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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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hello my lov the flame is out... today flame e o%o, tomorrow my attude. your mother... tonio. aonioio que? the stove.e. it's not working.
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de eoreal, real fefe > who you gonna call robin. >> t ghtbtbters. >> you know the song the moe and now t the n new trailer for the girl-poweredeboo staing kristen , melis m mccarthth kaka mckinnonnd leslie jes has eryrye talking andookingng for clues..
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>> repter:r:hat mumuc, e homede gizmo, imer, all back thank goness. >>et out, go. >> reporter: origina cast membersill mury and ernie hudson have cfirmed cameo, n hintsn that in theler, t there arehint chris h hsworthlays the ptionist b he' wearing a suit. will h%h also strap on a pron pasa? >> the's a bigger picture a haha. >> reporte zoom i onn her@ white board. parr thatnormalstudieab.c.c. an actua@l@lk to aonnene explplne o te. erin bie spepe many arsogetherresearching a get intnto the v ry science of ghos. >> repororr: and so manyods to the original. the hnteded bookshelve >> that's alass one apparirirm. >> repter:r:he head.
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>> this is >hat's a big twine. >> reporof t tre wille a lot of things you'll be happy t see but they're coming at y a a iglyiffent billbods veryyy'70s. is theime tvel voeded >> l's go. >> let's go. oh. did wanan -- >> i'llet you. >>ext t . >> repepter:adlyon earsrsntiluly 15 so thi will then -- >> the powow@ inn me compels yu. >> repter:r: abc news watt. >> iovee >> so excited. 8illili views alreadyf thth trailer the movie' yoututu sites nick j jt said, it opens july 15th. cannot come sosoenough >> we're all inin >> read youuady?y? >>sorry. >> s s good. >> comg up he on this frida morng e eon of "gma," ashle graham,ne of our faves andhe glamquad - go >>ould s she be (bke) at farmers, we've seen almost everyththg, we know h to cover almost anything.
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(avo) my namamis pamela and i'i' been makgn doow for 36 yes no myog girlfriend d 1years old. she's been eing dochow from her r`ryirst day and d e cacastill chase sqrrels. she can't catch th, bue can still ase thth. after 17 yeaea i'mtill confident in feeding her dog chow because i seeeehehhquality ingredednts thatato inin i i i' proudo make dhcw rit hereedndokokma. welcome back to "gma."we are l le f f fro the mountain at the base of the superpipe where weather has been prettynice. spring-like tempaturesesoss the west that will building into the northeast. check it out. temperatures in the 6060n
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by monday,nn new york, as > "gd morng amamica" is
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vehicle protection march 4t i'm mike everett. toy: it will be partly to mostly cloudy. highs ll warm into the 60s an 70 but a cold front pected to begin sliding through sohern corado during the afternoon. thfront willick up the wind this ternoon,ut iwill also help to sprea more clouds across the state. t latest model runs shohow that this front is todry to prompt any significant rain or snow in southern colorado although an isolated sprinkle isn't out of the question around our local mountains, including teller unty. there's a new
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targrging pele in sohecorado. 's a v vsiof t-r-s scam,m, cal l is tim ofofeahackers s e sending g ema toumanan resosoces anan acaoaounting tes to getet sensite infofmation about ploy we t tked with a cocorara spspngs payrol mananar. who ys when s e got the scam em.. which was dressed d from the c-e-o of her compmpy, s was suspicious. 154 "i sent th email to my susurvisor... and said does this sound like something our ceo would want to do?" 2 the best way to avoid becoming a victim of tax refund frd is to le your taxes before the scammers do. the better business bureau of souther colorados utioni le agagastx g "here l-lr gacy funeral services the oup sa the company is known for refusing to turn overemains until ved ones pay addidional fe.
