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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. breaeang overniga train full of passeererderarailo,west striking aree and plun to the water below. mon 200 on board scrambling to pe. rescue wororrs sshing windows. miralousurvival stories.p. up for grars, vors in@four states heading tthe polls. >> i hope you'll%vfor meme n overcapa crowd gres dona tmpmp llary y ininn pledges to erhing to stop >>e ll n pern liketh ebe pdentf unit stas.s. >p dodald d umumjoins usususe.e. >>bombshelmission.n. tennis superar maria sva colele revealing the @ cret about a drusthat could rock h h c ceer. at theheive-e grand slam wier is sayingow.
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with gingeree andodie sweeten. it tilll you s what'coming next. >> 10. >> 10. >> 1 1>> t fl "dciitititi i stashere live fotheir first interview only on "gmama and good mornini, americic it a big morning here on "good moing america." who here is ready fothe "dcing with the stars" cast reveal? >>ow we saw them all morning long u utairirir it till you sesethemere. wa a b b d d here on "gma." we already revead ginger zee wi val and jodie sweetet and we h he a clue for y a aut anothehecontestant, one of them is the forr wife oa rrent presidential candidate. >> wder who that is. > sur bobond hsman ophy wner,s wewe.
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n't wao get hose bufirst, we wantnto the brbrkrngngews overnight. mmuter train plungininto a eek after jumping the e ains happening east wsan francisco ehabc's s yna whitwowoh is no good mornini to you, kayna. >> reporter: a a, good morning. it was just after r hwhen this commuter train dedeil and when you look bend me you ca get a sense of how far that firscar fell b bore it landed @ in the creek below. i went down there. atatater is moving fasasand it isicold.d. engers telling us that right pbeforehe c cshthfre was an eerie lencnc isted metal, a desperate rescueffor we'e' having a diult time figuring out how wre going to acacssssssbody on this t t. >> r rorter: emergency personnel breakiindows in a franti race to make sure all 214 passssge a broughto safety >ut o omy seat, yeah, and i hurt my shoulder. >> reporter: at 7:25 p.m. is commuter train tling froro fremont to p pasanton had struck a ..
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to theswleleleee >>he t traininlipped we e started seei water coming in the bottom of the train. >> reporter: as rising wat overerkekethe ain, passsnsers scmbleleo escape. >> need an additional three amamlances to this lococion. >> repor officials telljng abc news it's a miracle everyone survived. those who were nototnjured had toaltwmiles fire befoeieihuttleto safety. >> was nev more happto s s flflhing lights. >> repter: ne people were ken to the hosostal. fourthfm wititseris injuries. now, i ias speakinwith authorities that tl me today they plan on rovinj thth cars tar the tca conthememo o ve the car that's in the water and, of course, amy and george, train service is canceled until further notice. >> understble. kaynwhitworth, thanks so much.h. >> bthat couldavbeeno muchchorse. wewee to move on to a in thee fofoe white house. republicans facing contests s
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battling it out wo as our w poll showsed cruz closing thehgagap with donald t"ump p's tom m amas is on the trarain jackson, , ssissippi. good morning, tom. >> r rorter:e,e,o/d morninto e pollsre now open here in ssisppi and we know that mayomichael bloombmbg will not be enterg ththrace for presisent while mitt romney will ay an active rololrecording a robocall f f marco rubio.. itot an enrsent the meage c don't vo fo donald tmp aissiipigh scho dona trump rallng a c owd insidand outside with four statesoting today, tru laying ititn ththth >> michigan, we e veveawaii weavepthe greatest p pato i loveho. i lo.. i told t`em, i iust tweeted, i sa i love your potoes!s! >>eporter:r:s heinds himself king fire frfr an n l t ad war nst him. >> donald umhaha't serd
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>> reporte veterans attackin thth blionaire@s draft@t dgerernd a conseseseseative pac attacking trump overis teteerament.>> i know words. i have best words. this i i iur [ bleep ]. if h hgets the nomininion they'll susuhis [ bleep ]. shid he's p ]. >> rorter:mer r w yorkay more mhael bloombe writing there e a good chance that my cacaidacy could d d to the ececec o odonald tmp or senatoted cruz. trump yeyeto respond as for rheheemocts -- w w wll not let a p pson like that ever bebe presidentntf the ited ste [ [ eerspplausus] >>8repepter: overnight, in detroit, hillary clinton pledging to prevent a trump presidency. >> i mean, you go say this about him, he's an equal opportunitattacker. >i. w are e u today? >> reporter: t t democrati front-runner sayintherers nono ill will between h h and senator bernananrs..
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or ally? >> oh, an ally f f sure. >> reporterj bututhat doesn't mean s wantsim in the white house.>> t himimo be yr vp choic >> l's notet ahead o o ououelves. >>ter: for sandede the feeling is muaua >> we'realking about running this campaign to win to become ident of the united states. [ chrs and applause ] >> reporter: a a w menoned earlier, hawaii i onenef the foururtatevoting today...dona t t was asking for vothere like oy ld umcan posting g is t on twtwter sayi i employ many congtulate hotot i i inolulu i will bebthere very soo vote for me,awaii. when he'going there, i is unear. back to you. e lo@ves idaho popotoes and wewel talk to him in a m ment. alsl, no to o other big heliline. the major verdict in the erin andrews trial. the sportscacaer lng t courtrwrm th a huge wi a jury awardinwnher $55 million over the secret nudedeideo a stalalr recoed aa hotel. c's eva pilgrim has ththvery latest for us from nashville
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good morning, eva. /rter: amymyer twoeeks of a emotional tr cterere ararnd thanaked video ofl erin andrews, it took the`jury abouousix hours to m me a decision. and one juror telling abc news, theyanted thik verdict to send a messsse. >> 55 millioio correct? >>es, , r. rter:r:r:r:ananews overcome with emotion as the judgread t verdict. the jury deciding the shvill marriott sharerethe blame for that secretly r%corded naked deo o by more tha17 million p@ople. in arews later t tininthis ststement. i' beehonored by all the suppppt om v vms around the e wod.ththr outreachasaselme be to d nd accotable those whose job it is to protecevyo's sety. it'goind d 's g to bongofor t of her r fe. reporte andws claimed the hotel madedet ea for her stalker, michael barrett to o t a ro nexexdoor to hers a
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out of the shower. the hoteclaims he was a criminal who tricked them into gagaing accessssnd one j jor telling g c wsws saidd the only d date e r the group wawahow mumu ther. th5 5 llion paut witi4be spspt almost in haith barrett taking1% othe fault. e hotel's management company and owner, 4. >> an amnt thahahihihiends a pretty strorg memee. >> the hotel industry we just felt tike they need get the message that this is somebody' prpracy. it's tir personal andndou got to take that seriously. >> reporr: t t hotel's l l lrs disappointed with the tcome saying they ho to eventually talk to o e jurs before decidi ifith will appeal. >> keep in mind d is had neverer enedefore d d ppened sce there are a,l s ofeasures that we e dertrten after this s was discovedat mr. barrett had do. >>eporter: tot's lawr sa thv marri has
