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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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lasheltlt tenini andhe new veliontheir red- romce. is her t t th of ir nnn's bbby. >> w hararar'repregnan >> whatt we knowowonight. >>alvin haishthai for their one-year nniveary. news on reaganan ane.t.'s look back at r time with the formfirst id. >>fi our 20th wedding annsary h ga methisatat sas trtrlove. >> herove ,ers frfrm t t esisintnt >> dedeirst yu're made oo ma ,thee mosthappiest man in the wo >> alal totonghnew details o the knife allegedly fnd at o.js formerestate and the t tl box in the lastst 15 years. > a didhis pychihi ll e.t. back in195. our socki exexusive. there is a murder an, a a a knife.
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elig sexy stars. stless zac efron,, nick jonas candnd on his love le. >> iamtill on the h. >> >>i meon rainer. tonigig". cyreagan, former first dy and wife of rononld r rean remembered foror h htyle,e, wit and strength died in bel air, calilirnia. . >> > is lolo storykr the agag and it is the way. >> nancy is on aignmen thtrisfewew >firststt'srt he lt an g gen stephaniee the twii on thered--hot love s p and is he the faather of the nanns baby.
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got ers. & > that's gwen singing along withlake a a his nashville concert and s scted lkeke hpis number one fann soci media dringeart around his face and postingselfies. whwhwhwen was enjoer blake time thhe wasn intrigugug ory bubbling about her former nanny. >> hi,mimiy. w a a y yu? >> minindy gavininroke up a 13-yr marriage, and people are woondering if gaffin is the father of her baby ande e pto t t musician'sep who th wavinin i i not the d and mmdy h h boriend andddunooardd i itrtor and he and ndy haveeeing sincece october last yeer. his, most llel >from bab news fams exes. be afle and garner up a unifrt for their kids. the couple h hd a fa lunch a a s s monic restraandd they cttediely ilee
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taylor lebred o y ve theyeall be oneye? >> shee instagramed at frrr heheguy, heart-shaped loet ngraved th thehedate. andn t a a cake fortalolo t singer looks prettypldasese congrats to that and to our next couple, john legend ahss teigen. we have exclusive detetls s om her adorable baby shower. >> i hope y y gu t fts. >>risy h a baby shor here in w rkestery n. a a urcecetels m it was ly pallllith ofof h closest friends. she made a sech at the end telling evevebodydyow excitededed she and jhhh wheir baby ggl toet also asked her geses n v to brin gifndust come ready to party.chrissy h a cro-ming ation hn ce trdhe end o shower and was ptty low-w-y. he just nted chrissy t er speci dada >> she lolos like e hotama in white.
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e's due nt moth, bubu ourcsays that theyehave s silll nothoss a ba > sometims it takakeeiig e baby a loking into theiryess d d he namam comes to you, right? >> very true. >> let's tuo psing of ancy rean who d ded of congtive heart failuu at the age of 949 asmeri remembers one e@ the -ostflueuentiaia rst ladies in our nation' history. fl across the country were leredoalf-masododay tonorr ncyreagan's passing. yusterdaythe arse carrrrrrg mmrean'sody tht p offics gaveve a ainalute. she wil be laid rest onn frir at t tan library in simi valley, california.. prep areg made fual. invitatis repoedly went out to 1,000 p pplelecludin hds of state and formerdedes. th public will have a chance to reectst r%bgannn library whe ty'll leaving noteand flers to honor her
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appeance 14 t hoho her ppand's passing.g. ththasas celebratinin r94th rthdayyasttyear. roro spoke aboutis ppent's rerereonshsh. >> s loved her h hband more than a ng in e world,nd i i inkkkt you me the ce that the naldldgan that we all caame tow prident uld not hava e eisted thout nancygan. >> and predent reag was dedely in l leh hwif he wrotet love laters nay forecades and cominin u you'll ee w wthe reveadd about the eotional ws. >so romanti m mhell turner jo ith whahat was found atjhouse. p>> ul actual be the apon?n? the confiried to usn frdayy a ing nighane riredolice officer who id he was giviv thehehe kfe has intified and now his attneys speaki out.
