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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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>> ^he mystery f@ly sol with c c tro confession. kill errs. >> and al o the ceceur >> if itt doesn't fifiou must acquit. >> t o.j. spson murder cas e countrxated that the knifeeould be thehe missi murder weap. tonight polic castiti doubub
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bu firstst the nigline 5. good eveninin thahk you joining us. it was las vegas night turned deadly. a mother shot and killed aftft givinger daughterriving lessss. theeystery s solvedn court today.
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re'seborah robinson. >> reporter: today in a l las vegas urtrm, secrets finally realed. >> d you kl tmie myer >> repororr: i ithe case t tt baffleddnation, it seemed like an stance of road l as vegas mom of fr osedly follod home and pgunned . i waseaming anding sayi moseen sh mom's been shotot >> a because of road re. >> t mother rktgeted. >>ereramilyestroyed b b grief. but washe first story in the adlines. >> apparent incident ofoad rage. >> t t who or >> wait, w wt hppened >> so much of thih s sry has chchged. lotot more complicated than the fsteports o roadadrage. >> reporter: it't' a cool thursdsd nigamera's favo adudu aznd, las vegas andhe strip is already mping. but across tnear another playground in a part of vegas wherer peoplectually live.
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and she like i don'teed youou crashingnghe car. > 44-1ear-old tammy m m mrs is givi her dauter c cstal her first d ss. >> at 1010:00 at night? >> i wtete too at night causehehe's no cars@ around that you can p possibly ht. >> crystal says her mom is teaching h howo changng lanes. shshs going at a sils pace en an impatient t iver appears in the rear ew. >> i just noticed thate s ridingur bumper ande swerves around u and i i honked t horn. >> that hononf t ho, someth h a a@l d d w/wld change everything.. crta sayss@ s sarar su seswipes them. >> w had to stopp rllyhard >> who wasas this guy?& do you know? no, i iidn'tecognize hihi >> inanic the flee the scene but what t ppens next is a puzzle. evevyone agrees that some
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thend o o thecul-de-sac e the myersrs lilive atld buick and a four doo sedanven by a mystery mnhoho p psuit with then. >> you heard the shshots. >> yeah i was lookingnd i heardhe shshs. >> did youw she had been hit. >> yeah. i was screaming. iaid mom' been shot. >> the maioctorsaid sir, yoyo wife is notot goi to make it. i told my wife matte what it tatas, i'llind out who did this to yo >> ler t tt moing. >> i'mighthththere. you k k k what you did as night, you come he. >> angry bob myers stas boree the cerain there were as manys three klers in that silver car. three guys wantetolow into a mother of four a come back and shoot her andollow r home andnd kill her.r.r. >> by the end oftoday'sewss cyclehere's the narrative. >> policic sayhreeuspepes in a small@ilver c car nearly
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s t t bckececec a keshiftoria tammiersrs is a timn anndless stage of road rage incidents. bubu before she can have a funeral,he's aboutto bebe bued. it's le they we murdering herll ov again.n rereat. y.y.y. >> tammyrsent loooong or the driver. >> beten thehehe aed rd rage incident and the shoot out tammy returned homeith no one inn pursrst and droed off hererer dadaht a a inste of dialing 1 picked up her son bndon arard wiwh a gununnd went back on t t road >> s tells h h 1ye@ar-old hter t w we up h s who was ined and have himim come outside and get in the car with her s/ they can finho frightened them while they were on the roadway. >>o whahaha braon's'sstory? he says his motheasonvinced th road rager waseaded to th house to me good on his ath threatat >>he said someone is tryg too
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weweeed to g no why don we call 911. >> you saiet's call 911. sheaid wee needo get ay from the use. 're tryryg t t hurtususus>> he and his mom g backo ere the roqd rage i iident occued and find nothing. but then jt as they makethat righ turn b the junior high school he says they spot a lver car. >> boom right here i ifront of usus >> she s saw t tilver c@arar right here. . >> it was literallyightere in frontf us. t tng wldalate l l leadingto the shout withh bh annd tthe mryer exchangi more tha 20 roundsds but t exaxaow abdhof the nt stiti p pzleseshepolice. at i iilhiss wan picks up phphe. y y c clhepolice f that i had to. >> we y y conflicted >> absolutely. >> still a en sitting here. >> caitlyn shared her story exusivelithhabc ns telling that around 3:0a.m.
