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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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newschannel 13's mekikiaya white's s been on thth scenall day..... mekiaya, neighbors say they've nener seen anything likekehis.atat r right, james. the whole neighbhbhoodods rattled. ononneor i spoke to says he saw the flam inching wardrd his ho. and hespspng into action. jamey rau lives a few houses wn the street from where the fifi happened bruno circlele he says s saw llllappen... he was e, saw the flames oooo i io ththsky. 48 after the itial oh crap it was ststh crap call 1 get t e e rerereks on wawaand d t down there toake surere ththes nobody in t t house 59 1:16 ieard prorane nks in the back start exploding.g.o that's wh it t alal kicke that we e eded to o t evererody back and hem m back 1:26 rau sasa he ran to the scene... to help. 1: i felt the adrenaline pumping, i di't even know i two homes were affected e destroyed,d, other halflflf burned. neighbhbalal fe the effects. 24 t t picres fefe off wall l d then i firefighters say ty thorgh investigation b bh hos, and the cae is still unknown 49 2:36 're e king real precautionary apprcho this so we makekeure our firefighters a saf we h he not do full search of the original firou yet. we are goi to do that... inin slow,w, ise fashion to make sure they're safe as they do it 55 as for rau, he says he'd do it all over again. 2:44 it's just somethg that you do. u see sothing like thahaand you kick in and start donig what
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both hom are uninhabitable. a fire spokesman also tellme a aut 4 4 firefighters sponded becaususofof size and severity of the f f live in colorado rings,s, mekialala white, krdo wschannel 13. crs are still trying to o stop two fires burning on fort carson's training ranges.
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bebeeen for miles.. here's a live e ok the rst one is oufour acres, and is 90- percenenen contained. the ses s inhe turkey creek area, d is about five acre a helicopter has been brought inino lp with the second f fe. the fires are not threateng anbuildings. el paso county wiland fire crews have alsls en cled out toelp. we'll stay on p p it for you. the marijuana task fce in colorado springs leaves a g question unananerer night. ould marijua cocoin to be grown n neighbobobods. ana should it be momo tightly regulated? krdo newschannel 13's scott harrison was at the meeting anan lls us what's ne is was supppppp to be e e h and final meme now the mbers will veo etet to havets recommendation s ready for the ci council on march 21st. scott talks
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pamela bennett/ig hbor in-these people are here out-goto be stopped now back to scscli t summariz live at city hall in colorado spriri-scoco harrisonkrdo wschannel 13. now tatang a
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weaeher. ananan lk righghw atatat orororckekek 13 chief meteorologist rachael plath tracking the re of your
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whre aew rinklelearnd nto theheirst par of tonight, most ll stadryrwi partly cu toto stlylilolo skies. tonight luluill drop the s.p^omor e a litttttt c`nk dadas cot, bt t b. sunday gets windbefore our nenetem m m moves in. . . . opain chehces eaneeek +& l-ter in the vews.
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approved ses tax to fixur roads,ight not& h(lplplp as as first predicted. s asasng f t tar warray y y y on n nd-tata paviject bpt halong oughgho gegege the job nene$pththcity says s s s anda warrrrtytys twtwtw years.. however the public works operatat nanar coulul'tell usus how the citytyty me u uth atr.r. the citytytyreets p p sionon ys i i i i coststffefefve issue a two w wrantnt the wawaantyty does@s@s cov crcrking, beuse`e`ads casi\i c cafter t 're seed thththty sayay when anty 0exs th'l'l loloher options for repairs, i ineeded. . . "a t t ttwo o yerant we wl, ,he citi`i` will takont sponsibili ananif wed a rurtrtalalal deficy a a two yearar we'd either hirir a.ototr cocoractor t t co i iand d x itit , we'e f f f
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e cici's negotiatatg with contractors for the project. night on newschannel 1311111 t .'l'l'l'l ar froro coununl m%er whhe o - wawaantyt enough. utcrcrfor blbl safety is leadg g d` proposeded speciaiatatafor r 50 m m mpopoce officers. a foer lili uni esident yst t woulul sesealears before tt nyicers s could bebeired. . saydyngng vivi i ithth citytytynot a a phort procoss. yoyononoalal do abou10 0ffics s a tsoso you're talking ree fr r s s wn t t befefe e e cacat t t pmanyny& nininiononon newschannel 13 atix. 'l'lw w w hahae fre form police u uonid..ndndnd nal l tu c u00.. w w trying tv thvice. & rninto politi.. rerean
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campaign carson made e e nouncent day at the a republic cotion in n ry. 'says he plans to lead a ristian voter p. caon cagned in@ colorado last summererdrawing in aargedewd. h not ed o the otr candidates. the republican candidates squared-for ototototated dedete4l4lt nighghthe e ting are e arininanan mef the ews ar ung students inthth lorororo newschannel 'serererink oking into t immmct t tngeroiniing d nasty esidenal politics can have on kids. it's new on 13 at 5 o'clo. inhicampmpgn for the last year, donon p mo yonenwiti rson aacks. tis e serting fe liki ho rhern n n esenen dedete e ege.@.@ ttttas lieieso much#a my cprdrdhe h lied so much. it washe thtpepubliba i gallegos is appa at the ge and insults. that's not wh w wmwdefor our stenand,hen we have candidates deling tt for e ole`natiit very discouragingnd imimctful f`r`our r& udentsn th see at. .hen dold trump made rerererce his manhood... look at those has, are they sma hands. and he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small. guartee you there's no prsblem. kcott cringe ai t& watcheought wh is h going to say neeaseon't go thehe, 's not o they need to think about thr audike who's s tchinwnw d d o's g. me s sdes hehe y they're e e hing the bateto s
