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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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is the national race tightening for trump? this moment, donald trump's pledge now bei cpared to a na salale. night, trump responds. a so, we ask, is t matat possible forore sanders s hilllly clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about lplpg clinn.> alsosoonight, we'rg on@thesce ght t w. e commut t ohehe tracks rescue effort. ren 20ssgerse car inte wee ackiki theeaea storhtht rnoettg.( orhostye upupo tein o oin texas the wao illiis. . brea oves, the amican@ist kille the imes coming in. and your mey. tonight, when is aeal not a deal online? ree rdto oatchchut for.& it's actually sting you moy. go eveveng. and it's greatato have you with us on ananher crucial night forl
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the race for the white house. and tonigh we're just now beginnininto hear from voters goininto t t polol ifour states. amid a thtening ra. the nest news polllltrump at 34%.d uzt 25%. rco bibi 18%, , hnich atat otr poho kas inente tonigh dond trp forcrcrco reonontouebout thehe trtrp pl ahis raraies. some arguingpgt lolike a nazi salute. tonight, truru resnding. am the firndications of how rsight go th evenininicn,blan reedififouike soonom ode tical establhmen litt more thid t t tsider.aninissiipip tigwh asked idf baing 0 muslims who are nos. tizensrom cong to the u.s., three-quarrs sport the ban. we have teamoverage tonight. the r%sults as thecome in right here. but weegin with abc's tom llamasititthe trump campaigngn in f frida, responding to this latest controversy. >> reporter: tonight, on a
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enlfed in a new ntroversy. its ones inis ring aise your ghnd evody. i love you!!& ve you! allegianceo trump. >> can i have a pledge? a sweaeang. raise your right hand. do solemnly swear." >> reporter: b that image now remeing some of f e ird reich d thfaazi te the rm h h h an-defamation ue, a a lolosuorsaysing "aaudi osas peop rsingheir h hn what looks like the 'heil hitler' sasate" was "offensive, obnoxiouand diususngng tpe candidatrejejeing the comparison. today,y,"gma tmpmp about crits comping his tor anssolini. doeitge to you, y
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ll, , butlo, i mean heere lliwg. ant make america a eat t ain. it's atrong following. i dodot know abouthe hlel compison. ipipdndn heard that. t it's aerrible arison. i'm not hay about that certainly. >> reporter: now, in today ting states, the s sp trump movememehen full swing.mitt romy r%c/c/g g b/lls for both senator marco r r andgornorororn kasach.h>>ehlo thisiss mitt rney caingn i-convinced dodold trtrt wowow% loo h lly ylintnn. rortere but`t`tight, t vatorotecruz, t e candat who s smsoerging, n nowow faci a anotherccusatn rty ic.$- is t)mgast mco rubiopptersn ha sdi anan-mail wihihiline -- "wasd te. trouour marco of advirs tell him to dou" included, a cnn rert t tubio campaign c "a complele fabrication." >> this particular e-m apparentlylye e om v v vteer ininawaiai not affiliate e e e aign, not t rking g r e cacaaign, nonoununr auththizizizn for r r campmpgn..
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mpaimimimitactcts s bebebersrsrsrsioiowawawarerereg g fafafafaororhe w w d dg out.t. rubio fofofod ononrovingngngse false rumors wrong. >> i is s y fae. d it's c c cetelelelbunkeded ann emememassingngngmememememe jojonalili,,,,t't'justststst riricucucu... >> andndom l l ls s thths liveve tototototoomomomridada anananm,m,ou r rorord therer mimi romomy rererding callllfofofo d d sisi. telling voters, trump would loseto hililil c cntononsusuesesngng tototoe, r ry, f f anynye bubu trumum >> rortete that'right, david. it may sound counterprododtive, because romn essentially is helping two candidates, but the ultimate reason is the same. to take votes away from donald trumum which c@uld lead to a a contested convention, where the deleletetewod pick the nominee. vid? a a r rm, thanknkou. we'll e you ashe nigigigoves and the resulults come in.. >in the ananme, now, to the demomoatic sidtonight. and the question from someme, coulul thi beheheheast stand for bernrn ers,s, l l looki to beat hilllly clinton in michigan night.