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call from erer goolo frnd,ow 20-yead eric, a deaear and wann rapper ithe instagra phosos it i nee toome sothg importt. >>oh d soun shookokok up. >hen he arriviv at caitlyn's aptment he telel h he thinks he just shot a rival dg dler in hisneighboror. >> theheirst wdsututf his mouthhs i i got them. thehee shodousomething? >> yeah. >> hemptied hisackpack and pupued out his gun a andxt clips for the gun. days later caitltl saysp she pieces togetetr t detailshen she waseading a article about th ooting. i didn't even fhe article before g got u and lled. >> called? >> the lice. >>he makes wrenchingng decision to turn iner friend. he doeoesn'turrender when police show a his housese s sting o off an hours l long standodoff. >> right n we are in the
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tata a susct intnt custod >> he finally gives >> youou guys tha i did mething -- >>ttlsolice durinis interrogation that othe night t of thehootg he was in the pa acss the street stin r circling car for riv drug dealers out to get him. >> i ieally thought these were e guyuys that he been threating me the whole ti. s ss he hid andsked a friend to pick him pp at t t park toelpp him g get away and then@nhehe they cssss path wh tammy's buick h opepe fire ththth he's proctggis family. >> and i just statarted shooting them. . >> he ge ses his biggest surprise for@rast telling police memers is not oll one of@ hikik neighbors. he kno her. myntentions to take -somee t tt was going to harm my mily. not tammy. >> thetunning relationship is
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witi bob meyeyesddrerees thehe press. >> my w@e spe countss h hrsrs at thehek c csolinghihi boy.y.( she fef him. e gave him money. she toldim to pull h h p pts up. > biguestion still ma who wasrivini thehe car when tammy yers was shot. cellllllhone records lead police derrick andrews. owner of a silver audi thaha looks like this car in the security video. todayy they're se by ide onc agai enering plele deal. >> someone of the reasons sou're pleadingnguilty to this c ce isn truruth and fac you are guilty` of the arge. >> yes, your honor. >>@>@> pleading guiltyy to sececd degree murde and assault with a dead weapon an thever o thave car,errickndwswss pleadin guty to acceses tourdede andoluntata manslalahter >> dididou know a shooting had tan placac >> yes i did, your nor.
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him away fromp the scene of the >> yes i did, your nor. >> it's a d b b memers has long been waitifo we're going to ms a g g reat wife, gatmother,, gr pers. that won't bever for us. but t par of this will be. we can start thehe healing prpress. >> for nightline, i deborah roberts. >> next, t o.j.j. simpson ce ack in the headlinene theeation fxad on an uncovered kne. night nenedevelopments in the police investition and d ver, there's nouch thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: anbnbniviral. so when the flu , call your doctor right away and up the a&ae th antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu an antiviral thahaha attackckthe flu virus attsou and helps stop it from sprprdin ththbody.
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newsiefnce ithe o.j. simpsonon c cad t the natioio fren toy. ears lermeriri still trtrsfed by bfling mder trial and m mng apon. now aerst itheg in simpson saga. >> tay the o.j. simpson media cius wk iul force. >> o. sisison. ( >> o.j. simpson. >> earlier this morornglapd sasang it in possessionf ife possiblyonneed to the murders oficole brown simon andererer frien ron man. that item has beenn recoveved - by robberyryomicide inveigatorssnd it' b bn trtedasee would all evenen. >>udnly it w 199 all or agaiai >> news crews started jock i nning for primemeeall estat here on rockingham avenue and just a#a they did2 years ago stted lininp their satelle truckck right here in one of theosffluen
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an lapd officer n tired was hande t knife by a nstrtion worker nr thee j. simpson@ prortytn the late 1. policeayay hep heldno it for 18 years.s. >o you believe the stor >> at tthis point w have t take p at facee lue. >> right from the beginning there were speckticks. >> thisay just bething. the speculation about t knife broht the so-o-lled triaia ofhe century`ront and center yetagagn. >> let's go to a picture i los ans. >> i wver 20rs agathaa mililon peoe wchch t t t lice c cse o.j. mpson's white bronco d dnnhe freewayss of l angeles. fi days earli o.o.'s ex-wife nicole simpson and ron g gdman were found brutally rdrded.e murr weapon w neverfoun here whi sr cole and all iemememr is my mom paying, that'syy kid. >> devaating. he was alws a gd kid.
