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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  March 5, 2016 8:00am-8:58am MST

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dedecrats lcome e e spectacle atat the g-p ising ten away from clinton's emem controvers eris us erer? and is geg decric vo to icipon s tuy - han 8 million republics tuedut ote, coedo le t6 mi mocr th was a's vid wright rting . that wasbc's d wrig repopting g thsands of people f fm ald over the u-s will puebeb thi weend d r the largest soccerer tournamentii uthe cora. the th annual s sbebe assic kicks thth mororng. . kr newschannel 13 carlinr joins us live fr pueblo... wherthth action is getting ununay... . od morni carlrl..odororng bonnnn the tournament ctors tells me pueblo is s%sto make about t $1.5.5illion doars from this trnament.t. i'm he a ngoni spts complex where it isacked with op watching their r ams on
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more than urur thousand people arexpectedo bebee f fe e differen lotis for r the assic which ininude centenenaligh school, lea gonzales fieldld anke miequa p pk.k. 162 2 ams,who o o undede 184 are e rt of f this t trnamen if you w wt more soccerer thehe assic,c,onighththt csu pueblo's's mun's soccer clububill be tatang on fc switchbacks fromolorado springs at csu- pueblo@oonight. live fm thth sosoeritch at langi i pueblo carl wininr krdonewschannel 13. more natiol headlines after e eak... the supreme urt s epped in, blocking an aboronaw pending an ap. weweplain at t tmeans r r men in t ate e lololiana. plpltoddlele behihe wheel a runawaw car. it allappened d while e eir mother was tang a nap. we'll brinyoyo their story, after thbreak. the weather will be mild, t nice this weekend. the willlle some nd as well.
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those temperatures d wis with
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few minutes. welcome ck good rning colorado ... you' takinli look at . times 8:--
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ootingngmoer t tdeat in leg he plded d ilty. eric nowsch and derr andrews entered ty.pleas yestererer nowsws wasas accused of shootingammy meye i i ir frfrt yaast ye ... andnd andrews was accused d ddd drivininthe ptaway ca the case w iginally framed as s roro rage incidt. t it w w real that nowsch liv in the hborod and k ew t rsrsrsily. e e s supreme courur has blocked an abortion law i louisiana... nding an appeal the law w reires ctors who provide abortiti re to have admittinin es at a local l spital. a rulili by u.s. court of appeals la momoh h uld havehuttered ree of thehe foururemaining on clinics louisiaia... the rulingng comes two days after the sticic heard argument coerning siminir r w inin texas. the e stices met behind closed doors yesterery to discuss the texas case. one oklahoma er i ivery reliedt her the chilenre ght... after they tk the
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for a spin... veigigor say the k ds....the oldest of whom& was six year old.d.. snuck out heir room whtheir mom was taking a nap they tn okok thmom's spare kekeand drove s-u-v fofosesesel mimis down the highway... i revevee... befef hitting another car. poce found e kids sitng in the fnt seat. . e department of humamaseices isnvesgating the dent overall,lte @have n ne weend inre fofofo, in soutrn cocorado... duduin virginia..... snowowan mperatates are well abovefrzing. inact, clses ththe were cafceled. d, corad isn't the wn place with ow-cappe peaks ght now. we'll tell you which dwarf plan, got a ght dusting. the weathe will be mildldbut ce this weekend. there will be some wind as s s llllll 'pl track those mperatures
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0 todayz thehe will be clouds around toy d
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shade cooler than tpey we ononriday. breezy winds dururg the afrnoon will make it feelelooler as well. . ere could be a fefegusts s ch up to 35 mph. . spite the clds, ititit will stay dry. .onigig: it's gng to be cool l nit with some wind ross southern colodostly cloudy skiesewill st into early tomorw moing. teteeratures will
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30s, with the 20s s the high coury. exteteed: a ststnger ororsystem will begin apapoaching southern colorado on sunday. ahead of this syemhe wind wi incrcrsesen ndayay prompting high fir nger oncaiai a strongererold front will move ehroughghonday afternoon, which will brbrg the highest chceceor needed in and snsw in uthern`nolorado onon monday! owers may y nger into o rly tuesesy rning fore windingown. it will dry out by wednesday anan thursday as high& pressure rebuilds across southern coco. residentin californiaiare expecting to to ss stherer
