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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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city tonight. critics making their voice heard loud and clear a a recent decision is making solar too expensive. >> without this program, i think i'd be in a very rough spot. and hillary clinton is putting a northern nevada program that helps drug addicts get back on their feet back in the spotlight tonight. >> nevada is one of the top states people are moving to. what makes the silver state so appealing for people wanting a fresh start. you're watching news 4 at 5:00 on your side in high definition. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> new information today after a fatal shooting earlier this week. another person in behind bars in connection with the murder
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today law enforcement announced they arrested 21 year old reed skenadore in connection with the crime. at kins was likely shot when others tried to rob him of the marijuana he was selling. skenadore was identified as having been at the scene and having fired a gun at watkins. two others are in custody regarding the incident. the city of reno has officially appointed david cochran as the chief of the reno fire department. cochran has been working as the acting chief since last year. he has more than 17 years of experience with the reno fire department and worked his way up through the ranks starting as a firefighter. >> i'm looking forward to expanding the paramedic level of service that we've
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whole fire department. i at some point get our staffing equipment and station levels up to where they need to be. >> the city council voted unanimously to approve the permanent position with a member abstaining from the vote because of a conflict of interest. a local charter school that helps high school students get back on track to graduate could be shutting down because of a lack of funding. rainshadow charter school has been on probation for a while because they didn't have the proper funds. the charter school gave a presentation to board members that were supposed to contain a contingency plan for the school. the next meeting is january 26th when a decision could be made. we'll be sure to keep you updated. nevada has hammered out a
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computer manufacturer to get lap taps in the hands of middle school students. help implement the new nevada ready 21 program authorized by the legislature. schools can apply for competitive grants that will be awarded in march. teachers and principals will get train nothing spring on how to use the computers as teaching tools. it is aimed at teaching the students skills they need to succeed in college and into the future. the 7 day forecast is a busy one. we are not getting a break from the snow and rain in the next madison corney joins us. forecast. today. >> that's right, joe. and we're seeing sprinkles in the downtown reno area. we're look at 41 degrees. the winds picking up quite a
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and satellite and radar is show thanksgiving first of many systems moving east tonight. so we're still going sosee the possibility of scattered showers in far western nevada tonight and especially over the sierra. we could see an additional two inches of accumulation above 500 feet with tonight's left over showers and we also are seeing high winds out there. and high winds out toward the fallon area with gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour. here's a look at the 24 hour forecast. we do have the chance of scattered showers throughout the night tonight. late tomorrow night, we're talking more rain and no. we'll talk more about that coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. new at 5, caltrans crews
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tonight that was blocking lanes on highway 50. it had to be completely shut down during the boulder blasting and the clean up. crews had to drill holes in the rock before they blasted it apart. the hill side below the boulder remains unstable this. is basically southwest of south lake tahoe. at least one vehicle was damaged by the boulder, but no injuries were reported. presidential candidate k spoke this last monday about rehab facilities across the region and talked about how reno is a good example. see why it made such an impression on hillary clinton. >> the washoe county cross roads program gets drug and alcohol addicts back on their feet as they give back to the
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>> reporter: when it comes to those suffering from addiction, hillary clinton says there should be treatment centers across america. that's where she shed light on the biggest little city. >> when somebody is in and out of the jail or the emergency room because of alcohol or because of drugs, they get a chance to go into a different kind of setting than a jail. and i've seen those. i saw a great example of in reno nevada started by the sheriff's office and catholic charities. >> reporter: the aware county cross roads program. >> if you send them through treatment or they come out of jail sober, then they go right back into the same environment they came from. it's a vicious cycle. we're trying to break that. >> reporter: this facility makes their clients build a resume, get work experience and get connected with social
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it costs over $100 a day to send someone to jail, whereas it costs $19 a day to send them to crossroads. >> it's far cheaper to put them here, put them back to work, and then they're paying their taxes and staying compliant. >> reporter: they participate in community service activities. >> without this program, i think i would be in a very rough spot or still in prison -- in jail. so it is a big change over. drug addicts and alcoholics do not deserve to be incarcerated. >> reporter: clients see this program as more of a family supporting each other rather than a recovery center. >> compared to incarcerating people and wasting taxpayers' money, it's a much better alternative than to infringe on someone's lifelike that. >> reporter: the recovery center also makes all of their
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three times per day. last year they conducted 75,000 breath testers and only 34 failed. shelby. or joe. great story, emily. we go live to carson city where the fight over solar incentives continues tonight. big turn out at the puc meeting there we're going hear from some of the people who say solar is too expensive without the incentives. >> as many of us know, nevada is a great place to live. especially northern nevada. coming up after the break, we'll show you why the silver state has high marks when it comes to people moving here. >> plus -- >> anyone claiming america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction.
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hit the sierra all week long, most of us know the silver state is a great place to live. but it turns out people across the country are catching on. olivia joins us in our social center. olivia, a lot of people moving to nevada. >> it's actually more than you might think. nevada made national moving company united van lines list one of the top places to move to.
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are moving to in the west. united van lines representative tells news 4 40% of people moving to nevada are coming here near a job. the second biggest reason is retirement. kathleen just moved here at the end of november and she says she's wanted to move to nevada for years. >> everybody that i told i was moving to nevada, they said awesome, good for you. what a great place to go. most people have visited here and they love it. >> i think there's a lot of opportunities. it's a good place to get started. you know it -- you know, the cost of living is not that high. it's easy. >> and that's united van lines representative also says nevada is sort of an anomaly. in the 39 years, the moving company has been working, nevada has been an inbound
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exception of 2010 in the height of the recession. joe. the secret's getting out. i'm not sure if that's good or bad. as the billion dollar powerball gamble approaches, the lines are long, but things are worse in the southern part of the state. this is a look at the line in nipton california where southern nevada residents are crossing the line. the wait is 4 hours there. las vegas doesn't participate in the multistate lottery. so those who want to take a chance on the golden ticket are heading to the golden state. the drawing will be tonight. nevada's public utilities commission is expected to decide whether or not to put the pause button on a controversial rate decision. critics say that rate change is punishing solar customers.
