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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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seseral ng sries thth fnit. the o.j. simpson murr case. the lapd confirming they are now teteing a a ife, alledly foundh buried at simpson's former esta amid reports it is n consistent w the murrs. ana a, y is it st being testedow?the faouafter e debate. trump dending his own words s that stage. >> and he referrrr to my hanan if they are small, sometetng se must be s.%% i guantee you,here is problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with masking, thi heheing hillary clinton? > the friday commur nighar st. severarachain reac cra snow aweinro the next stem we're watchi already. >the cdc now the s sne tonight. the mystery illness in the heartland.
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more than ththe zen n ses. 18 people have died. and breaking ns ininhe in andrererease. wh wvelearned. good eveni. great to have e u th us on a iday n nht. we begin with h e new heline in the o.j. simpmurder case. the l.a. police confirming theh artesting a knifallegedly fobu ohiform esta. ememeersimpson, chased d lice f f houou in the white e ford bronco. the weon ner fnd aerer found stabbed toeath. the juryinding o.j. not guil. theus ever ound, r s a knife. t idorts ts isis not
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e lapd anowledging thear testinittt gutmais in brenenood, calirnia, toght.t. >> reporr: tonht`that kn anottoedwist itheh o.j. simonase. e lapd tayasing ththife s allegedlfoby consuctir o.o.imimon prorty during in the late 1990s,s, are investigating whether could be connectct to bral ststng ohis exif nico bro simpsonnd her nd ron goldm in 94. >> thidivialanted torn i iovo enrcent. epter: the lapsahis kne is nowng carefully scand r possle dna en, whcota week thshoct ----n pdpd now reted, s legey handed the kfea consuctititiorker d he to it r 18 yrs is thihianher sethla an oicerisndng even in n e o.j. simps casese >> well, italyope t. but itinly i iconcerninio .
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reorctiv wouot kno bmbmndur evencer at ibebeevo vi >>epororurg e thlapd was foundndo ha mishdled evid ver fod rdereaean,be t sllllfeth played o od i tht(95ri. hi ae e lling, and he's ung ani because he is ere to settle personal score, a personal vendettahat he has. >> reportrr: ron goldman's fafaer t tling the "daily news i hope thetestt, hope it rnout toweweit woue e mol in sin'ff ( the o.j. frey*today trending all day y twitteruptingngng "peoeoe vs. o.o. simimon" isis currently airingngn >> we'veveot twoictims in brentwood. on bundy drive. it's p py brutal >> reporter:lso rending us of simpson's hse, that epic pe cha thrgh l d coue yrlong tria j.edthe rder, but was cocoicted in 2008 in an unrated ce, and
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year.. law enforcement officials tell us this could be entirelelbogus. ficers who wd t o.j sine r arte u theyhecked into and investigated up to 150 k kves. ne of them had dna matching simpsonsr the victims'. david?0 >> tt,hanks. l's get to dan abrams. great to have you with us. kni wasisvenely 20 yrs. it jusw bebeteteed? hat would meanhahano tter what they fouou, they uld have aeal prleleusing isisor aing substantive. u have a guy giving it to o ananher guy, who hds i ifor mo than a decade thk about all this thingshat could have hped to kfe thente. seriouchofusus probms. >>nd theeticicly if they were able,to find a on the knife, they t t -try o.
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>> never, double jeopqrdy.y. he was tried once, acquitted. he could confessomorrow. il codn't t >> thanks. d vorsn fi stawehing in tomorw. and tonight, the fallout from the fiery republicananebate fied w wh rs attacks. just minutntntthe debate, donald trump shiftinfocus to his handand personal a aacks leveled against him. but wasaslso challengedn chngngosns batepeg chasions agn. and what trump p mself is saying tonigh tom llamas ine[ [ leles. >> repter:r:onight, donald t tmplaunting that bate shoer like a badge of honor. they actually said, " presidential." saidid"does that meathat i cacat t ght?" so when li marco spews h cr a sof mhands, h hrbig,d,he size ofy hand.
