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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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new infoation on the t o- alarm fire oth eastof colorado springs. we're live wit detaililnl it's just a fact that seatbeltsts ve lives, pepeod. the largest schoolololtrict southn colodos making some upgrgres to scuses. details on the buload of @ change may be a bit brbrziererarlierf mps will stillll t into the 60s0s0s d 70s, thanks windsdsixing. the cool air will lag a bit, but we ou start to el the drop p the afternonn.n. saturdayill end up abobobo-10 0 cooler, , t drdr good afafrnoon teood thank you for joing g or krdo newschannel 13 at fov.. i'm rob ounm. and i 'm danan clemens in for heather skold and if youe seeing smo near f ft carson, we've arned there are two fires burning on training ranges. one firererein the turkey creek area... it's burned five aes, s/ rv the oth fifi is 90 per contd, but haburned four acacs. fort
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y no homesesr r people are in danger. a h fire near andale is w 0 percent contaiaid. firefighters re back in the arar this morning. the fire started wednesday and burned tee- huhud acres. no suctus e thre. and the da rathth ne..... feli sprprg sornlora. buth dik ck u...... usg con for fi danger. is is a liveve look at cons and tempererere e s stormtracker 13's rachael plath h t tin the cooler tempererures a a we head into t weekend. ile y b0 a few sprinkles around intoheirst part of tonight, most will stay drdrwithth partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. tonight lows will drdr into the 20s and 30s. tomourow w
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cooler t tnks to today's coco be eoo b b. sunday gets windy y fo our next system moves . momo onn n anans
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we are following brbrking news in ththrace the white whouse.. republican ben carsonas ofally dropd out of the racecetoy hennounced he is leavingnghe mpaign trail. thmove"comes one day y ter cars she didn't see a quotot "polilical papa forward" for s campaign. d tuing to dedesi 21010.... democrcric prpridential candndates arere prepararg for thr r xt debate6 6 whe g-o-p candidates are back oe trail after last night's s bate donald tru announcing todadaheheilno longer speak at the annual conservative confab cpac this weekend in maryland. in a statement, the ump mpai said the gop front- runner wilil instead atterallies in kansas s and florida.a.
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nald trum rallieie p michig p wh's coanrd calling t protrs- hittingtheheedia-- and thday after mitt mney ld out the case against him in salt lake city- romney: watch how he responds to mymy speech today. will he tata aboutur policy differences or will he attack me with eve imagininle low road insult? trump delivered. tmp: st m mt dona trump w w wruru our econony. ? mitttis a stupid person./i hate peoplehat t k k ey're hostuf and they're nothing." " " marubio ininin asaschoing romnmz's concer. rubio--if he's o nominee, he willll spl the repupuican party. and it will be the end of the modern conservati vememe. buwith trump winning 10 out of 15 states, so f f-can he be stopopd? some s sgested a brokered convention-the chairman othe republican tionon cocoittee said the odds are small. priebus-i would susuest that it's to win. he spto conservative gathering in washgton ere trumwas` expected appear tomorrow but ld them m day he was cancelli. ted cruz today in maine s asked ethehehe'd considerniting wi marco rubio on a joint ticket. cruz: what s ser tuesday demonstratededs if you want to aton trump, ours is the only campaign thatat
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statat, saturday republans will compete inifour contests- democrats three and will bateten mimiigan on n sunday. veators are still looking into@what cacsed a fire thastroyed tw homes....... .i.ithe 32+ + hundd block bno circle southea do springngfirefifit springs.fight ers are stil@ heren scene checking for hotspots andnd cleaning up so brbr. is is a live ok a ae ene.... itllarted just before nn. fire crews were dispapahehe here on a callllf a ructe fire. en they arrived, they found that two homes hahabeen affected. one is destroyeyehe
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both homes e uninhabitablblb 23wewetaking al precautitiary approach to this so we make surur our r refighters e sasa. we have not done a fu search of the iginal fse yet.e are going to lo that.. i ia , c/ncise fafaion to make they're safe as they do it 55 at fire okesman also tetes me about 40 refighters rereonde beuse e the size andeverity of the f fe seatbelts seaelts o. hool buses? 's b b b b nationwide discussion for ars. and nono..the biggest school distctn colodo spris is ming the move. stri eleven wiwi be e e first iv oururtate to install seatlt on its buses. krdo channel 13'sp dananmolina explains what's behihi the decision students getting on a d-11 bus will soone to buckle up. adminininito rs wiwiwroll out t e pl later r is year174:55
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we c c start implementing it. eventually we' see all our buses th seat belts on t tm. thehe ea has been und diususon for r ar but lalalate last ar.... the national highway trafafc safe adminsitrati endorsed the use e the three- int stem seat belts. the idea is to keke somethin li this ..from happening in theventnof a ash. :39:51 i thinknk it's a great i ia, kidsdshoululhave seat belts aalal times. but notot everyone feels th way.y.any y& online show skepticism...s aying ergency situations belts uldo more hm than good. not according to d-1 17:450 with side impacts and montous dring, seatbelts hava been shown t epdents safe. ananit's just a fa that suatlts save s,s,s, d- 1111l s art e plememta on ree busese thisear. stananp some these new busesell be retrofitttd. s s s these backs will be replaceded wiwi seat bebes already on them. administrato rs sayhe the point system here is key to ep students safe. in colodo spris, da molina, krkr newschanne l 13.
