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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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w, let's check you
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mike lis is over akrdo newsradi, 105.5 and0 am thour r f tqmqsave traffic.c. adadibrara re w w ws s ahead d goo rni colorat .. e ly of a ebeb banhowashot a killed are still searching for answers. hearow twanto ing siti bk he city. ter her ededrdg te a med any saysts
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mng coloradon it's:--, tuesdayay march 8t8.i'm jon karroll. and i'm da clemens. r thfirst time, we'je hearg from the familyf a pupulo man s st and k ll outsidof a aar. devin clar was gunned down outsidi o o the ironorse bar a lileore than a week ago. ce h he no new formation
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about e- ththsand peoeoe me oututo o show their support for hisi faly, , clcling his mothth and brother. they'r'rhong his deatwill urgegethers to -shape pueblo and mama it a city of p pce once f again. and himily spoke only with krdo newschnel 13's eg miller.r. deviniclarke's mother and brbther... se t t remembmbmbhehe good tes. . devin was slys acpting,ever recting fromom - 4:12 he was a guy that enjoyed the sisile things in lif to his smi - 8:44 was my protector, my brother r r h hwas my go-totoo his passion fofolife, and compassionon for people5:48 brother was a free spirit, he was a carg spirit. . 52 it's not just hard dor me, all of us had a very special bond with den. heather poole admits her s's muer, still doesn't seem realnl08 - i know i is lio be heartbroken. i can n terally fefe my y art brkike. nevethinking th'd havto spy goode.. this. 7 7 7he would want s sething to come e this. hopi the commity y ll rarae up - 2:13 starting at home, putting morals and values in people and reflect. reflect how yourarenen t tght u. that's why vin was su a great$- person. 5: it's gotta stit's'sotta s sp, because i don't wawa any o`her mother to fe the way t tt i el right now.`.hoososg to hor and member h,
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rough thisisno momoerhould haveveo bury her child. a d i'm gonnmimi that ki that kid his mily says, wasas a testament to life well lived. in pueblo, greg mill, krdo newschannel 13 if youave e y information in the`case, you're ked to call pulo estoppers at 542-stop. re's a live
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adib toss to abby.v. wehe 1s today: it wiwi be e a slhtly usry dayawitit wind spes ranging from 10-20 mph. there e ll be anhechance for few shshshs over near the mountatas is afrnooand evening. w wle there may be a w w eas wiwi nor acculations, don't expect many travel issues. areas across the plains look to renain mostly dry. highs wille cooler with h s and 50s for most - the wiwi will l like make it feel coolerhan it tu is.extendnd: showers will remain p psible through we`dnesday, before high essure begins to build back ross the state. drier and warmer weather wyll last into the& weekd, with only a slight anan for a bit of snow w the$ ghghountry by
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a southe colora high hool has created equality en using the reststom. . w all stutents now feel w wcome to ustht facies.... d d y some sait -- the ehold che laundry actually has a science behind it.
