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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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. >> after no 11 when did not powerball jackpot, it continues to build. how long some people are waiting in line to win the largest jackpot in u.s. history. news four at five starts now. and good evening everyone, thanks for joining us tonight, i'm joe harsh. >> the washoe county school district will get a question on the ballot that asks whether or not you support a tax increase to ease school overcrowding. terri hendry has more arm with this could mean to you the taxpayer on this on your side report. >> there is a lot of state for the school system. there is a lot we don't know
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that committee that is working to put this on the ballot made one key decision today voting unanimously to put this to the voters as a yes or no question. they hope to read between six to $800 million. this new revenue would help pay for school repairs and maintenance. they say without this investment all high schools and schools will see double sessions. within five years they say all elementary schools will see multitrack schedules. how will they raise this additional money? they are focusing on sales and property tax increases. >> it's important to understand this isn't funded by another source. this wasn't and brian sandoval's wonderful investment, this was funded by choices that they make on a periodic basis in the county to fund repair and maintenance of the schools. >> coming up tonight at six i will share more what is being considered and the impact to
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in other news yesterday we told you about the decision by the public utilities commission to cut incentives for residential solar users. today we talked with one of those him and, olivia, a lot of people are affected by this decision. >> not only our residents worried about what this means for their energy use, but like we saw with solar city yesterday, other solar companies are closing up shop. >> it is shockingly dramatic how quickly the new rules are having an impact. >> read hamilton founded hamilton solar. >> nevada is one of the sunniest states in the country. >> reporter: with his sights set on what he thought would be a booming industry. >> personally i'm embarrassed our stated doing this. >> reporter: but like -- like many other companies, hamilton is cutting his staff and in some places
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without incentives from the -- energy company, installing solar panels is no longer affordable. >> i had lots of business for half of 2016. half of those customers called and canceled. >> but this man already installed solar panels on his house years ago. >> i actually got a $5000 check from the energy company which was part of the energy program that the customers all paid into. >> reporter: he is cut -- recovering from surgery and did not want to go on camera but he said he is disappointed he will no longer receive incentives from his energy company for providing extra power to the grid. >> i don't think the energy really cares for to much solar or wind. it cuts into its bottom line. >> and he predicts the puc decision will force him to pay more for power in the future. >> it sounds like over the next five years they will start attacking and fees for those who have solar to come in and offset. they will find ways to get their money back.
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the decision affect our bills, it could also impact the environment. >> it will have a negative impact on us as a community and a major negative impact on the environment. >> reporter: the public utilities commission is scheduled to reconsider its decision on solar at a meeting next wednesday at 9:30 a.m. if you want to read more and see some decisions involve, head to my news >> thanks olivia. coming up tonight at six, some viewers asked how they can get involved and have their voices heard. i have some answers for each of a coming up on my asks joe segment at six. a 19-year-old man died after falling through the eyes and into it on this morning according to battalion chief mark winkelmann tech the man died after being the water for about 30 minutes at paradise park. witnesses saw him fall in and were quickly able to call authorities who took him to renowned.
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the ice, and if you see someone who does fall and, please don't try to help them yourself, call 911 immediately. a local man has pleaded not guilty after being charged with human trafficking. kevin fleming is accused of offering up a 14-year-old girl for restitution in my not in williston north dakota. he is arguing the state repealed the human trafficking part of the law under which the resident is being charged, and they are also arguing that a new line did not go into effect until fleming's alleged crime. the case is being studied by a district judge. also on crime what's right, washoe asking for the public's help identifying a suspect in an armed robbery at the sun valley 711 just before 3:30 this morning. deputies responded to the store on the 5700 block of sun valley boulevard. the suspect is described as a white male adults, about 6 feet
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blue mask and brown overalls authorities say the suspect left the scene in a grey or silver four-door sedan with black wheels. anyone with information on the robbery is asked to contact secret witness on the number 322-4900. >> sunny skies were the norm today, a nice friday afternoon but that might not be case throughout the weekend. we check in with madison corney brings us up to date with our first look at the forecast. tomorrow will be in adjusting day. >> it sure will but right now on doppler radar nothing to talk about but that won't remain the case later in the evening. we do have a winter weather advisory that will take affect for the sierra at 10:00 o'clock can remain in effect throughout the day tomorrow. this system is a week pacific storm system so not expecting a lot of accumulation but travel will be delayed tomorrow. we will see a few inches of snow on the roadways. reno 39 degrees right now,
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light winds about 6 miles per hour. and we look at the 24 hour day planner, this gives you a better idea of when the snow is expected to move in. 8:00 o'clock we see mostly cloudy skies, by midnight clouds all over, and former a.m. is when we start to see this though hit the sierra and spill over into western nevada. during the day we could have a bit of a break in by saturday night we are expecting even more snow to make its way in. with the system we are only expecting a few inches in the sierra and then simply and inch on the valley floor. i would have a closer look at this for you in just a few minutes in the full forecast. all right, tay medicine. what will be the largest jackpot ever wanted the u.s., the frenzy over powerball tomorrow's price past $800 million, and it is still growing . northern nevada members have been in line waiting to buy their tickets.
