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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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news four at 11 starts now. you're watching news four at 11. on your side in high definition. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i am joe hart. topping our news, washington county schools will be back in session monday except for pine middle school. it will not reopen until two weeks later. there was a water line break that cause flooding damage over the winter break at the school and is now undergoing repairs. parents got updates at a meeting and learn about alternatives.>> reporter: two meetings are being held, one in english and one him in spanish. there are 1030 students that go to pine middle school. parents need to find a place for them for two more weeks. organizations have stepped up to offer alternatives. organizations like the boys and girls club of truckee meadows
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bank are stepping up. pine middle school students will not have a building to go back to their two extra weeks. >> difficult for parents that work to find another place to their children. i'm happy that the boys and girls club's are helping out and helping out the busing. that is a really good thing.>> reporter: parents will have the option of enrolling their students for free transportation, meals, and activities. boys and girls club's will keep them for two weeks. >> it's important to have another place for them to go so they can be active and have learning activities.>> reporter: the school building was flooded due to water main break. it is now going asbestos abatement and hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.>> these were older things. he looked in their and it was quite dated. it will have a fresh remote.>> reporter: chris called,
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a blessing in disguise. it is an older building that will get new floors, carpets, cabinets, and paints. how much insurance will cover will be determined. state law will not require makeup days due to the unforeseen circumstance, but the district will make out as marcus -- much is they can by adding 15 minutes each morning to spring break.>> each class lasts over seven hours. we are going to be able to build that time back into our school day as well as on saturdays. >> reporter: the district is on schedule to open pine middle school on the 25th. for continued updates, pine middle school officials say the district webpage and its facebook page will have the most comprehensive information for parents looking to stay up- to-date.>> really a shame. thanks for the update. more
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contend with. madison corney joins us with more. >> we have some snow flurries out there. check out this video on mount rose highway. tons of snow and we have more on the way. mount rose viewers have reported 10 inches of snow with the latest system as an 11 this morning. i am sure they have reported more by now. snow is always exciting, but drivers need extra caution tonight, especially as black ice has taken over roadways. in roadway -- reno, 32 degrees, winds at three. before the newscast, we started to see snow flurries in the reno area with relative humidity at 92%. doppler radar is showing current showers towards eastern nevada. the snow flurries are beginning to make their way
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spilling into western nevada. mono county could see anywhere from an additional one him-3 inches above 7000 feet. the winter storm warning has turned into an advisory through tomorrow morning at 1 am for parts of the sierra and western nevada. taking a look at current temperatures across the region, a cold night across northern nevada, in the mid-20s in places. we have had storm after storm and we have another one on the way. i will show you a closer look at that storm track in your hit. >> thanks, medicine. in our crime watch, arena woman is charged with murder after a stabbing downtown. police responded to a fight on fourth street. when they arrived, they found michael bank eco with stab
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hospital but died from his injuries. victoria sweeting was found at an apartment complex in south reno after fleeing the scene back. officers say after they found her she admitted to stabbing the victim. no word on what started the fight in the first place. witnesses asking for the public's help in getting information in connection to the shooting in reno, a drive- by shooting in early december. officials say it began when several uninvited people arrived at the five drive party and were asked to leave after --. after leaving, they returned and then began firing at the house. a 19-year-old woman was killed in shooting along with two others who were injured. an early tip provided information on this investigation, but detectives on the case are asking for more information as they proceed.
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witnesses asking for credible information and offering award. if you have information on the stabbing or shooting, call secret witness. you will remain anonymous. scary moments for customers at a restaurant when a driver in the parking lot the gas pedal instead of the brake today at the red robin on kinski lane. a red jeep cherokee ended up here. the driver and her passenger are okay. one patron was a little shaken up. humboldt county deputies have solved the cold case that goes back 12 years. detectives followed up on some new leads ended up arresting 57- year-old pam one of lcoe. she is suspected of killing her husband, james irwin. the victims remains were found in a shallow grave south of golconda. the biggest challenge was
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little information to go on. carson city deputies have identified the two suspects who burglarized a ridgefield drive home last month. carson city officials say the first suspect is keith gearhart. he is a white mail about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. officials say the second suspect is kayla robbins. she is a white female about 5 feet tall and 100 and she is a white female about 5 feet tall and 130 pounds. they used to 2010 black kia soul with nevada plates to flee the scene. they also have warrants for burglary and grand larceny issued on them. anyone with information should call the sheriff's office at the number listed on the screen. a follow-up on the controversial homework assignment given out to date in high school students. the teacher, elizabeth clausen, has been placed on temporary lead. students have taken to stow to -- student media voicing support.
