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tv   2020  ABC  March 4, 2016 9:01pm-10:00pm MST

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tt`t`td8 @q4 4w`td8" dztq ;w< tt4w`t+o@pd8" entq tt4w`t+o" gzt& rt$ $ 4w`td8d8hnt& tt4w`t+o@piz (3tt`t" jntq:ctt4w+o@pd lzt& , >> it' pararisee ia coast. sa a susu. hot sun, bodies. but now, a dedbody? >p 9191 >> there's a body in my son's apartment. >> juli kle the artmtthisman' so ttsaonfi c w w movietar oks,s ow to be foun >there'so wy it wasotm. >>s heauggolicih zab c?
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d something elsese >> there was a message on the backckf her sweater. >> tonighd,20/20," taking you inside the twisted t tilil clues. aeddinginvion, a pizza delive. >> it's beyond didiabolical. >> and aanannt that tned into a boyht. nobknow w thi g >>g goiazy,i' frereint. b whaababt sam'shbors? he sir aboo ararsingg oach other?r? >> don't,, down, down. >> are they sckin toohe script, or going off it wa off?
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>>toght, you'llearrhe tr inrtmeme410.0. >> good d eninin'm david muir. >> and'm elizabeth varga. age yoyoing in an apartmtmtm comple >> a famamy suggdg withhe(e ss of t b but . thatat justst the srtfhe myy. tonill eye o what haens next. life or death,@for the villain? here jimimvila. >> reporter: she is the picture of today's american girl. an immrant dauauter. daer, coloegstudent, and free spirit, jibuishsh bornn southernaliforni thrivivi in thththlden s sshine, reecting hererapanese heritage t thoughly embrarang what it ans to be 23 alo the beachesand eewa of the orae untyfo. ould julul is de al-am paseir e ked sometim bowst r kindss.
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ov to describebeie. a alitno o eveex d heroing >>11. there's body y son's tment. >js emale mal fe.>> repo: couldn't be lqe ----ou it? the nocentntlively, creatiti young woman with a big circle ofof friends,ososofhem known well by her pents. >> and her frids a the people she hunououth, , ver y y ngerer o. >>epter:eally r r thererworry abt. >>kids, they didn' anhehat they shod not gogogo >> reporter: but mom hadadever t thnew man in julie's le,e, 26-y-yr-d sam rr, oldedeand ch more exriend in the wowod. limemes him c cmunity llege. he's a handsomomcombat vet, even a hero, with bradley cooper looks whrvedn ghanistan d is nowowome in onge county
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little fun a the way. lalaer thali, grararus, and a as eaea ke ill inin for my moy ckome. >> bigtrong y, hay-go-lucky, , , you knkn, ju a big galoof. >> reporter: larry gonlelegrew close to sam in the mililiry, calls m brother r d was in the trenches o oafanistan withthim camp p ating, a remote tposost ununr constant fire. >> i )can range anywhe from m half an hour to hours.p reporter: and all those months on the frt lines d an effe on sam herr. likeke many of our returning soldiers, he s sd sisis of sd. s sas i ia marine combat ten one of sam's bt iend>> he' have e e e ejghes. >> reporter: that's got to be etty scary, , h? >> for h h, it was v vy trmamama >> reporter: two oututing 20-sometngs from different rldsow living ththlife in n
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jue, t t passionate dancer with enough talent to o accepted at t e prestigious oran county school of the artsts, where cindy ca-dan taught her for re year >> she was very compassionate and warmand talent awell ry f f twaononage. >> reporter: iis the same scho wre "glee" " ar tthew momoison led his craft. everybody w wats a t thril >> reporr: take a ok at julie in performance. athletic, flexible, na >> rorter:ulul wasn'just artisticshe e`s smsmt. sam was struruling. they metetetetththpology classssss so she vololteers to tutor him. sam's pantntsteve and raquel herr say julie d d d were goofoeach other. >> s s looked up to him. and she was very gd turing him in anthropopogy. and he got an "a" in that class. >> reporter: and they were friends, right?