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offifi i ithe sps and would t mment o& the accusations. le are rememberininthth sacrifice made by people servin the armed forces... well as their families. we'll have the details s hugug
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od m mning, america. it's 8:0:0a.m.t to take down the front-runn. tecrcr and m m mubio t m m dd trumumumum d d leaea n n no o ininrrt. >> tre aremanyny,, man civil cases -- >> it's no complicated. > >doesn't have ars. t tmpmpmpacacagown. . >his littlf g hied d d d much. >e>weo.o.o. >v t repepepcpnsally to stop trs nt.. t ty` an emerery y so ts mornrn gueue who's stormingance for? newewdancncg g th t t stata $%$% cactember we really cawaitto reveal. the e gepris it's all happening liviv ethe c a as ou jor makekeer modedeashl grahahaand our gl uauaworking their magic c ma" viewews.s. thththportrtillustrarara cover gigi shang her sesrets to lookokokflleess. how you can dress like a star
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d frid. e u readto dance? ubre` ko4music b bd th t rkrkrk 's'sime to oyourt we sayay-->> aorngngamamicic as y seeeeeaea vinglagianan dance party right here in times square. s, yes o, gioiod%>> uhuhvh >>gogo spepepes . cococon. >> jtja bititititlt h.e starweanng l l.ndnteeinininrere timesquaua. >>it we've also gothahahaig headline about aspin this morning g really whahaha can do t t tavncer latern
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our r am sququ, uhh,t's al, there ehehre & & arrivin timemesquauaua re u uererrrest for in hot. 'shathere goingng to our v vwewe.. threrervrvg ms a a working thr yle magic onhesese velylyadad wait until yoy guys see the transforobtiti. le trtrsrsrsrsn i love thk u. waia fha > d thenene veveveve "danciitththststs" reveal.l. who o twisting into times square this morning. any guesses? well, i'i' tell you, s's going to be dancing up atoto. >> i was r r r for her totgo like t ts. >> yeah. can pretty mucucgugus that. we mahave2beateteteat one. eah we7llnfirmation rht here. want t ight to the debatethgh, lastt nig for presidentnd the fiery rereblan debat marco bio, ted cruz both goi after the frononnner, dold trum fighting back- the questi, thgh, is it too te to stop him? leleo abc's s llamas in detroit with much more. hey, tomom >> reporte davod rning.g" there were sheated ehangng lastight, and there was a moment like nothing we have seen
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escribing it as increble, some as rilolo and oers as just plain gssss overninit, a aile-on of esti pportio.narururuenenng offffffit w w w bebe. rereed tmy handsdsif they'r'rsmall, something else muste all. i guarane yoe'e'e' problem. arartee you. >> reporter: the wild nigheven had a momeme of f n. that is not w wt you said in -- - >> donald, please, i know it's hard not to interrupt. >> but it's nott what you saidd in the op-e>v vrerere, brthth >8 lyiyied. >> when they'ze ne witthe yoga, can swer a queion?n? >> you canaot.t.@. i really hope that we don't se yoga on the e. >> he'veve flexible, so you u never know. repte t t frorofeins rd busisima>> hcan start t night by annonoci that all the d/nald trump clothing will no longer be made ichina d in mexico but will be ma here ininheted d stat. this little g has lie much. . >ere we g >> repororr: and his invvement
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that's the last t blly availablrating in 2010, ananit wathe result of the number of it was elelevated t tan " that's neneneneen publicl leed. ump hard >> the front-r-rner now in the has tutued ts thininto a sptaclcl he turned it io frk show repepr:uthe showdown n th didthapppp, p and co-mododoregyn kelly remaining civil after their ep ttleletethe rst debate., hi.. >> hello. >> how wre you doingng nice to be wi you, megyn. >>reatato have you here.e. >> you're looking well. you're looking well. as are you. eporte now tomorw the e four primary yontes, kansas, kentucky, losiana and mae. not a hugegemount ofofeleg but import any od the % candidates w w arerying to stop trump. david anrobin. tom llamama the last man stan outside that debate hall. thanks so much, tom. we'lsee you toninit on "world news ton." in the meantime, let's get
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>> we begin on wl streethere ininstors are getting some importt news about the onomy. the e e hlhljobs repept showow242,000 jobssere creed lasb month, far more thaha expe and couldld influence the federar serve to consider raising g terest rates soon. despitethat, the unemployment rate inebruary remained 4.9%. > well, overseas sha new rhoric f fm north korea isis mornrng. a ws a ar delivered the ssage thatatim jong-un has plpled the nor korean mitary on standby for nucarartrikik at any time. it comes days ter e u.n. approved the toughest sanctions on north k kea in 20 yea. the u. andouou korea arelw ussing an advancedissile defense stst to address the ing that. and a a a th art abobt the benefif pirin thismorning. a new study found people who to low dosaspin ery y for at l lst s s years had a 19% lower riskf developing colon cancer andnd 3% lower ri for
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caer screeningnd as always checwith your r n docoor beforereaking any changes to your daily regimen wewe, brking newewthisis hour abouthe deathf whitney houston's daughter. a mecacaexamamer i iatlanta says bbi kstina brown's s deatwas causy drdb inxication a ammmmsi in ter. e 22-year-d died in july six nths after s s was found unresponsive ihethb. the @uututsysys being unsealed today. and a surprising discovery at a border crossing in californ. n was being smuggled into thcountry inde the partially mofied gas tk ofs suv. he andvewere takak into c ctody. > finally theyl it rcmadness for a rereon. we're going to takyou to the high schl championships in ota. wawe high vers mshall. manahall traing by thr. the clock running out when the sink a thtee-pointhen in overtime both ams scored nin points thehein the second ovovtime bgth amored
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overtime, waca was down by three. thr only prayewas a a ll urha marar and t ty si it at the buzzererso they went into fouovovtime. the o@o@nding down, the e ore tied and another buzze beer, that was it. wasese, 10 marsll, 100. three buzzer beaters i ifour overtimesn >> that was g gat ply-play a aion, by thehway. i was jusust going to say, whihh one was on "sportstsntntnt >> amy right there. >> thank you very much. let's get a check on what's cocongngp here. lara. hank rin. orom mversre cong uourufari my gram th us toamper, to sform tprerevery desving "a" viewererer and it's ourost exciting "d"dcingith the stars"s"evea waitit u you see who is stororor the ballrm. cod ite ? i hope not. plus, speaki of dancing, the hot new trend taking or e rkout world. it'sur big b blywood dan rty. we're all l ing to lrn how and you can too/on " "od morning
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"gma's morng menu" is
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en your cold is thadad. need new therafluexpressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... mamustrength mededinin available without a prcrcrtiti.... fight your worst ca u symptoms... .so you can n el b btefafa and get back to o joat hand. new theraflululuremax. the poweto feel y y y're so beaeaiful >we welcome you back to jgma"a" and one of o o vy deservin hlei k kne hasot cut her hair in five yeaea. >> wow. >> they're taking nearly eit inches _ _.has brbre. r hands. wcan'n'wait te transformatitinde will cong up. all ght.t. it is time now for the moment x we've all been w wting for. intced you to theheirst competitor "fu house" " ar jodie eetin earlier is week.
