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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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news 4 at 4:00 starts now. and good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm joe hart. >> and i'm shelby sheehan. welcome to news 4 at 4:00. topping our news, traffic is being backed up on i-80 westbound near the spaghetti bowl. a semi truck carrying six to seven cars rolled over earlier this afternoon and lost three of the cars it was carrying causing major delaysment you can see in this live picture it is quite a mess out there now. we have some minor injuries reported, but that's all we nee at this point and crews are responding so stay away from the area if you can. we'll have the latest developments and details for you on that situation now at i- 80 westbound near the spaghetti bowl. >> and it looks like they're
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it is hard to imagine a big truck like that with the cars coming off. >> it will be a while before they get it cleaned up. >> definitely. let's check in with madison corney. what is going on, madison? we do have another winter storm system beginning to make its way in, right now sitting over the sierra and is going to spill over far western nevada tonight. reno, we're at 40 degrees now with cloudy skies, and the winds out of the south at about 36 miles per hour. now, live doppler radar is showing this system and then making its way into far western nevada. right now we're seeing snow in the sierra and it is kind of skipping over the reno-sparks area and turning to rain as it hits fallin. we're going to continue to see the chance for showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. with that we have a winter storm warning. mainly the county is going to see six to 12 inches of snow possible.
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advisory in effect for war western nevada. we could see one to four inches of snow below 5,000 feet, and then we also have a wind advisory in effect for far western november unf with gusts upwards of 65 miles per hour in wind prone areas. a lot of weather to talk about and we're going to talk much more about the seven-day forecast coming up in your full forecast. thank you so much, madison. tonight the remaining gop field of seven takes a stage in north charleston, south carolina. the under card debate happening right now. less than three weeks from the iowa caucuses. news 4 is reporting live from the washoe county republican watch party. a lot at stake here. >> reporter: yes, definitely. after tonight there will be only one more debate before the iowa cause cueses on february 1. a lot at stake, especially when it comes to the two front runners, donald trump and ted cruz. tonight's debate comes ton
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disclose a big loan from goldman sachs for his 2012 senate run and trump also scrutinizing his citizenship. and cruz firing back at trump for having what he calls liberal new york values so we expect to see some teeth between them tonight that we really haven't seen before. the other candidates, bush, rubio, bush and kasich battling for the establishment vote at the bottom of the polls, plus, dr. ben carson has fallen insteadly in the past few months. now, this is a smaller field tonight. fiorina, huckabee, santorum and rand kind of bumped down to the under card event, and rand not choosing to participate in that under card event tonight, and actually rick santorum called him out for that just moments ago. now, to qualify for this debate, a candidate had to place in the top six in the average of recent national polls r at the top five in the
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so in the latest nbc national poll that was released today, trump is still in a very clear, unbroken lead with 33%. so the race that we have seen so far has shown a very clear divide between the anti- washington candidates and the establishment republicans. so really time is ticking to sway voters one way or the other before iowa voting begins. so later tonight when the main event starts at 6:00, we'll have some views from local gop voters on what they think heading into that vote. reporting live in reno, news 4. we'll send it back to you. >> time now for our web poll question. will you be watching the gop debate? there is still plenty of time to vote. you can find the web poll on our home page. we'll have updated results throughout our newscast tonight. in other news, a controversial solar rate change
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despite hours of testimony from angry customers who showed up in carson city yesterday. the nevada public utilities commission unanimously voted to deny a stay that would have put a pause on solar rate changes. solar customers are angry over increases in a flat fee and decreases in their net metering rates. they told the panel it makes solar no longer affordable in nevada and that it is forcing the solar companies to leave the state costing many their jobs as we have already seen. they're being asked to reconsider the rate change. the three-member panel has until mid february to decide whether to reconsider. meanwhile, just a year ago, nevada ranked third nationally for the most solar capacity installed. the silver state solar industry employed nearly 6,000 people. the sun is a powerful energy source, of course, and you can collect the heat and use it to warm your house and you can convert the light into electricity. meteorologist kathy wilson went up to the deeither research
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why the solar industry is so critical to nevada. >> well, nevada is one of the sunniest states in the entire country, one of the sunniest places on earth actually, so it is a great place to utilize the energy that the sun provides free of charge every day. >> solar technology innovation has skyrocketed in the past decade and some energy experts say it has the potential to be an energy leader right here in nevada. well, nevada prison officials say they're adding more guards and training officers and showing them how to use rubber bullets in an effort to end the number of deadly shootings that are happening behind bars. many of them in southern nevada, however, they have defended the presence of shotguns at the meeting. the nevada department of corrections entire rim director discussed how the state is responding. the recommendations from a prison use of force audit released in accept. the report was commissioned as nevada faces lawsuits over
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in 2014 that left an inmate dead. the state's new tools reduced the need for lethal force but remains a valuable and potentially life-saving last resort. the reno police department is rolling out a new app to make it easier for the community to interact with police. the app is called my r. p.d., and it allows you to do things like file a report, text or call secret witness. and a map of sex offenders or see current missing persons in the area. the police hope the app will help them get more information from the community and city council members say they plan to use the app to collect data about crime in the area and make more informed decisions. you can watch the full report about the new my r. p.d. app that is coming up tonight at 6:00 on news 4 nightly. well, the first organic company in the united states is based in northern nevada and this year the company is celebrating 40 years in business.