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>> o.j. simpson w w ated and ieie f f thehe murder. no dettai s s sddo@ave bn overlooked th p psesetion insisti there was an ovelming amount of forensicicvidence connecting simpso t te cmemscene. hihi blo and dna athehe murde scene along witit ae 12 shoee print o.j. size and hloodn his bnco andnedroom pairirfks@itit nicice'ss ood buthe bloody glove found at the sce of the crcre,e i dn't t. >> i it d dsn fit, must ac@. > guiltyy ofri o o mu. >> but 1ears later. w w justt rd a gun poinio.j. simpsoso can you s sd poleere please. >>eeas fnd guilty of a differencrime a i i sng a 33 year sentence in a nevad prison for bbery andnd kidnapng. he is eligible@or parol nexyeye. >> o.j. simpson cou confess
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howe ctted the murr and he still couldn'tt beretried beuse of double jejeafdy. >> oveve theea t t s spson trtrl s nevev beenar from our cococoti cocociousness. to livedn o. simps guest house and wasb key witnesn e l. >> wggime w i ihen you got your food? 25. >ust t year he spoke to babaaralts. in youou opini dyouunknk th o.j.urredicol a a nn goldman? >> inn myy opion, yeye i t thinknk he'sguilty. >> andow even a hit tv miniserieses airingg on fx.. theeople verers o.j. sison. >> i'm not a bperson. >> cubaooding jr. starring as j.simpson. >> told the i i aveothingo
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>> t f filies oficole b bro sison and ron gololdman did n not gi . ey suedim in c cil urt. >> c cld havoucheh neck. >> what do youean you could haveched r. th was aviolentepisode, wasn't itit >> yesst was. >> he was forced tower quesesons he d d not ansswerr i the crinal t t. esesareeposition tapap aibed onon t adomentnty. did you ever stre her. >> no. did y ever h ht her? >> yes. >> did your physicallyyyt hehe >> yes. >> h h spent dayssammering at thth relationship withninile. >> you cd sca on herface,didn't you?u? thaat's rrect. >>ventually simpson admitd to hurti nice butouldn't sayhow. >> you neverer hurtour wife ther rrect. no i hurty wife y. >> y you ner struc h with your hand i never pcheder yes.>> eve bruisee her. >> ye
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fu respopoibilityyy for.i don't know what else you want me t do. >> y. >> because i shouldn have handleddthe sitituation the way i & >> t toldmdm family wn civil crt and w we arded $33 million. money they sayay simpson ner paid. >> zero from the judgment.. he hasev paid o sinine penny. >>ate tonight, law enforcrcentt officials telling abc newshe initial investigagaon s t knife fn j property isp ot he murder weapon. although hehere stitllll doing testin to confirm.over tzea investigators . tell u ty have c ccked@out up to 150 knives. none of them connected to the murdersof n nolero simps and ronongon. fonightle, in los angele >> andnext,m the rnational ageinging hips don't lie, t to the bigscreen.
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finly night, you know thi sge fhe & stage.nowsha is lding herer v v inhan eirel didierwa toninini whatttn cn with herr animaded. he's r rhel smith. >> she's an internatiop star toppinghe music chahas with hits like hipion lie.
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apd nowshakiraa is proving sh try anything voicing gazeen th anited film zootopia. >>ut your ps upup. my s i 3 yearsnd iht him singing the lyrics and iwasas so surprised b because i never taught pim. he aorned them. i don't [ when. but h was repeating them and he so cute. >> "zootopia" brought to y yy our p pent companyisneye bring you all sor o oals togegeer in armonyith a messagagagfnclusisi and ceptce.a' chaer no rprprp, a popop star. >> wtt input d d did you have in bringingour character to life? >> we when t directoto and ee producurs s swedd me meme gazellele i said shepe was too fit. i said y@ gotot to put somem meat t bones.
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oor i er > we ittfibs >> b bween fil proje likik this o o a a h fily shakir hasn'n'n'n a lot o of time f her music. but s s says she'll be back in e studio on. . migig your studi album be in the wos?s? is ts something that you're working on i 216 >> ye it is i've beenrating among pass cis and diaiars a and bottles lately i iseen hehethy for me t take a little t otancerom my career r a yeaea and half ahd now i'm read doake more music and now i i dreaming about coming ou with ttlbum of@y career. thth's what wldlike mithnorlala >>ndouou can goee"zootopia"
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thk k u f watching.tu intod moinggmeca toto as alwaysse' oightlibookagee and abc good night america. ve areateekend. >>onight an "e.t." clusive, marcia clark ohehe new knife and the o.j.. case. th mu weaeaniscovered at j.este? > what maaia told us what may have b%bnnnnfo here at bwood and clues from this exclusive just uncovered o.j.j.
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en what i want. >> whwt saidust aftererhe trial. a a pe g g g gc everyartitipantnt exce me! > hen,whwxhoston daughterr we eakdowow bobbi kri "austin powersauopsy report. 28 s, four ugs,,ha el does thport reveal. tonit, gwynethth paltrowow -parenting withex, chris martin. >> i know we'e'e' doo it anp a a unorthodox way. jjfer'serview. i' gone throughhh stles both ways. >> fiing faith afterher splpl. > f the bri. here comes marcia. it's chosen.n. looking for the p perfect dress as we flash back to h wedding d0ay. waistas9 inchch. how big isour isis >> now,w, march 4 44h,016, this is "enenrtainment tonit."." hi, , erybyby. nks for j jning us at the end


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