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ything going on@withthou and lie?e? and he says, " "soluly not, dad. she's like my kid sist." >> what's gog on,n,nr? reporter: butn thth spring nighininhm o.c.c k s steteis in big tuble in sam m rr's artment. >>here a what? >> a bodod a deabody. >> a dead bo? are u sure, sir? man, sure. e's cold. ortete jululififelels isprawlededcrththbed. thth's s's d d steve making e breathss 911 call. >> samamas s sposed to come e our house fofoe weekend. satuteay camam we hadn't hra from samam and ughoututhe daywas calling his phone. t t phone d just - -it was off. ansambneveturvrv his pho f. d i said, "honeyi'm gog to ive e dto sam's. make sururevythihi is okok." ani d the key to his apartment. i walked in. and everythingas neat, erything was clean i looked a2aund. i i lled"samnobody.
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e'in tedroom. it looks likekthe was some sexualctivity. she's dead. the's blbld from heread. >> i k kw she was dead but i i uld see -- unfortunately, i hate to say -- thclothewere ripped off.f.( >> doeyoyo sononnow w o itits? >>o, he'not here. jesus, honey. repepte yououk into his apartmen-- crect. >p reporter: and thehe a dead womamathererer >> correct. repepter: what's going through yourinin >> initialhought is, sam, what happened? what happened? what -- what -- what did you d >> reporter: bututam, who outwitted and d rvrvedhe talibain ahanianwanot arnd to swer he w suddenlnexpectedly ofthepgrid.. t mototfor the murder is still l t knowowow samuel herr hasn't t en s sn. >> repter: p picve issued an a poiois bulletin for sam herr, , coat veteran suffering from f fshshck nightmares. >> ptsd is very ----ery much in the back of oumind >> reportete so you u ew he knew how to use weapon? >> corre. that's why the armed a a dangeroucococoin where he's missing.
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he has weapons with him. >> repororor so everytytng dhat t you heard about m inind sam as bnghe guy.'s absbsy no at inot sasa epopter: bacathe crime scene, h h c cl phone constantly beeping wh text messages. her taylorwi ringtone e alting tops to its prence. her ther jununisearchingngor thgoododaughwhver isis out ofofouch. >> i don't know even kw how manyny i text he and, "are you stilasleep or are you you ow"arereou okay?" and no respond. d th i stataedthink, s gog >> r wheweweome , what tilr writ on he bababahahapointsota love triang. was julie caweenenwo loversrs obvusly there's a dead woman n my son's apartment and he's missing. gege you kn,tthe a the suspicions are going to be on him.
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,,02watv# 1t"@qm14 4 2watv# 1t"@q]=]=tt2wat 1 bm@qv6\ tt4watv# 1t"" dztq 4 tt4watv#t"" entq 7?7?ttatv# 1t"" t& .8, tt4w4wv# 1t"" hnt& >6@ ttttttv# 1t"iztq t_8 tt4watv# 1t"" jntq f/x/tt4watv# 1t"" lzt& ^b$ >"20/0/" contins, with mystery in apartment 410. >> repter: first we're going to start off with a shocking story. it's'sut of califoia. >> repororr: julie kibuishi is murdered. a gunshoto the heafound in
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the'e'no sign ofoftrugglglgl here. noign of sam. by bed an unusedednife, a uple of books, combat w-to d the her on the wonders of sex. t back, , barbrbue on n e papao. everytytng neat and in its lac andndndththcounter, weddinvitation fof sam's downstairs neigh, his good friends -- actordan wozniak and d ch buffet. now, costa mesa pole have releleed ahotondehic description hoping to l caca a 26-y-yr-old man suspecteteof llinin reporter: costataesa, in e heararofofrangngcounuz, city of j st over 100,000. it aveveges just twourders a year but this s y night with a a half moon rising, lieutenant e erett andectiti jose morores walk into what oks like a slam m nk of a murder ce. >> was thinking a pontial loveriangle. right asou walk in to that doorway, you can seeeeulieie dy pitio theed.
