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tv   ABC World News  ABC  March 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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welcomomtoworld news tonight."" supepesatuay. fi stas ting and the early relts are coming in. tensions@rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans arereating their r n. >> republicans teang up to takeken ononman. >> where i grew up, if someo keeps punchi peoe the face, evevtuallyeone has t t ststd up and p punsn theback. >> otests reaching a fever pih at thik t tmpally. buare donald@trump and hilry clinnow on tracko win mt l? the fbclosing in on the band othieves who made off ththlilis. new detas on t tir high-tete heist,ow thetrd the e uck k d got away wthe go > ^he young girl w w went jogging g years ago and n nerer totoght, a sususct who m m he
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ararst for hererurr. but why did it take e long? d om trasho treasure. buried and forgotten.- fr basasall cardto a aio tapes, could thereree a jackpot hiddn your houtoo? >>good e ening. thank you for joining us on this saturdrd. i'm cecia ve. we begin with that breaking news inhe race e r the e house. fites sting their votes on t ts super turd reco the mocrats. right ere, you see othe map. four forhe repcans ane prelrereltlt just babad analysi tvotec wswswsjetes senar ted d w wwin the kaas repububcan n@uc. d d mne, withther than 10% ohe precinc repngz lea ove frfrt-runnalalump.the st o othe races ststl eaeay all. enththiastic crowds showing up toastheir te
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nebraskaka d take a look athis, lining arly in boing, grere, kentucky, too. c's s ry bruce s srts us off tonight from palm beach, flflfla. >> reporr: tonigig as republicans in four ststes casas their r te, ththgop p p t war with its own frounner. >> know, the repupupcacacare eati their own. the republicans are e@e@ng their own. they g gtae very careful >> reporter: the blionai businessman slammed in this w w take from a thirpart group. >> t t truth about trump unininsisi, nald trump m me millions, whililhard-wororng amerans got scmed. rorter:ruru ao o o r fire f flioplwlwtotte and imio >> i'm c cngngng i'm changingng epororr: all thihi thehe nastiest camamign histororgetstier. and withtrgegespelling. - >ou he lyin' ted d uz. i ca him -- i nicknamed him. lyin'. w w uld d u spelthat? lyln'. little mcos going, "well, doldill l t win" -- mean, this guy's got so many problemem
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stand up and punch them ba. >> r rte others tryiyi to turnrthe pa.. this ocess s esest jeje tbe m mn.n. it doesn't need toe nasty. it doesn't need to be fifiededed with personal insults and tackck >epepter: sick of all the name-calalng, john kich says he won't go there. >> i i with harry pottererer we're not going to the dark side. >> reporter: theheove to block trump took an ugly turn, as hi supportete clashed w protesesrs at this ral in new orleans. >> there was protester right over t tre did u get him t? eporter: a&a at this caucus site in kaas today, trumgot a frtytytyeption as he took the stage just mom after ted cruz. ((bubuwillnynyf t`is stop trump's se?? >> a a that's the big queson nigh mary bruce joinini us w from orida ahead of trumpmp news conference tonighth marylet't'break itowow how confidenis theherump campaign about tonight's results? cecilia, the trump campaig is feeeeng optimistic. despite that lososin kansas, theyeye e oking ahead, hoping g
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primary night. later, trump will l right here in flora,f what he says willl bebebeictory prere conference. ceceli >> my bruce leadadadus off tonight. >>the heated race acss the e, hillary clintononn detroioiday, speaking g thth african-american misters and bernie sdersrsn clevelandwi soough talk for his rival, boththidesesoday campmignini haha in ates that couladd seriris numberto their dedegate counts. abc's david wright has this side of#the stoty. >> reporter: t tay in michigan, , hiary clininn st got promotion. >> mam p psident - -% >eporter:noy%,","he corrected. clintotohastalf e degateneedo o inch the 4& nomination.. bebeie sanders, abavt t e-c-h theheay t trere today ka, nebraska and louisisia weigh in.( >his line is around t t block, down the street. >> reporter: torrow, maine. three of t fe cacaus states, ansanders does welelinh caucuses.