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sidentsxin california are expectg to oo see some much needed rain
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see some much neneededain today...ththfirst t ree te winter stormsms moved d to parts of norern califirnia last t nighgh... is storm is pectct to o st rough cond is pected to arriri morning. are keepepg an eye the skies, rainare e increased thre of flooding. ananstudents in one virginia a didirictot a bit of aearly ` weekend... ana , bubumild, snowstoror teatures were lig enough to melt the dustg of snsn ear yeerday moin.. a most of the snow plowsws stayed parked. but the prince llm county school district decicid to cael classss order to be extra safe for students in n e more rural pas ofhe unty. d man winter dsn'tjust visithe anetetarth ... sa'sewew horizons t tm
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images o osnow- - cored mountains on t surface of pluto. but the snow isn't made of water.r. it'made ofrozen meth ntists sththmethane ice y act like water do in n eaeah's s atmosphe, condensing as frosananan ininlikee snow. it was a nl- biter fof#e denver& nuggets... ststto com.. we've t the lights o o their r me againsnsthe e brooklyn nets... mornrng sportspacke and lookin
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the colodo avalanche arar back on homeice... where they be fafang ofofagainst the nanavi predator.. e puck drops at o o this afternrnn at the pepui ceceer. the avs are pingngor a win... athatat would puthem ck in the running g r r wild cd d d in n thth years stanley cup playoffs. also aad this weekend... the m-l-s season officially kicks oftomorrow. the lorado rapids will be on the road i isan jose, calilirnia... ere theyewill be playing dhe earthqhakes at one in the ternoon. keeping fights off thstre and inhe rg. we'll l truce you grorotrtr to knockout gg vience in pueblo. also in the stwel city, a record hololmul,s falling ar .we'll explplain why. the weather will be mild, nice ts weeken there will be soso wind as wete. we'll track those e e tempatures and wiwis with the forecast in a
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good m mning
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ma5t good m mning colorado. it 8:-- - , , , rday, march 5tn. bonnnn silkmana
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was killed overerght... and three hers are in t t hospital aftft a major cras south acacem.. ststouth of e mimionononby pawawa this h hned d around 9-4 cololodod& spriris po ll us that a a catravlingn the southbou lanes swerved over the median ananinto the hbound nes, colololng with another vehicle and causing a chain reaction fofo vehehles s the crash. speeeiis a sohbhb bradleroad during the investigation... re-oned. their vehi afr a o-ca crash on south neda nea25 around two thi morning. firefifiters were ae to rescuc the driver... who was taken to the$ spital, but firefighters did hurt. recovering this crash near search and powers, on the
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springs. popoceceay it isn't t ear if drs or alcocol were involved... but speed d y have en a aactoto an adultltndnd juveni were hurt....butvtvt t badly. here's a live e look a a.. ad-l toss to jay today: there w w w be clouds ararnd today and teeraturesl l a shade cooler than th were on fri breezy w wds during the afternoooowill make it feel cooler`r` well. the uld d a few gusts that reach up to 35 mph. despite the cloudswi sdry. tonig: go be a cool night with some wind across s sthern colorado. mostly cloudy ski wilillast into early tomorrow momomog.g. teteaturesesill op into o e e e and 30s, with e s in the ghoury. ve states are
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presidential ndndates.... and the llinin the high country. five states arar ininlay for the rereblican candidateses..theyeypuing out all the sts. abc's mary bruce shows s how th mpaigns are
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you thorning. overnight, chaos at thth donind ump rally new orleles -- nat t s suppspters clashing with presters ? sototrump: get them out thtp? as p ashes with the rereblican party? s/s trump: llions of people are mimi to o . mi andnd iof peoplere coming to vote for the republblans and ining thth republan part becausof me, as republican voters in the popos, this morning itselfot ouoeoemie itill spli& threreblic be thth of tmodern nservativ e momoment. . the billios rivals? and rebl st dit effo tot stop t tmp as he barrels towords the nominatiti socruz: there is no remain divided trump ns. . john kasich -- prediing