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phasututs ey buy new buses withseatbes. e pueblo ciion of realtors is s takiction to make the community bettery partnering with the local school dirict. for about six eks real estegent haha beeee memeoring kids from district 60 meing o o discuss schooland life. the f assosoion wawas to help kids wle imimoving e school districtsts the main school they arer woing th w he pueb,acamy of artrt dndn appea were perfngt th level lf o ate scolo we wanted to do what we could do, we approached the district and in k-nd o oa join decision we dededed that 'd s srt a mentor program. th
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the program can expapa. the milita is starng to reuit n for at js, inclelelg as navy seals. that meansnse could s%e women --ing in the previously all- male marine cos arar infantry urits, & by the fall. e u-s spial operatns command sa it expects lz a small number of female volunteers for s codo jobs. thna says it already llte issions paqs from veral perspecte se candnd and coulsee women n in e6level enlistednd ofofofr training mberer defense secry as rter is babaing the plans.s. da a ao onal hug a soldier day.y. it's a time e remembmb the sacrific and ships made by mility meers d their families each day. deployment,t unceainty and separation f f family and friends can al ta their toll. accordinto a 2015 be star mili survey. almoso a f frt of service ers, veterans, and their mily rereivedental health counselili in the st y yr. a ststf sergeant at hrieier air
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statned there for r yearar but he teaeaing some i iortant lessons s rey. he's learned those lessons from his wrwrtling ach. dodo wschannel 13's's greg m mr shows us how this air rorce staff rg is cororor stro.... nats - wrwrwrininisn't a a sttime for staff sergea msis thoma nata of hihing ... it was aife- ver sot: i had to work myself off, doing the training i had to do. he identifies with these kids g the e t .pts - because without it, hehe not sure he'd the susuess s @is today. sot: it's one of the srtat's all you. no one can takeke that ay from y. before staffff sergeantnthomama served in the r rce, he grew iprprt using. he ner lived a h he with hispauntihe was nine. t en in hiteenenyes,e often got in figigs in hool.. and was even arresdet was thks t ta coach,h,hat everything changed. sot: he came up to me anan said 'hey why don't you give i ia sh'. i s out there by mylf, eventually got into ot, a a got addicted t tit. it's been a paf my life er sincnc months of hihiown trainini led to a betr focu. a tter mindset. sot: it's one of trts, that oncncit gets your adadna pumng, it only yourseseyo have to woy about the things you havap ing on. you're trtrng yououelf, you're battling yourselfnobody else isisnobody can te th froroyou. so w hehe actctg that coach to others. nats - standup: staff seseeant tmas has only been at schriever for r er a year,e already bs 15 students. . t if youou ask them, it's about morerehan a sport. sot: when i go to practice and wrereling, he's alwlws there loooing out fofoevery
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tches - en if it's a tgh o o sometime kid sot: hehe not become a coto me, he's come a father figurere to me. a sond dad almost. sot: see themlimbing that samemeadadr r had . but it's the leleons takekef the e ringng. thatate stf sergnt morrrr thohos, lorado strong. . ctle ck, , eg millerkrdo newsanne13.
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the stafaf sergeant's team won fth place at a state champion this year at's tir first state e competition nce being orgagazed. sur bo fifimvp n mierers goin fr t grgron to dance flr. the nver broncos s defensive end will be a a contestant o e neseason abc'c "dadaing with thehstats". ller has been knowto do celebratatn dances after sackini&i&posing ququterbacks, so of h have e enehim frfr the nfl. you can watc "dananng w wh the stere on krdo newschannel 13 starting my,
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and thatf bringss to today's web question... we want to know ...... you ink von miller shoulde focung o o ncing g his contract. afe atat krdo-dot-c-c... or on our r facebookokr twter.. at krdo newschananan13. employees around uthern lorado a a receivinihih mysterious emailslsn their r inx.x. in our target 13 alert, wewel show y this latest i-s s sm. also, those e beautiful cherryry
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e gegeing ready bloom. when you can tch the e nualal
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a warm and windy afternoon... the winds dedenetly pickikg up as we head
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weekend. you're takina liveveook at cocoitionsnsns d mperature e storm tracker 13's chiefef meteorologist rachaeaeplh has a look a your wkendnd weather.r. 's goioi to be a coolight with light wind. . morrow will be a littoor than it was day, bututt'll still bebebove avavage. i imay be bbeezy at times throughout the day, w wh h mostly cloy skies. your colorado spngs 7day foreststhows temperatates rming intotohe upper 60s onon sunday, but tt will be ch windier aheaeaof our nene systete yourppueblo 7day forecast shows a chanan fofoowows onon monday and tuesday. youru canon citydada forecast show 50s and 60s through h e nextxt seven days. your telelr coco 7day forecastws a chance for owers monday, tuesday and agaion dnesday. thank you rararal l the beautiful l er blossom stival in n washhgton d.c. is almost he! so if you'u' planng a trip to d-c the end o e month may a od time to go and catch the blblsoms. the national park service has announced the