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outntnbered c,inton's by n nrly 2 to 1. sanders is still fighting haha for the nomimition. and frave n n n n her posion is. shshtalks in --she talks in vagag terms. reporter: todayaysander unveed a aew@ve-minute ad, in spanish, pupuing a humafaca on immigration a theeed for a livingngage. sadoesn't even appear r e ad u uil three minutut in. clinton has thth new ad -- >> 500 mli solar p pels inalled in hirst term. jobs with a future. >> reporter: the style, more nventitial. bubuthe messsubse. ththdedecraticicebate ems like a vicslasssssspared the republican sid >> it lolked like the kind of fights we usededo have in recece in t sixth g ade. >> and i would hope that most sixth-graders s dersrsnd that we don'behaha likthat. reporter: tomorrow ninit, the demokwats debate in flflt, michigan. michigan ces utuesesy, lotot ofelegates at ute ere.e.
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lolot of big states. so c cnton and srs a are both loing d. cecia? >> 4avid, thank you.u. today's'voststl coming in. let's takeka l lkkk at the m showin ttate othrace there.e. hilllly cltang ten ates. bernie san with fiveve on t repuplisidedona trtrp the nnern teat ted cruz with h ve, cluding y'victory y kans, marco right there withthne.i wa to bring aew polilil analyst matthew dowd. let's ta about today, the p establishmhmt came down hard on n nald trump thihiweek. mitt r rnecalled h a phony. ted cruz winning kansas. did this bafire? >>@ruz had a big dy so far. we still have fewewewew contetes left tay to seeow i anspired. the interesting g g, t ty aimemethe attackdgdgldld trump. even mio gotojnvnvnvd inin that. but the beneficiy is a a anti-establishment persoso ted cruz. iihink donald trumum iseding
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dominant. so far tonight, he having a bad, mamao rubio.o(> theememrac sidebig tetonit,o.o. boththththng aheo ida and to m m mgan, doe the maththdd up r beie sanders, c he at all win ts? >> his window at t beginning of the month was big. now it's littte right now. i t ink k has to win mostf f the contts on toy and thth he ha figure out a d way tolose theheap i i michiganan if he can do that -- hillary clton is still likiky win but t has a slighghchance if he's'sblbltotoo all ththe e e thingsgs >> matt, tnk you > d dmove on totoew questions in the murder casese that captivated a nation, los geles poce crmrmg they are examining a kne fofod buried on o.j. simpson's former r estate. but en if it turnsnsut n t be the eissing murr apon abc's ma gman n rts
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rorter:etes a knife ust togit,awnforornt sosrces telling abc c wswsws mumucrted foing knife -- held by a laffic for r nearly t t dececes -- is l lely not nnececd thehe.j. simpson case. still, police say they'll continue wititdna sts s the kne. >> wwi looooat anything that we b bieie has a validity to eithth assure peoplu uhathisis investigatatn wawadone apppopriately. >> reporter:nvestigars beevehe blade is too all to have savagely butchered nicole brown simpson and ron goldmain 1994.4. a lawywy for george otot who retired fromhe lapap in the 1919s, tls abc news a construction worker handed his client thehehe i i2002 or so when he e s working seserity on a nearbybyovie ses. mayct allegedly alerted lapd abo the kni, but was told the case is clolod. it wasn't. >> >his s a double cidede that it is still o on and ongoing.