9:15 pm
condioion of h h b b p>> s s had oununot wound- tontererf ththhead s weg g tiar >> rtete tra. when julieies murderedshe is wearing a crown. it was one of f e happiest nighgh o r life. julie's mother june saw her dauger ashe practicall boundingnouthe door. >> his f fnce asked her becoco a bridismaiai she e ve her theheiara. >> reporter: and thawas pretty specfor r o,? >esshe didn't want t t z%jit off.@ >> reporter: it was s s s g late onont specl n ght. shshha intended onononing sam. but he was t ttiti her tt messag tt were still oher phone whe found it neaea her body in sam's apartment. >> t t tmessageseserervery importan >> reporter: sam texts he isut helpg his downstairs neighbor dpn zniaia the acr buddy, short on funds, tting marrieanfrking out over how he'll pay f fis weddin
9:16 pm
but less thahatwo hourlatete sam seems enly i idistrers.. texting julie, you come over t-ght at midnight alone. ve upset. need ttata.then, "jus, , really jt want t lk. i need someonene t." julie responds'm here for u likekeamily.y. and ose wereot thehenly meages othe night she was murderer. poliliver anher more le text. th o o handwritten by the killern julie'e'bo. re a message wririen on theacacof her sater. >> and as s eaned ups you u n, what was the mesge? >was "f" yoyo all y >>epepter:heorngolice e eo e edthe on tht,ayayayab's's drng, usisdrdrs,nd t t t t was incidqnqnqn j snpean kw, sexuaasululan-- andyouo owwound up killingngngnd fle >> rortete thestave to fsam. >> police sathe 26-year-old
9:17 pm
ighbors say his bicyclsits outside his apaptment bubuhis vehicle is gone. >> hisisassport was miing.g. his cacawas missing. >> reportete o onge county senior deputy district attorney matt murphy isisupervisinghe case from the first t ll, an here. >> i'm looking at everhing gogog, come , gugu, ths obvivis. you u owyou're going to find sam, he's goininto be our killer. >> reporter: fal c ce for police andndurph a big rereflag. sam herr, ththwar hero's ckground cck.. >> he's bebe in big ble bere. he was arrested r murder, he was tried for murder >> reporte a m mder charge points to sam. >> squarely, absoluty. itointnt wh atath a nene sign >>eporter:urut samamad bebe acced as a very young manof lurina friend to a parkrkg lot where he killed by some gang members thchges didn sti, was acquitted, but if you are a cop p investigating a murder -- >> we thought, "okay, ife has
9:18 pm
>> reporter:r:wo days ter r jujue's body is found, t t big break when the banks open mondaz sam hes s ing a a gita traiai andnhis father ste, who is cnvinind his s couldlnon/be the muerer is conducting his owparaeltigaga. >> at 11:59, 12:2:. >> reporter: not l lkiki for a killer, just looking for his son, the h hrs believe sam may be a v vtim himsmsf. this is your invesesgative boxox >> this is pretty much the investigative box. >> reporter: steve shares a bank account with sam, whe his son ved $62,00inombabapay. he's firir to nonoce hison m haisapaped.d s decards nonofar ayay >> it heomter, and i saw there s activi. so i assumed either sam or somebody w using it. in long bach. >> r rorte that's s s s 20 miles away. and when he gets to the bank, hanging arnd fruitlely a a thm for hohos,s,teve sees a banklert. his son's card is being g repeatedly u ud at another long h lotion..
9:19 pm
>> so i went there, went to o ththpizzzzplace. ecked arou looking for's car.r. sat there e r an hour. repepte no lu. but the copspsowe the same information, and ty havepehe edgen steve, becse they have accecso those little cam abe atm machines >> the bank sent us the vide -- it was a d or two later. and then we were surpred, who is thikid? >> it's not sam. his parentn't t ow who it is.. nobody knononoho this guy is.p >> reporter: a pizza loving, baseball cap wearing stranger is draining sam's bank account. an accomplice? a kidnapper? a a ller?ay wititususis... i# a ve photo of a cat. live ptos e more than just phphos.. th ce ive wh you touch them. d then they go back to still l en you let go. e ery time yo take a picture, yoyoget more than j jt a photo. t to rele thmoment.
