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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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impacted our area lately. we have seen flurries automatic day and there is more snow on the way. here is a quick peek outside for you. madison corney joins us now with a first look at the forecast. >> good evening. we do have quite a bit of weather making its way through tonight and really moving out for the end of the week, but we have another system on the way. right now in reno, 34 degrees with cloudy skies out there. the snow flurries through the reno-sparks area have diminished, but we do have a chance to see more through the midnight hour. we're seeing isolated showers across northern nevada. a lot moving out to the north and then out toward pir amid lake as well. those storms are expected to hour tonight. we could see more snow tonight, especially above 7,000 feet there. a winter weathered a vizry a.m. tomorrow morning and also a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra.
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delays, slick roads and, of course, chain controls are in effect. here is a quick look at your 24- hour forecast. freezing fog possible overnight together. so if you are traveling late tonight or early tomorrow morning, that is something to keep in mind before hitting the road. news 4's meteorologist kathy wilson joins us from mount rose highway with and how are the roads looking? >> good evening. the snow has stopped for right now on mount rose. we are seeing blowing snow the area, but the skies to my north are clear. you can see stars, but skies to the south are still very cloudy and some storms could potentially pop up throughout the night tonight. temperatures are very chilly. 24 degrees on mount rose and we're going to expect the temperatures to drop into the low 20s into tonight. so far this storm has impacted
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we saw 10 inches of snow on mount rose just this morning and we saw 12 inches in north star and then a heavier area that got hit near the white mountains, 14 inches and 11- inches in mammoth. this winter weather advisory is in effect until 4:00 a.m. this morning or thursday morning,ened we do have the potential for more freezing fog into the morning hours after mid night with all of the moisture that is available on the valley floor from all of these storms. what freezing fog is it is just super comed water that is water that is below 32 degrees that is existing in liquid state. as soon as it finds something to bind on to, it instantly turns into ice creating very slick roadways. i have a carport and my car had ice on it this morning. i was a little confused at first and i figured it out with all of the freezing fog, you can expect road delays in the morning. the travel impacts around town.
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plows up here, and the department of transportation let me know that they did put a lot of salt, seasoned and salt mixture down on the valley floor as well as out through the mountains to help impact all of this icy weather that we have been seeing. and we're just going to expect the snow storm to start to wrap up into your friday. i'm meteorologist kathy wilson with a live look at mount rose, back to you. >> thank you so much. now to a follow-up on the controversial photo that was given out to students at dayton high school as part of their final exam. tonight those students are speaking out to news 4's emily porcello. it sounds like most of them are in support of their teacher. >> reporter: that's right, joe. today the students from this class are speaking out in support of their teacher, miss clausen. she gave theme controversial picture asking them to draw their own opinions on what they believe the know toe represents. the story has hundreds of people speaking out on social media. the opinions of angered parents
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students are the one whose have experienced the assignment firsthand. the parents have been outraged on social media regarding the photo that the dayton high school teacher elizabeth clausen assigned her students. because of ill of the outrage, she has been put on a temporary leave by the school board and the students are not happy. >> nobody is listening to what the juniors have to say. we're the ones in the class every day and we're the ones that took the final and my parents opinions are irrelevant. they have nothing to the with it. >> reporter: they will conduct interviews with students and teachers to see the motive behind this assignment. the district asked miss clausen not to speak out on her assignment. as of right now it could take days until the students know when or if she'll return. >> the way that everyone is looking at this situation, they don't know the context of what is going on and they don't know we're forming our own opinions. >> i didn't know teaching was crime. >> reporter: you personally