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bloom -- when percent of theblossoms are opop. this year, the stiviv runs om march 20th througapril thth it commemoriates e gift of
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tht beautifulu
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ryryloloom in washin d. islmlmt here! iu' ni a arip to d the end of e m/m/h may be goime to go and cat the blossoms. the tional pa kervice has ananuncececee e dates@of peak k oom -- wn 7070
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blososms are open this year,he festqval r r 2 om march 20th thugh aprir) 17thth it commemortes the gift o o cherryrees from japap in 1912. peak blolo dadas vary widely from year to year. colorado's national renewable ener lab is working`on a a project that could redudu the numberf f birds ll by y wiwi turbines. according to$& the denver p, thbobotory is workingngo test a new technology that uts down tuines w wn n bird is detected arbz. last month searrcher uipppp golden n eagles with gp deviand collected data frfr several flight testso test the idea.. employees are e scanni their emails a little cler... find out wt malious item i cacahing the off guard. plus -costco hping out its wowoers. the paparais that's eeected
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tataeting people i i soututcolorado. it's's versi ofofhehehe-s s sm, typipal l isise ofofear. 's a target 13 alalt for you hackcks are sending g ema to human resources and counngteams toet sensitive formation ab ployees. we talked with a colorado rings payroll nager...isa ramsey....wh sayshen she got the scam email.....hichwas addressed frfr the c-e-o of her company, s s was suspicious. . 154 "i sent the email to my supervisis... and i said does s is sound like something g r ceo uld want me to do?" 20606 e best way tovoid bebeming a victim of tax refun frauauis to file yourururesbefore the scammers d the betterbusiness bureau of souern corado is wawaing people aiait a springs based cremation company. e b-b-b-is cacaioning you against "heritage prover l-c-c legacy fununal services ththgroup says
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known for r refusing to turn er remains unujl loveones y dititial fees. the e mpanan has a ual office i cocorado spngand would not comment on the accusations. the latest jobs repopo sho somemeroroh the e`e`et. the government says 242-thousand bs were e ded la month. far better an the 172- ththsand jobob added in januaua. meanwhile... the joblesra heteadadin fefeua at 4- int-9 percen that's'sn year...a a leveny exrts cwcwero "femployment." e federa& ree want see wages inineaea. retail giant costco is raising wages for its s entry-level rkers for r e firststime in nine years. rkers will now be paid ast 13-dol an hour starting... more than a dollar higher tn r cucuent wawas. cococo hihiest paid ployoys ke 22-dollala-and- 50-cent t per- hourur yhoto went viral showing a whole food grocerstore in californiaselling a peeled ge inside a plasti cocoainer. pipiure was ar on
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shsayst ows the e misuse of plastic c packagagg. pththtweet wa ed nenely u6- thsandimis. the e mpany has apoled and sasa the pruct was pupuedrom shelves.. a acis wioua jo after a stenen shared privatete photothe onli. y scho ss edator is e. thecron "d-i-y" or do it yourse... buone woman s busted for it. d yoyostill ve`eimi!to weweh in on totoy's web you thininvon miller shld be focucusing on ncncg ororis contct. eave your swer at do-dotom ... n our fafabook or twtwter.. at krdo newschanne.
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uth carona she was forcrc to resigngngnover a phoho scandal. leigh ann arur says one her sdudunt stole @ ivate e pipipies oher edepepne on her desk and ared it with others on social mea. arthays inststd d d punikhg g ststenheho d dict rcededer gn. leigh n arthur you d d't'tthink abob somebody invading yr pracaclikikihat school diststct says s respspdinga atement... sayiyg "th is a where a staff member, properly supepeieinin studentststsuld veverevented a riris sroblem" we have nene& injnrmion n n . a baltore publicoo lice offffer who was cacaca on celelphononon video slapping a udent. court t cords showowntntny spence wasasirededed thehcy y
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2003.. and was the susut of a a protectitititi r in domestic pvience ce inin 2p11 spence was one of two putiesn 2020 fired after th beat and used an ectrictutu n n a man..eyisisok foror a bank r rbe a h memade license plate has put a new york state man in jail....fter police caught r with a fake license ple onon the e ck o oher car. thth is the licensnsplate right hehe. it's ma entntely t of rdrdrdrd e won was ststped earlr r thisiseek wh an o oicer noticed the fake plate. the driv also h a susuended gistrationonnddidngt have ana insurance.e. shshs no faci sever charges including felony possession of a forged
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rererehe d on k k chanl at#v. . the e lorado springs mariri fohad fifil pushci coci y the ou y's meme.. plus -- puebloheth offialsare prepar r anything thates their y. hoth govement is lp prevention of ebola in t region. alsoafter two decas thers ananher bombshshl in the o-j simpsoso


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