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carson city with the latest. >> reporter: shelby, this three member panel has been listening for hours to angry solar customers since 9:30 this morning and the customers are telling the public utilities commission that this rate change is making solar energy no longer affordable in nevada. customers here let the puc know the rate change is hurting them. >> i have friend that is made investments of $50,000 in cash out of their own pockets and they're not rich people. i think that's one thing that makes them angry is there's a lot of folks out there saying only rich people are putting this system in. i think you've seen today these are average people. >> the puc decision is raising their bill significantly making the return on their investment to install solar impossible to recoup. >> it's not right. they broke our contracts.
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solar city has moved out of the state. i do not blame solar city one iota. they have 18 states they can do energy with. it's not going to affect them that much. but it sure does affect the solar. >> reporter: critics are also pointing out we're seeing hundreds of jobs in the solar roof top area disappear. costs are being shifted so non- solar customers were dub smiddiesing solar customers. many pointed out a 2014 study and the puc commission refutes that. the puc decision raises the flat rate and net metering rates. net metering is the energy they don't use and then sell back to
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that rate change went into effect january of the 1st of this year. so today the public utilities commission is deciding whether to issue a stay on that change which would put the pause button on that so they can look at it again. we just left the meeting and they were discussing that. three member panel, looks like one is definitely against, two may be for. haven't heard from the third commission member. they should have a vote on that today. we'll have the information as soon as we get it. for now, i'm terri hendry. i will send it back to you guys. forecaster madison corney joins us now with a look at the forecast. madison, we are going to get a break from all this rain and >> that's right. our 7 day forecast is full of across the region.
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depending on where you are. we are definitely going to see an increase in those winds overnight tonight. right now in reno, 40 degrees with the windows out of the west northwest at 16 miles per hour. relative humidity at 17%. our official daytime high in reno today, 50 degrees. 5 degrees above average for this time of year. definitely a much warmer storm. on the valley floors, we're expecting a lot more rain than what we would typically see with the storms making their way in. the morning low at 31 degrees. around the area, lower 40s for carson city and 32 degrees in truckee. satellite and radar, you can see the first of many systems making its way east tonight. far western nevada and sierra going to see our scattered snow showers die down about 10:00 tonight. you are going to see that change up for the sierra clearing up around 11:00 and then much more cloud cover
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we're going to see snow hit the sierra by about 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow evening and then the opportunity for it to spill over into far western nevada. here's a look at the forecast for atone. down to 27 degrees and the chance for scattered showers over the next few hours. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies and evening rain and snow. we'll wake up to those partly cloudy skies and another chance for storms making their way in in the evening. here's a look at eastern nevada. we're looking at warmer daytime highs there. 35 degrees in battle mountain and just below the freezing mark for daytime highs at 31 degrees in fallon. overnight lows in the teens and 20s tonight and then bishop reaching the lower 50s tomorrow. carson city at 34 degrees tomorrow. overnight lows in the 20s
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we are going to see winds die down overnight and pick up tomorrow afternoon. talking accumulation, 2 to 4 inches possible at lake level tomorrow. daytime highs in the mid to upper 30s and south lake tahoe topping out at 40 degrees. as we head up north to susanville, we're looking at upper 30s there. but 40s for sit cliff. nixon tonight at 30 degrees. on the valley floor, we do have a chance for scattered showers and overnight lows dipping into the 20s. tomorrow we're right on track for the average daytime highs in the 40s. as you can see, we have that little bit of a break tomorrow morning for reno and carson city. in the late evening, we are going to see another chance for the mix of rain and snow and that chance really increases friday and lasts all the way through next wednesday. as you can see, the daytime highs definitely warming up compared to what we've seen. back over to you guys. the day after the state of the union speech, donald trump
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making a reference to obama's race and taking on a republican party insider after trump was singled out for criticism by both. steve has the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: the republican front runner was targeted after the state of the union by nikki haley. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> reporter: she confirmed she includes donald trump. >> i would say don't take it personally. this is just something we learned in south carolina that i'm passing on. >> i'm lead nothing south carolina by a lot in all of the polls. and people agree with me. i'm strong on illegal immigration.
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america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> reporter: trump fired back with statistics. >> the median income for people is lower now than when barack obama took office. you look at the african americans, they're doing worse than they've ever been. >> reporter: there's drama in the democrat's race. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. i'm excited about where we are. >> reporter: bernie sanders says that, despite losing his lead in new hampshire polls. >> we have the energy and the funding to take this to the convention. >> reporter: more intensity on both sides. tomorrow night the republicans debate in a key early primary state, south carolina. donald trump and nikki haley country.
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here's a quick pee tonight at 6:00, nevada men's basketball faces off against the boise state broncos tonight. we'll bring you the update from lawlor event center. >> she was arrested on burglary and battery charges in november. now she's back in the classroom. parents have reached out to us asking why. i'll have answers at 6:00. temperatures a little warmer, but we're still going to be seeing the rain down the valand he snow in the upper elevations. >> absolutely. pretty much the rest of the 7 day forecast we have that chance. tomorrow night we are going to
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probably rain, but the daytime high expected to reach 45 degrees which is right on track for this time of year. kirk wood has reported 6 inches of snow since this morning. >> thanks madison.
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