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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 7, 2016 7:00am-8:59am MST

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ica." good morning, america. lebrating nancncy reagan. e former first ladi who o redefined the le and never wavered in her love for the president. our love is h he to stay >p b bind the scenes forceceor ononon theheost popular presidtststsr. ercrly loyoyoyalways bhihi side. >> everythink is aut himim >> asadecauses close to herer. d she b b bht g gmour tthe ite house. ehibutes p pring iis as her dadapepeaks s t. > and a&ter r yinghe respects, hillary clton and rnrn sanders in a fifiy >>use me, i'm talkinin >> iyou're going to talk, tell whwhe story, senator nder >p the democrara d dwing a sharp divides the gop look na the fld. > want teone-on-one.
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rurubio to drop out,veas r rio scores a bigigrimary win. a terrifyingloseall cahthtn camera.a 13-year-old gi breaks free fromom would-be kikiapper. hoshe gog awayunharmeded theearch for the man hihi the eel right w. > yton mananng's bigig announcement, , superstar arterback out to l lve tht game for good. whwhwhe ve-time mv c cling it quits after the super bowl win. s final ayayhys in and od mornini, amera.a. the nationayinintributudthisis rning to nancy reagan. there, you see the former first dy, wife of f esident rorold reagan, so many paying their spects. look kt the e ene there atathe nald reagan presidtial library y simi valley, lifornia. where y wl lay in res next tr husband.d. >> so ma mesges of lov coming in right now, honoring one of the women who redefined
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nancy and ronaldldeagan's ughter patti releasing a atentn-- just as when my ther died,d,here's'somfort in n feg suoundedgentle tpoughts and kind d shuh. /ptesent out by s rararas. mreremberg ncy d ronald's love story, 52-year partnehip.( michael reagan saying h h mom i on again by the's sidehehe loved so dearlrl we'lven indedeoothrongp. o many honoring the former fifit dy right now. we b bin with abc'matt gutman who's at the reagan library there in california. good morning to you, matt. >> rorr: gd d rning to you, amymyfr t t hangar th housesesonald agan's air forcece one. perhs oneneid more to build s legacy tn his wiwi, nancy. 12 years after his passing this brarar i i prepango lay her to rest alongside m.
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husban death oveigig preparatns to lay nancy reagano rere. the former first ladpronounced dead here atater leafy bel-a me saturday. congestiti heart f flure was t use. >> s dd acefulititas fr titi. >> reporter: on sunday, a hearararar carried her bodydyrom homemeo santa monicawhe she'll rest for a few ys before she's brought to her final resting place, reagan library. to be nene her hband.0 ough frail in n r twtw s hespit never s smed to dimn c nene obtaining this picre of h grinning on her 94th birthdhd in july. erght, cdolences pring in from around the world. from the presisidentntnd first ladyaying, nancy reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare u for living in ththwhite house. e s right, of urse. to israelirime ministete benjamanetanyahu lamenting f@a frfr oisra. to arnond schwarzezeer. >> sheas one of the grgrtest first ladies. exaordinary human being.
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as first ladadintata cocoororey'll beeuninid onon more. and famyy e eoi&that statemenen. chlweetingh shehe h hlway wanted tbe with herr any ana dauguger p pti saying latete laststighthtmy mother had d ed peacefuln her sleep. it was how she wanafd to go. ononofofhe last times she wawa seen in public, in shown in a wechaiaiat her husband avesite. he tenivsaryryf ssg. > always ma ia pot of ming outn the anniversary of her sband's deat e w/uld come out a s s alone and meditatend i sure to her ronnie.e. >> i'm told about 1,000 people will be d to the funeral ile invititions have not been sent out, m told t tt among those invitetewill be heads of s ste, other@dignitaries, former presididts a a a aebrities. nancy agan of cour kneneth
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y,e. >> loved by so m my, matt, and moren ronnie and nancy love story from lara later. > but right now, her fluence, sheheasne of the e st high-profe influentiaia first ladies. e champion causus, defend d her sbanuband behind the scenenea president's indispensable partner. prident reagan called on her in h final speech. >> before i go, i'd like to asas the pepeon w w'smy life urneneso mningngvery [ cheers and applause >> r porter: is s e story of eimarriaia. a a ve story that began during the e 56 film "hellcats of the navy,"ontinuededs reagan first, as governor of larnrn. >> i ronald reagan dsolelely swear. >> reporter: and she was by his
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presidt t 1981. >> s had eleganc >> jusussay no >> repororr:n n ident reagan was shobarely two monlhs into his presidcy, his rst thtnghts was nancycy i o oned my eyes once to find nancy ere. i pray i'll never face a aayay she isn't'there. aftetethat, she became fiercy otectivevef r huhuand. >e's a worrr. >>id he know? >> i think so. he wouou refer t tt toe often. >> reporter: sometimes clashing with top aides. they thought she was too controlling. occasionally, shspoke for him. thcoupup had two children between em heleld raise o dren from reagag's first wife. ter the former president revealed in 1994 t tt t had alzheimes diseaee,ancy's rdesyears. >> hwas worried aboutuyou? >> i know. >> inhesese yearsrs andowt painful it uld bf. i know.w. know. >> hasasbeen as painful asase fear?d>> wt's t a wonderl`
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>> reportete she gave e emotional tribute at the 1996 republican convention. >> let me e ose with rnie' words,ot mine.e. >> their l lacie forever linked. >> never forget your heroic ororins. never fail to seek divine guidance andndever, never lose yoyo naturur god-g-gen optimism. >> are j jned now barbara walts who knew nancy reagan so well.. greaea to seyou this morng.% babaarar you had spoken to nancy reagan in the last year.r. >> wele i mean, we s eh otr, she was fragile. according to her daughter, in or healtlt b b the mind was g_od i me, , sheheelephoned you or you cacaed her, you co't get off thphone. she veveto talk d gossip. but alal w a very seriouou person. we talkeouhow everyoyo
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this inancy an, n@ ral reagananut ey wanted d r sayingng- >> y%yh, they knew allllf the yearafter president reagan left the white houseserepublicic politicis s uld want to go to r and get her blessing. blessg. xact, you sathemem gethej sny ofour most memleleterviews back thech, back in 1981 atere ey le together? just loved each oer, they adorereeachchcher. used to make e n of herace, i don't know if -- he woulmake speech and she wouldo -- no mattererow many times -- it was a love affair that continuednd i think k she ok carof him when he had d eimer's. e was with him a theheim her life revolved around him. >> and those aheimim's yeaea ador her bebause the man she knew@was slipping away. >> but she was t tre. she was there.
