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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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meteorologist kathy wilson gives us a live look coming up. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm joe hart. >> and i'm shelby sheehan. welcome to news 4 at 4:00. it just e seems to keep on coming? >> it does. let's check in the weather center with madison corney who has been following the storms. boy, madison, last night, some serious fog. hard to see out there. >> absolutely. the freezing fog lasted throughout late last night into early this morning, so the morning commuterring were dealing with that. we're going to check in with kathy wilson in just a moment. she'll be talking about the freezing fog and snow totals from last night's storm. we do still have light snow showers on the valley floors and heavy to moderate snow at the higher elevations around
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you can see in the last hour the storm system making its way north of tahoe and then making e its way into reno, sparks and parts of carson city as well. we could still see one to three inches tonight south of reno, really toward the county, and then we also have the winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow with three to five inches of snow possible above 7,000 feet tonight. we're also looking at major travel delays over the sierra passes, slick roads and chain controls in effect for some areas. the winter storm warning for for the pink shaded area, that will remain in effect until 10:00 tonight. 36 degrees, and we are still seeing light snow flurries with no winds to speak of and the relative humidity at 82%. here is a quick look at your 24- hour forecast. freezing nothing could return tonight. back to you. >> thank you so much. reno police have arrested a woman for stabbing a man to deet just after midnight this morning. they say 34-year-old victoria
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the 21-year-old at the desert un-- desert sun set motel on east 4th street. the cause behind this fight is still under investigation. according to police, he succumb to his injuries after being taken to the hospital just after the incident. she has been charged with one count of open murder. anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact reno police at 334- 2115 or secret witness at 322- 4900. and reno police are also asking for your help finding those involved in the drive-by shooting that killed 19-year- old myra rodriguez in december. according to authorities, a secret witness tip provided information that helped move the case forward, but the detechives are asking for more information from the caller to bring the case the a close. the police asked for the witness to call detectives at 334-2188 or call secret
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also text your tip to 847411. now, secret witness is offering a $2,500 reward for any information that ends in the arrest and prosecution of those involved in that shooting. the sheriff's office has arrested a woman involved in a 12-year-old cold case. the detectives arrested the resident pam irwin for the murder of her husband james who was originally reported missing from his home in december of 2003. authorities say they believe the homicide took place a few months before james was reported missing. the case was worked off and on over the years before the sheriff's office revisited it early last year. the police say additional interviews and recovered evidence led to the arrest of pam and recovery of her husband's remains as well. the reno fire department has called to the red robin restaurant in south reno after a jeep collided into the building. now, according to the police, a
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was pull ing into a parking spot and thought she was what happened? the authorities say the woman hit the gas instead and hit the side of the restaurant. neither the driver nor the child in the car were injured a diner eating on the other side of the restaurant wall did receive minor injuries and was checked out. as of now the section of the down. the teacher who assigned her student as controversial photo at dayton high school is on temporary leave at this point. heated reactions from locals have been flooding social media about elizabeth clausen and her motives in the case. this photo was assigned to students throughout the semester to get them thinking about racism and american history, is the way she put it. while many adults and parents have been offended by this photo, the students are strongly supporting their teacher. tune in our to our later newscast to hear reaction from
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and time now for web poll question. we would like to know tonight do you think this homework assignment that the school district has apologized for is grounds for termination? there is still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on our home page at my news and we'll have updated results throughout our newscast tonight. a carson city judge is considering arguments challenging the constitutional ality of nevada's school choice education savings account program. judge james wilson says he will decide soon whether he'll stop the program from moving forward that hearing just concluded within the last half hour. news 4's terri hendry will have more on this story in a live report tonight on news 4 at 5:00. a local hospital says it will pay for an autopsy on a 20- year-old woman who died while on life support. she died monday at st. mary's regional medical center where she never woke up from anesthesia avenue surgery on april 1. the family attorney