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buan unbeatable e ad. already rnjng focus to the republblans, promising votots overnight, s wilililver allow donaldrump to bele president.and tonight, senator bernie sanders facing some very t t matho defeat clintononon our litical l am tling u he w wld havto win eve single remainini state by an average ten points. and d a n abc news poll toght, cnton ahead titially by seven pots, but going into the michigan primy there,e,he had an almost dodole-digit ld. clinton now saying she hopes sanders supporters will rally around herf she gets the nomination, as she did wh obama. but what does sanders have to say about that? he's witabc's david wright. reporr: at astro coee i i detroit totoy, hillary clinton ordered espresso, getting set fowhat could be a long nightht >> plee outnd vote toy. thank you! >> reporte with polls in michigan showing her ahead by double digit s already talking about mending fences with bernie sanders and his supporters. >> i cererinly consider him an ally. >> would you tap him to be your
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oursels. you know -- my gosh. >> reporter: sanders agrees with her on that. in the past 24ours, she's started toay some very ne things about you. she's talkinabout closing ranks. she's reminding everybody about how she closed ranks back in 2008. is it premature for that? >> yeah, i think it's a little bit premature. we're running for president. we think we have a path toward the white house. and if we win it, we look forward very mucto have secretary clinton's support. >> reporter: but in order to get enough pledged delegates to sew up the nomination,e has to win evy remaining contest by ten points, cluding michan. >> obviously, i want to win, but if we end up with almost half the delegates, that's pretty good well. you ys ready to make history? >> reporter: in the hours before the michigan polls close, the two have dueling radio ads. clinton claiming sanders voted against the auto bailout.
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for the one candidate who stood up for the auto industry. >> reporter: sanders is countering that. >> bernie voted fofothauto rescue package. but washington h always had a funny relationship with the truth. >> david wright with us live, as well, tonight. and david, you were with sanders. he's welaware of the math we spoke of there a moment ago. he'd basically have to win everything from this point on. but 'sot showiny signs slong dn? >> reporr: t tt's right, david. he says e kws this is a crucial night for him, but he insists it is not doo or die, even though if he loses michigan, his path to the nomination certainly does get a t narrow. >> david writ in cleveland. david, thankou. let's get right to jon karl. back to donald trumpor a moment. because we saw those exit polls. support for the slim ban and republicans wanting an outsider, but jon, you were sayi you saw other signs? >> reporter: republins overwhelng looking an tsider, but lookthis. public voters, a majorit satheyon'think that dona trumis honest and trusorthy. and nearly halof the these are repu vers, say they w't be sasfif his
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an yout one nu, vid, tt defives thth elecon, take look ats. 59% of republican voters say that they feel betrayed by their own party. wow. all right, jon karl with us as the ght moves on. jon, thank you. in the meantime, we're g gng ton to other news here tonight, and a commuter train derailing in california.a. 0 passenrs o ooard. one car plungigi down a hill, into t t colrushing waters investigators are on t scene toght, after rescuers s rked to g the passengers out. s kayna itworth is thehe. >> rorte desperate rescue fort.x poundingn windows to save ssengers fm a derara uter train that t ashed into a fasting ee the frfrzipier taking g&er the trainj >> i need an additioiil thre ambmlances t dthis locitiln. >> reporte the ace train, ,, filledededith m re than 200 sisison va comomtersrsrs ing n jot 6:382p. lesssshaanour late
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thtrn ripped from the tracks plummeting 5feetetntthth k k low. >> we stststd eing watatat cong io o o tt ofle ain.n. reporter: 14 peopop h ht, nine st to h hpitals.the uninjured lking o miles to safety. heavy rains poununng regegn n n n n n for r r , makikiki a a aprone udslides. officials think that's what brought treeeeown on t t ks. >less s an hourororth cidede occrehere w @ @ another traiain that went ththugh he with no incidid>> repepter: officia sayayt wawaa mimicle e one was kille riw, heheare e llllg ththth car r om t t wbter o o othth kskssi c cnes. unioioioiofic c ficials telllle ththe a rigoroususrack intiti process, pepeally during weather e ents, s sy@ e investigating now w w thth was missed david? >> kayay whihiorththn scene fofousononht. thanks, ynyn > next, totohe seve wewer% ert at t ts 16 million americans bracing tonight. already at leaeast t tee t tnadodo ripping g rossssssasasas rooftops ripped off,f,omes