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she di't'tea hisiside. it was versad. it wt e called, thlong go-bye. becacae he h aimim's for quititwhile. >> and her legacquque l ng as ll. she out on so many issues -- on breast cancer, on zheimer's, on t e juju say no mpaign. >> e eeciaiay on the breasas cancer. i know you'll be talng about it in her ways. shshmadedeomen go d get mamaographies and selfxams. shsh did some very serious thgs. she did the e st say no, somow worked out.. is tt enough? to a lot of peoplet was. >> how will you remember her? >> i think sheherought elegance to the white e. nono tt itadn'been befefe. saly carteved d simple festste. ere waan elance, there was a charm, she brought wonderful artists totohe
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that's what i'll remr most she was are a dignifiedeflegant womana a crcrit to her husband's gagaga >arbara wters, thank u. tnk you, gege. >>es, and d mananwonderful memories continuininto pour in today. tn w to latatt on the race for the white house. th repeplicans and democrats both hononing nanc reagan. last night hlaryrylinton and bebeie sananrshanaing sharp wos in a heated debate. abc'tom llamas is here with the late on alofhat.t. >> reporter: dururthe debate, weed that seseser sasaers n ththmacaucucucuc but clinton still way ahahd in legate but lala night sanders showiwi he sti has a lotf fight t@ftin him. ovovnighgh after refefcting on thth passing of nancy reagan. >> we'like to o use for a moment of silence in honon of ncreagan. >eporor bernif nders and hiary clinton gogog he to head in a heated debate.
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that eed u up saving the aoo & instry. think t thats a prettytyty difference. >> w wl, if you're talalng a aut the wall s seet t ilout, whe me of fridsestroye\e\ rhis e - >ounkw w >xcuse me, i'lkg! >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator. >> repororr: b b the candates on stage nototnltakingim at ch other but republican ririls. are if we're psidede goink to invest a lot ofey mental l alth a when you wawah these republican debates you u ow w w! he date mg o heels of a seismic w w wnd for & e republican field.senator tetecruz hing pe saturday, wiing twstates and taking the most t legates. but trump al win t t ates. now, botcandidatesesallinga two-n racece >>'dovto takon t one-on-one. th woulde so much fun.
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clear is if you want to beat nana trump we have to stand edone.e. >> reporter: but m mco rubioioot giging up withtht a fighgh e f oridsenator winning biininueriri i ian open primary, where anyone can ve, i got over 70 of the votes. >> the media has beeeesaying some p ptty negative things s about donald trump. >eporter: meanwhile saturday night live taking on trump supporters with a ad from a grp called racistsorrump. >> he's going to take our economy from heretto here. ana&like that.t.t.>> that ad just gier after last night he wainvited to me on nft t@ skikied it so he could campaign in that state and a big endoement for john sisi, arnold schchrzenger. putting his suppo behind the ererr. george?
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yo saw the fake adadn "satda t t vebut donald tmp about to face his biggest test next week as real adpour in against him in all of the big statete--da michigan, ohio andlllnoi >> t t interesting thi about this racac donald trump's tank is at 100%. he h h theheapacity win dhis all-out. d cruis twowohirds full. marco rubio'is a half fufu. ld t a he'e'ss f w deplete thahat gas nk. has to learn how w orcomom . we just showethe delegate lead righthere. about dates ahead, trurp ov ted cruz. th guys wa twoerson race. >> teddcruruknows thththly way he can beat donald truru is if marco rubio and d hn k kich drop opt. thth'sotoing to happen before marchch 15th en t t t people vote. donald tmp k kwshat the`onon person he would ljke trun against one-on-one ited cruz.
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john k kich. >> hilla clintonen though bernieanders w w threeta er wkend, e stl ha annsuntable ad. hil has sw oprtity. he wonf ur, a bibi weekend d r anyone else,th than bernie sanders against hillarclinto thththoblem is, he has to win igan tomomrow's behin rder to geoxygn this race to n mi torrow n nht. a a aight, guys, to a ather bib headadne. the wild weathth out west. stri of strong storms laing the californrnn coast this morning, triggeringnglash floooo a leavi buildgs o o is crumbling cffn danger. and abc'c'nealalarlinsky h the latest. >> repor good morng, a drening anuste4 ho t he..%thisuiing alonis clfside in danger falli. ey were planninggo aually
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s becaiostrous. isisororng, , nininha ornia inints osairsrs drencning san franciscscs thee suruouinarea and luaving esesbunis s@ the cptyf pafislowly$%crbling angde a he bluff at theirt s. >>anging on by a thread. >> repte the rain n n n n n hahat titis ititlmt seemed to o coming from every directn. the e e-two punch ininuding rong win. knocngown n ees ke thehene that wenthrough the back windndnd car. the unusual downwnurs stretchingto southern californiaiahere nearly hf dozen n n le h to be rescued from raising waters along the a. river. >> w wt we h htwtwpeop in the wate one up in the tree, one holding onto the tre >> reporr: u uthe cocot in ororon w wre a c c guard helicopt rescued three surfe caht in rougug. so, these buildings here a a now
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tuesday, assuming they survive this latest onslaut. >> all r rht, neal with t e @ @ latest t treren california. now,ara has big football headline. >> yeaea ynow me with the footba headlines.. the late on peyton manning's good-bye. thll g gat s to nnnnnn h retirement thik morning. gogogoout on top after gding the denver broncos with a supe bowl. ctory. ryan smith is here with his legendary reer. good m mning, ryan. >> reporter: good d rning, lara. r weekwe wondered ififizton manning would retire. noit appea that 'w a reality.y. the superstar compmpte a storybook enenng to o legendary reer. r wewes,e's faced d estis about his nfl f fvrere >> shoulit be over? >> i'm n sure he's done. >> i know you haven'n'made youou cision, b%tto'helping you. >> certainly talk to ashley about it and pray a a t abt . reporter: b b peyton mannin
7:17 am
nging up h h cleatatafter seaea plang f the indianolis colts a the denver broncos. the fife t te mvp andwoee super bowl winner, , e of the greatest to ever play the game.@ the leleue's a-time leader in ssing g rds a`d the winingeses quarrbk jn nfl. bu t t numbers only parart of the stor >>e's very meteculous in what does. >p and personality off of it. [ laughter ] >> a ever the perfect pipihmanan >> t ty'reigaren't they?>> ty're h but real< nois this really happening? repter: his careeendidi a storybook high, coming back from a foot injury sididining him for seseral l mes.s. lead his bronons toto ununng sup bowl upset. and w the e m all th iff is ring off i to t t sunset- manning g expteteto a gounce
7:18 am
conferce today.. the broncos calling him a rst classmbbssador who@ d d ingsgshe rightay a a players around&the world -- - m bry saying, you chged the gameorevereand me everyone arnd you bettete >> l lely. >> so it was his last rodeo. >> into the sset. >> p pple may not be surprpr but i i had to be a tough decisisi. >> he's s top. but when it's time, is time. > let's go to b ririt now. >> we got winter storm warnings up in the mountains th nd aisors in southern california. gnificant stoto comgghroughgh re and anonoer onene o oweesdada as we go through esday night in wednesday moing,g,igigcant rain with that.. e stormsn the central ains the next two d ds, could become severere houston, san antio and a auauau. your select citi rig now
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snoorp today: highs will drop to the 50s and 60s under mostsv cloudy skies. the highestpchanan for rain`nnd s sw through the early part of e will be ininhe mountains. l l o the chchce for owers will sd eastrdand the afafrnn cocoute e ong e i-i- corridodo ll be spots. gusty west nds will bring another rod of reded flag warnings inototo, kiowa, bent, prowers, ba anan lalaananasasounts from 1 1am to o pm tonight: chances for rain c ctinue e rough most of fhe night, a th temratures dropping rainiwill change over to sw.w. any y cumulatitis outsidof the mountainwill be nimal but some slush is posble. winds willtill be breezy with lows in the teens and 20s around the area. .
