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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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>> reporter: today, new recommendations on-ramp -- mammograms were released. they are creating controversy in the medical world. screening women for average risk of breast cancer earlier may not be better according to new guidelines released monday.>> the best balance comes from doing the test between the ages of 50-74.>> reporter: a task force says mammograms are beneficial for women starting at age 50 with screening every other year. starting at age 40 can be effective, but the task force says that group is more at risk for false negatives. that can be expensive emotionally and financially. it also says the decision on starting regular screenings should be made by a woman and her doctor after they assess personal risks.
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be right for you. heather goldman warns against reading the new recommendations as a one-size-fits-all guide>> different individuals have different risk factors. what is important is you talk to your physician about what your risk factors are and that informs your decision about when to begin screening. >> reporter: she says the potential for screening outweighs the risk of a false positive.>> we know early screening saves last because when you're diagnosed earlier, outcomes are better. >> reporter: according to the cdc, rest cancer is diagnosed in about 200,000 women in the us every year, killing about 40,000. the new recommendations do not apply to those with a strong family history of breast cancer. cost should not be a barrier because federal law mandates mammograms for women starting
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a school choice program on hold just before money was expected to flow to parents. james wilson approved an injunction today ordering the state treasurer to stop implementing the new education savings accounts until there are further deliberations or another ruling. the program allows parents to claim more than $5000 per student each year and use that money for qualified education expenses. that was the design. a coalition challenged the program with a lawsuit in august. members argue it would take money away from public schools. they say it doesn't follow the state constitution. thousands of families were told they could received funds by february if the courts did not object. that was before today's ruling. a quiet, chilly monday night. we won't have to wait too mac long before we see wet weather. we check in with madison corney
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>> reporter: -- >> it is the calm before the storm. we're looking at 29 degrees out there, a pretty cold night with partly cloudy skies. relative humidity at 75%. look at eastern nevada. 1 degree in eureka. a cold night in eastern nevada. lcoe at 13. those temperatures will probably continue to drop by a few more degrees as the night goes on. 26 in fallon right now. we have high-pressure sitting over the west coast. that has brought us dry conditions of the last couple of days. things will be changing up early wednesday morning. we have a winter storm on the way and we're expecting from three- from 3-8 inches of snow. we're looking at a closer look in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. marina police are looking for the man who held up a pizza restaurant tonight around 9:00. witnesses say the suspect
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on lan elaine the manning cash. after getting money, the suspect fled. he is described as white, 6 feet tall, last seen wearing a blue hoodie, black mask and blue jeans. if you have any idea about his whereabouts, you can give secret witness a call at 322- 4900. avalanche training is mrs t for search and rescue. -- a necessity for search and rescue. today, important safety tips. snow conditions are different from last year. last year, the likelihood of an avalanche were greater. crews were reviewing what to do in case of a rescue. if a person gets buried under snow, it's important to not to immediately tried to dig them out because you might get stuck yourself. experts recommend taking a look at snow conditions before skiing. those impact the risks of an
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two people are in custody after young man was shot and killed in carson city this morning, shot over a few ounces of pot. ken furlong says the shooting happened in the early morning hours during a drug deal near scotch pine drive. he says the victim was attempting to sell about 3 ounces of marijuana to two other man when he was shot. the victim has been identified as grant watkins. several hours after the shooting, the swat team executed a search warrant on the 900 block where they initially detained three people of interest on fifth street. they arrested two adult males. they are allen garcia-manriquez and jesus garcia-manriquez. police also found $10,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia. both brothers were booked into jail on charges of principle to
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house. bail has been set at $250,000. a third person was detained during the search, 17-year-old female. she was released to her parents. can furlong says the investigation remains active. anyone with information is encouraged to contact the sheriff's office at 887-2014. you can call in and provide information and remain anonymous. a police car surrounded an elementary school this morning after reports of a kidnapping. according to police, a man called out -- henderson elementary and told the school secretary he had her daughter. before hanging up, officials say a girl was heard in the background saying she had been police confirmed the secretaries children were safe and that the phone call was likely a scam. lomar owed will not face criminal charges
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a nevada brothel in october. during the investigation, police wanted to charge him for the unlawful use of cocaine, a felony. today, prosecutors sighted a lack of evidence showing owed them used cocaine while they were in their jurisdiction, night county. the toxicology report showed that cocaine was in his body and had already metabolized by the time he was treated at the hospital. difficult for investigators to prove when he used it. and political news, john kasich will be bringing his campaign to northern nevada tomorrow afternoon. the republican hopeful is set for a meet and greet around 1:45 tomorrow afternoon at the washoe county republican party headquarters on s. virginia st. republican party headquarters on s. virginia st. if you wish to rsvp for the event, head over to the website listed on your screen. bringing his
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republican candidate jeb bush. the former florida governor will be speaking in lcoe on january 26 at the northeastern nevada museum. bushes attempted to rally supporters into helping his campaign before silver state republicans help -- head to caucuses to choose their candidate. anyone wishing to attend bushes rally should rsvp before attending. no charge, but they asked that you rsvp at this website. we will keep winning. we will never lose. we are never ever going to lose. register and vote. i love you all. thank you. >> and another republican, donald trump, made his second appearance in nevada over the weekend for the 2000 people filling the reno ballroom.