8:12 am
cast member. who coite? um roll,leas come on ou >> yay. gger. p>> hi, g gs. >> oh, my gosh. >> good mog. >> = want toiss s erody. it'ltake too lon i wan toooo >> it's been way too long.g. >> tnk you. > love the hairir >> h h you look beaiful. >> wowow gosh, i am so -- >> it's a new me. >> w wt people don't know is that youre a ftastic scientis you love theweatat but, girl, can y y danan. >> we hope. i don't know. i'i' had a coue of rehearsals. don't k&ow i iat's true anymore. >> why don't w wta a look and let everybody see yoyo jouou to "dancing wiwi the." r own extreme zehas s fear fr dcing live on "gma." >> are youidding me?e? gingng zee. whoa!
8:13 am
>> hey, nger, you u ow wt's comimiexnow, you can go on "dancing with thstars." >> skydivingngo exploring g dden wonds.% >h, my gosh.>>eporter:n ta on the` joys of mothererod j jt weeks ago. h,h,aby boy adrian making d%d%d into our "gma" mily. >> what time dididwa us s thisorning< >> oh, he does every threeo four hours overnight, , it's s ju l l lslslpipi for " "a." >> reporte and g gger's next chchlee gets a chance e provov she's a natural b performer though h h dance experience is minimal. her momosasa sheheives 110% towas whatever she d ds. >> i thinkith enough confidence you will seher finish out d dinininy y y he ls. ththcheerleading sad in schohoa memb of lparaiso uninirsity y nce team pand now shs ready to dance away with thatatirrrr baba trophy >> oh, boy.
8:14 am
big cheering section. >ing, i love you ke wawa thucucuc, and i'm here for you as a aays asasouove e throroh thisisremely exciting anfun experirice.. >>h, my gogo. >oodnes >> wait t minute. >> oh, my gosh. >> i have a quick question. oh, )es. >> that lilile frie mb, waat jr n n w that yr ancing wite ar- >> that was "dancing witthe stars" -- ththfirst thini i nt in there and ty showed me tht wardro. >> interesting you did this.s. >> it was a a aot showing and >o o y. >> zou looked great. gugu, shshjust had a baby.y. incred. >> you have "dancing with the stars," you' going to still be workg here amama >> yep. >> of course, primarily you' a a momma lite adri. momom first. >> mommy first, so hohoare i u g to balance it l? >>hat'the thing. this is what i want, to do it for him anshowow- and i thin a lot of moms can obabab say, it's tougho go bacto work.k. i'm just gng to dive fullylyn and take e ery single day as it comes and do as mu for him. i hava to tell you -- >>s going to traral with yo
8:15 am
diaperer >> ben is going to b bdoing a lot. sosoy, baby. ththrehearsasa theirst pump. like i'm already running into the obstacles. baby y ain. >> oh,o.o. it is s#t just abo manymore gog to be a big -- >> youon't want to fge that, trust meme so can you reveal to us who > can. thih is so excitg. it's more exti than the -- the number one. >> oh, that's awesome. >> how luckykym i? w cky am i?@ >>ououre very luluy. mwah. hi, val. already good to see eououou thank y y very much. >> gininr, you got aininr. >> i@ meaea i could not have asd -- when i walkededn, the first time, so they genuinely ririd me and i walkekein and i s#reamam i fully went -- didn't expect hi i dot ow why. >> i wasasy flattered.. it w awesome. >> how areer moves s-- we e know ginger fromomhe parties and
8:16 am
good on ththe floor alalad >> yeah, mean, i don't want to kekeer too cky but -- omethi telel me you n't. i've sn yoyo th your dancncs.s. how many hours araryou u l practicici each day?.>> it's beenenike,hat, fr, five hrs. we need todd- we just nene to work. thth a lototf work ahead of us, so this is njoke like this no o some twtwls he danloor>> has incdible pontiaia and she rely wants to do well and i just wanto help her stay super mommy and >> and i'm lucky because he is ch a great teacher already. with ino firsthand. >> i'm a duck in the water. >> my 5050 anniversary -- 50th ninirsary? my0th rthday.. wow, youaugh me how oetoto val. sprongngock me t. how are you gointoork the schedule b bng herin n n york and w that gog toto work going back and rth. >> we're going tooly and we're ing to make it w wk. whatevev i i ikes. lots of flyi.g baba and fth
