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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>> 8@nsi erin anannewew$55 mimiion rdic t willhe ever s thattt money? aaion today to the "dancing" cost's win. >> i hats off to thth ju. >> plus, ancing's n nast on cpeting against trump's ex-wife. >> can'tmagine whatmala maplesust t le. >> and the new naked s sfie controvvrs >>oue a a35-year-old mother two v vy young childr. >> who's tellinin her t stopop posting. and h she's fighting baa tonight.t. us, what's goingon with gooooding r.? the o.j. star go ld, ncingg irtl lowi cell one.t. w e eewitss video. bindi win's canand intview without hh oyfriend. uld hehe one? i don't knowowho loves him more, ory family. >> "e.t." excsive, fshin bacac to this@ touching moment wiwi fa@ather.
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>> and new dolly pardon.n. hear her take onlake and hooking up anddhy i she cururs. oh,h,y belllyks big. everyrydydydyooking at nbey.y. rnoooothe neneneke that ndrews w w w a ataga millllll settleme in her lalaui >> a cty r su >> m my questiootodayay ( celebry stat inflatetehe amount she was awa and will shehe only eveve se action of the m mlions the & jury said she's due. tonight, top story, making sense of the vererer. >> erin andrews, she e is a trueue americananhero. >> the ammnt of damages awarded to you of erin andws,$55 millili, crect? this isn't just a g verdic this is an enormous verdict.
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it came aer seven dysf tesdtimony andse o o deliberations. but how much of that $55 milillion will andws actually ceive? >> she gets a $million rdict, morthan ha of thatat isis attributed to he g whoid this, who gotoney. p shshsh got ove$26 milllln left thas atribut t t t hotel. take away the posbility p gets reduced, ttorney'sfees,s, taxes, and e einndrews i i takingome a fraion ofh total verdict. >> by one estimate,, it's as little as $6 mimin of the $5$55 miion. >> i can't believe he asked . >> the verdicic is vcatititi for en,n, who testified thatt michaa bartt pepeple video huiliated r. aft verdi was ree sts castete reportedly siged autographs forrorsrs so w w wher crityactt all o this abws'hief l ga a ach says w mo ing a v famous. >> everyo knew at e j jors
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erin andrs. en te dedeense. >> here's thetakeaway. it's not about the money, but the meage to o e el, which alloled in's stalker toget a room next to her. >> theig questionlnl alys, howuch damagesill the htel have topay? this verdict is much h hher than st dical mpractice car acciden, wrongngldeath. >> we have learned erer will rerern chostst "d"dciith he srson m 21st phow's dae pros ess p their suppopot.t. thinknk iti's mazing. congratulatitis. wewee rootg for hererand wewewe caca'tittoto seeb >> th was a difficult time her to go througug've talked to the jury fororor awarng her amage p pbably couldndnt evvp be mched by that. >> so true, ght? >>well said. tom bergoniied today's announcement because ofhe ath o os beeloved moher, kate, th weekend and his
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>> our thoughts are wit you, tomom as the rencncg e stars aave'v'ro on five mershat we've got our eye on,st with the donald's ex-we. >> marar es. >> has it hou yet,t, you can't back out, thiis hpening? > it's totatay real now and there's nobacking out.t. ththe is going home. we are i i it to win it@. p >the x fact and queueio about trump are off-limits. married from 1993 to'9heir ughter, , ffany, s been the mpaiai trailll 2la rebootiti herrle.e. >> no's my timee totep up for at i believe in. >> eer rveas raa'bac >> i't imane why marla mapaps' must be like.e. iale hercacaiagege wa're hopingg the old gang
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>>e mig ha acouple of surprises from a cohf the "lilililiinin mily. aa jodod weeteas oard. spe's scarere a autut dancglili,,, ecauau on heitcom,she gs do-ove>> is , becseou rgy of a live aie scree, you we'ldoitagn. -p thehoc starwastedd du timepsd ininrb. loing g lthy makakg frstt. >p> thth is a perfectctme to signp r >> it didn'n' really fit into my schedule or evevethnglse that was going on in my life. nd she doesn't evennnow what a auhedule is yet until s statas dang. "dacing with h e star is insasa! it is cr >> when she was "dancinin," kim kardhian was the first star o o in20 ell, n kis fightg back afr she e was attacked fofo
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and she even doubled down b poststg anothh onenetoday. well, wetalklk toone of kim's critics. > i w we up this morning to nd alll hell breaking lose on my itter fefed. >ers in london wi usn thedddsive. sarted y yterday th kim ll with the tion, whenou're like, i havenothing wea > suggested to kimill happily ssp ind buy yoyomememe clhes. kim had respd ying shlu stay a ahley madion,, theingwwe, becauau it's t f kind of activity they thee in offerininto b buy married women clothes. kim t tn has a a nude and hash taggeit,,ibered. don't think this is very libating. you'''a a -y mhe of oo vry young children. - a littlelesperat >>ooo stata semem t t be t tam kimi anti-piers, includeing arl winter. r body, her career. >> rely?
