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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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close down get e r. gitmo. >> a presidential hopeful stops in reno today and sounded off on some of president obama's actions. and see why potholes keep popping up in our area. what the city officials are doing about the problem. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm joe hart. >> around i'm shelby sheehan. welcome to knew #-s at 4:00. >> and another storm to talk about. we could be seeing slushy conditions around town before too long. >> hi, madison. we do have quite a bit moving in early tomorrow morning. the snow is definitely hitting the sierra, but now what we're expecting on the valley floors is definitely going to be a lot more rain than snow. here is a look at the current conditions in reno. 45 degrees.
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speak of. but the wind also be picking up with this next storm system. on satellite and radar, we're seeing this next round of low pressure making its way into california that will be hitting late ton and early tomorrow morning. this next winter storm that is coming in, we have only a winter weather advisory. yesterday we had a winter storm watch for parts of the sierra. now we're looking at a winter weather advisory that will take effect at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow emergency and remain in effect throughout the evening. that is in the sierra and parts of far western nevada. for western nevada valley, not really expecting a whole lot. maybe not even any accumulation, but possibly one inch, and then the sierra crest receiving the most snow with six to 12 inches possible with this next system. we'll take a closer look at the storm track and your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. shelby? >> thank you. 10 american sailors are in eye rainian custody according to a u.s. defense official.
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crew of two small navy craft are being held by iran, but they have received assurances from tehran that the crew and and promptly. the pentagon spokesperson. peter cook say that the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost can't with them. the officials say the incident stems from some type of mechanical trouble with one of ground. in the meantime, a navy plane went down at the training complex earlier today, according to a representative from the naval air station. the pilot safe he e gented from the plane before the jet, an a. f-18 hornet crashed 25 miles east of fallin. the officer says the flight was part of a routine training mission by the naval aviation war fighting development center. according to the n. a. s., the pilot is being evaluated at a local hospital and an investigation into the crash is underway.
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will deliver his final state of the union address and he's made it clear the speech will not be traditional. steve handlesman is on capitol hill today with a look ahead. >> reporter: thank you, and good evening here at the u.s. capitol tonight. president obama will lay out what he believes he has accomplished on the economy and obama care and he will lay out in general where he thinks we ought to be headed. it is a far cry from the hope and unity message of his first state of the union address in 2010 when the fight over obama care was widening to make the partisan divide poisonous. mr. obama said in an interview on ""the today show," he see as continued lack of unity not as a failure but as a disappointment, and he will not offer major changes in his plan to fight isis because he does not see that as a failure on his part. in this political year with republican candidates
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crises, the president tonight will offer the opposite point of view. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. okay. time now for a web poll question. we'd like to know tonight will you be watching president obama's final state of the union address? there is still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on our home page, and we'll have updated results throughout our evening newscast tonight. and the presidential hopeful john kasich stopped in reno as part of his national campaign tour. the ohio governor touched on the country's current bucket issues telling supporters that he was able to balance ohio's budget and he plans to do the same for america. the gop candidate also covered president obama's recent executive order saying how he felt the president had overstepped his bobbeds. kasich also -- bounds. kasich also discussed plans to close down guatemala. -- guantanamo bay, cuba.
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to shut down gitmo. i don't understand what this is about. >> kasich is now heading across the country to continue his campaign on the east coast. also bringing his political jeb bush. the former florida governor will be speaking in elko on january 26th. nevada museum. bush is attempting to rally a lot of nevada supporters into helping his campaign before silver state republicans head to caucuses to help choose their party's candidate. anyone wishing to attend bush's political rally is ask to rsvp beforehand and that web site is listed there on your screen. potholes have been popping up everywhere around reno, but what is the reason behind it? city officials say a combination of winter weather and sale ant problems most likely to blame due to the constant expanding and come presses of the asphalt during the winter months. it wears on the road and about three years ago the city put
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the road, but it is very ineffective if placed on asphalt that is much older. >> so what we're trying now is a rubberized asphalt with ages gat in it and --ing a gray gait in it. >> the maintenance crews are constantly repairing the potholes and it will not be until after the winter months that they come up with a more permanent solution. a community meeting has been set for tonight regarding the recent shootings that have killed two teenagers. reno city council member oscar delgado and the reno police chief will be discussing concerns and answering any questions from the public. anyone wishing to attend the meeting should arrive at the elementary school gym at 5:30. we'll take you live there to the event with our reporter coming up in our 5:00 newscast. turning to crime watch,
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the man who they say held up a local pizza restaurant. it happened around 9:00 at the little caesar's. the witnesses say the man who reportedly had a gun walked into the restaurant and demanded cash. he took the cash and ran. he is described as a white man about six feet tall and was last seen wearing a blue jeans. another arrest has been cold case. the sheriff's office and the mow javy county sheriff's office in lake havasu city in arizona have arrested the arizona resident james allen melendez. she charged with accessory to open murder and conspiracy to conceal or destroy evidence in the homicide of nevada resident james irwin. irwin's wife pam -- erwin's wife pam was arrested last week for the murder of her husband interviews. coming up next, the reno
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about the 2016 event, and the officials are preponderated to lose but will end up making more than $100,000 once the totals come in. and inside the bar and grill, the ceo is talking about what is coming up this summer with the event, including another year with the famous blue angels. he is also expected to make a big announcement about the coverage of the event. we'll have details for you as soon as air race officials make that announcement this evening. the jackpot for tomorrow night's powerball jackpot has reached a record billion and a half dollars, and while a big payday may seem like a dream come true, it can also be a nightmare actually in some ways. news 4's jaime hayden joins us with more on what experts say you should do if you just happen to be the lucky winner. jamie? >> reporter: well, joe, the jackpot could grow even more if ticket sales remain intense like they are now. check out this line here.