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need your help ndg a 11- year oldoy a a hibrother.
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springs police ne your lp finding an 11- yearld and s brotot 11ear r d cquiui adlerr-gergel anan s 17-year-old d brbrher r ew were last seen saturday. afrnoooi bere heading out to go off- roading. inhe pt, the brothers have been offroroing in el paso, tellerer anpark counes, an may have returned to one ofofhose areas. . mattew red jeep wlele& msng. if youany y ininrmation n about where the boysysould be you're asked to o call pice at 444-7000. we're followg breaeang news out ofpapa county.... deputues are vestigating a ssibome invasi in security ahead at seven-56 we'll have the l lest on the
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>welcombacko "goooo rnamerica." looking at t many flowers and tributes to nancy reagan poung in at the ronald reaganresidentialibrary in sisi valley, california,a,here the former first lady will be buried alongside the president. her stson itinin she's always whererehe wanted to be, by her ron we'll have such mor on gacy and unundyin love wh ronaldldganncoming u we braty reag life t t >> o othe stutiful loterieshas mingngng >>so righd now, rn sanderand d llary n restinup thimornintete that cntious date. in detro. tougugst words, as they prepare for michigan tomorrow. >also, increasingoncerns about the zi virus. a new stuinomentt allll stages o oprprnancy are a4 risk. then, this terryqyg g en ughthtn camera, take a loooo
7:31 am
man o'o'tryingngo kidnap`perer her ick thinng gventing a potentiaiatrtredy.y. 'll talk about whashe did d rit and some vy imrtt rmatn for all s and thchildrenominup. >> smart a braveirlr but t t egeg w wh the la on h hk hohon's lawsuit agnst the webse gawk.( he's suiui the site for r sting his prate x tape. in opening statents a a set to begin this morning. abc's linzieieanis is at the cotroom in st. petetsburg, florididgoororng, linzie. >> reportete good morning, george. hulk hogan is calling isishehehe real main evenen firststelelrity t te a fight over a sexape e all the way to trial.. eease pitting his privacy against freedom of the press. thisisning, hulk hogan getting ady, i ihis own words, tslsl ananher ant. the mosttamous`wrestler in thth rld now tanggaerereride e
7:32 am
website for posting a 2007 video h having sex wi heaeaer clem, then-wife ofofof f fmer best friend. gan seseing $100 milliononor the alged d vaon of privivy, ying he did not knowowhat hehe was being film. >> we didn't object to gawker telling the storbut the sex x t tt was utizededo promote the pornogray.- to incncnce e eir profit. >awkekesaid by y e time ty posted theape in 2012 there was wide speculation of its existee, arguing that they have a first amendndnd right of sting the tape. afafr hogan died tair wi cle >> when u wawanto another man's house have sex with th wife d y/u haha been - talking abouyourex life, the neededs allowed to talk about it. >>eporter:efore opening arguments, a twist, bubba cl's maintained t tape was stolen
7:33 am
on fritiy the e dge ling hogan'n'lel team c cldn't t aw parallels in this case with er andr $ mililon lawsusu. ovoved vidfferer tt s filmed by a stalke ththjudge calling the two ces very d dferent. lelel exefrts s y this case could h ve b b bonquences when it comes to both celebrity privacy and the freedom ofof prqss.. >> icould have a chilling effectctn media outlets wiwi respect to publishintheseses types ofideo tapes. >>he judge also rulililihaha hogan must go ozis reaname in court and hcan wear his baanna bututt must be plain and in a muted color. now to a remarkable survival story, saving hihihif f`d his ( dadahter, after hisiplane lost power 2,000 fefe above gund.
7:34 am
plple'parachute and glide it totoafety.jesse palmer has more on this ory. >> the lal police chief said he h h no ids thlanes had pachuteses goododhing this one did or thih) --t have h a tragic ending. ththdratic calls fororel a plane sing per. plummeting from 2,000 feet in the e r. >> 5 alpha reo say youquest... >> reporter: thanms to some quicicthinking -- >> smallllla, orange parachute. >> he landed somewhe in e vinity of there at's the midfdf - - reportete this s rning ey're . miraculy s%sviving crash landing long isnd w wh ju a few cuts a&a bruises. the engdied iled the parachute. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the wreckage o o oo find ther and daughter able tokk away without
7:35 am
we cod b thanking our lucky stars. pit apppprshe p pacacte fture ofof this planenehaha savav those twowindividuals' lives >> reporter: they're n the first to hava a oaoaoa dissenttotoafety. this has b%bn deployed 7 7titi lili last november when ann almart ceo made this landing on ausy aansas highway. >>an down. >> back in new york the family who was returning from a arip looking at colleles thahaful theieieie brush with fate sulted in only couo]e of cuts and b bises. >e got vere lucky.ry. and the compmpm thamakes thparachches s stheyav d morereren300 lives over the years and you can now add two more to that last. >>ometething to ask ifou'r'r flying in a smalpl doe have a parachuhu >>efininelelel ng up -- a young gibl escaping abductiti, what she did right th m he d hefe.