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really have controversy to isn't it? >> the real world isn't utopia and it isn't this picture perfect image and she was showing us that. it it is a very controversial picture, but it was worth showing. >> reporter: now, the hash tag that they were all referring to was created by the students of dayton high school and is trending now on social media. joe? >> thank you, emily. j file for our my news web poll question do you think -- web poll question do you think it is grounds for termination? 48% of you say yes. 52% of you say no. still plenty of time to vote and you'll find the web poll on the home page, a carson city judge is deciding a constitutional challenge to the state's school choice or education savings program. we joins news 4's terri hendry with the latest. and this is a case everyone
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believes will probably end up before the nevada supreme court. >> reporter: well, you know, shelby, that does seem likely. the judge in this case, judge james wilson, we don't know when he is going to make a decision, but we know two things tonight. the first thing is he wanted to hear the merits of this case. the state was completely surprised to learn that he had rejected their motion to dismiss. the other thing is both sides say even before the decision is reynoldsered that they will appeal. and if they do what they say they're going to do, it will end up before the nevada supreme court. judge james wilson listened from the bench to both sides of the arguments. this lawsuit was brought forward by parents challenging the constitutionality of the program. among other things, they say nevada's education savings program will take public money away from public schools. >> as a parent, i looked over this legislation and it is going to take money out of the public school which is are already under resourced and under funded and it needs to
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it is public funds. troars lawyer for the parents are hoping the judge will stop it before it is implemented. >> the nevada constitution has very strict protections on funds that are allocated for public schools. there are obviously limited resources in nevada. >> reporter: the program would give around $5,000 per student to qualifying families who want to use the funds for private school or other educational options, including home schooling. the attorney general's office is defending this case. among other things, they're arguing the presumption is nevada laws are constitutional, as you just heard, and the challengers will have to proof they were harmed. >> they haven't met the standard for preliminary injunction. they haven't been able to show, first of all, i think their legal theories are somewhat extreme. >> reporter: well, you know, we don't know when the judge is going to make a decision, but we also know that the state is ready to go forward with this, and they plan to do that in february, unless they're stopped by the court.
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families have signed up for this program and the state, again sready to go. reporting in carson city, live, i'm terri hendry, back to you. >> thank you. on tonight's crime watch, nevada authorities have made an arrest in a cold case homicide, 12 years in the making. detectives with the sheriff's office arrested pam irwin in the 2003 murder of her husband james irwin. the investigation began in december of 2003 after family members became concerned that they had not heard from james for some time. the sheriff officials were not able too find james and it wasn't until 2015 that they developed system new leads. the sheriff mike allen says that's when the detectives found a shallow grave in some foothills and they discovered their remains were those of james irwin. the investigation is ongoing and the officials say an additional arrest is possible. >> reporter: a woman has been arrested in connection to a deadly stabbing that happened early this morning.
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admitted to authorities that she stabbed the 21-year-old michael ben case owe at the deeither sunset motel on east 4th street. the cause of the altercation is still under investigation. according to police, the victim succumb to his injuries after being taken to the moment shortly after the incident. sweeting has been charged with one count of open murder. anyone with information regarding this homicide is asked to contact reno police at 334-2115 or secret witness, 322- 4900. it was scary scene at the red robin restaurant in south reno after the car crashed into the side of the building today. the police say a woman driving this red jeep cherokee was pull ing into the parking lot and apparently thought she was hitting the brakes. they say the woman hit the gas pedal instead and drove into the side of the restaurant there. neither the driver nor the passenger in the car were injured. but a man eating at booth inside where the car hit the builds was examed.
