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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 5, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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en what i want. >> whwt saidust aftererhe trial. a a pe g g g gc everyartitipantnt exce me! > hen,whwxhoston daughterr we eakdowow bobbi kri "austin powersauopsy report. 28 s, four ugs,,ha el does thport reveal. tonit, gwynethth paltrowow -parenting withex, chris martin. >> i know we'e'e' doo it anp a a unorthodox way. jjfer'serview. i' gone throughhh stles both ways. >> fiing faith afterher splpl. > f the bri. here comes marcia. it's chosen.n. looking for the p perfect dress as we flash back to h wedding d0ay. waistas9 inchch. how big isour isis >> now,w, march 4 44h,016, this is "enenrtainment tonit."." hi, , erybyby. nks for j jning us at the end
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we haa more bigig newsor you herereis toig top was the murde weapon found at o.j.' home? only i tal to ma clark tododo a knini appen foundatatbp thth cking hamm este en demomosh demolisd. what'yo ininial reacti 's rarkae delment if ittoes turn out to bebe nnectedo t ers ofon and nicole. i just he the truth comes outut out the sisiation. >> repr: "e.t."toay excle withmarciaclark, the lead proseto in simpson's murdrd trial finds it baffling. >> it mht hoax, iiigg bebeomedywho pntededtt an thprerereed to fnd it. >> rerter: the knife the lalaesarartwist t to thehe unsolveded2-yeao rders nicole brownsimpsosondnd h h iend ron thhouse h on what was oce o.j. propertyp demolis in 19999d p plicece y it's possible that etethen thth k kife asasdiscovered the ndnd of the k knife appentltlturned it or to an
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oducucon of a movie andolice say heeldldn to it u uilery centlyly >> ti lastmon lapd beame awawa of a item that itm as overedby r tigars. it issingre as we would evidence. >> repoer: :@ you think there could be dna on that kniff >> 's ssibl hey recov tna ummies in egegt,o is entirelyble that ifthere is dna to be ecoverededt couou b found, especiallyy with day'sted kokopel whws much more sensitive. >> no guilty of the c cme of murder. >>eporter: simpson w acquiied a trialalhat lasasas more than ehththtmontnts. but t uld e be tried agagan? >>he likliliof prosecuton stemming from t t t evidce isry, ve, very sl, so,o,ou know,utt be - - but weve to findd out whathh mns. >> reporter: clark's role in t caca has been bkin thews after the succes the fx iesththpeople v. . j. simpmpn." >> can't hideforer. >> reporter: clark is p payed by sarah pplsonndit's's bn the
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tuesdada nnhts. isit onon t tsomes u now wi spotlight shined onhe case agai bauau of e levisi sw? >> itllllll birre f coindee. it is cely strangng i have hehard that t t r reasonon that - ppersonon h e ouyt of ca the lrtmemeis beceseries. >>next, o.j.'s lost inteiew. lot of elements of, you know, attpeop well-known celebrbrtymonee, sexex appepe. >epter: o.j.takes onon mediain a a clusive just unco intrvi wit two@ pepperdine s as shsh in 1997 on his rockinghams estate after he wasas fofondnot guilty. >> i thought the mediaet thehe american publili and myself and nicol aon down in tryingngto find the tr p ppetrators and thought it be monon maker for the tabloids a a a lot people gg rich. vtually every participant
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>> if you want to learbr more aut the story g t etetete.e. ven months afterobbi kristinad away atthe a a heherututeport has been aled. >> w have thdocuntnd went through i i lin byline. hee what it reveals about the tc h of whitney a bby's daughter. >> rter: :eleaseddtoday as h , nigordo whes her a py birthdayhe m mdal@ exanirrr--medil examinationes oicial cause of death by lack of oxygen caused byrowninggnd drug intoxicatn.n. the dru cocai@ incnened ijuana, in a anti-anxiety med d rphine. what's eerie c comparison with what r mothth's autopspsaid was inhesyste also cocaine, an an anti-anxiety mm, alononwiththuscrelaxantnd antihistamine.