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we're ck now with an urgent search lhlhlhn whwhtrtrtrto kidha13ear-d girl iniflflfla a this rveillance video, you u u her escapepesprint tsafetytyn\ abs gio betez is herwith thehlatete.... >>eporter: g gd momoing, george. this is exactly the kind of storpoliceant you and your kids to watch right now. it's w w wthisisirl did what may have sed her life. watch as 13-year-old girin ida runs from her ul dnpe babababa slln.n. the suv following r, alllledlyly driven by the man police are okg for thisorning l lving other stututus on edge. >> it's rlly scacary. >> police say thehman jnhis skskch drove ep to the 13-year-old lastk in his tan suv and d ked if she w w walalalal home, she ignored him. heot out of the suv and grabbed her by the waist to pull her r . she p pushed back s seamingng and we see this on deo. e girningaw.
7:41 am
that's why we want to get him ofe stet >> repxptstsayaygirlrlid t t rht t t t. momomohaha80of c cldrewhwh pepen atted d ductioio d mething oactive. >> what she did was extly the right thing. you know t kickingngththth screaming, yelling, anything shecan do to l aw aention to that tuatatn, get ay from her would-be kidnapper. this girl saved her owlife. >> rtete in 2013, this 8-ye-old girl l t her would-be dnapper and got away. grainy surveillance video cauring her running totoet her pants anjust last t arth connectit teenenhohoccepts a ride from an a auctotor ter mps out of that momong car landing on the asphalt. >> lot of chilen a taught il t t eer an adt. t papents need to teacactheir kids it's okay to say .
7:42 am
ex@xrts needs parents t h -ususthbuy stemm witha ie say . anwaysl trusted adult t pt any encounrs.`and that's why efrtstsay thi latest incent shouldldeda hamont.remember, child safety is s an ongoing discussion what you teachchhem at 8-year-olds is different at t 16eaeads we he alal hrd, don't t tk to straraer that's wt this girl did. sheor tha gnnhehe r. >p but theshe e d the right thing afte thank gdns.s. >>he did. > coming u u a t te e ncthe lee beteeey and roldldgaane prate ers ey shared. thenctress lena dunham the hospital. noset for surgrgy. what w#wen should know abo her concern. dr. ashtons here live. concer
7:43 am
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no haggle price on the winw? not zanyugh?
7:46 am
there they are. nancy and ronald reagan, so in love. we're back now with more on the love the life, the legacy of nancy reagan. the form first lady remembered for the issues s champned. but perhaps her biggest legacy of all -- her unbeatable and ununeakable love with ronald reagan. the rest of the country, he was ident ronald reagaga
7:47 am
>> but to here wajust ron ronnie our love is he to stay >> reporter: theiromance captured by decades of intimate letters. from early years of a relationship that would span more than half aentury. more darling, i love you so very much i don't even mind that lifefe madewawa so long tfind you. the waiting made the feelings sweeter. both actor their romance began in tinseltown in the early 1950s. >> how do you know so much about the moon? >> know a lot abit.. i spent all l time looking at when you're away. >> reporter: he contued his actingareer, nancy retired. staying home to raise their o childr and twotep children fromresident reagan's firsrs marriage. she always said that her life uly began when she married him. >> i did want to b an actress but i knew that when i found the person i wted to marry, that would be it. jas rosebush, longest servg
7:48 am
true reagan the love they shared was the real deal. >> i was oft asked is this gee? dohey really have this kind ofof bond? and i said, oh, yes, without question. >> clark gable had a line once, there's nothing more wonderful for a man thth to approach his own doorstep knowing that t someone on the other se of the door is listening for the sound of his footsteps. i always had t feeling that for 34 years that somebody is listening. >> reporter: thebecoming his fierly devot caretaker while he suffered from alzheimer's in the final years of his life. telling dianne sauer. during reagan's last moments he managed to give her one last goodbye. >> if death can be peaceful and lovely, that one was. ronnie all of a sudden, turned
7:49 am
opened his es and just looked. and then he closed them. what gififhe gavme at th t. what a wononif >> and what a wonderful love ory. rried 52 years, the only thing that could separare th was ronald's passing in 20. i lovehis,s,onalalagag used to leave notes on her desk, i lo you m me e ep anythg e wholelwidedeorld. e would have been goodith texting. we talk soouch about the glamamrn the w wte house but thth image i'm stuck with is eryyy night in thehite house whwh they lovov too is go upstairs and eat dinner and watch tv >>one of hererast interviews people tell you it gets s s er, losi the love of your life, in her words, no, it doeses only igine being prpsident
7:50 am
straining that could be on a relationship and it's amazing to sesethat great love story but you have to have an amazing wife wife. >> and a partner. >>xaly. >> i iers haha said they wer raly seen wawaing wherthey ren't holdg hands. >> their kids can take solace knowing theyeye togethererow.. i think that's the beautul thingbout her passing is we're all remembering them and theirir love. theyre together now. >> yep. >> in california. >> coming upext in o next ur - -a mid-a-r sce, did a rdtrike disable a ane's gine and force aemergency ndingn and upupex willld kate's nt ip.what happened when george a charlotte hhe slope ding th royalfamily'sst s q ogetmimgp. s trip. comini up.anddddd, she's back. storm coming a very dange chehue storm. so youave 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga insto calls itithe feath sral.