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closed and an investigation is now underway judgement a reno hospital says it will pay for an autopsy on a 20-year-old woman who died while on life support. she died monday at st. mayor yi's regional medical center where she never woke up from anesthesia after surgery on april 1. family attorney says her father wasn't told the cause of death was respiratory failure. the attorney says the woman's father was at the hospital and noticed she had trouble breathing even with a ventilator, but the father wasn't in the room when her heart stopped. the attorney says the family is making arrangements for an of death. still ahead on news 4 nightly tonight, it was the scene of auto bad crash earlier this week and the neighbors want to know what can be done to make this stretch of road safer. i'll tell you what i found out coming up in my ask joe segment. madison? >> plus, storm after storm this weekend, we're already tracking
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wh welcome back. a question about safety out on our roads. leslie in spanish springs wrote in asking about a crash. why they do not have a wall or divider there. leslie says it is dangerous during daylight hours and she
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conditions are dark, wet or icy. well, that was a bad crash on monday. it happened along this stretch of pir amid highway just north of queen way. three cars were involved. six people ended up hospitalized, and the northbound lanes were shut down result. everyone involved did survive. is a divider wall needed on that stretch of road? i checked with ndot and she says unfortunately it turns out there is not enough room on the road to install a divider wall or barrier. she say as divider wall requires at least two photoof space to accommodate the base of the wall, so that will not work in this case. another option they use, sometimes are those rumble strips which make the loud noises to let drivers know if they're drifting off the road. they can't use rumble strips because they would create too much noise for surrounding neighbors in this case. the best hope is the improvement project which ndot says will streamline traffic and create a safer situation,
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mccarron down the road, but also at this spot we're talking a about. the project is already underway and ndot says when it is done, it should really help with traffic flows and congestion. let's hope that is the case. thanks to leslie for sending in that question. if you have any questions you would like to ask, send me an e- mail and just put ask joe in the subject line and i'll do my best to track down behaver answers you are looking for. shelby, over to you. >> thank you. happening now, thousands of people across the country are hoping to win in tonight's powerball drawing. news 4 is live at one of the closest locations in northern nevada where people can quo to get their lottery tickets. it has been pretty crowded out there all day long. >> reporter: hey, shelby. yes, i'm live at the gold ranch now and i'm actually standing ton california state line. people have been coming out here today in the hundreds to
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their luck president tonight's powerball jackpot is $500 million. now, when i was out here earlier today, the line stretched all the way out to the parking lot. one man i talked to says he is not a gambler, but today he is taking a shot. another says he has as good a shot as anyone else. but nearly everyone who stopped by the gold ranch today had to travel here from somewhere in northern nevada because the silver state does not allow people to play the lottery. i spoke with a assemblyman harvey munford today and he introduced a bill last year to bring the lottery to nevada, but he says his bill didn't get very far. >> there are more states that have the lottery than states that don't have the lottery. there -- there would be no repercussions from me in terms of gaining -- gaming because this is my last session, so what do i care, you know? rears and nevada is one of just seven states that does not allow the lottery.
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earlier he was hoping the revenue the lottery would bring to nevada would go towards education and senior programs. he hopes whoever replaces him will draft another april to bring the lottery to the sim veer state. one more thing we want to mention. we did reach out to the gaming commission for a comment and they have not responded as of show time. back to you from the gold ranch. >> thank you, oliva. we want to toss things over to madison corney. things have kind of slowed down out there as far as the snowfall is concerned. you might still find flurries. >> that's right. looking on live doppler radar, we're seeing the storms isolated and scattered in nature. as we zoom in, east actually seeing the snow showers tonight. and we're going to continue to see the snow showers diminish as the night goes on and then we have a few left over showers expected on your thursday with quite a break coming on friday. here is a look at the winter weather advisory that will
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area and south of reno tonight. that will remain in effect until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we could see anywhere from three to five inches of more snow accumulation and then we have the winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight for the sierra. we do have travel delays out there, slick roads, of course, and chain controls in effect. so check road conditions before heading out the door if you're traveling turnover sierra. 34 degrees with cloudy skies. no winds to speak of and relative humidity at 9%. our day time high today did reach 39 degrees, which is still below average for this time of year, but getting closer to those mid 40s his where we're usually sitting at this time of year it felt morning low right on the money. 25 degrees, which is the average for this time of year. across the region now, we have dropped below freezing around the lake. 28 degrees for south lake tahoe and truckee. rite at that freezing mark in carson city at this hour. on satellite and radar, we are watching another low pressure system making its way in through thursday. that's going to give us that
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scattered snow showers tomorrow with a break on friday. but as we put the future cast in motion, about 11:00 tonight, going to see quite a bit of cloud cover and a few snow flurries. far western nevada looking petty clear overnight and then throughout the day tomorrow, just kind of depends on where you are. we are looking to see some isolated and scattered snow showers out there. now, 25 degrees tonight is the expected low for reno and sparks, and we are going to see cloudy conditions with a 50% chance of still seeing scattered showers through the midnight hour. tomorrow we're looking to top out at 38 degrees. again, isolated snow showers possible, and a light winds will remain across the region. eastern nevada is actually expecting to see some accumulation tomorrow. one to two inches of snow possible out there. anywhere else we're look toking to see scattered showers. fallin, the day time high at 30 degrees. isolated showers possible for carson city tomorrow, looking to top out at 37 degrees and down to 22 degrees tonight.