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more i iexpepepe. ash flooding taking`at leaeaeaea one e fe. systemll way from texatotollinois. abc's phillip mena in texas tonight on t s sne at this hour. >> r r rtete plwlwful ststms arininththugugthlone s sr r state.e. thistatio sagagaw, texas,s,inds g sting to o milil ananour, whipping is canopy. ttore wull, a a erody was st s snding in therered to death. >> reporr: and confirmed tornadoes. evenvillophese apents ripped f. other r the town cool. >> these folksksrereerertryi totoalalhat c c from this. >>epter:r:hiage from wiwis over 85 mimis an hour. >> whoa! >eporter: power flash causedy thihi tordo near tolar, lishgting up i ililiting up the sky. >> i heard theheail come a a out me i i i id d see s comingngff and spinning.>> reportete jimim hill l lplp pupupuwo injuredededm the rubble. momo than a a zezehomemehe damagegeorestroyed. al r r rleleing to multleleigh-water scues,
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driver, after their school bus gogostuck k thigh-deep wars outside dent ateast one person dyg ininin flooaters near houst. david,his is where the home was, and in annntant, it w w blown 50 feet t rossheoad. toght, friends are tryryg tototovage a aifetete of memories as is community braces for anotheround of ststms d? a right, just aincredib sce. d no break in sight. php, thank y. meteorogist rob marciano tracking the system for us tonight. rob? >eporter: hey, dad. the severe w wthereat is going to be ongoing tonight. we expectoo see another round developing across south-cecel texas, from cpus christi to austin, ck through austin. coul see damaging winds and totoads with this. ernighghtonight, in through e day tomorrrr, through soutest louisiana, contied threat. nonoly of the nd, but avy on toof what is becoming sarated grouou. so, a flash flood wat has been posted fm the gulf of mexico all the way up through sthern ililnois.anotr five to eight inches on top what's already fallen, , pepe who live in this ea, david, have to be aware of
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david? all right, r marciano with us tonigig. rob, tha you. we turn ovseas tonight, and an american tourist, a west point gruate, was killed in an apparent terror attack in israel. cell phone video showing the suspect stabbing at lea seven drivers while running thrhrgh traffic in the city of jaffa. israeli police opening fire, lling him as he ran behind a truck. the victim, 29-year-old taylor force, a west point graduate who also went to vanderbilt university. back here at home tonight, new investigation to the deadly shooting during the oregeg standoff. the new report out tonight calling the sheriff's killing of a group leader justified, as he reached for his loaded gun. but the qution remains, did the fbi agents fire as well, extra shots, and thetry to abc's nior jtice the new video under scrutiny tonight. >> put the laser right there. put the bullethrough the head. >> reporter: this just released
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moments of robert finicum's life. the chaos ht ota. racing away om a checkpoint with four passengers. nearly running over an fbi ent -- >> hang on. >> reporter: and a police roadblock. finicum, part a group that had taken over a federal wildli refuge, is later fatally shot by oregon state troopers. that, too, caught on fbi surveillance te. authorities deemed the killing justified. t two mystery shots that missed finicum fired rights he exitededisruck have a team of fbi agents under scrutiny. >> go ahead, shoot me. >> reporter: you can clearly he one of those shots hittin his uck, right here, as finicum jumps out his vehicle. go ahead,ho me. reporr: wat and listen again. >>o ahead, sot me. >> rorter: local authorities believe they were fired by the fbi's ele stage rescue team. if true, the agents apparently nevererorted those gunshots. so, did the agents misle supervisors? with questions about possible fbi coverup, expect an e explosion conspiracy theories in nicum'm' death.
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investigated could face serious punishment. >> pierre thomas in washington. thanks, pierre. and a developing headline tonight after an emergency meeting on zika. the world health organization reporting that sexual ansmission is far more common than previously thought. the virus surviving fofoan knknn n ou o otime in n n by. also tonight, , organizaon advising p pgnant wowowonot to travel totacesesitzika tbaks. ithe same vice put o o b b the cdc ght he in the u.s. there is still much more rld n% tonhn" this tueay. e stararckcaca t tight making h hdlin. the alererfor r ststers. the popular breakft itemem removed from hundreds of arbucklocations because of ssible listeria contntation. alal, the close call on the side of f e roro right he. wow. that repter and his photographer incs away from ttg hit.t. and, your r r y tonight. when is a deal not a deal when shopping online? three e mple wordswatcout t fo
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