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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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tonight... her plea for justicefe i'm trkiki rain/snowow plus. it a contversl giveawayay but one southern lorado buness says... it'so helpgrr e.od bless all$& you, and god bls football ananantional mannmng.. heheakes h h retirement good eveng, d thanan for joining us. m greg mler in fororames. and i'm heathe skold. from football day after 18 yeyes in the nfl. heheetires with a sl of champion. it is than end of an era... now..
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today manning d the broncos won super bowl 50..duringnghe last month, manning has thght long and hard about hys fufure...he said tay that he w wted to joy the super r bowl win but now he says it's e rightimeme to rererere well i fht a goight i i shy ba racand afr 18 y yt's . ememional l peyton man flted on his ililanancareer toy. when i look back at my cpreer i'll knkn without dot i gave i imy all to help my teaes to win. there we other player who were more talented bonon out rked m%m he told a story
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daughter mosley askiki him if super bowl 50 was s ing to be his last game. i i sure want you to win t at t tphy.y. t mosle !pd thth's what we a a gngh'o trand do. she en asked is is your fifql game? i shook my head in amazent becaususi thought great mort and scheter got t five year old ughter to` culivate a sourcemanning g didn indate that's next howover,r,any believe heheould have amuch suess asasohn tay has had running a team. for nohe s to spend time w wh hifafa. i'm m t as st as i i edo be b b i've alwa had good timing and that't' the case. m totallconvnnced that that thisiss beginnnng ofof what's next that i haven't discsceredet it's mororing into whole new world of possibilitits. " rob ad libs
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ng sure ey let manning ow h huc ey appreciate hime in colorado crcrds gathed at buffalo wild ngs in lorado springs. as fans wad the emionana speeea, they ld us their thththts a autut
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hall of fame quarterback. 00:00-00:0 00:08 00009-:12 00:13-:17 "i tpink ty're going to m)ms his leleerip t t most. evevyoyo talklkabououhow preparereand gets evee else p2ppared." "he's g out as o of greatest quarterbacks al " " " "k it's gng to beodof thehe team i ithe ng run and i thin+ 's'sng o on p."i respect s decision to retire and i cid for him." you missed maing's fafaell, you can catcit all o krkr dototom. have mp covera on n r ha you peyton mning" page. tonight for e first time, 're hearing from the famil of aueblo man shot#d killed outside of a b. . devin clark k ( was gunned dodo oututde o ththirononorse bar a little more than a weeago. police have no new informioioio rk d dth. saturday about one- sand people came out to show their suororfor r s familylyincluding his mother and brother. th're e pi hideath will urge others to re-s p pblo and make it a city of peace once e again.
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krdo newschananl 13. deviviclarar mother and othehe.... ch to o memb t t good times. 5:5: dpvin was always accepting, never rejecting from his hugs 4:12 he was guy thatatnjoyed thehe mple things in life. to his smile - 8:44 he was my precr, my bth but he was mymyo-totohis passion for life, and compassion for people. 5:5:5: my brothth w w a free spspit, he was a caring g spkpit. 1:52 it's not just hardor me, a of f had a s bobo wititvin. hehehepoolol adts per son's murderstilil doesn't sese rere. 0:08 - i k&kw what it's like#to be heartbren. i can literally feel my heart breaki. . never thihking they'd have e say goodbye.. like thi gre another s)gnthat communititpport, thesesflowers and cales thah w we drped o&f his mother's porch. he would want memeing to ce of this. hoping the community y ll ise up - 2:13 stsrting at home, tting morals a lues in people and ecec reflect h h your pents taught & you. .t'why devin
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person. 5:23 it's gotta stop. it's got stop, because i don't want any her momoer to feee theheay tt i feelel right now. choosin to honor and remember him, 0:21 nmoth should he to go through this. no mother should d ve to bury hererhihihiand i'm nna miss that kid. that kid his lyays,as a teament to lifefefel lid ifjfouououe informrmion case, you're asked to call pueblo crimesppers at 542-stop. a pueb mans in custody toaccud of asing tn totolers. puloloolicic y 2121ea cosandal faces two
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abusresuin serioioionjnjy. ofofegegininveatinin repos poss c use e rday police say both children were airlied to c cldren's hospital in denver. they also say sandal is friends withhe children's ther and cared for twins at the time. parts of a republican-led propos in the ste legislature t expand gun rights f fled to (gegegero commit that's new information tonight.t.rvivors of gun viencend acvists testified today in the democrat-led house commite. bills that woululallo concealeled guns ononchool properer, a repeal of f gazine limits... and a a llo w active duty military to rrconcealele ns wut rm failed. one ef those who spoke, tom mauser, who's n was k lled at coluleine.tom mauser son danieleleleld at coluine 11:53-12:0: :07 i think mokoko reasonable ople would y 'n they would ha want their loveones to ve a chance of rv a chance at ling the commimtee e sll considerina bill to remove alpermits for conceaead cacay and exingh
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who use e e`ly force on truders. a promotion to rae ney... is also raising wsws um oooongenter isivininaway threr%mi- - the proceeds everyone is the prize. krdo newschannel 13's emily allen getting a lot tf at magnum shoong center...... win a lot of bangor your buck. three a-r arerep for abs. m m shugart rururug g e mpaign16 - 000255 firarmsare given away all over the country with a a kinds ofvents. helping them raise money for eir organizations the money will go toward helping law enforcemen better protect themsese. the cash will purchasese
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vests for officers a deputieses but these weapons ve a ao en a pnt of conttionon in the ste... with lawmakers trtrtr to reducucughgh capaci gazine us in - 15's. su wiliwood casino is the giveawaws sponsors. soe ked d sino- ers s at thethk ofhe izes. 2 - - 000131 it's a good idea. it's a brililant idid 8 - 000126 ging it awaw for free is crazy. i know we are in the wild west but.. oler lott is visiting from europe. he says from an tsiders' persctive ..the prize is odd. 8 000032 it's qte rididilousususbecause from whwh i knot's t quite easy to get an assault rifle so giving th awayquiet absurdrd but ugart sa wiers llll d fere tta 16 0p0344 everyo who is a nnnn of any kind of firearm ve ay, they will g through a bababaoundnd check just like someone who is purchasing a arar magnumsays i esn't ow who will winhe a-r 1515.6. t says the money will be aig win for lala enforcmemt. cririri creek, e e krdo nc13.
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end of april. the organizers say if a winner doesn't pass their background chchk... the wiwieron't to give the prtoto friend. it has been veveve windy today, and it wililremain breezyhough h tonight. howevevethe wind will not be as s s trere e several showers t& occurring off wardrdur nth - but these e shers, f the momo part, ,re expected to stay north. while i cannot coletely rule out an isolated showers along the palmer divide, loing as though most will end d stayiyg dromorrow w ll b bcool "`ndnd cold front t ninit, i'll sh yoyoyhat that means for
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