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between the photo you see here and how it represents our nation's history. her students have been studying this photo for five months and they say that there's nothing wrong with it. klausen's students are not happy, they say, with the way the situation has been handled.>> the way everyone is looking at the situation, they don't know the context of what's going on and they don't know we are forming our own opinions. >> officials with the district say they are investigating situation. the students have made # free klausen that is trending on social media. nevada's education savings account program has not started, but resources -- carson city judge has been asked to stop it already. james wilson is weighing arguments on whether the program violates the constitution. the lawsuit was brought forward by parents concern that the school choice program will take public money away from public schools, harming the public
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around $5000 per student to qualifying families who can use the money for private school, homeschooling, or other educational needs or programs. this is the third legal challenge the program is facing. two our constitutional challenges. as a parent, i feel the legislation will take money out of the public schools which are already underfunded, and it needs to stay in the public school. it is public funds. lawrence vandyke says the plaintiffs must prove harm and since the program has not been implemented, he says their concerns are only speculative. no word on when the judge will issue his ruling, but both sides have said they will appeal. that means the case will most likely end up before the nevada supreme court. nevada is set to receive around $40 million in federal funds for conservation problem --
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announcement today. sandoval says the funds will be used to improve recreational area's, reduce wildfires, and support wildlife habitats. the money will come from the department of the interior. a nevada solar company has announced laying off almost a quarter of its workforce. solar city will trim 550 jobs as it stops selling and installing rooftop solar panels in nevada. the company blames the energy for cutting the rate it pays customers for extra power. the governor has come under fire for net metering but he released a statement saying the governor has supported the solar industry in nevada. another presidential candidate is setting is sites on northern nevada. don kasich will hold a rally -- john kasich will hold a rally next tuesday. tickets are not required, but you are encouraged rsvp if you
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the event kicks off around 1:45 in the afternoon tuesday. reno's official daytime high
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average highs welcome back. el nio storms are burying parts of california underwater. some were trapped in their cars by high water. it was nearly up to the windows. lifeguards help rescued some people in the rising waters. more than 100 collisions were reported by 3:00 this afternoon. north of passing road, high
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ripping a water tank in half if you can imagine that and knocking down trees and power lines. at least one him home was flipped over, a lot of damage throughout the golden state's. let's check in with madison to find out what's going on around here.>> just before the new cast -- newscast we started seeing flurries outside of reno. we are sitting right at 32 with light winds out of the south southeast at 3 miles an hour. relative humidity at 92. tonight we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 1 am tomorrow morning. really, the places getting hit is sierra crest and mono county with up to three up to 3 inches possible tonight and more above 7000 feet. on radar we have activity out there, so that 50% chance of precipitation through midnight is coming true. we have showers to the north of winnemucca and towards lcoe as
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as we head to western nevada, the reno sparks and surrounding areas seeing snow flurries. we're expecting them to diminish by the early morning hours. tomorrow we will see left over showers with the system before the next one moves and which i will show you on the seven-day. future cast looking at some cloud cover some snow flurries making their way through. by eight we start to see a little more activity in the sierra and a little bit spilling over into western nevada. it will depend on where you are tomorrow and the timing of the system. we're going to see isolated and scattered snow showers making their way towards eastern nevada by the afternoon. reno and sparks reaching 25 degrees. still have the 50% chance of snow right now. that is good news. tomorrow, we top out at 38 with isolated snow showers throughout the day. here is look at eastern nevada. that is where they will see the possibility for accumulation, up to 2 inches possible tomorrow. light winds and highs in the upper 20s to low 30s. west and fallon, we're looking