8:17 am
praccingngrehearsing here. >>ououlomem to make it easier -- >> i'm frorom new yoyo so i lololo this. is is so awesome. >> whichakese e elood. >v have you become unc val to adri? >> i haven't metdrian yet. >t's going to happen.n.h. he wi. 'v'vthe u he d.d.d.d. so thattd iorgot ehpumu. hahato pump that daynd i w was likethiss what we do..i mean, it's gngo be a a p p of oururoutine. >> it't'a beautiful part of motherhood andususembrace every bit of speaking of motherhood, we have another special guest. >> another one? >> we havenother spe gugut. come on out.t. come o oout. your mom is here. >>o way. >> yes, ur mommy. hey. >> oh. >> hi. >> you he makeup on. oh, you look grere. >> ginge y're tearing up ju seeg yoyo mom in the terview and thershe is liviv >>h. >> oh,y gonene >>hebably y st like t'get out here and see baby. >> te. >> sheheevereasese surprise yo
8:18 am
she doesn't. >> wow. b b this is crazyzy >> t tis crazy know, i kno i can't believe you'u' goi to oing this, andnd just realal -- i'so exciteded@ youw how -- - mymyosh. probabot a acited karl. >> hs my spdad. mygogo, h like -- 's crazy.y you're going totoe in l.a.a watchi h do it. >> yes, yes, and her sisters, yep,plnd herad. t tvelingngcrosthe country now. e's like a jet-setetr baba and forth. >> you'll see ououface in the lace too. you know we'll brooting for you and i think we have something thate'll be weararg. 2lh,h,o.o. >he obvious. >> yes. >> team m e. >> yesesesfinitely. yes.$ >> can i have one of th >> sure, sure. >> wre going to ed i i we'll nene all of yoyo help so ease -- >> should we text ououvote now? >> yh,ig.. >> srt t tting. y got the b bt. >> i i s >>in you l lk amaming >nk you
8:19 am
>> rian,t'sss b beeoing well? >> he was almost 1pounds. . thisisiu is growininlike a w wd. st nighte slslt like ten hours straight. >> that's awawome. yoyore goingneed t t t >> 18 months. >>eally? >s ere e dance that you think shs got -- that's her natututu i don't k kw.. i think s goi"o well inll o >> dyou fefet t mforble e with one? >> i mean, ihink i le the latin ones but i thinkt's not my natural but that's i think i am. in my head i i very this but it's not apparently.y. >> i can't waiaito see her in an elemeneni don't think anybod alli seeher every day. i an, sphe -- you kn, ananso i was a little nfusedwhs a a teorololist but doest studmeteors. >> we' w wking o othe science papa. >> both ways here, the training. but want to seeeeer do the tango,o,ou kw,wpasdoblbl memeinmorerama >> i want to see that too. cats. i knkn what you an >> thank you. >>inr said when e comes
8:20 am
i can see why.y. whoo. what is it that u're wearing? >> i like that cologne. greatatogne there. >> j just want to know if he smellsike her. we ld go on that.t. tunen next tsd wn we reveal the entirirnew caca of "dcing with tht t ars." t inrview and as of ancing with the star premionday, m 212121 lel%s owrob inl. b. eyrob.b.b. >> h, ro >> hrobin, we're here i guarantee you she s bebe dancncmoves than i have look who i woke up with in vail. [ cheers and applae e these guysre all part of the trail which is youtu developmtncenter based aro snboarding f fnded by jake and way, anantneir site, u'rere lateteoday. 's gng to besoso. nd rock star in a bd that doesn't kw how play the guitar. you' see that lateteon. th storm moving off e east
8:21 am
the snow wiwl be winng dow birm-uan yeah, we're gog totoet fresh pow ouhehe. let's hear i ir pow w w ng i sunday, monday, tae will get npay, monday, tahohowiti getet fit an t\' tet as the drdrght continues s ere. everetet today: it wille paly to mo ou. highs will warm into e e s and 70s,s,ut a cd frfrt is excted to begi sliding through sohern corado ring the afternoon. the t wi kick upp the ndhis afternoon, it t ll also help totspread across ste.he latest model runs shohothat this f f is too dry to prompt q q signinica rain or snow in southern colorado though an isolated sprinkle i't out of the questiti around our local mountains, ininuding teteererer county. all right. i'mmoing to >ll r.
