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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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getwo brbrkfast croissants fororfoururucks. > have veraraeaking stiethisisday night. tpe ra thitetese. michael oombg says he will not run arguing at if he does, it h@ldonald trump win. trp, andisessage for ted cruz.and hillary clinto wt she just asked of bernie sananrs >>d jojovictorr in an ju in, t t $55 million verdict. ter suing her stalkekeana&a jor hotete accusi the stalkf gtingng aoom neneoor,ordidididi. deadly s srms totoght, powerful winds, flflh floo, , anlitning striris. and thher r em movovg from e sososohe easas > one oft famous athletes in the worlrl her seet r realele and her apology. and,elebra air lady..
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now planning to do for mrs. agan.. go evening.. 'l'l'lt to the $55 millili rdict int t moment. a major victory for erin andrews. >but fifit, m b bombebe sang he will not r sis reasonon- he says a bloomberg campaign willlhehehe donaldrump or ted cruz te votes awayrom the democrats. the news comes amid a ththtg republican race.e donaldrump winning two racec thiskend. ted cruzuzmahing h h wiwiwtwo winsns nofafabehind in the degate coun totoght,onald trtrp the winner in2 states. all of thohen rer-ted cruz, nning 6, just 84 delegates behind. here'som llamas. leadinin us oith trump a his newewessage for ted cruz. michael bloomberg, making it clear, he doesn'n'wantnto hehe put t naldldrump intthe white house. >> reptete tonightdonald trumumgetting hit from all sisis. his rallies.0 uh-oh, have anotheon
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increasingly trying to steal his bully lpit. >> g g out ofohete! looks likekeice ttle, actuly. home mommy! bye!fafa go h ne to mommymy go home e mom! tell her to tuck you in bed. >> reporter: on tvtvthe e utal ad wargain himraing g . ouide groupspending millions veterans attackimg the billionaire as a draft-dodng trust nd baby. >> donald trump haha'terved thththountry a day in hihilife. >> repororr:r:r: trump now finding e of his rivals gaining on h n. nator r d uz s sring weekend wins in kakaasasnd mne. >> i wt to oongratulate ted on maine and onan and he shoululdo well in maine, because it's very close to nada. let's fa it.t. i mean -- >v repepter:r:rump now calling it a two-mane. would l tako@ tededo.e--o that would be mucfun.
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>> i ink the momentumpis suinour direction.n. we're seeing folks who had been sung donald ump p o e e realizing he isn't whohohey thought was. epter: but ping g trump and cruzoday, former new yor mayor michael bloomberer annonocingnge willot run foror presidenhimsmsf. bloomberg writitit q qte, "there a good chance that t ndidacy could ad tthe eltion o odonald trump or senator ted cr. this is not a risk i c take in good conscience." bloomberg accusing h h felelw w billioioire of running "e most divive and demogicic estial camamign can reer." pbut with trump and c cz suink, senatomarco rubio ruggling to breakut only wning of the 2020 cocoests so far. >> personanay, i i iall for him to drop ouofofhe race. repororr:io sing today he's not going anywhere. >> of courseonald trump is calling on people to drop t. but t nald suffered d me real damagegever the last week. ppople a a atartintorn that donald d ump the character anandonald trump theerson e not thsame thing.
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we're expectiti donald trum to speak in miissisii. d psibly aress what michchl bloooomberg id, his campmpgn is appealing t t tr r wot impulses... anana major developmpmt on the deatic s se,lary clinton with a message for bernieanders and h supporters. this imama fromast night's fifiy debate. sandnds clclhing with hilllly clinton. bubuclininn making gt ear e wants to end this on friendlier terms. e said she hopes sananrs will help her win his supporters over after she wi the nomination. sanders hardldldlvi up. clininn hawon 11 states,s, sanders,..and d morrow in michan, a must-win for him he's 17 points behind d the latest p pls. we do the math. what sande would hve to do to win the nomination. here davav wright at a s sders rally in ann arbor, michigan. >> look, i like bernie. >> reporter: today, hillary
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bernrn sananrs. . >> and w wld h he he wouou helplpe`reacacout hisis susuorters. if i i soornate e. heomineeee >> reporter: but sdersrs stiti insists he canin. >> if f erers a large voter turnout,e will win. >> reporter: h he needtoto torrow's big prima h hin michigan. to w t nomination, he woul need to o n every remaining state e ten pois. solast night's debate e s contentiouou >> tsconomy -- >> y knowl-- >> excuse me, i'm talking. if f u're going to t lk, tell the whohe story. let me t tl m story, you tellllours. >> i will. >> reporter:r:linton's campan acacsed sanders of rudelel shushing her.. totoy, he insts it was the other r y around.
