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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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, cannabis clubsn colorado riwie e decided totoy. wel the tatata cid vovo. . plpl, a a commuter t tin plges into a creek.k. monon e numberf viims s d how therature e may haha h hand in is wreck. i' have e ur complete fofocast coming up good afternoon d than for joing us. i'm m n kakaol and i'm dana emen new hihi noon hour.r. firefighters i i chico arar& battlili ar alarre at flfl mket. lorado springs city
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vote this afternoon on whehheor notot totoan cnabi ububininhe city. ci cil will vote day during their regulalacouncil meetininat city hall. meetings typipilly start at o o ... but no` word a aat popopotheyeyl address the cannabis clubs. council members spent t partrtf yeyeerday's work session reviewing prosed ornanc to low or prohibit themarijuana a smokokg clubs. at issue is whether the clubs are just ppaceseshere pewplelean smoke gallll d prprely, or (ey atact illeleleactititi? the council will liscuss the tter discuss before today's vote. "if it's banned, now w need to lklkbout how eal with clubs thre alreadin p. if it's not nnededed how do we dealwith licenng and nini? hey fe ry strglgl thth have a vjtuonal rit toperate, and there was just a couou case won on those grounds--or dismis which is really the same thing." today will be . thfirst t adinilil of the ordinances. ththvote will
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a clear but chilly start to the day... but theh suis oututut re's's live look at... cocoitions and temperature s storm tracker 13's ay acone is tracking your tuesy focast. tosso abby afternoon: @ it will be a slslhtl9l9lustery dawith wind speeds rgi from 10-20 mph. there will be another chance for a few showers over and d ar the tas this afafrnoon and enenen w erermay be feareas with mi accumulations,s, n'n'expect many travel issuesesareas ross the plain look to remain ly dryry ghs wille cooler with s and 50s for most - the nd wl kely make it feel cooler thahait actually is. extended: once again, isolated owers are popolele wednesday; however, seeing showers looks toto be morerof the exceptiother an theule. hihi pressure rebuildsdscross e state gogog intotorsday. drier and warmer weather ll last inhete ekend, with only a slilit chce f f a bit ofw in the highghountnty sarday toss to choror
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lls that would exp righdh were killed in committee.e. that's iyourur capitol re th afternoon.... susuivors of n violence and acvists testified lastst night in the democrat-l-l housustee.e. bills that would allow concealed guns on schl prerty, a repeal of magazineneimits... and bill to alalw active du militarto carry conceaea guns withoutut permit - -ll failed. . one e those who o o e s tom mauser, who's sowas killll at columbmbe.tom mauser sonon daniel killed at cocombe 11:53-12:00 :07 ) ththk most reasonab peopleleould say 'no'o'hey wod haha wanted their loved ones have a ch!nce ef rvival a chance aliving the committee also killed a bill totoove all permrms for concealed carr anexexnding protectitis for businewners and empljyees o usde force on intruders. a local gu giveawaw is getting loloof atteteion. ree semi automatic rifles are up fororrabs at magnum shshooting center. oceeds from the giveaway will bo towardrd purchasi higig techeses... . d
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but the prizes are raising ebrows.. wh pelple bh fo d againsnsthe e 3 - 00005050 giving iaway for fr, there is need for th. 2 - 0031t't'a good idia. is a brilliant idea um shoooong center says it will r r backgrou checksksn the winners. the winner dodon't pass, they wouldn't be able to get the e gun n transfer jt to ananne else. the puebity council is taking` anananr look at an idea that uld make the city up to 700 thousand dollars. city council discussed a x on those w w viate cityyyy de.. lasnighgh taalsoso d go against those with a)ln agagnst ththr proper. councilman larry atencio spe about dbout the tax d how it will population. councilwoman loririr is a beautifying the city and says vacant or propeptiesan issu. o eventually uatts that move in, you ha a a lot of peop doi
