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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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council meetinin ink e clcls arara babaidea - attracting illelegal activity. there are e others who sayay the clubs are crucial totoheir health. "when i was in texas iwas having 10-50 seseurur a aay my sezuiris woulu be so extrememimwould tear ligants, whichcheft me in a a eeeechair." dodoorortold sherise nippere& she'be l lg likeha for life "every d, my boys, when i wou wakakup ininhe mornng, wou be right there ...ju to see if ild wake up every moing." whe nted to move her family t t colorado, to give mical mprijuana try. but... ody told us you couldn't'tedicate e a hotete or r t citit park, on in a parking lo whawas i ose e do?" "it's a very safe place,e, -a-es y y feeee okok." sherere ys, cannabis clubs...were her answer. t t t ome e oplele
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medicaca. ififheir lseys tcacacacaca y'll j jicteteteand d w,w,shise e ..... 111111s zufree!" "cannanas clcls haha re helped me to stay seieire frere and at'sery imimrtant t t for the community to understand." herise is gogog to ci h hl today, to speak up about this,s, and she isn't the only onon this bus willlbe filled withtcacaabisis ub members, , l gog to`oity hall`to ma the voices hehehe "we're a going, we each getetur three minutes to sak, 're going to expljanthatatnehehe placac." but hers have highopes, the clubs will lecoloradodo spspp annabibicls e nosoththg i wowo beor. really needs t& to regat, anvery very regululed, r the sasaty of e commity and for our tation." bubuhehese pys, it's t tt putationhat ought her here in the first plpl the council l ll vote on the future of cannabis clubs totoght, we'll let you know wh hapns. this is snly t first reading, a cicion isn't finatil a second r rding. reporting in
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the mabe a few scsctered showers aroundnd toninit, butut anything that develops will l ak and short- lived.omorroro ll bng a alight t chance for snow in the mououainsns but elsewhere ll be dry. highs tomorrow
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i'll have more on thththarming end coming up newscast. ifizou t tnk the i- andndimarron intercrchcnge project a mess now... just wawa. & 's aut to get worse... as s new phasof construction begins. krdo newschannel 13's scott harrison is live near t`e interchahae. where he's bee alerting drivers to the c cnges scott... driveve will need to adjust yet again as this new ase e ts underway... genelly
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congestion h he now i n't much worse than it was before t tproject began.n.but m#& delaysuring avr suer traffifitimes, may change theirir nd they're becomiore common trtrfic ckups at 8th and cimarron streetet they used to lited d rus hour ...n weekends andn ththsummmm. . buthat will soon cnge ... ashe interchange and cimarr up, ae do live herebut t at are you going g do? it's not ke complaining's gogoto hp. not yet. i know the worst isis stio come. p this is just phase two. . we haven't wotn into iheavavyet.t. acacally, c-dot cait phase ononon it starts th end with lane restrictions at night. and it'll contntue forort least a year, ththlower
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naowedanes d other cpangege :4 "m"mh of theraffic imct from this project is tieieto the consuction of five brbrges s er fountntn creeee it coululbe anotheyeararsoso fore we start to seeee the benefits of f at constrtrtion." some o othe workrkill ease backck thehe rsrste, fromomom traffifiheading weststn cimarron and highghy 24. but until that happpps,riveve will need to adjuju. "i try to retex whwh i'm drivg,g,g, thinkingngngboututut construction here just ressesese out. trto avoid it mu as i ca the inconveniee you never know what't'ing g h hpen." t plans tot clely y lanc thwork here, ththhe simil project at i-25 and fillmorere stre, totovoid majobackups in two places at once. ve in the springs--scott harrison, krdo newschannel 13. as colorado
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pprepares to tatafor-r-reets s project. city leleerveul, @ thth'v ununred an exa 1-1-int-1- miion dollar for infrasasuctute improvements. the money@ cos om savingngwithth tpe street vision..n salariesnd benefifi to employees. moststf the monewill be used to repair some of f city's 400 bridids. but neighborhoods s wi benefit, o... w wh some side s stso know, 2cs not going to hit some of the residential areaununl lalar, y years 4-5. . this would get some of the residential areas hihia little bit sooner. albeit a modest amount, but ananhingngill help." ston says he working with corado springs u ilities to fora prioty list r e neighborodpaving. congressman ug lambo will meet wi@h mili filies in southern colorado tonight. one of the goals ----o find
