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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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operations are likely next tech that it because he decided in december to stop ash the power company decided to stop metering payments to solar customers. that made installing solar not worth the investment and not longer affordable. >> you disappointed he will no longer receive incentives for the extra power he can send to the energy grid. he will not be surprised if he had to start paying more for his power now. >> it sounds like over the next five years they will start packing on fees for those who have solar to offset that i don't pay up our bill anymore. the public utilities commission is scheduled to meet next week to reconsider their decision about solar. that meeting is at nine 30:00 thursday.
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in just a few minutes we will follow the latest developments on this solar issue in the public utilities commission. can you have your say in the process? that is was some viewers are asking. i will have answers for that coming up in my asked joe segment. and new tonight school overcrowding could become a bigger problem but it is an issue you could have your say on this november. we look at what a ballot question means for schools and taxpayers in tonight's on your side report. >> reporter: it is now clear, you will be asked whether or not you support certain tax hikes pick some say they are necessary to avoid higher consequences of school overcrowding. >> this is the most important issue confronting education in washoe county. >> reporter: the school district is to generate between six to $800 million. that additional money would build new schools and repair old ones.
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understand this is not funded by another source, this wasn't brian sandoval's wonderful investment, this was funded by choices that they make on a periodic basis in this county to fund the repair and maintenance. >> reporter: he says without this investment all high schools and middle schools will see double sessions, and all elementary schools will see multitrack schedules within five years. dot community is focusing on raising sales and property taxes. april hike in sales tax would be a half a cent. as for property owners, they are already paying the maximum allowed by law, and voters would have to agree to override that cat. >> i don't what to alarm anybody is a our tax bill is going up, but it would be the only way that that would occur, is if the voters of this in november. >> reporter: what was taken off the table were three other possibilities picked the committee -- committee decided a hike on the real estate transit tax might term -- hurt
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some said registering your motor vehicle is now more expensive than in california, so that dmv tax, governmental services tax, was also taken off the table. members said raising the hotel room tax was not doable. >> and you really can't stumble the room tax here in washington -- washoe county and maintain the account -- economy. >> reporter: some argue raising roommates would make them among the highest in the nation. the committee meets again in two we send the decide whether one tax or combination of of two tax increases will appear on the ballot. >> reporter: here's a quick pick outside tech medicine corney joins us with a first look. when is the next storm set to moving? >> we are looking at quite a bit of cloud cover making its way in tonight and the first know is expected in the early morning hours tomorrow. a winter weather advisory will take effect at 10:00 o'clock tonight for the sierra take if
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tonight or tomorrow, they will be delays, slippery roads, and chains will be in a fact. that will remain in effect throughout the day on saturday. doppler live radar right now, it's quiet right now, but that will not be made the story later tonight. here's a look at current conditions: reno 34, like wind at about the miles an hour, relative humidity 45 percent. they plane gives you a better idea when we will start to see snow making its way in heck we are looking to see snow on the valley floors or in the sierra right before sunrise. we've got kind of a break-in early morning hours and did take, and in the afternoon we will see some light snow showers. definitely a storm moving in but we care in nature than what we have seen the last couple weeks. we will look at the snow totals possible in the forecast in a few minutes. >> reporter:
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through the ice into a pond. according to battalion chief mark winkelmann with the fire department, he died after being in the water around 30 minutes at paradise park off of ill rancho. witnesses say they saw him fall in and were able to call authorities quickly. authorities been transported him to renowned pick officials want to remind people to stay off the ice, you never know how feeling or thicket might be. if you see someone who falls in, do not try to save them yourself, call 911 immediately. >> in crimewatch a carson city man pled not guilty after being charged with human trafficking. kevin fleming is accused of offering a 14-year-old girl for prostitution in my not and williston north dakota. his attorneys arguing the state repealed the human trafficking portion of the law under which the man is being charged with the they are also arguing that a new life did not go into effect
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crime pick the case is being investigated by a district judge . carson city sheriff's office and other agencies throughout the state will be participating in joining forces through the month of january with the focus on speeding drivers and cracking down on them. speed is a big factor in serious injuries, and when this but i would have goes does the possibility of tragedy. most motorists are not really speeding is as risky as other behaviors. according to many organizations, there are many consequences to going too fast. the goal of these campaigns is to save lives by increasing public awareness about the dangers of making poor choices while driving. this weekend's drawing for the powerball will be the largest lottery jackpot in history. the jackpot estimated to be about $800 million on saturday.
