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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  March 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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ha great weekend. a community & tonight rembs s innocent mana. gunned d dn last weekend. while otrs lly to e e theence i pueblo. omousedestrod byy re... torass res burning out ofontrol. a daynd nighghfor firefighters ... and there are new developmentn tonit. a new x toto pay to fix the roads.t some say the city's already mang mistakes. we're looking to it tonight. wetart night with breaeang news... ght now w& colorado springpolice are inveveigating a report o shots fired at a car gold camp road ... that's on the west side of colora sps. poce ere heading to t t scene. we have e cr on the w w as s ll. kr newswsannel 13 will bring you momo uates as awewe. ththvote ovedales tax to f corado rings s s s is supped raise enough money for five years worth of repairs. but new toght . e city says theyonly want to quire a two year warranty ononhe repairs. do
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angegeca lombardi joins us live in coloradod springs.. loing into the warranty stdard.. what did you find? s,s,e found that a standa warrty on ad rerairsrsa citytys 5 to 10 years. but, the city isn'agreeing th tha awo year warranty ng eugh fix and ep our roads thol frfr?r 00007-7-0 0 0 "industry da, typically you' a 1o 2 year warranty and actually it can ry from aro area." howeveve accordrdg to the federal highgh apmimistrati on, a standada warranty is 5 to 10 years.s. but city args o years s more cost effective. "wheneyou start tatainc about extended warranqiesthose don't come cheap." farkas uldn't explain to us why a two year warrrrty, if thsales tax shshld generate 25050 million dolllls in five years. 00:32-00:38 "i've asked% continually show where i isays o years is the dustry standardrdnd nobody has provid any data."
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member hen collins says it nototong g enough. "w"w just passed th ghest sales tax in state history and we're telling people o the e e anan is good d r 2 years." "forhe puople whohoive andrive e the same potholes everyday, they're rried that a o year anty won't be long g ough." 0p:59-03i thknit@ frustratg. ink wheneneny ve put mething out there ansaid they'rgoing to do it, they should follow thrhrgh." julee bellar is concernene about the pothes outside her r me. "m itial reaction wasaholy cow tpat's sususgoing to get worse and it has, s just gotten b)bger." the warrantyty would cover rge hole and d mage like this s e... but uld not eover cracks. anwhen the warranty is up... "the c cy will take on the responsibility and if we a struural deficienciesfterer two yeyes,p,e'd hire a contractor to come and fix ." the e ty is negotiating wi contracts and e deadline iwednesday. in coloro s, angela
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rit now, rt carson is fifiting a couple of fires.. cludonon that's burned about`5555acrcs. that fire's burning near turkey cre. fortsovo says is s w 90- peent contained. second fire's bmrnrn aut fofo acr, , d islso 90- percent` contaiained. fo carson blic affairs sasa cws will continue wat drs. ght n!w, t t res e t thatening any bubudings. a fi today forced two colorado rings families out of thehe homes. a homememethe 32-h-hdr block of bruno circle was destrod. e other is bamagege nehbors sasa they h hrd loud booms as propane e nks s ploded. a nenehbor tells krdo wswswsne13.. family petdied in the fire. one peon was treated at the scene for noinjuri. the cause of the fi i iundebe investigatioio thpueblo community yicrac down oim d d ence. "they'y' n n arningatred, angeand violce" pueblo
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discuss gang activity i pulo membererom ctory lili minist intruc a group th ying tep kids out o trouble. 's theueueo xi acacamymy whh isorki th pole anal the ministry. "wheu're papa othe boxing commmmit y y have respect for each other and there's different people from different sideof t t didit neighbhoods anwe all got ong." the boxing academy's looking for a plple for the kids to box.. to keep them m f thstreand d out ofan e - violen rly comes on the same night as a candlelight vigil.. for a 26- year-old man ot to deatin. downtown puebeo. nds and familylcam phgegege to @& remember devin ark. theyathehed tside the e martin lher@ kingngultul center clark was killed last sunday.. while to leave the iron horse bar. two othehe were also shot. li havav ma no arrests in the case. after clark's mumuer, the e pupulo county proposed ah
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tax to hire upo 50ore officers. totoght, the former polic unn president says, , more officers wouldld nice, but don't pecto see em hit thehe streets all at once. he says it takes about year of training before officers cacago on patrol without supervrvio you normally do ababt officers at a time so u're talkiki threto fr years down the roadorororu can t that many. lo city cis already planning to add 20 re officers by y e end of this s ar. krdo stormtcker 13 ie meteorolt rachael ath is tracng your weekend weather...chel, w at's mingngur w w? while there may a f sprinks aroundintohe f fstart tonigmost will stay dry w)th partly cloudy to mostlyloudy ieie tonight