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this nevevehappenagain. amy. >> eva pilgrimimthanks so o ch.. joininus now a a news c(c(f f gal analyst, dan abrams. six x uru. wewe you surprisedy susu a quick and lalge verdict? >> was stunned by the eed. this was a dong jury with a loto ofofomplicatedegal questions. bulet's be clear. this was a hugugwin n r erin drewewnot just in terms of the number, but in terms of the way the verdt@cameown. meaning the concererfoerin andrews was too much of this verdt t ll be`for barrett, t t t guy wha#tually filmed it. why is that a problem? he's got no ney so the real question how much is going to be alloloted d@ marriotttso doioi this verdict at 5 5 reonsibili for barrett, h% was clearly the e y who actututu did it, t then a whole 49% for marriottthat's about as good a verdt asashe could getetn terms of the eplitit becacaett meansns not only d d you have this big $55 milillion
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marriott. so all in all a reallyig win for ininrere. >> do you u ink that thehemount will hold,houg under aea >> the firuestion n goi be for the ju the jue is going t treview this verdict f fststst if thth e e e ks thahait's exceive, the judge could actually be involved in n cing it first of aleven bore e e appeal but i think that there's very likely this verdict will stand largely even if it's redud a bit. >> allight, dan abrams, wewe preciaia it.t thankso mumu. and now to ohat mbshel announcement rocking the tennis world, mia sharapova, e of the sport's biggt stars calling a press conferencece adtting shshfaiaed a drug test. abs sthths here with ththlatete o othatat soodnini tyou,yan. >> >epr: good rnin amy. many thght shshwas s ing to announce h j retetetent but maria shapova stunnenethe wod wiwi that shocking pnoununment saying shs`s`kes full r rponsibility for the e failed test and th a rule change triried herp.( th morng, maririsharapova, ththworld's highest paid female atete and tennis star comi clean. admitting to a fleugt at ts ye a an .. >ada ge m statata reporter: testing positive
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eat heart aients b s se studies suggesesit may bst endurance for some who take itit banned by the world anti-doping agency t ts s . >> i was llylyaking ititor the past tenears onm a probi substance whicici d not known. >> reporr: sharapova aitted she receivedn e-e-il about banned substances but -- i did not lk that list. >> reporlrlr the 28-year-o, e of tennis' best, winning wimbledon n 17, n nber ononon e world by 18, fivepand s am titles in h%career. recently besetetininries, sisilined since that aususalian open. but f the co a spons's dream. the fashion icon andnd bubinesswoman making a whopping million pitchg g oducts f the likes ofofike,von, titid che ulg inmoneyeyhahawowod number o o o renanailliams, the n os
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jennifer capati lashg out at t t star saying, "i didn't have the high-priced team forore e c eat." and mainannanaatilila says, "i hopepehis gets cleared up as it seems @be an honest mistake." arapova now wting theh next steps from the inrnional teis feratio ming e thing clear -- i know with this i ce cocoequencnc and i don't'tant to d my carr this way. and i really hope that i wil be givenennother chancecto play this game. >>eporter: sharapopo's lawyer tellininininha while playeys can be suspepeededs lo as f/ur years for a iled teses players found to unientiononly fail tetes withoutau can getets little a ano p palty. shwill be provisionally suspended nday and already nike andch bra tageuer cutting ties wthe star. while the i iestigation cocoins. ig
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someone openlylydmit that.. >> takakthat responsibility. cko itusus cece w tealthnnn ofhe j uw,r. t thanyor join a this morni. u are thfront-runner in the four statetoday but you're takiki lotf hits, as wel showed them tons ofofoney comi in against t u ananour r poll sho you falli o y yr peak, both ted cruz bnd marco rubibibeating you in head-to-head matchs. are you worried this pile-on is drawing blood? >> no, i tnk we're doing very well lnd we're leading in n michigan and we're leading in misssssiand nationally we're leading as think yououeehe cncnpo h h uat 4 but ceceainlnlthey're sp ilnsfighgh me,e, ththestablhmand, you knowlwl eyouldr t see ithththyou u d faed p pe mitt ro tking h one of the worst t aign eveve tnessed in my fe and he' out t ere now speaking as negatively as he can. you know,wwhere was that energy whwh hs tingngbama isaparedede was terrible candide so i iss, you ow, i would imagine mething like
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have a lot oloyal people. that want to see america be great again. >> >ody y uld call micha blooerg a failure. he w wt d erday.he n gtin use rrd ithtp went on to s thi-- "trump has run the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaiai i can remember, prerere on people'e'prejudices and fears. abraham lincoln, the father of the e publican party, apaled to o better angels. trump appeals to our worst impulses," tt's from somomne o's en prefrndly t you sayswon'n'he maksureouon't wjn l, lk, y knono in ed to riend of h ene haprlethry po wchled t inewk c cled on tlve and i.i it succsfulndas undeconstruction for 20 years and nobo knewhat to .he uto ba ie omis heisagith atyingut l l l
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we have be smart,t, we ha to rengthen ourilitary and strengthen our borders. we have to get rid of obamacare and replace with something good, george a a, you know, i mean the polls i lookingngt, n't knowowbout thenes you haveveut the ones i'm loloing at, i'm m y up in michigan and y up in mississii which are goingntoday d i'm dog well in idaho.. i lo their potatoeand i'm doininwewe in ido g ihawaii, , jt dot owha tell >> meae, numbeof prent pepe compariou ado hitltr wingpky the day.. u saw w er the wkendouisis c.k.ndnn bececcallllou dangous mamaand yesty the mecan eses you're ussame kind of languag usheredn hitlernd% mussolini. i can't remember that kindf comparis being used agai any other presidential candidate. does it suggese1to you, you shouldldone down youourhrhor and tactic >> well, maybe so but i mean, lolo, have a tremendous following. we wt to me amera great again. it's a strong folllling. i don't know abobohe hitler cocoaris. i hadn't h h that but 's a
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i'nohappabthat cenl t wahat mpar but,t,ot k wve tbestrongnd we ha tbe e landeoplage wi a@a ge`dot tlose`e@ oubs pina andh dod't wbnt to o s uouoobtotoeoicoc@c@ nd anb a@ the unrh taking our jobs ay from us like we're childrenw reweleaders at don'tnow what theoingsi s s iis cocotrtrwewee e e ngngngng'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r d d d d di i ve to bebebei i i i i be strong and, ain,n, h he a a oup p p p p ve a arerererererefofoowowow u u u , , , republblblblthe biggesstory in politics is how many people are gog tohe primaries on t rubcan sisisisi record numberer eyeyeyupup5%, 60%. some a up as much as 100 ananatasn't happenedveve they say i is ner happened. and the democrats are down 35% so, you know, something positive is hapning. >e'llllait to s s what hahaens tonight, thahas fofo joining us this morning.
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nfl superstar peyton manning made it ficial yesterday.. annonocing his retirement and ending his record-breaking career. the broncos quarterback and two-time super bowl champ known as the sheriff got etional wh he announced his decision. >> today, i rere fropro o football thank k u to the indianapolis colts organization and allllf the fans across this country, to all of my denver teammates, thank you for whatou've done for this old quarterback and, of course, my gratitude to the broncos fans everywhere. i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it, absolutely, absolutely i will. and i look back on my l career, i'll know without a doubt that i gaveverything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. i've fout a a od fight. i finish my football race and after 18 yea, it's tim god bls all of you and god bless football.