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make a point, and somemee inteteupupou, it's rude. > hehwas s aibst the autobai@out. epopter: coming ofclinton invoked d e auto ondududy ouou an emomoonss in flint,t, michigan. >> aoted to ve the ao industst.. he ted against the money that ended up saving the a ao industry. >> oh -- >> rorter: notthe carerel wowoing there. fact, sanders was o oe recoco supportg the auto baout, bututotededgainst it. the money lumpeddnnithheig wall s st bailout. and at rallies le this one he's trying toet t record strara.. he has a lot of supporte, but will it be enough? dadad? >> thank you. >now the o oer majaj headlineerin andrewswsnd the major r ctory. a $55 million guilty verct
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om next to hers. the jury siding with hej, followg a a a o taken of her through a peepholeleiewed d pmomo than 17 million p pple. here's eva pilim. inside the crtroro when the veict was readadoday. >> reporter:atatatday the verdict in the erin andrews se. >> $55 milon, correct? >> y y. >> reporter: the jury has ded the nashville marriott shares thehelame for that . that was seen by more than 17 million people. >> you kw your bod d i saw it for two s sonds and was like, , , my god >orter: andrews claiming g thhotemama it sy forer stalalr, mhael b brett, to get a room n nt door to hers and through a peephoho, useshis ceceone to shootideoeof her getting out of the shower. >> i called the operator and asked, can i haverin nndndws' room they connected me so then i knew wh room shwas injn >> r rorter: barrettd guilty to o olkin 20101anservqd 27 monthin pn. she ed h h, the nashville
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their lawyers claiming roughout the tri that andrews' career wawanot t rmed, bubuhas in ft thrivesinc ped. >> she'sotinhecareerer was bse of this, she's saying her life was ruined e of this. >> do o u believe you will e e e get overerhis? >> no. >> reporter: d, s alkeke michael barrrrt wafound to be 5151at fault making hihi responsible for more tha $28 8 llion namag. that he'll havtrouble e e ng up witit e e e l's s nagement company and owners werund to be 49% at fault. they will have to pay out more than $26 million. david? avavwe hrd from in ananews totoghgh >>epororr we have she's ththking the vtimsms arndheheorld t tt susuorteher tondp p d hold accountablehosese whose job it iso prprect everyone's privava and ty. david? epa, thk yo
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e life of nancy rean. thegan l lrary releasinnew details s is evening. the service at the reagan library on friday. invitations to 1,000 peoplpl going out. thenen mrs. reaganaill b laidd t too rest on the gunds of the library, next tohe husband she aded. mattutman night, from the rean library.. >> rorter: with h ose flags lowered at theeagan national library, and the white house, president obama today remeerininthe former first lady.. >> i know how mumu she meant notot just to presidenenreag, but to the cocoy y a whole.@ >> reporter: afirstplady she was defifid by her d dotion to her r sband, and as a widow by her devotiono o o l gacy at ththreaganibrary. workers tonight setting up a a venue foa 000-person fal idid bebeheerememy,htht ndon her daugug pattytyriting, "there is comfort i feeee @ surrounded by gentle thoughts anhkind whes."