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segment, jaime hayden shows us how davidson's organic teas are bringing a little bit of india to sparks. >> reporter: davidson's organic teas has been filling cups since 1976. the business based in sparks is the first of its kind introducing organic tea in 2001. >> i want to say about 80-plus in organic at that time. >> reporter: and he and his wife took over davidson's in 2007 when the previous owners were retiring. >> me personally, way as commercial banker in new york for j.p. morgan, living life of banking and crunching numbers away. my wife and i met in the u.k. during college. and when we got married, she convinced me to quit banking, move to reno and run a tea business with her. >> reporter: he says the family has been growing tea in india since the 1920s, so it makes their business one of a kind,
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>> we're the first company to be the only company, the first and only company to be a third generational organic tea grower, meaning we grow our teas in india, we import our teas to the u.s. to our facility in sparks. we blend and package them here as well and we also distribute nationally across the u.s. >> reporter: last year the warehouse expanded to 41,000 square feet and this is where all of the magic happens. >> we spent over half a million dollars in infrastructure upgrades. rose most of the teas come india. >> where they are grown in high elevation regions, at the region. teas grown at higher elevation command a higher quality. >> reporter: they also work with a dozen other countries, including china and where still their facility.
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300 unique types of blends, and he says being part of davidson's organic teas has been rewarding. >> it has created an opportunity and freedom to explore and open the passion for organics and pleasure drinking tea. not just in reno, but nationally. >> that was jaime hayden reporting. and davidson's organic teas are sold locally at whole foods and various restaurants around towns you. purchase tea online and at the warehouse, 700 east glendale avenue. for more information head over to our web site, it sounds pretty good. you don't normally associate fast food with organic food, but one major chain is looking to change that. where you can now find happily ever after juice that sounds good, too, i think. coming up. you may recognize him. we don't even need the comedian here. happily.
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his appearances on the tonight shoe and carson daily. after the break, i'll be sitting down with the comedian quinn dale to talk about his upcoming shows in town, and how he will leave is everly happily after. coming up next, madison has
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we'll find out what changes, welcome back, everyone. pier one imports are recalling hundreds of thousands of swinging chairs in the u.s. and canada because of a falling hazard. the recall involves about 27 6,000 swing chairs like you see here sold at pier one import stores and from january 2010 through august of 2015. the suspension hardware can break or the stand can become unstable during use, they say. pier one has received more than 100 reports of incidents,
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consumers should stop using the chairs and the stands, can't pier one imports for a free repair kit or return it to a store and get a refund. and fast food hasn't been known for organic fare, but one fast food chain is jumping in on the organic craze. come monday, chick fillet will launch its first item. the listennest kids drink. and it will not incur an extra charge. the nationwide launch comes after a successful test in the orlando area. the competitor wendy's launched its first item last spring which is also made from honest tea. all right. time to check in now with let's find out if anything is changing with our forecast that we should know about. >> we do have increasing clouds over far western nevada and we're going to continue to see this chance of showers. right now looking at live doppler radar.
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the sierra and really skipping over between reno and fallin and then we have rain hitting the fallin err why and eastern nevada will also see snow showers. so we have a ton to talk about. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the most western part of the sierra. we could see anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow possible. there as we move further east, a winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra and parts of far western nevada with one to four inches of snow possible below 5,000 feet. finally we have a high wind warning or advisory, excuse me neffect now until 4:00 a.m. we're going to see gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour in the most wind prone areas. i know washoe valley being affected by that and high- profile vehicles not able to make that drive now. in reno, the winds out of the south at 36 miles per hour. again, the cloudy conditions, and then around the area, around the lake actually, already dropping below freezing at 28 degrees for south lake
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definitely seeing snow at the lake level now. on saturday lite and radar, you can see this storm system hitting northern california and the sierra right now and then throughout the night, going to be hitting northern nevada. as we put future cast in motion, we're looking at snow and then barely spilling over into far western nevada. when it does, it could be more of a mix of rain and snow. thins are clear when the advisories and warnings all expire. tomorrow night we're looking at another system making its way in by tomorrow night. reno and sparks, down to 34 degrees. a 60% chance of rain and snow between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. and then tomorrow, we're going to see mostly cloudy skies. again that chance for early morning showers. eastern nevada, going to see the day time highs in the 30s with that chance for snow, and wind gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour. and then as we head west into fallin, we're looking to reach 33 degrees tonight. the mid 40s for the day time high tomorrow. any precipitation will be a mix of rain and snow.
