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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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reportet.. aer thehmurder of f clarar. the eblo d d called for a specl tax to pay toire up t 50 new poljce ficece. ght,t,heff fofoer polic union president is weighing in. and tekrdo newschannel 13's carl winder.. there is no inant fix. ul montoya s experienced violence. 3 t:t: i was sento the departme of correctitis on attempted d rst dede murder chargegenow, he's a ptor fofovictory life ministes church. he uses hisast to preveve a violent futuru in pueblo. 6 sot: t tt's what w wre looking for is a building to teach these kids crafts cookininrts,s, academic skills. district attorney jeff chchtner wants the me t tng. that's why 's pusynyna ballot measure to nd hiring as mananas0 ofcersrs through a a half-cent sasas x. :36 wewere concerd enengh abobo crime and we are concerned about the ndom naturof it. :40 stand up: a former police sergnt we
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the department would be good, but don't expect all themo hithe e reets by themselves immediatly. tom grig was partrtf thth pueblo police departnt for more thth 20 yuar he ys it's takes a a t a year training bere offfcers can go on n`trol without supervision. 9 sot: you normrmly do about 10fficers at a time so you're talking three to four years down the road before you can get that many. he also ysththe half-ct les tax passes but don't get renewe it could be trouble for city. t: thpolice officers are gointo be ing on and equipment is going to be wearing out so if you're g gng to do sometetng like ehat it will have to bebe rever or elsls u're going to be laying thth l f again.n. either way, montoya is happy to see people seeking solutions to battle the violence in thcity. hings wl happen betr in the communitit in pueblol carl winder, do newsanne l 13. a public meetetg toaddress the cocoinuing a public meeting to adads e e continuing enen in puebeb is scduled
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at vto life church. the wie a ral service fodevin clark torrow in eblo. it'll art at 11 in the mning...& the sangre de crto arts nter. the family tells , it's open to anyone who wants to he cel his lili. one of top donors to the ded warriwr rroject is calling for the e o's resignation. the non- profit's been under fire i recent weeks.. after reperts that ispent lavish amountsts of money on parties and retrts and ends little on injured veterans. one of the evts hned recent athe broadmoor. w to dono.. f fd andiannean say enough is enough. .& th'ranal lfournamen ised about5-thousand lastear for wowoded warriors.. the kanes have canceld this year's benefit and started an online petititn r a pupuicaudidi bobobomememes s s for r undede wawaioqsqsqs they'v'v'vrerey rereanan ininpepeent dit.. ananan wowowobebebe apapapriate tototo answererererer esesess until l cts are known.
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after a big fire in corado springs.nenene the 32-hunununocof bcircutas whcrard-luluwo popos burnrnr.jnwas rmpdpdply stp,ppe tttdrdbadl\ \& - nehbhbsay p th@hrdrdodboooooas propane tanks exploded. the pictures fell off my wall and then inem%thing s ong. looked out d d ere were f fmes all over a neighbor tellkrdo wsannel 13 faly pets s ed the firir one pepeon teteon scene r pinesfs t(caus the fefes under atatn. fififi in puebloloouy ninit .. have a hale othe fanoiver firerere startede& dnesy.. soso totoavle the fire is pntained toni ititurned t 300-acres. no bldings were atened... and nonjnj ported. firefighters say t e firere caused by downed per line. and onon again.. fortarson isis battng pr ofofires that stard dn t trning r rges.
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the first was only aut f fr res, and is 90- percent ntntntd. a send fire near turkey creeeek.. ha own n about 50 a aes. chinook helicopter is dropping water on that fire. the fires are not threatening any buildings. krdo ststmtcker 13 chief teologist rachael plath tracking the conditions
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while there may be a few sprinknks around into the firir part of tonight, most wiwitadry with partlylyloudto mostly cloudy ies. tonight lowswsill drop into the 20s and s. tomor wille a little cooler thanks to totoy's cold ont,t*ut it won't be too bad. sundayayets windy before o next stem 0 moves in. more on raichances early next week later in the newscast. historic p pces rt2e ng d eb. e git mulsthe ka r lehavere g ken couction crews.