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--. th for joinin o good m mng rado. . re's a loo atas kekep ththth morning. doou wa y clotots?tightstsn hot water andark in cd -- r? t you may be inis ehchore wrg. explains in today's health minute. ne of e basic rules s laundry. the hotter the water -- tcleaneth hehe reon ur dedergent. historically -- deteteeets needed the tter water to be more effectiv but cocoum rererts experts s s -- that ru no longe exists. there dergtsts ated to work bett in cold water. in ft -- coumerrepos says the cold cle is effecte eaningyo clcland removingngaiai. ififter hitsts gher than 75 d drees -- the detergen bemes efefctive. and the heat y help stst digig deeper io ur clothes. t wate can al damage se fabric here's wn you should use hot water. if you have to sanitize yourur clolhes.s. because of illness --
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wears usab en tn -- the hot cycle may nododo oughghghe bleach if u neededo o nitize -or place ththe ems boiling g water. you can also ur iro-- toill germs.s.o -- happy wawaing onon& the cold cycle. nsumer rerts says if you use decent detergenen d have a machine at's working well -- your othes will gegecleaned. r consnser tch -- i'm maryry momoney.y. a "genr- inclive" bathrowo at a gh school rado rings, i causing a loloof conversasaon the shared bathroom a a erererh h , allolo both m me anan female studedes in... at the s se time. udents say, thwhole idea, trsgr ud feel comfortablf. "the reason it is so importants becae it provides ansgenders with a safe e use t falites.s. do use this bathroooo causgender fofomes veryflfld concept, do'n't put a lable
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pthe e throom the bathroom has veral private e alls, and urinals, both gendersrsrs use. udents tell us, , 's the first of its k kd at palmererigh schoho. for the rst time, we're hearing from the woman who had the first utus transplant. a team o o o surgeons iohio perfmemethe suery 6- yeariney blake last month. she thand alwho made eer rgery possible. "first and remost, i woul like to take a moment t t express th immense gritududfeelel towards my donor'famimi they have provoved m m mth a a ft that i will never be able e repay y d d am nd graraful l to them." doors expect it t take a year for the uter tothealn, the hospstal says theheonor uterus`came frfr a woman who died the surgery hahaproven successful in swswen. at lea four babies there have been born tohers who had uterus
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a slightl ustery day with h wind speeds s raom 10-20 mph. there will be ananr r ance for a few shshers ovov anannear the untatas thafrnoon an evening. wle there may be a
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accumulations, i don't t pect ma travel l issuesesars acro the plains look tremain ly. highs will be cooler with 40s and 50s for mostst the wind w wl & likelylyake it feel cooler than it actually is. exexnded: : : erwill main p psisi rough wednday, fophigh pressure bins toui back ac tte anrmer weather last inin weenen w on a st chance for a bit snow tht gh cououry b b saturday. ad-lib wp with abby on uet
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wrtler was co@t fofoa sex tapeca... . and jimmy kimmel i iset to host anonono show abc's jajan npthansohas all the details in your hollywood adlinene rmer wstler lk hogananas gogorom e , , the couroom. h p was on the stand monday in his l against th website gawker. his attorney asked him to recall t t day in 2012 hfound ougawker had sted sex tape involng hogan hogan sass posti the tape violated s privacy - gawker argues thehect wasaprotted free speech. hogan wants 100 million dollars.s.nother g musisistar saysyshe pruc clashing with
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clarkson's hit since u'veve en gone - and tpe sasa he's not a goododuy.- that d d luke l`ed to her and auo hehea lot - he was difficult toto work witit and deg. clarks's statements come on the heels of accusations by sing kesha, thatatr.uke e raped h%r, accusations he denies jimmy kimmel will get another shot at hosting th mys. h hllfront seembe remowhh airs oabc t is year. . lt did it last t the show w w on abc, in n 12. a statement, kimmel saiai quote i am exciteteto be hosting t e ems again. i i have a feeling i'i'm going to be grt. and hpy ananversary fargo! 20 yes o totoy the oscar winning coenenrothers film hit theaters, causing the ole country to lk like minnesotans for a while and th's wt's s happpping g hollywoooo i'm jason nataanann, abc ws, los angele there are e me real dananrsrs sittttg close e home platete find out how ononfan's ququk thinkingngtopped a near-disaster &
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and re's a live looooat your rning
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the time is now 6:--. thanks for joining us o good morningng colorado. here's a look ap asou wake up p@is morning.