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> tt femle stataeem to anti-kim. bette midll and chloe maman. chloe messaged kim saying in part, quo, we have much to ofr than just ourrdies. >>selfie loving im's response, let's welcomehloe twi since nop one knowswsho she isis pirs hasth message for her. >> be dignied, be gracefulul and put some cloes oo >> all thatanddoda is ternrnional women's day. let's'set to some reeadnes now. babaoodingjrjr. s made a big comebackckn peoplplpl veversus o.j. ssimimonb and a new video that shows him celebratatg, maybe a little o hard. cuba was reportedly more tan a little tipsy.
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epyewitnesss say he thth flirty andhaving a goo time his antnticsau on cameraby clclgoerer hhev senenangngss c cl phone. meanwhile,e,"amamican crime story" co-stararah paulson revealed t ellen todaheheas doingome`angng herself with the woman she'ssporrayinn marcia clk. > i drank l l of tequila w w her tt mu he f? >> it was lot n. it was t momoe moving all over likeis tt ?o cf1 oo nowowow y forehead. a lott oa.a.a. >>epter: : xt , j stand byy her mamama yeah, that's what we do,man. miss j j walked the red carpet with casper of nvie "the perfect match," even stepping aside at one point to let him take thhspotlight. >> lo's here! p >> noway! at amazing! >> reporter: jeif's ex, diy, was also there, supporting his girlfriend, cacaiewho was s in the
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and finally, the big secret. bahati launching the new viviviria a ecret's'sswim coectiti. and you cann her tomorrow niniht oll@cbs. but therers aewermaid in husbandm levine lif so we have to ask. >t's an o schoolol kind of vibe. i approv >> i approve, too. with ll lhe ot wenn amrica. up next, behind the e ofofhe new divergent movie, shwoodley's breaththting aa aleganstt. she's been put throug a and put hersese through a l l. tt is coming .. but first -- >> i have comemeout. >> yeah. >> nono >> 16-year-o-o kennyyis & conflicted. come out, kenny >> yeah, kenny, why ddn'tu >> what are you d dng in my
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dysfunctctnal family. >> everfamily, you kno has its flala. >> we're getting a a avoe. >> i ive ann e eindissder. >> > okay, religious oups haveve proteteed he ow, buttheeast thinks thailed it. all b b bgd handleded very delicatelylynd very artly.
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hat >i k kennsa kevin n con sings about egg
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aarican egg brd.tt2w`s btbttt2watu#`s4 "a"qc=c=tt2w2w2w`s bm@qh6< < 4watu#`s" dztq g4t tt4watu#`s4 " entq 704 4watu#`s4 t& .7l tt4wu#`sts" hnt& >9 tt4watu#`s4 " " tq tpx tt4w4wu#`s4 " jntq f 8 ttatu#`s" lzt& ^md tomorroour cainivil exlusive. we're first the set with chris evan and robertrt dowowey .. >> are you the b b y? >> i'm not the bguy. that's s morrow on "e.t.."" >> suphero in the diverernt franisis, but y y areing to see a lot of acon.. itis larger than life.