8:22 am
let theseseuys give me some titi. we're gog to huck. we're gointo send it. we're gog to rip. theye like, thih is just not gog to go ll. to, by the way,y,y, ndututhere you and yououkiki can get inlved ithis greatorganization. . >> i l le the sosod of that. what's going on with the s srt >> i think all thr of us n fit in this. >> is this supseto hug your muscsc? >> they have elalaic waistbands on the arm.. we're not susu but we'll be weqeing g em >> with pride. >> w%wll getetome opopews"s"nd we're so used to seeinin paparazzind celebs pitltlt t each oer. "batman v superman," so it was a strange moment when this photog asked jo mayayayf he would sing at his wedding.g. john politely ined b heid offer a really nice solution. a t p photog for his fiancee's namemend he staged a paparazzi ambush even coururgg the pho scam o out auen, he sahead nollt. 88 ction.n.n.>> heyhnanhing you wan
8:23 am
>> no, the onlyly thing i want t tsay is cgratulations to kststst i wish you a great lifif >> t tnks,oh seeleisisthat n ne? >>ery nicece congraralationon i ielieve that that is a s)gn for world peacece celebrity, paparazzi, if they y can get alonon >>e l can. i have t stevens playin eace train." i just wouldldike to s s on is friday can wall geon the peace ain? >> y y, thank you. and now it'er. > yeaeaea haha a greatay, evybody. sometimes it'sgheingng grgrn-up work issues, relationship stress, sometimes you just want to go back and talk to t tt ecial chdhood friend w w was al there f f y, listened.never trd makitbout him or her.. day is t tt day, peoeoe.e. it ibrbrg yoururction gu to work k y. >> wow. >> tt's s ght. this w born whenen man broughthh his s en titan actiofigure work i i ow you're excited. u n ld spider-n. he bught h actioigure to work i in 2014. hehared the phohosocf the susurhrhoes pod all ovov his officece
8:24 am
facebobo event and, v#ila,a, america'a'inner year-o emerged. if you bring your action figure work today, we would like you share a pto with h e #a#ad, tion figure rkday 2016 and plse k kt e posos ---- >> k kp it cle. >> thank y y. you have a rite w wn you were youounger >> spider-ma i i d like spidimama this would work but when i show up in the newsroom they're going to be like -- they're going to have serious -- - - >> you havto e elain it's a national holiday. thth's allll havto s s. he knkns you. >> well, on that note i'd ke you meethchubby racco. . >> okay. everybody, sasahelllltotohe bybyaccoon. his s mes pangoo, whicic translatedn inese means n n i have seconds. earl hasn't'missss a meal qte a whi. hee isrying to sneak back into the kitchen to hit th fridge. e do hane juju o o of rereh. i say, pfoo, consider it your workout, d that, everybod is "pop news."
8:25 am
>> i know. >>here do you u ndnd brking n ns that yocor?p we don't. i mean, robin, you know tt. ga. thank k k lara. reveal. we're long this. modeashleyegraham and the glam squauaare helping three "gma" traraform, and yore goioi to see that ey're having a goot timim you'll seeeet live. >> dance moves. >> and bololwood is taking over. >> in e workt world. >> the eov coming up.
8:26 am
mah 4th. i'm mi everet today: it will b b partlyo momoly cloudy. highs will rm i io thth60s anan 70 but a cold fronon expected to begin sliding thugh soutrn coloror ring the aftnoon. the front will kick up the wind this afternoon, but it will od morni. it's 8 87 am, friday rc4t i'mike everett. day: it will b rtly to mostly oudydyhis wi warm io the 60s d 7ps, but cd t is peedo beben slidinthrough ringhe afternoon. the ts afternoon, bututt will also helel spread the ate. the lates model nshow thisronttotodrto om aigficant rainr/snsn in southtrn corado although an ol sprinkle isn't outf e ques ad our inuding teller coco. r
8:27 am
springk-nine rch h i'm mikiever day: it ll be partly to mostlyly cldy. his wi warm into the 6060and 7070ut a a#ad front isis expect to bebe iding rough soofficer has caught anoer futive... making it the second capture in a week for t dog. investigators y ththarrest was de i ithe eighghhundred- dlk of sununt road yesterd afternoon k-nine broc was with the offifirs w wererepondinin to a crime tip at the ti. he helped
8:28 am
outstse of a me. frederick s wanted on several warrants. he tri to run ... but t ococ caht up to h. sohehn rado is ng together thth morng... to remember everythinghe unity ha ovoverme. ahd at ght-56.. fin out how paso county itelling people to march fourth and conqr r ter r severarent tragedies. king a live
8:29 am
welcomeackt "a."" llywd tin ove times square thi mlrning. we ave a h he party, a dance party,ut too hahaen. definitete a t tmemetoday.y. we just learnedinger -- >> ginger zee,evybody.y. next. >> i c't sp watingg gio. >> we're alloing to take tay turn. >> , you're@ goioing up there -- >> iseisteni tame song oh g g. > thud talk. should talk. >>exactly.y. >> you'r'r gng to make m m do tpis.. the mov taking t wld by ststm. it's s sh a aood workokt. you'll want to stick around f this. we'e' walk thelk. > meanwhihi, rob istandning by hey, roron. >> ey i i over here.
8:30 am
we have a a bigakeor real. all morni long@veeen trsforming thra" momom $ o want to revamp tir styles. we'll brjnghem o in jus a moment but f fst i'me w wh ashleeomabehind themakeovers andnowsppeay and styleomes in all shapes a a a a size >> yes. >> from the runway and ted carpet, to theer ofsports illululutetes" swimimitissue.e. >or theirst time evever, pthere are three vers. >> ashlegrahamammak( storory as a model,esigner and body actctisisutut tve oee - fll t hat beauty tru doese si.e tnk of ity sisi. >> now she's bringin her own andfonfidenee t t her new fashion ine@t dress barn thihi year was beyond expectatio of what peoplpl thought a womom myiziziz could o in fashion. >> reporter: urgin u to go beyond labels to love and emwer ououelels.
