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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> all right. so we've got high pressure sitting over the west coast which is bringing us dry conditions for the next couple of days. and even though those temperatures don't seem quite warm, they are actually right around average for this time of year. we're usually at 45 degrees. we did make it to the the lower 40s today, as you can see right now. partly cloudy skies and winds out of the east-northeast at 3 miles per hour with relative humidity at 49%. now, we are already looking ahead to the next winter storm system expected to make its way in late tuesday night and last through the day on wednesday. so we have a winter weather advisory for parts of far western nevada along with the sierra and a winter storm watch along the sierra for wednesday. we could see anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow above 5500 feet. we are still a couple of days out from that system. we will keep an eye on it for you. looking at your 24 hour day planner partly cloudy skies tomorrow and even possibly reaching an above average
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some point tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at air quality for the reno-sparks area. a good air quality rating and it is okay to burn out there. we will have the seven-day in a few minutes. a young man was shot and killed in north carson city early this morning during a drug deal. sheriff furlong says there was a dispute over the sale of three ounces of marijuana when the victim was shot near a park off wind ridge drive and spooner drive. he says the incident happened shortly after 12:30 this morning. authorities received reports of multiple shots fired in the area. as deputies arrived the victim was already at a local hospital. he passed away shortly after 2 a.m. sheriff furlong says several hours after the shooting a search warrant brought carson city s.w.a.t. to a residence on fifth street near harbin street. three persons of interest, two men and one woman, were taken to the sheriff's office in
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they are currently being interviewed by detectives. >> the people who were involved in this thing were from that neighborhood. so it's not as if somebody's living right next door. they apparently, what we are investigating, is they apparently used [ inaudible ] clark as a rendezvous point to do a transaction right there. >> now, the investigation into this homicide case is still ongoing. anyone with information is encouraged to contact the carson city sheriff's office at 887-2014. the tonight at 5 we'll hear from one neighborhood and what he had to say about the incident this morning. we now know the identity of the young man who died friday morning when he fell into the frozen lake at paradise park. family friends tell news 4 his name was saitani tu'ihalangingie. dozens of people showed up at the park last night leaving candles and flowers to honor him. witnesses told police that they saw the 19-year-old fall into the lake.
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they called 911, but he was in the water for about half an hour and later died. police cars surrounded a local elementary school this morning after reports of an alleged kidnapping. a man called and everybody son elementary just after classes started and told the school secretary he had her daughter. before hanging up officials say a girl was heard in the background saying she had been kidnapped. police called and confirmed the secretary's children were safe and say the phone call was likely a scam. washoe schools are opening up today after winter break. but water damage is causing one school to keep their doors closed a couple weeks longer. a pipe burst back in december causing severe water damage to the first floor of pine middle school. classes are set to start back up on january 25. mean type, the boys and girls club and food bank of northern
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services to pine middle school students and their families. for more information visit the d.a.'s office has announced that lamar odom will not face any drug charges stemming from when he was found unconscious inside a brothel there. district attorney angela belo says although evidence showed odom had metabolized cocaine in his system, she says they could not prove that he actually ingested the drugs in my county. he has been rehabbing since the incident happened back in october. and web poll question. we would like to know do you think lamar odom should face drug charges? we will have updated results for you through our newscast tonight. one in eight women in this country is diagnosed with breast cancer, but doctors have been divided on the appropriate age disease. today the u.s. preventative
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new recommendations on mammograms and once again there are creating controversy in the medical world. erika edwards reports. >> reporter: when it comes to screening women at average risk for breast cancer, earlier may the not be better according to the latest guidelines. the u.s. preventative services task force finds mammograms offer the greatest benefit for women starting at age 50 with screening every other year. >> we found the best balance of benefit and harm comes from starting from doing mammography between the ages of 50 to 74. >> reporter: they say mammograms may be beneficial for women in their 40s, but that decision should be made by a woman and her doctor after discussing her personal risks. cost should not be a barrier because federal lawman dates health insurers cover mammograms for women starting at age 40. the issue is that women in their early 40s are at lower risk for the disease but higher risk for false-positives from mammograms.
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realize though that a lot of the false-positives in the early 40s results because that is a woman's first mammogram. and we have no prior mammograms for comparison. >> reporter: many breast imaging experts insist the potential for life-saving screening outweighs the risk of false positives. >> i became a physician to save lives. not allow them to be lost. >> reporter: breast cancer is diagnosed to 200,000 women in the u.s. every year, killing 40,000. now, the new recommendations do not apply to those with a strong family history of breast cancer or other major risk factors. doctors say those women need to be screened earlier than the others. but it's a good idea to talk with your physician on what's best for you. turning now to decision 2016. gop candidate carly fiorina is holding a tele-town hall later today.