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record for lottery payouts in million. imagine for a second, if you won the powerball lottery, you would have made more with one ticketthan some of the world's highest-paid celebrities, like floyd mayweather the boxer, taylor swift, garth brooks and katy perry combined. the cash payout is more than $428 million and you could still top that list. but don't get your hopes up just yet, the odds of winning are one in 292 million. >> the video you're looking at was taken at the gold ranch casino. hundreds of people gathered there for a chance to win and become one of the richest people in the world. some in-line had been waiting for over two hours to test their luck with lady liberty.
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it is a paint job. it would make life a little easier. >> it's still not too late to buy a ticket alongside with other locations. the gold ranch casino will be selling tickets on till 8:00 o'clock. can buy tickets until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night. time now for our web poll question. we wanted to know if you plan to buy a powerball ticket. 37 percent say yes, 63 percent say no. there is still plenty of time to vote. win, who knows? >> still ahead, more on the issue of had metering and solar power rates. i will tell you what i found out in my asked joe segment.
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st . >> we ask a question about a controversial issue, the state policy the -- re: solar power and metering rates. what can a working person do to convince the public utility commission to reverse its decision that is impacting so
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that is a question from mike gross in reno on the asked joe file. mike, you have a chance to have your voice heard when option is rector representative in the legislative. the public utility operates independently pick your best bet is to attend the next meeting of the public utilities commission, held at 9:30 in carson city, 1150 east william street at the puc headquarters in meeting room at a. it is expected that will be a moped -- boat on the recommendations that had been made, controversial recommendations at this point. there is definitely time set aside at the beginning of the meeting for the comment, so that is a good chance to have your voice heard. also the agenda has been posted at various locations we -- including the washoe county courthouse. if you want to get a closer look at what is on the agenda, stop by and take a look they're
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process, and the like comment in spite of that process. they queue mike for sending in a question pick if you have a question, send me an e-mail at my e-mail address. put in the subject line, i will do my best to track down whatever answers you are looking for. uk go to disneyland by winning the super bowl or you can work for the owner of the midtown clothing exchange, who has been sending her coworkers on vacation. we got their reaction. >> reporter: the employees of junkie a jumping for joy as they find out they are going to disneyland, all thanks to who? their boss. >> everything i accomplished and failed at, this means so much to me that a small business can actually pull this off. >> reporter: after a year of
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a bus to go and a place to stay for an entire week. >> everybody is going to freak out when i meet mickey. i'm not five but i don't know if big puppets do that much for me. >> reporter: the whole trip would not have been helpful with help of the midtown district. >> reporter: i call upon my midtown business owner friend and asked him to help me out, and they are all doing shifts. the fact they are pitching in is great. >> reporter: owners from recycled records and living stone church have donated time to help run the store while schrader and her crew lived up in california. >> this will be a hoot to be giving opinions what people should be wearing. >> i'm definitely excited. they always look like they are having a ton of fun there. ione told my friend to come say hi to me while i'm working.
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local business is a great and, business owners helping each other out can set them out from the rest. >> we think it is great to have a little community i've indict think that is why he grew so strong and so fast. >> reporter: the other midtown business owners helping run it are listed here. junkie employees will leave this monday and come back friday. state connected to our facebook page and see it reaches from their trip. we turn things over to medicine corney who had been following the storm making its way. medicine, not quite as much as we saw earlier this week. >> we might have vanished by the end of saturday. here is a look at our official daytime high. 42 degrees today, below average but getting warmer than what we have seen the last couple weeks. a low of 42 degrees is right on average for this time of year year.
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of the northwest about three, and visibility at 59 percent. looking around the area, very cold around the lake. truckee down to 21 degrees in carson city dropping below the freezing mark as well. on live doppler radar, not much going on but later tonight we are going to see activity, especially round the sierra which has a winter weather advisory take effect 10:00 o'clock. you will see chain controls in effect. we are expecting at least a few inches in the sierra's. we are watching the next weather system make its way in but this is a weaker system than what we have seen in the last couple weeks. sierra. the highest crests of the as far as spillover into western nevada, only about an inch of accumulation if that.
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midnight and7:00 a.m. we start to see snow hit the sierra, and by afternoon we see snow showers spilling over into far western nevada. the showers received will be scattered and isolated in nature so it depends on where you are. reno sparks down to 26 with mostly cloudy skies. after 10:00 o'clock we could see a chance for some snow showers but looking for two tomorrow for scattered showers. mostly cloudy sky and a high of 42 with light winds across the region. is in nevada, chance first no showers tomorrow, daytime highs in the upper 20s and low 30s. west into tahoe, about 21 degrees cooler from bridgeport into the teens and even a single digit for around mountain down to 6 degrees. carson city mid-twenties, warming up to mid 40s tomorrow, chance of scattered showers as well.
