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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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e grgrp,$& "c"cororo springs says welcom home is onon everer&pushinto brg refugees to e city. :0:000:1:1 mmigraras an gees briri so much dirsity and skill and labor to our untrand we need to recognizthatat gectuauay y helped b bldldlds s untrtr" dennis apuan doesn't agrewith the retionby counununan ananico. "i was veve much $ ppoinledo say le" n the resolululu, pcococician aco clas heisn'bababag but asasnsnfnfnfore infoatioonon o and hoho ma would reretataere.000-006 6 requ tthth0e e ral ment prove the ththotificio en p%pple memee d seecs nsns eyeyeyscreen erly."(bubu council was quick to@ point out the title of the resolution was "opposing relocation." :45-00:50 "wether or not you believe th issue is trying g` n refugues, that is`thth eptionthis community. coun membs suggest pi rewrwrerer drop the solution. "this issue isist a council issue. wewee a cocol of smame governwe don't ha anyny
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to avoid terrorism by people popong a fugees sis has s id ey're e ing g and erersome reallear evidenceight shippivi sayst's$ not the frceo' owowsoil h h h chis, , s vod t to rn its back k refues fm sya.a. pipiayheheheh ans r writing the rereseing it to city council.l. in cololadi spring aica loloardi k ko o chanl l . it's day one fort a a a roveveial new policy ununrway in n denver.... th've beguguto clear out t homeless camam that have pped up around the city's shelters. dedeer says the camps scattered onon dewas near coors field pose a health hazard. crews are pickckg items such@hs sleepi bags, stoves, and tents... a placing them in a
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homeless vocates sa many of those ed o o o hanye else to go..and d some are dealing thental sueshamake
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toss to weather ththe mamabe a w scsctere shhhs s nd toninit,tdut qnytytnghat develo wilil weak and s srt- lived.d.omorw will bring a slight chan for s s the mountains, , but elsewhere be dry. hightomorrow will be rm i'll h he momo on ththththmingngngtrend coming up later in the wscaca. it's a race against the clock for pueblo citit scscols. it's rac against e clock for pueblo c cy schools. d-60 is on the verge ofofofofof tata-o.or by the stste test scores don improve.e. but the distriri h plpl to make sure that doesn't haen. . do neneneananl 13's w)wr isis live outside e et t t high school... where d-60 will present its findgs to the community tonight. ----- right now, d-60
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thsecolowest ranking for a ac didirict. and pares y there is ngngngd ahead. mary manzananez' ' s granddaugh ter is ststggggng in school. she's failing.--xhe problem,n h her r inion, is the dididict esn't haveeoughgh qualifd teachers. :10 sot: because some these achcrs d d't understand what thth're dog. d60 has a year to make imprprememt s ... . fothe e ate takes over. :18 sot: t biggest focus f/r us and the sense of urgenllll revolves aund oving r ct off of t tur around clock. . no provement means closing doors or turning them into chchter or innovation schohoso :30 stand up: one the improvements that d60 has madedes putting specealizeza prprrams at dierent scscols likehe s sm academy at ntra other improvement inclcle changing the e curriculum fit the state's standards, improvin technololo and infrastruct ure along withthetting the community involved. sqt: iall starts wi letng our studts know that they arar capaof heveing.
