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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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hd-5 ma ns in ameca thihi mprnin down andirty in detrtrt. marco rubio and ted cruz team up to attack donald t tmvho oponed t talest republican slugfest by boboting about his anatomy. >> if they're small, somemhingng else must be small. guarartee e u there's no problele t moment getting l ls of reaction overnight, and ap the partlooks past the primaries, new talk of a broker convention a aer mitt roey's istering a aault on ump. 're coring it all live in washington. . >>futurelansns the e rrent president puttttg lols of speculation to rt revealing where li after the whituse. important health alert. w evidence of aspirin's ability y ight cance should it beart of your
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and if you c afford d is pboat, hopefully you can afford fix it. well, good fridamornrng. bin witthrepublicans s who wa to beresident slinging nastynsults and tting belothe beltlt a narrwrwdown field of fo toto to the age dedroit last night for the l lest republicananebate. hours after mitt romney blasted donald trump, the front-runner wps thnumberne tt fang all-o assault dishihi it rig back. "your voiceurure." abc's megan n ghesesashe highlioits. >eportete fsh f fm his commanding seveneniktori on r tues ,alaltrumumgot no respect. >> if f u're our nominee -- >> hold on. holo on. i'm'mkiki reporr: trump's rivs s w teaming up a ainstim. >> b bau@ he e esn't x ve answers, and he'e'king us to ma e e t t president of united statew of america. >>elieie me -- >> reporter: ted cz inecond ple is trying hao o ke it twman race. >>ald d ump has writtete
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ce, not twic notothree times, t tim. >> reporter: marco r again assailed t vmp's chacter. >> h hhas spent career of convincnng americananahat he's mething that he's not. >> reporter: all the taunting fiy got a rise out oump.>> this ttle guy has lieso much about my record. >> herwewe here wgo. he has ed. he referred to my hands, if they're small, somethinglse st be small. i arantee you there's no prprlem. i guguane you. >eporter: the billionon real@estate mogul also figing g ck. >> donond ump is a phonynya frauauau >> reporte against a scalding attata from the 2012 gop standard-bearer, mitt romney. >> hwas a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obamamvery easy. failid miserara repororr: this d baas alal aatch betweenenenal umans nemes,s,ox ns oregyn kelli. >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> nice to be with y, megy >> gbto have you here. >ou're loing well. u'u' looking well. >> as are you. >> reporter:r:weekend the republican slate faces voters s
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th theetroit d datover i istill i political ot. demomoats debate in flint on sunuay. tuepp, ththwhathosts s s imimrtananprary for bo parties.megan hughes, abc news, washington. quite a night, indeed. now, deseste thexplosisi exchanges, a three candidates pledgeo suort trump if hehis the nominee. > t mitt romney's istering attack on trump y teeing up the gopofofight at t convenenen. sources say he's urging republicanots to pick up candidatesesn an aempt to keep trump from suring the mition outght. earlier we asked a membeof c's potical team j jt actly how all thatould work out. so,o,hat happs is that means thth no candidate will get that mic number, 1,237 leles,ndndo tht could gogoo whe oor of the convention in n lylyn evand, and this is how it would work. , the delegates bebe unbound on lat vototg, and they ca
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they could vote for somebody elseand that's what ere was a lot of talk on thursday, is mitt romney riding in nn his ride horse to sasa the party.>> wl, a sououe e e toto romnrororo is s tety nonning for pride, but ust t nts to make a diffffence by kinghe c ce agagnst trtrp. well, so a alaststightht dedete, marcrubislamd decrats for popoticizing the water crisis in flint, michigan. >>ubiolso backed michigan'n' republican governor rickcknydede whooas now hired lawyers at stpepee to assist with vil represta ie threofntntot slproe ral vent stery throroh exnded diil coverag but million aid package is stu in the senate because oprprpruralissusu. and h)llary clintotowas keeping a close eye on t debaba and having a little fun thehexpense of theh blicans. clinton fired d f a string of tweets incdinghis gift of herself f kini how many more of these do we have to sit through and in a captionnder the candidides, she wrote e