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into the 20s and s. tomorrow will be a litttt er t t ts today's ldt, iwon' too bad sunday gets windy before our xt system moves in. more on rain chces early next week lalar in the cast ininour cion 2016 coragegf. tonight otr cacaidate officiallyrops ououof the race fofothe white house. republican ben carsrs is calling it quits. . there'a lot of people who love me theju won't vote for me. it's okay. i wi stiti continueuebebe
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the move comes after the rered neurosurge id earlier thi- week.. that he no loloer sees a path forward t e g-p nomination. on alsls dropd out of last nht debatetete whe four dedededela ght.. . lly y clininn shared meme on her t twtwter account. she mocked herepuican rivals by popoing this videoeo. saying.. "w many me ese do we have to sit throuou? askiki for a friend. hashtag g-o- ba ininn and setobebeie nders will squareff f another debate thisundada it wl held in flint, michigan. o-j mpsososos rm attorne eain tot.. . t news t ta a knife wawa pson's prer... and eculation it's rder weapo simpsowas itted on chchges that h h murdered h ex-wife and her friendack in 19. but the weapon was
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revealed, a knife was found on simpn's former propertytynd it's being t tted fofofoidence. . alan durshowitz wasas onimpson defense teae. saypolice should have found it 20 years ago. but ththpolice inmpetence in this cass justound, if this is s s lelent pipie of eviden it ould hav been found by the ce, they tore the h hse apart. some sources night are lling abc news it't' prablylyot the murder weapon. t even if it is .. simpson canan face t tse same charges again, bebeuse e double jeopardy. the center fodisease corol in southeast wisconsin is trng to track do the s srcrc of a deaeaeacteria tbak. nenetonight at 10 ... 18 peoe e ve died from th bactia. it cses a bloodstream fection. experts say the inction has sistance ta wide rangef mmonon antibiotics. sysytoms inude fever, shortness of& breath and chills peop@ apcted in the outbreak have all been seniorsrs th
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been detected in 11ountieiein scscsin. kr newschannel has learned a aiaiforce academy ca was aquiuied of rapend sexual abusarges. a panel of officers found zachery chchb not guiltyty he was charged in cocotion to an alleged incident that was reported i october r 24. ofofofrs rea a t gutyditoday. a criminin inigation' underway night in denvnv.. after a starng dog was abandoned at a shelter. the labror.. pibu mix.. named petunia.. is recovering at the denver dumb friendndleleuee e s le the ininid- bruary .. hing jus19 pounds. . spe should weweh ababt 35. vets say she was prprprly starved for months. but they're brininng her back to full health.. and they think she's g be juststste. animal control looking for her foer ownere. a pupulo gang-m-mber is heading to prison for at least 15-years ter beg nvicted on federal drdr traficking charges. federal
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leilani mainez conspired th another person disibute hehehe, , th and ack c/c/ine. g brbrk caca d ding a 20 tffic stoto whenenolole und d d rara of hern. thenen founmorere drs... alolo wyth guns... a a her hoho. the marijuana task force in lorado rings is on n tight deadline to finini its work and present commendation s to city council. the 14-member group wa osed to meet for the last time e day. but i was unle t tagree ononulationsns for marijuana grgring gnd busineneesn neighborhoods. at issue.. how strongng regulations and enforcement shoulde.e. "butssentialalal we're lookinr complilice. we wantntntmake su ehat p%oplele undedeta.a.a t tt wee tatatatahis sesesly,y,hat 12 plts is s e mum, a that wililil in the crimimal part of the city code. is grow use,e, believe probably for medil purposes. but ave no control. and as ititrowsthere ararover0000 gpow houses like is in our city. it hahato b ntrolled." the taskpkorce
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march th to finalize recommendation sp thqh's a week before the city council starar consering th matt. a big piece of southe colorara histy ing . . e nsas ver r veveve mural.. world cord holder. and the's s special evevt t plannefor r r tototoow. . soso o okrdo neneannel 13 10: high school babaet playoffs....e have your r cal
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d d d goingbe a a cool night with ght wi. tomorrow#wl a little cooler
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"m a aveveve agt mama be breezy at times ugugut the dada witititit moy yououou springngngng& castst shows temperatures& warming upper 60s s ndnd, bububu e mumumu windier r ead ofof r r sm. your pueblo 7day forecast shshs chchcf foonononon mondad esy.our ciciciday y y fofohohoho
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veveys. ururlele county fostststws a a ch forshokerer monday, tuesday and agaiaiondndny. ks rachchlhlh pieces of the rlrls rgest t outdoor e e e g totoapt.ppptrucuc op theansa r r vee pupu deay. new information coming. d d tete( scscscscyoff . ( ( r l l l
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fod?d?fifin oror.r piec o o o o o o worlrls s egt ouoor ral are betotoapar trtion theherkansas riririlee@ lo i i unrway. ininrmatatn cong unext. and later.. high school playoff action oulocal am movovovovov forwd?