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at overnight lows taking quite a dip for truckee at 15 degrees and then the daytime highs in the lower to mid 30s for the most part. still a chance for scattered showers up north in susanville. 37 degrees for the day time high there and overnight lowing across the board in the 20s that is going to be the same story on the valley floor. something to think about if you're heading out on the road later tonight. freezing fog could return, like what we saw last night into early -- or tonight into early tomorrow morning that is a possibility. we'll keep an eye on that for you this evening. looking at your extended forecast, we do have that break on friday, and then we have another storm system moving in on saturday. and then let's take a look at your extended forecast for reno, and we're looking at a 40% chance on saturday on the valley floor force that snow. then we do event aally get i io the 40s for the day time highs with a second system making its way in by the beginning of the work week. back to you guys. >> all of a sudden 40 sounds pretty nice. thank you, madison.
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is headed to canada to compete
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we'll introduce you welcome back. a youth hockey team from lake tahoe is definitely making a name for itself on the hockey stage. >> we have more on the group of young players who are headed north of the border in search of a championship. ruers they were close last yore and this year they're headed to the finals. a youth hockey team is going the international silver stick finals competition held in ontario, canada, and they're doing it with the help of the local community. >> we raised enough money to fund at least each individual kid to go, which is a huge help because this is something that we hadn't planned, you know, in our normal kind of fund raising scheme of thing force club.
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it has been really nice, and the community has really stepped up and helped out with that. >> reporter: last year they lost in a shoot-out to get to the silver stick international finals. this year the team skate into the tournament by taking the top spot at the san jose regional silver stick competition. >> this is the first team ever to win the pacific regional championship, so out of all of our different age groups, so this is kind of a big deal. >> reporter: the players who were on the team last season, winning this year would be everything. >> it would where awesome because i haven't won this before and that would be really cool. >> reporter: the tournament features eight teams from the u.s. and eight teams from canada. and the pee wee be division, but during the seven-day trip, the kid also get to do more than play hockey in another down try. >> toronto is pretty close by, so we're going go to the hockey hall of fame. all of the kids are pretty excited about seeing the stanley cup and seeing what the
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the tahoe team battled to make it this year, dealing with last year's loss and trying to get five new players up to speed. >> i describe the team as a bunch of courageous kids because we're all kids here, and just having fun playing hockey. >> reporter: they're a group of 11 and 12-year-olds from reno, truckee, sparks, douglas, carson and tahoe, who are ready to showcase what their cities have to offer to the world of hockey. >> and this is a special group of kids, and they have really worked hard and they're accomplishing a lot, and so we really are hopeful that we can make tahoe proud, make the whole tahoe area, reno, carson valley proud by going to can the and bringing back, you know, at least, if anything, memories, but hopefully we'll bring back the silver stick, so that will be nice. >> reporter: the grizzlies will take on the bridgeport wizards out of connecticut on thursday. if you want to check out more information, find out how the
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silverstick. org. from the south lake tahoe ice arena, back to you. >> and a great story. thank you. we wish them all the best of luck. they have already made us proud. >> and it doesn't get much tougher to go to canada. >> where they grow up laying it. >> good luck to them. coming up after the break, north korea is claiming it successfully detonated a hie do again bomb.