7:51 am
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> wflcombaba to oooooo rnrng america". rain setp ross parts of the south for the next several da. flasasflootcs le arleueupupshrert.veral inches of fafn n t . thth wililild d d until ththsday
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7:56 am
tptptpin comino good mning, i'dana mininin securiri... . . aso c/unty depupues a@ investigating g possible he invasion i i security. 5:25 call l me in abt burglary in progogss. . multltle suspects entered home where there re several people ininde. one erson ulted not stabbed tan to hospital with life- thenin rieseseseseseses susuects flelein viims vehicle.: 2000 grey p hundai sata 390-5566 susects: whie male, dark haiai slslveless tshiririr and d ans spic male aring dark ans shorts andndnd daenen ckett doesn' loik anytytngas tan.ererearly pred ts. doest look like wewewes used unknowowif to th. no
7:57 am
good morning, monday march 7t i jay polk. today: highs will drop to the 50s and 60s under mostly oudy ski. the highest chance for in a s sw through thearly part oth day will be inhe -puntains. later on,t, the chchce for owers will sd eawa, and the afteoooocoute alg the i-25 corrido will be a slslk one in ots. gus west ndndwill briri anher rod of rer flag warnings in ero,iowa, bent, prowers, baca and s animas counties fromom1 am to 6 pm. tonight:haes for" rain continue through mo of the night, a with tememras drdrping the rain will change over to snow.w. any acacmulations outside ofofhe mountas willed nimal but some slususususososble. winiwill stille brbrzy with lows ithe teens and d around the arar
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>>goodododnini, america. itit 8:0a.m. cececeatinnancy y ag ththoundbreang a aocacy, unforgettablglamour of t t former firstad two of the people whohoneww her be join us live thth morningng lena dhamahospaliziz andset r suery for a rupturur cyst.what eve womanhoknow out her th condition. and how it could affect you. drdrashton here with a rea k. and roip willnd k ke rereal b-new photos fm tir first vacationn as a famili,of four. look who's havivg a a owbaba fight.t. and are yoady? the women artellllllall. "the bacheher's" exes coming ce to face with h n afr nths oroller-coaster
8:01 am
>> all: good mororng, america! and g/od morning, america. we he some very gentlele leards outside. these baby yubs s re a little bit rambununio >> lara has the lm one. >> don know. the cal >> i blo on georgege right, hello. >> hdoesn't like the scripts. >> theherereeal. wel ve s se fun with them. they really do ha large claws. jack k nna is here. >> one of e animals he won't tell us,s,e juju h he to stick our hand ix. yes, jesse said d d l go first. i geteto be aguinea pig. >> wiwi theeopards, too, aarentnt. >> we' looking forward to mo th the cubs. al this morning -- we e cebratininthe eife and legacy
8:02 am
rsrsladylang suca g roro advocatinfor popotn issues and also king act in t t fashion wor. l haha muc on nancy reagan's impt. >>lso thisning, on a rious note, we ere learning mo aboboendunhnhnhnh actress ru to thhospit over the wke. jejeasht, the doisisn the house with sveve impornt formatioioyoyoneed to know. more fm m ll at the safetyf f e news deses > l righghuys, we begin with the death of nancy reagan, tribibes a a pouring in from arndhe world as a collectiwn ofwers a a flags grow outside the reagan library abc's ma gman is there. matttt good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. pruparationsre alreadydu ware a aththreagan presidtiti library. yoyocan see the aiaiforcrcon
8:03 am
would trel the wor. night, w saw flatbed ts delivering equipmeneor what will be a 1,00000sosofuneral rp. i'm told that headads of statete former presidents,s,elrititi will aend. nancy reag, of course,e,w emll.( and even nn her twtwht years her spirit neverimmed. friendtell m e regularly attended meetings here. she was chairmannf ththboard at e library. when she couldn't waererlf, - e was whled out to her sbanannald's gravete, e uld sisithere r 15 minuteses to 20 minutes to meditate. she'll be put toesalide her ronnie.m. >>t guan forus.. mbttth s smuch. turning totoolitics now, ings got t bebween hilla clinton and d ieieande ring lt ninhs deba in flint, micicgan, the two exchanged tade policy, gucontrol and ththauto industry bailouou >> i ved to o ve the auto stry he v agagast moneyey ended savg the auto
8:04 am
difference.. >> well, )f yoyore tking about the wall street bailouou whererere of f ur friends destroyed is ecomy -- - ou know >xcusi'm talking! >> now, sanders and clintnn did find se coon grouncallll for michigan'sovernor to rfsi or the flint water r is > re looking for spect thatathot a stor outside his chch m remington wasas hit in the hend hehe etc reve theee s spect ire and @erou woryet ononotive. a mimiair scare ev houston.n.n. rd strike apparent disabled o o of thengines of unitid aieseslight heading toermany. e plane was rceco o mp fueftutug ba an n er >and a f fd sasaty rfcall l is morni. perdue irecalling 4u00 p p ps ofof
8:05 am
apegege farms s r possible asc contamination. the nuggets were solololdn these e ven stes our r bsithas s&ll@letails on thistory > overseas t t royal family is sharg pictureref william and te first s s vacation wit eir young famimi. they escaped to thfrench a a a oyina ball fight. tr wepsecr to prprect eiprivacy. thfamily is aeady bachome today. > finally, somoiguys training for a bike race, , the surprise of eir lives, whwh a aosh appear fm out of nowherere in souou afca. gopretty fast, thankfully, itave e . the chase soon ended afterhat. it didn'attackckhem. amy, i ustand whwh you were overerre, apparent you saw ostricics. oh,eah,h,h&y'rereuge. they're fast
8:06 am
ra had a nice anecte. >> shehehinks like they talk like road ruer >> sound effects are fe. >&thth, guys.nonoovero is, leunm in the spithimoing, undergoing surgery for an vari cys abc hieff women'health correspondent dr. jen ashton is with us with a reality check. wh]ould dometrios ad to hoitalalation? >> first of all,sosotely ve such thin as emergency hospitalizizns a emergencycycy rgery. membendomeiosis is a coon chronic disorder. most of the time when we do o surgery f domotriosis is eltivend managed as an outpatient. sometimis it canane requiro
8:07 am
rupturing, a smaowelel obstruction. >>somemememewentro obviouslslon this. t of pe susuer from is ouay, , t it'sot talkeke about a lot. can you britowoqr us? >> l%l%l go mini med school herememeasic cnanamy, we havsomemeveries, the fallopiatube, the e erus dometrsis gets disised allll over.. anthososglands are hornally responsisi. th contract alg with the uterus ey can pain w w t tyy attachh to the bowel lnd bdddd. they cauau problbls s that. thez can cauir in the ng. we have seen it in incisions on ththsurfacof skiki sosogaitit really the complications o dometriosis thatan be so problematic.% o, is s`at what leads to the cyst? >> right, a cycy, a blood-filled
8:08 am
and in some cases can ruruure. we need to d drgery. butotoclear, o ovaries s cysys for a lililg. if you heaeaee term cyst doest necrilyean you' need sgege. okay, you have e lore inrmation on this. n wille tatang your estions throughout the rnqng. tweet her or go to "gma's" facebook p straig t tjesssswith the rning menu. > a lo at e morng menu -- behind the style a grace of nancy reag and influcecece beyond the wte house..we got two people who knew h very welel plusthe bachor's exe are telling all. eyeyre going facto face with bebe d oping upo o o mera >plusit'sungle here i times square. the one and only jhanna is here
8:09 am
friends. d it's all coming up on "gma com upn"g"gma." intrtrucing cerum v)tamimis. a new muivititin you eny ke a mt. th a fulspectr of nuients..... centm0vitamints. (vo) if you have t te 2dietes,yomay know wt t 's like to deal w wh high... and low ood sugar. nuvia (sitagliliin) is a once-daily pilthat, g with diet and excisese helps lower ood sugar.