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for the being th wos largest outdoor mural. but a big piece of po hiory is coming down. cocotruction is underway on the arkansas river lelee.. which means pieces of f e raraare e ing g torn down. here's krdo o wschannel@13's tie spencer. nats of stres juststff o o grd enue is a recordrd hohoing g mural... that is gogng away... "for most people i talko, it's like losi a pie of our history." cynthia ramu has worked the murals for more than 25 years and says is hard t te wowodisasaear. "oh yeah and watch it be crched and ju turto dust" and with levee constructio n underway ... pieces of
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come dow "things are ving a lot fafaer than w happening bere." ma people in the communy aren't happy about it. "for me especially, ke i've sa, this isishe best thing pueblo has, in my opinion at least" "it shows that people from pueblo and maybe surrounding areas put a mark on pueblo" "although the art has read started to come down, the discussion about new art has begun. " "there are a loof arts in theommumuty that a willing to come together with suggestions on ideas" "it's like i'm'momeo grabbed the monaisa an then painted it white and id let's redo this." channg the scenery as well as the ar sce. "the whole dynamics ofhe wall is changing, the ale of art is changing." in pueblo... katie spencer krdodo newschanne . the top 12 feet of the levee are coming down... thatha of the oject
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a celebration river levee mural will be held tomorrow from 11 in the morning to two o'clock in the afternoon. it'll be at th whitewater park.
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the lorado llege h/ckey team will only have oneore chance to get a win at the world ara...the tigersldn' get tht ainst . cl e. wheda a paciwh u caw onulcanizeruruerwhat teid.. 1d pehuies a goaljacomakes e to ke it a one go memites r.oey beflicksksksks one and ligigs the lamp..t. clo ate 5 th wit fish ue rela tomo at homega t sk. plf baba..cl4a gre eit
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creek... 1.) 2nd half, sand creek scoring in buckets ... jalen davis drains the ceballes hits th mper ... 3 torkhard down low ... lays itn and 1 ... . ) the e gles jailen minnichying tkeep pueblo in the me . bubuo mu scscpion powow ... creek ves on to th fil 4 . .4-56 6 . eight..mesridg stinly faly.. 1.).)hoy ststts hot ... ) grizzlie answ . kyl shshk frhe `e.) thth - coe welch h s ttttttcendhitststs floater ... wouldn't enough ois ght... a good seas for the lady grizzlies ds ... 66-52 ... class 3a...manitou springs hosting manual .. 1.) muststgs setting e pace rl... shelby ma-gary megyere hits the jumpe... 2.) ) the mustangs can shoot the rock... .,i washington
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anher one fr washininon - -hi tit e buzzerer... - nitou wins -29 ...they will ar n st. ry's lointoade they enainee nnacle.. 1rl ol wiwiwiwewe shot fr behihe a..pi apy thes makenndette kfthrn ar..later ed slaes to t bt ununt sh..'s'ws impressive fashion tonight with a 89-31 t faith christiann. ass 2a playoffs... fowler and calhan... 1. 2nd quarter..key renzman takes toto bucketor two.. 2.
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outside...makekee opop three pointnt.. 3. wleritng t ardslibe haharms a puts it back i. 4. bere thehen$ of th half..renzelman anather r ree e inte .. calhan is moving oth a 33-18 win. mo playoff tion.. ellicott and rye... 1. in the 2nd quarter .korsi ock k ing fofoa ive all the way totohe basket ... 2thura amblererex book jumstopopnd u of f e glgls.s.rywi-4ine .. hes .. u ng and kene s ns cebrg icdaearly.. 1.stan s ssh eir r r lly on... steven jensen goes strong for . 2.2.he mustangs can shoot from lg distans well.... thatat whahamamas so dangerous..d.dyd hehe3. c siechthtnanahes the e e a ay and goes coast to o ast.. the mustangs are moving on asas
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eet sixt.. e nuggetetat home tonight king b bok. 1. we t t ght to the finishin ot nuggets up a point six seconds left.. shane larkin drivese misses but brook lopez tin for the me w wning hoho.. netetwiwi 121-120 in overtime.. we'l',be right back with a a nal t checof your weekenel wewe onood mornrng colorae'll see which ndidatat orededig ithe late democraticpresidentoal debate. && i'll have your mplete
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what d yououhinknkf j-law's drs? which white p!ople did you go te bro? >> chrhrover here, tk k k s! >> jimmy, jiy kikiel, what are u dog out herere immy: myom got me this mera, i figud i'd get a few shots. d d't y y have the "aft the oscaca" spspial tonight? >> jimmy: ah, but -- did you gift baske canai gesome o noishihi lotion? yo, chris. did leta rock itonight? chris,ho are you w wring? chs! i didn't find out o yore wearing!


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