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hehethcare t thousandndof vets in a a me fafaio do newschanl 13's icicink is live e e- attargazers theatre tonight. and eric. lot of intest this one. few eks after waingtono& suggested the staff at the v-a clin i ith springs fafaified huhureds o o vets p pper and timely car lambn sitstsn n n the house committee and met with voters at town hall meeting earlier this aftftnoon in monunt. he sa he'ca for more args oe a dal and says this militatacommunity serves better. the va doesn't yet gegeit. ey're not ing g e full job that they need to. thth've made some stabsn the right t t they h hen't
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leadership team working to limititit wiat times andnd find solutions. this summit tonight is hosted by concerned veverans foror america, a group deidcated toto finding better d quke cess to althcare for millio of vets acacss the nation. a v-a okesn sa the s sff wawa't invited to sisiin o tonight's discussion. the & ent begins at 5-30. it is open to ththpublic. live in colorado springs, eric fink, k-r-d-o newschannel 13. rmit wasas pulled... th cannabab cup switches lotionon will now be hehe fofoia. . on ghim...*.*llll now host the u-s nnabisup at the national orange show events center in san bernardino, california. .
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place apl 15 through the 17th. high times says apapfferent cannabveve wiwi be heldldn broomfiled on riri19th. aftetebebebeput t on notice toix it's failing scornr. pueblo city school leaders are putting a plan together to imphe district. d-60 is having a meeting tonigh atast high schoololt six... tohare p pn with thehe mmununy. the pl is s required by the statat... h hahahathe district uil next s smer `shha h h ma imimovem fofo it interves. we spoke with a parent who says the eistrict needtterer teaehers. think they nd more teas thth a qualied to d dtheir job and d acthese because me the teachers don't't derstand what t they'r'rdoing. coming up at newschanan13 at six ... we'll show you what the district plans to do to improvev votersn four more s s ss are making the pis the race e for the white houstotogh up next... two publican ndidates are
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runng.g. pl. veve inred ringng aideilil. ininstigigors p thinintheynow
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wi four states up for grabs tonight's presential cocoests. the gop nominees are hoping to o win 0 dedegates... the democrats are fighting f f 18 republics are voting in waii and idido.....ndhdoth h h partrt tthe popos s michiganan. and misssippi. ese are the last major votes untitixt tuesday.y. when ohio a a florida cast t tir baots.s. ththe are the home states of john kasich and marco o bio ... whwhare hong
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enough tw@n n n those racesn f anyone else, her than donald trump s the front- ruer, everer candidate in this raceceould have aptremendous amount of f pressuren thememo dr outut inststfhe pressures stay in. pase, what we hear from peoeoe all over the co5ntry is 'please do n/t t donald trump be our nominene worldews tonini.. abc news hasaseam coverage from m e e mpaiai trail... p ps a look athththth big ntests. that's at 5:30... right here on krdo newsannel 13. and d r results of today's ces... watch kr wschannel 13 tototot 10.0. today rks the e@condversary of the disappearance ofalaysia aiaiines flight t t t 370... and families are still pushing for ananers. searches have e been underway since the ple vanin n ute fromom kuallumpmp to ijinwithth39 people onboardrd a wing fragment was diovered on an island in the in oce last summer. thth first oof that the plane went wn. malaysia investigators announced today that their nal report will
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00completed once the eckage is found... or thth search for it enen. a mudsdsde mostikely caused a comouter train railmentnt rthern cacafornia..that sentntts l r r unging inin a areek. that's cording to union cific. ththsan franciscscbay areaeaas been undated with thunrstorms in rect days.... that havav amped roadys andnd creeks. four people suffered major juries and fivi had minor inri in yesterday' derailment. "i've neveseen anngngike e th. it was absolutely chaotic. absolutely chaotic. you c g only imagine the terrrr a a the ant that went ugtheir mind w wn that s gogog on. very`iortute nobodyas lled in th incidede." the train d d d 214 4 ssenrsrs board when it struck aree on the trks. it could take several days to recover all the cars all trains on that route are canceled until further noti. federal l meteororogists say thister was the ttest