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's only 39 years old but otball in dog years he's real like`90 b he'll play golfith his brothers cooper d eli. good luck@to oeyto whaa career. incrible. >p> anyoy/p/haed. out to rob in philadelphia. you got the latest on flash flflhuhu%% yeaea g%g%g wesesofofeas, nerarawells.want`to showoyou this vivio, inininin fallingngng flooding,eseses and poly a tornado ithe e me w wh h mama there we have this same system moving ry slowly and severe weather ththatatill continue up p h oklahoma.quto omaha
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inhaarea awewe. good mor.j. it's 7 74 4 , tutuesday y 8th. m abby aconene today: it wi be a sliglyly blustery day wh h wind speed ranging g om 10-20 mph. there will be another chanan r r few owers s er and near the mountains this afternoon and evening. while there may y a feareas with mino accumulationon i don't expe many t tvel issues. areas across tlains look to mainin mostly dry. . hiwill be coolerith s and 50s for most - the wind wl kely make it feel coolerhan it actuly is. the springs city councnc is expectededo uss t t fufure of@ cannnnis clubs later today. counci@ spent rt o&/ yeyeerday'y' work seseson talking a posssslean on marijuana and comimi up on "gma," hulk hogan on t stand i in that $100 million lawsuiuitelling the story behind that sex pe. says his best friend betrayed him.>> i w w wust so dperate, i we over thth one thing led
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i just let my guard down. and look out, a frightening close ll at a baseball gam the heroad saving his son from flying bat. we'll talk to them both.nklin. leonardo da vinci. thth edison. alexander bell graham. hmmm.. no. that's kinda tough o. hmm... umm... in school it was always a male inventor. i just realized that. know that there were woman before m it gives me like motivation that i can invt somethingg@ and make maybeike a change in thrld
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...then get some dinner. whwh a pity. what's g on here? i'm val, the orange money rererement squirrel from vo9a. 're putting awaycos.p.pppp you k , to show thimportance of savininfofothe fufu. so you're sort of like aspokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized get % % f every y est every ship in the carin t huy, this offer won't st longg comek k e royal riean book todayaytt 8080r?lcaribbean. e you ready? are you ready? u've gototo beea. i mean, really ready. aryou ready to open? y toompete? rerey to welcoco the e ooro, mats, spotlesssasasasa epunifms sleanndnddo your ople he the right safefeteteea are they protected? i'm ready! you think k usmemememe tell the dififrence betwtwn who's sfady and who's not?
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epybody was a a ece of ready. , (toilet fl y/y neeeeanoid toto m!nage youchronin!painin u may sooo consnspaititfeels like eveone can go ...exct yoyo opioio-i conststatn, i is a diffent type of`f constation, ich may eded t approaoa.a.a.a loina change?
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at makes t t tacace e e ert?o o s: iheal thtnnnlnln creqeqeand d bs that mask the p pn,n,n, maca has patented heat cells thatateep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.. let's s v v : heat, plus relief, plus he equals thermacare. thproof th it t alslis you it's 7:24 am, tuesday march 8th. i' aconene y: i iwill be a slightly blustery day wit wiwipepes rangngg omlm 10-20 mph.h. ere e`llllll anothechance for a few showers over and near the mouninthis afternoon and evening. while there may be a few areas with mino acmulatis, i don't expect manyrave issues. area across the plains look to remain mostly dry. highs will be cooler with 40s and 50s r momomomothed wilil` ---kely m me e f fl cocoern ally i e spngs cityououil i i pectct t
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turef caabis clu later toy. council spent part of yesterday's work session taing a ssible ban on n marijuana a smsmsmg g ubsb supporters say the c c s likely make it feeeeeeer than it
7:26 am
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eppeedo o uss sh ref nnab clulu latetoday. ununl spent t rtrtf stdada workeseson talklin ssysys ban on maririananan smokininclub suppororor sathe clubs are e iet,& laxilace whle can` legagay and privately. but critic worry about ililgaactivity athehelubsbs today will b the fifit readadg g of the ordinances. tht vote will ofoicl afafr r s cond and nal l ading. ngngssman dougugambmrn is s lding a series of thaha memegs sohe corado. apead d 7 76. b discussing... and how u n give
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>p> welme back to "gma." u're looking le a a a a susul, fofoiaiahe a coemu ain overnight. morereren00 p pssn ardambling toescaca. 999ere taken to thehoital th are alll recovering this rning,g,rerereably >nk gesss for thatat
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> we begeg whhh hulk gan. he's'sn the stand and under oath his $100 milli lawsuit pait gagaer. @saysse s,ote, cocotely h hiliated b the x pe gawker posted online. abc'sinzie janis iis oside thee courthouse i ct. sttersburg.. good morningngliliie. >> repepter: goomorng. hogegenkam lawye a auing gawkerenenonal inflict ha on hih i iororor to exeis its pfer to bring down celebrity and increase its prof. hogegeamp telling theury the ta changed his wholeworld. how are you feeling toda prerey darne good. >> reporterurueady f a fight? >> , noo gng to tell thetrut eporter:k gannuiet confiden ois intntntoo the gari. thererestling legenenpuing gawker for $1 million. his lawyers telling a jury the gossip serossed the le whwht posted a s stly recorded tape o hogenka vingngexh heather@ cl,, the henife of his thenn bestt
7:32 am
bubba clem. >> they made conscious decision toose imhe repter:ogenkamp t tg thee witnessss s s tellilili the jury t thaha c cm known as bubba the love sponge shared hisisifee dozens of time andlways told clem t knock it off butn 20 tehogenkamp'se o@ yearleftimnde was on thehe emotl ropes -- >> i just let my guard down and thought they cared a aut me >> reporter: he'e' calling t tuatio eal. >> j sein socrmy g w bb yo nil this hehehet s ssh imeme m ines frnd, dare you say that tome. >> reporte he says h h believed his frid then a bombshell. hogan talng about the momoment he realized the fulllxtent of what he considered cl's betral.
7:33 am
they told me that bubban he ef thth tape, turned e camereaying hth w ep nd t retire, this is our retirement. >> repor b the defense arguingg the existen of a sex tape was already in the news kingngt nerthy suggestingg hon ew the we camern hohoan poioiing incoistencsnt em r after the we releasashen he`ide'e' wahed laterai he has spillloteen it. >> so, did you think that that would beba g gd thing t say you'd seen some of t program when you hadn't? i just don - >> i don'tunderstahy i said that because i haven't seen a minute of t t tape.@ that w w probablyn t t hk gaga mod t to g get th >>epor gker ieroing in onhe inconsistency seseesiessaying tey bola doesn't always tell the uth.h.