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bumbling cop w w took apiece evidencend decid not t anting with i efendidi theistle-e-owerer trent copela dends hehe rir c n i@ntified ormat. in h s given a akn ro cstructionrkerho peperaze his home and out itittohe pd rghtt aa ey said 're not interest it on'tar hetook it i i day in h ba and b fhe next 1 >> t t owr f thconstructionon comppp t tld "the l.a. mes." i think's a cw.w. m) kws anytng youldt bring i innd& look att jt cas marra clark spoke to exclusivelel and so did carlrl lalalaart of o.j.'s dream team portrayed on@n fx'ss amemecan cme story. he sa thfmea storyryn this
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if the show ha't awakeneded thecuriitytyty so manyny dou it uld have tis level o involvement andatt@ention. >> the actual its descrid d as aaknpn > whehethe@ews didirrr on friday we unearthed ts. >> t mder wea e >> in 1995 weroug a psycyic deivivto o.j.'s rococnghaha prorty. hehe sen somomhing n nhe sosoheastern s of the >@> mamaee wepan comemento where tthe weaponn i buried. cecetain tt the possible unscovov muer weapon, john wanted aer look. if could hop thafece. >> he evanted d ask neighghor'sgate.. i an't taa to them?? > reizinghe coun't gain accto prperty, johnssururd ur producerer hish off-c-cera. >>an confirm ilmost00% ththe is a aurder weapon up there. t's going tbe fofod.d. flash forward to toto, the knfe reportedlyound buried is
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>> doethe@iller whe thththwerere burying t kkfe? >> . i ctaitit to seewhat thsetes rveled and we will continue to follow thi story rom starto finish. let's kicic off aegiantweekek it madee more thanan a halff millionon at the box o otewest installment is chock full o the spme aiiagicic and full of s fememe caracters@ leading t film. lucky meme i got h with the for an exxsi unable - nnrsation. >> where going?g? >> i'mg the t >> ttwomenenwe in chargrg and runningththins. nd ofof cl. >> right? >>thy'y'lsomy,y, odhifferenen lars. >>hane woodley is the lear of the rrnt.
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>> take over forme. >> naomi w@atate -appointededeaderrighghng om the insidee j jned by octavia scer. >> it des hpp that the wcmcm are etet b b ass. >> c i say bads >> yes,, yououcan,honey. sait@ain. >> bad ass!&& who a a t women that are strong rolemodels in everyday y ves? >> my >> definitely m. >t's funny bececse wew thinin i'm n going li m momom - and you're co@mpletely likeke her ich h great because youu don't derstand what you' seeing when you're a kid, you k naomis a mo herself with fiance and she has twtwsogsns, 7 and 8. . >> i do love th instram o your kidid reading tter. >> he's a litt scary. >> do theyev really k kowhat you do oro they it? >> they geit. they wld thinkkor a long time
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work inn trailer com hme withuta bruisese so@e of theightc is were utal. ntifies that s a tomomroww we'rgoing takak yo heall abeind te of the making o of th movie and guys, wait until yousee how theescale thwall. it isnanas. it is sso impressive. >> did youtry? >> come on. >> on othermovie set caught thh imprp sight, c ron's six ppck. >> ni joos on th prowl d h hs okokg in er man.. achelt fits
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>> what happepe wbe's'somen reuted. >> whoore upmost rvous > "zootoa" pulled in
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six more reaso to see "baywywch," heas one for everyra ripped d o his body. >> i igetit. >> andh thenn ers zac rron.. the guy i aleague h ownndregardlls of h good a shape he isin, he stillll snt doublele >> youan' be too careful with your star. do my own stus, thk you ve rht here. >> there is nolaying it safe tonit with the b bhelorme tell-all and got an earful. see of the`women? >> all o them.m wecan't blame you bebe especily afterrwe a sneak peek at some of the drama that unld. . >> i kne thihis werer't going ll and i kneeoeowerere talking about me, b to pic on mymyody an tod a butch knife and --ike, that's` juust shamef. >> pretety awful, but ittould have been a l worse, i think. >> olivia went fom front-runner vllaiai inshort order this
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ththt sestnighwe er viare stili fe disrespeeded >that wawa afr yo ash talkme.@ --an y you sayou've@ r a middle ground. ddes that feel you wonon ever be iendsith some of theses women? >some things were saidhat i can't nd th ve versa. most women will be tfo@r t tell-all and we'll find out which one of thths the future mrs. gginsinin nexttek's nale, but as r olivia's future plans.s. >> w wld youppar onene offf bachor andacheretttttt fraaagain. >> in that rlm..iould d daookii showwr soseininbut no. >> iopehe's bettert bg& cake rher t jumping outut f one. >> ali fefedotowsky, with e.t.t now still ahead, o o candndalk wi meg trainor.
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umored kate hudson romance and why is he surrou by supererdels. >>8 e.t.t remembers nancy regan, tt hollywo ambassador and the fashioiosta a d lovingwie. >> that's ahead.
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-, krdo newschannel 13 at 10 o'clock. a southern colodo therearcs r answers after heheson is lled in shooting. o13, hear her plea for peace ashe looks for clos plus... years s mo reqction
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>> it ispictures sikee tisne that got rumors thakateudso and nick jonas arere a thing.
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really good ateeping a secret. i'mmiljljlrying igugugu th i am sllon the hun >> s s d des that ann t ith ka? nick hasasome newusic on e way, soybe h hll)sabout t the rumored romance. theyeyboth have been tight-lipi@d about thee relationip so far. >> you know, when n mes s that stuff i lik ke that aset s pole. >great. thing to talk abou >> friends? >> pret mh. ut nick's bee ing lot atteononcs return weesday on cbs wn he iv in ststarts for thehe ow h was picked up by supmodel rtha hunt. >> i've known mahaha for a while and we nely gotot in a car wreck in the ep. >>rry. >> and there e as a a chicken back there. i'm'm not so sre about the chicken. >> right.