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could welcome back, everyone. north korea is claiming it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. if it is true, it would mark a huge jump in kim jong un's quest still limited nuclear arsenal. >> and as it is reported, a significant number of analysts are skeptical about the claim. >> reporter: the white house is skeptical that north korea has actually tested a hydrogen bomb, and that skepticism is wide spread. >> the initial analysis is not
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the regime has made of successful hydrogen bomb tests. >> reporter: there is no question the announcement was a surprise to washington. to beijing, moscow and others and the north koreaning claiming they tested a small or miniaturized eye do again bomb. >> >> if confirmed, it is in clear vie ration of the u.n. >> reporter: the u.s. military officials were telling nbc news that the intensity of the blast underground was way below the level you would expect from a hydrogen bomb, which can be dozens or hundreds of times more powerful than an atomic weapon. an h. bomb would be a huge step up for north korea. it would represent a big new challenge for the international community because it delivers more explosive power for a lighter weight.
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it can be put on to a missile warhead. extremely dangerous. the u.n. has tried resolutions against north korea, sanctions against north korea. and none of those things have proved any kind of deterrent to kim jong un or his father, so the international community is left with a problem even if this wasn't an h. bomb, it was some kind of dramatic and powerful and dangerous test. so the question remains how do you stop north korea advancing its nuclear weapons program? back to you. >> all right. thank you so much for that report. u.s. officials say it could take days to verify north korea's claims. a human rights about visit has a warning for americans about come place senn sigh and political -- come place senn sigh and -- complete sigh. >> and for the muslims, almost
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national correspondent has more in this report. >> reporter: most of the world's 1.6 billion muslims favor this, according to the research center. the data is from a massive 2013 survey of muslims in parts of asia, africa and eastern europe. the u.s. and western europe were not included. the survey found muslims have varying support for different aspents of it, but those who hold firm to all of the preaccepts believe stoning women for adultery, cutting off limbs of thieves and killing those who abandon the faith are still acceptable forms of punishment. >> and to have it as constitutionized law as government is very dangerous. so, yes, if the laws are being implemented in the united states, you should be worried. >> reporter: among the most outspoken sunni muslims in the western hemisphere. she knows of no such courts in
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seeping into every day life in america. >> there are iymans who are performing second and third marriages for men, under the system, they're doing what is known as the marriage, and none of this is legally done. >> reporter: and she says it is happening right now. >> the concern is there. the concern is legitimate. >> reporter: the executive director of the american islamic congress. she believes americans' fears of this embedding into our society are largely overblown. >> we have boundaries. we have laws and regulations that can stop these kind of practices, wherever it starts. >> reporter: it is prompting some to ask if the american laws under the constitution are strong enough to prevent the law from becoming an acceptable practice in our society and our courtroom. >> it is happening under the table, but you need to be -- we need to have surveillance.
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well, in more "world news tonight," tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the horrific terror attack on the magazine charlie hebdo. and allison starling has more from the terror alert desk in washington tonight. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. tomorrow marks one year since the terror attack on charlie hebdo magazine in paris. today a special edition of that magazine was released. the vatican and others are protesting this edition because it shows a bearded figure of god carrying a rifle with the title the killer is still out charlie hebdo's editor spoke about how the paper has dealt with the past year. newspaper. we had to rebuild ourselves, confront our pains, so it is on the one hand a personal struggle. it was a personal fight. >> reporter: meanwhile, the
6:30 pm
conference next week to discuss the fight against terror. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. and in more terrorism- related news, a friend of one of the san bernardino attackers appeared in court today in riverside, california. and marquez was a friend of farook. and he is accused of con firing -- conspiring with farook to provide material support. and he also faces two counts of making false statements when buying two rifles, one count of marriage fraud and one count of making a false statement on immigration paperwork. he bought rifles for he and his wife to use during the deadly attacks in san bernardino back on december 2. the first pretrial hearing in the case against the officer today. she the second baltimore city police officer to be tried for freddie gray's death. goodson drove the van that carried freddie gray after his arrest.