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father was not told the cause of death was respiratory failure. the attorney says the woman's father was at the hospital and noticed that she had trouble breathing even with the ventilator, but the father was not in the room when her heart stopped. and he says the family is making arrangements for an autopsy to determine her cause of death. a young northern california girl is recovering after falling from a chair lift at squall valley resort. the 8-year-old girl who had been wearing a helmet was taken to a reno hospital after the incident on saturday. her injuries are reportedly not life-threatening. the resort officials say the ski patrol responded and gave emergency medical care to the girl before she was flown to reknown. she had reportedly been ton lift with her mother and they did not have the restraint borrowerred when she fell. the resort recommends that everyone use those bars, although it is not required. there is still plenty of time to buy a ticket for the
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as long as you have it by 11:00 eastern time tonight. you have a chance, albeit a tiny chance, to win. we have the details. >> reporter: alomar you're 300 times more likely to be struck by lightning than winning tonight's powerball, that did not stop millions from lining up today to buy a chance at the $500 million jackpot. >> we sold $2.5. we have sold a $250,000. we sold a $345 million. we are a pretty lucky -- $35 million. we are a pretty lucky store, i think. >> reporter: the--math experts say it is better left to those chosen bity computer than the numbers you come up with,
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to do with all of that money. >> i'll probably give some to my family and to my charity. >> reporter: today's powerball frenzy spread across 44 states, d.c., the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico with the hopeful hoping they'll have a decision to make shortly after the drawing at 11:00 eastern tonight. the full $500 mill over 30 years or cash pay-out of just over $300 million. chris clacken, nbc news. it is fun to think about winning that much money. tonight at 5:00, we take a look at how locals are heading across state lines to buy their tickets and try their luck at winning millions. by the way, that drawing at 8:00 our time tonight. a solar power system company has laid off more than 550 employees in nevada. this comes just weeks after solar city announced it was stopping operations in the solar state due to solar rate changes. the rooftop solar installation
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gave pink slips to about a quarter of its work force. the company does say it whether keep some employees to help service existing customers. solar city issued a statement saying the nevada public utilities commission effectively shut down the rooftop solar industry with its decision to raise rates. the girl scouts of the zaire nevada will be kicking off the cookie season with a cookie kick-off event. that is a tongue twister. i think i nailed it, though. >> nailed it! >> i tried! the event run this is saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 in the afternoon. it will be held at the reno event center. traditional cookie sale also run until march 20th with door- to-door sales in john and deliveries in february as well as cookie booths in front of retail shops and grocery stores beginning on february 26. a major fast food restaurant is oughting a healthier option to its menu, but losing a southern stap until the process who is turning to a more kale-friendly
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and coming up next, madison has the latest on our forecast. you see more snow falling in downtown reno.
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we'll be back with more welcome back, everyone. wal-mart's supplier is recalling nearly 90,000 pounds of beef patties because they could be contaminated with exstrain use wood, they say. the recall involves sam's choice black angus beef patties with 19% onion and dates of may 17, 2016 and june 6 of 2016. it includes two-pound boxes containing six pieces of the patties. so far no injuries have been reported. consumers, though, should not eat the product, instead you want to throw them away or return them to the place where you purchased them. the patties were shipped to the wal-mart locations nationwide.
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at wal-mart. and chick fillet is adding a new super food side item to its menu and taking away a southern favorite. chick fillet announced come january 18, lit introduce this super food side salad of kale, brock leany, dried cherries and roasted nuts. that's the same day it will retire its popular clowe slaw that has been on the menu for the past 50 years. the new salad ask much lighter than the coal slay it is replacing. it has 140 calories and a large portion has 170 calories while the medium coleslaw has 360 calories. forget lost luggage. a company called blue smart is looking to help travelers keep track of their bags. ill bills itself as the first smart connected carry-on suitcase with built-in gps, believe it or not. the travelers with track their bag any time with their smart phone as well as lock and unlock it and get distance alerts meaning your bag will
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there is also a sensor to tell you how much your bag weighs and a usb port to charge your devices on the go. nay have thought of everything, i guess. let's -- let's check in with madison to find out more of what is going on in the forecast. it is snowing downtown. we have snow across the region for far western nevada and parts of the zaire. these snow showers are expected to diminish, but we are looking at some of those sticking around tomorrow and we haves this winter weather advisory that will remain in effect tonight. the most accumulation that we're really expecting is going to be in the county, so the winter weather advisory expires at 1:00 a.m. so very early. three to five inches are possible above 7,000 feet there. the winter storm warning for the zaire, we're seeing the travel delays, chain controls in effect that is going to remain in effect until 10:00 tonight and, again, going to see more snow accumulation. but we do have a little bit of a break on the way.