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nasty etor s sdents say these peop are teacacng them a le i ihow not`to buhaha. the prprident ould tre eveone uay. en thou yore fighting, you should treat eryon uqll iis sixth ade classroooothisis ss a# a rend wf mission andnis . natstsf dete a ssisi the policil procs is having a negative influence on these bright, younminds. in colorado springs, eric fink, k-r-d-o
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e g-o-p contendere uare off again next thursy night in mia.. five days before e pivotal flida primary. hillary clton and bernie sanders ll debate in flint, michigan this sund nig. no word yet if the broncos wanteyton manning to te a physical he was suppos ttell the team tod if he wasvaillele do itn within nt three ys. wewel fi o if uaininstayayon throster. if he's on t roster byd2 o'clock tuesday ternoon.. he'll be guaranteed 19-million llars n%xtxt season. p a new twist in the muruer case ( involvini&o-j
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1994. the murder weon been found? 5nd y is it jusu coming up w? that's next. also ahead.. more kids are facing charges in that school shooting
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murder casas. but police are skeptical. los angeles police are testing what could be the murder weapon.. that o simpson was accuseof using when his wife and her friend, ron goldman, were rdered in 1994. a construction worker reportedly fod a knife dung demolition of simpson's brentwood home in 1998. he gave it to an off duty police
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kept it. that officer retired, and told a fellow offer about the knife, who th informed his superiors. mpson was found not guilty. the murd weapon was never found. i think you have to try to keep this in perspective. ts knife apparently was recovered some 18 years ago around the timehere several other knives in and around the properties were recovered and turned over by people. simpson is currentl serving time in a nevada prison for robbery and kidnappi. he cannot be trd again for the murders, because of double jeopardy. two students now face charges stemming from a school shooting in ohio this week. investigators say the two boys knew t shooting suspect brought a guto school, but didn't tell authorities. they're being charged with failing to report a possible threat. the suspecin e shooting is 14 years old. two teens were shot, and two others
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newschanl 13 at 6:00 ... we're hearing fromhe police union out plans to put more cops in pueblo... why it may take a lot nger than th county d.a. would like. and a possible setback for the cannabisup.. find out what state patrol is ying about the event... tomorrow, i'll show youour weekend recast coming up! it's going to be a cool nht with light wind. torrow will be
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anant was day,ut it'll still be above avage. it may be breezy at times throughout e day, with mostly cloudy skies.our colorado springs 7day forecasthows temperatures warmg to the per 60s on sunday, but it will be much windier ead of our next system. ur pueblo 7day forecast shows a chance for shers on monday and tuesday. your canon city 7day forecast show 50s an60s rough thnext seven daysysys your teller r county 7day cast sws a chance f f shshers monday, tuesday and again on weesesy. atbebes fo schooluses. southern
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diri i again on
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seatatlts for school buseses southern
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largesesschool district is movi forward
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was s lkhoho. just picked us utwtwtweaeattoioian forororr bucks, wnnthisisear at. . with one swipepeititoud d d of the c cisiss.s. enenenk shshededpd d d e ofofhehehehe, , i i iulululcaca. 's w wt t ppenen t tyoururureaeaast t oioiant. ananyoyoyoitvivid.
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hehe rarararargest school riri w w w h h hbuckck up enthth s s bubu th tting seatbeonhe decion came afterhe the national highway traffic feeneded us
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ty st us haven ouca. . ree t rict'soo s be trfi this simpapa d nton theatatltltveho t safe. and it's just a fa that atbelts save lives, period. e st s placaca4 es thlodo t 2 ng be apb. ort saa qn ssssgetrfija tggincrea5pnt edthmestarararrpt t t stsaiaa isi llrw momt thth expt e number to cocoinue to ri is year, athey add new servicesto las v a phoeninin & boeing i g gtew bathrooms airpn.n.n e an
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v lits kill reha- - w ts.tea rshe bath t u-v lilltutv o ofotpthreconds. e w ttt spem is ststiny& ner porttt le tayay uhs s s 5 th jobwereddas nt 17thouoandjod anuameam t t emntrateea in febat 4- poin9 ent.that's a l-ve ges ararar& ight. and d d d obs repoeadi toai`snsthk rket y. the 63 3o3ntst thaq i 1 thandnpn& up se ts^sts p good morning lorodo...we'l' see%h ndide ed big inith ic esenti debete. havyour
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ldining a contt to put a college or high school mascot t& theale ofof 's jets. schools from colora and acroro the nation are gettg in on it. wh a winr is selecd,
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photograraalsi oe schools animal mast, anwi p it thtailof their new airbuses. fomore o the contest head to krdo dot com,l find a
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seseral ng sries thth fnit. the o.j. simpson murr case. the lapd confirming they are now teteing a a ife, alledly foundh buried at simpson's former esta amid reports it is n consistent w the murrs. ana a, y is it st being testedow?the faouafter e debate. trump dending his own words s that stage. >> and he referrrr to my hanan if they are small, sometetng se must be s.%% i guantee you,here is problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with masking, thi heheing hillary clinton? > the friday commur nighar st. severarachain reac cra snow aweinro the next stem we're watchi already. >the cdc now the s sne tonight. the mystery illness in the heartland.


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