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anothe parents hope will spread to help make sprereheir kids sususud. the meetininat east high school has already starte if you missed ououtonight, there will be anotmeeting at sixixrsday ght at souou hi school. pueueo carl winder krdo newschannel 13. are combing the city high and low the wake of shooting. the 26 year old was shsh killed last montntoutside e downwnwn b we've learned... police swept through 50 different locations s iday night based off tips.... they havenen d a suspect yet.. if yououave any ormation regardg thth shootingyou're asked d call l pueblo estopperert 2-2-op. . a 17-yr-old co cashas ended in ntana... now a rmer atto f fro colorado has been found guilty of murdering his wife. briaiadad laird lf fort collins s been convicted of
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murdrdededn 1999. hehedeath was rurud a ownit firsrs.... bubu new testimony dug g up in012... ighbors teststd arg screreing g t laird house, the night of the murder. repuican setor cory rdner is joinininseral her nato, a reneneded pushshto oppose the president's planto shu guantanana bay part of that plolves movingerr suspects t hehe lotiti.. such as supermax in flence. that doesn'sit well withepublica senators worried out blic sety. gardner sasa that supurmax si - quot- "in close proximity to the heavily popolated area oflfueblo and cocorado springs, as s llas the u. r r force acemy and several military installations ... the osure of gpantanamo bay esents a significant securi chchlenge to t t ited states and our ales" a ca beiei heard in cololodo c cld pact p pnned papanthood officececececeerywhere lawyers are asking a a
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recent ruling in utah. that ruling allothe e governor of utah to cut off all federal funding to plpld parenthood i i i s state.e. attorns for the e clinics say y`e organization is beinongly punishedededed because it provides ortion services no word on wh 10t0t circt judges in denverightht rule. as we speak, the lorado springs ty cil isdeciding if nnabis clulu shouldlde related,d, banned altogether, in corado ri the clclcl allow people to haha out and oke rijuana... not buy it. but some a suspicious that the clcl attract ill activity we s ske with h a womawho ys, s s longng h h h daililizescae e cannis. anan sce smoking n' lod an apar buildings papa.. she sayay cannabis clubs e thtsafefe opti. "it's theieionly place to memecate, if their lelee sysy the can't they'll be evicted. cacaabis cluibs ara way for us
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in place."cil expected to we hava a ew now, and will bring you updatete a group of ga a marijuava m5ssacsetts today... previoly colora to legalization of recreataonal rijuana their report in n proceed with caution. e group found thth t tre benefits to legalizini marijuhna....t pitfals s ll, sch as marijuana gedeing to the has ofofildrenenand puininin stonedrivers on theord. meanwhile, cocorara ringh use fire es ifg kb rijuana grgr, ews s re a this he on ssen drive saturday momoin. .fter neneors spotted smoke e comimi out of the atatc. they put iout quickly... but n before the homo o o suained heavy y dada. vestigators say the home's electrical ring was overloaded.. because of t lights n n nd for the growow
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a happy y date to a sto we've be f flowiwi for you this week... . the mascot for thcocorado springs inifpendence center has been returnrn. ll it ththluck of the iririri or maybe t thief f w our story ananhad a change of f art. but this 6 and a half foot tallll leleechaun has been retetned d pts righthtl home. the independence center is a local nprofit that provides services for people wit diuabilities. the leprecuns are part of float th is featatured ch year in the ty's st. padadgd day parade. a week after e group nameme cololodo rings as the@ fifth-best city in the nation... we're gegeing another honor... livabiliot- cosays colorado springnghathe nanaon's ninth- best dowowown. the study ma no of our linary scene . our pupuic art projecec... and our r ique bnd ofrchihiteure. it alslspraises coloradodo springn' papks and ouoor trai. the study was aimed specifically at mid-sized cities. a colo
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the f ght t ai we nile.. straig ahehe on newschannel 13 at 6:00 ... that's no wdfirir at'slouds ofof isonous sticides . . anana judge sasa ititiwht be makiki his neigigigs s ck. and a sharp rise in the e mbmb of pedestrian's being struru by carsrs in colorado.... turns s&t, our modern cel phone`culture could be to
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we rancncininhe town of hotctciss n sle -- is set to to il... thiss all after tk the fight against west nile too far. check out th rig... james hopper obtaid a ststlicense topray s agnose with t virus. abt e ououf bubu ray veri thvegefa er kt of h ighbors ha ukemia . and dedeitth that h sprin keptheheom growinc oduc pper will spentwdays ininail for olating his court der. destrian fic cideare onn -t riri2across e cotr..and part of f e distractedd texters. thatatat cordinto a a nereport leased by the governor's highwasafety associion. we're not talkg about texting and driving, but ratherextiananwalkikg. e report cites street texting as one of
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surprised. i think they're ridiculous. theyeze making emsesees a targ f automomoles un over them. @ spoke with law forcement in fountain. an fifir there says some of the accidentnttxey saw str ck-up the rt findis. krdo newswsanne13 at 10 o'clock. a packck hou tonight t a southern colododcity decides the e te of thosese coroversial caabislubs. boththesre soundingff right. we'll have the very latest on this developing
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it t tk joel silverman years t become ar dotraine but t ly a few commands to master deposoting ccks at chase atms. chnology desigigd for you.
