp or didn't do e enough to respond to hundre of abuse allegations er several cas. th current bishopse's kingteps includi putting a list ofllt who's are thesut ofredibl allegations online. >> worse tngs have happened througho the ctury inside the history of o church. that's not to excuse what we're dealg with at the present moment. not at all. >> hs also pmisi a full


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