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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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for me end up flipping a car. it's a serious injury, death. >> and you may have experienced its today, a lot of crashes in the slick roads. we'll talk to experts who tell at the dudes and don'ts when it comes to driving on icy and snowy roads. newsg four it five stars now. >> good evening everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm joe hart. >> and i'm shelby sheehan. it's friday and the week is closing with more volatility down wall street. for those in the stock market, it's been a roller coaster ride. we have more on this. terry, what our local financial experts saying about this unpredictable market? fake good it's friday, what a volatile day on wall street to say the least.
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phones are ringing off the hook and they are getting a lot of questions from word investors -- word investors. >> you wouldn't know it by the smile but at today's closing bell fouled jones dropped another 391 points two and down 2.45 percent, just below the 16,000 level. experts say there are many reasons for the drop: cheap oil below $30 a barrel, to the volatility of china's markets. but the worries over and economic slowdown are also playing a role. a financial expert in reno with the bosnia group says now is not the time to panic. >> i had clients who have called, investment advisors that i am talking to, and everybody saying, you know what, if you are that concerned about the stock market, he shouldn't be in it. he said unless you need
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five years you have time to make up for any losses, and foremost it's probably why to stick with your plan. >> it is a buying opportunity for me. i also know that time -- try to time the market is a folly so i am better suited putting a little bit in overtime regardless of up or down. >> reporter: he also says hang onto your hats, the roller coaster right is probably not over. >> there will be a bunch of earning releases from companies that are projected to be down so we expect this to be very volatile for these the short- term. >> reporter: that financial data is already being released and it is very disappointing. retail sales dipped in december, that's right, during the critical holiday shopping season. another disappointing number is the retail manufacturing index that drops to a level not seen since the last recession. >> you are hearing worries about whether we will slip into another recession but experts
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at the overall u.s. economy is strong. there is one consolation in this string of bad news, and that is monday as the martin luther king junior day, and it's a holiday so the stock market will be closed until tuesday. >> thanks so much, terry pegula new line of whether to talk about this holiday weekend. we check in with madison corney monitoring the conditions. >> it was nice to wake up to snow condition today. slick roads this morning with another possibility of that happening tomorrow morning. right now we have an avalanche warning in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the tahoe basin and parts of the sierra. very dangerous backcountry conditions tonight. looking at reno right now, partly cloudy skies at 43 degrees with winds out of the north at about why miles per hour, humidity at 51 percent. on radar we are watching this system hit the california coast
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will get closer to the sierra, and by early tomorrow we will see another mix of rain and snow again, same conditions we saw earlier today. then the sun starts to come out a bit tomorrow afternoon and are daytime highs above average for this time of year. we are going to take a much closer look at the stormtrack and when the most rain and snow is your full forecast in a few minutes. >> happening right now, prosser county sheriff's officials are searching for missing ski instructor and it popular ski resort. officials say 23-year-old carson me was last seen seat -- skiing as sugar bowl last afternoon. he never showed up for his ride and they discovered he never made it home last night. his belongings are still in his locker at the resort. search for him includes help from sugar bowl ski patrol,
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search to the backside of the resort. me was last seen wearing a blue columbia ski jacket, bright green pants and a blue helmet. >> the washoe county major investigation team is investigating a fatal crash that happened this morning at the intersection of sun valley boulevard and arapahoe drive a little after 6:00 o'clock this morning. the small truck failed to stop at a stop sign and drove into a ditch. the driver is described as an adult male and was transported to a local hospital where he was later declared dead. anyone who may have witnessed this accident can call investigators at this number. only about two weeks left to a no for insurance for 2016. nevada health think is holding an aroma tibet with insurance brokers and agents who are available for one-on-
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through the process. it is happening until 8:00 o'clock tonight at the ramirez group office. the address is 50 continental drive in reno applicants must provide several documents, including proof of residency, income, valid id and proof of u.s. citizenship. on the heels of last night's republican presidential debate, carly fiorina is making a campaign stop in reno. she will be her sunday at the lake ridge golf course clubhouse. it is open to the public and no registration is required. we will be there covering the events of the sure to tune in sunday evening for the latest on that. toxic drinking water full of lead in the city of lake michigan has asked the governor to ask the obama administration to declare a federal emergency. michigan's attorney general announced he will lead an investigation into the contamination and find out if any laws have been broken.