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cantomeses it ry portant t ththowner mainins them." ose e o o veve lwill be crgedthroh r optytyax d.thoe pment ans avaie. w totohe lateststn n cision 2016 and ththth presidenen race. 's's's a ee aftft susur tuday - d another round of@votin in key states is set fotoday. raising the ante fopresidential frfrtrunners trying to se themselv apart. abc's's spephanie rara reports from washininon. script: its another faceceff at the pos battle ground stateses clinton n ts: hank you?. wow am so ppy y be hehe." hilla clinton at a rally in detroit mimiigan lling the crowd shsh wants to be their small businene pridenentototo help folks get aheaea.. but she needs their votes. clinton sot:
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begin to turn our attentntn totohe reblicics." clintoto..e ling confnfent...l ooki bebend bernie sanders s ....and even king ababt how cananelp pr. cntonon t: "i would hopeo enlist bernie in helping me treach out to h supporters i am so fortate to be the nominene" but sandererisot gnghe....sands t: "if ere'a rge r rnt can with nomion ..he'd'deed sece evy ining g e 10 intswith co i i i id misssssisii ananhawawa ... the g prizejtoday is& michigan where both donald trump and hillary inton have double digit leadshsh theieiei competititn. umumsot:t: "raiseseour right ndndndryrydy ..." t tmp a aa rallllll mississippi i ovovnight ....askingngng crowd to pledge theirsupport for hihi... as a gop rival hangs on h the same s ste. . cruz sot: : he men and men hehe aoss ththstate are in a sion to decide t outcom" nator tete uz scoring satday in kansa d inin .but comping hardn michigan misswhere hed siexexct tdo well. g:g: maruruo ll ststgggg t ?.?. inin2 th coeseso far?bubusasa he stangin theheace depse lls from ump drop out
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spspding tens of millions of doars on ananrump basicalay tellininhim toet o of the race. sr abc ns washington wawaingtonon we have w inrmatn th afternoon... an investigation found p lice were justifi in the shooting ath of a ncr who helped lead a andoff aa tional wildlife refuge in oregon. according to a malheur county district attorney, the e ots we i fa nececsa the d-a reveed thehe results of t ininstigigion to robt "lavavfificum's death thth morninin finicus shot back january. ergencnc crewewsay the e e number of f pepeleurt in a a commer train crcrh california... is lor than they rst thout. they sayayine oplp w w injurere not fourteen.. l lt night when a train hit a downed tree on tht tracks... sending it inta creeee all 214 aboard miralouslylyly manage makak it off therara alive. sgt. j.d. nelson alameda county sheriff's ofofcebsolutely chaotoc. y y can only imagine the teor and the angst that went througeiei mind when that going .
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lled in thisinindent." rescue crews fighting t t eek'fast- momini currents lled r rers tol fety the e mmutut train was s traving from silicon valleyo o ockton in ntral california when it derailed. and how can you not see this 15 foot trer lodged in ca grgr well apaprently----his iver was so drdrkr.. o o dn't-. acing g illino pice.heheasulled erererer. popoce caugh him going g way. thdriver sted and charth drivinunder thinfluenc police laterer put thpictes othr r r facebook p pe - - t soso tied the auththticity. ififou like to araryour day at starcks...liste e n up! the pulara coffee chain is taking o of its breakfast items off the shelf. we'll have the reason behind e e call. imaginina strain of memecal marijuana a at could d rgetet spif illne treat a individual patient! the cocotry bend
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yoyo and resisints of legeg a a nini up p p after strong windndroared through h n city we're looking ead to the igig chance for isoled showers
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ok at... inininur ecomy tracke.. adib current stocks o the big bobod home sal in colorado springs are on the rise a ain. the e kes s ak associion nf altors showsws homees saw w re than 21 percent increase compared to this time last year. they show home sales h h risen fo19 straraht m ms a yr-r-r-- year basis, and st month's totatawas the highest for r y february in n luasas23 y yrs. have new informatio abt a scam at's'sartingh isabel electricic ststers. in a target aler... it aps atamams