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she andnick areeingut on tour, starting jne 24 nhing floda. >> e of the hotst singers anhere, meghan trainor een with her win for n artis she still has moments of inseritybout her body. >> like,e, recen@tly we were doing a f fti for thisusicic vio, and i was, lilie, alllhese dancersext to me t ty'rereso ny and i felt insecure again and my besest friend are sayini yy arerere about that bass. do not fget th you're right am hot nd i goin to kill in tisideo. >> > etha but shs alsoso two brothers whwh ved ta. a a they're very otectiti. >ifif ever do b bng guy home they'r immediely, like,n they lee my brothers are, limm-mm. >> and shee dating l.a. c deandrdr jordann >>e'e'e' a grerefriend. ande's the ene tteteteme,@ &
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>> we party w wit him and he's the nicest dude ev the tallest g in the room.( e me studioioy sound,nder upcoming album "thank you." hink that's a sre >> i keep listening to it pretending i'm strangers in the world listening to it. athan trainor girl i spicy anddasas. >>s,e i one of the many reasons w w wee love her. she'e' dancing in it more than e's ever daanced jn h her entirir lili. ever wordrd is aiffererttnce word. ou've got megha >>peakingng dancing,g,ake a looktt ige of ronald and nay reagan. isj't thaha the kind o lolove we llant tototoe in our lives? psididt reagan snt decacas itingglo letters t hi wife.
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>> march 1981. der firirir lady, youou haveve made onanmememe, t t mostppiest p the f ffrfr m y hcan'find theds t tel row lostp he would wthoo er >>ne shyof pda, rona wrote mor 7 l lve letters to the woman calle my darling and nananppan i don't even mind th lifedede me wait so long to find you. the waiting onlyadhehe nding sweeter. >> heheas unkeke anyctor i'd evevkno. neneneald aboutt mself. iust wantete to know morebout m.m.m. >hehaha an unbeamable conction thaaww cred in phos, but in 1999, n told "e.t." icture has special memein >growing up, i always thought tptp iif f meone waedodoed totosk you to mryry th at theytook yo out a pye the uke
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annirsary, he g tis canoe that nmed true love and outu and saidll, i dodot haveve ukulele and i i i said you can h. it's o oy. >>can you y can n talk? >> oh, i think i'll leave tha >> we'llll bhhay . >> nancy intain her manan llywoododonnmctio and was & known for ging fashn a a egan to tt white se. one of b causes was thth just sayayay no wargast drdrs. she appeared an isode of "dif rent strokes what'sss le toon sounn st > b nothhng wasore e importa th supporting h h man. that was cle after the f fled assassinanaon atempmp >>y secret rvice gysysaidid the's b%e shohooting, bud don't wor. the prededt is arit. 's aight. heasn't en h
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y to them yoyo e find me aoror i'l walk. >> of @course, the world membis@smamamama ancy's heartbreak when herron ronnie passed. > het pretty wellunil that final time and iostit. >> a a nownay is nanay& reunited w wth man s devoted d r life to protecting g nd lovingng >> whaha youou say out someonene who g ges your life wt dyou sayabout someone who is always there w wth support drstanding nancy, l meesa hanm you f @oror
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[ applause > o >> this will be a crazy day. tina fey and amy poeoeer ing the laughs ithe sisters gagh reel. what the h ep ]. >> pl an exxusivestoo at s twof tlande >> l't t tk about the futu and w 're going change it. >> 7e rerember county siner rory feek as herhusband m m ansnsto burythe latear$-tttall
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by >> celebrating an e.t. bday. wanda sykes iss 52 andnd brian cranston is60. tonight twins are bn on j@anan e virgin. werth othe set. >check it o o as we say gooood night. bye. step aheead,pepele. e'havi a by. two@ babies! > anototer k k of macula conception. th timememt's tra. >> oh, my god! ra! what are y doing, petrtr > al twiwi a a h hatatat riv@era'saughrs are just 6 weeks
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ri tht, on t t tvery specidition the babaelel:women tell theheell happenen? [ audice groans ] thers lot of things th were said. we're e ill feelin dipected. geov it.chris: ...the mostalked-about and controial women the season arback. i saw him m ss b bca. you ededstraig to my face. i nevesaid did liabouit. chris: and you won't believe what t ty y l have to y. basically caing a slut. but u dididi right back to her. of peoplwoululbe v very,y, ry offended. chs: isla still in love with ben? it ht a a ttbecause fell in lolo with him. and thor him tsasa he never loved me back, itas r rlly y rd. why dodohe womennfrontntubilee? scscw w u.u.i don'rerebout you. shushannnn let't'be honest. a lot of girls d wt u to c ce back. jubilee: i knew i was gonna ha dend myself, obviously, but wawa't prered fofoth. chris: and then there's olivia.


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