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seas at all? susuesting thp is heading to a contested convention sot hannit q on - brokoked coconvention sot kasich: i do, i do and this morning? trump? snubbing the year biggeses conservativ e gathering? cpac? cancelling his appearance athehehet minute -=amimi rurs he was likekely to o face pushba""sot cruz: i think k someone ld him megyn kellll wagoininto be here, or evev worse heas told therwe conservativ es w w we going totoe here and this morning, there are just four candidates left. beben caraon announcingng he out. sot carson: there'a of people whwhve me they just t don't vote fome that wasasbc's mary bruce reporting. a southern corado school district is s sing thatat thheated rhetoric beeen the e cuent g-g-g-ides ststtio ve negave it t udents... coselo stentst rtni hispngys the rhoric gs s rectly against the anti-bullylyg message taug in the classroom. "this notot apprprriate, it's not okay. asas polititil representatives,ththepresent
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out therou can't bring g back. it nappropriate for kids that are watchit." onxt gr told hehepares won't allow w to whe bate ey findonald trums commmmts too offensiviv members of the pulolare hoping to find a way to cut down rime and en. y'reot learning hatatd, angegeand violence" pulo community memeers me stigo lk aut the ng d dblemnhththtitymbs s && y fesi arara p g a grouthttyizi to o ep&&dsdo o o oue.e.e.& 'sheo xi a ademymy whicicic w w wng with police and the mimistry. parpi kem ki f ththstres anout ofs. ststqq woto termrmwhderoyetwo .. rtfsty st
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-h-hed oc bnorcn colodo springs. when fire crews arrived, they found that mememed e isisis destrorod,d,d, othehe.. firerereghtete say halalalrnrn. both homes not fit to live ininhh 24he ps ffy ananthenen kne thing wa i lookede out and ere we flamas al 3 404&rete dede because of t zezend severity y ovovhe fire. a a g piec pueblo history s s arard to me down.n. e nstrtitis underway, whwhh s s e murals are disappearing. krdo newschannel 13's katie spenr r showowushat it means to t t community. nats of stres just off of d avenue`es a record hoing mural... tha is goingng ay... "for most people i talk to, it's like long aiece of ` our histsty." cynthia ramu has workedwith the
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re than 25 yes and says it's rd to see her work disaear. "oh ye and watch ite cruned and just turn to d dt" and with lelele construcuco n underway ... pieces of the mural are ginning to come dn. hings are moving a lot faster tn it was happening re."many pple ininhe commumity 't hap out it. "for me especially, lili've sa, this is theheesesthin pueblo has, in my opinion at least" "it shows that people e om eblo and maybe surrounding ars put a mark on pueblo" "although the art has already arted totoome do, the dqscususon aut new t has begun. "there e are a lot wl arts s the commumuty are willing to come togogher with sugstionsde" " t's like i'm'momne abbed d d d na l la and ththththnt it whititand said t's hi changing e scscscy y as w wl l the art e. "the wholnanacs of the wall is changing, the scscedof art is changing." in pueblo katie enen krdo wschanne
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e firseet the levev is comimimi down... at phase of the precis expectededo be cocoleted by y. a cecebration of the arkansas ririr leveve mural will be hehe today from 11-m to two o'clock at thehe whitewater park. thousands of people from all over the u-s will bepueblohis weekend for the largegsocccc tournament in southern colorado thth19th annual sunbe classic kicks of th mornini. kr nechanne's wr ins usus from p p po.o. whwhe the aconons getting unrway... good morning carl ... goododornini nnnn the toururment directors s lls pueblo i setet to m m mabt $1.5 m m mon dollars from this tournrnent. i'm here et ngonspsp complelewhwhe is pacacd th op w wchinin amamam ththpitch try to win the cup. more thahahaua thousand people
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be hereratative fferent locacaons fo the classic whwhh include centntnial hh school, lea gonznzes field and lake miua park. 162 teams, all& who arerr 18ararpartf touamen if you want more soccer afder the classic, tonig csu pueblo's n's s s clill tang on fc switchbacks s from coloradad springs at c- pueblo totig. live from thth ccer ritch at langonin puebl&carlindede krkr neneneannene13. taking on switchbacks om colorado spspngs at cse- pueblo t tight. livevevem the soccer pit a ngoni in pueblbl carlrtin
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time n n, , , you neve know what you're going to find... a deep sea-dive for rock samples... t t td in t t t scererof new w ececies. and, i )mighghbe the cutestng ever. wegll exexain whwhthese kids reading books s pmeless cats. exexrts say it's a w)n-win.