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ek w toouou cuomin pupuere targeted. now the walsenburgrg lice partmentays 's'secving ports of scscmers caing g g cucucuers.... claimingngo a san isabel elececic emplpl atteteting to l collect a bill. the crook then says electctcity willll disconneed if the e ll isn't paid with a preai f fm safewa another tataet 13 aler... starbucks recallg one its pre-packaged brkfast sasasachesesue to concerns over listeria. it's'sheheix- nce package sausage, egg and cheddada eese on an english mumuin. e e ndwieseseswere s s sat arcks ores in arkansastexas and oklahoma. one h h portedly fafaen ill from m the sandch, bustarbucks is puing off itsts shelves. boston lawmakers who came to colorado to learn about the legalization of marijuana are set t didid their findings today. offifialslwithth the senatete ia committee on mamajua are expectededo speaeaabout t massachusetts's s stste prprosal th woulu allothth possession of marijuana up to
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older. the oposal would alcreatete hher statexciax on rai b d on topf f the stles x. seers prael arying toronerara of nn could donday trtrt specific diseases. they call l kosher cna marijuana's growowg usagag and the country's libebel mecal cannabis laws makesraeone the w leads in medical cannab research anddevelopment. ctors are skskskcal, but adtes say the science ll on speak for ititlf behind the e of t t drug. the struck a major gainst a teteorist t somal. y the titi of f atck@[as critical. and it's a familiar symbol a aoreigngnand.d. nd out where people arereining up under the goldenenrches. we're lookinin ahead d the slight chance for ised swers this afterno!
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natural sound strong windsalso cau numerous problems across las vegas. several trees wererenocked down... including a large one right inmiddle of a neighborhood. city workers chainsawed the tree o othe street they were removivi trees through h e city mostf the day. vada isn't the only state dualininwith severe weather... i texas peop are cleaning up ter severe storms damaged several homes and cars in pa county. at leqst a couple ohomeme in t town of cool we severely dadaged by a ppssiblernado. the popos of inju. now, high water d d oodidi is the main concern. rere a liv lot... this afterno@on:
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day with wind speeee ranging from 1 1 1 m e wi b anototr chance for a w ers s er and d ar the mountaininthisis ternoon and evening. whilele ththe may be a few w eas with mino accumumutions, i don't exct many travel issues. areas acacss theins s look to remainin stly dry highs will be cocoer with s an50s for most - the wind will likely make it feel cooler than it actuallys. exexnded: once again,soted showers are poible wedndnday; however,eeing showers loto beore of the exception ratherer than the rule. hihi prussure & rebuildscrosos e state going g into thursday.y. drieieanan warmer weatherer will last into the weekend, with only a slight ancm for a bit of snow in the highgh by
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the iselil prime ministerer says he dn't't intend to surprise the obana adadnistrationbybybycelling his planned visit to wawaington. benjamam netataahahs s office says it i-form the white house last week the was a "g"gd d ce" heouldn't make the trip. he w invited talk about a pro-israel grp, but decided not to trav due t
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e peagsays a-srof ghr kesomamaa killededto 1suspted shabaab fighters officis s y it enenen saturday at a training site. findings froro u-s intelligce indited the grouwawain the l stages of f getting rey to conduct a large-scale attack. . it's one of th adadest u. air strikes in years. e whit house sa it wawaa move t stop an imimnentnt thre against u-s troops. their removal the remol of those teteorort fightersrs degrades al shabaab's ability meet the group's objectes i i malili& including recruiting members, tablishingng ses and plananng aacksks on us ad amisom forors offis say y shabaab b mping effort carry ououterrrr a me a b bd maa's rdrdthe grou lached a attack last mont exploding a laptop bomb on a passenger plandeparting g the sosoli cacatata p the we long linin at a mcna's ia formererovieie reblicicf cera toy.d meo watc