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stretched from was a half a mile along i-80 as locals across the state line to submit their numbers. news four went out to talk to some who were waiting up to 2.5 hours to see what people planned to do if they won those millions. >> i would give a quarter to my son and his family, i would make uncle sam so happy, he would be my best friend, and i'm going to travel. >> i'll be her best friend. for anyone who still want to buy a powerball ticket, you have until 7:00 o'clock local time tomorrow night to get your numbers. if no one was tomorrow night, wednesday's pot will be worth more than $1 billion. >> i'm waiting for that to get my ticket. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is expected to make a campaign stop in northern nevada this weekend. he is holding a campaign rally at the reno all room sunday afternoon afternoon. doors open around 11 and the event kicks off at 1:00 o'clock.
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reno >> and ohio governor john kasich is bringing his republican campaign for president to northern nevada for the first time next week. he plans to meet with voters in reno onto the at the washoe county republican headquarters on south virginia street. that event is open to the public and begins at one. five and doors open at 1:15. this music comes six was before the republican caucuses which will be held on february 23. > > coming up joaqumn guzman loera l chappell guzman had been captured. what authorities found during their raid. plus. >> authorities arrested two refugees helping isis here in the u.s. where one suspect called home is closer than you might think. we'll have that straight ahead.
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sto . welcome back, drug lord joaqumn guzman loera guzman was arrested today after a reported shootout with my skin marines in his home state of sinaloa. officials said five people were killed and one mexican marine was wounded in the clash. says suspects have since been arrested. they said marines seized two armored vehicles, eight rifles, a handgun, and a rocket propelled grenade launcher in
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officials for various criminal charges including cocaine smuggling and money laundering. >> a man using a stolen gun from police said he was acting in the name of islam when he ambushed an officer sitting in his marked cruiser last night. police say 30-year-old edward archer fired more than a dozen shots at point blank range, hitting officer jesse hartnett. both the officer and suspect were wounded during the barrage of gunfire. this was in philadelphia. archer also pledged allegiance to the islamic state group when he was questioned after his arrest. police commissioner richard ross said archer told police that he believed the department defends laws that are contrary to islam. police said there was no indication anyone else was involved but ross said it stands to reason there is more unknown then known. federal authorities have
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related charges. the justice department says hi don entered the u.s. as an iraqi refugee in 2009 and was a legal -- granted legal permanent status in 2011. he was arrested by agents thursday and charged with attempting to provide merit -- material support to isis and other charges. meanwhile 23-year-old eyes mohammed a sacramento had been charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism. he also appeared in court today. >> from the 2015 attacks in san bernardino to north korea claiming it had tested a hydrogen bomb, issues of national security are dominating the news cycle. >> christine frizzell take a look
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advantage political ads offering tough talk on terrorism and national security. americans fears have shifted rapidly in the past months since the terror attacks in the shooting in san bernardino bernardino. >> reporter: that rapid shift has put national security to a top -- concern. federal lawmakers on both sides of the i agree it should be. >> national security is the top issue this year, and i think it's going to stay that way. >> instead of spending time on repealing healthcare, what we ought to focus on, and national security, order security. >> typically republicans are seen stronger on national security and terrorism but extra point out top gop candidates lack experience in that arena and that could open the door for the democratic front runner. >> you think hillary clinton would be just as strong on national security? she's a democrat as the former secretary of state.