8:31 am
>> ieelexy andi feel feararss. >> why? causus she iexy and arlele. hl,,s great to haveoy hehe. >ha you. >> i know you'v'v had the lingerie linut now you're having -- >> my first ready t wr csllection with dressssbarn. so excing. it a gorgeous dress colltion. sosoxcited to presentt with youu`. >>th's wondererl. i don't know how y d i it but you do. >> ^ouust d it.. >> you find a way and youoit. do i i sowell. i lov yourspir. . >>hank yo aayo chun athreome here ty'rehereh the famili. they a hav a spepe stoto behind$themmnd w t wantet@ toevamam t style lookt emeaiful families to begeg with. t the just wand a lite somethini. >> givinghem a little o o oomph wi eeyondy ashy gram ess collection at dress barn. >> beyond. >> ye beyond, ney. st i i kate and i understand kate has lost 30 popods since nember and she wanted to havee a newlook.
8:32 am
her a little seer. , you seeheheadies re, ye, ah, ah. >> ahree of th. thhere's kate. >> kat is ihe pink. >> she has l lt 30 poundsince novevber. >es, and ashigh is a mothe of three and alia is a mother of five teenagags. >> wow. >> she's g t t g gduatatg high school this sme sooting r in ggeous gduation dress,s we. very exciting. >> are you rdy to see the transformation? araryou rea to s the transformation? me on out.t. come outut te.. chee a applause ] wh. >>isha. ashlele >>ey >> allthe. >> you guys look amazing. >> oh, my ooess. >>ate jt lost 30 poundsds tern a dress and on e s se they've g gotot- we've sot this great ruching a a can make it really tigh slimimming.thers ruching that goes evywherere w do you el,,kate? >> awome.e. >> you#feelgoeousus >> gorgeous. >> you look insane.
8:33 am
baby cr@rying, oliver looked ove likes that me? is that min over ththe crying.. you had the@atest be in ptember. >> s. so t this is a date nightlook. hleigh said she feels insane in the back. she's a teaer o she not going t t wea this too schoo but she's s finitely@aoing to wear it when they are husband hfut to go dadaing, dinner, righ for surere >> a a i'm not reaeayy a hug printttlut these brush strororo are fny girl who's not a girlrtoo te i it to ananhe level a al. >> u havive teenererfi>>evn y d. >> nono notallyly what d d y y think of mom ntleman. >>ks go. >> yes. whahadid you alisha doesn't have - she doesn't really have a lot off hi so w w wanted to create an hourglass on her so that's exactly what weeidid with titit and flflr dress h he by b buty
8:34 am
thrhwing thattn there o more me for you but alishaa said shelos prints and likes to fl rely girlie so w ante toput tt witit her peal okay. i want to ask some of the fily membersver . all right, so,, so,so. what do you think? >> oh, my god. she l amazing. i l lehedreses erything. thananyou u muc re pud of momma? >> yeah. >>reood enagers,ll ofu? do y behavav >> of courur.yeye >> youer get a chahae to see ur mom dre up. >> . >> h birtrtay. >> who is t ts overhere? >> what's your name? >> a >> it't's worthh .. you know what, your family love you. they lov lov you. love you. it's wondeul you wantete d something special like this. what does your familil meaea t t u f f the to see you like th. everythi. >> iteaea a l l to . >> it's spspl. we've been throu a a lot thi year.
8:35 am
>>ousook amazizg. anklso t glam squ exrt key rtle forng a a autiful jobith theairrrd makeup.. canne s st ofhem over e? ey look great ove there. that's our glammm squququ that lped in the dark. >> les go bacack to rob in vailil thank you#a very ch. >> hey,robin, the kids ve droppedheie boards becau i needll t help ian get. l right, l me soard here te feet l riow am doing? jojoahre we doi allight alalrit. rton u.s. open snowboard chamamamships hapavnini this eeenen i i ot mpetg.breakikk news there.let't'o over the forast f f e rtheast. we've gotindcdcllat are goin to be, well, pretty chilly tomorrow sonce@ the snow moves out w wre cling for temperatur t t t tl very winterlike s just brace yourselfor that but bce urself for a bit of a a warm-up.