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sam'm'debit card is showinup ong beach. ur atm withdrarals and two pizza deliveries. at thehe of f e trtrl, a stery mama or r r accurately -- a mystery boy. >> we re surprised, like, , , okay, who's this kid? >> reporter: great questi and to answer r , you have hearb of follow e money,ow about follow the p pperoro? the cops are hungrgrto c cckhe . d they know from the b bk records theieisuspspt is just hu. >> a aiz'a bn delivered to a certrtn adadess in the cititof long b >> repter: a p pice coerer erhe, undercover copopoppppptcng t pizjz house. po think finally, th haha f samerr's hiouou >> i h%hr th helicopr circtcng. i'm like, what's going o >> reporter: recognizeim? u've alreadydyeen this kididhis name? wesley freilich, the basaball-c-cpeen in those pictures taken a athe atm. the 16-yeaeaold skateboarder, noathe center of a fl-l-
9:25 pm
helicopter-hovororg raid, looking for a murderer. at his mom houou, where he and a few friends are, y y guessed it, ha into a large pepponi pie. >>pethe door thahas when they say, d/d't move. r, comhere immediately. get t the grounun wesley was trying to be a tough guy in front of his s frie as wplained the gravity of thsituion, tt a a rder was volved ithisisas he had a angegef demean, starard cryi. 'm [ b bep ] ] ]elf. everytng g g g gn crcry. i'm freakingututut m bequestioned abobo this whole withdrdring g y from thehe atat >epore quickly figure wes is not thtpmuerer. but whers s m? >> the police e inside. my mom door to hededom is ut a a locked, and the policic are assuming that he in n ere. >o we forced entrtrinto that room tsebrch >eporter: samams not t e, but his ssing atm card is. time for young wesley answer
9:26 pm
erything. i id, this is what happened. >> reportete turns out, thehatm runs for samam cash wewe not wes' idea. h h a trusted frfend, an oldedeguguhis momoorrie,et in communitytyheater. >> o he'e'co-- he'a cococo kind o o ot atat wldlllle to grith.h. reportet cool cat inone otherdan n znznk. mber?'skekedodostai neighb.. hang out t t thererthth apaptmtmtmjacuzziziz nowanan about t tbebearried he's curntnt starring in a local production of the sical ine." >ee w w4wi i anan >> r rororl:es tells theheauthorories, dan gave hisam'm' atm cardnd p p number and fed him a stststabout usin llect momomosam herr owed him. a scheme only a ear-r-with erg g r free piziz might e.e.e.e. eah.h. i iactututuolder r papek, s s sg thth thihiwawal legal,ooooto go o d all
9:27 pm
monened d ke s s s swore a hat glasass. r r rter: so o s sf ive e e mom's h hse around d h h the e rner a a a dowowowowblblk k e e asasasmv whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhd?d? >e'e'e'rkedede in atatarngngotot >=>ter: s s s s s seeeehat t you'u' the cameras aren't seeing him, but the cameras are seeing me. >> >eproroov to e on h sd. theheachihihiyoyoung g s leleleububub skakaka a as snd d d h he e e and i puthe card in and gave me t pin. >> reporter: back at the car, wes says dan is jumpy. eaction ac y'y'yc so ogoandndto h firstimus o i i&n'ybkn qt i'mng&^>v:e e ewh witrtr $4$0. and over the nt w days, silar amounts that he turned to n n zniaiaiaas rapiy zeme e suspe ie
9:28 pm
personf qeqeswho m how lie buis die at thatt t 's simimdan inin >> yeses i itc m mesall niel using ause of, hey,e need you to come down. ana dasa he sn't avlae. he w at his bael party. >> ^eporr: the%rs and buishis are iting r answers. but`n is b b band blows offf the co.s >> the filie 4hey're experiencing the worst grief that a family could experience. at that moment daniel woiak's on his w to his bachor pay. >vr:e t comeo thth. they go lo him. dan wozniak wasre witita le of his ies ad immediatelwhen he saw me, you could see the e ood drdrn from his s ce. he turned papapandndmmediately lookok dowow >> he says, i'm going to tell you everything. i'm ckng f s sm sico gotoele you uevhihih >> rtetere anahn caot pwherer sam? one thg we know, tre will be noelebration on this night for
9:29 pm
's under arrest d headed to inrrogio -- and soare >> how your lifefefedangererer >> h h hreatened it! >> then al a sudden,he pieces start coming togeththth it is bend diabolical. >> you just told us you sao o llet wnds. no, no, no, no. >> reporter: stay with us., shopopl's... fri@ay night os and saturdayly birds.... for the new sonoma goo for life clection... ve 50 0% on everyday aprel for him and for her...