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stra i za s s. accordinto chowowr, iseats more tn 2- ndred about 9-ousandnd square feet and includ a drdre-rurund self-oererererkiosos. . the costpto build thth mcdondald's was about 3!point-5 million dollars. itgt the first rgery of itsts kind in@the u.s. now we're e hearing from the young woman who received a doted uterus. and we know that frurus and vegetabl arere part of a healthy di...b at y y donon eacan be just as i iortant. here's a aive
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hehe a live look at... the woman o receieed the ununed outuher perience. teamamf susueons i iohioto performed the e surgery onon6-6- yeararld l ldsey akake lala month. she an evevyoneho maer surgy ib.. "fir and fo, i woul lio ta amo texess th ns gritudi fetords mydodos faly th have ovived mwith gift that i w`l` nevevebe ablt# repay and i amdm yond grateful l
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doctors expect i ito takakak a yeye for t uterer to heal e hospit says the donor uterus came from a w wan who died. the surgery has s oven successful in en at lst four babibi there have bn@born to mothers sho had uterus transplants. despite our be i ientitos to eat healthy, we sometimesp fall short wn it comes to making the right io. but how do you know what to avd? fofoslartetu.. sksk the frozen dinners.... they'r filled with presvatives, ts of sodium and very z vegetaes. thk twice before ordering a salad at a fafa-food stau. toppingsgsike outon,n,uts and dressings can up t lorie count. anandon't be fooled by y me of the "fat t ee" items like yogurt. many popular brandsdsavasas as s grams of sugar in a single serving. best advice. always check the e trition content. e number o pedestrians kied in n affic ashehas s increased by nearly 10 percent in the last year. thgoveor's ghway safe association report shows more than 22- hundred people
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alone. it's the largest spspe in s histy sinc officials have kept rececd. resesechers say distraraions such as teing are likely@y responsible r many ot e crashes. if you're ke many pple,e, ans ar you're texting right no in a moment we'ee gogog to ask you to putut down your phone and watch stororthat cod saouou lot t pai and the family of a aueblblmurder victim is ( tataing t their loss a a sharing their hope f f fhe
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od afternoon and thanor ing us.
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we k about teteing d iv.. no'rgetting warn aut teind lkinnew w po leasy th governor's's highy safety association shows at common practice coeod have deadad consequenc. krdo newschnel 13's danaolin explains. we s e it evevywhere. 18:54:56no one r ry ys attention anyme ...theyryr their phone,nd they'rwalking and they're on their phone. it's not a surprise. 18:55:10 truthfully, how w ten n yououo it? all the time. take a lo at this man..... busy okinindownwnwn hiphone...he barely sees th car approachihg the crosswalk. or ts ototr man on his phe.almost lklkg into a loose e ar. . 18:53:49 i think is dangerous, and i think it's'sidiculs. how erous? so much so,o, new report cites textinwhwhe walkg as a reason for a spqke in traffic dedehs involving pedestrians.he report sayaythe e e crease in 2015as the hiest. the hope is more people will l look up. 17 - 2525et t t where yoyoneed to go firs and then enjoz yo cversrsions and ectrtricevis in a safe location. fotain police officer jose barraza sees it
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...especially at shoppingng centterlili this e. we were ere for about ten minutes. and caeaht person..... aftepers on theiones. 18:42:37 in todas morn agehere te is at your poet, it dsn sururise me that is s ing on in ouou communities. officebarra sayshe partnt saw a s,igigigncase in pedestrian- related accidedes from 20-14 anan20-15. and as t t weather ts warmer...and more people are out and about...they'll be focused on what's in ont of tm.n fountaindana molina, do newschannml 1313 distracted texting wasn't e only reason d r the ininease in pepestriri fatalilies.