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talking about a community, one to 2 inches at lake level with daytime highs around the freezing mark in south lake tahoe, topping up -- popping off at 36. on the valley for tonight for reno and sparks, looking at mid- 20s for overnight lows, like up north and daytime highs upper 30s and reno sparks looking to reach 40s tomorrow. extended forecast you see a break again. we had a mix of sunshine and cloud but we will see that same chance on sunday. partly cloudy skies and another system moving in on monday. this system is hard to predict right now but we still have a 30 percent chance across the region of seeing some showers on monday, and another big on tuesday, and another storm, really? the little break was nice but it is still good to see all
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>> it is really rolling in. i will take it. nice. >> last year we would have been happy to have anything. thank you. >> coming up after the break, one illinois girl is devastated when she did not see her favorite star wars character , in the new wars edition of the star wars monopoly game. y
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to include rape . >> welcome back. and evanston illinois girl wrote a letter to has drove to complain that the lead e-mail character had been left out of the latest star wars monopoly
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how does that happen? the company was happy to respond that they female character ray will be released in the next edition. >> according to the company they did not want to give away any details about the new movie. regina waldrop has more from the little girl. >> i am very annoyed and frustrated. >> reporter: that is how amy rose felt when she found out ray her character wasn't included in the star wars game. >> i mean, come on, she's the main character. without her, there would be no force awakens. >> reporter: the third writer took action writing a letter which a mother treated to game maker hasbro. >> woman can be a strong as men. girls matter. >> reporter: hasbro initially replied that ray was left out to avoid spoilers but tweeted we love your passion for ray and
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know she will be in the star wars game later this year. >> how do you feel about that? >> i feel very glad and proud. >> i feel it's important for kids to be able to feel like their boy scouts. >> the mother comes from a family of enthusiasts. >> they really listened and responded. >> they traveled all the way to london. they are big-time fan. >> that was regina waldroup reporting. coming up after break, one of the world's most dangerous man -- man had been captured after a gutsy escape from a maximum security prison six months ago.
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guzman when we return. welcome back everyone. a potential terror threat was a burden. two middle eastern refugees, one from california, one from texas, appeared in court for supporting islamic militant groups. the cases are not connected. >> these arrests come amid concerns about the president's plan to resettle syrian refugees in the u.s. here's national correspondent jeff barne with more. >> reporter: 20-year-old joaqumn guzman loera a sacramento faces charges of making false statements and global terrorism. twenty-four-year-old omar faraj saeed al hardan attempting to provide material support to isis.
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came as concerns have been recently raised regarding the u.s. allowing refugees on the soil. later the house passed measure to allow fast the chairman stretch friday the senate to act now to passes measure to strengthen the vetting process. >> we have to iraq is that came through the refugee program. one actually traveled to syria to train and come back as a foreign fighter. if this is not enough evidence at the why we need this legislation passed, then i don't know what more is necessary. >> reporter: other lawmakers we talked to credit the law enforcement community for their diligence in these arrests. >> am i concerned about terrorists coming in? absolutely. the why think we need to have them in a legitimate system so we can monitor their activities? yes.
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they were caught. >> most people who have done harm to our country have been americans. >> reporter: immigration officials say they are merely 2300 syrian official -- refugees here on american soil and the un referred nearly 53,000 syrian refugees for resettlement to the u.s. later this year. i'm jeff barne reporting from washington. >> if convicted trantor faces up to eight beers and al hardan faces 20 years behind bars, both looking at a maximum fine of $250,000 each. >> although arrests have been made there are other terrorism related things going on, including an egypt pick allison starling has more from the terrorism other desk in washington tonight. >> from the terrorism alert desk
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terror arrest in california and texas as well as the isis inspired attack on a philadelphia officer are leading headlines there are other terror investigations underway around the world as well. in egypt to tourists were staffed during an attack on a hotel in a resort city the suspect are expected to have arrived by sea and carried isis flags. police shot and killed one of the suspects. the two tourists who were swedish were hospitalized picked this comes one day after a terror attack in cairo new the pyramids. no one was hurt in that attack. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. >> the house benghazi committee announced the names are testifying behind closed doors on the september 112012 attack on the u.s. embassy in the be yet. the attack by militants attack -- killed four americans. this
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cheryl attkisson, new information indicates a rescue mission was apparently stopped. you can find the full measure right here on news4 set sunday morning. drug king "el chapp guzman has been captured today, six months after a gutsy escape from a maximum security prison. he was arrested after a shootout with mexican marines in the city of lose much is in his home state of sinaloa. my skin officials said five people were killed and one mexican marine injured in the class. six suspects have been arrested had been mexican navy said they seized two armored vehicles, eight rifles, one handgun, and a rocket propelled grenade launcher in the right. whose mind is wanted by the u.s. government for various charges including cocaine smuggling and money laundering. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen appeared before texas judge today.