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tonight at 10. >> "20/2ntinues, with myery in apament 410. >> rter: aurder case with a shakespearean twt.
9:34 pm
ca by y in nds s tonight. e o. comat c c stedimim paou acting gether >> yeah, ts isis- >>or wy'm lorrie freicme th dan w he was st sucucfugu- he w w fun. `e a good actor. >> reporter: the man who in between acts waslanning his wedding ananaprently draining g his buddy sam's bank accou to do it. >> r rorter: d he have moneyey problems? >> alws hahamoney oblems. you know, tataly going from one job to anoth. hi,me ikiniakakllplg the -->> reporter: mey ia nsta a fodada boo marrrr rachcl b bt. here she is a his co-stst in that musical "nine."." dan had no`oull time job and n he is in fulblown crisis. needing to finance his wedng anhoneymoon. jpst as police are picking h h
9:35 pm
room.. andanans sig he thichaiai >> r it iso beonniofuestniboututow ce e psess a tn maninite n n tnar to use sam herr's atmtmard. whilat wre is sasa >> i don >> reporter:ieutenant tverett has a prime seat i ifrononof t t monito in e dedectivivroom. >> yeah. myole s toatch inrview d e ifhe's sothth tmay not t pig >> repter:hat he s ss is a perfrfmance worthy o than lane.%h,h,god. >eporter: dramatic, sometites even over top. >> i don't know! i'm sorr i don'know what elseouant me ty. >> r rorter: but first, a lilili staged mea culpa -- - admits lked young wesnto being the stooge at the atm. >> he asked if it was illegal. i id, "no, no, no,on't worry." that was a l l.
9:36 pm
arenen't'toi much interrogating at this pot. ey arereussig ck a hing peran as actor, workingithoho a script, desperately looks for an ending. he tells the cops the night ofulie's murder, his play went well and afterwards he and h h fiance rachecele >> ik owowwe h s. >> reporr: but the morning after julie is kled, the plot thkens id d s t polithere is a anock ahis door. opened the door.& it was sam.i'ke, , t's goin everyg ?" he le, "nogo somemeind. i'm like, "what did yodo?" he's like, "there's a dead body in mapartment. i shotomebody. it was a fit of rage."." >> reporter: that's dan's first story. knowsbout julie's murder, helped sam escape, but had no hands- role. the copsrereot buying it.. >> tell the truth..
9:37 pm
actotothisiss yoyo chae to clearhe air.r. >eporte zg. the screws as cops w we called in the old b bckcknd wte momoes arejust lisisningng nonothey a t thtening. >> we need to get a swab from you u st to elimine yoyo >> eliminate me? >> it's in ybest interest. so b bicly jusenour t uth for me. rorter:r:nkg fast, dan invents anthat would vevehis dnanbeing athe erercene.. now, i was in sam's apartment friday afternoon. >> okay. >> reporter: but then this actor without a script, movev to act two. a second version of that night, but he l l his c cl d d d s a critic mistake. the copsear it. see i i ou d d >> yes, i saw the goddamn body. is that what you want toear?>> no. we w wt to h hr truth. >> that is the tth. >> okay. how'w'yourudna get on nfr? >> because i was right over the body. >> dna doesn't just fall off. don't k kw.