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two hours just to buy a ticket. now, you do end up writtenning, having the winning -- winning, having the winning combo, the first thing you should do is hire a team of experts. hire the best acounsel tan, financial planner and attorney you know. and next, pay your taxes so you have the net amount of money. and then you can sit down with your team and tell them your goals. write it down and implement that plan. before you go after your goals, it is recommended that you sit back for about three to six months and financial advisors say not only do many lottery winners have to deal with people wanting a hand-out, but in some cases it has been much worse. >> sure, it sounded great and it was a lot of fun for a while and now i don't have any friends or who i thought were friends. my relatives disowned me and here i am bankrupt. they said it is just the most miserable thing. those people feel that way because they didn't have their team behind them. >> sanchez also recommends
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to decide where that money will go, including charities. now, to give you some statistics, according to the associated press, you're more likely to be hit by an asteroid strike or even be elected to be the president of the united states than winning the powerball. but we'll just have to wait and see. for now live in veer die, news 4 -- verde, news 4, back to you. >> i'm going to work on setting up my board of directors. >> putting the cart before the horse. >> thank you. if you have picking up any mandarin oranges lately, you may want to stop before you take a bite. we'll have that, coming up. plus -- >> and after the break, joe is sitting down with brett simmons to talk about the college's university of nevada event. and coming up, madison has the latest on our forecast with yet another storm making its
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we'll have that as news a warning today about mandarin oranges sold at wall grown's stores, according to the fda, they have been recalled by the manufacturer of complaints of glass shards being found inside some of those containers. at least three consumers reported finding glass in the products, and at least one person has reported an injury because of it. consumers who previously purchased this product can find out if it is part of a recall by checking the u p. c. code on the back label at well, nine redalers, including cvs, kroeger and dollar general have recalled two flavors of store brand children's liquid cold medicine. the dosage cup contains incorrect markings that could lead to an overdose. the recall covers batches of the grape and cherry flavored
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an overdose of the medicine can cause irregular heart beat and even death in some cases. to check if you have the affected medicine, you can go to the web site and look under the latest news tab. delta airlines has become the second largest airline in the united states, according to airline traffic report force the full year of 2015. delta surpassed united, continental for the first time since united and continental merged back in 2012. the industry experts say delta's aggressively expanded flight operations here and abroad have helped delta gain ground. american airlines, however, remains the nation's largest carrier. all right. time now to toss things over to madison corney. it was gorgeous day outside, blue skies. still some snow on the ground, but, boy, things are going to change tonight. that's right, shelby. we have quite a system making its way in late tonight, early tomorrow morning.
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we're still seeing that sunshine out there and no winds to speak of, but that is definitely going to change. we're going to see cloud cover and winds definitely picking up tomorrow as well. around the area we're still sitting in the upper 30s to the mid 40s. carson city at 39 degrees. the same for fallin. and something else we're talking about tonight is reduced air quality. we do have a moderate rating. the good news is it is okay to burn for the reno-sparks and washoe area tonight. we do have strong valley inversion which is is causing that air quality. we're watching this next storm system begin to hit the california coast and it will be moving in throughout the night tonight. as we put future cast in motion, by about 8:00, 9:00, we're going to see that cloud cover and, as you can see towards out in california, we're seeing that rainfall move in and turning to snow as it hits the sierra and spilling over into far western nevada by the early morning hours tomorrow that was about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then
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to see the showers making their way across the state, really scattered in nature. so by about 3:00 we start to see it die out and make its way out towards eastern nevada. with that we do have the winter weather advisory, which will take effect at 1:00 a.m. and remain in effect through 7:00 tomorrow night. we're expecting anywhere from three to eight inches of snow above 5,500 feet. we're going to see ridge dust up to 80 to 100 miles per hour with this storm system and we could see gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour ton valley floors. of course, wind prone areas like washoe valley, the high- profile vehicles are not going tomorrow. -- advised to make those trip -- make that trip tomorrow. we could see rain after 4:00 a.m. and turning to snow as well. we have a warm day time high tomorrow, 46 degrees for this storm system so definitely we're going to see slushy conditions on the valley floor.