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combinatioof el nind mama made global warming. the average temperature r the lower r states... from december throug februa....wawa nearlyly7 gree.. almost 5 degrees abe normal. it breres the recoet in 2000 all six new england statat had d eir warmest wints ever... and alalka was 11 degrs warmer the fallf 20 also set a oaald for heat. and laonth was the seventh warmest february. a warming trend is about to begin, warm it will get
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stststes hav spoken. tomorrow on good morning colorado find out who gained
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i'll havavyour complete forest s srting at 40 a.a. tomorrow on gmc ....owou cacalearn more abououthe`opop whwhwanto ( wewel haha to o watch the e potentiaiafor showows nene the new mexixi stste e e tonigh.. with tht chce for showin the high countryryry dnesday..... will stadry. lows will drop into the 2 tonighghwith highs totoow
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into the 40s and 50s. yr lora springs 7day forecast sws tempatures getting into the 50s and 60 later this week,$ thnother ance f f showers late on satardayayyour pueblo 7y forecaca shows dry conditions into early next t week. ur cacan city 7 7 forecast shows 60s fofothe majojoty of the xt week, with h dry conditions alal expected. ur teller un 7y fofocast shows a
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showers morrow and late on saturdayay
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monon n xes this yeafa ifo... you cod b ame obamacare.@. fines and repapaents have gone@up. wel leleyou know how m. d tonighwhat 6 ... a local grou that trio help r rugugu..... not happpppp a resotionon introduced by a colorara springs city unciemberf l sides, after world news.
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stat outlawing onljne fafaasy or... virginia has become the firir state to approro it. pthe goveor has signed aill that formally legazes and regulates sitete li fan-duel and draft-kings. the sites ll haveveo pay registrarion fees submit toegularar outstse auts virginia is on of s seral statesesherere drdrt-kikis and fafael havav pushed for pgislation n regugute the neindustry. new york... illilili. anan texaxahave issued opinions that they are illelegagagaofof ance. new rert from h&r block s ma le went t hethsurae last year. satheiei fines s .
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preparation n company said thehe avagnelt becacae ofofhe afle ce act isis83 llars.v. compared to 172 in 2014. top of that... about 60 pe stomers who got subsbsized heal ininrarae... have to p back me that siststce. . thosos repaymentsts also higher r is year... eragagg 5757dollars. taking a look at stos... e maets closed down across the bobod today. the dodo oppepe110 intsthe naaq is down aboul5l5....and thths and p fell . the denv z statat he spohoh. tototoow on good morning colorado find t who gained ground in the have ur colete forecasttarting :3a.m. ow o can learn more
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thisher first fsprin staywi r byt all l tinis vozi tr r and pag on b@ e o whadepa is thco offsprininofoh fa..m...nd at hs en protective and gentle. whwhsisiadepe` is the fifth western lowland gorilla born at the denver z..and
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> breaking ns totight. the first word from voters
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is the national race tightening for trump? this moment, donald trump's pledge now bei cpared to a na salale. night, trump responds. a so, we ask, is t matat possible forore sanders s hilllly clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about lplpg clinn.> alsosoonight, we'rg on@thesce ght t w. e commut t ohehe tracks rescue effort. ren 20ssgerse car inte wee ackiki theeaea storhtht rnoettg.( orhostye upupo tein o oin texas the wao illiis. . brea oves, the amican@ist kille the imes coming in. and your mey. tonight, when is aeal not a deal online? ree rdto oatchchut for.& it's actually sting you moy. go eveveng. and it's greatato have you with us on ananher crucial night forl


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