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s never beenound. poli scouring the neighborhood in 1994. >> we d a search f fthe e rockinghghghghe totohe bdn hoho with an academe cla -of 0 pepe. we searched all the s4reetc, the gutttts, the trash, e lalas. >> r rorter: a so, the ce mains in limbo. on one side, it remains open. on the other investigators tell me, they arrested the onon plausible suspect ba in 1994 -- o.j. simpson -- d they cat charge h)mececse o o uble jeordy. ilia >> tnk you. dangerererweather is popodinghe west. the region's ing for a series of storms. the rain a,q,qdydyalling fro washington down to central califoia. and ta a aat this, in the y arar, highghurf and flh flood tches. spinning out oe inlick roads.homeowners n n laying dodo sandbags. thworst yet to co. abc's meteorologist indrdr petersons is here.e. you were telli me it's going to ba rough next few hours
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( spiay inhe sanana frscscarea, poulultorm mamang i i way in th e eng. potentially fofo to six inches of rain. literally a fire hosospointed at the westoast. mudslides or even an isolated toada a not out of the quti it wl maka a atern shift. coololg in the west, warmingn the east. shshgton, d.c., a few dadada from0s right alg that river, could d see heavamountf rains. we saw what happened in december, it terrifying g e thought tha i could come again. >> such a corast i i temperures o o thehe. dra, tnk you ututto wasngton now, and new des cocong in the case of f gyrocopopr. you remember thehe.s hugdingn thwn othe capitast ring. prosuts now say, ,e e s just sesends away from c#lliding wi a delta flight that had just ken off. hughesas convied and he now ces ten months behind bars.> next to the face-o-o between e fbi anthe ape. w w w e now weighingn.
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of san berrdino saying the ipne bonging to onof those atckers could lead investigatatatat possible third gunman. c'c'lauren lysr is sting down wh that district aorney@tonight. >>r:ononht, corovevel cked phononoound s shot-usuv`back in t e spotlight.0 the devicecesed by two terrorists who killed 14 pplpl san bnardo at theheenenr of a fierce battle between federal govornment and apple, who refuses totonlock the phon now, theheoc d.a. is suggesngnghere could be idcea a n -rhi ta othat phone. ouelelve t tre is a third assaananout there? i d d't know if i belieie itl - but t d lililio makee ere isn't. >> reporter: in a new court brief, d.a. mike r rosospresesng apple to unlock farook'sphonon in---- "a"ahough t(repopos ofhe three@indididuals were not corroborated, the inrmation contained d lelyn the e ized iphone could p p evidence to identify as of y unknown co-conspirator"thi and d cal l w
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eory of a a ird nm. tonight, app stands by its decision not to o o mpto lock that phone. apple cecetim cook speaking g exivivy with abc's david muir last week. >> so, this is@bout protecting e people who carar tse iphones. >> that's exactly ririt.because if the goverent cocod d order ape totoreate suchch pieco& sare ititould be ordered foanyonelse as well. >> reporter:r:n addition to o court donts filed by the d.a. ramos this week, another brief filed on behalf of s familiesas also filed. ururng appleleo find a way to break into tt phone. ceceli >> l lren,n,hankou. > turn next to that brazen gold hst, nenededeils emergingtonight,t,oundndg g ke a plot raigut oa h#llywoooo blockbusr and, as abc's gloria riviera reports, thebi closing in on the thieves. reporter: toght, n details on a alaborate h hhw heis >v these g gcaca and rbed em.
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of gold ba, gone,wid after an armored truck in noror carolinanaast march. e alleged ring leadede perez, arrested ts wewe on roer and firearm charges. perez'yer denying those e alalgations to abcews. the fbi i i these two m a a believed t t t his accomples. toght, the man in the hoodod is still on the run. t t neearnfd t t j jl on papaterg. ththhi-suskes heunved thanks to o confential inrmant,ccordingngo nene released couocents. the informandetailing the mes bond-liktactics the men ed -- allegey ininalling s tracker on the truck, and sohow remotely tririing peppererpr inside ththhihie.e. e driver and p psenger suddenly began to feel sick,k, forcrc to pull ove >> thehegot t eir hands ar zip-ed around d eir backs. >> repter: the robbers, waiting, tying their arms and ransacking the truck. so far, authities have onlnl rereverereonehgoldlbar..
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rk. still ahahd ononwod news totoghgh -- the jor break in a cold case nearly four dededes old. the e t rit in froro of police along. , didiveveigatormiss t clues? and pencils down, students. the new a.t. kids acrosssshe couny are tatackli thi weekend.
