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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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tight ane.t.t. exclusive, marcia clark o the new knkne an the o.j. case. the mueapopoiscovered at j. estate >> what marcia told us what may ha beenfo hre at brewond clu frthis exclive jusus uncovered o.j. interviuw. >> my whole life i've a aways gotten what i want. >> what he said juut afte thehe tria 4& >> a lot of peleot ririh, evevry participantpt me!e! tt whitneyhouston's daughter w we eaowow bobbi kustin powe"a!utopsy rt. scarfourdrugs, what el does th rertrt revl. tonit,t,wyth paltrown
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matin.`. >> i knowe'e' done i aan unorth^dox y. jennifer'sntttviewew i've goo through strurules both ways. >> findndg faithfter ff plit. >> for thebri here com rcia. >> it's csen. ookingng forheerfect dress as we flashh bacac t her w wddddg dayay. >> my waist was 1 inch. how big is yr ist?t? no marc 4 44h, 26, this istertainment tonighgh." , evevybody. thanks f f joinings the end of anoter b bywe. >> we h have moreigews for y y here is tonht's'sop st was the murdere found at j.'s home? only i talmarcia clark day. a knife apparen fouound at thee rocking hamm estate when delish demolishehe wt's your itial reaction? >> it's a a r%narkakae developopnt ift d deses turn out to be connecteddd the murders o oon andn nicole. j hope t he truthomes o@o@out abt the situation.
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exe wircrk, letor in simpson's murd trial f)fds it bang >>itigig be a hoax, , mig 0be s smebody whww planed i i i th pnded to find it. >> reporter: the knife the latest are twtwt inin the unsolved 2-year-old murders of nolbrown simpson andner friend ron the house heren whahaha was once o.j.'s property demolishe in 18 an police y it possible that et whenthe kife was isccered. the ndererf the knife@e aparently turned i or to an officer whooas working as a se officer durg production of a miendo sa heen e re. >> jnjnjn aamon ld bece awa of an item th iteehas been recovered obbery h h vestigatoto. it is being treated as we wou alevidence. >> rerter: do you think there could be dna on that knife? >> it's possible. they recover d mummies in egypyp sot's entirelyossible thatatftheres dna t to be
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koppel hich isucho sensitive. > notlty ofheheri of f murr. >> rter: sispson was quitted in a trial that lasted more than eightmonths. t could be agan? tkeod osecututon stemmmmmmfr the evidens v vryry, very slim, so, you know, but itt be -- but w have too find out what th eansns >> repopo: clark's rle in the case has bn bacac in the news ttthe succeses t the fx series "the ople v. o.j. simpsoso" he can't hdede forev. >> portrt: clark k pled by sarah paulsls and itit been the vber r e show on cable tutuda nhts. is it onicic t ts cmes@ up n now ( with the spsplight shined the caseseseain becausese of th tesiononhow? >> it really is a birre cocidence. it is complete ststng i have he that theeason that h -- thpersrs who had the knifehoug o ocalling ththe police dertmememeis because of e series. next, j.'s lostinterview. lot@t of elememes ofof you know,rapeople,
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appeal. >> reporter: o.j. kes on mediain a a exclclclet unco interview wit o pperdine ititititshot in 99 on hiss rockinghams estate after he was found not guilty.y. >> i thought the media let the american public and myself and niniole and ron down intryi to finn thrue ptratorsnd i@ thougugugit be mmon maker for thetads and a @ pplplplot rich. vvtuallyly every rticipanan except me!. >> i iyou u want to learn more about t t sto g go > ven mont a aerobbi i kriiina passede a the a ,, her autopsyeport & been unaled >> we h the doment and wewe rou it lin byline. here's what it r reals about the tgic c ath of whitney and bobbydaughter. >> reporter: released today aas her ex nigordon,isheser