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cignmedidil plans cover one e ndrdd pepeent of y yr -network annuall eckup. so americacalet's g . ow. ahh! and tata conol oyour health. cigna.ogether, allltheay. ananthat'she scenet t e agan psidential librart in simi vavaey, california, th morning. so mh love pououng out for nancy agan. weweemember hehethis morning. she's rememberer for her sty, for r grgr f herergance d of course her devotion to hehusband,d,h inside and oue the white house. and mome f fm lilieyavis. od morning, linsns. >> reporter: whether as protectoof her husba or an icon in n e faion world, nancy reagan was a force.. she onceceescribed thetrengt of a woman and in doing so sd some lighthtn her own dispositn,nsaying a woman is like tea bag, you u nnotell
8:14 am
her in hot watar. nancncreagan is saididodhaha redefined d e role of first lady. r r amalaly by h p voca. wwillouo whwheo fe ylulurugs? =lljust say no!% >> r reporter: as she gaveveoice to millions of americans. in 1987 shbrought breast cancerero the e refrfrt after s was diagnosed with e disease and defended her decisisi to have a mastectomy. >> maybe if i had been 20 years olololadn't been mried, , dn't had childrdr i iouldee colyiffent but i -- for me it was right reporteteollong predent reagan's 1994 diagnosisiwith alzheieir's disease, ncy w wt on to take vezy y blic stand 4 in suppo of stem cell research.
8:15 am
sauer in 2005 about then-predentntush'oppopotionon to it. >> you c cld save millions`sf people's lives if yorely charged ahd wiwi stem cell -- hopefullll we will >> stilloping to p psuade him? >> well, you always hope. i t know. i s s, he -- heirmly believev his position i# thehe righghposotion.. and that fine. thth's- that's h belief. >> reporter:r:n 2009, nancy met t with presidede oba at the whwhwhhouse as he signed t rerean bill.l. >>here are f f who are not moved b the lovthat mrs. ruagan felt foher hud.anan f fer stiti who areret inired that this love led her to take the c cse of stem cell resesrch and
8:16 am
to know nancy ag l l lfe did. wther i w w p persosolr ofessionalal ifouted d get a aolicy queseson to hihand youou coul'tet to him directly pele wouldldalalnancy reagan. >> r@orter: she was not o oy a gatekeereror theresident but style icon f the ages. dazzling in the 1940and 1950s s d catal charisma in the 1980s. our loves here totay >> reporter: red was her signature cocolor,r,atererubbed reagan red. she said i alwlws s ked red, 's a p pker-uppfre but she sllllanageded to make statements in anon the ranch. she won a lifetiti achievement awd in 1988. oscar de la renta once saidj nancy nevemade a sine faux pas.
8:17 am
a por color back to nancy reagan. me s sshe was s fluential & making the republican cocor.she e came a political fure in heown right and certaiy did it with h yle. george and a >> she certainin did. we're joined now by two peopleleho knew nancy reagan wpll, she e e s usm@ virginia. >> and here in new y yk, v vity fair special correspondent bob colacello. good morning to both of you. bob, let't begin w with u.nancy reagan sd ininhe past, she never r nsidereder place in the history, it waw always nnie's place in histy. whato you think is her legacy? >> thinkheiriregacy one and the same. it's v fun, pe heearsrst by, she wanted
8:18 am
she d done, t e never wawaed to ouhine hererusband. it was a delice bance in howowshwanted to be written a aut. bushe -- ty were jt joined at the.i meanshe was his ----ot only thgateep his adviser, , his soulmate, his public reretions adviser. >> and his caretaker@rt the end. and s sila, nancy reagan didn't like toalabout her inflnce on the policof prident r aganan but she e s really a force behind the scenes he w wte us >> w wl, i think any -- any wife of aresisint, if ty have a very close relionsnsp,p( inevitably assumes se e that ro just because he trusts hehe and he knononohat anything that she's lking to him abo i hahato do witi hisiswn b bt terest. and that's whai i i ysaw. she rerely never initiated any
8:19 am
particularlynterested in it.$ t she did have&-&-people knew how much inflululu she had on ththprident and so, they would come to her and make theirirase hong that she woulu tell the president about it. rig. bob,b,ouououe asked ababt her influence heheolicymakin >eah, i asked h about putting the right pepele arororo hehehuand. and getting rid of t tse who rned out not to be right. i said about policy,asashere y area you tooan interest in? >> oh,no, 2@ie h his idea his beliefs. he was hard to change. almostn n whihper r e said, maybthatmall rusthg. mamar inia of thwh ronald rgapoca-- opening witgorbachev. nticommunism. and thth the openingith
8:20 am
working g geth, really promoted and workekearoundome the hard-liners of the administratiti, ththk she had -- she wanted her husband to be seen as a peaceker not as a warmonger. > a sheila, ase talk about% the influence onancy reagan, we have to t tk ababt one of thehe greatest impmpts, people talk abt how she brout glamour backo white house. back in the day, s iticiced for that asasell. how shshhandle her cri? >> well, i think she knew she s or it.t. for exame, when s s ororred the w - ass r rald reagan called it -- the new dishes. for the whi house, she knew she was going to tata s se heat for you ow they wentutnd they@yot pvateoun to
8:21 am
got ntributions from indididuals, butven thth ted someontroversy a a she knew she wanand to do it and she was wiing take ththheat for it. think that's probably the best y totoescrit. >> which ledo that famous secondndndndose ment. tell us abououat. >>h, man,nat w wre. well, at ce inhe seconon ar. hen ththas came to seeeee d she saidyou knowowwe're goinin to do a piece e out ncy reagan and we were wondering if you'd consider having her make little camam aearance e some kind. i saidl thinkpabout , theyent memehe lyrics to the so thew% goi t and -- i talked to- whwh i did, ihe reverse of r, i went to mike deaver and jim
8:22 am
at the time,avid gerg,,ndnd d,ouuppo this? theyeyaid, bbsolutel then i g g landon,n, wreul speechwriter a he and i sat down and worked outhe rics, she said, i'll notnly do this, i' dre up and she put a whwle routine together and it t@ was s e st amazing nightht ever spentwashington, cause you could acacally feel attitudesetoward chae.e. >> sheilled it that nit. sheila nk you.. and b, t t you. >> let's go outside rob. bebetil day y y . we got peofr vivginia. ge contient frfr texas. we were va, ra, last week. is was the winning superpe rurun on s surury. watch this. this is gogointo be the biggest ayr you seen all day. e yokiddininin! a kdingnge ist ghghth's shaun whili. nobo does @t bette e flyingomatjustst
8:23 am
morerenow coming tahoe'ing it firir. soutrnierras a couple of feetetethere. wililget out to vaiai beaveve creek and asasn as welel that'she latest the weather ro the countryry da > o oh, she tololme she wants to get on the snowboard. fofoboututhe flying g matoto
8:24 am
we begin with didiey's "zpia"a"evouriompetion tpis w wkend, runninldldith h $70.3 mimiioio a record. 's the biggestisy animn oping ininistoto beating even "frozen," guys. t it go,lsa. time tt it go. the e vie features the voices of jasoteman, ginnifer goodwin.n. and jenny slate. the storfolls cop partnering wa gitive fox undercover a possibib cocopiracy >> i toorpernd a fend erday. it's really eat. you/had`the "frozen" feeling coming o of itit ey wer ]essmerizedmeerized. it's increreble. >> great cast. >> >antastic. > also in news"s"s rning, london hosting a weweing of a popopulture a media rorolty merging thth
8:25 am
ecl blblsi service.the blushing bride wore a pale blue gown and rupepepeurdoch wore a nit th star-studded gst lis incled andrew lloyd webber. the happy couple's(uen children om past marriages alal in attendancecluded h hl's model kids with mick jagger. there they a a abridesmaids.s. big wedding. o say the t. anfinally, say hello to a lile f who found hself in a real moral dilemm onday morning. listen to myomom sten to s inincts. it's toughgh i fe ya. >> d't do it. don't do it.( no.. no. no! no. no.