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cooler for bridgeport and mammoth lakes into the teens. through fallon we will see more of a mix of rain and snow. carson city, isolated snow showers possible with a daytime high reaching 37 and the overnight low into the lower 20s. around the lake, daytime highs right around or above freezing. a cool night in truckee, down to 15 their tonight. north to susanville, a chance for scattered snow showers. a daytime high tomorrow in the mid to upper 30s across the board. overnight lows in the 20s. only a few places are dipping down in the teens. we're sticking mostly to the lower and mid 20s. here's a look at your extended forecast. the next system will move in late writing night and last throughout saturday. in south lake tahoe we have a 70% chance for snow showers and then a break around the lake on sunday ahead of another system making its way in for the
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carson city and reno going to see a break on friday. that system also affecting a saturday as well. less of a chance on saturday for the lower elevations, looking at about a 40% chance they are. still something else moving in.>> more snow totals in the mountains? >> the timing is interesting. we could see a few inches to a foot. it is far out to predict that, but we could see a foot depending on how quickly it moves in. when we return,
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basketball team took on an old the wolfpack basketball team cooked off -- kicked off the first of the two game conference on the road. facing fresno state in the central valley. this went south in a hurry for the silver and blue. fresno state open the game on its way to a 35-0 lead. nevada would be down 17 at the break. first half, cameron oliver working the baseline slams at home with one hand. nevada gets thumped after a frigid start, 85-63. they will bounce back on saturday against the air force academy. welcomes are 10-5 on the year. they lost a wyoming today. in early two begins air force will get things going at 11
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mcgee said ring -- settling into his home in dallas. too easy in the third. they win the ballgame 100-91. women's basketball at home, first half, average on the hardwood. she finished with 11 in the second half. toby in the corner, knocks down a three. nevada tries to come back and makes a run. zeller on the outside, fresno state holds on to win this 69- 67. they will host air force on saturday. two more names will be enshrined in the hall of fame in cooperstown. ken griffey junior gets in ends landslide -- in landslide fashion, the highest percentage
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630 career home times, -- home runs, six on the all-time list. it may be january, it is still snowing across northern nevada, but the boys of summer are getting work on rock boulevard. >> the crack or peanut the bat can be heard at the baseball factory next to the airport. for probe baseball players have joined forces to teach the future of this game. right there was chris aguila, the former major league a. they want to be able to pass on the skills of the game they love to the next generation. >> i love getting the chance to give back to these guys and
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learn along the way. i am absolutely loving what i'm doing. >> a lot of life experience happened through my career. i want to instill the thing has taught me, characteristics, perseverance, worth ethic -- work ethic. the most important thing is for the kids to leave the building representing the novato baseball factory as young men ready for the real world and challenges that come with it.>> they coached baseball players between age 14-18. they are located at south rock located at s. rock blvd., suite 110, across from the airport. they will be hosting a hitting clinic soon. for more information, call 230 call 230-5247. former wolfpack player corky miller
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the back stop will be coaching catchers for the dayton that is the single affiliate. he has also signed for the same duties for teams of the reds organization around the lead. corky spent 17 seasons, 11 of them at the major-league level. i am happy to report tonight he still has the mustache. >> good.>> i remember interviewing him, he would come out with a nascar cap on with the big shift glasses and a mustache. >> it worked for him. that was a good group for nevada baseball. >> a good group. rassner is in their -- there. >> thanks, brian. stay with us.
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news for at 11 continues right it was a big day, hundreds of nevadans headed to the california state line to try their luck at some big winnings.
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$500 million. because nevada is one him of seven states without the lottery, people headed to go branch to step over the state line and buy their tickets. the line stretched out the door and people waited in the snow. just to have a chance at the half $1 billion jackpot.>> i have been in nevada for 17 years. 17 is my lucky number. today i'm taking a shot.>> that powerball drawing will have -- is up to $675 million, the largest ever recorded in us history. to learn more about the efforts to bring lottery to nevada, watch the full story on my news >> i will be a cold ranch. i didn't have -- at go branch. i didn't -- gold ranch.
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we have a reports of freezing tonight, not as bad as last night. that could affect the morning commute. definitely not as bad as last night. we do have some snow flurries out there tonight as well. we had a 50% chance to see that tonight. it is happening. i'm pretty happy about it. tomorrow, isolated and
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