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cheaper gas ices and m me & pepele wking. . re's a live lolo at... conditions anan mperure s storm tracker 's abby acone is tracking your forest.. ad-l toss to abbbb thth a a aon: : will be a sligly blusteryititwind spes ngg from 100 ere be anothechance for a w owers over pand near thehe tains this aftereooand evg.lelele tptpy few areaeawith minor acculations, i don't expect many trqve issues. area across the plains look to remain mostly dry. highs will b olerith h s and s for most - the wind will likeli make ititeel cooler thait acacallyly is.s. extended: ce again,solilid shers e
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however, seeing showers oks to be more of theexceio than t r high pressure rebuilds across the statate going into t trsday. drirand warmer weather will last to the weekend,ith ly a s s st chce for bit of snow in the high country b b tuay toss to anchor p congressman doug lambobo will b b b cossn doug lamborn wille in southern colorado this week....hohoing a series of
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ead.. laorn n lltalk@kith military faeilies, publ leaders and h rs i ithe`e` community a out t veteran's healcare. . comes nenely month after lamborn and other leaders spoke at the loradongs a clic about problems with wait times athe clininic...and holdinpele accountable. at summit gogo frorofive thirir to eight tonigh laororis alal holding a townhall meetg in moment at one e fifteen this afternoon. and he will meet with people in fountain tomorrow afafrnoon at city hall.l. right now a colorado spngs s n is recovering after he was abd. popoceay it happened last night at the home depep in n the e-hundred block of noracacy.y. that's on the city's easdepoli s they y arreststst4-arldimhahasaororor yl and vict got in an argument. police say saylyl tn pulled out a box andut the ctim ththvictct was cut t the face... but is expected to be okay. and colorado rings lice arlookg for two men they say roroed the latino audio store en plalae.. last nig. police say t t suspects went into the store
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fired numerous ototinsidehe store. eyhemegot aw win unkn ououf ne . no o was juut polili areing if anyny has informatioto call policat 4-00. a pulo m m i in custody accused of abusing twin toddle. pueblo police y 21-year-old cob sandoval faces two counts of child abususresulting g in serious injnry. offifirseg investigating reports of popoib child abuse onh saturday. police say th children were airirfted to c ildren's hompitaln nver. they also say sandoval is friends with the chchdren's moer wasas supposed to ing caring for the twins at thetimeme fofothe fit tine, wee hearinfrom the familylif a pueblo man shot anankill outside of a bar. devin clark was gunn down outside of f thon hse bar a ttle more thanan week ago.o. police have no new information on clark's death. on s sday about one-e- thth p pple cpme o o to show their support for his family, inclg hihimoth he they're hoping his death will
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d ma it t city p pce o o o ain.d his milylyspokokon with krdo wswsne greg miller. devin clarke's mother and otr... choose t memb the gogogoimes. 5:10 devin wawaalwaysys ceing, n ner jecting from his gsgsds:12 he was a guy that enjoyededhe simple things in le. to hisismile - 8:44 was my protector, my brothererut hwas mymyo-o- to his passion for t fe, and compmpsi r pele. 5:48 haroro w w free spit, he was a aaring spiritit1:52 it's not just hard for me, a a of us had a very special` ond with devin. heather popoe admits hereron's murd, still esn't t em al. 0:0: - i k ow whwh i ke to be heartbroken. i can lilirally feel m m heart eakini never thinking ththeyey have to sasagoodbye.. kekes.:05 he would want sometng to come of this. hoping the community will raise up - 2:13 starting at h/me, , putting g ralslsnd valulu in ople and reflflt. reflect how your parents taught u. that's why devin was such a grere person. 23 it's gotta stop. . 's gta s s s because i don't want y other mothero feel the way tt feel ght t t cosing hor andnd remembmb him, 0:21 no o ther should h he to go through this. no mother should have to
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kid.hat kid his mily says,as testamt to fe well lived. in eblo, greg llll, krdo newschannel 1313 if you have any infofoatioio ththca, yoyore asked to call pueblo imesespperer at 542-stop. anim law enforcemenen officers are looking answers tea pair of aciated great danes were found in pueblo county. the dogs are 20 to 40 pounds under weight. theyeyere found near the westn rder
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they had been nning loose for r week. rs w w qto tck dnwnw the owners tox fi oututowowhe dogs eed u u ke this. if you have any information, call 544-3005. the do are excted to live, but ll require a long rehabililition period. a abmily wil receive 175- thound dollars frthe federal bureau of f prisons, after a a inmaommimied suicide at the super max prison florence. the fami ss the prison system failed to operer trere rort knott for himeal illness. they say t guards kept himi ininolitary confement for t ta decade knott hanged himself in 2 23. as s sving a lili s stence for r kidndnng sprere thprison did not admit guilt in the e ttlelent. we n know thehname of th ssssger wa k k kd in thahaplane crnear pa laklaweek. the rorbrb tied him a a ffffli of lalayette. e pit, el murof longngnt, s identififi last ek.