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eastern nevada with the day time highs in the mid to upper 40s, and then as we head west, 29 degrees and hitting the upper 40s tomorrow. so there we're really looking to see more rain than anything else. as the temperatures drop in the afternoon, we could see snow showers out there. a mix of rain and snow in carson city, topping out in the mid 40s with overnight lows much warmer than what we have seen. a little bit cooler around the lake, down to 32 degrees in glenbrook. two to four inches of snow at lake level possible tomorrow and then up north and susanville, another mix of rain and snow with wind gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour. day time highs definitely warmer than what we have seen reaching 48 degrees in some areas there. 41 degrees tomorrow and then, again, overnight lows in the 30s across the board. some places still below freezing. here is a look at your extended forecast. we have a chance for
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on -- single day on this seven- day forecast, but there are a few breaks like the 20% chance on thursday. and then another system making its way in by friday and lasting throughout the next weekend and the next work week. joe, over to you. >> thank you, madison. fedex is back this month. and joining us is brett sim tons mom the university of nevada to talk about it. tell us what is going on. the event has moved. what is on tap? >> it has always been held in january. this will be our fourth annual event. three years in a row we held it on the campus of the university of nevada. 220 max could get in, and it 'twas best show that no one could see. so we decided to move it to the pioneer center, january 23rd, saturday, 1,200 people we expect. >> that is amatessing -- amazing. >> so people turn out to watch these talks in person. what will they hear? >> they're quoing to hear a wide variety of talks. they'll see six entertainers. two local bands two excellent
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novelist and freedom revival along with other professionals. john foreman of switch foot, lacy stern. we have a group of girls coming up from mexico who have been on "the ellen show," and 19 speakers from and as far away as london. >> is the music new? >> it is by far the biggest. we started a couple of years ago with one. last year we had two and now we have five musical acts and a magician to close the show. >> and people can log on and watch the speeches as well? >> it will probably be sometime in february. we're not live streaming the event. so if you want to see it, you need to get a ticket to see it on january 23 and our ticket sales stop friday and we're almost sold out, so if you want to fun, you better act fast. >> why has this caught on as fast as it has? >> there are several events, our event and the ted exevent and this community just support this is forum for big ideas and
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and without community support, it wouldn't continue to grow and survive. >> that is great. >> so once again, if people do want to get tickets to go to the pioneer event center and watch that. >> ted exuniversity. org. ticket sales close friday so about fast. >> thank you so much for coming. in good luck. it sounds like it will be a great turn out and a great event this year. i look forward to covering it. shelby, back over to you. we're looking to sweeten up valentine's day for you or someone you love.
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. time now for our web poll question. we'd like to know tonight will you be watching president obama's final state of the union address? here is a quick look at the
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28% of you say yes. 72% say no. there's still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on our home page, and we'll have updated results throughout our evening newscast tonight. and yesterday we wanted to know do you think lamar odom should face drug charges? after 24 hours, 75% of you say yes and 25% say no. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we go live to washington, d.c. where our chief political correspondent breaks down what to expect during tonight's state of the union address. why this address is expected to be very different from the ones before it. we'll have the latest for you at 5:00. and then tonight at 6:00, president obama delivering his final state of the union address. news 4 at prime time will air it tonight at 9:00 following hollywood game night, so we'll see you again tonight. an arizona starbuck's employee has come up with a special way to share america's love of coffee this valentine's day.
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drink and it has strawberries and cream with raspberries at the bottom, vanilla bean in the middle and blackberry and whipped cream at the top. the second, the love bean has vanilla bean with a raspberry pump with raspberry infused whipped cream and churl curls and there is a java chip with chocolate curls. the drinks can be made at any starbuck's, but you have to order them by the ingredients and not by the name, i guess. >> they put a little thought into that. >> they did that is almost like a meal. >> that looks great. >> leave it to starbuck's. >> back with madison now and an interesting week. another round of storms. >> take a look at this. we have a chance of precipitation every single day. it looks like a break on thursday. still that slight chance. tomorrow, though, the main thing to stress is that it is
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to her sister for shelter.
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