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the next republican debate is thursday. the republican caucus is february 23. the republican debate will feature seven candidates on the primetime stage. two of them will be absent based on polling numbers. carly fiorina and rand paul did not qualify for the main debate. this is the first time that paul has not made the cut. he is vowing to boycott the event. fiorina will join two other candidates, mike huckabee and rick santorum in an earlier debate. obama will speak about economic recovery in the ongoing fight against terrorism in his final state of the union address. white house officials say the president will keep a seat empty next to michelle obama to represent all of the victims of gun violence in our country.
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will have this covered with memorabilia from the many people who loved david bowie.>> still ahead, the music world is morning a legend. a rockstar is being remembered
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one more day of welcome back. fans gathered at david bowie's star on hollywood's walk of fame to pay tribute to the legendary performer. fans left flowers and candles
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singer known for his creativity, makeup, and costumes. he died sunday after an 18 month battle with cancer. he turned 69 friday and released his new album, black star. officials say sales have skyrocketed -- skyrocketed since his death today. new video showed friday's raid of joaquin el chapo guzman's safe house in mexico. take a look. they chaotic scene to say the least. after his escape from a maximum security prison in july, he was on the run. he took a secret meeting with oscar-winning actor sean penn. that meeting was brokered by kate take a the area -- decode genetics the area who once played a mexican drug lord on
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he reached out to her to discuss making a movie of his life.>> it's not clear that sean penn violated any laws by this interview. it may not have an ethical, but it wasn't illegal.>> penn told the ap that he has nothing to hide. mexican government has formally started the process to extradite el chapo into the us to face drug charges but that process could take years. meanwhile, use authority say sean penn played no role leading up to the raid. turning now to tomorrow's news, a community meeting has been set for tomorrow night regarding recent shootings on five street near pat baker park. oscar del gato and jason sotto will be discussing neighborhood safety concerns and answering questions for the public. anyone wishing to attend should arrive at the glen duncan
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night at 5:30. the good morning truckee meeting is tomorrow morning. it will focus on the future of downtown truckee. prices at the door are $12 for general admission. chamber members are asked to pay $10. those wishing to attend should arrive at truckee tahoe airport tomorrow morning at 7:00. madison, to you would weather.>> here is a look at reno's official daytime high. we 3 degrees. we are slowly but surely getting to around average. the morning low is about average for this time of year. right now, pretty cold. low freezing in reno at 29. no winds to speak up. relative humidity at 75%. looking around the area, in the teens for truckee. we know parts of eastern nevada like ely, seven below.
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satellite and radar shows high pressure over the west coast. that has brought us dry days the last few days. we will see more sunshine tomorrow but early wednesday morning we will see a winter weather advisory and storm watch take effect for the sierra and parts of our western nevada. with this storm system we expect anywhere up to 8 inches of snow above 5500 feet. on the valley floors or below the 5000 feet mark, we're looking at up to 3 inches of accumulation. future cast shows tonight and tomorrow partly cloudy skies. tomorrow night about eight, quite a bit of cloud cover. at 5 am wednesday, snow hitting the sierra and spilling over into far western nevada. wednesday, looking to see about a 50%-60% chance of snow on valley floors. that is a few days away. the forecast tonight, reno and sparks down to 26 degrees. that is right around an average low.
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see partly cloudy skies and that is an above average high by a couple of degrees. light winds across the region. eastern nevada looking to see mostly sunny skies. daytime highs in the upper 20s to low 30s. look at overnight lows. lcoe going to get into the single-digits. eli possibly reaching nine below. in the teens for bridgeport and mammoth lake. daytime highs slightly higher for bishop, reaching the lower 50s tomorrow. carson city looking at 46 degrees. we're looking at the teens and 20s for overnight lows up around the lake. daytime highs should reach the upper 30s. south lake tahoe topping out at 45. they will see sunny skies tomorrow as well. heading north, wins shift out of the southeast at 5 miles an spanish springs. heading to the valley floor, looking at the 20s for
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it into the mid-40s in the valley tomorrow. your extended forecast, a break tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. daytime highs right around average for this time of year. wednesday we will see temperatures take a dip around south lake tahoe and around the lake we will see that chance for storms all the way through next monday and again, a 50-60% chance in reno on wednesday. the storms really lasting through saturday.>> a little bit warmer, at least. >> yes, rain and snow. it will be slushy with warmer
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one of the >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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