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free at (888)400-9342 tonight at 7:00. officials are fiorina's campaign says she will address issues important to nevada during the event. and another presidential candidate is reaching out to reno residents with a meet-and-greet tomorrow afternoon. governor john kasich will be at the washoe county gop headquarters from 1:45 to 2:30 tomorrow. the doors will open to the public at 1:15. an rsvp is requested. snoop republican presidential candidate donald trump made his second campaign appearance in northern nevada yesterday. more than 2,000 people filled the reno ballroom sunday for the event. trump used his usual talking points to get the crowd amped up a bit. he discussed plans recording obamacare, building a wall on
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>> we are going to make our country safe again. we're going to kick the [bleep] out of isis quickly. >> while trump criticized democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders during the rally, he spent much of his time questioning republican candidate ted cruz's citizenship. well, as northern nevada counties continue to expand transportation officials are doing their best to accommodate that growth. the tahoe reno industrial center, home to the future tesla gig a factory and major retail distribution centers, is seeing a lot of traffic lately. today n dot officials approved a&m aims construction as the contractor for the $75.9 million project to expand the usa parkway. it will be expanded from i-80 over to u.s. 50 in silver springs. a 12-mile stretch. officials say this will reduce traffic on i-80 by 38% and the
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year and be finished, they say, by 2017. well, avalanche training is a necessity for search and rescue units around washoe county, and today they gathered at mt. rose to go over safety tips that are critical. since the snow conditions are different this year the likelihood of experiencing an avalanche is a lot the greater. units from lake tahoe, mt. rose ski patrol and many more were reviewing what to do in case of a rescue. if a person gets buried underneath the snow it's important not to immediately try to dig them out because you might get stuck yourself. >> initially, you want to get a dog involved as soon as possible. they are so much faster in search and rescue than us humans. they can smell things that we have no idea. >> well, experts also recommend taking a look at the snow conditions before you go skiing or climbing because those impact the risk of an avalanche.
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for the complete story. all right. the north american international auto show has kicked off and announced the new car and truck of the year. which car companies have received the national honors. we will have that. plus. after the break i will be sitting down with nevada news maker host sam shad to delve deeper into a presidential candidate you probably don't know as much about. he is heading to reno and we will have the details on that? coming up next madison with the latest on the forecast.
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welcome back everyone. honda and volvo have taken the top awards at the north american auto show in detroit. the honda civic is the north american car of the year. honda beat out the chevrolet
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for the top prize. the civic also won the car of the year award back in 2006. meanwhile, volvo's xc90 was named the north american truck utility of the year for the second time. the first one coming in 2003. and more than 55 automotive journalists vote on the list of finalists. the vehicle must be all new or substantially changed to be eligible. at&t is experimenting with unlimited data plans with a catch under a plan that kicks off tomorrow. you can pay $100 a month for unlimited data, talk, and text on a single smartphone if you also have or sign up for directv or at&t's home tv service u-verse. now, a second and third smartphone can be added. each for $40 a month. a fourth at no extra cost. after factoring in bill credits, meaning a family of four would pay $180 a month. this is a limited time offer.
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a lot of numbers in that one to keep track of. a madison corney tracking numbers with the forecast. a beautiful start to the week? >> absolutely was. partly cloudy skies were nice to he see out there. they are going to remain for a couple of days. right now in reno 43 degrees. partly cloudy skies with winds out of the east-northeast at 3 miles per hour. relative humidity at 49%. now, as we take a look around the area sitting in the upper 30s to the lower 40s depending where you are. carson city 36 degrees. we are going to see the high pressure move out and low pressure will move in. this is looking ahead head a couple of days here. this is the next winter storm we are tracking. a winter weather advisory and a winter storm watch take effect early wednesday morning and last through the day wednesday. anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow above 5500 feet. again we are looking as far forward as wednesday. now, on satellite and radar as i mentioned we have high pressure sitting over the west coast. so that is bringing us those dry
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only thing to worry about is reduced air quality. we have a good rating as of now. as we look at futurecast cloud cover late tuesday night. this takes us to 6 a.m. on wednesday. that's when we expect to see that snow hiking the sierra and really those snowstorms lasting wednesday with lingering chances through the work week. for reno and sparks tonight 26 degrees. partly cloudy skies. that is right around average for this time of year. and then tomorrow's daytime high, if we hit 47 degrees, which we're expected to, that will be a couple of degrees above average for this time of year. and again we are looking to see more partly cloudy skies tomorrow. eastern nevada mostly sunny skies there. daytime highs in the 30s across the board here. right around or above that freezing mark for the most part. austin topping out at 34 degrees. overnight lows tonight still taking a dip in some places. 11 degrees in round mountain and 13 in mammoth lakes. those daytime highs reaching the lower 50s for hawthorne and bishop.