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"marco." >> reporter: this s what trump saido senatomao rubio ju sisiminutes into the d dat >> he hit my hds. nobodyas e er hit my h h i have nereard of this. look a athose nds. arthey sma hds? [ ugug ] d heeferd my nd if they a smama, something else must be smal i guaranane you thero problem. i guarane you. >> reporr: 20 minutes later, an all-out name llg blz. >> have a popocy q qstion for you, sir.. >> yes >> let s sf he answe it. >> i will. t rrrrabt ititmamao. don'n'worry out it n'woy abouit, little marco, i wl. >> let's hear na. worry about i lite marco.o. >> gtlemen. you ought to -- gentlemen, you haha got better than this >> reporter: tod, vid asking nar ruo if he e grs dig t pe aacks >> you have young children. dodoou regt wherthis has gone? look, i regret the way the campaign has become, absolutely, cause donald trump,0for the
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the st vululr sptacles i american political history. but do yoregret tngaging on at level? >> look, ink setimiuhen soe is a aofive h h h hreedhe nds to t a tatae of own medice. epter: but a ad it a senananated crasti himlf the adu ithroro. mme just asthe vo a a ame tthde youanayinout inneraectioi the e ak in lecte o high. reporut lcruz su r ro the fifi >>ond, please, iw it's hard noto terrup i inot wh yououaid in topd. >atbre,at. >>nged >>an d dit you can e.i knows i know i irdrd bust - hethey're with th ysgan sw a queion? ou cant t ly hwe d d't s on this std>> w wl vererflibleo you ner kn >> repter: tonig, trump ci que aboutut mfliplop.
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evhough h campai webte sahohoas wldot "decate n d miti." i'm chaing. i'm chgiwe need highly-skilled pple in this country. ifn'o it, wll g t ememn. >>ou aonin positionn ebsi. >> i'm changing it, and i' softening the positiononecause ave to havtalented peoplpl in this country. reporter: but minutes aer the bate eed, another versalal the trump campmpgn declang the potion on theieiwebsite, the one trump had just runway om, ill stan. ot "no eepons. the questions, wililany this inconsistency matter the esesblishment is trying toto wrestle thth nomination away from you. what are y doing to mama sure that doesn't h hpe >> wl, look, we have a lot of delegates. and wewehave aot me i think after this weekend, ani think probably going into nene ekend. bileads almost eveere.>> toms,h nald tmp r r tetom thfr louisnaow and ben carson, , ending his
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david. at one p pnt, heas a mor pler i ithe campaign.but`en hisampan de rsonododayg, opllov. they just won'n'votetee. >> tom, thank you. and many asking, is the winner after tt republican debate hillaryli? the candidates on t t sge spent more time attacking donald trump than her. the clton mit cleaea were watc.@ hehakarl repter: as that debatgot uglier and uglier, hillary clinn's t amk to twitter, mockininthe gomeltdown. using images from heface-off against publicans in congress. anthis -- many more o these do we have to sit through? king for a friend." >> the republin presidential, i don't wto calit. guess debate there were s smany insults flying back andhfortrt it was hard do keep t tck. >> ihought i was watching g
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that deal last nightht i st was speechless. >> reporter: while some democrats arhappy the e p spectacle has drawn attentio ay froclton's e-mail contversy, tre'so concer jujuook uperueueueay. a record 8.5 milli replica turned out to vote, compared t t fewer than 6 million democratsts i have not started ononillary `yet. believevme, i will srt soon. >>eporter: cntondvis privy owdg tmp coul t t t. >> and karl with us live. ght now, the clinton campaign telling you, they' prerered to go onen-one with truru??? >> r rortete the cnton team is proceeding with e assumptionon that trump will be the republican nomee. while they belilve h hs a deeply flawedte, th bel he could be much toughero beat thananhe polls s sgest in a general election. >> j, thanks. next, to a dangeus commute
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syst swept up the east coast. k roads causing one i-n hampmpir trafficacd upor les. several people rushed tohe hohoitalal re's'sinzie janis wihe pictures. >> reporter: tonight, drivers o thought they were done with winter deang with e more blast. snow squalls triggering this maiv40-car p)pe-up in new haenen people thsp this drone capring strtrded motoristser autritiesesest down the interstate. major effort to salt r rds not ough to stops during the moing mmute. caststpennsylv, thidge cng a4- -up. o o oposostali offials warning drivers,
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the regular road.and d other rng. to b aware of thin backn new shire, refighters pling off adang ueue acking the ice on thi lake wi their boa savi thi dog that waereded f and fell in it could be a slick mmut roads rncy. da >hank u. >> and we e o an alaing hethdline. e onhe s, instating traiai a mymyioususnd deabacteria. here'slex pepez@in wcoco. rororr:onight, a mel stery. c ctes h for t re of a lood fection. r rag g e tbreak of abethkingi stesally rt 5 to 10 ses a . since nomber, 44es.