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a wawaing trtrd is about to begin, i'how you how warm it wietet comingngp. 0 we'll ha to h the potentntl for shs near the nenemexixixi state lili totoght... witit the chahce f f showers in the (pgh country on wednesday... ototrwrwe, mt ll stay dry. lows wilildrop into the 20s tonighghwith highs morrow expected to get into the 40s a a 50s.ouou colorado spriris 7day forest shows mperatures getting intohe 50s and 60s - later theek, th another anor owers late on saturd. your eblo 7day forecast shows dry coitions into eafly n nt week. yoyo canon city 7dada focast shows 60s for the majoroty o othe nextxteek, with dry condititns
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ur teller cocoty 7day forecast shows a chance foror showers tomorrow a
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mothe denvnv broncosos cut ososthree players today..the mov freed up eight and half million dollars.. . the broncos cut ght d owen danielel daniels has played t years in t t nfn and every y ason gary kubiak h h beeee hihi coh...daniels heed many ers s trtrsition to o kubibi offen this s%ssoso ....the brcos s also releasese offensive liman louis vasquez vasque started 47 out of the las mes s th t brco...they alsosoeleasengpppp robrewer he hadadeewith e e am s 2012. malik jackson hit ththfrefgent jackpopo
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dealith the jacksonvil jagus today... the jags will jackson to a six year, ninety million n llar contract...fortr o m)lllln n dollars of the deal will be guararte. jackson tweeeed today wh a time t tbe a ive. jackson will make 15 million llars a ar ..the broncos had offefed him elev m mlion dollars a ar .. von miller is happy fr malik. he'sikes a ototr toi nt him to be the best possible situatiofor him you wowo so o your wholeife to put yoself in this p pion i ally feel like tata advantage of the opportunity i fe like he deserves that he e s worked for. if t colorado colllle hockeyey am wants their season to continue they will neeto win in grand forks, north kota this weekend. the e gers will play in the fifit t rounof the nchc tournament. while the c- hockey teaeaea prepares f their ayof seri against noh dako thth weend, me players are taking a momont to reret t
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but the tigers have shown great heart babalili rough adversity ring ar ... senen hunter f fessays h h lt t at the e oadmdmr world ara a specl mont in h life ... "iwaa otional time for . . ared up a l)ttle bit after taki my lap. mthis 4 yeyes here so special the community, was thfansthey made me el wawaed and feel l good abo myself it i ithfinal week of march madness fohigh school baskball teamstililalive thehetate high schoolol sketball urvrvrnt e of those teamstill aliviv vista ridge.e.thth wolv w wl l pueblo wt on& iday in thth4a final four.. it's$ their r r t ip to bououer in school h htory, and to get the they knocked f the numb one team in the state: lewew palmer ... junior nter maldonado sa atatg the ngers was an forgettable moment ... "yea iwas electric, there's not a re w wd d d
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perices of my life. it s just overwhelming ppininesesd joy, ,ututhen being like wstill l t 2 gagas go." we'l'l'l right backck. can learmore out the people o to shape e future a southern colorado community. i'llave e ur
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>> 8@nsi erin anannewew$55 mimiion rdic t willhe ever s thattt money? aaion today to the "dancing" cost's win. >> i hats off to thth ju. >> plus, ancing's n nast on cpeting against trump's ex-wife. >> can'tmagine whatmala maplesust t le. >> and the new naked s sfie controvvrs >>oue a a35-year-old mother two v vy young childr. >> who's tellinin her t stopop posting. and h she's fighting baa tonight.t. us, what's goingon with gooooding r.? the o.j. star go ld, ncingg irtl lowi cell one.t. w e eewitss video. bindi win's canand intview without hh oyfriend. uld hehe one? i don't knowowho loves him more, ory family. >> "e.t." excsive, fshin bacac to this@ touching moment wiwi fa@ather.


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