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aminationer's offffial cau deaththy lackf o ogen used by drowningnd dug intoxation. the drugocktail included marijuana, cocaine, an anti-xiety meand morphine. whatseeie compapason with hat her mother'sautopsypaidid was in her system, alsoo cocne, an an ann-aiety eded along w)th a muscle relaxant and antihistamine. @ cc riret said the similarities could be more th coincidince. >> maybe i itating hemothth's death. th wo a b bhtubith drugs. what arerere oddsds o that happe by chan >> reporter: another shockck,he had leses 2 spmallcarssp h h her ad,ck, tors extremities. wasas p p piblele was a - cutter. >> thesere vertrongly uggestive outtingnd not the kind of cuttinghn
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cuts thatome peoplenflict upon thememselves. >> reporter:anototer comparion betweeeen a aopsies i indicate ait of a gerationalalap between whitity and hrhrissy. whilehe had bobopierc whwhtney had a ff bobby wawa tt, hermothth wasn't. ile whitney had breast implants implants chrissy's didn't. gwyneth paltrowerved traraed h husband wi diirce papers and they@nsciously uncoupled. the pair has yto f finalizi thinin but g gwynethths m ming on. carly sat down with the oscar winner to talkbbt her new endeavor aa l lfe qn t pght. >>tete us aout wt's$soioi on there?e? >> we, i's a r fr nit at my house and'm gettmy higights done. therere violet d apple in theh baccround having nner. o cf1 o >> ltitasking inner. >> usual. that's how goes. >> how it rorols inhouse. >> of coue the paltrow hse is anythin b b b gular.
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weto is sper bowl andd beyonce. >> loved the istagrararaost om the super bowl withpple and blue ivy. > it'sfunny, m kids' dad and blue's m a ae always li doing these incredib@ mind boggling thin and i'm alwys with the kids pand the snack bag like baby wwes and j jce boxes and it's pretty much howt ese days. >> reporr: gwyneth deals wit one of the famous divorces ininollywood sh has great adve e r coupupup going through the sameeencnc >> uave to constantlyet go of old ideaald resementnt you to puputt e kid first. y oeevedhe rs enough t ha cldn wth thememou haveveo foc u bo them what aut hehe p i kn wve ne it ai of unhox wa butt' workikior >> reporr: also wooing for gwynh her company go.. this week she lached a skin
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0 apple is obseed w makeup which is why i've gotten siousus about trying to p pparticipate nontoxic maersonala rer as an actress and a woman,n, wanttometing that really@ woos and is going to help wi your fine lines and wrinkles. what weant to dodo is lookour esttas we age gracefefly. . more wsws to get to, starting with this. exclusiventerview w)wthhe newestancing star. >> ty y tualal k secrcr. >> just annouededgma's meororogist ginger zee and val. >> i'm a huguge fan of astrology ananmetrs. >>hatat wod be astronomy but hehhss psyched to b pair with ththancing fan who g gaveth 11eeks o. >> t doctorav me t go ahd. 're saf >>vi don't want to push anything that ouldn't be shed. >> reportererththfull cast will be revealed gma tueay. what abouthe couple key
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> i know hercapabilititi she all right. >> reporter: n to tha oth mpetitionhow"idol" does nom j-lo have another gig. >yo h he new record al. tell us ttthat@ >> yeye i ddo l.a. reid andnd i ck epic. it's anothe thing i'm still worngight no. >>repopoer: no kidding. thaas onon top of vegas sho "shadad of bbe"e" and "dol" backstage forast night's elimination fox and after more than a year away from making music@j-lo isbaba >workingon music the past couple months and shlde putting out somemeing soooo coming up on "e.t." -- cameron maison w jennifer garner tg about n n faith based filil and this p r-rated viral video. >> [ b eep ]. >> i hope my parents dn'ttee it. > later in thehow wewe talkto lady gaga's sylylst s susus the oscar dress ga didn't wear. >> what s the l lk l lt bind.
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wedding advice to mariah carey. retta lynne at 83, gives er thohohts onn evevevein from tayloj swswtv >> get it >> ehdodo.
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ctn raiaing fundss for, i'm not leaving this hospit. that is jennifer grner in iraclessromm haven ging thrgh atoughtime when shot ththmovieee we t dodo foour conversation, i ianted totoknow, h howow importrtt faith has beenenner li? >> iovove in the film einstein'ss quote, two waa to live your life. >> see your life as having no miacles or see your life bebeg filled with racles.