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"nancy is where she alwa want to be, with her rone. now she is apeace."" sheilaate, her former preses cret focusing on her crusadesesor alzheer's's resesearch a a againstststg use. >> she tveled ndndds of thousasas s miles over r r eighghyears, rsing money for trtmtmt,progogms.. rter: nan r rgan passed away sunday morning at the belel aiestata she and present r%agan hadadivededn sincnche left the white hohoe in 1988.8 her body wililbe brought for rial near hehelo theeagaga ary. >he was h rock. heeaned her, and shehehe hingngohhim. and he was sverything to h. >> mat gugutman w w with us live om california. we've learneat prent a a mrs.s.eaplplned muchf ththr farewells? >> yes, i'm told they began planning their own funerals
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dodo t the pall bearers. david? >> thank you, matt. weurto the sever weher delo, ong the gulflfoast. but firsrs the dangeroro storms hitting t e west. lightning flflng or the skylinof los angel drenchin rainin, and down the cot. one person k kled near`r sacrcrento. wind gusts as high as 4040iles an hour i l.a.a.aowng trees and knocking out power kayna whitworth, in the middle ofofof srms battttering california. >eporter:r:l nino-fueled understorms s elthe e st th deadly force. fr ingleod, cafornim, trees crashing down onto car >> i didn't expect ts toto happen. >>eporter: to san jose, where heavy rains were likely the curit in thicollapse. >> we've wiresown, we'e' got acacdents, wewve gotescue responses. >> reporter:t6he s stem, briefly knocking outgwero l.a.'s airpor lightning setting g is palm tree ablaze. ououneal karlinsky in pacifica, where el nino's s ry condemned these apartments earlier this wier..
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demolish it today. t t ey've now had to delay at 24 hours because e e storm - made conditions here so danaerou >> reporter: o orrphe ekend, hf sacacmento, a womom owning after t t car she was ring in went around a roadblock. crews right now are sasangnana rougthisisugficucutree that crurued two cars. it bw out e windnds of that one.e. and david, this storormay have 4 moveveverough quickly but it left lastingamage. thers another car buried right there. davivi >> kayna, thank yo to that severe storm threat in the south.h texas snd oklahoma atjskskskskpkwinds,s,ail, and a possible torno. thththreat gwingom our athe team saying 244 miion in t the tuble zone. theh risk of t orordoesven higher tomorrowwefore it moves north. we'll stay on it. a major headline from the
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justiceseversing the alabama ruling not recognizizi a same-sexexdoption. owo the s ser bowl starying gooby the game. peyton manng gakininit ofal, tearing up as he announced his retirement after 18easons. clayton sandn on manning callinhis last p py. >> reporter: peyeyn manning will ss football as much as otballlll l ss him. >> i revere foototll. i ve the game. >> reporter: wning the super bowl turned out to be thth ultimate retirirent party. enver broncos haha taken super bowl 50. >> reporter: for a player who thought his s er mhthter in 2011. neck surgegeelined him an tire season n&napolis. but in dver he fought back.. becoming a five-time mvp. the only quauaerback to win two super bowls r dierent teams. >'ve fished my footballll race, and af1818ears, it ti. >> reporter: for the first time manning blicic addssed sexual assault allegations made e
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at the university of tennessee. >> i did not do what has been allegegeand d m nononoterereed rlitigatingomhing that happpped whenei was 1919ears old. >> reporr: manning, knknas the shererf for laying down the law. rides into the sununset with one last trademark call -- >> omaha >> reporr: manning says 's going on vacation. he'soing to plpl little golf fore he decis what's nexex david? >> clayton, thank you. still much m mahead on "wld news tonight." tpurgent mannt under way. the pastor shot ouide his shot. e storounded, survin the allegenman, a former marinenecoidered armrm and dangerous. the garbage truck losing cococol, plunging more than 100 feet. ededly, he survivev- we'll show you whet ppened, coming up. and onenof t t mososfamous athletes in e worltl a a aer big reveal. anher apololy.