8:26 am
yoyoknkn he d . we d knononow w e e e >> we e e t? w w dongt. vio enen tre. >> so close. close. >> =y gugus is- >> love it. that whole saying, glass is half-full. does notpp. >> i need someone yelellihat e the wholday. don'do i jesse.. >> should we try that with
8:27 am
we'll be right back.ttatu#4 `n*"4 tt2watu#`s4 "a`n:.p tt2watu#`s4 bm`n1%\ tt4watu#`s4 " dzlq rtt4watu#`s4 " "nlq pv$ tt4watu#`sgzl& iq\ monday mch 7th. i'm jay polk. today: highsill drop to theh50s s d 60s der mo cldykies. the hight chan for raia and s sw through the early part of the day will be e the mountainer on, tme e anan for shers s ll spread eastward, and the afternoon commute along the i-25 corridor ll be a ick one inin wes winds b otununun r flagni otero,iowabent owers, baca d las animasasounts am to 6 pm. tonight: chances f f rain continue e rougug momwthe night, and with tememratures opojng the raiwill ange oveveto s sw. y cumulations outside of the mountains will be minil bubusome slususis possible. winds will still b breezy w)w)wlows in e teens s d 20s around e area. today, peyton manning will officicily ananunce his desisi to retire from the n-.... he leaeas as the n-f-l'l'all- time leading passer a winningest stng quartek.k. he's the only one to oin super bowls with two franchises. . nning is cted to make his announcement this morning at a-m. we will stream today's ne conferen online at r website at ko dododom. resisintntin fremontntnunun had a scsce last night. ahead at 8:56, fifi out what e man findndn a ririr bed... which causver a zen evacactititi mountains wille minimal but some slush is pososble.e. winds s lllltill b breezyzyith lows in the teens and 20s a a
8:28 am
maing will officily annoce his decision to retire from the n-f-l... he leaves asdsdsdsthe e f-l'a l- time leading passer and winningest arti arterback. he's only one toin sup bowls with franchises mannininis expect to o mama his nouncement this morning at 11 a-m. we will strere today's news coerence
8:29 am
redents in frfroncounty hbd d d are lastst nighght. ahead at:56,( findndnd what ononman find in river bed... wch caused o or a
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member thax x nce? val and rurur going onono win e e e orll trophp, season 20 of the "danci with the stars." >> 1nd wre g gti reaor another q citing season. have already introduced to two of the new cast members "full house" andfuerou" star jodod sweetin and, , course, our verywn ginger zee. she's teamed with val. we're unveing t e full c c c all ststand their pro rtners, live, on " mning america" torrow. there's been a lot w speculation about the cast it's going to be a great season, i can tell you tt. ginger a a val. she's athletic, mpetitive an
8:31 am
ey a goi to o one to watc and we have another hugege announcumeme to share with you -- the hososof this year's emmymywards is ourery own jimmy y mmel.. congratututions, jmy. they'lair right he on abc on sunday, ptember 18th. >>e'always great. >ea he's funny. >> cannot wait flr tt. we want to turn to "the bachelor: women tell a a." theciaiaairing tonight have a sneak peek at the e ama%abouto unfold. ththladies and ben are o oning up to ababs kayna whitworth. reporter: mths of roller-coaster emotions on the 20th season of "the bachelor." >> i s >> i don't know what you guys are dodog. >n love with you. >> r rororr: all coming toto head tonononor t ghly-anticipated "women tell all." "pd morning america"a"akes you behind the scenes as the women and a chicken prepare fac each other%and tanho rejected them. hehe jubil..
8:32 am
>>eah, yeah. >> it's going toe good.spe, t tt's w w it'sgoininto bee good >> repepter:r:ost chririharrison shshg us where alllthe drama goes d nothing against this setetbut thoschairs don't look super mfortabl >> that's partrtf it, you want toake them uncomrtrttztztz comfororore. >> reporte fororrr ns anchor, olia, ne of the most controversial,fidentntomen of the sson. >> i would love more, more time e with h h. rorter: b bndded ter being left behin a b bchch thth jaw-dropping rejection, gettinininr turn in the hot seat, shshs defiant at first.. d you hear everythinthat y wanted to hear from olivia? >> i thought she would beor apologetic. reporter:r: the twins weren't going to let y yututff there. hohong her stint oreality esn't derail h h p pns of
8:33 am
be on and draw in a crowd andpelewant twah wh have eo say. >> reporter: and caila, emional with herreakak with be >>o feel andayt anfor m to sayaye nener loved me ck was rlly ha.. >> repter: do you rely w wt to see him? >> you know, i could have lilid without t eing him. reporter: the man o othe hoho mitting totos he nervous. >> thet time i saw these women i was sayingd-bye to th. weteteendndg our relationonon. reporter: and telli uss outng love th two women at t same time does your currenenfianceknow that youououd i love you to anotr woman.n. >> i iwasn't s sething that found importantoore as soon his was done. - wasn't someing thth i was ing g hide. ( i'm hahpyithh the decisisn n at i`made.