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thursday, more than a week after authorities detain her with her son. she is accused of helping her son free to order by our to after he missed a probation meeting. ethan couch is on probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. his argues -- lawyers argued he was too rich and spoiled to understand the consequences of his actions.'s mother is charged with hindering her son's apprehension. ethan couch is still in mexico. last week a judge granted him a temporary stay. >> boston police made an arrest of best -- for the shooting of an arrest -- officer in a dorchester neighborhood. local news outlets are reporting the officer was a plainclothes officer working in a drug control unit. he was shot in the leg and rest to a local hospital. the suspect was taken into custody and a gun was recovered . the injured officer is
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five years ago a gunman opened fire in a grocery store parking lot. the incident claim six lives in injured 13 others including former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords pick and a partial a 10:10 a.m. mountain time today bells rang out across the state in remembrance of that day. a small billowing out for every person who died or was injured in tucson. sojourn the president vetoed legislation that would have repealed the affordable care act and cut federal funding for planned parenthood. it is one of many measures pushed by republican lawmakers in 2010 when the president signed the program into law. the bill goes back to the republican-led congress which does not have the votes at this point to override the veto. and north dakota man is in custody in the capital after authorities say he a planned to hit nap one of president obama's dogs. agents arrested this man in his
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wednesday based on a tip of the minnesota -- minnesota field office. agents found the arsenal of ammunition and weapons in his truck. during an interview he told agents he was jesus and that he was running for president. he also said he was the son of marilyn monroe and john f. kennedy and moving to washington to advocate for $99 a month healthcare. he is charged with possessing a unregisteredirearm and ammunition. if you gotta bid for christmas you might take the information -- sort of
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. >> a scary bayham florida when a truck overturned on a turnpike spilling precious cargo. look at the penske truck that overturned on the turnpike in miami spilling thousands of years of shoes onto the turnpike . medics attended to injured has news on the. known. the crash closed several miles of highway for several hours as crews had to clean up and pick up all those shoes and take
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>> consumer new tonight, fit hit with a class-action lawsuit over the heart rate tracking on two of its wristband models. a group of customers claimed the heart monitor on the fitbit search cannot accurately measure heart rates as advertised, especially during intense exercise. one woman says her actual heartbeat during a workout was nearly twice as high as perfect indicated. the company said it stand by its technology but it warns that the wristbands are not intended to be used as medical devices. a fall hazard prompted office depot to recall about 300,000 office chairs. the recall involves a. the chairs like seen here at office depot and officemax theirs -- stores online and at stores through september of last year for about $140. office depot has received eight reports of
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breaking on these chairs. no injuries reported. consumers should stop using the chair and contact office depot to receive a free place and see plates to install yourself. united airlines is facing $2.7 million in fines from the federal government for violating consumer rules that protect disabled passengers and long tarmac delays. according to the transportation department the number of disability complaints regarding united was up significantly in 2014. a review found passengers with disabilities did not get props service getting on and off planes, and in many cases they damaged mobility devices. united is committed to meeting all department rule. >> starting today and tnt will stop offering two years contract for subsidized smart phones. customers will now have to pay the full price of the phone
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over time. according to technology website recode, the way you purchase the phone has changed but the pricing should remain roughly the same. the company said some customers will be able to up early or put down payments on the phone with lower monthly installments. coming up after the break, high school back at ball is in full swing, and we have full coverage across several of our stations. we will fill you in on what is happening coming up later on in sports. right now back over to medicine with whether.
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system moving in.