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charges of all, a sixth officer is including second-degree depreyed heart murder, and goodson is accused of ignoring gray's request for help from inside the police van. coming u after the break,
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happening right now, the middle school families are meeting with the school representatives. they're talking about options for students as the school will remain closed for an additional two weeks. over winter break the school suffered major water damage because of some frozen pipes. it is now undergoing extensive repairs and asbestos abatement. the parent also have the option of enrolling their students for free services at the boys' and girls' club of the truckee meadows and it will include transportation, day-long activities and lunch from january 11 through the 22nd. pine middle school will return to class on monday, january 25th. silver city says it has laid off 550 nevada employees. it is about a quarter of its total work force. the company announced two weeks ago that it will stop the sale and installation of rooftop solar panels in the state. after the energy cut the rate it pays solar customers for extra power. the companies like solar city say the new rates make solar
6:33 pm
and the energy argues that the solar customers had avoided say paying some of the utility's ficked cost in the past. lit close three nevada warehouses. chick fillet wants to help you keep your new year's resolution to eat a little healthier. the fast food chain will start offering what it call as super food side later this month. it is a blend of chopped kale and brock leany topped in a maple vinaigrette dressing. it is topped with dried sour cherries and comes with a blend of roasted nuts. it sounds pretty good about now. the gourmet side is sold in two sizes a small costs $2.59 and is 140 calories. the larger one will cost you $3.79 and has 170 calories. not too bad. >> loyalty's get one. >> i'm hungry! >> coming up after the break, local major league baseball players are giving back by teaching their game to local
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we welcome back, everyone. it is another cold night out there with northern nevada sitting right around or actually above the freezing mark in a loft places. 34 degrees looks to be the magic number at this hour. with the california coast still sitting in the upper 40s and the lower 50s tonight, and we are seeing these snow showers begin to diminish across the area. as we zoom in on live doppler radar, we're starting to see the snow showers really move to the northeast tonight and really the showers are going to be gone by about the midnight hour, and then we're looking at a few left over showers on your thursday. we could see more snow but that is going to be above 7,000 feet with this winter weather advisory remaining in effect until 1:00 a.m. on thursday. now, we also have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra, that remains in effect until 10:00 tonight with slick roads out there and chain controls in effect. as we put your future cast in motion tonight, we're going to start to see this weather
6:35 pm
we're looking at some cloud cover for far western nevada and snow flurries in the sierra. early tomorrow morning we do start to see more activity across the area and throughout the day we're looking to see isolated to scattered snow showers, but nothing major until the next system which is moving in on your saturday. i'll show you that on your seven-day forecast. and for reno and sparks, down to 25 degrees with again that 50% chance of snow showers throughout the midnight hour and then tomorrow, a little bit of left over showers out there with the day time high looking to reach 38 degrees. nevada. accumulation. day time highs in the upper 20s to the mid 30s, which is really the trend across the region. we do have some cooler overnight lows in bridgeport and mammoth lakes down into the teens tonight. heading into carson city, down to 22 degrees, and then topping out at 37 degrees tomorrow with isolated snow showers possible there as well. around the lake, we're looking at overnight lows down into the
6:36 pm
and day time highs in the lower to mid 30s. maybe my hair is hitting that microphone schom 37 degrees in susanville tomorrow for the day time high with scattered snow showers and light wind. and the same story for the valley floor tonight. the 20s and then warming up into the upper 30s tomorrow. here is a look at your extended forecastment we do have a little bit of break of the storms on friday and then a slight warming trend at the beginning of the work week next week into the lower 40s. again, another system making its way in next week. but the biggest system is going to hit on saturday. i'll send it over to you guys. >> all right. >> thank you. madison. >> my hair does that all the time. poor girl. >> i know. we have sports. i haven't seen you a while with the bowl game. >> would game and i took a day off. >> you're good. >> you are talking about the baseball hall of fame. >> that's right. two new players have been added to cooperstown. snee thought it should have
6:37 pm
