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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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how muchb peytyt manning res s ouou footba - it s written on his fafe t'dayay.. frominnini . . nd somebody y y memememerealal h hd,d,ndnd got and saiaiaiaiys know i i i i i in n n thisisisisis'" to o o o o . . fought the e odfighghghe niniedy y y fofoball race, a a`r 1818eaeaeaeas titi. go bless all of you, and d bless footll."n emotnal anningng eps awayaym foowball ampionon.. 0thehehwere o r plerwho re re tatte b n ( e c/out ar m..dbebee of at t h (rers" t wasn!atetfli raiaiawshr(( peytononanni in s stcon,n fact there waquite a bit of frustratioat times - especially while he was re-hab f2fm a fo iury re at the pat wlen fieldhousesetoday ach kubyak told a prettyunny stry about that time.e. "during e workout he senme a sigig
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ul it th t ady to pl m m mas st of nd sis ring his time otofiel...(.( hheadwards life away fofofoll h h foerertemaink he'll l ccee erhat choos to. "c you sim a gm or own ea, witht a ubd 'l'lbe great iecaubo pres d wos, you kno whether it ftball or, no matter at he decides to do he'll put everythi into it." well - -lmt anything ... "the only thing i uldn't see him doing is coaching, just bebeusi'i'not sure peo`le could plalafor him. i'me you're gonna ne tdial it downike 10 notches. most pple e gogogoto look at him and say you've lost your md." maing says he's in no rus figure o at's next ... for now - it's time
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fans call the announcement today, bitteree they gatred in colado spwahing mannins ee clcly. theyay t ti righ.. :00-:0:0 really was glad that he got ni outith a superbowl win n and kinda ride f into the sunset with that, he's seo who can n` reallyespected in football." n-f-l plays
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manning. broncos teamamte bennie woer t tk to twitter to sas: : mier tweeted: "thanks peyt.. p mone p pa , st! sh u whreatss lolos@li.. and hnlw ted ton s yt t he was d even@r-- r te and counit what ananmazizi cacaca and we're ankful he e s a bronco." if you missed mannins farwell,ououan catch it a a an krdoot com. we hav complete corage on n r "thank y peyton manning" " ge. leaders ofofhe marajuana trade show, , at could have brought thousand o people to southern colorado, have avgeeir minds. highghimesas pulled itsermit to havthe cannabis cup in pueblo. krdo ns channel l 's tie spencer has b en folling story since itit was fit noced.d.ususiviv th new inat counity is
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plans... time was of the e essence for@ planning the rge e ent that was expected to brg ararnd 35 5 thousand people to this venue in pueblo... but in the end thexe wasn't enoug time for high times. after a lot of back and fofoh between pupulo county and high times ... planto brg e cannabis c c to souther colorado have anged... high times de a decision to the tradadsh rmit. in a statement highimes says "as high times proceeds through the peit approval preses our fomomo ititnt is always to te thhight t ality an safe eveve possible fororur atees, our partne and the abis industry." dandn corsentino was s ng as a a consultant fohigh times for event t security... he says everhing was s t ono& eiriend.d. :35 "it was going to be an effort of two security firmrmworking together to keep the intern parar
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sheriff and cololodostate patrol re botagt thecaabis cubub inininbl rsentinohat t mamama play lethe decision. thk that h hh mes was concerned about their welcome into pueblo county at that pointnininine" 1:02 "with the cannab cupup officially out of the question, spot's manager says he stiti t xnks s they're have a successfsf april." 1: "the 4- ting is huge for us anyway so wel see a lot of traffic" dav munnnnays th presence of the cannabis cup p y hehehe puebl economicalal .. but thfrealsosoould haveveeen some aspupus at put t e mmuny i a bad light. "the oututme of it couldave also cast shad on t e e indudury as well as promote the indury so o 's tough to say" the cannabis cup was going to be herat the yard which is ned tommy gigion... i i oke th h about the perm bepued and heheays s s s reesct the dedesion a unrstatas ey were runninout
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is no wordrd wherthe cannab c c may end uplive in pueblo katie spencekrdo n#& 13. turng g w to y's windy weather in southern corado. thisiss video ne the ririrwalk in pueblo. let's chececin th storracker 13 chie meteorologt raael plath to fifi o what's coming our way nigh.. has beeeeve windy today, and it will remain breezy though toght..... however wind will not t`@ strong. therere e several shers occurring off toward our north - but these showerer for the momo p are expectedo stst nort while i caot completely r%re t tb isolad showers alon the lmer divivi, it's looking as thtvgh m mt wiwi enup staying dry.omrow will b bcooler behind aold front tonit, il shsh y wha that means for you mingp later in t newscast. new tonight at
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new tonit at six... a a eblo man is facingharges after investigators say he abused two-year-old twins.s. 21ear-old jacob sandoval was s rested on two counts of ild abus resulting in serious bodily rm. e twins were ta[en byby helicoptero a hoital in
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weekend.d. sandndal is a friendndf the victims's'othe and was suedo be tang ce of thtws. miill reree thousand dollars fr the ferara@a bureau o prisons, after an inma comtteded suicide t super max pron in florence. the mi s the prisonon stem faileto properly tat robertnott for his mental illness. they say the guards kept hi in sitary confinenenfor mo than a decade. . kpott ha mself f 01 was serving life stence r r kiping spree. the prov d d not t t t t ilt in the settlement. canon city licecececen ol rtrt roundnd caused an evacuation last night. man foun the devi in the arkansas river. he nied police, who then acuated d nearly 20 homes as a precautioio crews from fo carson took the mortata and destroyed it. they say it was s very old, and haveveo id were it came om, or how it enend upn the river. no one was hurt. animal law enforcement