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>> the morning low is on track at 25 for the average this time of year and outside right now we are sitting at mid-30s with winds out of the northwest about 3 miles per hour and relative humidity about 59 percent. cooling-off across northern nevada, ethan nevada down to 15 degrees, 22 for elco and downtown sitting at 51 this hour work there is not a lot to talk about on rader right now but that is not going to remain the case tonight. we are going to see a winter weather advisory take effect at 10:00 o'clock for the sierra remaining in effect all day saturday. we are expecting said -- travel delays, slippery rosa -- slippery roads, and chain in effect. we are only expecting a few inches in the sierra with this is the man possibly up to an inch on the valley floors. putting futurecast in motion, we see cloud cover moving in
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then we start to see the snow hit the sierra at to a yam and by 7:00 a.m. we're looking at heavy to moderate snowfall in the sierra, spilling over to what's in nevada by the 1:00 o'clock hour, and rainfall behind it in california, but definitely turning to snow as it hits the sierra. we are expecting to see scattered snow showers throughout the area tomorrow. reno sparks of a sex with cloudy skies and wins about 5 miles per hour. tomorrow we are looking to top out about 42 degrees, scattered snow showers and light winds as well. eastern nevada has a very slight chance of seeing some of those snow showers tomorrow but they still could, with daytime highs in the upper 20s to low 30s. allen will reach the low 40s, upper 30s for lovelock. overnight low depends where you are, teams but we do have a single digit in brown mountain, down to 6 degrees. carson down to 26, warming up to the 40s tomorrow with chants
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well. accumulation is going to be at lake level, one to unum to inches available -- expected there. near susanville, overnight lows in the 20s and daytime highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s which is the trend especially for reno sparks tomorrow. goes gatto -- scattered showers. we expect to see them early in the morning, a break in the afternoon, and in late afternoon-early evening hours more snow making its way. on extended forecast when you see a break in the system on sunday, nbc daytime highs to dip with sunshine on sunday but warm up with a neck system at the beginning of the workweek. we are looking at 40s all next week or tomorrow a 50 percent chance of seeing a storm on the valley floor with up to an inch of accumulation. >> alice is in the sports.
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the radio for the first time in quite some time. we had some holidays and you were gone. >> it seems for years since we had been on the show. it was nice to be back on espn radio. we had agent manager phil nevin who said he would be back for his third season with the club. this off-season he was a hot target for managerial vacancies but unfortunately he didn't get any jobs. fortunately for reno, he's coming back. we talked about the interview process and how excited he is to be back in reno. >> it is first and foremost a great experience. you know, there is heck of a lot of guys that interview and go through the process for several years, and don't get that opportunity. hopefully someday the opportunity arises in the right spot. i do believe it needs to
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people i can work together west. speaking of that, the people i work for in arizona are phenomenal, and i love what i do and i love where i met. i love this city. the organization wants to win their work that, to me, is a great choice to be. if i'm going to be in aaa -- and i do think it will better my growth as far as what i want to do down the line to manage at this level still, especially the national league game. and it's a better thing for me as far as the future goes to manage. i would rather go up and be a hitting coach or coach third in a certain spot. you know, you know it's not the right fit. and the managing thing didn't work out but i know some opportunities will arise somewhere down the line and hopefully it will be the right
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>> fills a season starts soon. you can catch news for sports insiders every friday from want to 2:00 o'clock on espn radio 94 . five fm. >> heating up in local hoops and we have a great game for you. the top two girls teams in the area getting airtime. the huskies on the road at this a manogue. the reigning state champs coming at 14-1. bishop 60-1 after a win over mclean's. coverage starts in a couple minutes, 7:00 o'clock. our very own jenna georgie will be reporting from courtside. also tonight after 11:00 o'clock news, highlights from across northern and nevada. a lot of games we will keep an eye on for both boys and girls. douglas tigers come north for a showdown against the hawks. done at galena grizzlies posting -- hosting spanish, read taking on the wooster coats.
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churchill county. sparks traveling to dayton to play the duck devils. you can catch the highlights and breakdown of those games and more tonight after the 11:00 o'clock news in hometown hoops. the oakland raiders defensive linebacker khalil mack is in the nfl record books. mac had been a force of those positions for the silver and black this season and voted first team at both positions team. other parties have made first- team at one position or second at another but the 24-year-old is the first ever to make both team of multiple spots. in the pro football hall of fame, the nl's 15 finalists thursday. heading this hall of fame
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receiver terrel owens. favre played for over two. with the packers, jets and vikings and is known for his times with the packers. always played from 96 to 2010 for the night at the eagles,
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the committee meets the baby date yesterday at the wells fargo arena in des moines, both from the world toughest rodeo made their prediction in a not so sanitary way. you could say they were guided by the picture. the bulls were too shy to pick a democrat. on the republican side, donald trump was the lucky winner. >> of course you would have to read that story, as always. >> no, they just put the bulldogs they ran kind of see what happens. >> they do their own thing. >> right on don's head. happy friday, everybody. >> yes. >> we let you hit on the awkward topics. >> i go right into another one.
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