ask one of our producer chose is very passionate ant it. and two will be inshrined a the major league baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. start off with the kid, ken griffey jr. grif gets in in landslide fashion on his first ballot landing 99.3%. who voting against him? that is the highest percentage of all time. 630 career bombs, sixth all- time in the majors. also getting the nod, the slugging catcher mike piazza. he took 83% of the vote and as a 62ened round pick is the lowest drafted player ever to make the hall of fame. no catcher has ever hit more home runs than his 427. well, it may be john and there may be snow on the ground tburks boys of summer are in full swing over on rock boulevard. the crack of the bat can be heard at the november unf baseball factory right next to the airport. four local professional baseball players have joined forces to keep the game. that is the rangers' catcher
6:38 pm
league right-hander and the former major leaguer chris aguila make up the coaching team. the guys tell me it has been a gift to them to be able to pass on the skills of the game they love to the next generation. >> and i love getting a chance to be here and give back to these guys and pass a little of the stuff i was able to learn along the way and, you know, i'm absolutely loving what i'm doing. >> a lot of life experience happened through my career. and i want to instill all of the things that baseball has taught me, characteristics, you know, perservance, work ethic, respect, accountability. all into, you know, what we're doing here. obviously we're going to teach baseball, but more importantly we want these kids to leave this building representing the nevada baseball factory, you know, as young men that are ready for the real world and the challenges that come with it. >> life lessons as well. the nevada baseball factory coaches baseball players between the ages of 14 and 18. located at 280 south brock boulevard, suite 110 right across from the airport.
6:39 pm
hitting clinic on january 18th. you can check that out. call 230-5247. the former wolfpack corky miller is going to continue his coaching career. the cincinnati reds have announced that he will be coaching catchers to tar dayton team. he will be assigned for the same duties around the reds' organize. he spent 17 seasons in pro baseball with 11 being at the major league level with his major league mustache. the baseball dinner is right around the corner. chris sting singleton will be the keynote speaker. he played baseball and football at the university of nevada in 1992 and 199 before his sixth season career in the major leagues. he is now an analyst on espn's "baseball tonight." this year's din leer be friday, january 15th downtown. there are a few tickets still available. call or log on to and finally, we all know that sports can bring out the passion and fire in a lot of us
6:40 pm
just get as little out of hand a pennsylvania high school coach in hot water after being caught on camera allegedly assaulting a referee. he appears the head butt the referee. a different angle shows it again. he would get teed up again and get tossed out. the referee fortunately not seriously hurt. he remained on the court. the coach has been put on leave, but has not been fired as of yet. >> wow. that referee should sue that guy. >> that is assault. >> that is assault. >> you're talking about respect for the game and life lessons and baseball camp, that coach needs some. >> absolutely. you're teaching kids that are going to lead our country down the line, and that's not what they should be seeing. >> it is a little different situation, but i wouldn't think if someone made me mad to do that. >> i wouldn't think of a head butt. >> that would not be first of my list. >> let's hope it is the last time. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll be right back on news 4
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stay with us. all right. coming up tonight another 11:00, pine middle school students are still on break waiting for their school to reopen.
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school officials proposing to reopen the school and sooner rather than later that is coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00ment we'll have the story or you then. >> before we go, the first annual mile high spirching competition took place in denver, colorado today. about a dozen of spinners' best artists showcased their awesome moves to see who would bin the -- win the title of best in dlo c-- colorado. as you can see, some of the tricks were acrobatic. dangerous at times. the winner get as trip to las vegas to compete in the wold spinning championshipsment i didn't know there was a spurt of spinning. i was thinking about the spinning on the bike. >> exactly. >> no, they have been at it practicing, it looks like. bragging rights there, i guess. >> madison joins bus a final check on the forecast. more snow shower ? >> hit and mitt. >> yes. they're dying down out there, but we could still see a chance before the midnight hour and a
6:43 pm
to be the possibility of more freezing fog moving in. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. last night was not fun to deal with driving home, huh, joe? >> no, it was not. very scary. holding on tight to the wheel. >> thank you, madison.
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