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a day in mylif >> rorter: handled her split from ben w wh strengthnd gnity y nd even toh he e h put herquaren the spotligh jnifer says it's lesson o o ithhasasas her saigigigace. >this film in itsf a miracle or y/u. >> it was a very difficult choice because i don' typically play e lead films. ta t much timee away from kidsds this lm i kindof went to them d said whh do you allthink. i real fe compelled to teell tond d dghter is sweea nd said mom, i i real your turn. we'll be okoky.y. you should i >> m re mom. me tol. playsomris bed on theheue ststy. ellylyly rers plays h daught anna who is diag with an incurable disease. >>,it's'sthe re anna,guys. >> i'm so happy toeet u. welcome. >>i'm so hapy meet you. >> farite moments fro bei on set? >> favorite mts. most them are defin@itly with jen because we did a l of arts
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aaot of braiding. repepter: throrgh i a,a,a,a,aen aert herense o humorr layayng dhe saphon andellii offcolor bedtime"" sriesesn the viral videos. the funny yoube video, the bed "titi" story i hpe y hava not seen. cozy warm your be my dearararowow go tot [ bep ] ssep. >> i h hpe my rentnt don't s ititit >> i have to say what imesses memehe mooto matter whash's goi to through and d dng with, her thr children with ben, always come first n m mrenting manbra as well. >> tollylyage. comimi up after t tbbak, can marthat say yess to the ess. >> trarae lightly. >> with her a a s p plan a big wedding. every n nds help. and we talk to the queen of country music retta, s sin osts in her house.
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rado springs.utwill they last? tonighghat0... the citytyantsts two-yeye waanty... while one city counlor says that's notot nearly long enough.p and pepe in eblo... cong togegeer to demand an d d viololce. a community rally ... on tme nights a a memorial for young murder victim... tonight
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in tonight's fashion dy gaga's signernd stylist gives us the secrets to her le. >> never walks intnt room and hinksheis up here and meonondown h hre never. >> branann t th m meh the three osc looksnd the me'' we spired outfit hadto be perfect.
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p >> gaga made a pacth h herer fello sexual assauauvivirsrs >> o girir said, @ @ wt & et mgg tat.>> the30-year-old maxwll exasbsas hion brand. rns oututereated a four oscar dress. >adhe n, what the look left behind? >> that wawa actualy a lk from the show pwedi black velvettrapless mini dress with peplum on the sidend d it in sortof celery velvett l@ong gow etet talk bridal fashion now. canno wtch mariah too tie the knot wi mes. marthaa stt tells us she s you to sparere no expen. >> they have match-up. one thing teyhaveve. >> she hasadadce pple who n' a b bliononre's dg. >> i unerdhaouou h a slhtlemma. >> every bride needs help allll this brides arestrong minded
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>> reporter: tomes ddess helplp on say yes tohe dress s d ifouououe gngo ask martha preparehe 0 tr. . > youououied that on >> i didndn. >> don't think abobudget. >> t beginninin ohehe choosi untilhe aualal filming of the seent, she obobly l lst n pounds. the dresse w reot exaxactly fitting her pfely. >> we h h to treadad ligghtl can't say \hatat a hoible pdress i think a little rigd. >>&i&is fu. > n evvyone canve mt coult iros t s nex tart srteddi a iniratns". p >>8> don't let you use e wd bblbut it is tible. . onethth key piec advice ou ge innbook. ou want haha d that ououl rememb fond. so we advise youfforr t, to haha a wedding planne help withth loloev tails.
