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tv   The Hollywood News Report  ABC  March 5, 2016 12:37am-1:05am MST

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onhe redpe o on "t holwoodews rert." where news is enttainmentand entertainment new >> brace for impact. it's that golden time of year again. authors. weent backstageo ct t th thbig winners at the 8annual academy awards. >> this is a celebration of film and the peopleehenen it. inviddo be part of this thing tonight. it's beyond anying i would ever igine. i never thoug back home that i
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and i don'( k k if i ul g -- conti twork, at w wld be g gat. next hoffered me a small part in 1986 and then he came back and offered me a bette partrard i acpted i then a theater director i very much wanted to w wk with also ofofd me a part. stephen very nicely said i cld ep awafrom tilm if i wantedo but i had to tell him in four hour and i did decide after those four hours t step away and do a season of plays. it didn't go tha well, stephen again so it rnedut to be an all right call. >> you just have to it. i wish there was any sort of les code, but i fact, i thintheay get t tre es ckbreaea, by listening t t
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i personally had many moments of crossroadshere i couo o eee way thatplplwere telling felt right withi too0 ar b anding heron thi sta, but i woun'n't wantnjt any o o way. to be so gratefu for all of the hardships that it took to get by it, it'a b)zarrcombinationh of beingngrediy ababt t at this life holds, to have no exctation but to have an ideabout aeaiful hon in front of you and constaovininwat. i grew up in east l anges hollywood stio sys i felt detached fromt and to have parents that allowed me to
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kee on auditions and to tell stories like this has been my m ever r nce i was years old.. this film,o me, was exemplary, in the sense that i got to wk with the director and all the things we spoke of off-cama during the making of thisov transferred their way on screen. this was true storytelling. people realll goto havepep it -- a collaborati experience togethernd this a jouey i will never forget.t. >> liposomal uncontrollable. -- life e so uncocorollable. it's a way wean confrt huge amount ofof emotis andd possibilities and feel beautiful d d rribs, b knowininitits other story that
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is a way @ontrol live, to have an oxygen capsule of life without suffering for real. when the time comes, if w 1ha a w wnhe idede the storytellilg is sxygen f fe that protects us. >> when you s a mov yyou are like, of couruehaishat anger lks like ohow memory wos. but there were many, my attets tmahat visual, to wealked to scientists who said possibly the most t mplex ing in the known universe is t human mind. we just decidedo make a movie about that how are we going to simplify undetand it, and even more difficult, executives understand it. we had to ma sure things were simple and clear, and i'm joking, of course. we had amazing folks that
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and pixar as well, butt was a long process of rewritinghat ok threend a half@years. >> we knew that journalists were impoant but i don't think we investigative journalisand the impact it can have, it has become abundantly clear r us. >> when we come back, more from hollllood'biggest films, onl
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>> we've returned, and we have a lot more movieews to show, only on "the hollywood news repopo."."." >>he broughthtoife snono whwhe on the popular disney now, jennifefefe goodwinins tatang th leap from live-action to didieyey animama b voioicing nny, i zootopia. >> i wasasever completely alone. i've worked with jasont handful of times, which is l aughed for so much of each of our s ssions b hisomedy i would l lgh hystelly and ruin his takes and he was very kind about it.