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to good mornin,, ,, cololo ... yoyoyoyoina lilili s a spspspeded bear w w w bebeen andhdeft for r adn @ bobmlivia... i gettttg a sesend ancecat lilili environmental offifials sasa ey are planning to release e e beae at a wildlife rere in th next two weeks. the bearas rescued afteit s tacked by resintntof one town.nho claimemeththhe bearried t attack ahild. he loso o s le e.....ndas severery underweigh whenenened, but has gainid roughly 33 undsdsdsce and scientists say this little guy is part of a new species of pu..marine ologists found him duriri deeeeee a diver ha[a.j. e e topos s ght lili aran i i uniqiq... !`s
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most o o ies s totos have twf f ckers othehe tentacles. so ikiki have found some partnerso @ listen tc them as learn rere.. ey're reading toats. perts sasasa that the cats enjoy listening to t t children...d theyalsoan encouragingng dicm. "this s a p p w essu envivinmt, ananese e tststsaren't going to ect ththr prprprciciioo i think it's a win-n-n n situation." shter offis also say that the cats w w whaha a a better cha g a@a@ted... as it lps thth to be more soci with peop. . p the weweher r will bld, but t
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weeken thehe be el@ windnds wewe. &
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those e temperatures and winds with the forecastststa few m nutes. day:y:here will clolos around toand tempatures will bebe shade cooler than they were on friday. breezy winds durg the afteoon will make it ler as well. there cod be a few gusts at reach up to 35 mph. despitthe e ouds, it ll stay dr tigig 's tbebebeooli ghghwiththome e nd across s uern cslorado. mostly cloudy skies sill l st to eafly tomorw morning.g. eratatesesill dropths s d h thth20s inin the e e ountry. te: : : rongerer storm system will begin approaching southerf coloradadon sunday. ahead of this stem t t wind will increan suay, proming g gh fire ngerere again! a stng cold front w`llll ve throuou mononon teteoon,hich wl
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chance feede rain and snow southernoloradon moay! ! ! ers mayaling into early tuesday moing re windiown. will dry out t by wednesday anan ururay as high pressure`eebuiuis across southejn
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e's a d energetic pup o o ves e grt outdoo and nice long wawawa. . kakae mcmevi trucuc us to ale ..oupet theeegoningng m kakae mcvirom humane siety of the pik peak regioio anani'like to ininoduce you u my friend alice. alicis a a- ar-old spayed black border ll mixixshe tppr r&t- ononese rover frfr onene oururartner shelters that needed help getting r r r adopted. alilili ves the greaea tdoorsrsnd i i lookinfor energetic family that is into it, toooo alice nes a a little work practicing walkg on a $zh,ut she alrey know severara commands. but most importantly, she knowowshsh likes having her head and back scratched! her adoption fee is 515151ich includes a vovoher for terianan am vaccinatns, 30 ys of t alth insurancece and a a crochihi visit our website at hsppr.orglike usn fafabook, or come by in rswn to 610 boneo whohohill needs a hoho r the days. and, i )yore loloinr ways keep p ur anan lovinin kids busy during spring brbrbregistratio n isn r spring cp whwhkersrs wags at t mane sococty of the pikes peak region, march 22 througthe 25.
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makekeres for thel ananals, a even t te some spececl l ojects home with them! to register before
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one lastook outside thth morning . itit:-- thanks for joing g on good morning lodo todadadahere will be clos around totay mperaturur will l a shade cooler than theye on friday. eezy wi.ds d ding the afternoon willll make ifeelooler as well. there could be a few gusts at reach to 35 mph. deite the clouds, it will stay dru. tonon: it's'goingngo be a aool ninit with somomwind across southercolorado. mostly cloudy skies w wl l st into early tomorro mornin temperates wil drop into the 20and 30s, with the 20s in the high count. ad-lib wp th jay it's time to see how u wake up colorado... angise u thicture of bebetifu
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gie nt us this picture of a beautiful morning in rdrd o othe gpds... and we to s s howou wake up colorado... ndr pictures to wake up coloradadat krkr dod com... you can alsoso tweet themo us pososthth t t r cece ge ado wswsannel 13. . & bebeure to use the e shtag
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annocer:jack hanna's wild countdtdn" iononred byti jack: hi, eryoi'i'i!m jack hanna, ckming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, a wcomemeo "wild untdown." a a t of babababimals s e cu d cuddlyt ly a select few get be calledubs. , look athemememem today we've got bear cubs... i knew we'd d e some bears b ver ct to see a motherer apd thththbabybyears. lionons... he sayaym not letting go of this, buddd. even little e e a cucu. benson: it's a titi one ove the, maybe a week old.
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