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sitting at 36 degrees and we are seeing the snow showers out there. no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 82%. around the area right now, we have dropped below freezing around the lake, so truckee at 30 degrees and south lake tahoe at 31 degrees. we'll continue to see those cool off for this evening. on satellite and radar, we are watching a low pressure system that is going to make its way in tonight and tomorrow for northern california and northern nevada. that is going to continue to bring us this chance for snow showers. tonight, as i said, they are going to diminish, but tomorrow we're looking at very isolated and scattered snow showers tomorrow across the area. so by tonight at 10:00, the sierra will still see some snow showers out there. by early tomorrow morning, things are clearing out in the zaire and far western nevada. much of the region does have a chance to see these isolated and scattered snow showers tomorrow. again, very isolated and scattered in nature, so it kind of depends on where you are tomorrow if you are going to see the showers. 25 degrees together in reno and
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a50% chance of the snow lasting through the midnight hour. tomorrow we're looking to top out at 38 degrees. you will see the possibility for isolated snow showers. as we head over to eastern nevada, we're looking at day time highs in the upper 20s to the 30sment and eastern nevada could see run to two inches of accumulation out there tomorrow. as we head west, we're looking at more of a mix of rain and snow for fallin, and overnight lows across 2 region really in the lower to mid 20s. some places still cropping down into the teens. for example, truckee down to 15 degrees tonight. and they'll expect scattered snow showers tomorrow with light winds and day time highs in the 30s there. other than tahoe at 8,000 feet, the lower 20s for the day time high. up north in susanville, 37 degrees for the day time high. and then heading down to the valley floor, we're looking at the overnight lows in the 20s across the board. 25 degrees in the virginia foot hills -- foothills tonight. as the later evening hours do move in, we are expecting the
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fog out there tonight. so keep that in mind if you are traveling late tonight because last night it was not any fun to be driving. here is a look at your extended forecast for carson city and south lake tahoe. we do have a break on friday with these storms. but saturday's storm is gaining momentum. a 70% chance on saturday and south lake tahoe for snow and then a 40% chance in reno with another system moving in next week. i'll send it back over to you. >> thank you so much, madison. news 4's meteorologist kathy wilson is out on the mount rose highway to give us a live look at the current storm conditions there. how are things going? >> reporter: good evening, we are live here on top of mount rose and the snow is falling. it actually picked up quite a bit in the last nigh to 10 minutes. i'm slowly becoming a human snowman. and let's look at the snow totals from this morning. mount rose has already accumulated 10 inches of snow. north star, 12-inches.
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we actually saw two inches of snow on the valley floor in reno this mornings with that freezing fog. that really impacted the morning commute and some travel concerns. we did have about 10 accidents in reno-sparks alone that the nevada highway patrol responded to. and then 15 east of sparks on highway 80. and those impacts are going to go into the evening as well. we're watching for that freezing fog to pick up after midnight tonight into tomorrow. and the nevada department of transportation wants to remind everyone to just slow down and drive safe. you can check road conditions by dialing 511 or logging on to n. i'm meteorologist kathy wilson on the the of mount rose. back to you. >> thank you so much. stay warm out there! my goodness. when a family finds out they are pregnant, many are unsure of what to do moving forward. news 4's melissa karl sits down to tell you what you need to nee about prenatal health. >> reporter: for a lot of
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time of your life, finding out you're pregnant, but it is not just that easy. there is a lot that goes into prenatal health care, for the mom and also for the baby as well. retailers in our end here and also the director of maternal child's health at st. mary's. really a lot of moms are like i'm okay. how important is prenatal health care? >> it is extremely important for a variety of different reasons. number one being really there to help guide you through the experience. and so that if problems were the arise, they could completely circumvent problems that if you didn't allow that opportunity, you could be facing some problems yourself and the baby. but really the providers are there to help you through the experience. >> a lot of things that go into it. >> it is. >> i found out that i had guessational diabetes twice. it is something i -- gestational diabetes twice. >> there could have been complications.
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>> why is an expectant mother encouraged to reach full term. i want this to be over! why is it important to get to full term? >> it is so important. the baby is still developing right up until the moment when they are born. so you want to make sure that you give them the opportunity to fully grow and drive in the womb and then it is important because their brain is still developing, their lungs, so giving them that opportunity. now, there are times when medically they do need to come out sooner, but if we can avoid that, then that is our goal. >> talk to me little bit about st. mary's when it come stoss delivering babies. you all know what you're doing here. >> yes, we do. we do a great job. one of the initiatives is to not have people electtively deliver under 39 weeks. as far as the state ranking goes, we get an a for that. and the rest of the state is ranked as a c., so we're proud to say that we do our absolute best to rye to protect mom and baby. >> you do a great job, too, as well. >> and inevitably you're going to have more questions or if
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information, you can always go to st. mary' a lot of information there. all right. thank you so much. melissa. a religious holiday has some people suiting up and jumping into ice cold water, and i'm not sure what it has to do with this car.
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inside this car maybe time now for our web poll question. we'd like to know do you think the homework assignment that the school district apologized for is grounds for termination? here is a look at the early results. 51% of you say yes. 49% say no. there is still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on our home page, and we'll have updated results tonight throughout our newscast. >> coming up in about 30 minutes, the latest gadgets are
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it is always fun to see the new stuff. the high-tech fair that is catching the world's attention. and then ton at 6:00, north korea is claiming it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb, and if that is true it could be a big jurisprudence in kim junk yon's quest. >> and in greece, the holiday of the ephipany is celebrated by diving in to retrieve a large wooden cross. the blessing of the waters held every year on january 6. in the greek orthodox tradition, it commemorates jesus' baptism in the jordan river. >> i guess it is a little warmer there, right? >> a little bit. maybe. i don't know. >> not warm enough for us. >> the polar plunge, though. >> yes. >> all right.
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for us, news 4 at 4:00. >> judge judy: can i ask you some questions? >> do you want me to tell you, like, what happened? >> judge judy: oh, my god. a live one. [ laughs ]
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opens up after an attack.
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