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shows americans disapprove of the president's handling of isis and terrorism. gop candidates council a making that link to his former secretary of state. >> stretching from the clinton to obama administration with hillary clinton as secretary of state, consistently they make the same mistakes over and over again. >> reporter: meanwhile stock market but relations highlight that the economy is not out of the picture. >> you are not going to see the economy go away. there are still 2 million or more people long-term unemployed in this country. >> reporter: in washington, christine frizzell reporting. >> just over -- in just over three weeks the hokies' will kick off in iowa for the republicans. the president is fighting back by be doing it will that would blow away with his health care law thursday house speaker ryan signed a republican inspired legislation appealing obamacare and defund planned parenthood
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would reverse the significant progress that we've made in improving healthcare in america. the health care plan was made law in 2010 and ever since many republican lawmakers have bought it claiming it is costly and ineffective. the president disagrees saying it is fire than before, and with butter consumer protections. before you finalize any plans for the weekend, you might have some rain or snow to take in consideration. madison corney joins us with a complete look at the friday forecast. >> that's right, we have quite a it of activity making its way late tonight and early tomorrow . here's a look at our official daytime high in reno, 42 degrees. still slightly below average for this time of year but warming up compared to what we have seen. we also have a morning low right on the money, 25 degrees, our average for this time of year. on radar not much to talk about but as we hit 11:00 o'clock we start to see cloud cover making its way in and then he went to
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for the sierra at 10:00 o'clock and remains in effect throughout the day tomorrow. this is a weaker system making its way in, only a few inches of accumulation expected in the sierra and spilling over into western nevada tomorrow. right now reno 39, partly cloudy skies with light winds out of the south southwest about 6 miles per hour, and around the area, lake specifically, we dropped down into the 20s already tonight. it's going to be a cool night especially in truckee. on satellite radar we are watching the next low pressure system make its way in across northern california. when we put futurecast in motion, 1:00 o'clock we see quite a bit of cloud cover across the sierra and western nevada. a few hours later we look to see snow showers in the sierra, isolated and scattered in nature and picking up around the afternoon hours for the sierra, and spilling over into far western nevada throughout the afternoon and evening. in
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victim election and possibly by the end of the day tomorrow 1 inch on the valley floors for reno and sparks. 26 degrees tonight, mostly cloudy skies, and chance first no beginning around after 10:00 o'clock in remaining throughout the day tomorrow. the daytime high looking to reach 42 degrees . we're not expecting a lot of accumulation. transfer snow in eating nevada with daytime highs 30s. as we head west tonight into fallon, 21 degrees and expecting stands -- scattered snow showers tomorrow with winds out of the southeast. carson city looking to get down to 26 degrees in reaching lower 40s by tomorrow. around the lake is where we are talking about one to 2 inches of it, relation at lake level with daytime highs at the freezing mark or a little above at 36 degrees for south lake tahoe. heading to steubenville, m- uppercase-letter no time -- snow showers change there as
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tonight overnight lows in the mid 20s across the board, and we are looking at mid-to upper 30s and lower 40s for reno and sparks. extended forecast you see another little break in the storm with sunshine on sunday, and then we have another system making its way in by monday, and then really a lasting throughout the work week. we will see temperatures warm up to the lower 40s. reno a 50 percent chance of snowstorms tomorrow and we see a 40-degree temperature across the board for the daytime highs next workweek with two different systems working to make their way here in. a community and celebrating after receiving a national attention for their work on the gridiron. how one highschooler is using the spotlight to bring
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topic. . >> i had for us, what we learned about a man caught on camera as he allegedly ambushed a police officer. is there a isis connection? we will have the details on the capture of "el chapo" guzman, what happens to him now. and the bill clinton conversations reveal what he was told tony blair about george w. bush and saddam hussein. coming up tonight at six, the two middle eastern refugees or appeared in court today for supporting islamic militant groups are raising eyebrows across the country. we will have a full breakdown of how this raises concerns about the residents plan to resettle syrian refugees in the u.s.. students at a virginia high
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their school was chosen as one of five national winners at that together we make football contest. the football team was recognized for a special ceremony that they do every year to honor service members killed in action, in addition to recognizing different service members. one football player is given the number of each game of wearing the number of bucky anderson, number 21, who played football at broadway and died in 2010 in afghanistan.'s mother nominated the team in a super bowl contest and she will get the tickets to the team. >> quite a inspiration. we check in with madison. how was friday night looking. >> until midnight if, it's clear . we will see the clouds move in then, and before sunrise we start to see snow hit the sierra and spillover to the valley floor. a very weak storm system. we are going to see it, but little accumulation
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