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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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yao president obama is slated to give his final state of the union address in less than an hour. how tonight's address is expected to be different from the ones before. and the community leaders are holding a meeting tonight to talk about safety in one particular neighborhood after recent deadly shootings took the lives of two young people. we're there pressing city officials on how they're taking action. and i'm el emily porcello and we're finding out what the city of reno is doing about the potholes, coming up. yao good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm shelby sheehan. >> and i'm joe hart. president obama prepares to issue his final state of the union address to congress. his relationship with congress has been difficult at times, so
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that the two can work together in his final year, that is one of the big questions on tap. the chief political correspondent joins us live from capitol hill with the latest tonight. scott? >> reporter: joe and shelby, the white house is sending out an e-mail addressing that as it is, as they acknowledge, a legitimate challenge, and they also said, emote, we're not slowing down. we open own the finish line. they're pushing forward with or without congress. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: if there is one thing to expect tonight, the white house says it is a big picture vision, not just an annual to do list. but how can the president use his final state of the union to actually unify in a town that is often deemed broken. so how does the president do anything that people can say we're still seeing progress and it is not desice five. >> one thing we can certainly focus on the areas that we agree.
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those areas these days. >> reporter: the president is hopeful, criminal justice reform and international trade agreements. >> so those are a couple of areas where we actually can work with democrats and republicans to do something good for the country. >> reporter: though hardly a sure thing so the president, some believe like he has with gun control, immigration and cuban relations, may resort to more executive actions. >> they're unfortunate. the expansion of presidential power has been a bipartisan effort, so you can't totally blame president obama, but he has taken it to the next level. >> reporter: president george w. bush issued nearly 300 during his two-term office, but obama is not far behind. he is at 230 so far and hinting at even more. >> the president has circumvented the constitutional framework laid out. these things should be coming to the congress, do the people's house to be voted on. that hasn't happened and that is a frustration. >> reporter: of course, no
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capitol hill without some sort of response, so immediately after the president is done speaking, we'll be hearing from the gop's side in all of this. republican gofer of south carolina, nicky haley, she has been chose ton deliver what we can only assume will be a critical reaction. joe, shelby, back to you. >> thank you so much, scott, reporting live from washington tonight. meanwhile, ben carson says he is confident president obama will present what he calls a rosy picture of america in his state of the union address, but it doesn't match reality. carson spoke to reporters before holding a reception in waco, texas today. he said america is losing economic mobility under the obama presidency, sigh, but that the president just won't address that. >> but also i'm very concerned about the fact that, you know, the current generation is the first generation in america expected not to do better than their parents economically, and that is a trend that is
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future, unless we do something about it, and we can't stick our heads in the sand and just say everything is rosy when it is not. >> the state of the union address begins tonight at 6:00. you can watch it here on news 4. let's switch gears and get a look at what is happening with our weather as we take a peek outside tonight. madison corney joins us with our first look at the forecast, and it will be a changing forecast here pretty soon, madison. >> that's right. we're already starting to see the clouds increasing and we're going to continue to see that until the storm hits early tomorrow morning. here is a look at current conditions in reno with mostly cloudy skies. no winds to speak of at this hour, but that will not remain the story on your wednesday. we are expecting some high winds with this storm. on satellite and radar, we are watching the next winter storm system hit the california coast and eventually will hit the sierra early tomorrow morning. here is a look at that winter effect 1:00 a.m. wednesday and remain in effect
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tomorrow night. we could see three to eight inches of snow and here is a closer look at the snowfall forecast. highest snowfall amounts along the sierra crest and that is six to 12 inches. we're going to take a much closer look at the storm track and the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. a settlement regarding an open meeting law violation. the board allegedly violated the law in march of last year when they voted the appoint tracy davis as superintendent without putting the item ton agenda. the fine is $500. that is -- that seven-member board will split the cost from their personal resources, but the catch is they won't have to pay it if they don't commit more violations within the next year. new at 5:00, the republican assemblyman patted hickey has resigned his legislative seat
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governor sandoval announced he appointed hickey to replace dave cook who died from illness in october. cook has represented northern nevada on the board which governs k. through 12 education. hickey has served four terms in the legislature. he was a member on the task force that worked on revamping the funding formula and chaired a sub committee on education funding last year when major changes were on the table. tonight reno police and the city leaders are addressing the recent string of deadly violence in a northeast reno neighborhood. it is where two teens died in shootings. news 4's van pho is live where the community member also have an opportunity to have their questions answered and their voices heard. >> reporter: and in december alone there were three separate shootings in the pat baker park neighborhood. two teens were killed by gun fire just blocks away from each other. the 18-year-old rodriguez was killed in a drive-by shooting when uninvited guests shot into
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another 16-year-old boy was shot in the head after a robbery, and in that case, a 15- year-old was tampa bay into custody. tonight the police chief jason soto and the councilmember oscar delgado who grew up in this neighborhood, aim to have a conversation with community members. it will be a chance to ask questions and share ideas. this is the second time the city of reno has planned out reach in this neighborhood since the shootings. just before the new year, the councilman delgado and police officers went door to door knocking on doors talking to neighbors who live here. now, again, this meeting is open to the public and it starts at 5:30 and it is scheduled to end at 7:00. reporting live at the glen duncan elementary school. news 4. okay. thank you, van. in another on your side story, potholes around town continue to be on issue for drivers, and they can cause a lot of damage. and news 4 looked into what the city is doing to fix our streets and how you can protect
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>> reporter: no matter what side of town you're on, potholes seem to be popping up everywhere, from the city of reno, the problem dates back to about three years ago. the city maintenance did a microseal on the roads, something ha is effective as preserving the roads but doesn't work as well on older asphalt and this is the result. >> normally they have a p.c. i. pavement conditioning index that they follow. if that condition is less than 50, then it becomes problematic for the slurry seal to stay adhered to the roadway surface. >> reporter: having the index lower than 50 on top of the wolder -- colder weather causes the destruction of the roads. >> you get that expanding and contracting of the thermalling when it warms up so that constant movement is definitely contributing to the factor and accelerating the process. >> reporter: now they're trying a new method by using a rubberized asphalt. even though these potholes don't seem that deep, there is still that question of if it will cause damage to your quarter.