7:34 am
>> oknkserer nowo aine meth we'e'vell py nei'veveefinity de ininisted phos wh wlk.wellthereris ady out @ aling just h hangerororo that actually is. abc's t.j. h@mes isere with more on thatat gomorning,.j. >> reporter: goorng, robachch pfolks cat even walk and chew m but think t tyy can walk andn text, gt. but what's the worst tha can hahaen? the mentality walking, maybebe i n in somebod o o a ligpoabryicou bu ireasinye're getting morence thatt'sctually dangerous, eve deadly. wewenow the dangef texting whil drivin tss morning, a wwarnin a sdy fininds t n o ansnraicdestr increas 10ro tear nd from9ooorly % incrte.. one poible reaso for the spik more people walking while distracted on their cell pnes. something we've allikelyone
7:35 am
like this gu he barely fps as a c tns inches inront of himnd a arr o the loo andhisma a aos w w t m. >> ve, very terrifying. r r rter:hoan forgege ae aesct tte hif ghntkoi pond e streets t see `s. >er youti wag?>>ding a mail. orteegh o aer otr aeranr. opleting or talki on their phones whileroingg a busy new yorty strtet. we caughtou looking down. fancy webb was texting whihi carryiyi her daughr when she fe. >> right when i was pressing se i stepped off theb andnd twisted botot of my es.p >> her dghghr wasn'tut n crutche eks. verrin then i iave not textedednd walked. >> r rorter: watch what happens on the n nat geo show calledd
7:36 am
>> i ias on my pe. >> a of230eb8 a looki thererlook fn ei od andookior rens a whatnotbut, guys, i caut a ladyolding hands with her child crossg e street d loong down wheh i pointed that o wo h her she was flat outut and embarraed and gged us not to put hern television. you can look silly doi it but this can be doright dangeus and souhihi toohese numbers. thth'he trying to figure it out. >>hen you look aeetsom i' loo@oking a eir one it's in the hands and the possibility i is right there. >> smamamahink i cano better.( i knowow to multitask. >> what did we do before ad thth? itik anpeag > o obsdd andeses ve >> w a cano be tttt. cominghere o.j simps ial back in theeadlin with ( that newmiseries we'l hear from one o off the jurorsalling the sw a total work of fiction. al comg up a major & memecal breaktough. the first woman ever to get a
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7:41 am
we're e ck now wititthe o.j. simpson murder tria& once aga captititing t t country i i a new tv series. one of the juroro from the trial of the centu is speaking outut about what the ehow gs righth and wt gets wrong ands tellilg abc'ss matt guanhy he stands by y e verdict. >> repepepr: 22earsgo the j. simpson trial had television audienees rivet sfwld it doeoeoe fit yououou must quit. >> reporter: and just five episod in, o.j. backn the publ cscious w wh " "e reople versusu.j. mpsoso record-b-bakin hit n >> absolutely 100%otguilty. >> who would have thoht e' spillalking about itit? >> reportete it' a trip down mery le for david dana w@ho te anine-month@rial
7:42 am
>>yyaide'd suestered for only thr months. somebody lied. >> rorter: it wasine montn. >> ah. >> is that a reco? > thi that' a a reco repepepr:ow 54e says he stilil standsy the veve claim thehe edence presented t t juror simply wasn' gh t tut o.j. be b 20 years later doo you stand by the dision of the jury? >> oh, yeah. what wwere given, doo i think he did it, yeah, there's a shot he did do it then on the otherrhahand, t evidenceidn't ove . >eportere is thererene thihi that w wld have changed the rdict? >> iha the hishandprinininn it somomething that just can't b disputed. >> reportete as for the nisees bringing the triri back to li, he says i@t't' made r television. >> myirst impressssn was, did this stuff really happen? did s se of thihi happen? did this go on? ebickebing, the
7:43 am
know, where therere marciclclk behindndere doioing this, that and thth otther. >>eporr: just lasas whenn mamamahoughd wasas a new l l in tp wo dececespp oldase sparkingngng frenzyy@f inrere. the actuauatem is described as knife. >> repte but sources tellingng ushat justte all the@ other tips over the ars, it wasn't the muerpon afteall. ororor david, hhisis l post-tri has never beenn the same. >> lt iendndeoe that i knew whenldn'n' talk tooe anymore. a few fistfighgh. . over o.j.? >>ye, yeyeah. reporter: and over the verdict?t?ood momoing amamica," mat gutm, abc nene,,anges. >> o o t tnk t to matt. coming up we e talng the h dad who saved his son from thislying b at a baseball ga. >> that's a good armere. abdhatt hayden panettiere is sin autut her serir heal batate. l be right back.he woman in the d-'showswsppererer you're right. it'se toet this bird free.
7:44 am
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when ycold makes yououish.h. could stay... bed d l day...
7:47 am
w thaflu eressmax.the power eebetter. > bac nowow with that heart-stopping ment at basebagameme take a look at ts piher.r. the hoad blockg a flyingngn baseat fro hitng h n, verery sca csese cal but
7:48 am
ndonn u u f mateteflorida. hohoare you? >>good. >> shaun, take us back t to the momentou seehe b f ing at youronlandon's'sfa. ahah, w w wweretown tre for theay watchinghe pirates play thehe w w part of an e ely birthdhd presenen for my n, andy wifif an daughter ded us so they couldoehoppinan he wanted to get a couple pictctes andhd s sot them to his mom m a text so i letetet him borrow m phonehile he wawa lookingown just to sesow theyned out befefe e ent the text, iaw the bat sli outut of the er's hands and was headedowards usnd didn' have a aot of tim t react and justid whahaver i could tot to block it or defct t b bat andd really h no idede how close it came to myy sn' face until i saw the picture sunday ght. >> but i tell youou it's actlly
7:49 am
away. whatoehroughour mindd lik tchehow cse it ceooo hittinglandonon atoes tough@y@yr mind when you seehe pictures no >> thanknkl that he'sy and, you know, god was with us andndnd loed out for usus. myeart sanahkt first because like i sai i didn't rlize how cle ititame to mysos face beforere couldetet m i wabutusus vy tat u kn eryth turd and no one was seriously injured. >> no on, at do you say? is your d heroro >> s,s,s, my d d d is ahero > like thehe wayayayayouayay hero. you melt m my hrt,oung man. aun, y're a paramedic. you've seen i iuries a sports-related injuries. ho badly do y think this could he gotten n you wen't the didn't have y y hanan
7:50 am
lea fmthis. this cou ruin the entire gamemef injuries. thanul it all wke outnd no oas serioioly injured. now, landon, are you till g to g to baseball games? yes, iit nexext to my dad. >> that's what i'm talking about, my frnd. yo know ,shauau well ne landndon, ank you f joining now, get too school young man and thank you guys and we'e' glad everythinis okay. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanknknku. >> . land is a smart ki ttin n nt ts d.d.d. >> alwlws going to h heis wingman. >>absolutely. >> good b. cing up in ourext ur, our huge "dancininwith the ars" party. gingers ino i jie eeti you'll find out who else is battling it out inhe ballroom we have our big liviveveal a dance par all coming up right here en d morning america." areri y dancing, george?e?but i've m maged. except that tbnagigi msympmpms wawaall l was ing. andnwhenen finally told my d dtor, he said humira
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:54 am
>welcome back to "gmgm from the philadelphia flower sh. tempaturur arere warping u00
7:55 am
avere so f flslsls likik spring "good rning erica"a"s
7:56 am
whe will your shoes take you? it's:56 6 , tuesday march 8th. i'm abby acone. today: it will be a slightly blustery day witit windndpeeds rangonfror 100 mph. there will be anototr chance for w w shererover and ar thf momntains th afternoon anan evening. wle there may bebe few areas with minor accueulations, i don't expe ny tl issues. areas across the plains ok t tremain mostly dry. highs will be cool with s and 50s for st - the wini wil likelye it f fl cool than it actually i congssma doug lamborn wi be in southern colorado ts week..hostinina sesees of wnhalls. congressman dodo lamamrn wille in southern colorado this a riesesf townhalls. he'll talk witit miliry famils, publiciceaders and others in the community about veteran's healthcare. it comes nearly a month
7:57 am
the colorara springs v-a clclic about t le with wait times p at the clinic...and d holdidg g ople accountae. th summit goes f fm fififi thirty t teight ght. lamborn isalsoolding a wnhall meeting g monupment at one fiftftthth afternoon. and he'll meet with people in fountain tomorrow afternn city halal a colora springs man is recoring this rnrnafafafhe was stabbed. police s y it ppened lt nit athe memeepot i i the one-hured@ ock of north acadady.y. th's ithe city's east side. lice sayhey y rested 54- year-old michael saor saylor a the victim got in an argumentnt police say saylor tn pulled out a box cutter andndut the victct. . @the e ctas cut t t he face... but is expected to be okay. we have an teten the dead planev& crash last wee near palmer lake. aheaeaat 8 87, learn whwhe the pilot and passenger were
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, americic "d wthetar is baba. the entire c ct revevevev lehiorngm nger zee to "full ho@us's diswand the rest of e starsrs about to btl ittut on the ballroom. the big namames and surprising pick we've gothe all and see thrarartners allogether for theif firsterview and a superstar guest froown der. >> mical breakthrou. newop for women unableo carry chdren e fifit uterususransplt in th u.s. e26-yr-old patient at the center of i speingggout.dr. on liviv wtith the te. reak recall. starcks yks@ pargg dd sausage sandwicheoverer concerns o d ddly bacteria.thee lest on the c gianans crisis. anan hayn panettiere's health ttlele, the stata s sakakg t a aut dealiliith postpartrtpression.