9:38 pm
>> i dididt touch he didn dything. t'd u u u saw two gunhotsn her ad. eporter: why did the two llet holes bother you u mucuc h hknew that therwere two bull holes?? >> because when we were in the aptment, we e l lookededand it was only one visib t t-- to our%eyes. and then when he had mentitied saw two gunshot wous, i said"wel hs s ere wh e wash >> reporter: he ststave seen or d de with the actual two shots. >> right.. he w w there when she was killed.>> reporter: cue the gota dan wozniak has a a t of explaining to o now. you u re -- >> n no. >> standing over her >> no,o,o, no,o. ay. >> whoa, whoa, whoa,hoa, sto >> it's actlat you said, n. y/y can't even keep youw lili stight. >> h h story kt anging. i think he thought that his carry him through thth -- this performance, s s s. and d wasn't doing it... >> repter: detettives send
9:39 pm
situtun sinking in, he asas to call his fiaeachel. >> hello? >> hi, baby.y. >> repr: it's a ll that t ll finally b bng dn the curtn onan's one-man s ww. i need to make a phphcall to t t detective now >> why? >> reportete w? cause rachch has fou outut thatatanananrother has incriminating evevenen. h hhad e ererpon. at sompointnim ss, "h, i to -- t to get rid of t ts.s. dadael's'seen arrested." >> repteteachel tells dan she is going tthe cops. >> i need to call l m and let m ow borthey catche e thecording device e cae itit looks like i'm not t ting toto tell therighghghay. >> then i'm doomed. d you know that tim had me evidedce? >> yeaoh, god. oh, god. okay. ell, this is ridiculous and i haveo go tell the deteetete the trut >> no, baby, baby,y,im did speak ? >> only to me e e ar and iwas
9:40 pm
station right no danan's been arrested and h hstartsreakakg t. >> no,on't, n't, don't n't, don't. th can't be found. >> >o, babe, i'm goi tdo i i >> listeteto me, l lteto m no. >> what? trustste, plee. >> youealize they're r rorng this p pne conversatioioanyws? yoreeingngn a lute ass tranlie aga. s when he decicis let the jailer kw, " "y, i ne to o o k to the detectives." >> r rororr: up next, the finana act. >> do you want to talk to us yes or no? >> yes. >> oy. >epepter:r:he chilling uth ababt sam herr.. e r r@ro, om thece o o man whw knowwhe e@ is. was slrderline fun.
9:41 pm
>> repter:r:tay withs., intrtrtring thehsisi of excxconal tas with t t benefits of our obiotitiyogugu new activia frfrt fusion, with the excluve p pbiotic fififiregularis. delicious s d gogo for you. new vivifruit sion thiss ththdell xps 13 has a virtually boerlesssdisplay for unleashing cinematic monsnsrs in the sky and a a h gen` tel c ce pssor
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9:45 pm
californ'siv c cstvt doesn't get chter thth this. it's where community theater actors dan wozniak and rachch buffet plan tmarrrrananh thth honeymoon, oardrd cruise ship, right t ter eir musical "nine" closes in a couple of ys. bubuthere has been a hiccup in eir matrimonial machcnations. >> eyewitness news reporter eileen frere i iliveven long beach th new information on this grisly case. reporr: dan may not make the nuials. has a prprious, but t dd -- - d re prere eagem p/pice. he's'performing e final after 14 hou at the police station, he is aboututo adadt that h hkilled not just`one e innoce, but two,o,n a mamabre w wthy of p pp fictio >> you said you waedo talk me. what's g gng on? >> i'm crazy and i i i it. >> you did wt? >> i killed julie and i killed sam.
9:46 pm
all righ >> iilled them both. reporter: dananozniak labels msmsa pathologogal l l l i a downrd spiral for two years, who cocodndndnea admito his beautiful fjancee he h h no o job, no money, was about to be evicted,d,nd couldldot aord to y her. t sam, h heighbor, sav all his combat pay and had d account that loeded like "problem solvlv" for n.n. >> $62,000 is unlimiteteweweth in the wor of daniel w wniakak he'she pct tar >> rorter: hisar her friend, , m, who out okindness vovontntred h hhim wiwi his wedding, was actually the fifi to die. dan zniak d ththcolt heart ofof debt collector. >> s sin daniel wozniaworld, mumuering o peoplu so he can gon a honeymoon. >> reporte thehecene of the crime? place dan knows wellllthe e berty theater.
9:47 pm
in the dar dank ers, he res sam to an expected, violent deata. >> i went upstairs and then said we'll need to move something from the attic. >> and? >> a a wn heheenwn, , the gun and i shot him.. >> hany times? >> o oe and he was still alive. >> wherereid you sho him a a >> the bacacof the head as he was knknling down. >> uh-h. and then the second time?? >> the second time he was down was still talking, , ying i ed hp. >hat did he sayo you? id . methg hit me. elt ke@ aectric s sck >> =h-h. and then whadid d u do? >> i reloaded@d@d fid again. >> repororr: atds not over, by f f f wozniatells the interrogators -- >> if you go up thladddd f the theater, his head and hands have been decapitated. >> reporter: lieutenenevevet tchingis monitors the detective room, is a aut to fall ov p>> and iad turnen%to someb and sasa, did i just hear whwh i ink i heard? >> okay. are the body yarts there? >> no.