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power r ock...13 m mutes of non-ntop pews and weather... congressman doug lrn will be in southern lorara thi week....hostina seseesf townhalls. e of the picscse's expected to dis..... the dertment of veteran affairs. krdo newschannene 13's..a molina is l le now from one e the ses where he'll make apppprance. od morning da. good mning na and jon. wee at the stargazers teteanan enenennter on pjkes ak aven in n colorara spring congressman mborn is eppectctctere tonight to participipe inin sqmmitit 'ltalk to veterans, milita families, publiceaders and others in the commununun e tototois fixing veters heal care.e. this comes arly a m/mth after lan and other leaders spspe at thcodo springngv-a clinic abouprobms with w wt times s at the clinic...and holdininpeople accountabl the summit goes from five thirty to eight tonigh lamborn willll also host t townhaha in n monument....t the moment town halon beacac l l adad at f fteenthis afternoon d
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there'e'anher r tohat untata city ll o oma ree th's at on thty in the afte weill keep u updadad on what comes fromomhe memeings t tse week. reportg live in colorado spris,#da molinakrdo newschannel 1313 here's a iv look at... oss on 1s todayb it t ll b slhtly ustery d witit wind seds raraing from 10-20 mph. ere will be another chce fofew shers s and neaj thehe
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ternoon and evening. whilele therermay be afew areas withh mino aclaons, i i don't expepepe many trave isesesareas acss plas tmain mostly dry. highs will be coolerith 40s and 50s for momo - the windndill kely makakit feel cooler than it actually is. fxtendmd: showers will rerein possible thugh wednhesdada before high pressu begins to b bld back across thehetata. drieieand rmer weaeaer will last into the weweend, with onon a slight chance for a bit of snow in the high country by saturday. p ad-lib wrarawith by o oset @now, let's's chec your r
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commute. mike lis is a akrdo newsradio,05.5 fm and 1240 am th your timemever trafc. ad-l-l traffic` the colorara
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the e lorido spngty council is expected to discuss the future of cacaabis clubs today. lookinaheaea this morning.. council spen papa of yesterday'y' workession talking about a poss b b on marijuju smoking clubs.s. supportrrss say the ubub are quiet, relaxing plas wherpeoplete smoke legally and privately. bucritics worry about illegal activity at the clubs. totoy will be thfirst reading he dinanaes thvoteill ffffafter secoco a finareadg. for the second time, a republblaned attempt expand gun ghts i i colorado has failed. the billomes after mass shootingngin012. a mocrat-led@d house panel rejected efforts to sca back lawaw opted in 2013. a bill to alw concealed carry handguns on public school grounds...
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d magazinene lit. and a bill tot alloactive- duty m mity rsonl toto carry concled & ons without permits was rejected. the committee is still cocoidering removing all permits for ncealed carry and poible expanding prprecons against prosutn. pueban cususdy accuof abusing tw ddlelele pueblo pic say 21-y-yr-w-d jacob sandovov faces two counts of child d& abuse r%sultltg in serious injur ficers began investigatinw` reports of popoiblelehild abuse on sarday. police say both children were airfted to childres hospital in denverer th ao say y sandoval is iends with the@ children's ther and cacafor thth twin theime. the prinpal siststt ciat hern co school are on administrative leavav incicil shelli r rins and assistant pricical jn diebold d re rted out of ley west gh school yesterday.y. the schcol stct is now conducting an ininterf ininstigigion. officiais are reportedly lolking g to alleons s irregularities of parent surveys. the e rvgo out oncece year r
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presested to the board of education.n. weow know the name of the passengegewho also killed in thaha npar ake la we. the coroer idenfied h ns ff caplitzf lafayett the pilot, daniel murraof longmont, was identified last week. the crash sparked a small l grass fire. the two were heading to an antique airplane convnvtion. officials are still l oking into what useded the crash. one of the rvivors _ the stst marathon bombing was killed in a car ascidede overseas. victoria mcgratd he college roommate - -bobo underad stududtstst northetern univererty -- died in the accidenenin baba grgrh wa near the finis lini wn twtw bombmbwe o ononpril 15th, 2013.3. rapnel went into h h heg, but first# spspder usus ir a toururniet. . she susuered nerve mage. . . e werer dubai on a peonrip. ththpepeagon says a u-s drone strikeken maliii killed up 150 suspected shabaa ters. ficials say it hahaened