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fish in bab. is alrdy rtiaiay rereved. cause e repairto t lee.. the rit 12eet of the walls bein removed.. "for a l of people, it's a fferen 0frspective or a different feeling,g, but fomost people that i talked to it's l le we're losing some of our history,ou- know, it's becoming rubble right now." ere will be a gaering tomorrowowt whitewater park.. forple share stories. at startat in the morning.g. a pueblo ng-membebeis convicicicon federal drug traficng charges... at's new in nit's crimetracker. 34-year-old leleani martin willllpend at asas15-years i prison. federal prosecutors say rtin nsred with ananher person to distribute heroin, meth, d ack cocaine. ththbig break camememeurina 2014 traffic stop, when pole e found 50rams of heroin. en, found d ns and more drugs.. at her me and an alert
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polili nab wod-be burglar. it happened on the 47-hundred blblblof flintrge dve. police caught t 40-yr-ol joua vanas after chasing d him m foot througugseveral backyayaand a drainane ditch. policecere now tryingngo see how manyni rglaries mightht t td to the y. an@argumenebin la jta last night endein a wild, high speed chase with lili. putieserer called out to thcemeteryarouou midnight.. neigigs s w two grps ouoyng and waving pistols deputies g ere before a fight could brk ou bubu mediately fofod them chasininthe e o grone vehi that got. waa wh imla dedede chased second ca b hoa co all the y y ckfo for public safefe .. they ca o t t t chchspeeee d mo th00 mes hour. ra's state use e passed a bill to allow w transgsgder pe t tupdate their birth certificates to flect t eir geer. that's new in tonight't'capitol reportrt the e use
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measure to thehe republican- controlled sete. e senate kiedimilar bill lasasyear the legigiation would allow transnender coloradans to ge their birtrt certicates wiout havivi sesechange surger and lolodo is one-ctep er to @ removing a loophole tha lowewed d o prison inmatat to invoke the make-my-day law.w. e state use passss a bi tod, sayingng e mamammy law dofs not apply totorison cells. the law is actually meant to protect homeownene whopuse deadlyfoe in self fense. but itas twtwe been used tousfy prin llings iour t ate. a group pupuing fofofofull strength beer ananwine at t grgrery stores isisakakg their arguments to yoyn "your choice colorado" is showokg up in local supermarkets... they're collect signatureso t the issue to the mbmb ballot. this year, they're trying a slightly differert appora... appealing to lorado's love ofraft beer. they s s
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ououstate's top expold be so hard to buy y corado. right now, they can't sell in grocery stores, d ththth s slf space thth're` missing ououon. by adding thatshelf space e atat an additional $5 dolllarsri revenue per year, d thth'll be introducetoto new customers on a regular bas. andler says, in addition to offering ext coenieiee to nsumers.. the switch to grocery stores could bring beer d winerices down as ch as 18-p-pcent over timeme bullllng in hool... . it's a hot ticicic but there's e cent phenenenonon maki it hardo gethe message acro to kids. cong u krdodochnel at six..tehersschoololeadede say e reblan pridenejalal ndatesrs causing a probobob tirement watch h continueue. dadahat t happened when peyt mananng was due`for his annual team ysical.
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thateated@g- th heated g- p dedete fast night in dedroitit e southe cocora schoololistrict says the candidates and their insults ha a aative impact on our kids counselors and students a north junior high in the springs says the oricoes directly againinst the anti-bullying messagdaught inin clclsroo is is not propriat it' not okay. as litical reprururtatives, theh r rresent the enrearty. on you say someing, it' outhere. you cat bring it back. it's not
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one e e gpader told us her parents won't allow her r to watch the debate because they find donald trump's comments too offensnse. possle- - - back f f cannabis cup ganizersrs. word coming tototothat the cololodo state patrol will not provide any extra trafic contronear e site o othe proposededot festival on pueblo's saint charlemesa. state patrol penned a letter to tommy giodone, infoing g e oter of it decision in addititn, gigione was warned that y disruption affic in the& areaeaould rrrr coequenc. ans callllor the cannis cup e hehe "thfhfard"... a spsp best know@as ththe site fothe e nual bands in the backyard concert series.