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mmt cocostly item e says spendnd 40 for fofo 1055 for the rereptii vnuend rentald 10% for fashion including that dress, and the biggeses bridal mistakeke >> ovreaching one@ ing. spspding toouchhoney anther thing,g,oing into debeb andhird is youetoo nrvous and to bee angry and frustratat dingghe whole planning procesv.v. >> she' not planning mari's inbut h h a a sugstioioio >> over t tp lvilavish. thisiseddidi i'm sure issgoing to be a spectrying one of richcht m m in australia. reportershe got married in 1919 and a do-o-it-youruelf back enenen >>o madey own dress. that's me. i made theh. thth pillblb whichchas tstyle and my w is 19 inches. how bigs ur wais >>wh do yououhave t p ut i on me rigig w. . > by t way, your head supposeto be esame c@ircucuerence as yo waist.. on your weddi d it should be -- y yr waist a lttle lee
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>> okay. viviienn iasor aoal miner's's's daughter counryegendottatatanch 15 years d wh sh got marri a now the coalminer's dghter 83 sll going strong. her first m in 1 1 s just dropped today and we talked to her aboo everhing fromer musicto her p piticic andwhy she thinks donald trump could be pprident. >> can sasa p president yes. if he keeps itup on lotf ththgs >> > poer: ancon o sayss whhe inks. >> thinkh i workedrobably harder t anabodydy in the bubuness. peopop todod areoooo to do th ofing. r r rter: ch, ss lorea loretta. i should have known there's nooo cf1 o use > reporter: gwywyththdores her, so doeoepharrell, mirandada idol.
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was ingthrough in her music. that's why it ronates withth us. mirandandmeme same type of thing you know. >> rererter: loretttt has oininn n erybody. listen to hera n tayloj swift. >>shee wted to betop. tayl gege i girl. that's what youwant. i'm about as pop a cornbread. >> repoer: coury to the re. met her i i when she 50. >> when i was a little girl growing up i ner dreamed aut ereing a country singe >> repororr: growing, day ltataiv ts nnessmansion.n. the pce ihnt i'm telling i did see woman oalcony of e bigg nsioo$ 3:0:0 heororngld hear the high heels click clii click goi up tairs. >> reporter: her abab"fufull circle" american masts loretta nch stiti a mo girl premimies on pbs a last night she brght houuown onon fafafalon. he take everything
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hope s goes on forer. i feel great. and to gett o o theree@ and sing. i ve people from ten old to 8 >>hu sahere w o onn so shenevere t s "col r' ht tillis acoal miner's ughter". i love that vie. >> birdadawhich acacsitioned f elaine on "seinfelel teri hat bookeke shldss or papaiciheaton. >> the answer nxtweek.
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moieien t > a etonline.c our sneak peek the bacheloror w wenel l special. liian the h at. e' thehe brothers gms pmier ajajaj mclean o o his rton with bririeyeyspear >> shshss still just a swt little@southern belle. thebackstreet toysslan f f& a vegresincy. watch john and his wife gettin an eotionn rea frrr e long island mum at > considitation provoved by lcck to e show.
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ctre aditioned f le e eainenene "sinfe patrtria hhonononho & turns today. e're oo o ti he ne me wantochut befowe . . . >> ha areatwed,d,, evevyby.bye. >> ne theaterstoto -- >> god evening. >> shara i a singing gazelle & izoo tope ya run by animalsls but ahome she rupssafterer two kids. >mineneis like having twtin but worse because one is 3 years old, and i haa toooe ljke running bd him all the time andd the other one justst learned how to walk, adhe's a hazzard. . . >> jason batatan, nnifer odwifit bunn polol icer,@ the flm@mffers message about diversity never letting anything stand your w. i aa cop. >> never let tm t to p. >>e a havee judymonts in r liveves. when i wasas a little eaeang real big, you
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and here i ahey, dad.zhey, eve. hey, lk. cammy is still here. hey, mr. baxter. how was work? obviouslnot t o bad you're getting home now lessou wento wowk atatlike, miightht it'be r rlly bad -- ort least rely long.g. you didn go to workat midgh did y y? cammy is s ill herere y, was s rk let's nononot th stataedgain. this has been kind of long for a sleepover.if this s ramada inn,shshshbe getting bonukointshe's onlylyeen rerefour days. yeah, but ur days in a row , look, cammy, honeyey 'rnot ying to cut your visis s srt or anything, b b -- which wod be impossible ter ur days. uhh... honey, w-when were yououhinking of going home? oh, , , , was supped to tto youboututhis.s.s.


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