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the twwere heading to an antiququairplane convention. officialalare still lookokg intototot caused e crh. one the susuivors of the boston marathon bombing was killed in a car accident ovas. victoria mcgrath and he college roommate -- both undergra students at northeastern univty -- didi@ in theccident in dubai. atwas s near t fish h line when two bombs went off on ail 15th, 2013. shrapnent into her leg a firsrs respder used a t-shsht as a urniquet. she suff rve damagen pa were in d dai on a personal trip. funeral plans are in place for fofoer first ladyancy reagan the fufural is t t r friday a the ronald reagan presidential librarin californiaia abc's brandi hitt has the ils the service. script: nats with flags lowed to half staff - from californrn to the the publ goodbytoirst jojoanne drake/reagan staff member was rey. i ine y wawacoming of course..." "....ut i sn't ready." she&
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rest at e ronald reagaga presidal liary fray.. nats right t xtxto beved husbanan.. she buried in 20. sot - melissa giller, chief marketing ofcer bebe plalaininthis nenel fofofocades... as we did for hi" s. regan died nday at 94... her los s-area home. her daught patti - - writing -- "there isisomfort in feeling rroued b b gentle thougugs d kiishes. sot - president oba ve thashe... had f her r sband." the e reagan's love story playededut in theublic eye for morehan 50yearar nats - she was the president's closest advisor... and ggest defender. sot - bob colacello he me e he had good p people ound h h. anwhen ey weren't good... e had d, getetid of th." the former fififilala will first lie in repose at t e library ... for the public to o`y its respects wednesday and ursday. in an terview with diane sawywywy. shshoncecalled this converertion wiwi the reverand billyly grahamnmso- - nancaganan "i just want you to tell ... . at when i go.... ronnie's goioi t tbe there waiting r me. and he saiai- oh yes. solutely nancy." rst lady michelle obama will be among the one thousand invit 'pestsere... attendin friday's private, outdtdtdtdtdic there will be enhanced pri. brandi hitt - abc news -
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ock osweiler g a ance tshow the brs ho toughe is this season... turnout he also h a t tck skin. see what happened when the b wa heckled ouide anzona restaurant. here's a live e lookt..... .
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this aereron: it will be a slightly b bsty y winin speedsanging from 10-20 mph. thererwili be another ance for a a w shers over and n%ar the untains this afternrnn and evening.g.g.le there e y bebe few w eas with minor acacmumutions, i dodot expect ny t tvel l issues. eas acro the plains look to o main mosoly dryry highshwill be oler`rith 40s anan50s s most the wind will l kely makit feel cooler than it actually is. extended: onon again, isolatete oware possible wednesday; pwever, seein showers looks to be more of the exption rather than the rule. high pressure rebuililcros the state going inhursday. drier and warmer weather will last into the weekend,d,ith ly a alight t chance for a bit ofnow in the high cououry by saturday and d e moment a lot of peopleave been waitinfor r arrived today... the season 22 "d"dcing with the stars" cast reveve. are you ready? the lili features an eclectic group of stars, clududg broncos st er, footballllegend do flutie, nalist d the
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@ peop have been waitininfor arrid today... the season 22 "dancing with the stars" c creveal. are you ready? the l)neupup ures a ecle group of stars, ininuding bronons star vomiller, football legend doug flutie, journalist raldo rivera, actress mischa barton and tv personality mamaa a pleses who is the e wifefef publican presidentialal nomie eold trum dancing withthth thstar emieres ndayaymarch 21st r here on krdo newschannel 1 . althe e attentn has beenn peyton manning's retirement. but, his ssible replacement so me helines. that's bck ososiler getttngng pushro\ behind. t-m-z sports
12:48 pm