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similariries cold be m mre than incididce. . >> maybe imitating her mother's death. both wo a baththt with drug what are t odds that ppening by can?? >> reporter: another s@hcckck,hehad no less8 sll scc on her head,d, nek, rso, ext@remimies. was it possiblelehe was a a cutter. . >> these are very stronglyy ugsti of cutting and not e kind of ctiti an assailantntbut rather, a cucu tt some pe inflict n themselves. >> reportete: ananher compason betwee aututsiesndicate bit of a g geeetitial g g betet whney anhris. ilelehehe h body pie itney had af. bby s taed,,er mo t. whwhe whit had brst imimants implalas chrissy'sdidin't. > gwynetet paltrowerved her trang husband d th drce
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the pair has yet to fifnalize gs but gwyneth iss movingon. carly t down withh oar winer to t t about new eneavor r ndfe hehe light.. >> tete usbout what's going on there? >> well, t's a ree fr ni my hououou andd'm gettttg my highlhlhthtdone. there's vlet and appleen n e ckgrod having dinier. o cf1 o >>multitking din usual. thth'showt goe >> how i i rorols in th housf. . >> @of course the paltrow house is aththg bututregular. he f f#football gam the kids went tos s spepebowl and their dad was recording with beyoe. i @d t i i iagrammost frfr thehe b b bowlh a d blbliv >> funnnny,hyds'ad and blue mom are@ alwaa li doing ese incredible mindnd b bggling things and i'm always with ki and the snack bag ke ba wipes and jce boxes and it's pretty much h it is thes days. >>eporter: gneth deaea with onethe mous divorces
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eame expernce. >> you have to constantly l go of o o ideas,s,s, old rentmes. ooput thth kidsdsfirst. if y oe loved theheon penooooo have c cldren with them y have to focus on what you still abo th a b butulbout hem. i know we've do itind unrthodox y b is wokingus. >>orr: also working f#r etheco op twehehe l lunched a skin careine on app i i obsessed w maup whch@hs whwh )te serious out trying to participatetein& nontnticma personal care. as an actress and a woman, wan something thatatatlly w wrk and is gog to helplp withourur fine liis and wrinkles. what w w want toto do is look our est as w a a gracefly. moreene to to ptainwith i exclclive interviewewith t t the newt dancngstar. they acacalal k b secret.
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meteorololo gingr zee and val. >i' hugeean of trtrogy d meteors. >> thatobe strono but he issyed t be p pr with e dncing f f who gaair 11 weeks ago. t tdoor gavheo d.d. saf o ovisly i dononon w wt to sh anyythininthat shouldn't be pushed. >> reportrt: : e fu c ctttll bubueeee masday what about theoup yo an j fm "fuller hous >> i ow herbililies. she all right. >> reporter: now to that other cocoetition show "jdol"l" d ds nom@t-t-t-have anothth g. >> u hh a new rececddeal. tell us ouou . > yes,s, d ll. reid and i baba atepic. it'sanother thingngi'mmtill rng riiit now. >> repopoer: no kidding. that's top of a a vegasshow, "shades o o blue" and "ido backckagagfofo last nigigig ( minatitixx annafter more annaearray from makiki musisi j-lo@ is ba >> working onusic the past
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putting out something soon. oming on "e.t."." -- eronis er lk auther ith base fms r-rare v [ bleep > hoy partsn't see it. >>later in tpe sh wewe tal@k to lady y ga'styli shohing us the oardress didn't't ear. >what was the lookk left behind. >> marthat stewew offers up weddidi advivi totmamaah carey. loretta lynne at 83, gives us herrrhohougvgtsnverythingg frfr taylor ift. >>et it girl. >> to t dona. .
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nancy hosd phohoto auction raising fundsor people withad children. d always imagined@ whatt uld be l
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to feel safe wit and to answer all theieiquestions. i i ver imagined... there might come aay when she didn't want me arnd. thth she wldrgug with me constant... anangrwe wou get toward eh her. never imagaged tha wld feel le utti me out. tt i dn h heth d wamagid ereny. nocer:r: bngarwagidfeelelimssle... the boysowti tlincacahehehe call00-448-3000 dd#1-800-1434343 ananime, day onigh thanks to bo t tni don't st i i ine getting alonth mchild. actuado get along br! annonocer: boys to national hotline...