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next, a stunning admission from one of th rld's top p nnis sta. ria sharova, admitting she failed a drug test. here ryan smith. on her emomoonalalpology. >> made huhu mis >>eptrr:onig, maria shara, tennistar a a thworld's highest-paididemale e hletadmitting g e failed a drug tt at t ts year's austlian open. the 28-year-old, saying she's been ting the drug meldonium, ed to treat heart ailments, but alledly boosting endurance in sw o take i 0606oricss she claims, she was ununare it s addeto tennis' banned substances list is year. >> i had a magnesium deficiency. i had anrregular ekg resul and d a family htory o diabetes. >> reporter: sharapova, a a nnis
5:48 pm
17. ing onono win four more grand sls, but in the years that foowed, injuries taking their toll. the star, saying she'll operate with the investigation nto her faiaid d st. >> i know at i face consuenc. ani n't want to end my career this s y. teteharava, ononof e stl-known is ayers toaia drug tess subjectovional @ @ spensi >> ryan, thanks. when we come back, the urgegt manhunt. the paor shot tside ofofis urch. aedednmondered med d ertogh also, the major food r rall. the chicken nuggggs that could iyo freezer. d the garbage truc plunging 100 feet. therivevesomehow surviving. incrcrible veo today. wewel be right back. woman. orhere y're from city. country. we're just everyryy peoplelefighting high h ood gar.
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tohe "ininf otoer news tonit. and a nhunt thisvening f stor i inorn i i i. past timemgtgn was shot six times, including in the head and the lung outside his chuh. he sururved. 24 hours elier, he l the prayer at a rally for ted cruz. the ect, a 30-year-oldld formerarine,e,onondfdfd armed d d ngerous. popoce still searcring foror mo. totohahafrightening g rbe truck k asasas miami. newly releasas dadadcam video from the truck. urthe mome the driver loses ntroro plummeting more than 100 feet from-95 to a children'park bew. the d iver survivivi. luckily, no chilen in the park. no onelse was hurt. a @call tonight, applege farms chickeets. shped to aleasseveatespossly cminateteby smalpiec of astic. threcallnvolvingbout 900 packagag.
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totoer, he was just "rononon"" thth met in hollywywd in the 19s. statring i i "hellcats of the navy." >> how do you know so much about the moon? >> i know a lot abt it. spd all myime loloat w w w w wre ay. >> reporter: marririe, children. his run for icfficec >> it's a smhing victory f/f reagan. >> if i i art toay wt's really in my heart i'm a aaid i'll start to cry. so tha you very much. >> reporter: becoming the nation's 40th presidentn she ver@left his side. rare imas fromhe ova offi. cleaning up for ronnie.& the prpridt cutting inshe dancitifrank sia. the guguts, didiitars, hollllood, royal. after ld reagan reveed tter he e alzheimer'r' ase in 1 nancy came evemorehe protectotoof his life and his s gacy. >>t four yearsgo, ronnie stood bere yound spo for whate said mighte hilast speech at a rereican
5:58 pm
prophetic. >> reporter: his wordsds for her would be remembmbed, too. s hari letters. lole youy much indeed will you be m m m m valentiti from now onon and ever and ever i love you vy much. thank u for watching. hoptoo seeou right bk here tomrow ght.t.unl thenhave ad evening. good night. a week before the super bowl my daughter asked me daddy
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gaga today.y. krdo nechananl 's nick rothschild shows.. manning leaving g hind legendary career. the shiff rides off f f the sunset - aft8 years spent doing whwhe @ . . you
6:00 pm
how muchb peytyt manning res s ouou footba - it s written on his fafe t'dayay.. frominnini . . nd somebody y y memememerealal h hd,d,ndnd got and saiaiaiaiys know i i i i i in n n thisisisisis'" to o o o o . . fought the e odfighghghe niniedy y y fofoball race, a a`r 1818eaeaeaeas titi. go bless all of you, and d bless footll."n emotnal anningng eps awayaym foowball ampionon.. 0thehehwere o r plerwho re re tatte b n ( e c/out ar m..dbebee of at t h (rers" t wasn!atetfli raiaiawshr(( peytononanni in s stcon,n fact there waquite a bit of frustratioat times - especially while he was re-hab f2fm a fo iury re at the pat wlen fieldhousesetoday ach kubyak told a prettyunny stry about that time.e. "during e workout he senme a sigig


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