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>> reporter: filed water is delivered door to door michigan, sometimes on sled. this after it was discovered flaps water supply was contaminated with lead. >> it's three generations they've poisoned. >> reporter: the problem began in 2014 when, in order to save money, the city stopped getting its money -- water from detroit and began sourcing it from the flint river. environmentalists believe the salt corroded that types that provide the city's water, putting everyone in flint at risk for lead poisoning, which can cause brain damage. doctors found led levels in children double or triple since the switch. >> i can't do nothing about it but continue to buy bottles of water with money i do not have. >> reporter: now the attorney general is investigating and the white house justice department and epa are also taking a close look, as the federal government
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>> while the michigan national guard, united auto workers union, and others have been disturbed reading that much needed bottled water, the county sheriff says it won't be enough. >> we are putting a band-aid on a problem that requires a surgical procedure. >> he said the city needs money to replace those led water pipes, divide medical care to children who had been exposed to lead, and find out whether the contamination is to blame for a spike in cases of on other problem, legionnaires disease. eighty-seven people had been diagnosed since the water source has switched, and ten has died like eric edwards, nbc news. >> the bitter battle over the sage grass continues -- but then spitting than use rights against the government. coming up a look at the bigger story and people affected on both sides of the argument. >> you may have seen it, all those crashes from the slick roads.
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talked to >> welcome back. the melissa standoff in oregon has people concerned about watching's control over federal land southwest. there is a less public battle brewing for years over of bird. we all know this too well. tracy potts reports a short line in the federal budget specifically mentions the bird the sage grouse. it's a battle pitting land users versus what the government says is best for the environment. >> reporter: the federal government has spent hundreds of millions of
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government land in 11 western states. >> if the sage grouse is in trouble it means the broader ecosystem is also in trouble. >> reporter: rangers -- ranges also feel they may be in trouble as well that the restrictions because of the bird habitat makes it harder for them to make a living. >> you are stopping all the spin off. with energy develop and all the jobs that go in those areas. >> reporter: a million sage grouse have dwindled to a few hundred housing eric . >> you will drove to 2-mile radius around it so you can't graze anything within that area. >> reporter: environmentalists say more is at stake. >> 300 50 species of birds and wildlife that depend on the future -- depend on the future
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big part of what is at stake. >> reporter: local officials, ranchers and conservationists say washington should bow out and let them decide how the bird and business interests can coexist. tracy potts, nbc news. >> in addition to nevada, ten other states have sage grass habitat concerns, north and south dakota, washington state, oregon, part of northern california, idaho, montana, utah, colorado, and why you're being. >> the icy roads from our overnight winter weather are causing wrecks all over reno. instructor today for tips on how to get out of a slippery situation. >> the first thing to remember is the spacing between you and the nevada drivers handbook said to keep a distance of three number should be doubled on icy roads. another major tip to keep in mind is trying to not to over
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lose control. 10:we on the direction of the spin and take brake. >> when a person goes off the road andover over correct, they end up flipping the car, and serious injury, death. >> they also say the best way to prevent yourself from over correcting is to practice. he takes his students to empty icy parking lots so they know how to fix themselves while sliding. >> we are heading into the weekend so what is on top for the weather? madison corney joins up with the first full look of the forecast. medicine, we are not out of the woods when it comes to the storms. >> we definitely are not. you might need those that emily was talking about because we saw those conditions we saw this morning moving in saturday. look at this, we have an avalanche warning in effect for the tahoe basin and parts of the sierra until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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conditions so if you have plans in the backcountry be aware of that. and expires at cimini a but we will keep an eye on that to see if it is extended. we are watching a system starting to hit the california coast and eventually we will see snow and rain hit the sierra and spillover into western nevada by early tomorrow morning . reno is at 43, winds out of the north at about 5-mile per hour and relative humidity at 51 percent. we are going to see when speaking up with the next system moving in the official daytime high in reno 44 degrees so slightly below average for this time of year, typically sitting at 45 degrees and the morning low and freezing so that allowed us to see a mix of rain and snow. of course waking up to slick conditions on the roads. around the area south lake tahoe 27, fallon and carson city at 41. overnight lows are slightly warmer with this system so we
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and snow. satellite and radar, we are watching the first of a few systems expected to move in on the rest of the seven-day forecast. as we put futurecast in motion, we see cloud cover late tonight and early tomorrow we see snow moving into the sierra and rain right behind it, and then really all of northern nevada seeing that chance for snow. after 11:00 a.m. interns to reign with daytime highs warming up quite a bit. tonight reno sparks down to 35 degrees. and rain and snow possible in far western the battle after 4:00 a.m. the bulk of the storm from 4:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. then things die off and turned to rain, especially for reno sparks with daytime high expected to hit 51 degrees, above average for this time of year. as we head west we are looking at much warmer daytime highs, fallon at 53, hawthorne 54.