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hike to pay y r th pqirs... butre they getting tpay fofo ght t 10. y thpes saese repair t la pl... o-p
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e e... torrow, i'llll ow you youou weenen forecast c cing up! - it goi t t a co night wh light wind. torrow will l be a little cooler than it was day, but it'till be above average. it ma be breezy at mes throughout the day, with momo cudy ieie you lorado uprings 7d7d rerest shows tempmpatates rming into the upper 60s on sunday, but it willlle much ndjer ahahd of r next system. pueblo 7day forect
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r shsher mondayaynd tuesy. your canon ty 7day forecast show 50s s d 6060 throthe next seven days. youreller county 7day forecast sws a a chance f f showers monday, tuesday and again on
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nt peyton manning to take a manning's contract hwas supposto tell the brons s today thth he is availablbltoake a physysal today. manning is in las gas tonight for speaeang engagement. in the next three ys we will fd out if the broncocut manning or if he ays on the roster. if manning is on the st by 2pm on tuesday, he will be g granteed & nineteen million dodos next seseon to play for th appears as if nninis itto je reased.. is iit foror ni thecodo coll tethe nis will play thr finari at t wld arara beginning night..0 when they host st. cloud fact, this is s e final ekenenon thehe regulaseasas for c.c.....the playoffs begiginext week...the tig are apprprchin thih wewkend as
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a playoff f ries you can't t st it on when playfs come around its not a switch that you can fl on an be competive we tats onon already liket's the e offs tt wawe arereedy y to genene t ther heil sot yoknow we wt t get inin thandset oon as possible so why t usit this weekendpyou know get r%rdy for the ploffs th way. we are four days into the month of marchnd the madness starts back up tonit as far as the state baetball totonament is concerned.. including for swink and eca... 1 early action....iylor holland comes off`of a reen andoches one in.. 2. e eaeaes answer.. maggie rktricstls thehe pass a goein for a lay-up.. 3. moments latekirkpatricicdrives basesisi...fatatone . 4.n kyla o'nealhe cch and oot.. swink would go on win 60-43.3. more 2a playoff tion ..kiowa and las animas .. 1. pick it up in theheirir
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movement by the trojans...dump it insidedeo saha snead e fifishes.. 2n latatie stlley knodown ththbaseline " ". 3. angelica melenz th the ball onhe move..quklklshe e gets to the basket f f ananasy o pointsts kiowa woululwin 65-6-6in overtimim class 1a playoffs... . mcclave and springfield.1.) first bubuet - mcclavavs tatum chase ... 2.) springngeld's allie loflin, nice cut and lay up ... 3.) right bahe otheheway y . tatum chas ahain - - at's a lolo twowo.. e lady hor heat up in the second half ... spngifled wins
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capturing colodo is uppp xt. ..colodo....find out t y workers s e e partialay drdrning onehern colorado body wer. . i'll have your
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tight ane.t.t. exclusive, marcia clark o the new knkne an the o.j. case. the mueapopoiscovered at j. estate >> what marcia told us what may ha beenfo hre at brewond clu frthis exclive jusus uncovered o.j. interviuw. >> my whole life i've a aways gotten what i want. >> what he said juut afte thehe tria 4& >> a lot of peleot ririh, evevry participantpt me!e! tt whitneyhouston's daughter w we eaowow bobbi kustin powe"a!utopsy rt. scarfourdrugs, what el does th rertrt revl. tonit,t,wyth paltrown


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