8:01 am
and ted of ving in ararar tim tet the chains out all that a andt "d"dng" starar woing o-head i eir irstst competition ongmgma" as we say- >> all: go m m mngamerica. [ [ a a applause ] it's tim for me to i ototot going to f f iht whou go do this is my ga ad you better come to play o o so you say i'mated
8:02 am
h-huh wrong w withei mpli wrong with g wt's wrong wbeing hat's wrongggihei confidenenen-h teourhtaw... w i that? al t p pss season 22 of "dan with the ars. i tught we han everything w we'fe g w over thehe th wasus credib. >> t who time wrell justing, wo wowo wow. wow. ththear forhe first time er "gma" isoi inging the pack with ggee, jusadad a baby d mpeting. >> shedy to go. . >> she looks faastici in a few mutes we' reveal allff season 22'splebrie %wot another clue fyou. e@ them staed som oravore pastt show now we've alrdyold you about "full house" and jodie sweeti anan`nou have sit around
8:03 am
>> ts som ct cgg up in jt a littlt t. now wve t g to amy withhe m mningrun. >> w w begin whreings ernit. a commuterailing in rthe califoia. th tin@neading from s sosee to stockton str a t te that ha fallen onto the tracks one car plungg siways iob rain-swollll cree ergegey workers bkeindows raci to makakure t t 214 pasaengers o boa were fe. nine wereaken toohe ital. four sufredd seriousinjuries. vellrains remainn stable andnd are now being remod. also breaking overninit, a rerted tornado w wt@f ft. wowoh,xat l lea aozen homes hahahaeestroyeye b no r rts offf aer inries. thatateg is brangore severe weather and flooding rains. b's recasas coming up i just a bit.t > well, thetago says u.s.s. airtrtres inomalia hav kill0 members of the al abaaaaerrrrroup nked to al qaed who arere liedbe makin final
8:04 am
amer tros inn somalia were ed to be amongnghe grous tas jt l ast month, al abaab detod a bob inside alaptop inse a comrcial plane over solia. > turningoo the psidentia race, othe rnd o ving ki off wit pmarieses o ucusesn four statates f mich to waii bc new poll out thihi morngncnceredottial treoronald trump. thlatest figigeshong nngasily in three or fofo-mananace but in a hypothetical two-man racee woulul trail both ted cru andnd o bib. > meanwhile, as trump getss slsnmed wh w we oew attadsic bloomberg rulilili that r r say h he doest want hisdacy lp trump orz to win the racec% well, new video f a tragic plane crashnn new a . ee@tepyeacte to soften thempact aft losing engine p wer at 2,0000 feet ldingisndustriaia parkrk ssing thauildldg by just ten fefe.
8:05 am
shockg videoeope from nr chicago a sused druruver puld or for dring witit this 15-f-foot trte stucu in grill o ois car. rcar. li say she admitted hitng thetreeee wasn' surur where th crash hpene a a favorite bakst sasawich is nowff t menu at huhure of starbucks & restauauntbecausef@ psible liststiacontination. e fdadas recallinght age,ggggnd cheeseandwich sold at statarbuckc i xas, arka and okok. illnesses have en reported andow to another big headline ts morning. major medicalal breakthrough thatay offer some hope too wo@ have bebe strtrgling g to getprna. orom the cleveland clinin performed thest uterinin traplant in the ud states and abc'c#ey dav has thatto. repororr: on monday, the eveland clinic describ how a amf 7070 topp experts completed theirst ever uterusnsant in t.s lasmontnth giving
8:06 am
cay ailil tse wom are bn wit normal ories thahatroducece hethyy eggs. the problele i i that theres nowhere r the e es togo. & >ortetehe patatntnt is 26ear- lise shshs the firstpt of ten schedule to drg is. >> i wasas andas told i wld ner hav childrennderee todayt the begegni of that journe >> reporte herers howt works. a woman born wiout a urus o o nonounctioning uterus g gs a healthth utetete fromeceased donor imimanted.afaf a year fertitized eggs a are trtrsferred onene until t t womabebemepregnant. as for ldsey shehetill h has a year of ti-rejeekz medicatioio ahea of hererefefore fin out if@he can get nant. her doctors rdentntut eaysss has m mor thanust thoth >> i wldldeeo takee moment toto express ise gtitutu ii fl towas my donor' mily. thth he provided mh a
8:07 am
to repnd aey thankful for them. orte for "go mororng amer linsey das, a a nene, york [ applplse ] thetory bringin tea abc n ns cefwomen'sealt rrespondenen ennifer asht a a d ashton,, ts a surgeryor wen boror without a uterus, something most of u haven't heard ofut sometng thatsn't thatt. >> we usuallylyalk go a trannt as sing a in this casas it's about potentialliving one.e. we're talking here aboutut syndnd called mrkh s sdr and t ts isllll a nailur of developmt of theenital orns inn womanhat affects 1 in5,000000 fale rths. theyre born witho aterus an som cases without aowowow tal traract ut do h functionin ovaries b b c biolal p pen butannot carry. >> they ve toourvive foror year takinggmmunothepy ugsgsgnd w wl there be any
8:08 am
womahan onenene who h a transplant 133 cououe b didierenens. when sheundergogsiv she wilil on be getting one embryo, no twinin she@illlunrgrg a anne scheded eleleiv sareqesectitn. is is'a uteruse're goingo test in labab a a of course s ll toe son anti-rejectitimedicationon theris date@athe ons andbabies bornno transnsant patients ahe do pretty well that's not an iinsnicant hurdle >> had has happened in swedenen ctor he already succesullyransplaltedd uturus ere. but rogagaga isn'tegaln thth cntry a o cououry venhe f fttt a a wanan e araraplanthem ano woman, wt do you have toay t people who question this practice because we have that tion >> ririt, t the opponents here or the crics wilsay,y,o qutionon utete srogacy i cheapepe easier and sar, b it really speakso the powerful ogic, emotl, psychch logic drive thattomen have tooarry theiown children.