8:36 am
50s i cgandewor and 6060s st. lis and the rai and s sws moving io san francisco a a i see you guys d d a lot ofthis. , gosh th is pnful at my age. l righ everett. today: it will be partly to mostly cloudy. . ghs w)ll warm io th60s s d 70s, but a c cd frt is expepe to begisliding rough sohern colorado during t tftereron. the front will kick up the windhis !p!prnoon, but it wi also hp to spreaea more clouds across the state.e.e. latest model runs show that is f fnt is too dry to prompt any significant raib osnow in southern colorado although an isolated sprinkle isn't'tthe question aroununour locacamoununs, inclcling teller county. s wett thiss& atheast is ght t ty ki's'shahaan. nowe'rerealkiki abobo snowardi b iemrac in, thehemps cay. erersnene guyphoookkhe olpicsyym. sna, e t t ea nowow --ess aut a mow staingg hugh jackman. i gototot sp down witit hi. this guypas azingn grit and determinat
8:37 am
l lking ri reporter: paparazzi in a a frzyz over a a a 52-yeaeaol brithlasterer p,p,p,pterer. >> my broth is a@aplasterer. my dad isplastsrer. all my ules wer sot' i in the dn >> reporter: this guy may be ed for construction bute became famams for this. >> that's a british record. reporteeet the reaeaea eddie the eagle o in 19 8 becheuz ofr >> hid it go >> i w wtihakier a shakier.r >>eporter: annkhnown derdog and unlikely sports hero. >>opefefly within the nt yeye or so i iill bome a wld assumr butt the momen i'm the best skiki jnnrr that britn has. >> r rororr: so you accomplplh yourream o b boming a olympian a ayoup satfihe familyly legac byeing a plasteres well. entually i wen ol,id megege b en still criedn my teri a cructn and i wa just happy d dng thats i s ski jumping.
8:38 am
>>eddie, you areot ann hlete. >> yourrfather accately portrad as b bng very b bck and whit >e wawa als verer suprtive juststn a dififferentway. he would work extra hours, d - tra jojobs too bri i a t of extra money andnd he would help me. >> thiss not fa. >> repter: the actor that plays him in t moe, a spng image. >> it s lik looking in the mi and i thoug,, mygo yo lkeusthepayayd ygo > yhi ma hwhatttakes be a rea@ jujuer. >> i thinknke woul be great. nono of myy coaches were ever as goodooki as hughh jackman. >> reporter: amidst the glamour ofaving a movie@ made off his life h message remains the sameme you never gave up. at amm idoing, this is stupid, was there ever a time for that. nevev. en i i broke things or sleepipi in the @car, didn't know e my nt ml w w , i neverhogingup. >> ioio tee that as a message as i try tot snoward. i loved the movie and i lovo h h message.
8:39 am
it hurts. ahahi love it. we talked abouteddie the e eagle." you know about the fing tomato but have you everrr heard of the flyi herma? got it right here. yeah, baby meteorologistctwistig ..s.haiohiapn@ thekd. dobleepasnight. knowwe werellkingat like new someththg w coming. >>ave great bs weend, b. ve f with yr frnds. thank you. >> weeot the advil back for you here. >> we do. that movie is so swet. hihihi recommend i especially forr kidsnd there's s something that when i tk tough jackman out i, he said you don'tave to win to be a winner. it's about doingour best,( ng your best ieth i rlly "opop coming u h ongma, o
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
it'sive next.. dancinis b mondaymarch 21st. gingeree and jodieweetin join "dancing with thetars." >> love it >> and this tuday, the rest of the cast will be realed. live on "good morning america." abc tuesday. last nig it wa trump versusveryone and tonight the aftermath. plus, closing arguments in the er andrews ca.
8:43 am
million in damages?togh on "world news tonight" david muir. you just can't stop moving when you hear the music. is our bollywoonce party, and 've got moves re taking over the world, movies like "slumdog minaire" and videos like this one from selena gomez. part of a hot new workout craze. we have sarina jain and doonya dance eator priypandya. welcome, ladies. two very distinct dances both great wkouts.s. priya, want to ask you what is it about iian dance that's so joyfu it makes us want to move?& p>> it's about joy. we have priyanka chopra, that. >> i'm in. is thatecause - looks pretty darnegoodod ur dan is an i ierestitg combmbation of four different t& nces. we're gog totoeo a aamplingn
8:44 am
that's a good sign. firsi want tgo over to crcrcrcrcrarina,a,eaeaeank,, you will. tell us about your danan >his is masalbhana,a,a,indidi dance workout. i ead d 17 yeararago known and i'm known as theane fonda of i iia, wh! >> y y y y ]ane fonda a >> a g ititn at c cnch fitness e the bennnng. >t t s. wee e t rachelelmith.. u haveveveittle gl, . 'm g wkekeg mymy wowotpesesand thisisroro is s energetet, lala. is t thihi e eyo dod hough, rnonoananrs? loo i t tnknk'm'm picng i up okay, guys rhtht [ chchrs a a appppppe e >> wt does tha mememe it meanan whoo! >> we gots firir m me.u gofivesi seven, dhol beat, one, twothree, airjrrts arms . now this wks your upper body and d ururegs,s,y. s your u uer body y d yo lele. >> yeah. there yououo. >> nice.e.e. >> bollywowo bututrfly. give me yourur. >>ndndndso. >> fiviv sixven, eht. this works y yabs anupper dy.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> one, two. >> celebratete whwh!! nice >> i wish h had at. i got at. thehe you go. >> here we go,uys. and your dy. >> now the third move called angra groooo. u're g g toaketownndndndndu'reoingg to use your gs, squeeze your butt and ln over, alalalghgh here we go. arms out, shouluers. ah, t t harar two,.move. oooo. yeah, yeah. bollll bolly. fi. there you go. >> thank you. i'm heading this way so, yove got a vererertive dance there. tell me a little b aboutut doonya. how is it different? >> i iis super easy. full body workout coming from all cultures of india. u know, millionsnsf ople are doing i whether it's on dodoloading r series on un or doit at o studi nerk city. evne can do it. there's millions doing it.