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pull offffpome crazy wildld stunts in the new instlmentof@ aaegia. >> h h many of your n stunsn are you doing ere? >> moing soso work. pwent to the ssosoing range to get ready for this movie, s it wagood. >> coolo >> je, therare e plplions, ceening down cl ion! >> tangntnt ut today, a awal giantntwallllhatatou maonal ump ous.s. 70feeee r rylylhi >> is soig >:actuay, it's feet igh. tough enough. >> we didthis where shea had to be kinof fang wn. holding on to eo's shlder like i thehehe last &thing. >> three, two, one, ! >> my whole costume got to@rn up yestsrda this is a n one. so by t of the day, i will get totally torn up.
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>> yeah, these arereyy bcon ses. >>h, my god. >> ey spent s months shooting oututde ofatlanta. fo mggie that antravel timm for fianceeeeeelalamcdertt cdermott. >>e's like,honey, i've got to go. pit's too hot hee. >> speaking hot, tha descscbe the caersrsf this cast, etty much unknownwnnly three years ago. >> i f fl it momo if peoeople say, hey, you're --like, dude, didid weweo high schoooo together? >> hey, miles, it's only the begiing foryou. and sti aad onight, irwwwakes a look back a att our "e.t vault this s speal momenttithth f fr. lus, is shehinkingngf getting marrrrd?d? andollyly pardon cand her weight struggle. >> i uss to be a lotheavier. >> also, hr se e inks aaout blake shelton's new song. is it abouou gwen. >> yu're get@tting or h andnd i'm gettinggr her. >> thnext.
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pby -- >> hehe t-mobi &t a vprizozocucus. everyone has tio etwo, sohyouyingng sososoh.stop payingngnd payay upooooo 50% whey swit apri bobot momoile plan& hahaha twowo lines, gigabytes each@for only$60 a month.
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getwo 4g lte phones. at 10 o'clococ veterans upset wiwi t v-a are sounding off tonight to a local congressmana hear thosese vets stotoes night t 10.. ususthe cannab club cocoroversy contntues in one southern colorado city.y. those clsb could go up in smoke tonight. thlatest on this developing story tonight on krdo newschannel 13
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ou're g gnggov him and i'm'm getetng over the eyes have itade that isisle sheleln's candid new ng "cameee to forgett it's already ing very wwl, number one on the i iunes couny music char >and blake sheltonold me his new music was goo to be vyy personal.
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itpretty clear thatate's talkingngbout gwn stefananann n both their r divorcece lookokike it ju and you alli in love justnougho get us thugh what wee tting throu coununy lege dar yipardono ll l out shaer lili andpher lyrics. so nischellele t trner wot her thougs ononblake's new love. >> i thk eyey lookkgrea they've both been through sisimilar txpngs. i met her when i was thereree doing "th voioie" and she seems very sweet. but i lolo miranda so it'slikekei justt hink you ver know wh hapapns people's'sliveves. but they're all grreople and i w7shhhem allthe best.>> asiiderom bla and gwen, dslly has got gree of sepapation froro anoth hollywoooouple w w we love.. dolly isisgodmother too miley. >> now she's bac with liamam and it seems like they're backck gaged agai >> >yeah. shgreat. she's a tant. she's deep. ss's smart. spe's sensititie. and she's gone t a lot. she's bee put throughha lot.
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>> do yououike themtogethh? >> s, do. i was really happy to har t tat they had gotten back together a a a i did it all in thee ove >>repopopo: d d d dow abab releliohi inmay, she will celebra 50th annirsary with hussnd. and then in he'l'l'@ start hehe f f major tour in5ears and the bestst part,@, she's 70 yearsrold and lloks amazing. working 9 900 to 5:00 what t to make a living >> gog back on tour. wh stapl in dolly's's dressyg room? >> fl c coughdrops. wat i haveve to drinkk wate chips and dip. >> first of all, d come in here looking like yo look and tell me that you'reang chips and didi >> ll, i used to lot vi. i used to -- p really >> oh, yes! in my earlyays in coury sic when i was eating evevrying the put in my dressing yeah, gained quite a bit of weight.