8:09 am
renthood but have rembethe context, 1967 therld'd' firs hrt transplant, almost 50ears ler this is a a historor event in won's health. >> you just g ge me chills. alghgh dr. onon thaso mumu.. jenn will take youour questns throhout t tw her @drjons i search for thth cam are ando to "gma's febebkagees well > let'sdupststai too la andmichael. hankou very much. ,ere's what'sing up on our "gmmornring nu."ththomentve bee waitingng fo our h "ncinwith t stars" p pty iben. >nd in jus a men we'll reveing the eire cast butut we've a aeady told two thth cebritit let showo u, ginger zee and joe sweeti >> mor tot coeo.all here live in youdio and anotherlueor yone o th, listen up,ps aerl mvp. y hips ksnyips icen my
8:10 am
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i'm burning up i'm burning u how d itt get to a t thohod gr at's w it' w ex to gotever >> all right. hey, welcome back to " na," everybyby. and now to the excxcing moment- i d don't't knowfveveve lleenn wti for- t ason 22 "dancing with the
8:15 am
e you guys ad >> ware readad >>et's . >> l g into positio and les gt stted.d. this " "llousese stars ready to rumba. ifif you don't think she has shot at the mirror ball, you are so rude. >> come jodie sweetin keo moese. [ applause ] uh-uhuh. >>e a know ftbalal players done pretty w%wl on the sh b bo defensive playeas% brought home the miror r ll trophyo willl this wide
8:16 am
eer ererntonio bro a ais rtr shsjna burgess. he bck house [ chchrs and applause ] we've all seen that end zone nce.e. a lot o ofeams haveeen that too much. they don't like it.. now, t ts ufc straraeight can kick bt in th ballroomm- i i mean in the octagon but she canan tap out i t t ballllomo >> let'sind out. everybody, please wel paige vanzt and mark ballas. >> mark better stst in line. >> okay.. boyo ii men singer has motown philly moves.s.( can he make it t t e e o the ad
8:17 am
d hisartner lin arnold.d. loo he'ad go already. >> now, this actressnd tv personality was married t a current presidentialacandide, llhe make "ing with t t ars" gre agagn? >> m mla maples, come on out! g withony y volani. i'm$ on the edge of glory and i'manng with you >> and this man alreadyas a hehsman tphy uer his bt. can he take home he mirroroball trophy. com on outpdg flflieiend hiss partner karina smirnoff.. i gotot the e e of thehe tiger dancing thugh the fife
8:18 am
ing t t hr me r>> ihat hisignature move,, calniairl om "tho.c." a a will she take the llroom by -- ischa baonnd herr partner artee [ eers a alause ] >> okay, c c you believehave anototr f ftball playay.. we know thihi o one c ncnc pp touchwn do hot got ned for ittoil thihi mvp speaea t the ballroom this season >> comen out s bowl champ von millerer and h h partner witney carsrsrs hey yd-bye nah >> i like it. >> l lked like he just sacked the quarterbacac andnd as tootie in "facts of
8:19 am
skates cananhehe skate her way to a mr ball teee i ii? we will find out. kim fields a sasha fber, get out re. justt lilile bit jusa li bit iingn goioi t tdodoou wrong >> whehere are ? >> we already know whave o member of the "gma" familyly gigi ze we havanotrone, won an emmy, a abod but he d d g g hi start he n "gma" that's right. it is geraldo rivera and h h partner,tataliwiwinskaka don't look b j j j kp your eyes on meh s saihutpup and dance th me thi wan my destiny she said ooh hutt up and dadae with m >> we're expectingotrom hi all right. thth nextonfstant moror thann actor, he'sn add
8:20 am
"america next top dedel" but cpn h h topopleaderboard? >>yle marco andndeta murgatroyd, get out he. v vue let y yr bodoyoh e -- finly "gma's"vererer o forceef nanature. >> that'sght. please wcomeack ginger zee d her partner val chmerkokokiyy chrkoviy bab you'refirererkomom o on touou ake thememigh high h >> with that dance looks like a & stsrm i coming, ginger. >> t t y g. congratulatitititotoverybody and, everybody, this is the seon 22 of "dadaing with the stars.s. wee expectinina l/t o great nceee moves o@ erody, actu e' goi t tearrom evybododin j jt a a littlee bititit but r rht now w got to go
8:21 am
>> getting little r and lloss to coercial.. re we go.% hehey,oee. welcomom t the p pladelphia ower show where we ar celeleatin the natl park service 100-ar anniversary. symptom think mccloudud with@ t servic you h new campaign out. tell ushat it's abou we want everybody in the united states and auallll a aund the wod to come any pa, any tional parar a and take a cture, tweet it out, #findyourpark. tell your friends h h youed it. wh you arned. what's great about it >> it's great a wee have your favorites. mine is crater lake ase talked out a they'y' j jt eclarrrlvevehe untry. itit feeling like sumumr out ere.tempmpatures that ating 20 toto 30 degree above average and inha f fngng etete pandnd arklatex reon and flooding possible there. that's a quick it's 7:24 am, tuesday march 8th.i'm abby aco. toda it willlle
8:22 am
wind speeds ranging om 0 mph. the will be another chance for`a few t& showers over and arhe motains this afternoonlan ening. while the may be a few areawith mimir acmulaons, i don't ex mama travel issuesesareas across t t plains ok to remain mostly d d. highs ll be coolol w)wh 40s and 50s r - the e ndndill lily make it feel coolol than it actually is. >>et out therend enjoy your national me t he philadelphi fler show wheree ows,yeut representations of a a sorts of parks acrosisatatount la,ack overo u. > "pop news" t t andin thurprinasting ne. whoogoldrgrgrrlieieshn. >> dng what. >> doing a movie together and, no,,his is not a comedy, i- fact, farrommt described annspirational and highly otional jrney i ill fus on five p peoplulrapped in aa elelator insidid t t world t ce.
8:23 am
eptete11th."vie rorti t strong attached both being native new yorkers. fifiingn the action dra titltl 1"1" s started yesterday in cacafornia.. wherrictr grern a seriousus dramamic rorole. >>ar winner. >> yes,n fact she is, michael. also in "pop news" this morninge have big music nssrrou, of thehe m mos spted artists in the biz maki major announcmments. first la give@ merrr stob dylan. >> i d't know. >> not on your st >> n onyplaylist. m aig- i areci bob dylan. >> he is an icon. >> ye hpe is. >ou c cnot onlyea n si but himim s t lele new alb called fa eded "fawn lsls purcse a pair of ccert ckets you get bonus, downlo t a ffree >>llparton,evybodod >> i gotots e.
8:24 am
hittiroad. >> youou eryby'tton mha. hiharald y b in"9:0 5:00."in jda or- a goooo id, male repot. >> executiprprododer, ara spenr. > srrgghahan,let't' ah, i'm ad i'm ready t t tell that boss t to take a job and shove it. >> so you'r tly charte >hat's s onlyhe movie, though. >> that's ght. guy, dolly has a newouble sc. new album calalled "pure sile and inc-new trac apipitif hergreasthi parton's first norernmerica tour, f fstim s so see h over 25 ars. sheasn'evevev dathe yo bter srt dting off rhintoneet.
8:25 am
>> i the moviend - >> yeah, my twins lovely parton. >>y daughters le "jolene". jole >> t tre w go >>usic morngn "gma.a. all excit about ncg. whotinggttle uiui lesson f/ryou. wewe, a lesn tori everhere. no matter h/h manyyonthth go into the nini, y youd al remroxpec the unpeedvenn ye lkininowhesle. ke ok. beautiful, right? and then -- o o m, dododo it. oh know on't'tknow t wheydwent??>> rg beer. he just saw -- >>omdon' it. >>hat's a lot a out whereour head .