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actual suspension on your car, and depending on what profile tire you might have, it can cause damage to the tire or even the suspension. >> reporter: the smaller potholes won't do damage to the suspension on your car if made for that type of impact. it is the larger, deeper potholes that should have you concerned. >> the deeper the pothole and the farther the suspension gets stretched out, the more damage could occur. >> reporter: the damage to your car can cost you a pretty penny, even if all you need is a realignment. the best word of advice from tire experts to avoid them as much as you can. >> we'll continually be out here through the winter. the treatment will have to be prescribed later on. the public works and staff and other entities are working diligently to come up with a issue. >> reporter: news 4. >and he says he also suggests taking your car in for a tune-up after the winter months to make sure your alignment is in check. thank you, shelby.
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making with the largest lottery prize up for grabs tomorrow night. today the powerball jackpot reached an estimated $1.5 billion. while a big payday may seem like a dream come true, you'd think so. for some it request really turn into a nightmare if you're not careful. news 4's jaime hayden joins us live with more on how experts say you should hand the big winnings if you have that problem to deal with. >> reporter: joe, the experts say many times lottery winners have to deal with a lot of people wanting hand-outs. in some cases it has been much worse from depression and bankruptcy. if you happen to win that lucky number tomorrow night, what is the first thing you should do? financial advisors say hire a team of experts the first thing. they say hire an accountant, financial planner, an attorney, the best one you can find. next, they say pay your taxs so you have the net amount of money. and then, of course, you sit down with your team and you tell them your goals. you can implement that plan
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before you do all of that, the experts also recommend that you wait about three to six months so your winnings don't go from riches to rags in a blink of an eye. >> geese, i really like going to bars. geese, i'm going to go open a bar so they dump hundreds of thousands if not millions into a bar and all of their friends love it, oh, by the way, free dries on me. you're running a business. before you know it, you have dumped a couple of million and the business goes under. >> reporter: many ticket buyers fell me they're prepared if they do win tomorrow night and in the last hour the line out here at the gold ranch is pretty long, but it stayed the same or so. some people have been waiting two hours to buy tickets. just to give you some stats, according to the associated press, you're more likely to be killed bay convenienting machine or be drafted into the nba than winning the powerball tomorrow night, but we'll just have to wait and see who wins. for now, i'm jaime hayden, news 4. back to you.
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well, john kasich visits reno and doesn't hold back when talking about the obama administration. some of the hot button issues he touched on during today's meet and greet. and the democratic front runners are trying to win over voters in iowa. why hillary clinton has shifted her focus from taking aim at the republican candidates now madison? plus, high winds, rain and snow on the way.
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could see welcome back. another presidential candidate made a campaign stop in reno today.
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we're going to use, common sense. >> reporter: the republican john kasich held a meet and greet with voter as the washoe county republican party headquarters. the meet and greet was in a q. and a. for mt. and he touched on everything from iran and international relations to taxes. the ohio governor also talked about the economy saying that he'd balance the budget in ohio and that he'll do the same in the white house. >> and you restrain the government and you get to a balanced budget. as you do that, you're going to get more job creation, because when you have better regulations, lower taxes and a path to a balanced budget, you're going to see the economy explode in this country. >> while john kasich was here, hillary clinton is trying to win over votes in iowa taking aim at the presidential candidates. as the polls have shifted, so has her focus and today bernie sanders feeling the heat in iowa. we have the story from washington. >> reporter: less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses,
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her attacks on bernie sanders and his social agenda. >> he is proposing plans that would cost somewhere between $18 and $20 trillion that would be a 40% increase in the federal budget. >> reporter: with the latest poll showing sanders virtually tying her in iowa and beating her in new hampshire, sanders says he knows why he is hairs. >> when you have a clinton campaign that is now in trouble, you now understand that they can lose. >> hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton still enjoy as comfortable national lead, 52% to 37% over sanders poll. the same poll shows donald trump leading all republicans nationally at 38%. >> he knows how to touch certain chords with a segment of our american citizenry that them. >> there is an awakening that is sweeping this country.