9:48 pm
dorado park. >>hat was s ing on iur nd >> i w auasming d laughing. >> he's laughing and s slingngs s he cuts ofthe he o othis s young m m mho bravely served his coury so that he cago oa honeymym u know, it's beyond horrific. it's evil. absoluly it's evil.. >> 2epororr: :ut despitetell t t teteible things thesgrizzl dededeives have heard, there is somethininthatatothehem even re the e senseless muer of an innocnranger, lie buisis.ulies basilly beg killedvethis thing u d d jusus i mean, it's horrific >eporter: andere's w w y y didn't knonountil now.w... afafafr r lling himi d wozniak takes sam's phphe ansends julie those urgent textslure her to her d. jul was wring, like, a n tiara. she had just come from her other's. ipsaid, well, , haveey. let's go i i >nd? >nd dhen said, , , by the way,y,id you seehisiin sam's bed? and enenhe w w leaneover
9:49 pm
kill j? what was t ratnale behind that? >> serus, tototoer up sam.m. >> how wouldhat coveup sam? >> to make it look le he was on theheme andhde didiit. his plan is t tmake sam hr lookike not t t j jt a a er, bua rapist and a crk. his plan i ito destroy memory and desoy his repupuon. >> therch continueuehere a heilwowoededre ts rk >>e had d archeams broken up into diffefent quadrants. some went out this waysome back here, some w wt in this part of the park. >> iransported them inde thehe backpa i gogogoastigs from 's's cafe, put emn the e ckpack.. >> reporter: was he able to just walk in here with a backpackck full of body p pts? >v h hcame in ththust asasc trash bagsgsnd then kind odug g shallohohos and covered thth with l lves and the debris t t t you see arouou. reporter: and what did dan do after kiing g o people?
9:50 pm
the cast and c cw of "nine." cecetage, , sming wozniak. by the w w, sam would haha b bn 27 o othe day he was found in e park. earlhere was no o rtrtfor e rrs on tt terrrrle day. >kay. itks his birthday.y. and i remember wing up and thking, i'm hopipi, i' ininthey find my son's hd. whn n iti scriptth? >> reporter: s s's b b bwas so recognizab i ihad d be identified by loveve a tatt on his chest, in honor of his parents. >> it was a hehet q d rose, and it jt id, m and dadain nhere. so it gngnied th i love yo >> rig o o os est?>> rht. big, very big, -- this size. e backpack filled with evidce. m'dylo, ssssrt aalnd g at kled him. en with all that, he pleaded
9:51 pm
wozniak's trial,@,hich ended just weeks ago, was s ick and to the e int. for r e prosecutn, a few witntnses, a summation, and, of course, dan's confnfsi. >> it s s l about ththmoney. that was itj >>eporter: at the five-day trial, t defense had no ening argumentnt they called no witnesses. and tlong, not come ose e using the wor inincent, or askskor a not t ilty verdict. the juryryasted little te. >> w wthe jury fine fendan nini patrirk wozniak, guilty of the crime of murdern the first dedeee. >> this s l wat abou whwhher or not he was guilty. he was guiltyn >> r rorr: guilty t counts of first degree murder, but no one is leaving the courtroom. because, next, thisame jury mustsdecide the bigger question. does dan wozniak deserer to4die r hisiimes and that quti veveit h sub d you d dn want toe
9:52 pm
>> i sting in my car a i'm at 10: new tax to pay`to fix thehe roads.. but some y the tyty alrey maki mistakes 're loloing into it ght. a unity y y coue woerg a good d looks l)le... no. sesly?