8:26 am
was - - >> in myeadtked likik a juy castle li a aig fl wewllo w whthat. >> i know a great therast, it's okay.>> all rigg, drbing edition of " "p news." >>dancing withthhe stars"
8:27 am
8:28 am
ssssssr r r r s alal kilild in t tt plane e ash nene palmer lake last week. the cororner identified him as jeff clitz of fafatte. ththpit, dadael m mray y y longngntntnts s enenened lt week. crasas kekekel grasasfififi ththtwo o rerere adadg tototoanque e e e e coention. officicie stlooking inin w wt causededed ththcras e statusf f
8:29 am
colorado springs will be decided by citcoun
8:30 am
wt doou m [ rsndppus] ouean >>ll righreat dancing out times squa. weust revealed the sson@ casasaff " "danawithtt s. e o the b bro we hahehe ever n. ea is. i'm vevi e c ced ttybybododgs to t t table.and d u j s soutstststststsatin ppes squque wit nenene and htsten t the fous "dancncg wi - e star troupe this season. we got shannon out there, cararlr is and talk tommnd get t tnow firs w w wantononone c c casttt sonn and webegigi toortrt r rig oerreee th joe.e. diasrere lcback. .& thaouou so much. >> get a dressing room for you so gees an updada f froro thehehe tr ,,ro t t rehearsasasasa >e haee rehearaing everyday.y.%- we'v b fn w wll haha.. hinknknkte'e' going toooo prprprprwellll 's so excinthough i i i veveue
8:31 am
dod toto we do to if you could give your partner ononiece o a@ce e e o o wh w wlg itbe >orkk th's's's's havavavoootime.% eny t tney.y. eemsasasasenoughgh i wawawaooalk to pge vnzt. what wililll you bringngrom thehe ith your skillss intoohe dadada wowo , i'm going to bring it all. i'm here to win. i'm going totoriri the fight. m ready. yah, ttt -- ititi on. will @ seee s/s-rr thehehaha movos ftheeing thatranslsle to nce? >>,here plenenen. >>hereisis yes.s. ey're inn >> p p p is plalaying i i to the , i e. ss marla maples. >> hello, therererer dadag. %% >>hellololllll hellll i statartinin -- >>sss w? >ime to d dceces all i c y. en lififif gets cging y y jujtave to dancnc >> i#i i a nicestion.n. >>t's s azin this is m ther's fariri,, favoritehow a i jtost her two years ago on sunday so& el lik she's up a ove gng
8:32 am
go bee moving moveses as we're dancing togher and jt bringing a lct of ligh ioo t rl >> tony, i nototot you seeeemm v vy comfortatae wititrla. tell meebout themiryryryith you? >> we hittff rht away because we've known eachhther for a a long timim and m m at an airport off alllaces a andnd jt think the world of her and shehe's beenorking very hard and vingnge everyqhg isked for so far s hoping -- >t's early days. mischa barton, great to ee you. you too. >> i never met you. i was such a fan of "the o.c." how youike being part of the c ct of "dancing with the - ars.s. >>8^t's been so fun. ip haven't met anydy b befefe totoy so it's just beenn me and arm. >> artem, how i she doing?>> shu's doioing really od.. she makespe proud. >> she es? >> >ye yehe does. >> everybodyays "dancing th the stars" is a great workout. a grea way to lose w weight or firmrmup. are y y yinding that already? >> i meant's hararork. >> exactly. >>4we've been plank so --
8:33 am
why plank. just dance. >>my hasmore. >> i'm here w wh g galdo rira. you ave ag resu,, talk spow ho,tpolitical reporter. "gma" corrpond realiv stst. why did you wt to adddd d dci to that list. >> lasttime i dancedas at my wedding in . i s drk on tequil i wanted to see if i could reate that. >> d itsober. >> it wawa on my bucket list and edyta is such a wonrful dancer. so kiki, beten edyta, my other partner bengay,,'m havaving a good ti. >> we haven't seen y since seseon 10. what are you been up. >> i produced mwnwn tour. had aaby and now -- >> congngtulaon gre job which i love. >> thank you. >> wewe, we w wh you the best of luck. now we e ve von miller here. you just w w mvp at the super bowl. [ cheers and applause ] >> just a little methinin >> yeah. >> do you think're going to be able to take he another trophy >> i'm hopin on it.%% i got a great partner. work with her she makak
8:34 am
's challenging but taking it oneeay at a . >> tney, congratulationon i kno you justt got marrd. can you take the s sexyy danance@ wheree got fin for i and turn it into something to take home. >> oh, yeah, v von hak moves. i don'tnonof you've seen his moves but they are pttyy special >> we'ven h h h on t t fofoball fid. can't waito s hem on the dance rm floor inny' bee ll. >> llroom floor. alright, so, wait, c c i ask u totohow me your touchdown dance. >> want to see it right now? >> yes. [ cheers and applae ] >> i glad i asked.d.. thank you. all right. let's ve on. we've gotug. isiss theheirst seon, by the@ wawawath three nfl ars. so how are young to distinguish yourself? >> i think i'm going to try a litttt ofgeraldo'spteququa. ip think that will loon and get me gog. itill it'se fun and i have
8:35 am
>> tequiui a bengay as well. >> saw your boyii menhi motown philly o o "i'll make lovove totoyov" >> "motown philly." the first choice. more f fting for us. >> w wt's been lik s s >> a aot of entererinment a wel going to bring the housus wn. >> i lik that and antonio, on thotballield you have quite aivry going on with this guy right over re vov so how will it p py on the france flr. a nce-f. >> it's all buss.. never pers. >> w what can we exp too see from y y on theance oor. >> a lot of excitement aot o hip movements. definitely god the hip movents wn, yeah. >> a lot of hip movements. a lot t@o l forward. gegegege where areyou. >> i'm hereeith kimfiel.
8:36 am
>> w wll watched your felloww castmate castmate mate nen leaks come on. >> this guy is amazing. >> we love seeing you. thk you. nyle dimarco you're re, as well as long withh y ur interpret era money and you faced off against tyra banks. whos tougherer t ta banks or r these dancing judgeses i t thi theypaluestion because the panel on "dancing wi the stars," i d d'tnow ppens.s. >> okayay w we will see wha hpens.s. and thisiis a littltl b of a allenge. the first ful dn testt on "daing withtthe s srs how w you choreogogph w wnn he can't hea the music. >> it's all visual and more of a alnge forore but it's a great onend love working wiwi him. he's such a great studede ad we're hitting i off. doing our moves great and it's going to be an amazing ason nowowowot to come over to o "gmama cast mama.
8:37 am
go, ginger. [ cheers and a alause ] >> i have to confess to you guys, gingege is the forite in home. aughghr harperla ginger en wee do "gma" atome so shs rooting.>>hank yu. >> now, this is dream of yours. >> this is a areamamnd i don't know why it was a damamecausese now that i'v'v sta i i have a t ofofork to do and i'm very lucky to have this guy. >> how is she doing s so far. >> she's doing great. she's got a great srit about her and it's clear that s s really wants to be hereend as aa teacher, ,hat't' a `leasure. going toebo much fun to watch but now rob isoi you old job thihi mororng ove in iladelphia. nt t throw it too him. >> give me some flowers and somee weher. >p'll bng you f fwersrshen u win tt crystal ball. we'reeere" at the flor show.. youg d d iefor ith sam.m. th with the philalphia horticulturallsociety.p. >> it's been a great partnership. we have over 50 parks under o roof. whe c cou g g t to see that
8:38 am
happening ears and this did whwh w whave the result. >> well, elk, eagles. you don't have to be a hard-core flower guy t to e the ow. >> absolutely. they'reetting so excited to travel thissummer, gocampinin >t feels l le s sumum out ere.e. rain heading into the n nthwest where onon of m forite tional parks isndet int yellowstonon as wellllalli there. 's 7 74 am, tuesday march 8th.h. i'm abby a#ine. . today: it ll be a slightly blustery day with wind speeds ranging from 10-2mph. there will be another chance for a few shers er and near the untains this afternoon anan evenin w wle there y be a fefeareas with minono accumulations,s, n't t pect many travel issues. areas across the plas looko remain msry.p highs ll b bcoererit40 ananfomostst - thilil kely make feeerhan n actedlly >> this weather report is brought to you by aaaarp. a sneak p pk at a new show that's comg up. a lot o o people are talking about this. new bibcal sag called " nganprhehe"nd i i a storybout faith andetrayal