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ook for mm source.what it at's com t 44eoeoe tha the got withthngia eporteic, st or rldede ck witheillness. mp ier shores batat skin fect. e bactea can survivesy sinkanwate mostonceininfor ofofcial the victims are scatatreross 11ntie ickes npoint cause even terer thes treatable but cty y resistant toy tiic elyetecon irica >le t anthe jurys t to get the ca in n in andrewsw se. here pilim. >>epepter: closi aumen ((toda t eriandrs . s gug whethehee villmatt iiay b fhacrerly rded nak veo that wevil. the bowr isisot a re h cme saty rtendrere s alchaerbett as well
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thatarriott r 5 ion, aiming the helelade e asas for barrt toure t umbeand a ro ndooro couououho videofojer gettingng o shower. >> btt cldn'hahe dit thout the neglence of e ville maio. reporr: aws bakin ostand duri two-week t t t. >> do you believe u will ever geover this? >> no. >> reporter: the video has been viewed by almost 17 llion peopop. anews maintaininghthis incident has caused sting, otiol scars. >> this)could h ve been stopped. >> reporter: david, the cas soon to be in thhahas ofofhe ry. they will decide if e hotel beararany of the blame and if andrews e eitled to anyf e millions she is seeking. davidi >> eva, thanyou. still much more ahead "world news tonight" this frid.
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bay areaeaesident contraraed the mosquito-borne illness wle treling in central ameca. paent t t ow cod. kapaul risto pregnant wen, linkedo poible birth defects. at least94 casesesonfified across 32 states in the u.s. >to the case of el chapo. jouiuiguzman, the drug lord who de that dramatic underground escape froa mexican jail, twice e ossing the boer into the united states while on t run. that according to a reportr coming from el chapo's daughter. the kingpin, recaptured in january afteteseven months on the run. media mol rupert m mdoch and former modod jerry hall married today at london's spencer hohoe. thth is the urththriage for the 84-y-yr-old murdoch, whose massivivmedia empire includes 21st century. ll, once theongtime coanioof rli stotos fran mk jaer anpag repor tqni tony dyson, the man whwhbuil
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d soso did his grandmother. and youe ououeeshe gogothwhole fobend h h. w perss s heee >> 1, 2,2,. >eporter: t teeheris from bibb cnty, georgia. smiles on their ceafafb& bringing a smile to someone el. because insidee that shiff'f' department, they get cls all the time. this call was diffent. the deputythe first to respond. teenagers bullying a 9-year-old pbecause ef his worn-n-t sneake. >> ty kept pointing at his oes, saying what a those, anyou could see s sockck outside e s shoe, they were e rn out. >> the depututwent to e e me ofofhe teenager leading the bullying. saying it'ssinst the l to put ur handsdsn someone else. > asked his grandndther what sizezehoe does he . >> sheold her partners. >>he mentitiedter times. it kind of l, we dn't ha a choice, you know? >> reporte they were goioi to buy size 7 shoes, splitting it three ways. >> it definelyy was a a splulurge. >epter:r: the oersith
5:58 pm
>> i hanand them to him, and he had d smile thth would just lylyt t a roooo heicked his old shshs off, took thehfhf os out ofofhe nd p them on h feeeeee antoto off r r. >>eporter: a adanding a a message from school day. hi, d, i'm loving my new shoes. >> reporter:r:till smimi, , d so are the officers. >> thiss was souchun to watcp him. 's g g a smile le nzel washington. it's unbelievabab. >> ando we choosee adam and the fice in bibb cou hk k u for watching on a friday nightm m vivimu. i hope to see you righback hehe on monday. goodighthtor joining us for krdo newscsananl 13 at 6. i'm james jarmrm .. heather has the night off. good evening.. i'm james jarm. heather sksksk
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milder winds, but the fire danger perersts. tonit, new inio three seserate fires.s. therers be n loof talk th week about adding more police officers in pueblo. ght, why that may be a lot eaeaer said t an dodo. od evening and d an for joining usor krdo newschchnel 1# at 6. .&.& i'm james jarman .. hehe has the ninit off. goododvening... i'm m mes jarman. ather skold has e night f. first ... peoplelerom all l er southern cololodo a a honong the life of an innocent man o was s ot and killed o o sunday let's s ke a live look at a ndleleghdh vi people are memberingn26- year-old dev clctct this is happpping outside the martininuther king cululral center..n north grand. the vigil will be held until seveve it got ununrw just moments ago.. we'll haveull cap ofofhe eventonight on do nechannel 13 atat0.
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reportet.. aer thehmurder of f clarar. the eblo d d called for a specl tax to pay toire up t 50 new poljce ficece. ght,t,heff fofoer polic union president is weighing in. and tekrdo newschannel 13's carl winder.. there is no inant fix. ul montoya s experienced violence. 3 t:t: i was sento the departme of correctitis on attempted d rst dede murder chargegenow, he's a ptor fofovictory life ministes church. he uses hisast to preveve a violent futuru in pueblo. 6 sot: t tt's what w wre looking for is a building to teach these kids crafts cookininrts,s, academic skills. district attorney jeff chchtner wants the me t tng. that's why 's pusynyna ballot measure to nd hiring as mananas0 ofcersrs through a a half-cent sasas x. :36 wewere concerd enengh abobo crime and we are concerned about the ndom naturof it. :40 stand up: a former police sergnt we


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