9:53 pm
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oh! this iso good. if you'reryininto teachchkikiabout a probos j5j5 s stch it on the scre. i n'have a touch screen o m@m, i'm jealou that. yoput a big bug inin kididids and chanan the world view. [ laugh ] "20/20" continueue with h mystery apartment 410. >> reportete i iwas a litning-li g glty verdict. fi-day trial, o-hoho dedebeonon annow w e jury is called bk to decide i& theheow 31-yeye-old actor and conman daniewozniak should live o2 die.. ju fororersonnwong. >> ts enti p pedingsgsas going to b b what's going to happ at'she penalty? >> reporter: psecutor matt mphy challenges t j j to hon samamerr and d
9:55 pm
man who not onlyilled them, but desecratededhem. danny wozniakakreated him like trash. he treated juliee trash. so the qstion at i isk you a awer, in yourerdicts, are they? >> reportet6 daniel wozniak's fense is that he is not the worst of the worst, that he is lping fellow prisoneneow and dederveseso live, to rorm. >> he has it in himi and he's going to make a differencece is that a a tigating factototo you that w wrants fe? pi pe so. >> repr: back in the j jy omomthe vote dthths lit. >> it's veryiffere, when y y are e one sitting there almostterallllpullinthe triggeto deci it. >> reporr: the initial vot10-2, death. buwhenenheurururthtnghtsts turne sususuing famies the domeltl aw. >> ste herr. the rage, the angethatate d
9:56 pm
overwhelming. when they show the phograph of the funeral for samam >> repter: hisife wareal to y y. bbsolutely, mrsrskibuhi. you u owwhen%s's'salking about r dauguger being a a daer and i'm thinknkg abt my ughters. the nextxthing i remember i'm sittinincar and i'm sobbing over t tt testimony. >> rorter: if there is a time for a a a h h nay. >s s it. it was not ly beyon reasonabab douou, it was beyond any doubt all. >> repepter: the finalale came quickly, in n st over an hour. e of the shortest dedeh pepeltltdeleberaraons on record. e familylyays justice e serv, 12-0. >>e thth determinehat the penalty to be imsed d on defendt daniel patriririozak totoe deh. >> i just ha votot to put a a man n death. ananthis is a really sobobing withhe rest of my life. and down in myutsaid, can i live with h is?
9:57 pm
>> r rr: and aftftwards, ere is more rerere tn joy. >> it was so, so, so, sosog ovdu t i can stt healinin 's time. >> we le e closure to our nightmare e apapr. >>epr:o isay juju kibshi sasa her dauguger's death makes h r questiti theheundamentals ofof renting. her soso now doubting that kindnesslwaytriuiuhs over r evilil >> i tell all my kids, be e ce person. nd to other r opop. d they ed h hp yoshould hehe. but that just took my daughter life. and that just killed me. yoyoknow, just - >> rorter: for samerr, he esesped death in one of f the st dangs s aces in n e wod. be killll ione of the
9:58 pm
leaving parents he called his best frienen, and who today find pcecen only onenepot. yostililgo t tthe grave? >>veryteek. we go o ere, wbring chrs ing the newspaper. inututnap. veve peaceful. e only time we talk is when i y, "bye, see you nexexwe love e u." .. e fatr's love. even though the jury has cod@ theheeathpenay, theh jud still h has toffffm . tpat i i s#heduled for next fridayay > and next week on200," breaking point,t, heroro i am ta alo>>even days see@e it yourself. the war playing out i&i suburban
9:59 pm
reres everywhere sounding the alarm. young lives vanishing. prescrtion pais, and pthen heroin. david muir, t younges victimim breaking pointntroin in america.a. one wk from 4nit,t, here, h y y can s se a fe. >o imptao watch. i'm didmuir. and'm elizabeth vargasas
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ha great weekend. a community & tonight rembs s innocent mana. gunned d dn last weekend. while otrs lly to e e theence i pueblo. omousedestrod byy re... torass res burning out ofontrol. a daynd nighghfor firefighters ... and there are new developmentn tonit. a new x toto pay to fix the roads.t some say the city's already mang mistakes. we're looking to it tonight. wetart night with breaeang news... ght now w& colorado springpolice are inveveigating a report o shots fired at a car gold camp road ... that's on the west side of colora sps. poce ere heading to t t scene. we have e cr on the w w as s ll. kr newswsannel 13 will bring you momo uates as awewe. ththvote ovedales tax to f corado rings s s s is supped raise enough money for five years worth of repairs. but new toght . e city says theyonly want to quire a two year warranty ononhe repairs. do


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