8:39 am
shepherd ausand yearsor chri tata aook. >> flog m. >> it,, wa. itit wa. >> lete kilill lninsteaifeed,ouorgve m my father's'sebt a those of our neighbors. >> and if you rish, you willl have rececved your pishment.. "of kingsgsnd prophs" emieres toght at 10:00 eastern, 9:00entral here on c. lara, back to yo >> a righ thank you so o mu. we w we just , mor tv news. we have "nashlle" star hden panettiere. s opepeng up our patners at yahootyle about hr battl th postparmepepssion and jee palmereras her story. >> h hden andd her tatment in octotor after suggles followowg tirth hf her@ daughter kaiaa but thankso a the suppt she's received from
8:40 am
>>elpe g g lifeback. >> reporr: haydedepattiere's's bouncing back and ready once agaiai f f the small screre. ththnashville"e"tar who ented rerehabbastctobobobob popartum dression sayshe more confident than ever about coming out abo her angngsh telling contract yahoo styl pepele cnectitih being human, with being real, wit justoing your own thing. that cdenc in doing your owow thing is something that i learningngorer andnd m mend more ababtnd it f fls good."." >> i don't have that postpartum whatever the hell you call it. >> reporter: returning to set just t t monthhettiere e charactct a ao strgled witi it't's i ieresting how life can imim artrtr it was strgm havingo t tow myse b int fmemef mind. the way i do things is pull from own persollxperience and sometimes ev turn myself into at i'm p ptraying so pull fbom m lififd step int that person's shoeses byeing able t re. the firs timim momo 14-yeyr-old ka tweed or
8:41 am
familylyt the beagugugushing, the loves of my life. looking back she say shewas pterrifie toak t. but le and suppohe receivivhese pt fewonth s beenverwhelming.g i was red.d.iieell muc more po yes, but in a gat way.- e says she was dumbfoundeded whwn certain criticsued postpartum depression isn't a disease admitting it was one of the scariest most debbilitatin experiencece of h h land she's thrilled and relieved itgtg behind h now. >> i'm slad she's doing ay. >> a a spreadini the word and helpin other people. > coming up, the "dainth tpe stars" casas goi he-to-head competing le
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
i was findingtt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2mrst@! p*n*n\ , , tt2w2wst@! p4!j# x 2wmrst@! px#*&`:`:, ttmrst@! pt#j'`:98h ttttmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, ttmrst pp#j*`:%c0 2wmrst@! pp#j,d9p tt2wmrmr@! p*.`:m0ttttmr@! pl#*04 if fi a way e bacac w ware back now with t t t "dancici with the stars" and t ultimateance ttling. we are turni back time a few cades for this, wre calling it danci witith the stars for short --- w wt -- we alws call@ it that but w -- we turd thacrym
8:45 am
>> we'e' cali it the dance war time slot. >> dwts. >> mindblowowg. >>nd thehe wneet a hy e you ready?y? >> areou rererey? ar with us. >> okayay so wayna,ound you parterre the designated buzzer holderer u have wayny or lindsdsdsush the buttonon >> you reay toet stard? let's c call up our firir two contestants. t t o up,odie and keo. 0 >p>pkay. >> welme up. welcom up. okay l s youour dancnc m mehere. is i w you have too perform and everyone has to take alolook ready? you' going r rht the. >> a ne ltlemmmmy osh. youe so fine hey mickey
8:46 am
you're soine [ buzzer >> t t cabbage patch. >> thank you. thank you. >> the stars for the win. >> all right. >> next u up we ve paige vanzant ananmark ballas. co on up. take aoom at this caca. >> d let them seeit alalg g peeeek. . ee it? >> yep. >> ready? cue e e mumumu ice ice baby wawawawas quick. as the stsrs ain. yna. >>'m goioi with wayna. yna,a,hat is t that dance? wayna, you guessed. it was the running n. >> thank u. >> 2-2-0. 2-0.
8:47 am
t up i think@e' got von ller. >> and w wney carson here. [ cheers and applause ] >>ll right. here'sour dance. >> oo >> c thehe sic.c. >> this is going to be tou... don't t tchch this >> t t pros g got it and it isis- hammeme >porctct rwise@nown as the typewriter. ginger a a val. con , guys. s at personana favorite. a personanaha favorite. ink got it.@ it's goioio ta teamwork. shoesoff. shoes off for gingnr.all l l uehesi t t t t t the thing go rht >> the celebs got it. >t i# --
8:48 am
and gentlemen,n,wayna -- kid'n pl. >> antoniondndsharna.( come o&o up. >> hee w w . here w w go. >>ooh. >>ll ght? >> ah. >>ue themusic.c. don't nody got@omr. mr. roboto >> the pros s ve it. >> go ead. >>he robot. >> of cocose, it is. e g a final score no bebeeve it's3-2 and the winner, wayna, you werick. oeoe to t st congratulations. >> the runun man. >> all r rht.
8:49 am
8:50 am
coming up nexthaveve a big >> had lots of fun with "dancing with e stars" today annow a spepe surise. season 21 champ ndidiinin
8:51 am
you g yourt friend bruce thererel asas wewellll lile l. so tell u uabout- youot this brand-ne >> good day. good y. ot a l l l bitit of a delelay right therer what's theesdve you can ve theew st? >> oh, y you know honestly i think it' so important to just remeererer bieve inyouwself. surrrrnd yoursrsf with pple who will support you, your ies, your mily. ifero have a ana ou meut honesy just believe in yoyoyiurse. d you'lll beee to aomplisis anything. >> so, what do you wh youou knew about "dancinwith the starsrs before y took e llroom floo >> i think really i wish i knenene moo us rememberooo cherish ery single moment. i t tnk t everyeek i was ite nervous for moay nig and you want tryour solute bt but you have to enjoyachittlee@ momomtnd stember that it't' about sharing y yr sty. >> ah. >> tha is nice. so eloquent.
8:52 am
bigwi >>absotuly. i'm backere i iustraliaoo with a a a o my friends le bre herer a is b bn realay nice. iil like i'veeall been able to share my journey with s many people all over w woror andd'll contie to do mymy b bt to sharet love a light a justave funith my fami, contuing to spread my das greatonservatiomessssss > yououe dng it - >> s s lucky, inspirg, that's great. >> you dididuch a g j last year. thanks for joining us this morng. we're e okinin fororrd to this season well anf se, "dancingite aremrere moayay mar21 at
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we'll be right bk. verry head "good morningngmememe"@ is brou to you by ashley home ore. this is me. lininin aor gone plastba` you're so clalaic > our thas t to "dancinwitht the stars." alllf you guys, ann, rr,ou c you ed.. >> thanks to all of you for watching. ve a g g tueayeverne. eersnd applausus] keep i it real the w fee
8:56 am
michael it's:56 am esday mamah h h. i'm abby acone. day: it will be a slightly blustery dayh nd speeds raraing from 100 mph. there will be another chance for a few w& showows over d near thehe moununins this afternooand d eveng. whihi
8:57 am
few areawith mino culalaons,p, don't expect many travel issues. ars across the plain look to remainmostly dry. his wi b with s and 50s fost - the e e will l-l-lylyake f feele cooler thait allylys. p we havaa time saver traffic alert this morning... ash on northbhbnd powewe and researchc& parkwawahas s ckededp p traffic. all nortound powersre blocked by emergency vehicles. people are using the right t shouldld to get by, but th is also causing delays. delays are backed u up to duin. the colorado springs city counl is
8:58 am
future o ocannabis clubs today. uncicispent pa of yeyeerday's work session talking about possiblen juan smsming clubs. supporters say the clubub are evie relalang placece whehe pepele can smoke legally and privately. but critics wowoy about illeleleactivity at thehelubsbs day y be reading of the ordinances. the votel ffffial tete a secondndnd
8:59 am
9:00 am
michael." toy,taof the new serie "flaked,"ill l nett. d dbria menounos t tesr the "vevekikikin. plus, your questions a a commentsn another itioio of f thth "inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disn-abc domestic televisionon and n n here a your my-a-ardininngo-hostst lly pa a a m mhael s s san. [applause] ke hi! hi. ae hey! kelly: hi. , cldia. hey.


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