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5:47 pm
but police wouldldot say evidence alalgedlties him therime. joyce disappppred after leaving r family he to go joggin the e -year-ols body was fou on this th.. her skull fracred from a b bw to the back of h h head. her mother, pamela, , , s abc news tonight, she is relieved. >> i was a offffff on all thugh h e titi it ok. i pushed and pushed for dierent ings. was a mother that wasn goi give up a y yterday i was glad i wasast kind of mother. >epepter: amazingly, police hpd qutionedefournrnr 2222imes ovov the years. he even allegedly confessed to the slaying, only to recan latete >> one of e reasons ththcase has progressededlowly is we had toororthrough what he told us at varioimeses >eporter: according to an fivivivin the strvieiemiededillilg joyce -- to police, , s minist and his parerents. at times he blamed others.
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wawad good-bye to hehemomoer f e la timimolice say th have solved d is murder mysterer fournier is due ininourtrtrtday. ron cibib, c news, nene york.. ananwhen we comeack -- orangeges the e w outrage. the controversial fruit yayaed off ste shelves at whole foods. after a who lot of compla lmpl and the majoror discovery found 2 2/2 miles under the s s. >> i have e veseen that one.e. >> a lot of laughing. the nickckme t tt you might be able to guesesjust by looking at her -- orayay a him. we're nonosour whwhpause to takakakpill? or stop totoind d bathroom? ciis forodly u u is approved totoreat both erecfile dyunctionand the urary symptomsf bpbpbp like needing to go equently, y or nht. tell your doctor about all your medical condions and medicines, and ask i iyour heart is healtlt enoh for sex n te cialis if u take nitrates for chest pain, or@rdempms for pulmonary hypertenenon,4 as it may cacae an unsafe drop in blbld essure.
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and to the "dex" nowowt ur p pcplseady..% ionsf studentstscross the e e e country mororng, took their a.t.s ananadultstsre shududring whorror at all of ose e mories. but thisiss nonojust any s.a.t. the coe admissions exam recently got its biggest overulul scores@sacacto t taling upupo 00. d no penalty for ging. >>and orangegate 201 whole foods sparking outrage whputhththpmeledednges in plasticicontainerontore ves. tht@onlnln backlash swift with eetse this -- if only y natureould findna wawato cover theo we didt needo wae so much p astiti a spokesman said the company was glad customers raised the issue,e, sosohey took a closer look. the peeled frfit has been pulled f store slvev. and the e scovery at h h alofofs gushing in the newsroom tayay
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5:57 pm
recognize the fafa on these & cards -- that's cob who notched baseball's best ever lifetime baininavevage --.3.3. y this number -- millis, whatse cards may be worth, in the south the rd finders? ey're ststing anonyms for now. but expes confirm this is a japofind. >> y could a a a a at this is thcocltsts tt ever seen. >> repor y, thesattic finds are lotterylike.@. as wn, a few years b bk, audio pes r.r.ararn luluer king jrjrwere found by a a iter's son ininis dad's a aic. recoed in 1960, they've been aised at $100,000. >> they have followed means that ow o o of thhigheses tritioioio nonviolence.. >> reporter: then n ere was theh vagoghainting found in an attic in norway.. and ikik938 comic book introducucg superm found in the ebll of an old house. ck to baball cards. you e ththe? these ararnot the cobobobrdrd different storor
5:58 pm
rla and myself were cleaning t my grather's attic and buried in one of t t boxes was acks o&i1910 e98 basall l cards. reportrr:, , , t ain. momo than 800 cards thisisime, somememes ve nivided th uamicicly., ks ty f fatng .367 a a ahen stng around a hundrereyears. john donvan, abc new >> i i ipired go look imy grandmher's garage. >> stay with h line as all the politics results come in t t i' seeeeou tomorrow ongoodod ing america", ,thiekekin thehmorn t i'cececea vega in ne ks fatching. have arere saturury night.t. ma," "thiseek" in theh moin too.. i'm cea vegagan new . thanksksor watchg.
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>> a aouncer: the folng is a presentatiti opn on abc. itit been 18 years s sce the bullwon the championooipipip u kw tre were high hopes course to start thesean. 's'seen didippntingsgs, yes.jimmy bu is back. 's been out a month. maybe he can help turn thingng around. ongse the former m merrick roro whose s sononnues to get better. roets and bulls on "nb


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