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traini site. a s okesman says i iwas a move to stop a immint teat agnst u-s troops. intelligenceindicated the militants were in e final stagag oftiti ready to cduct a "largf-scaca atatck.".& psouth korea says it w ll sasation indiduals d organizations north koa. this comes ter nuear tes and rocket launch. north korea warned of a pre-e-ptive eatrikes in response to & militaryryrills in south koreand the u-s.s(s( the e rth views os illss an vasion rehesal. ththisraeli prime e nister sayse didn't intend to rprise the ama administration bybcancelling his s& anned sisito wawaington. . benjaminin nenenyahu's office s s sit informed the white hoe last week there was a "good chance" he wouldn't mama the trip.p he was invited totoalk about a o-o-rael group, but decicid not to travel do the u-s presesenti primarieie the f%neral for form firstst lady nancyreagan will held on friday it wl take place at thee rorold reagan presidential library in californ. mrs.s.eagan ll fst lie in
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public viewing on wednesday and thururay hehefuneral will be e osed to the publicic she ll be e buried next to her husbananat the librbry. mrsn reaean died spunday at agag94. a villll jury h andrews 55 in her lawsu of took a video of her r a hotel room. the decisionon andrews s ys e stker and two hotel l deo. the e rmer hohoowr sa the convnvd stalsh byto ame foe vio. ni is . spspng i i endorsrsent al witmaria shararova cause ffer @lededrug te. the e mpany saysyst'puen theiei relalaonship on holdldntil inveseigors clear thin up. sharapova mitted she faed the teses during the australian o in january.. but the russian tennis star says she' been taking the ug m mdonium for year she e dn't& know that anti- doping officiaia
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althe atntion has been on pepeon ing's rererentnt but, his possible replacent also made headlis. natsf vide that's broro oswiler getting pushed f fm nd. t-m-z sports posted this video from saturday ninit. oswiwas out t th friends when he was heckled outside a pizza place arizona when someone ed him. the good thing, oswilil was smart and didinot fight back. was a close ca for a young n at baseball game. a neararis ppened over r thweekend atat spring training me o othe pitt pirates and atlanta braves. a baseball b ew into the stands .almosts hitting a .. t a fan used s forearm to block . ththman's fofoarm m appeared tbe the only b part tt hit the t. a phphographph for the pisburge& ibume-review captured the moment on
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now, here's a look at what's ea g gd momoing g erica. here's what's comingngp good morning amamicic.. also lookikiki ahon g-m... the ason 22 also looking ahead on g-m-a... thseon 22 cast of dag with thetars pwilllle announced! somemetars halready been revealed cludining-g-a- meteorologist ginger zee, full house's jodie sweeand denvnvnvroncos linebacker von mimier. dancing with the stst's iere mondaymamah 2222 right ren krdo wsnene13. it's'sime see how yoyoyoke up lorara... brian leppek sent us this picture from highway 24 betweenen hartsel and wilkerson pass. and ant to s how y/y wa up colorado.... send your pictur to wake up colorat
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yocaalso tweet them to usu3 or post themo o lur fafabo papa at t newswsannel 23. be sure to hashtag wake up colorado.
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good morning, america. breaeang overniga train full of passeererderarailo,west striking aree and plun to the water below. mon 200 on board scrambling to pe. rescue wororrs sshing windows. miralousurvival stories.p. up for grars, vors in@four states heading tthe polls. >> i hope you'll%vfor meme n overcapa crowd gres dona tmpmp llary y ininn pledges to erhing to stop >>e ll n pern liketh ebe pdentf unit stas.s. >p dodald d umumjoins usususe.e. >>bombshelmission.n. tennis superar maria sva colele revealing the @ cret about a drusthat could rock h h c ceer. at theheive-e grand slam wier is sayingow.


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