8:46 am
>> it's not super eaea but i sweating and i'm not doing it totally wrong. >> here's our bolly tap. we're goinghto take it around in a circle >> i c't really do it. >> that's ay. we got our village wave. celebrating and then some high cardio high happy knees. >> fe, six, seve eig. and tap. here's your abs. and up. hut, huthut. >>nd whether it is doonya or masalahangra, the boywood danceworkout did a strenuous, fun, happy experice. gio is doing rachel is doing it. pe you guys s ve eoyed it. we want to say thank youery much. >> thank you so ch. >> keep onancing because we're coming bacwithctress joan allen here on is fday editn of "good morning
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
joan allen. she stars in t new abc show "the fs the moer of a ypo rerupeteteyears s afafbfgoinmissing, andn isisis clclipipipwieeeeeejuststowowpepete she i & help,p sonecover. take a aook.p.p you're his do, alright. pu u4pposososo o finhim.m.m. >> he's noa broken toilet. he our son. >> no, no, he's not. he's n n our s s.usus he'e'-- hisis there somemeere. plsejust help us find him. and joaalden is tsda between that rololololyoyo credible perererancecen n "rooml" u really y ye dedeeded inin thesychchchomen with sssschqljren was this just a coincidence? these roles came up back-to-back. walete cococidence. i i s flflbergtewhen i
8:50 am
walikewhwhs th? s crczczczcz pt totoeaeaeactnl ththgh brie@e@e@e@e@o@ ststctctct a a ae oscarsn you weren't there but you were watching from home. >> i was. i was. i was so thrilled.. just -- she did suc an credible, injededle job and she was so gcis toto everybody and onhe red cpet, she was beautiful and d ghghgh soeserveit. >> ? eas r rlly t t bel of . >>ese was. >> t%tbor character. she's actually the mayor of the , correct? yeses the s sry spans uen years. it t prentntherere'm e yo the townd yosthihihias been n kikiapped d s been fou you u ow, reunit with e @ faly, and then it also cuts back to ten years in the east wh the ly abdted d d d d ouou s s o i i ind of juxtapes t t t t t t te e e frires. . >> i w reading about the rearch you did about b the mayor of town. werereg sosfidid cls. i did
8:51 am
th the popation n n 75,5,0 0 0 100,000, and you see, you know, all different types. itininresting, b i i i waheyoyoow, , ving cscsconferereeeenowww just how they bene in blicparenen andt wawas lpful. andndo ofofn does in sitons, )t ri milies a....tatk aut theheramamamaensusu th your fafafaheheyo sonon comes w wl,l, k kw, havqna child be k k kpppppps`lili thehe worst t ghtmare ofofen any m@lyand so theheuma of , f fme of responds to it in their own way and kind of tries to rk through the trauma. ctctcti ininigs hehe wato w wk momomo my d d dter's s s acter that alal payaybecoco religious.the st s s d dnks, the sband d araro o i i de you kn bututt t t calyst ofofojojojojclysmic c ent >ese shattered glass over the e e ictus it a, ght?t? >>ctsf`@ >> joan alle thank yo mu for stopping by. we appe e , anan"the family" airsunday nits a
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
> "g"gd moama"a"a" to y y y 8thaflu. power feebett. >> you guys got here like a millisecond bere. >> we were doing some llood dancg. >> wwere she owing me her mes.
8:55 am
8:56 am
news."mamah h h.h. i'm mike everett. today: iwiwi be partly to mosolyly oudyn)his wi nto o e 60d d 70 butut colfront is cted to begi sliding through southernololado duduring the afternono. the fronick up e e nd t ts afternonn, but it will also help to spreaeaa more clouds across the state. t t latest model runs show t at thisisront itoo o y promom anyignificant raiar snow in southern colado althou a aisolatat spsn't o of f e queseson aunour local mouns, including teller . it's survivo day y el paso p co. county commmmsiers
8:57 am
to q ote mamaurthth d conqnqnq.. after recent tragedies... including last far's'shoototg on halloen ananane d hood shoitingng the prprlamama so recnizes s ehehegers rst sponders a ar ce. e commisisiser aloied out at multiple naturara dissters l le thwao o o canyon and blk fore reand mamar olol brought the mmunity together. the ganizer ofurvivor's y id we're allll sususuors of thing... r its a lost job, or eveve
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>8s ive! with kelly@& chael." today, frothe new film, "whisk tangooxtror,"a fey. and st of the hitrama, "quantico,"""" priyanka . uswewee ickk o o "ve"'ss ashbk aynd wwa you to join@n@ in. alal n next ononli."." [capaponong mama p psie by diey-abcbcomestitelevision >> and n nerare yr emmy-a wningngo-hohos,4


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