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welel con is delivering a a spch on the economomin detroit todaasaser husbandampaigns on her b%balf hundreds of miles aw.. former president bill clinton t with supporters ininks mississippi, telling them his wife is the besthange agent he's sveveseen. and bernie sanders campaigned in kanshead of tomorrrr caucuseshe. nders had overflow c cwds - lawrence. that's a collegegeown full of younger votersrsanhe talked d abhis free colle ton plan. sanders and clclton are both making stopsn michiganoday. okay, , so the mexicic government has givents f f official lespoe to d dald ump's pledge to buila border wall and make mexico pay for it. the memecan treasury secretata ying e ehaticallan categoririlly under no rcumstances would hihitry pay for ch a wall. > new developmen ithe escalating tensions ththor overnigh leleer kim jong- has orderer his mitaryf bestandby fofonuclclr strikekeat a a t
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tough nen. sctetnsns yesterday y rth koa lached short-rangmiss into o e sea. well, breaki news ovovninit frfr southern lifo wherere a susctcts in custfor libelyririri into feder bg g g g orange c the fbfb iestigating the incint aa vecle assault. sources tell "l.a. timemem that the 45-year-old d dver was motited byatred towardrdhe vernment. deraemployee bieved to be a ainvestigor was injed and he was hitity the driver. ll, wier shows no sign of easing up today with another blast from the m-atlanc nortinto new englandn that means at least a good dusting of s sw alonwith ty o oin, and it will l ld with wichillslsending tempereres plungnging intotohe teens and single digits^ >>e obamas won't be gogog g far when they leave the whit house in january. presidenenobama revealing that hihifamily will be stangut in wasasaston so that daughter sasha will be able to finish high schchl wiouououananerriri
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the presens s s r r ughtht lia starts collfge this fall. >>we, stl ahead, cou ady ststl face spension over deflategatat > plus, anmotitial week k k k the cocotroom for r in andrere. new phase e triri getting under way today. and no germs here. the ailane batoom thth actuallylyanitizesesele. i thought activia wa't for me. until l realized how mucr digestive system handnd during winter. 90tresesul days juggling hectic schedule over 40 meals s heavy comfort foodlike b bed m m & cheeses no wonder after althth our digesystems can act up. sosory the aiviatwweek challenge enjoctiv twice a r two weeks may heeduce the fruency of bloatin, discscfort or r mblili. try it! itorks i two week is fr. non when y yr cold makes you wish... could stay.
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from the dairy faerof fairlife, this is our promise. we wh delicious, eamy, real milk that'shen ultra filtered sfairlifeas more pr and and only hthe e gar. d nener any y tificial growththormones. at fairlife, we belie inetter. > well,icice d day for a ride e tacoma, waington. watch e right side.. there's a blue mi cooper speeds past, the driverr hits suv that spins on to its r rf whilil sliding down t thighy. ok at at.. the man whoho pososdp the vided says thereerer jinor
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also fromm washihiton s4ste police sayhatriver liky fell asleep at the wheel before plowinin into a gas pump and spararng a fire. he remained insehe t truck for near m mineoreeesping. two pumps w w destroyededb the were no serious injuries clcling auments begin today inrin andrs'awit agagnstt her stalker and a a a hotel in nashvi defee attos call tir nanasssterday.y. andrews iseeking75 million aiming the marriott shohow tell there didn't do enough to protett from a stataer who oked aoom r rig next d h-rsnd recdedeideoeofer naked. well, couldlde weeks ara 0 even months bebereree k know if tom brady's dtegate suspension is being reinstatat the nfl askeded for thehe ur-gamee baba to b p back i in place. it bnhrn out a week before lt seaso ard. judge yesterday called the eviden a$ ball tpering compelling if notoverwhelming. six weeks left till fingg
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encouraging numbers comingng the% irs reports mhann milli rere h hiled so r. thaty y eeway, tt' more an a t off wha ty're expepeing. and forhose receivivi refund ey're gn averad of $3,053 a increase of $5 ove 0 ye. a a gds&m fans e c candy i iw available in ree new flavs. coconut andoneyut and chilili tv they're asking us tootech shld b becece aermanent lectctn. >> the honey nut loo good we'll seeee when we comeback, the important health alert aut asrin. andhen t mistakak ae dock. a m mayachtakes bititf a le. the flu virus. it's a reabig deal.