8:34 am
>> reporter: for "good mornini america," kayna whworth,bc news, los angeles. >> and "the bachor: the women te all"@airs tonight. atat:00/7:00 centrar rigig here on abc. you can see an extended snea peek of tonight's episode at on yahoo! there's a reretionohip dete t tt's erning oine. lilibrooke, walkinindown aisle should be accomplishuhnt.. deborah roberts hathe storor >> beyonce c cls it t mustvt >> l me e ach you hotoe sile. %rororr: women of hohoto be single sasa don't neeeeit. in fact, for many women tying the knot isn't exactly le hitting e jackpot. >> i've noticed for a ng time that getting marriededs put on a much highehepededeal, , pecially for women than anynycademic, professional, volulueeriri or
8:35 am
i've always been confud. >> reporr:ake -yeaold natatae brookeriria ffingtont t tie thah she's had ititiage being viewed as mamar accomplishment. wring, youon't h h to he aain, dve o o special skill set to get mried you just have have a lling partr. >> d d g g ge wrong, mririe is a huge en bub d d & thininit's a#aievevent. i don't thinhaving a ron myingekes unique or spec reporr: things are slowly changigi. one study saying 4 out of 10 women hang a successful marriage is only one of theiei st important goals. 2is tr that we're still comi out of a cultural te en getting mriededas tirir license to the world of accompshnt, , cause they cocod own their husuand'd' accompliments and that would be a sadeason to feel
8:36 am
tting married. >> reportete those mixed feelings led to her article endidi oine.e. even sparking critism. >> people have defitely misundererood me bausesesehink i'm saying, love and friendships and maiagegesn't important.and thtx's n n what i'm sasing, what'm sayininis, is it's not everything. >> rorter: butefefe you acacse her of being a bibier single woman, bit of ns,he just got engaged. bubuis focususg not just othe mprriage but a lg-te relationship... >>hatt is an acc@omplishmenens king it year after year aer yeara leleating thatatyeararthatat 50-year mark ;> yeah, we all agree. like a wedngdn anddf itself isn't an accomplisent butut real marriage is. >> areat accplent.
8:37 am
>> we wish luck to her. >> she's engaged congratulationon guysyschchk it out.t you want to stay warm. come f f fthe zo what kinof anil are you dressed up? >> w wtreou dressed up as? >> a aonkey. >> a monkey,e you ar and you look like a lion. that's where you were going.- ateast that's s e i was gog. it's chillllnow but it's going to warm up. a a ryprinike e d a lot of pepele f fm texas, /0s and 80s y, bud theat movesesast.lowe70s for lolole. to mid-70s to d. that's going to feel a lot like ring. the rain in e st, in l angeles, severe thundnrstorms there d in texas today. at's a quick check o othe national outlook. day:ighs will drdr to the 50s and 60s under mostly cldy skies. the hiest chance for rain and snow thugh the early part othe day will be inhe motains. latern, the chance for showerwipread eastwa, ananth afternoon commute alalg the i-25 cordor r wi be ick e in
8:38 am
>> t t tweather r po is brought to you b penney. and we have a ec announcement this morning, espn isis going to provide exclusiviv corage of the invictususameses competlaunched by in harry.y.0 etitorom arnd theorld.. btaki p it wl be hel t t tsp wideor spos c complexn ke buena vista, florida. titietsren sale starting thismorning. what greatvent i i i tifu. coming up here -- jack hanna. some lpapapa kangaroo and a
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i want to see you tt2w rm8v'`:o m/m/@tt2w rm8v'`:!!*n =/d tt2w rm8v'`:4!j# k9k9tt2w rm8v'`:x#*&`:l7d tt2w rmrv'`:j'`: tt2w rm8v'`:t#j)`*swtt2w2wm8m8`:p#j*`:dlx tt2wm8v'`:p#j,`:%68 rm8v'`:*.4 tt2w2wm8v'`:`:*0`:\ i want to see you hi, everybody. we@'re backckk iou not raiaiseour voice. trust m m jack hanna is wiwi us. he broug a ang se of his ttle friends. this is ivanannd aa. the are leopards. >> lesthththleft in the
8:42 am
in r rsia, chi. these analas of the sougugugfter coats in thehehrlrlrl itikiksilk. ththanim doeoe't g g -it's's like a lpard. ththnimalives in s s snow and hot weather. you go ahead and put him mn the floor. >> i wish i couldlbuhe's clawawme. ankskslitttt baby. they still do have tir claws. because y'rereaisingng thm >> whahathey're doing, everyrye, anals likee this, will play with each other, learn to grab thinrom the backthe e pck.. >> jack, do o u raisisthese guys so t ty care-intntduce >> not thesesa ood poinin in he zoo wororor, they actuall hav-- they have the survival pla yes,s,omeday, they'll be returning some o othese to the ld. t nener have h human contact whehthth >> okay, that's correct. 's greatat i wawatalklkbo your place in
8:43 am
brbrhatrerlnc >> y s them. >>es, incredible thank you for ur work ononhese gu. thisvery exciting moment for us. e going to d dmystery y animal. and in thiox -- >> i i my 33 ars, i he ne done this ---- trust me, don'you?u? i t tst that's why y sse e is going to do i >> i feel l ke f fsh gordon in momoe -- >> go in there slowly. >> d d't b bnervous. t fast. >> slo slow. keng slow. >> 8e's s a!ing.g. >p oh,od. it's g like -- like maybe e >> it's a lizard. >> it's porcupininish. oh, no, i is s vi hissed. is that a snake? >> no, it't!not a snake. don'took in there. >> i saw it.t. ititas sticks. >> it los likehe thi i flasgordonon
8:44 am
to pick it up. >> let'shohoevybody. whatn the world is that? remember somethinin there are only two egg-laying mammals in the worl---- thing here, this is one of twg-g-ng mmals. >> what is it? >> it's hidna from australia. whwh it lay an ethatches. doesn't have a breast. thmilk wilsecrcr from the bottom -- >>ou say thehelay y gsgswhatat
8:45 am
>> are thesesen pepel, jack? >> no. therer are vererfew in this country. >> they're n noisosous obously, you cananouchhem.
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