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the mid 40s firmly at 48 degrees and then the winds tomorrow dying down out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. around the lake we are looking at slightly warmer day time highs, so we could see more of a mix of rain and snow rather than just the snow showers with day time highs in the mid to upper 30s. and for susanville and sutcliffe, we're definitely look at more rain than anything else with day time highs in the mid 40's. spanish springs topping out at 45 degrees. on the valley floor tonight, we're looking at overnight lows right around or just above the freezing mark there. 34 degrees for the virginia foothills, and then cloudy skies. tomorrow we are looking to see the showers last through 10:00 a.m. on your extended forecast, we are not getting a break. we have a chance for rain or snow every single day on this seven-day forecast with the next bulk of the system making its way in on saturday. and then a storm on & and tuesday really beginning to gain momentum. so those percentages increasing over the last couple of days.
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active weather pattern continuing. shelby? >> thank you so much, madison. joining us today is comedian quinn dale and he is going to be performing both in carson city and in reno with your comedy. welcome back. you were here about four months ago and you're back again. >> yes. i love it here. it is a great town. i want to give a shout out to my dad if i can do that. it is his birthday today. >> it is my brother's birthday. does he live here locally? >> he lives in colorado. he is an interesting guy. he has two purple hearts from the vietnam war. and he current really like to talk about it because he got them at a garage sale. >> oh, yeah, that takes away a little bit of the importance. >> but he got them. >> i'll be talking about this and other things at our shows, give you a couple -- if people want to check out shows, they can go to >> and you're going to be at the pioneer under ground and
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>> yes. the first 10 people get in before everyone else. so get down there. >> deep discounts. >> just the first 10 and you're lucky to get the first pick of where you want to sit. >> right, yeah. >> okay. tell us a little bit about for people who don't know much about your comedy and your background, you're out of l.a., of course, doing some shows in the big time city, and you like doing the stand-up and kind of touring around? >> yes. some places, yeah. this is a fun town to do stand- up. i do cruise ships. that is not as fun. >> why is that? >> the demographic is a little -- you're just a little more restricted in your material. but here we can do whatever we want and i think you will enjoy it if we come out. i talk a lot about my wife, my life, my dad, stuff like that. people will be able to relate. >> all right. >> yeah. >> well, quinn dale, thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you. >> you're irish?
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>> and it is actually nor week i can't imagine. >> i was going to say i wore green for you but i guess that is out the window. we'll just toss it back to you, joe. thank you. and a ukraneian zoo is showing off their latest addition and they're more than cute to look at.
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s time now for our web poll question. we'd like to know will you be watching the gop debate? 63% of you say yes. 37% say no. there is still plenty of time to vote. you'll find the web poll on our home page, we'll have updateed results drought our evening newscast tonight. >> coming up, the reno city council is give diagnose okay to a controversial housing development out in veer die.
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approved when homeowners are voicing their opposition? that's what some of our viewers want to know. we'll have answers to that coming up tonight. and then at 6:00, the gop debate, just a little less than a few hohors away. this is the last republican debate before the highly talked about iowa caucus, and we'll have a live report from that debate that gets underway tonight at 6:00 in charleston. a zoo in ukrane was showing off its latest additions yesterday following the birth cubs. hopefully we can see them there. the newborns were in good health and were cared for by their mother. three cubs, all males, were born on december 16th in the 12 months zoo around 20 miles out of ukrane's capital. the cubs' birth is an important e vrcht especially as white lions are very rare. joe, did you know that? >> learning as we go here. >> reporter: they were called
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founders of key eve, who according to legend were k., shrek and core eve, and i'm sorry if i didn't get one of those right. i don't know if anyone is going to correct me. >> no no, i don't think so. cute little guys, though. >> yeah. following up on your commute where traffic is clearing up right by the spaghetti bowl. it has been a mess. the crews are finishing cleaning up a wreck that was caused by an overturned semi truck carrying multiple cars on it. they say throw of the cars fell off the truck when it overturned causing delays. some minor injuries are reported. when we last checked, they were riding in some of the cars, and it looks like they're getting traffic cleared up now.
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that was a >> announcer: a boy's labor pays off with a puppy. >> judge judy: how much money had your son saved? >> about $500 towards the dog. >> announcer: now his divorced parents... >> judge judy: his father had the dog, and his father refused to return the dog to your son. >> announcer: ...have something new to fight about.
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