from saturday night. osweiler was out with friends when he was heckled outside of a pizzalace in a azona when someone pushed him. the good thing, oswiler was smart and did nofight back. russian tennnn star maria sharapova is feeling thth backlashphfter mittine iled a dg st. vikes suspggts enenent deal wh arapova.a. the coansayst't'putting their reretionip on ld investiwators clear thgs up. sharapova, who is t world'd'bebd- paidemale hlhte, admitted failed the test riri the ausuralian open in jua. sports repopoer erin n andrhas en awarded 55 millioiodolllts ashehemeult @ a lawst@she filid aisnt a stker who took a aideo of hewhile a hotel. e decision was made yesterday. andrews says the stalker and two hohol cocianiewewewe to blame for the video. the attotos for the fofoer hol owowr deny their involvent. titime now to chececin with our ws rtrtrs at krdo newsradio... pa rhard from k do radio joins us.s i'm pleased to be hehe with stephanie from gold hill mesa... we have a
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we love ving our community.... . weave a perforr like george from our cocounity...." open micicightht at 5 pm on friday... head over to gold hill me dot com anour phone and ouru buililrs.... we love our residentntand our early adopters and people`that ally d the vision of` th community... this sprprg we have spring coffee eou cococots w w realal born out of summeroncert sees .... we have a new exbit too.... we also have e me beauaufu k... h can leet more info? g gd d hill mesesest
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marroncima inlnrchange e big cimarron interchange projeckeeps on changing... coming up at four, wegll have an uade on the rk dhat's pbeinindonene we'r' liveven hsitould impa your daily e. thbest play at this weeeend's spng t tining gaga b bween& eppittsburgh tes s the e atnta braves didn take place e on t t field - -t was inhehe stands. a man's st reflexes s a young fan from being hit in the face after a a flew into the stands. fan us his rearm toto blococit. ininn n stant that's frozen methththrrel t t bat l incheseawaw om t boy's'sse andyes.ogpdr th tturgh
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captpted the moment o o camera. y is nationin pancake y. honor othe day--- international housof pancakes restaus are giging a ay free ncakak until sen tonight. but the deal is u have to dine. ineturn r the free flap- jas... guests are asked nsidid l lving a donationono chchchen miracle network hospals.s. i-hohostard natioial panke dain 200 a since then... 'vrais near0 million dos for chchit here's aive
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adil toss s abis a aerno it wilbe a slightly blustery day with wind speeds rging from 10-2020ph. . there e ll be another chanafr a few owers ov and near the` mounununs afteteoon ananevening.lethere may be@ few eas wi minor accumulations, don't expect many travel issues. areas acacss the plalala look to r%maininmostly d. hihis will be coolerh s an50s for st - thwind will likelye ititeel cocoer than it actually is. extended: once again, isolaled
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wednesy; however, seeeeee sheroks be more o the ception rather than theul highresse buildsdsososos e e into thuhuday. ier anan wawaer weath will last into t t weekekek witit ply a slighe chance for a bit of snow in the
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p>>i it a came aboaoat from my problem. >> announcer: this hpy 's star talkspabout a secret surrounding him on the set. >> it hit me like a bolt of lighing. >> dr. travis: no one pad e attention n it. >> this is a w killer.. >>ouou: th in today news in two. we havevehe shocking details concead in bobby christina's's torepo! and d d a trip to the beauty parlor, cause a woman haha a roke?at's toy lne, ththdoctors! plauses >> thank you all for bebeing with, have papa show fofoyou toda wewestart it ofwith news th may lee you king, what th heal? [ laughter ] >> dr. travis: a new study found that 4 people - i don't buy thth. don'buy it. 1 in admitted tohang sex at thgym. how is that t ssible h had d a t ofofno's in t t audi@encece i didn't tsee anyone s "ahah


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