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averages in some places above average for those daytime highs. 46 for carson city. overnight lows down into the teens and lower 20s across the board there. heading over to the lake winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. daytime highs in the upper 30s to the lower 40s. that's really going to be the trend this week. south lake tahoe 45 tomorrow. susanville looking to hit 42 degrees with overnight lows in the teens and 20s again. and as we head to the valley floor tonight in reno-sparks as i mentioned 26 degrees, 25 virginia city, and winds staying out of the south at 5 miles per hour. taking a look at the extended forecast, we have quite a bit of activity as soon as wednesday rolls around. we are going to see that break on tuesday. here is a look. 46 degrees for carson city tomorrow. 45 in south lake tahoe. and then early wednesday morning we are gonna see that chance for mix of rain and snow on the valley floor and snow through the sierra. here is the extended forecast for reno. we are looking at 50% chance of a mix of rain and snow on wednesday and then again storms
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next -- or this coming saturday. but as you can see on your seven-day those daytime highs around average all week long in the lower 40s. shelby, over to you. >> thanks. well, joining us today to talk about presidential hopeful john kasich is of course nevada news maker's host sam shad. governor kasich is going to be in town tomorrow. what is it that he needs to do in nevada? he is kind of in a second tier right now of the candidates. not in the top tier. >> absolutely. he should spend a lot of money because he needs to get statewide recognition that he doesn't have at this point in time. the thing that's interesting about john kasich is he is the governor of ohio. he has executive experience there. he was also in the house for 18 years. and he served on the house armed services committee for 18 years. he was also six years as chair of the house budget committee. so he knows how congress works. he knows how the budget works. he knows how the military budget works. you have a man with a vast amount of experience.
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candidates who are out there and the populous at this point is saying we want people that are not part of the system. how do you get things done if somebody isn't part of the system? >> do you think he is playing at that strength as much as he can that he has real experience, that he is not just, you know, just a business person or, you know -- >> it may be his biggest problem. when you see him in the debates he doesn't want to get into a fight with donald trump or marco rubio or chris christie. he wants to talk about the issues and how you fix them. that is not what the media wants. what the media wants is donald trump insulting people and those candidates reacting and he just doesn't want do that. >> where is that going to leave our country is the question, right? >> it's going to be interesting the other big question is, of all the people that are supporters of some of these more forthright candidates, shall we say, how many of those are going to vote in the primary? our primary voting record in the country is not good at all.
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>> thanks so much for coming? all right. joe, back to you. >> thanks, guys. lions, tigers, and bears. oh my. the serious stuff now. what about elephants? why you might not be seeing the giant mammals the next time you made to the circus. we will tell you why coming up. here is a look at today's numbers for wall street. stay with us.
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black lives matter welcome back. time now for my news my poll question. do you think formers lakers star lamar odom should face drug charges? the d.a. has announced they won't file drug charges against him. 79% of you say yes. 21% say no. still plenty of time to vote. we will have updated results through our newscast tonight. and coming up at five, hillary clinton and donald trump are the national frontrunners. iowa could make or break their runs. tonight on news 4 at 5, why the iowa state caucuses are expected to be a nailbiter. and then tonight at 6, when the federal reserve raised interest rates last month a lot of consumers scrambled for the
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to their monthly budgets. all right. ringling brothers and barnum and bahly circus will stop using elephants. they will stop using the elephants in may. that's a year and a half earlier than what was previously announced-the asian he will rance will retire to, where else? florida. the company said preparations for the new retirees at its 200-acre center for elephant conservation were completed sooner than anticipated. the ringling brothers will feature tigers, lions, horses, dogs and camels. i think the elephants deserve a break. >> they are amazing, amazing animals. just beautiful. all right. well, madison is back with a look at our forecast. we got a little bit of a break here. some sunshine. still cold out there? >> yeah, very nice. 40s don't seem warm. they are around for this time of year.
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be a couple of degrees above average with the partly sunny skies tomorrow and then wednesday is the next system that are with 'tracking coming in. so a 50% chance for rain and snow by then. >> nice to have a break for a
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that's it for us >> announcer: did students trash an off-campus home? >> judge judy: you're no different from every other college kid that lives in the house. it's a disgusting pit. >> announcer: now this landlord... >> judge judy: how much did you retain of their security deposit? >> $2,500. >> announcer: ...wants to teach them a lesson. >> judge judy: it was really more damage that they caused to the house, so you want another $3,745 in damages? >> that's right. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 22-year-olds sofia palmer and roommate madeleine toll are suing their former landlord,
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their security deposit.
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