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i'm noteaving hospital. >> that is jennifer grn in "m"maclele froheheen" going thrr tough time whehe she shot this movie soowewe sadown for r r conversatio i wanted to know, how iman faith has in herer fe >> le in the film einstein's qute, t waa to live y y y y ll se your lifefe a a hing n acles or see you lfe ing fifid with mieses >> > ev doubted a d inle.>> r rorter: h h l be witit strhhnd gnhhe vivivi herquren n nir sa lessonfh h sasa grace. thinititelf miracac& for u. jt was a aditt chcee iotypically the ld. s too muc t@ayrom kidsf @hind ntnt t them and id whh do you allththk.
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storyry and mym dauguguguis swt and said mm it'seally your turn. we'll be oka youuhould doit. >> i'm ared, mom. >>e too. plays momristi based on trueuestoror kelly rogerspl daughter aaa who is diag win iable diddss >> itit the aannys. >> i'm so hay too meet u. welcome. >> i'm so happy meetyo >> favoriteoments from bing set? >> fafari men momohh are d dinitely wih nnecause w did l lofrts and afts. a lot of biding. epeptetehtoutllll jen asev her senf mor evenayng t s nd teengffffcolobbme"" toththvira vios >> th fun deoeo the dme s i hpe yhahahh en
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deae, nowo [ bleep ]sle. hpe pares d't see it i t wh es t n matt wts's oi to rond,deang wi,hhhhee chil with n,lwaome fstand d d atat my paremmmantnb as we. tally agree. cocong up a the reak, cananmarthat say yes to the dress. >> trade light. >> wi h as shelan a b b weing. >> everybody needs hehe >> ananan talkto the queueen off ntryrysic lorerea, seeeeg ghoots iner hou. . theplacee haunteedd'm llng yoyo.
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by --ts ome their grades and their communities by connecting the clcloom wiwiwi commmmy rvrvrv workrkg g g ththth ududts soleal \ lemsms ild w lsapplpltheieieieileee in a ale n way. inside thessssomserfrfe learni opepe w doors and brings arning to o fe.$/ get your school involved. learnandrve.
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> innght'saioioio lala g ggassssigner and stylyltjjjj sectsoo her le >never@alks i a ro andd thinks she isp hererernd someone e wnre er. >> brandon is the man behind the
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difffffnt p%o i wantedo bebe respectl@ d d d($&&& >> gagagadedebith her llow sexuququqssault survivors. >> one girl id,realalal w want g mchinin attoto..- >> the-yeaeaea maxaxlllfrfr texasasas s fason and.. turnrno herea aur&& ardddres@s@s@ >> had shee 7n,n, whatte ll ndndnd >thth was actlly lkthshow. we di blacvvlvlt straplele mini d dth p p p plum on the de a a dididit sosoo & celele velel long fashihi now. we cannot watch mariaho tiee pthettiththjann. martha stewart tells us shee exexctctyo to s sre no ense... >thty have mtch-up. nehing teyeyhaha. .& >>e hhadvi f fre wh a a a a a arere . . . . > danan tha youou@
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>> every bride needs s lp all is briris arerererong m n nd ananwiwis.s. >> repepter: the domfs lps on y yesestototo l d i ifff you'r'roioing t t a thbebebepapad fo truth.@ > > > > > > > that idn't >> don't think aboudget. >> from the ginning ohehe choosingntil t t aal filmingngf ttgmt, obabab & pond tt dresses were o exaccc ting hererppfectly weeab@b@o tadadad lil&an't't'that's a h/hrrible dress. i think a little rigi >> it'@unnn (( >>nototveryone cananveart nst ontheir i dbuthe ppysentrtrtssssdingngideacaca inations >> i ionon l youse word bie bubu it i i thebiblele >> on@ thth keyeces a aice you ge in ybook. >> you wa to have a dhat wremembmbmbbndnb..