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after a papa of emaciad d eat danes were found d pueblo county thdo are 2 2 to 4popods under weightht they werununnear the stern boer of pueblo cotyty they hadeen running loe for about a ek. office want to track dowow the owne to nd out how the dogsgsnded up li this.s. ifou hahe an fofoation, call 545405. the dogsre expected to live, t wiwi r r%rre a lo rehabilitati riod a "gende iv bathroom at a high school in colorado springs, is arking lot of conversatiti. the shared bathroom at lmerigh school, allows both male e d female studentnts tpat ttame e me. students, the whwhe idea, so transgender udents can feel comfortabl he reason is imptant is s because it provides transgenders wiwi a safe spac use the pfafates. i do use is bathroom&
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baba ate stalls, and ururals, for e. us, 's t t schoho wschchchl 13 ixix ainabscam that t tn to bspreg.g. what your fa nds t t . usa muc legend has big plans f#r coming up, what bob dylan
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information aboua s am that's targeting saabab electric stomoms. in target 13 ert.... it appears that sc is spreing.g. overerhe toldou pueblo w we being targeted. now the lsenburgrg lice department says it's receiving reports of scammers callin stomers.... claiming to be a v abel electric emplplee attempti t t collect a bi. e ook says elelecity wi be discsc if f the e l, isn't'td with a pre-piid card fro fey. sming marijuana boulder c unty parks could d ad toto f fe. commissionerer are propososg rules that d d ohibit from sming jua oror consuming fo or d dnks infused with marajuana in boder parks d opop sces. nes would & range from 7 llars for firstime offefeers ... to 300-0-llllfofo ththird fensm3 a meeting to discuss the changes is set
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b n gettinadadto ckoloro thismer. dylan b b perfmingt d cks d& sunday, neh. fans who buy cketettohe will t a ee copy of his new bum, called "fallen angels". tiets to the concergo on sale this friday. we c cld s s a few showerer tomorrowi'll new tonight on krdo wschannene13 at 10 o'ock. a soututrn colora manan shshshnd kil more thahaa week kgo. . his mother archinfor aners totoght. on 13, hear her p( for peace as she lookfor osure. at's tonight krdo o wschananl at
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show youhen and where ming up . the wiill decrease i intensyttoninit, wiwh swers rereining, leas for the most part, , f our north. tomomrow will brinoth chance for a f scattered showows, but st will enup staying dry. ws tonht will drop into the 20s and s, wit highs tomorrowow gettinin the 40s d 50s. your colorado springs 7day forere sws teerures gettinininhe 50s and 60s
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shows temperatures warmg into thes s fday d tutuay. you canon city 7dayorecast s s s temperatures in n the e s s ter rhis wewe, with relativelyry her on tap. .&
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county 7day forecast sws temperatures getting into the 40s d 50s with showers tomorr, wednesday and d
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18 is a good number andnd after 18 yes i retire from o otball. pepeyton mning s decid to call it a wrap. he said today i i i the e titi. o can argugu the man has a boatload rererds and wi float away from the nfl as subowl ampion. & iight good fight i nished my football race and afr 18 yrs i is time. an emional peyton manning flected his brliant career today.hen i look bk at my rere i il know without a doubt i ve it all to helplpy teams to
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who were more lented but non out woed me. heheold a ory ououhi dahter mlele askini him if subo0lwas going toe his last game. i sure want you to win that trophph do too mosley d d d 's what we a a going to try and do. she en askededs thisour final game? i k my head in amazen becacae i thought t eat t rtnd& schetegot to five yearld daughter to culivate a sourcececenning didn't indicate wh's next however, many lieve he wouldha as much suesohoh waha ruing a te. w he plans pend me with h s family. m m as fast ai used to but i've always had good ming andndhat's the case. i' totally convnvcece that that thiss begenning of what's next that haven't
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it morphing into a whole new world of possibibities. " peytyt mng kinglylyhanked von miller for coming off of hihi culebritto day to joihim m at his retirememt news coerce.. mier andhe coha l mid julylyo get a ng term contra done..the broncos recently slapped d e franchise taon mier lite... miller bves somethinwill t t ne.. 'm h h hg it. don't tnowow e gogreat gugu in n front offifi and i've got great guysrereesenng me. it's a positive, all the nenetivity is coming from the medi so it's all positive d m hoping for thbest."
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lala look at yourorecast, next. lorado...get updpde e e washshgtgt a ahave questionsns ready for congressmama do lamborn. & i'llyour compte
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lasheltlt tenini andhe new veliontheir red- romce. is her t t th of ir nnn's bbby. >> w hararar'repregnan >> whatt we knowowonight. >>alvin haishthai for their one-year nniveary. news on reaganan ane.t.'s look back at r time with the formfirst id. >>fi our 20th wedding annsary h ga methisatat sas trtrlove. >> herove ,ers frfrm t t esisintnt >> dedeirst yu're made oo ma ,thee mosthappiest man in the wo >> alal totonghnew details o the knife allegedly fnd at o.js formerestate and the t tl box in the lastst 15 years. > a didhis pychihi ll e.t. back in195. our socki exexusive. there is a murder an, a a a knife.


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