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who are a a directors and hav roles in the e lm and they were excellent t sts. so we would juststlay. >> stopppp right`thehe. >> did you see t tse l lpard printgings? >> thehe is an actor who plays grumpy on once upup a time. when iirst startrt doing animated voioioi i was struggling. he sd, i want yououo walk me ugugwh a you doing in e booththhe said i'm sure you are not lolousy, b b are holding saiyou just ha to stand upnd physically do what ever your charact is doing a that helpou i i thihiscenen a a he wawaririt. ii had to start wearing sneakers
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bocing off the walls. t's about what you are capable of. >>e used hisisomedy chops to trk down an identity t(e, wardrdrdffff weirdo who was trng to run his life, and now acr jason bateman i teachchg us t tt animims can ve i i harmony in "zoootopia." >>ou a key witss. >> i do genunuely love what i . i love being part o o oak worldsdsndryininto cononone seeing is real a and chararaer the are watchinin a b boming
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gog throroh h ese sisisiions.maket realistst more receceny it' beeababt really don something and thatecently has been reay rerarag bauau ittan thomomomitall l e thingsdsdsdsd i'i)ve b bn o soakakp r me tt t ng is. @>>s that kevin long te, no see. howbo f f fininyou u u u@u@ oldes sae. havvinindone enoanimation was someththg g g rely it''ong form, thfre i ihure20 pages to ope story
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frt herara truru so itstory beuse they can. anananeresrocecece constantl driri t' thrector andndayizwhwh ntmtt of thin you 'shefnd of the movie or the front of the movie. that is unquququ partneripipip of tru#to hav the peop evev ugh h ur shooting stuff scri is finini andnd you know what piece you are doing on t tt day. this is lly dierenenen leou aretiorornimimon tawawheheody thth s sayg ththvoyouu are
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hean r t t plate l le e at. of your favorite stars, right here on "theollywood news
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>> we are back. now let's take a look at me mo films, only on "the >> he uses actions star skills to save the president in olympus has fallen. she used her tactical knowledge to keep everyonelse alive. now gard butler and angela bassett are heading overseas for e sequel, london has fallen. >> i don't tnk any of us expected the first one to do as well as it did. where can we take thi now? how can we make anotr movie the stake we will bring out a second one and take it to it the w level. i n't know if we've been lucky or unlucky, but t same with olympus. we started writing this movie way before all this recent
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your movie always wants to touch on what is a current affair, but athe same time we sensationalize it, buit does ke you think. we h just days to prepare and they had years. these are all real possibilities which is what makes the movie re excitingmore palpable and terrifying. >> that only took two weeks. lightly. >> i know. do you think you can handle i >> i was very excited to be part of tirst one i was pretty call. i'm in e room wh the guys at
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this time to really be in th midst of it, to go back to her roots s d maybe a few things s dinot expect. we w wld fininh takes and she would be so in it. >> at itsore our intention was to build on the action thriller. the popcornnd adrenaline buzz, holding on by the fingernails, at oyour pants, that sort of ride. i thk audiences will oroughly enjoy it. >> when angela bassett says thth, you can believe it. >> america will se up.
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>> we will find you, d we willl stro >> for morthan two decadad, colombian singerhakira hasas topped the chahas with hits like whwhever, ererer,ndipips dot lie. now w e'e's moving intcting with the animamad a aenture zoot opia >>m very are of the impact of everyrtist d every publi figure as anrtist. at'omethihi we cannotenyy an youou havavto e erace that you u have to be ve careful w wh
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's one of ththiggest incentives i had whehe i iecided takakons project.t. th fact that ittas so many great morals a positive messages about protiti diverse injecting courage to people to follow their ideals and to fight against all odds and overcome the obscles that mightrise in our liveses everyone has to at some point overcobstacles thahaseem ge. wean all identify the bunny who has big dream
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gugu reazenyone can usethe "namyour p2pce" tofor free on, right? [ laughing nervouslsls [ pipilelewhineses i know, it like they'ralways on televisi. what? >> ts joininus ain.
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lld news ror ait trorist olymp s faenen n aor aarar a cart rerns for ndon has fallen. >>attack has decimatedhe britith capitit. stay ti me.weill get u ouluof her unter. >>vereacas mazezee how the artist in this b biness re-creed for examplest. paul's chedral. you feel like if you're not actually in london whe we re on the set rlowing things up, to
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nning, it' sort of an actor's dream to run around annot saying he and just kind oke care of business. >> i don't beit they overwroteteverying. >>e e ve toecide whr not it'toscary forrheit is llywooe, it'sfiiol. ike,e e gettg you o. >> brace for impa@t. >> she's one of hollywood's biggest comedy actresses. she is one of australal's hottest exports.
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it the comedy, whiskey o foxtt. >> it's so ne to h hanother in t h the movior sure. it is set in a dangerers anan insasa location,ut i don't for r . >> so it's like 6:00,:00 0 0 new york? >> when yoare away f fm home witheoe inn intense enennmt li that, enenvinmli worngawi peoplthou mhtothe nev haa saon w
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b bkaka, just t be le to nonoced m ra. ke wro makes you appree being born in t thehe u.s or australiaia, how luck we ar t ts we te for gnted that contue to be a struggle oveeas. >> the first l lensed female driver hs the road. > that's it for this week. plplseseoin me xt tim f


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