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t,t,to haha a@ddingngnglalane heheheth lo d`taililililil >> r rr:wiwz, ee t lolotem m e ysndnd 4040 fo food, 10 to15% for the reception venue a ata d0% fsnng atdresesesnd the biggggtll m overrerehing issone ththtg.g. enenen/t m m monononooererer thg, g gto debt. and third u@ too neousspandto be angry andfrustrated during the whole planning prprprpr shshsh pnning maah but has a a suggestion.n. >> over thetop laash lavavh. thisisding i'm'mure is ii o aectctryiu o oririestten in austra >> rerter: sheh got m mried inn 6161 and a do-it-yourselfer back evev >>i madey owownnn dreess.thatatme. i hehe eeililllox@ wasyle y w isnches. syour >> whyyo yeo i i on me@ byy,y,he totoeme
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oyour wedding d it shouldld youri attle lessss than y yur ead. okay. iee. i was born a a coalmmmer's's dahththxhx pp coory loretta lynch 15 years old when she got mparrrnonininioal mier's aughtete 8383tiingg ong.g. rrirst m 1 yarar jususus dppeday anan talal to her boytytg h h h h musus her ps andqhqh she thininind pppp beb 0pren n y, psident yes. he epspspstptp l l l in > rer:anancoosy 0pp sheh ips.s. k p pbabbb hahaer@rhan anybody it business. pepepeoday are@ozy to o this of thing. >>eportete preach, miss loretta
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so does@pharrell,irdadadada ididl. >> saiaiai ehe s s ggthrrv mmc. at's'shy it resonates with us. >> miranda a a tsame type of thi you ow reportr:lolottqtqtqtqtqtanan n everybody$ listen to her take on y@or >> shshteetop. taylor,r,tttt,t, girl twhwhwh yount. ip aas pop ass ornbread popopo: country the e core. met her in 1982 wn spphe >> >whenenenl owowupupnnnevevppppdrea ev bebng a a cntry singer. >eporter: growingp po, day loretta lives in this tennessss mnsion. >> the place i i haunted& i'm ling i didee@e@e w w wan oalcony of the big mansion. 3:00 in t`e`eorng hethee hig heelsick k k ckck click k k ngngup irir >> reportetjherabnfufufu circle" and americc masters lotta ly styll a muntain girl premiejes o p a la ninininihi broughtt hous dow
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she ta eryryingg >> repoer:::ing the road phope s@s@s@s@n fover. >> i i feelgrea d gettut the a in ha le from ten o 80.0.0. >he said theh w w onn song heheh erer gtsir singing "cool miminer's ughthtr" she still is a c@ala miner's uguger -- i l lveh vie. birir which tres a aitnedofofa einfeleld"ee hchrroo ielelelelelelel or pat@icia hpeaton., >> the answer nxt ek. . > next week on "e.t." lo
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vieien hehe > at our sne pek k chelor women tell @ specl.l. olilin hot seatat >e'e' atat t brothers gms pperererer aj m mcleannn reuon with britney spears. >> she's still just asweet le sosohernbelle. t backstre boy plan a veg residenc
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>>onsiperation ovided by ---- welcome e ck to the . tonht's "e.t." birthdayssschch actress audionor the role@ ofof elainene einfeld"? at is patricia heaton who turns 58 today we're out of ti@me but have ne more wawa you to check outbefore we go >> have a great weekend, everyby. by >> ne eaters today -- good ni. >> shakira i ainnging gaze n zoo tope ya run by animals "ut athome she rus after two kids. >> mine is like having twins but worse because one is 3 y y yrsrs o, an iave to belike running behind him@ all thee andhe other onest learne w to lk,bndhe's a a a hahaard. >> jononan, nnifer goodwjnfirs bunn pol ofoicer the film offs a - ssage abou diversity never lettininanything stand inoy w. i am a cop. never t tm get t tyou.u. >> w we alllll have j%fy moments
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and he im. quick hello and welcome to the "the hollywood news report." i'm your cinema ide for what'"s going on in movies today. we're getng a idepth look at thehe latest films.
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onhe redpe o on "t holwoodews rert." where news is enttainmentand entertainment new >> brace for impact. it's that golden time of year again. authors. weent backstageo ct t th thbig winners at the 8annual academy awards. >> this is a celebration of film and the peopleehenen it. inviddo be part of this thing tonight. it's beyond anying i would ever igine. i never thoug back home that i


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