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you thehe's nothing worse n the worl whennou'ueoing out trng t tentertain and your clthth are too tight anan thi, erybodydy lookinggt my el. >> dol has a a a ew geast hi album with me n mterialal called "pure and simple." it's too discs and you've got too ve his, called it"double d." >> bindi i i derek! >> that he moenen bindidi irwin conquered america as the ancncg th the s srs" champioio howowuch has hererifeee hang sinin then?n? she was back home in australia, where she new lve of hererlife. i'm talkin abobo thisadorable pug pupppp stea. t worry, the guy w%w%wsaw dating during "dancing,"hey are s4stl going strong. p >> we had a qui opovov t viit him t ww really >>ah. >> i'm kidding. >> h's so unny..
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i don't know who loves him more me or m fal 's great. it's faasti he's such a ki and genuine person that i'm rere, ral bleed. o wh h pretty grown-uppp p ment a te adorabab makeueuhotos on the beachch we haha ask bindi, cocld chaadler be the one? >> he's a ge part of my journey in @fe. at this pot in my life,, i amam looking forwardo aot of things. i'm going too be8. there so mumu on the zon. >>now, tthat is one vy wwl-woednswer f somene who doe't even t 188 until july. thatats ndi. i meaea k kd of putut us ll shahawl mre .. ceainlnl 18 l be really fun. i tnk that i'm g g g ainggo celebrg in a ez wild way with cups ofof tea maybe s takeout cnese food,f i'm lucky i might a#a we can go rent movie. it ll ba realal good night. mght even have two cups of a. e wild.
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working at the australia zoo. shetill talal to her dadancing partner derek hae,ough ofn. but what does she have too say itthe e w conte >> they wepray tannini me and i felt like a car being painteded differenencolor a ad sticicng thi eye which i no know are falqe & asch lashes, which is intntesting. >> the reason bindi's so down to earth because of the closee tie with herfafaly an the legacy lefe byyer father. we sasaher video from our "e.t." vault and nearar ten year afterer his tragic deaa, he'e' ill teaching hililerlrlnd us all. >> yoyoveot to have f fun. you can't wastene minine being sad or angryry you've got to try and have fun. >> haven't seen that befo that's rely >> i wnt t toe just like
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oh, ow ndndn that's amazinin bbause i still say that. when igrowup, i want to be just likekey dad. losing hi it was quite a a jrneyey trytod thatppinesai bececse leis hor ue o whayolo now. and youaao dot j inou thestoy and dad wast at th. bini, you e ing ntt t aouououou wowold be soproud. >> nobt. wnurerainment onht"birththys, i i i james
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th answer isisoming up next. >> perfectatch to our $& papal patton is moving afr divorng robin thick >> and i love loveve. you'veve to getackckup g ge again. >> plus, "top chef" host revledhe dn't know w athed heheheow 6-year-olol ddghtetete ttime. and prososutors marciaarke ananhrph daraen, we they the ople vs j.son the esti agagn. he keptpt me from utter preses s s mandays. t's a a allll on e.t. hello, my love. >> the flame is out. today the fle is out, tomorrow, my attitudud
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time now for thenswer tont's e.t.t birthdays. whicic dawson's creek srtirst onscreenen kiss for melis het, that w jamesan der biak. lele with the most nominatns. >> kevin hart are making are very clear, y u're not ing to see th. because why would you w wnt put aa tuxedo over thth? >> or ove is. >> ob th. >r this. >> 're goin to be watching. >> how can youot wawach??
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>> bye. i am so excited for book clu
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oh, me too i haven't seen you in forever. had tohrough your r il totoee what's going on with you. that was a joke. i hopepeo, because e m mig g redbdbk.k. my mother-ininaw's birthday isoming up, d i ne those perfumsamples. so, i was thinking about who i would haunt if i was a ghost, and d think -- ohh, u dies having wine club? i wod love some. [ laughs ] thth- that was my glas , uhweweavmo of these bad bo in the kitchen juju to the left of the fridge. o...kay. um... can i... or not. okay.yeah, all r)ght.t. ch. [ chucklkl ] sorry about lala night. i gugus louis was feeling chatty. oh, i i oughhis idea for wideouththasump nozzle -was interesesng. -[ chuckles oh, yesterday you were telling me about who you wld haunt.[ gasps ] yes. okay, so, you know thatatemale trafc c p th's across the street from the park? [ door opepe ] ]louis: knockknococ -with h e... -the kids said you were he,


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