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points behind at 20%. mean while, ben carson is tonight's state of the union calling for an investigation of two members of a muslim group, the council on american islamic relations who were invited to the president's speech at the capitol. nbc news, washington. all right. time to check in now on the forecast with madison. you are tracking some storms heading our ways. what is going on? we have quite a bit, joe, especially when we get to the we have a chance for rain and seven days. second. take a look at our official day time high in reno. right on the mark for average for this time of the year at 45 degrees so the system we have coming in is going to be much warmer. so on the valley floors we are expecting a lot more rain than that mix of rain. it is still probably going to drop. right now we have cloudy skies. 43 degrees in reno no winds to speak of, but we are going to
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taking a look around the area, we drop down into the mid and upper 30s and also fallin sitting at 34 degrees at this hour. on satellite and radar, we can see the winter storm system beginning to hit the california coast. as we take a look here, this is a winter weather advisory that will take effect at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and last throughout the day until about 7:00 tomorrow night. we're looking to see anywhere from three to eight inches above 5,500 feet and a little more along the sierra crest. really ton valley floors, we're really going to see the slushy stuff. so here is a look at future cast. by 10:00, we are going to see quite a bit of cloud cover, and by early tomorrow morning, we're looking at this at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can also see rainfall mixed in with that and spilling over into far western nevada throughout the afternoon and tapering off as the evening goes on. again, we do have more on your seven-day forecast coming up. we also are going to be talking about high winds tomorrow. as i put your future cast in motion, by early tomorrow
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the winds picking up. 32 miles per hour winds there at around 3:00 a.m. on the valley floors we could see anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour, the gusts, and ridge gusts from 80 to 100 miles per hour. so definitely windy conditions with this system making its way in. tonight, mostly cloudy skies for reno and sparks and the chance to see any resip would be rain after about 4:00 a.m. and a mix of snow and rain in the very early morning hours. throughout the day we'll start to see that turn more to rain and by tomorrow evening, a little bit more of a mix of rain and snow. the day time high, 46 degrees, and gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour possible for the reno- sparks area. and eastern reno seeing warmer day time highs for battle mountain and a chance for snow there as well. heading to fallin, 29 degrees and topping out at almost 50 degrees, reaching 49 degrees tomorrow a very warm system. fallin really expecting rain. carson city, the same chance for a mix of rain and snow.
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around the lake, but not much. we're looking at the mid to upper 30s for the day time highs tomorrow and two to four inches of snow dorm tomorrow at lake level. heading up north to susanville, the day time high at 41 degrees and 48 degrees for sutcliffe so, again, throughout the afternoon hours, we really are going to see a lot more rain than that mix of rain and snow. tonight ton valley floor, those overnight lows are just above the freezing mark and day time highs ranging from the lower 40s to the mid 40s for reno and sparks. here is a look at your extended forecast. we have a chance for rain or snow every single day on the region. for carson city and reno, we're going to start to see more of a mix for sunshine and clouds by the end of the week and the beginning of the work week. the next big one making its way region. back over to you guys. >> thank you so much, madison. happening next, the reno city council could approve a
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fire department tomorrow. the reno city manager an draw clinger recently recommended appointing dave cochran as a permanent chief. she currently the acting fire chief. tomorrow the recommendation will be ratified by the reno city council. also happening tomorrow, the public utilities commission is holding their first public hearing since passing new solar rules, and they're voting on a motion to delay implementing the new rules that scut solar incentives. solar customers, workers and about visits are expected to show up at tomorrow's hearing to speak out against the changes. that hearing starts at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the public utilities office that is in carson city. we'll, of course vfull coverage for you here on news 4. a washoe -- washoe county schools are back in session except for pine middle school and to help the children who depend tons school for some of their meals, the city is distributing breakfast bags. the first round was today and
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at about 4:00 in the afternoon. the breakfast bags also include gallons of milk, which were donated by model dairy, the northern nevada dairyman and food and drug. all right. here is a look outside as we send you to the break. stay with us.
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and we'll be back to wrap coming up tonight at 6:00, president obama is delivering his final state of the union address. we will also be streaming it live online on and we'll wrap up some of his key points on news 4 at prime time, and that is tonight at 9:00. madison is back now. are we seeing any changes moving in tonight or do we have to wait until tomorrow? >> we'll probably be waking up to them. around the midnight hour there will be cloud cover and early tomorrow morning, we're going
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sierra and it is really going to be a mix of rain and snow in the early morning hours turning to rain in the afternoon. look at that day time high of 46 degrees. so definitely going to see precipitation throughout the can see. most of the snow, though, along >> it sounds good. see you at 9:00. >> yes. >> that is all for news 4 at
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