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30s and down to 17 degrees in round mountain. during the day, fallon expects to see rain. carson city 49 degrees tomorrow but a chance for some slick roads in that area as well. minden, carson in reno will be the main places we see the mix of rain and snow tomorrow morning. we see gusty conditions around the lake with winds out of the southwest about 15 to 20 miles an hour with lots up to 30 daytime highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s. susanville overnight lows in the 30s tonight, girl asked down to 29 degrees, daytime highs in the upper 40s for sutcliffe and nixon. tonight we dipped down into the 30s again so at or above freezing of rain and snow early tomorrow morning. i can't stress enough waking up to possible icy roads tomorrow morning. extended forecast has a chance for rain or snow every day on
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forecast for reno. a 80-cent -- 80 percent chance for that to spill over into our area tomorrow and showers lingering through next friday. >> it's one of the biggest nights for the year for wolfpack athletics and there were some familiar guests. chris singleton is tonight's featured guest after his career in the silver and blue, going out the poor half a seasons in major league baseball and is now an analyst for espn's baseball tonight. chris says it's good to be back in this city that started his athletic career. >> feels like rain back home. seems like yesterday that i was here. walk in the campus and going to the athletic field and getting ready for pratt does. it's one of those things. even though i spent three years, it's a staple, you pick back up where you left off.
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dolan baseball dinner will go directly to the baseball program. >> reformer wolfpack players are gearing up for a showdown in denver with the steelers. jeana georgie is in denver with the broncos with multiple reports from denver. >> reporter: jeana georgie at the broncos headquarters in the mile high city catching up three former players on the squad and prepared to take on the steelers in a playoff matchup that sunday. stay tuned with newsg four over the next three days and now have a rundown of their nfl experiences you won't want to miss. coming up in the forecast i'll have brandon martin --. >> other than brandon marshall the other two stars that have found themselves in the playoff with the broncos are virgil green and kyle roberts. it will be fun to catch up with the guys in the mile high city. >> still ahead on newsg four at
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. >> editor chris get ready to square off right here on sunday, we tell you what is behind another big drop today on wall street, and we hear from a small town couple who struck it rich in this week's powerball drawing. we'll see you back your tonight. >> coming up tonight at six, a lot of people have powerball fever this week with a big jackpot, including some local firefighters who headed over the state line to california to buy their lottery tickets. are they in trouble? a viewer asked about it and i'll tell you what the chiefettes to say about it coming up in my asked show segment. >> a new discovered 1202 foot- long dinosaur is now on display
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history. the prehistoric creatures so big a top student's aim's model a blue whale by about 30 feet. this does best dinosaur was discovered in the patagonian desert in the region of argentina in 2014. to unearth it. the large carnivore is part of a thai tennis or group and roamed the earth more than 100 million years ago. >> a large birthday is being celebrated today, elisa degennaro joins us now. join someone who played a big role in u.s. history, quite a guy? >> yes, josef help design the first fighter for world war ii. but his accomplishments don't stop there. >> he has climbed mount with the seven times, most recently when he was 75. and during his 35 -- 35 year
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helped design several aircraft. having lived an entire century, joe has quite a perspective on the world. you can hear my full story coming up at 6:00 o'clock 6:00 o'clock. shall be, you are going to want to pay special attention at 6:00 o'clock because josef has a special message for you. >> very nice. >> yes, i will be here. >> you are special, i guess. >> amazing. >> we will see what that special message is. >> all right, medicine, what's going on? . >> i feel like for the last three or four days i have been saying there is something every day this week but the main thing tonight is going to be that system moving in tomorrow morning from 4:00 a.m. to get 11:00 a.m. when we start to see a mix of snow in the sierra and rain and snow on the valley floor so similar conditions to what we
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maybe some tonight, market plunge. fear on wall street as the dow dives nearly 400 points, extending
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