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momoknit neea big sotion: aniral. n'n'd around wititit the fla,l your dtor withth t firir 4 4 hohos ofofymymom d d k out cription tamiflu. attackhe flu vir at its souoce with tatau, antivirir at helps stop/itrom spreadg in the body. tamiflu liquid form is fda apapoved to treat the flu in people two weeks of a and oldld whwhe flu mptomstarted within the last o dada. before ting taflu tellour r ctor i6 yououe prnant, nursing, ve serus health conditions, or tother medicinene if ylu develop ann alllic reaction, sesere r!sh,h, sigig of unusbehavior, stop taking tamiflu and call y/yr dodoor immedtelylyly childrdrdrnd olescess particululuy bebebeatincrsed sk of szures, nfusion, or aormal behavior. the mostmon si effectctarmild to moderate nauaea and vomimini. anti
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for new nomamaoods for li collect.... save 50 to 60% on everyday apfohian r.r. and %0r thds, save on sono f r uromomo. plus get kohl'cash kohl's. makeelus ripes atrehtn calories !nd added sugar when you splenda no calie sweetener. think spgar, use e lenda , 'rekitiv pie d dnenva avenu the, wngto he it'l beolnd s all totoy. a w wterrtorm xpected to@ brg that snonow along wh raiai and f fgid temratures from themimimilandic north ith england. d those condi wilile this morning'g'g'astst mmute v ry treacherou - especially betweenen the cararolinas and d. wls across m
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r sno or w w roadsund the great les and alongh@ west coast. if ye flyg airport laresibl@n waington phililelphiaia new york, bobto and san frfrcisco. > well experts a alaudin th announcent byoc lend brandi chint she willonate her brai to concussion reseaeah and the degeneratiti brain disease ctcte. >> t tyay it's eially rtantince so few female etes have beentudied f f ussion . he v a's kayna whworth. >>epor thehe soccece star known forrhat c cebration at the world cu cominggorward about the dangersf the spt. 47-y-yr-oldi chta announcing shel d date h h ain to researc on ct the denerativerain disse linked tcous>> brarai ish a i iconic figure for big chunk of our country that hasn'n' reall b bn focused on the concussion@n issue. >epororr: asolle p as d sufr f from two
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soer ach,h, she's c ccerned about the d damage all t tse ader mayee causused. >> s i having no symptom and she's livin a normal life, but she is so well aware owhwh coulbeitg rr: c cnling "usa today""but as y you gro older, you simes say,,, gh, am i losing my myr i us togethwn wt into a room what wt in t fof? ding shees the research willrotoct youngerplays. cte can onlye d diagnosed aftft de b b in numeroususfl hall--famersnd male s scer players but so far nener in a female athlete. ynwhitrth, a news, los geles. >> new reshhinks airin t a r reduciskkhh of certain ncers. cts fou thateoeo who ta low doseespirin eveayay aow cnc of velolongngngng conocancerer theyls found3% l risk of cananr all forrse os a lst
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aspirin ot a sub tut for colo cancer screening. in cifornia they're now considering o a rai th ski age to 21. the stateenate expxpected t t ke up the bl nowhat t assembly has passed . reblbl oppononee who are en to t tand mar suld be akefhe wan
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